Modeling Underwear For The Girls


Miss Bixley taught Advanced Fashion Design at Templeton College (as well as an introductory fashion design, romance languages, and other fine arts courses). Throughout the year her students had worked with a variety of traditional garments: dresses, suits, slacks, and even lingerie. Lingerie was in fact one of the more popular studies, as there was always a strong market for new, fashionable feminine undergarments, and, admittedly, it was one of the assignments the students enjoyed the most.

There were five girls in the course; no boys. Miss Bixley could not even recall a boy ever enrolling in any fashion design course, at any level. This was one reason that lingerie projects were not of any particular concern to the college administration. Miss Bixley could hire students to model the lingerie, or the girls might even model their designs themselves. Templeton was a highly conservative institution, but the lingerie modeling never raised any eyebrows. If there had been any boys in the class, well, that would then be an entirely different matter.

However, the girls were getting tired of being confined to studying and creating only garments for women and girls, when in fact there was a lot going on in the industry with respect to male undergarments. Miss Bixley could not argue with this, nor did she want to. She fully agreed. In fact, she often had graduates who returned for homecoming tell her that their vitae were frankly limited in having virtually no experience with masculine apparel, especially undergarments. Graduates from other programs had not been nearly so educationally handicapped.

She was becoming very frustrated with the conservative and cautious traditions of Templeton. The administration felt that good girls, no matter their age, should not be exposed to such things, and certainly not male models wearing only their undergarments. It did not matter to the administration that all of the students were above the age of 18, and some were in fact above the age of 21. The administration felt that it was their responsibility to continue to manage and govern their students' personal lives so that they would become adults of outstanding moral character. This attitude was quite embarrassing to Miss Bixley. She could hardly stomach the sympathetic but patronizing grins of her colleagues when she attended professional conferences and spoke of the policies and constraints of Templeton. It was true that many of the students of Templeton were quite naive when it came to adult sexuality, even male students. She knew that at least a few of the girls in her class would find it quite provocative to see a semi-nude male model. But, she felt that the infantile way the students were being treated, or perhaps more accurately sequestered, only made the problem worse. If they couldn't be treated as adults when they were of legal age, what could be expected of them when they left the protective shelter of Templeton and entered the real word?

It was perhaps time to take things into her own hands. She first consulted with Mr. Peters. He had been very helpful when she had been confronted earlier with a difficult disciplinary problem (see The Lessons, Chapter 17) and, rumor had it, dishabille within the classroom was a matter not entirely foreign to Mr. Peters.

She found Mr. Peters to be fully supportive. However, he did indicate that he had a special allowance to pursue whatever means were necessary to improve the discipline of Templeton students. His job was in fact to further strengthen the moral character of the Templeton student, even if that meant corporal punishment. Miss Bixley's situation was quite different. He doubted that the administration would endorse unclothed students simply for the purpose of fashion design. He suggested that she speak to Miss Harding, as Miss Harding was more experienced with pursuing innovative class exercises.

Miss Harding proved to be even more encouraging than Mr. Peters. She revealed, in confidence to Miss Bixley, that she had once even used, unbeknownst to the administration, full frontal nudity within one of her advanced courses (see Chapters 5 and 9) and had (at least as yet) experienced no repercussions. Miss Bixley felt emboldened.

Miss Harding though did not share with Miss Bixley the precise nature of her pedagogical practices with male students. Truth be told, Miss Harding's motivations were not entirely above board, and Miss Bixley, in contrast, had a reputation for being rather inhibited, if not prudish, when it came to sexual activities. She was still single and no faculty member was even aware of her dating in the 12 years she had been at Templeton.

It wasn't that Miss Bixley was unattractive. On the contrary, the Andy Griffith Club (a rather esoteric, if not geeky, Templeton club) had given her the sobriquet of Thelma Lou. It was an affectionate appellation. Thelma Lou was a character of the Andy Griffith Show (played by Betty Lynn). Miss Bixley looked a great deal like Thelma Lou. She had the youthful facial appearance, sparkling eyes, short brunette hair, cute bangs, dimpled cheeks, diminutive height, angelic voice, and modest, prim attire. Many of the male members of the Andy Griffith Club had a crush on her. The popular choice might seem to be Helen Crump (Andy's longest girlfriend and eventual wife), but the club members felt that Thelma Lou had more erotic appeal. Helen Crump would probably be quite boring in bed whereas Thelma Lou appeared to be chaste only because she was too nervous and shy to be assertively sexual. In public she came across as very innocent and sweet, but on a date with Barney she would cover his entire face in lipstick kisses, reducing him to a quivering mass.

Miss Harding even had a suggestion for such a model: Alex. Alex would seem to be an excellent choice. He had already experienced what it might be like to be nude in front of a class (see Chapter 5).

However, Alex wasn't at all interested. He had enjoyed Miss Harding's class exercise, but he was now dating Mary Lou and he wasn't so sure that she would like it if she knew that he was displaying himself again within another class. Miss Bixley tried to reassure him that there would be nothing sexual about this. It was just standard male modeling. However, Alex wouldn't be convinced.

Miss Bixley then consulted with Ms. Patricia Parker, the fine arts instructor. Ms. Parker used male models within her drawing class, although there was certainly no actual full nudity. Ms. Parker was also quite sympathetic with Miss Bixley's dilemma. She was herself frustrated by the fact that the ladies in her class were allowed to draw fully nude female models, but never nude male models.

She even recommended, in fact encouraged, Miss Bixley to consider Daniel Adams. The young Mr. Adams played tight end for the Templeton football team. He had called Ms. Parker twice during the semester seeking additional modeling duties. He needed the money. Daniel was an unusual student for Templeton. He was not from a well-to-do family, as were most of the Templeton "family." He did have a football scholarship but at Templeton this covered only his tuition. He had to work odd-jobs to cover books and lodging. He was always looking for ways to help cover his expenses, and modeling paid better than fast food work.

Plus, Ms. Parker knew him to be very respectful and courteous. Daniel was in fact a rather shy guy. You might have expected him to be very popular with the girls, being on the football team. But, his size did not translate into popularity with the girls.

Daniel lacked sufficient self-confidence. He was reasonably good looking, facially, if you liked a rural, country ruggedness. But, he just lacked the assertiveness to approach girls. He didn't think of himself as being particularly attractive and, frankly, he wasn't a real bright guy. It wasn't that he was actually unintelligent. He was, after all, in college. But, he did wonder if he got into Templeton largely because he was big and fast on his feet. His high school grades and SAT scores were not particularly good. His grades at Templeton were, at best, marginal. He knew that if it wasn't for football, he would not be there.

The girls he met at Templeton also seemed to be out of his league. They lived in a social world that was simply unknown and unavailable to him. He was intimidated by their social charm and verbal facility. Their parents had taken them to art studios, concerts, and even the opera; his parents had enrolled him in the 4-H club. Whereas they could talk fluently about fashion and current events, he was a member of the Templeton Andy Griffith Club.

However, it was his membership in the Andy Griffith Club that sealed the deal. How could he turn down Thelma Lou? I mean, who wouldn't model underwear for Thelma Lou? It would be a chance of a lifetime. He imagined that the other guys in the club would be terribly jealous, although he recalled Miss Bixley's admonition that the modeling should be, would be, confidential. He wasn't too sure why she required that, but it was fine with him.

He hardly listened to her when she went over the schedule and instructions. He did listen up though when she started talking about the students in the class. He had been so distracted by the thought of modeling for Thelma Lou, um, Miss Bixley, that he had momentarily forgot about the girls. He was already intimidated by Templeton ladies, and now he would be standing around in front of them dressed only in underwear? He now felt better about the confidentiality. He wouldn't want them to be telling embarrassing stories all over the school. Miss Bixley, in any case, went over the names of the girls with him. He didn't know any of them, and she reassured him that they were professional young ladies who would be well behaved and would not speak about him to their classmates. They would in fact be quite grateful for his willingness to do this service for their education. And, besides, he always knew that Thelma Lou would be there. Nothing untoward would happen.

"Alright then, Daniel, why don't you take off your shirt so I can see how you will look."

Daniel had no objection to this. He knew he was in good shape. In fact, he wouldn't mind showing off his muscles to Miss Bixley.

She did in fact need to see his build. Ms. Parker had told him that he was in good shape, but it would be important to see for herself. It was no accident that most models were really quite attractive. An unattractive model could make attractive fashions appear unattractive. She wasn't, of course, trying to sell or promote the clothing he would be wearing, but she did feel that it would be best if he was reasonably appealing. She certainly didn't want him to be embarrassed by any raised eyebrows or squints of displeasure.

Any doubts or concerns she had, however, were quickly dispelled. Lineman can have a tremendous amount of fat yet still be considered to be in good shape. They didn't need to be fast. In fact, the more weight they had the better. Daniel, however, was a tight end, and he was ripped. There didn't seem to be much, if any, fat on him. He had quite the barrel chest, thick biceps, and even a six pack ripple.

"Okay," she said, somewhat breathlessly, "You can drop your pants now so that I can get some measurements." That he wasn't expecting. Daniel's eyes widened in surprise. "Right here? Now?"

"Well, sure; I need to take some measurements so that the garments will provide optimal fit." She smiled at his naivety. "We're not going to have you model clothes right off the rack!"

Danny didn't seem to appreciate her point. He was no fashion designer, and it seemed pretty strange to be dropping his slacks in Miss Bixley's office, but, then again, if he can't do this he certainly couldn't do the modeling. "Well, ok, if you say so Miss Bixley." Miss Bixley smiled in appreciation. "Now, that's a good boy, Danny."

Daniel undid his belt, his slacks, and unzipped his fly. He glanced at her office door, wondering if it was locked.

Miss Bixley could see his concern. "Oh, yes, sorry, Danny." She got up and went to the door to lock it. "I should've done this when you first came in." She was glad that Daniel noticed the door. It probably would not have been good if another professor or, even worse, a member of the administration, walked in on her with a male student's pants down at his ankles.

As she turned back to Daniel, she could see that he was ready. His black uniform slacks were at his ankles.

Miss Bixley had to stifle a smile. He was wearing very worn out grey boxers. Some of the fabric in the rear was wearing thin and there was even quite a tear beneath the elastic hem. The boxers also looked to be at least a size too large.

It wasn't that Daniel was small. She could tell that he was indeed a very muscular young man. But, apparently he either preferred really loose boxers or was simply not particularly adept at buying the most flattering of clothes.

"I'm sorry I'm not wearing my best pair, Miss Bixley," Danny self-consciously apologized. If he had known that she would be asking him to take off his pants he certainly would have chosen a better pair. "I had these when I was in high school. Lost some weight since then. Coach has us workin' out a lot."

Miss Bixley resumed her seat in front of him. Her eyes were now at the same level of his crotch. "Daniel, no need to be apologetic. In fact, one perk of this job is that you will get quite a set of new garments." She reached into her desk to get a tape measure.


"Oh yes, certainly" she replied, as she carefully measured his waist. "None of the garments that you will be wearing will be off the shelf. We will special order these to fit you as precisely as possible. So, once it's over, they won't really be of any use to anyone but yourself. You will be able to take all of them home."

He hadn't realized that. "Cool."

It was a little odd though when she wrapped the tape around the center of his butt, just above his crotch. She apparently had to measure him from all angles. She then moved to his thighs. 'Whoa!' he thought, as he felt the back of Miss Bixley's hand pressing against his testicles.

Miss Bixley was herself rather startled. She did need to take a good measure of the size of his upper thighs and was surprised at his inordinately large thigh muscles, proportionately larger than his waist. If she hadn't gotten this measurement it was quite likely that his briefs and even the boxers would be too tight in the leg. She wondered if his genitalia were proportionally as large.

It had been quite a long time since she had felt a man there, seen a man there. Well, actually, that was not counting Teddy (see Chapter 12), but Teddy was hardly a man. Danny was not much older than Teddy, but he certainly had the body of a man. She purposely let the back of her hand brush against his loose hanging testicles as she carefully measured his thighs. Her face flushed at the realization of what she was thinking.

She knew that she shouldn't have such thoughts. Daniel was, after all, much younger than herself, and, besides, a student. It was not in her nature to take advantage of students in that manner. However, it had been so long for her, and, ever since her episode with Teddy, she was beginning to find certain thoughts entering her head, thoughts that she had not had for quite some time.

Daniel soon got over his shock. In fact, there was something really quite appealing about the pretty Miss Bixley feeling around his shorts. If only he could tell his friends about this. He couldn't get it out of his head that it was Thelma Lou who was brushing against his penis.

"Um, Daniel," Miss Bixley spoke softly, a bit of nervous apprehension in her voice. "I will need to, um, get a good feel, I mean, measurement, of your, um, genitalia."

"You want to measure my penis?" On the one hand, that sounded pretty good. That was pretty much close to what he was just thinking about. However, like any guy, the thought of being measured was arousing in more than one way; it aroused quite a bit of apprehension. Blood was flowing to his face, as well as his penis. What if she was disappointed?

"No, no, Danny," she corrected herself. "I won't actually measure your, um, your penis." She blushed at actually saying it, not quite sure if she was getting red out of embarrassment or excitement. She was beginning to see some of the perks she could herself get from this exercise. "I just need to get a feel of the general size." 'Feel' was a rather awkward word at this point, but that is what she needed to do, at least figuratively. "We might need to make some adjustments in the cup of some of your briefs." She looked up at him. Her pretty round eyes looking so appealing, her red lips expressed an endearing smile. "You wouldn't want us to make them too small for you now, would you?"

No Mayberry fan could resist the eyes of Thelma Lou. "No, ma'am, yea, okay." He felt a bit silly, even childish, to be pulling down his boxers like this, right in front of a grown woman, a professor, but, then again, this is precisely what he would have wanted Thelma Lou to ask him to do. He slipped his hands into the elastic waistband and quickly pulled them down.

Miss Bixley's eyes were right at the level of Daniel's crotch, and they widened in surprise and delight at what was now presented for her viewing pleasure just inches away. He was indeed a very large young man. His testicles were as large as she had ever seen before; no, frankly, the largest she had seen. They hung down quite far, and seemed more appropriate for some large beast than for a young man. And, his penis; well, it was really very thick and hung down over his balls, even curving out a bit, like a well packed sausage with a tasty red head. She placed her right hand to her throat and self-consciously coughed, and then couldn't help but think about Mr. Baldwin, the psychology professor, who would undoubtedly interpret that as a slip of the throat. She even licked her lips, but, she told herself, only because she was feeling a bit nervous, her mouth getting dry. "My goodness, Daniel, you are quite a big boy."

Daniel breathed a deep sigh of relief. "You really like them, Miss Bixley?" 'Doh!' he thought as soon as the words escaped his lips. It seemed like the right thing to say at the time, but as soon as he had said it, it seemed like a terribly wrong thing to say.

Miss Bixley though did indeed like them, but she offered a more professional basis for their appeal. "Well, uh, yes, Daniel, their size will actually be advantageous. A boy your size well help provide apparel definition."

She couldn't help herself. She removed her hand from her throat and reached out to grasp the entire package within the palm of her hand.

Danny gasped. He was reminded of when Nurse Benning did the physicals for the football team. He always had to tell himself that she was a professional nurse, did this all the time, and there wasn't anything funny about it. But, the way she would do it, how long it would take her to do it, was always disconcerting, to say the least (see Chapter 12).

And, this was much more confusing, as Miss Bixley had everything in her hand, like she was actually feeling him up.

"Some of the garments will provide a rather tight fit here and so I need to get a good feel of the cup size," she explained as she rolled his balls in the cup of her palm, and gently fondled his thick penis with her fingers.

Both of them, for awhile, let themselves indulge themselves, each lost in his or her own thoughts, enjoying the sensations. For Miss Bixley, the feel of the large balls and thick penis of the healthy, strapping young man; for Daniel, the feel of her hand, her fingers, softly exploring him.

However, it didn't take long for the natural reaction to occur. Miss Bixley saw, and felt, his cock beginning to swell in her fingers. The thick snake slowly coming alive in her hand.

A part of her wanted to let it continue to grow, to watch it lengthen and thicken until it was fully stout. She knew it would be quite a sight; an impressive, delectable, sight. A sight in the end that she probably would not be able to resist.

But, for the moment at least, fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon which side of her ambivalence was thinking at the moment, she could not think of any excuse, any professional, responsible, reason for having him display an erection for her, and she clearly had little time to come up with any. She let go of him before it became too obvious what was happening.

It was frankly obvious though, at least to any objective person. His penis was still hanging down, but it was more hanging outward, arching away from his body like a hard, thick, rubber hose that was being pumped up. She sighed with frustration, and looked away. She turned to a pad of paper on her desk, keeping her face down so that he wouldn't notice her flushed appearance. "Yes, well, that's about it, Daniel. You can pull up your slacks."

As soon as she let go Daniel opened his eyes and looked down. Now hanging loose from her hand he could see that he was getting hard. He quickly bent over to grab his boxers and slacks. He surely hoped that she had not noticed, and he figured he was probably right. Miss Bixley appeared to be focused intently on her note pad.

She kept her eyes on the pad as she wrote down the various measurements she had taken, as well as a bunch of additional notes, just to give her more time to collect herself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

As the day approached for his modeling debut, Daniel became increasingly enthusiastic. In fact, fantasies about Thelma Lou dominated his nightly private repose, dreaming about possible episodes involving himself and Thelma Lou. He particularly liked one in which he goes over to her house to help her with her drawing class. Thelma Lou worked in some Mayberry downtown office. Nobody though really ever knew what Thelma Lou actually did for a living. But, it would be within character for her to want to learn how to draw and maybe she decided to practice with one of the young men of Mayberry who, like him, needed the extra money. It wasn't like there were lots of employment opportunities in Mayberry. The episode would be that she had to do a drawing of a nude male to get a scholarship for an art program in Raleigh. Danny could be a young cousin of Wally (the service station owner) who volunteers to be her model. Well, he really couldn't be nude on the show. It would in fact be more like the actual Miss Bixley modeling class, without all of the students. As Danny worked his way through his fantasy though he would always leave the confines, the constraints, of the show. It wouldn't take long for Thelma Lou to ask him to remove his shorts so she could get some experience drawing male genitalia. And, then, naturally, she would ask him to get hard so that she could have experience drawing an erect penis. He went in a variety of directions after that, sometimes she would want him to cum so that she could see what an orgasm would like it, so she could draw that too (it wasn't like he could freeze that in a moment of time though), or maybe she would take off her clothes as well, so he wouldn't feel so uncomfortable being the only one who was naked in the room, or maybe she even got so excited herself that she just couldn't resist touching him, doing something to him, for him.

He was really looking forward to the class.

When the day finally arrived, Miss Bixley showed him where he would be. There were five chairs with attached desk tops arranged in a partial semi-circle. Danny swallowed as he thought of the seats filled with Templeton coeds. However, there were only five desks. Advanced Fashion Design was a very select class. The five girls were Violet, Emma, Elizabeth, Ashley, and Pamela. Miss Bixley had previously gone over the names with Daniel to be sure that he was not in fact friends with, or knew, any of them. There was hardly any need for that, as he pretty much kept to himself, but it was nice of her to reassure him in that regard.

Miss Bixley showed him where he could change: behind a small room divider in the front corner of the room. She told him that there would be slippers waiting there for him, and that it would be best if he got ready before any of the girls arrived. Miss Bixley had turned up the thermostat to try to make sure that he would be uncomfortable. He knew that the girls would find it to be a bit too warm, but clearly they would have to be accommodating for Daniel.

Behind the room divider was a stack of small boxes, within each one would be a garment he was to model. He was not to disturb the stack as they were carefully arranged for a specified order. However, just in case, each was numbered as well. He smiled as he looked at them. It was like it was his birthday and he had a full stack of presents. He opened the first box with considerable expectation.

It was a brand new pair of boxer shorts. They were pretty straightforward. In fact, he could imagine passing them off as a regular pair of shorts. Miss Bixley wanted to ease him into the job. He liked them. They were of much better quality than he was used to. As he was taking off his clothes to get in them he heard the girls entering the room. His anxiety rose as he heard the feminine chatter, the occasional giggle, the sounds of chairs and desks moving. Miss Bixley was trying to hurry them along.

When they were all settled in, Miss Bixley began the class. "Alright then girls, as you know, today we will be covering a variety of male undergarments. Mr. Daniel Adams has so very kindly agreed to model them for us, and he's going to begin with C-IN2 white cotton boxer shorts with a fitted cut, gathered elasticized waistband, and snap fly."

But, there was no Daniel. "Daniel?" A moment of panic swept through Miss Bixley. Is he not going to do it? She cursed herself for not spending more time preparing him.

But, he then emerged from behind the partition. Most of the girls grinned in anticipation. They didn't know him personally, but they had seen him play football. They couldn't believe their good luck in being able to see such a hunk stand in front of them wearing only some underwear.

Violet though looked demurely to the floor, already embarrassed at the thought of what was about to happen. She had not yet seen a real guy's penis before. She hadn't even seen one in his underwear. She knew that there would be nothing sexual about this, but as the day approached she couldn't get it out of her head that she was about to see an almost entirely undressed man, his things just a thin fabric away. Just the thought made her heart race and her face blush.

Danny looked apprehensively at the girls as soon as he turned the corner around the divider, but he was quickly reassured by their faces. They were smiling expectantly at him, clearly pleased with what they were seeing. At the moment they did not look too intimidating in their Templeton uniforms: white blouses with black ties, plaid skirts that had to go beyond the knee, white socks, and, of course, black Mary Janes. Nevertheless, his face reddened and his heart pounded as he walked up to them. At this point he was concentrating on not tripping.

He stopped when he was within the semi-circle of chairs. Miss Bixley came up to his side.

The eyes of the girls widened as they traveled all over his body: his biceps, pecs, thighs, abdomen, and then, finally, the purpose of his being there: his boxers. "Yes, alright girls, as you can see, Daniel is modeling for us C-IN2 white cotton boxer shorts with a fitted cut, gathered elasticized waistband, and snap fly." She reached down and slipped her fingers beneath the fabric and his thigh. "Notice how loose the legs are, which in this case required a precise fit for, as you can see, Daniel has quite the muscular thighs." The girls giggled at that, as they surely could see what she meant.

They were in fact a bit jealous of Miss Bixley, Pamela in particular. Pamela, a cheerleader, was certainly the most experienced of the five girls; not with fashion design, but with boys. She wouldn't mind having her hand, her face, in between those strong thighs. She wondered if perhaps somehow she would have the opportunity to at least run her hand along those muscles.

Miss Bixley continued. "It wasn't until the 13th century that pull on male underwear was first created. These were typically large baggy drawers, called 'braies,' usually made of linen. During the civil war they were made of a wool flannel, often knee length. Of course, it was during the industrial revolution, with the invention of the cotton gin, that cotton fabrics became so widely available." She placed a couple of fingers within the waistband and pulled on the elastic. "The original braies were usually laced or tied around the waist. Of course, today, pretty much all styles use a stretch elastic. This did not actually happen, though, until the 1930s, which rapidly replaced the button, snap, or tie closures. It was actually about this same time that the word 'underpants' in fact entered the dictionary." She snapped the elastic back. The girls giggled, and Daniel smiled along.

The eyes of the girls, however, had been on the crotch more so than the waistband. Even though they were rather loose fitting, there was still the sign of something there, something hidden, something that appeared to be quite big. As Miss Bixley continued to draw their attention to various components and aspects of stitching she would pull on the fabric, stretching it across the bulge, providing even a bit more suggestion of what might in fact be underneath.

Emma was particularly intrigued. She didn't have any brothers, and certainly had never seen her father in his shorts. And, here she was, sitting in the classroom with a big strong guy standing just a couple of feet away, wearing only his underwear. She imagined what it would be like if she was standing in front of five guys, dressed only in her undies. She blushed at just the thought of it.

She did have a boyfriend. Actually, that was a lie. There was a guy that she did want to go out with, Bobby. He was in the Templeton Chess Club. They seemed to have a lot in common. They talked a lot. She liked to pretend that he was her boyfriend, but he had never actually asked her out on a date yet.

"Alright then, Daniel, that was fine. Why don't you don the next pair."

Daniel strolled back to the partition. Emma watched his butt as he left. Actually, they all did, as a large C-IN2 was stitched all across that muscular bottom.

So far Daniel felt that this really wasn't so bad. He felt he was in fact even learning something. He didn't know all that stuff Miss Bixley had said about underwear.

The next pair was again quite traditional, but more revealing. Still, it was the kind of underwear he actually wore quite a bit. He took a deep breath and strolled back out.

"Yes, girls, the next pair is again traditional. Daniel is wearing a pair of white, cotton, Jockey briefs." The girls eyes widened, despite the fact this would be the underwear worn by their younger brothers. When worn by Daniel though, they were quite provocative, as his bulge was now very, very evident. You could clearly see the outline of a rather large penis. It looked like it was tucked a good 7-8 inches up to his left, and there was even a substantial outline of two large round balls, hanging well down into the cotton fabric.

Violet quickly looked away, her face a beet red. Emma was, again, staring intently. She thought: 'He is so clearly large. I mean, like really big!' She figured he must in fact have an erection, or something.

Pamela, the most experienced, could see that he wasn't actually hard, as it wasn't pushing out against the briefs. However, she thought, 'If this is his size when he's soft, imagine when he gets hard!' She would she like to see that thing get stiff. She smiled at the thought, and even lightly licked her lips.

Ashley was nervously smiling. She looked away and even put a hand up in front of her face to block her view, but she continued to look around her hand from the corner of her eye. This was of course the assignment. She was supposed to look. But, golly, his thing was so obvious!

Miss Bixley even had to clear her throat at the sight of his bulge. "Yes, well, uh." She checked her notes. What was it that she was going to say at this point? Oh yes. "Um, yes, notice girls the angular slit or flap here, um, on the right side." She slipped her finger into the flap, being careful not to get her finger in very far. "By the Renaissance the braies were usually fitted with a flap in the front that tied or buttoned closed. It was again in the 1930s that Coopers began making briefs and revolutionized the overlapping Y-vent briefs. It was then soon after that they also developed the diagonal vent. It was first seen in Chicago by Marshall Field and Company. The Coopers called it a Jockey because it offered a similar degree of support as the jockstrap." Miss Bixley lightly placed the tips of her fingers under his testicles to demonstrate what she was talking about. She even gently lifted his sack up and down a bit to make her point. She was reminded of how large, actually heavy, they felt on the tips of her fingers. She recalled when she had held them, fully naked, in her office.

Pamela grinned. Daniel reflexively coughed, a nervous cough. Miss Bixley couldn't resist the joke, "Does the nurse ask you to cough like that, Daniel?" Daniel blushed and the girls burst out laughing, a nervous relief from the evident tension in the room. She did wonder if the joke was pushing things too far, but she felt that the more humor there was, the more relaxed the modeling would become, for everyone, including Daniel. She patted him on the back and smiled, letting him know that she was just playfully teasing.

"The flap, of course, is used by the male to be able to withdraw the penis without having to drop his pants and briefs whenever he, uh, needs to do that."

Pamela asked boldly, "Do what, Miss Bixley?" The girls laughed. It was an innocently playful question. Even Daniel smiled. The joking was helping him to relax. Miss Bixley responded authoritatively but in a manner that demonstrated that she appreciated that it was an acceptable bit of humor. "I think we don't need any detailed explanation for that, do we Pamela? However, you do raise an important point." She pulled out on the flap. "Notice that it is cut up on the right side. Why do you suppose that is? Why isn't it on the left side?"

Elizabeth raised her hand. She was the brightest girl in the class, even looking the part with her spectacles and braids. "Miss Bixley," not waiting to be called on, "Is it because the penises are usually all facing the same direction?"

"Yes, well, not entirely, Lizzie. Yes, as you can see, Daniel's penis heads up to the left. It's true that more penises hang naturally to the left than to the right, but only slightly more and the vast majority hang down straight. Most are indeed tucked up to the left, but, quite honestly, I don't really know why. I like the hypothesis that it is the fashion that governs the behavior, as the reason that the flap is on the right side is to accommodate the fact that most men are right handed." She reached inside his flap, as if she was going to grab his penis.

A few of the girls gasped. "Oh my," exclaimed Ashley. The girls stared in shock as they saw Miss Bixley's hand disappear into Daniel's Jockey briefs.

Daniel himself froze as he felt her soft, feminine hand briefly touch, even grasp, the soft, thick shaft of his dick.

Miss Bixley, however, quickly withdrew her hand and again patted him on the back. "Don't worry, Daniel, I wasn't going to pull it out."

"That's ok, Miss Bixley," Daniel replied.

Miss Bixley wasn't actually sure what he meant by "that's ok." Was he saying that it was okay to touch him, maybe even to pull it out, or that he simply wasn't upset about having been touched?

Miss Bixley continued to lecture about jockey briefs. She was explaining about the development of the nickname, "tighty whities." The term originally was derogatory in nature, coined by those who preferred boxer shorts to make fun of those who wore briefs. The nickname has now become more mainstream, although Miss Bixley suggested that it did still have a bit of an infantile connotation.

Fortunately, perhaps, Daniel wasn't listening. His mind was still on the fact that Miss Bixley had actually placed her fingers right on his penis, and even gave it a perceptible squeeze. His mind again drifted to Thelma Lou. None of the members of the Andy Griffith Club could understand why Barney never married her. In episode 52 (Barney and the Choir) Thelma Lou said repeatedly, "He's the man I want to marry, the man I want to be the father of my children" (but he couldn't sing, not a lick). But, with no explanation, Thelma Lou moves to Jacksonville (where she eventually marries the foreman of a wrecking crew) one month after Barney moves to Raleigh to pursue his dream of becoming a big city detective. It just didn't make sense. They were always so right for each other. The writers though corrected their error many years later. She did in fact marry Barney in a 1986 TV movie (Return to Mayberry), but by then it wasn't really the same. Well, that wasn't really true. He had enjoyed that movie very, very much.

"Daniel, Daniel." She nudged him, "Danny!"

The girls laughed as he nervously apologized for drifting away.

"Well, you certainly seem to have lost any self-consciousness about this. Why don't you now change into the next pair." She turned to the class to explain the next garment as he went behind the partition to change.

"In the 1920's, Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, designed elastic_waist trunks to replace the leather_belted trunks then worn by boxers. These trunks became known as 'boxer trunks,' and immediately became quite popular, although not actually threatening the success of the more popular briefs. However, in the 1940s, boxers started to surge in popularity and they became really popular in the 1980s, due probably to a quite successful fashion advertising in which Nick Kamen appeared in them within a Levis advertisement."

Daniel emerged from behind the partition wearing a specially tailored Levi's boxer.

The girls were a little disappointed that his bulge was no longer apparent with the return to another pair of boxers. Miss Bixley explained as he walked up to her. "Boxer manufacturers have different designs for closing up the fly. Some styles include a button or a metal clasp, but many on the market do not have any mechanism to close up the fly."

She reached out to his fly to draw the attention of the girls to this unique garment. "Two less common forms of boxer shorts are 'gripper' boxers and 'yoke front' boxers. Daniel is wearing for us a pair of gripper boxers that have an elastic waistband like regular boxers but snaps, usually 3, on the fly and on the waistband so that they open up completely." She then unsnapped two of the three on the fly. "If I were to do anymore, well, the fly would just open right up."

Emma exclaimed with considerable enthusiasm, "Oh, please, can we see Miss Bixley?" The girls all laughed, and Emma reacted with clear annoyance. "I didn't mean that," although perhaps she wasn't really being honest. "I just wanted to see how it worked."

Miss Bixley realized that any proper modeling should include a garment's functional components. "Girls, now hush, Emma in fact makes a very good point. Here, let me show you." Miss Bixley unsnapped the rest of them, although being very careful to hold the flap together with her hands so that there wouldn't be any accidental exposure. Daniel himself instinctively reached for the waistband at his side to be sure that they wouldn't fall down. It wasn't really necessary though, as the elastic kept them up.

"So, yes, girls, you can see that it would open up quite well with all the snaps removed." She emphasized her point by briefly parting the flaps, revealing a bit of curved flesh, but nothing more. That was enough, though, for the girls' eyes to once again widen.

Daniel found this going a bit farther than he had expected, but he also couldn't help thinking that he really wouldn't mind if Miss Bixley herself took a peek.

Miss Bixley continued to explain. "Yoke front boxers are similar to gripper boxers in that they also have snaps, or instead buttons, on the fly and the waistband, but they do not have an elastic waistband. Imagine if the waistband wasn't elastic." Daniel gripped the waistband even tighter. "Yoke boxers were very common during World War II when the rubber for the elastic had to be used for military purposes."

Miss Bixley then proceeded to snap him back up. On the one hand, Daniel felt a little childish being dressed like this by Miss Bixley, particularly in front of the girls, some of whom again giggled at the sight. It did look like she was dressing her little boy, although in this instance quite an obviously grown boy. However, Daniel also had to admit to enjoying the feel of her hands maneuvering around his boxers. For a moment, just briefly, he felt himself swell as her fingers casually brushed against his penis.

When she was finished, she had a few questions for the girls. "Now, ladies, many men, and some gals, prefer boxers. What do you suppose would be some of the reasons?"

Elizabeth again quickly raised her hand, and waving it hard to get Miss Bixley's attention. "I know, I know," she announced.

"Yes, Lizzie, what do you think."

She answered proudly. "Well, of course, there would be a number of reasons. One, they are much easier to use."

"Yes, Lizzie, that's right."

Pamela rolled her eyes. That was an easy one.

"But, easier in what way?"

Elizabeth was a little embarrassed to say. "Well, you know, to take the penis out." She hurried to her next answer. "And I bet they're more comfortable, you know, cause they're looser."

"Very good, Elizabeth." Elizabeth beamed at getting two correct answers right away.

"And, there are more reasons. Ashley, we haven't heard from you. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Well, um," she observed, "you can't see his thing so easily in the boxers." Emma and Violet both blushed with that answer. They didn't like the open acknowledgment that they were looking for it.

"You're quite right, Ashley, excellent. As you can tell girls, it is much more difficult to see the male genitalia and, for boys who are quite large, um," she wasn't sure if she should explicitly cite Daniel in that regard, although it was rather obvious from the briefs, "well, sometimes that is desirable. Anything else?"

Pamela spoke up. "Briefs can be so tight that they will constrict the testicles and lower the sperm count." Emma covered her face, Elizabeth scowled at her, and Ashley said, "Jeeeeez, Sam!" 'Sam' was Pamela's nickname. Pamela, however, enjoyed revealing her greater maturity and experience.

"Well, actually," Miss Bixley responded, "that is really more of an urban legend. There is really no evidence to support that."

Elizabeth smiled in triumph. Pamela slumped in her chair.

"However, there is one medical condition that can be associated with a man's choice of underwear. Boxers can help prevent tinea cruris, otherwise known as jock itch, by being less tight, more open to drying air, than briefs."

"Eeeeeeew," the girls squealed. This was more information than they wanted.

Daniel looked away as well. He hoped Miss Bixley wouldn't ask him about that. As a football player, he was well familiar with this problem, particularly during summer practice.

"However, there are also some disadvantages of boxers. Any guesses?"

Elizabeth's hand immediately went up, but one disadvantage became quite notably evident to all of them, and no additional hands went up. In fact, Elizabeth's hand went back down.

Miss Bixley was confused. The girls were in fact acting a little silly, giggly, and flustered. She called on Violet. Violet hadn't really participated that much either. "Violet, how about you? What might be a problem for boxers?"

Violet flushed with embarrassment. She really didn't want to say.

Pamela jumped in. "I think Violet is a bit speechless at the sight," she suggested. Miss Bixley turned toward Daniel's boxers to see if she was missing anything. Emma looked down and giggled, but nevertheless said, just as Miss Bixley was noticing herself, "His thing is poking out of the boxers."

Yes, indeed, the entire head of his penis was sticking well out of the left pants leg. "Oh my," Miss Bixley exclaimed. She reflexively reached for it. Daniel would have preferred to fix the problem himself but Miss Bixley was already there just as he looked down. She grasped the head of his penis in her right hand, lifted up the pants leg with her left hand, and tried to tuck it back in.

"Miss Bixley!" yelped Daniel. Trying to get it back in his shorts this way was not particularly effective. The easier thing to do would be to just reach down into the shorts, but that wasn't the route that was immediately available to her. She quickly realized her mistake and let go. Daniel reached down into his shorts and pulled up the offending member.

The girls were laughing hysterically, at least all of them except Violet. She was staring at her desktop, waiting for Daniel to get his penis back into his shorts. Ashley was staring wide-eyed, her mouth open even more widely. She thought, 'Danny's thing was just poking right out!'

Miss Bixley was clearly flustered herself, but she quickly realized that it should not be surprising for something like this to happen when modeling such revealing clothing. In fact, it was important for herself and these young ladies to act more mature about seeing a penis. The cat was now out of the bag, so to speak. She clapped her hands loudly at the girls to get their attention. "Now girls, we are all adults here. If you are going to design male underwear you will certainly need to be more comfortable visualizing, even seeing, male genitalia. We all saw quite a bit of the female anatomy when we were covering lingerie, now didn't we."

"We're sorry, Miss Bixley," Elizabeth offered.

"Yes, Miss Bixley, I'm sorry for laughing," Emma added.

"Uh, I better get back and change into the next one," suggested Daniel.

"No, no, Daniel," Miss Bixley suggested. "I'm a little disappointed in the girls right now. They were behaving most unprofessional. We in fact just had an excellent opportunity to appreciate a particular quality, or more appropriately, flaw, of this garment." Daniel had his hands covering the front of his shorts. Miss Bixley pulled them away. The head of Daniel's penis fell back out through the legging. "Too often manufacturers do not field test their products and as we can all see, this would be a most uncomfortable garment for Mr. Adams."

The girls, most of them, were, for the moment, speechless at the fact that Miss Bixley was just letting the head of Danny's thing just hang out there like that. Pamela though joined in the discussion. She suggested, "But, is that really the designer's fault, Miss Bixley?"

Miss Bixley appreciated Pamela's comfort with the presence of the exposed penis. "How so, Pamela?"

"Well, isn't Daniel a bit on the large size?"

"That's very observant of you Pamela. Yes, Daniel is blessed with quite an impressive penis." None of the girls would disagree with that.

Daniel was feeling very self-conscious with the head of his penis poking out. He had not expected that he would actually have to display himself to the girls. But, anxiety was replaced by a flush of pride at the compliment of Miss Bixley. What boy would not smile with glee at hearing that Thelma Lou found his penis to be impressive?

"But, the failure of a garment to provide adequate comfort, presentation, or coverage is never the fault of the physique. It is for this reason that you should become quite familiar with the precise size and nature of that which you will clothe."

As soon as she said this she realized that she had put her foot in her mouth.

"Oh yes, please, let's do!" exclaimed Emma.

"Oh, can we?" asked Elizabeth.

All of the girls, with the exception of Violet, who was frankly speechless, implored and pleaded with Miss Bixley to let them see all of Daniel's stuff.

Miss Bixley appreciated that the girls had a very good point, a point she had just made herself. However, she was understandably ambivalent. She was unsure what in fact to do. She erred in the direction of caution. "Well, girls, I'm afraid that would really not be appropriate." She quickly sent Daniel back to the dressing stage to get the next garment.

The girls groaned in disappointment, and they admonished Miss Bixley for treating them like they were just little girls. "How are we to design for what we can't see?" "If you won't respect us, Miss Bixley, then how can you expect anyone else to?" "We won't laugh or anything, we promise." "We won't tell anyone." These were all very compelling arguments.

They continued for awhile until Daniel again appeared from around the corner.

"Ah, good, Daniel, let's see. Daniel is in fact again wearing another pair of Jockey briefs. Can you girls see the difference this time?"

Violet answered. "His penis and things are really much more noticeable now." Despite their promise, the girls again burst out laughing. Violet blushed, not knowing what she did wrong.

"Girls, please, we will have to end this exercise if you can't behave yourselves. Please. Now, Violet, that's very true. His penis and testicles are much more clearly displayed." Miss Bixley could see that it was important at this point to demonstrate a more assured comfort with the genitalia. "You can clearly see the full outline of Daniel's penis along here," she traced her finger along his cock, "and even the roundness of his testicles." She again ran her fingers along his balls. Daniel nervously shuffled his feet. "But, I was meaning in reference to the Jockey briefs."

"Oh, sorry." Violet flushed in embarrassment.

"Notice the location of the flap. This time it is horizontal. It was first used in 1936 by CE Munsingwear, who developed the 'kangeroo pouch' which used a horizontal vent. It's really much easier for the male to use than the angular cut. The penis is much more easily extracted, even the testicles." To illustrate her point Miss Bixley slid the fingers of her right hand down into the flap.

The girls grew silent with anticipation, and excitement. Miss Bixley had her hand right down into Danny's underwear. She had to be touching him!

Daniel was certainly fully aware of this himself. He could feel Miss Bixley's fingers exploring the shape of his penis, even lightly tracing the rounded bulb of his crown. Suddenly her fingers dipped down deeper and curled around his testicles, getting as much of his equipment into her hand as possible.

Daniel bent forward as he felt her hand plunge down into his briefs. He did not, however, resist. In fact, he was simply startled at the fact that Thelma, uh, Miss Bixley, had actually reached down into his briefs and grabbed his balls. She even stayed there a bit, feeling the texture of his hairy, soft sack.

The girls could see the movement of her fingers inside Daniel's briefs. Emma looked up at Daniel's eyes to see if he was upset. She was surprised to see that he seemed a bit glassy eyed. Ashley could feel her own breathing starting to increase, and even a bit of warmth between her legs.

And, out they came! In one swift movement Miss Bixley extracted Daniel's penis and testicles, which popped right out and now were fully exposed, displayed, hanging out of and over the horizontal slit of the briefs. "Yes, girls, as you can see, they come out quite easily, smoothly, even such large ones as Daniel's."

Ashley and Emma gasped. Elizabeth leaned forward to get a closer look. Pamela grinned broadly. Violet looked away, blushing. They could all now see how truly large he really was. Violet was in fact mortified. She didn't think that guys' penises would be so big. Daniel was himself rather embarrassed. It was difficult enough to be standing in your undies in front of all of these girls who felt, and were, so superior to him. Now he had to let them see his private parts?

Miss Bixley immediately sensed his concern. To help him relax she gave him a well deserved boost of pride. She cupped Daniel's testicles in the palm of her right hand. "I don't imagine many of you girls have seen a pair as large as these before?"

Pamela cocked her head. She had seen them that big. However, this was true for the other girls. In fact, "I've never even seen any at all," Violet exclaimed, and not too sure she wanted to see these.

"Oh my goodness," Miss Bixley exclaimed. She wouldn't have thought that the girls would be that inexperienced. "Is that really true, Violet?"

Pamela laughed. Violet felt mortified. Emma did not want her to have to shoulder this burden alone. "Neither have I, Miss Bixley."

Ashley confessed, "I've seen a couple, but never that big."

Pamela boasted, "Well, I've seen quite a few, and some even bigger."

"Sam," Ashley again scolded her. She was such a show-off.

Elizabeth did not respond at all. She didn't like admitting to not knowing something, or not being experienced at something, no matter what it was.

Miss Bixley sighed deeply, not with regard to any frustration or disappointment with the girls, but with the college, and perhaps their parents. Girls this age should not be so inexperienced. She had to admit that she was no more experienced than these girls when she was their age. But, in hindsight, she now fully regretted her reluctance.

Elizabeth finally spoke up. "Can I have a closer look?" Her intellectual curiosity was never a surprise.

"Oh yes!" exclaimed Ashley. Violet though actually leaned back in her chair.

Miss Bixley turned to Daniel. "Will that be alright with you, Daniel?" She realized that she probably should have asked, if not at least warned, Daniel, whether it was alright to take his things out. She was perhaps herself getting carried away with the moment. Her heart started to pound, worried that she would discover that he was in fact quite upset about this.

Daniel, however, actually had no objection, at least not at this point. Maybe if she had asked in advance he would have said no, concerned that he would only be humiliated. However, hearing their reactions was in fact quite a boost in morale. Here were these rich, upper class, pretty girls all wanting to see his things. He had never imagined that it would be like this. "Sure, Miss Bixley, if you think it would help."

Miss Bixley was relieved. "Well, Daniel, that is so gracious of you." She then led Daniel up to Elizabeth's desk. "Alright Elizabeth, there you go."

Elizabeth could feel her heart pounding and the blood rushing to her head. As the big penis approached her desk, she realized that this was not just an academic exercise. Her mouth suddenly went dry and, for perhaps the only time in her experience in class, she was at a loss for words. She reached out with her right hand, very hesitantly, and quite lightly grasped the stem of Daniel's penis with just her thumb and forefinger. She lifted it up, turned it in different directions, carefully inspecting it, but not knowing at all why or what she was actually looking for. All she knew was that it was plenty weird, and rather exciting, to be holding onto a naked penis.

"Here, let me show you how to do it," Pamela offered.

Miss Bixley wasn't too sure that she should let that happen. Pamela's interest would probably be more scampish than academic. She cut this penis inspection off before it got out of hand. "Well, let's try the next pair."

Miss Bixley turned away from the class while she was waiting for Daniel to change. She seemed to be just brushing off her skirt, but she was also trying to gather herself. She was feeling a little flustered.

Daniel did not know how he could come out in the next pair. He never knew there would be any underwear like this. If his teammates saw him now, man, he would never live it down. But, he didn't want to disappoint Miss Bixley. Daniel was at least prepared for the giggles and pointing when he came out from behind the partition.

"Ah, good, Daniel, yes. Daniel is wearing a UNICO Brazilian thong."

Pamela broke out in a big grin. She liked men to wear thongs. It was essentially just a little cloth sack holding up his dick and balls. To her, it was like a girl wearing a halter top that tightly wrapped each breast. It seemed to accentuate the presence of his penis and testicles, as much as it covered them.

"Men in ancient cultures wore thong_like apparel for ease and comfort. The thong was very popular in South America since the 1980s, particularly in Brazil. It is often worn on the beaches as swim wear."

"No way," exclaimed Violet. "Guys wear that on the beach?" Ashley and Emma giggled at the thought. "Oh yes," Pamela chimed in. "I've seen lots of guys in them." They couldn't dispute that, but they also wondered if she meant swim wear.

Miss Bixley felt that she should reinforce Pamela's helpful contribution. "Yes, Pamela, very good, I didn't know you've traveled to South America."

Pamela nodded, but she actually hadn't.

"They were though not originally allowed on beaches in the United States. It was perhaps primarily male exotic dancers wearing them within this country. The fashion was slow to catch on. Nowadays the thong has become fairly popular as underwear, for its, um, erotic appeal."

Pamela could not agree more, but Emma and Violet found the thong to be a bit gross looking. Emma suggested, "Isn't it essentially just a jock strap?" and what could be erotic about that, she thought.

"Actually, that's not really true." She took hold of Daniel's hips and turned him around.

The girls could not help but laugh again. Right there in front of them was a completely naked man butt. Pamela was quite impressed. It was clearly a very muscular, tight butt. She liked to hold onto the man's ass when she had sex, and this one would clearly be quite a muscular hand full. "His bottom is all naked!" squealed Violet.

"Now really, dear," Miss Bixley admonished her.

"Sorry, Miss Bixley," she replied.

"As you can see, thongs have a strap securing the pouch at the bottom rear." She reached in between his thighs from the rear to curl her finger under the strap. For Daniel, this was quite an intimate touch right behind his testicles. Her finger then followed along the strap as she spoke. "It passes up the crack between the buttocks to the waistband." Daniel's butt cheeks noticeably clenched as her finger dragged along his crack. When she reached the top, Miss Bixley pulled on the waistband to tighten the strap into the crack of his butt. "As you can see, hiding the strap in between his cheeks has a functional use to give a smooth and rounded finish to the bottom, particularly when a man is wearing tight trousers. I'm sure you girls are yourselves familiar with the use of thongs for when you are wearing slacks or a formal tight dress and do not want anyone to notice a panty line." Daniel could feel a tell-tale sign of a bit of swelling as Miss Bixley's finger slid up and down his crack.

The girls had to admit to that, although Violet did not know about any such thing. She had never worn panties like that. She considered asking Miss Bixley about them, but decided that might only make her appear silly.

"In any case, for a jock strap, in distinction from these thongs, the straps pass around the base of the buttocks up to the waistband at the sides." She ran her finger along the base of his muscular cheeks. She had to admire how taught and tight these cheeks were. "Straps like that could very well be evident under a pair of tight slacks. In either case, though" she gave his butt a few little pats, "the wiggling of the bottom will at least still be evident."

The girls resisted the impulse to laugh, or even giggle. They knew if they did that she would stop the gentle paddling. They found it rather cute to see Miss Bixley lightly spanking Danny's bottom, his big muscular butt jiggling with the patting.

Daniel was thinking that he would like to move on to the next pair. He was feeling quite naked in these thongs, and it didn't help that Miss Bixley was accentuating the point by giving him affectionate pats on his bottom. His penis continued to swell.

"Okay, Daniel, why don't you turn back around."

He was reluctant, but he did as he was told.

Pamela's eyes widened as he turned around. She could tell that he did appear to have swelled. The pouch was pulling out away from his body.

Miss Bixley continued to lecture. "There are even strapless pouches that have, of course, the front pouch." She ran her finger along his hardening penis. "And a waistband with no securing back straps whatsoever. It helps to be particularly big in the pouch to keep these on." She slid all four of her fingers along his hardening cock and squeezed to emphasize her point.

When she did so she could instantly tell that he was hardening. Her face flushed and her heart accelerated. She quickly turned him back around and said, "Alright then, um, Daniel, why don't you get into the next garment. You can, uh, take your time, as I have a few notes to go over." She really didn't. She just wanted to give him time to "relax."

Pamela smiled at her knowingly, but Miss Bixley wouldn't return her glance. The other girls just silently followed the sight of the naked masculine butt making its way back to the partition.

Daniel did stay a bit longer behind the partition. However, it was partly due to the fact that he was having a bit of difficulty getting the next pair on.

As Daniel came out from behind the partition, Violet chirped, "What is that!" Nobody could help but giggle. Even Pamela was amused, although her attention was more seriously drawn to what was now a very clear, detailed outline of Daniel's penis and testicles. Daniel was wearing Italian spandex boxers.

It looked like the shiny, stretched fabric had been molded to his penis like freeze dried plastic. Every inch of Daniel's penis was outlined in specific detail. You could see the crown, the sulcus, and the thick length of the shaft, as well as two meaty balls. There was even lots of thin ridges for the pubic hairs. The girls weren't particularly pleased to see that, but the hairs were easy to ignore with the bright, spandex wrapped penis so boldly displayed. It looked to the girls like he had a big, fat sausage in his shorts, and it seemed to be appreciably bigger than when it was hanging out naked from his briefs.

Miss Bixley had to smile as well. "Yes, well, um, it was Peppino Gheduzzi in Italy who recognized the importance of elasticity in fabrics to improve comfort and support. He proposed the idea to Du Pont and subsequently the first Lycra was developed. You can see how tightly it molds to the skin." She stifled a laugh as she waved her hand across his penis. "Um, if you want persons to really get a good sense of what your body looks like, short of see through, well this is the fabric for you."

"Goodness, Miss Bixley," Emma observed, "the material looks so smooth, like plastic."

"Yes, Emma, Spandex was created in the late 1950s and was actually developed by Du Pont."

"Oh, Miss Bixley," Elizabeth asked, "Can we see how it feels as well?"

"Yes, well, um, certainly." She directed her comments to Daniel. "Daniel, please, why don't you give the girls an opportunity to see what it feels like."

Daniel got a bit of a nervous look in his face, but certainly this would be expected of a model, to let the audience appreciate the fabric. "Yea, okay, um sure, Miss Bixley."

He turned first to Emma, who blushed as the tightly wrapped big penis approached her desk, coming to rest like a brightly blue packaged fat hot dog stretched across her eyes. She resisted the obvious and ran her finger instead up and down his side. "Oh yes, it's like so smooth."

Daniel then worked his away around the semi-circle. Next up was Violet. She declined the offer. "Oh, golly, no, that's okay," she said, clearly flustered at even the thought.

He then turned to Elizabeth, who was sincerely curious about how the material clung to the body. She noted, as her fingers trailed across his shaft, "It's good, Miss Bixley, that you got a model with such a big penis, as we can really see how the fabric molds so tightly against it."

Emma giggled at that, but Miss Bixley just smiled in agreement. "Yes, well, Lizzie, that was my intention. I'm glad you can appreciate the benefits of his penis."

"Yes, I do," Elizabeth responded, her eyes becoming somewhat glazed as she gazed closely at it, feeling the curves and ridges of the head of his penis.

Daniel closed his eyes. The palms of his hands felt wet.

Pamela grinned, knowing it would shortly be her opportunity.

Miss Bixley, however, might have intervened if she had noticed precisely where Elizabeth was exploring. She was still standing behind Daniel and could not see that Elizabeth was actually drawing her finger up and down Daniel's cock.

Daniel was not entirely certain what he should do, but he assumed that this must be part of his modeling responsibility since Miss Bixley was not interrupting.

Next up was Ashley. She concentrated her exploration on the head of his penis, now quite swollen beneath the Spandex. She was herself much more interested in the organ than the garment. Her face flushed and she giggled with some embarrassment as she felt the ridge and curves of the round, swelling head.

"Don't you hog it now, Ashley," Pamela scolded.

Miss Bixley furrowed her brow, not quite sure what Pamela meant by that.

When Daniel turned to her, Pamela was not the last bit subtle. She openly stroked and fondled Daniel's swollen cock.

Daniel's face was turning red as the blood flowed into his head and his cock..

"Miss Bixley," volunteered Emma, "his thing is getting bigger and bigger."

Miss Bixley moved up to Daniel's side and looked down. "Oh my!" Miss Bixley exclaimed. Daniel's cock could not push out the stretch material very far, even with its hardening state, but its girth and length had clearly grown to an impressive size.

Miss Bixley didn't want to embarrass Daniel by acting shocked or disturbed. The last thing she needed was the administration to be informed of some calamitous scandal, as if Daniel and the girls were all traumatized. She needed to remain calm, to maintain her composure.

"Well, yes, girls," speaking in a matter-of-fact voice, as if this happens every day, "Daniel has indeed developed a bit of an erection."

"Miss Bixley!" protested Violet. "That's just a bit!?"

Miss Bixley turned to the girls. "Let's not forget who we are, young ladies: professional designers. Frankly, Daniel is in fact being very helpful to us. With Daniel's consideration, we are now able to see how the male erection appears within the undergarment. Some of these were in fact designed specifically for such events." She looked into his eyes, appealing to him with her smile. "Don't you be concerned about it Daniel, it's perfectly fine."

This was now precisely Daniel's fantasy. Thelma Lou, um, Miss Bixley, was actually wanting him to show her his manhood, his erect manhood. Well, it wasn't precisely the same fantasy. He had not imagined that it would be in front of a bunch of upper class girls that generally looked down on him. He would have preferred this in the privacy of her office. But, the benefits would appear to outweigh the costs, at least at the moment. "Well, sure, um, Miss Bixley."

At his acceptance of the situation, Miss Bixley breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe she would get out of this without any trouble after all. "Alright then, um, Daniel, why don't you try on the next pair. And, um, you can take a bit more time changing, this time, if you wish. I will speak to the girls about the development of Spandex."

Daniel retreated to the partition.

Miss Bixley was hoping that he would take the extra time to lose his erection. Daniel, however, misunderstood, completely. He thought she wanted him to take the time to get a really good, full erection. Once he removed the Spandex briefs, he ran his fist up and down the shaft of his cock so that it would get good and hard. He then put on the next pair. "I'm ready, Miss Bixley."

"Good Daniel, alright then, well, girls, Daniel will now be showing for us a more conservative pair of briefs: a pair of Jockey Elance Knit boxers. These are so straightforward in appearance that, frankly, they could pass as outer-garment shorts."

However, not the way they now appeared on Daniel. When he emerged from behind the partition he was demonstrating a very evident, stiff erection. The cotton boxers were quite conservative in appearance, but not when there was a big hard rod pushing out in front.

"Wow!" exclaimed Ashley. "Miss Bixley!" added Violet.

Miss Bixley turned back to look at Daniel walking up. She was at first a bit nonplussed herself, but she again quickly gathered her composure. "Yes, girls, well, you can certainly see how the erect penis appears differently in a pair of loose boxers."

Elizabeth quickly raised her hand and started wagging it in the air. "Miss Bixley, Miss Bixley, please, can I see how if feels in this pair?" The other girls were jealous that they had not asked first. Even Violet now was getting over her anxiety and feeling at least a bit curious. Well, actually, very curious.

Miss Bixley didn't know for sure what to say.

Daniel could see that she was uncertain. He wanted to let her know that he would be a good model. He would go the extra mile. Before she could say anything, he went up to Elizabeth so that she could feel his hard cock through the cotton.

Elizabeth grinned ear to ear as she reached out and touched the head.

"Yes, well," Miss Bixley finally spoke, "um, Daniel is now wearing, as I said, a pair of Jockey Elance Knit boxers. You can see the large elastic band, loose fitting pant legs, and button fly." 'Thank goodness for that,' she thought.

Elizabeth wrapped her fingers around the round bulb of his head. "You can get a lot better grip on his thing through the boxers, Miss Bixley," Elizabeth reported, always wanting to be the student to make the insightful observations.

The other girls were losing their patience. Ashley, pushing on the floor with her feet, moving her desk closer so that she could feel him as well. Once Ashley had moved in on Elizabeth's left, so did Emma on her right, although having to try to crowd out Violet to do it. Violet, however, shifted her desk back to make room. In little time at all, there were the hands of three girls all feeling, stroking, and fondling Daniel's erect cock.

This was not Daniel's original fantasy, but he had to admit that this could in fact be a close second, and it didn't hurt that he was letting the girls do this for Miss Bixley, with her even watching them explore his erect dick.

And, their fingers did feel good. Frankly, prior to this he had very little experience in having the hand of a girl fondling him, exploring him. Now, he had the hands of three very pretty, rich girls, giggling as they felt, touched, and squeezed his cock. This was more than just not so bad; this was actually really, really good.

"Uh, girls," Miss Bixley interrupted. "I think that's probably enough." It was quite clear that the girls were losing their professional objectivity. "Why don't you make another change, Daniel."

"Hey, I missed my turn," Pamela complained. Miss Bixley scolded her with a glance. Pamela got the message.

Miss Bixley paused with anxiety as she looked at her notes. The next pair would be even more of a problem.

"Ready, Miss Bixley," Daniel announced.

Miss Bixley took a deep breath and began to read from her notes. "The 'bikini' bathing suit was invented in 1946 by two Frenchmen, Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. They in fact named it after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, which, of course you know from your American History class, was the site of atomic bomb testing."

The French Bikini Daniel was wearing was not nearly so tight as the Spandex, but still tighter than the briefs, and much, much smaller. In order for his cock to remain covered, it had to be pushed well down toward the left. But, even then, the waist band, if you could call it that, barely reached over the head. Daniel was in fact holding down the waistband to keep his cock from popping out.

Even Miss Bixley was a bit flustered. "Um, it was, of course, named after the Bikini Atoll because the swimsuit was so small. Only covering just the bare minimum, at least at that time."

"Miss Bixley," Ashley warned, "I don't think it's gonna stay inside." Pamela certainly hoped not.

Miss Bixley tried to keep moving forward, hoping that somehow they would get through this. "Um, it's not so small as the thong, but, as you can see, they are cut rather low, well beneath the waist, um, well, goodness, uh," Miss Bixley tried some levity to ease the tension. "Daniel's little man is even having a hard time staying indoors."

"He's not so little, Miss Bixley," Pamela corrected.

Miss Bixley couldn't disagree. "No, no, that's true, Pamela."

Pamela had a suggestion. "Perhaps it would be useful to just let him out, Miss Bixley."

"What!?" Violet shrieked. She couldn't believe Pamela was suggesting that.

"How else will we understand the fit, if we don't actually see how it fits?"

Frankly, Miss Bixley was curious herself, very curious, but not for that reason.

Daniel made the decision for her. He let go of the waistband, and the strength, the pressure, of his erection quickly pulled it away from his waist.

His cock then started to pull up, wanting to stand straight up rather than be forced down to the side.

The girls watched transfixed as they saw the movement through his briefs. It was like it was alive, trying to escape to the tight confines, and soon the head of his beast appeared over the top, coming full into view. Their eyes widened at the sight. It was so bulbous, so red, so engorged. Even Pamela was impressed, as was Miss Bixley. Her heart was pounding.

Once over the edge, past the elastic, the shaft quickly slid up straight, boldly climbing out and pushing down on the waistband.

"Wow," Ashley said quietly, speaking for all them, as his naked, stiff cock was now jutting out from his body.

It was indeed a very impressive demonstration of the force of his hard cock. Miss Bixley gathered herself, and him. She strode up to him and firmly grasped her cock in her hand. She pretended to casually laugh, "Well, we can certainly see that the French bikini is not particularly effective at containing the male erection." She was gripping his cock just below the head and thinking what an impressive handful he provided. She lightly caressed the swollen red bulb with her thumb. She was looking at Daniel with her large sparkling eyes and dimpled cheeks while speaking to the class. She was having difficulty focusing her thoughts. She could feel herself becoming warm between her legs. His cock felt so good in her hand. She knew that if she held it any longer she would start to openly stroke her fist up and down the shaft. She let go of it and said breathlessly, "Alright Daniel, um, why don't you get on the next pair."

Daniel responded, his voice also a little shaky, "Yes, ma'am." He didn't bother to try to shove his erection back down into his briefs. There seemed little point in doing that now. The girls watched as it waved in the air with his movements, like a construction crane that was grossly overextended and could not maintain a steady position.

Daniel was not long behind the partition, and he was frankly very surprised, befuddled more accurately, with the next pair.

As he emerged from behind the partition, Miss Bixley was equally surprised. These were not the right pair. He was suppose to emerge wearing Italian jump shorts, but was instead wearing a pair of lace, crotchless panties that were even too small for him. 'Where did those come from?' she wondered. She had checked and double-checked the boxes last night. 'How could this have happened?' She looked back at the girls, confused over this odd, very odd, error.

The girls though were frankly delighted, as Daniel's erection was now entirely open to view, although dropping a bit down with the embarrassment of wearing such feminine attire. The expression on Pamela's face though caught Miss Bixley's attention. She had a rather self-satisfying, knowing grin, and Miss Bixley then knew what happened. She had slipped a pair of her own panties into the box.

Miss Bixley knew that if she exposed the fraud it would only embarrass Daniel. He was such an insecure boy, how could he live down wearing girlie panties in front of a bunch of girls? She could see that his erection was already going down, feeling uncomfortable wearing what was clearly girlish panties, and obscene ones at that. She decided to try to make up a reasonable cover story.

"Well, Daniel, is, uh, wearing a facsimile of an early Egyptian garment. It was developed by Cleopatra, to be worn only by her most favored of male slaves." She turned to smile to the class, "for obvious reasons. Only the most bold, the most masculine, of men could wear this apparel, particularly in the presence of the Queen."

Daniel was now standing beside her, his cock only half erect. He was feeling better with Miss Bixley's explanation, but he still felt a bit silly. The lacy fabric was so obviously, grossly feminine. It even had little pink bows framing the open flap through which his cock and balls were sticking, hanging, out.

Miss Bixley though had an explanation for that as well. She grasped the opening with the fingers of her left hand to bring the attention of the girls to the little bows. "The Egyptian version did not have these bows, but they were typically adorned with frill and decoration that had an exaggerated feminine quality. The intention was to further magnify the man's masculinity by contrasting his impressive genitalia with feminine accouterments." She then took hold of his cock with her right hand, and openly stroked her fist up and down the shaft. "We need to get the full effect of this garment."

Elizabeth asked, "Can I help too, Miss Bixley?"

Pamela scowled. Elizabeth always wanted to insert herself in every class exercise, and was now beating her again to the punch, or, more accurately, beating her to the beating of Danny.

"Well, certainly Lizzie, if you would like." Miss Bixley knew that Daniel would enjoy it. How could a boy not enjoy a pretty girl playing with his cock? This could be a very effective way of helping him ignore the fact that he was wearing girl's panties. Miss Bixley led Daniel by his cock over to Elizabeth's desk

Elizabeth had a serious look on her face. She had felt intimidated by Danny's big penis when she first touched it, and she was determined not to be so tentative again. Miss Bixley had given her the responsibility of getting Daniel's erection back and she would not fail. She had never failed in any class assignment and wasn't about to now.

She boldly grasped Daniel's half erect cock, and quickly began to slide her little fist up and down the shaft. Her lack of experience was evident, but she made up for it with her enthusiasm.

She could feel the sausage beginning to swell. She looked up at him through her round spectacles. "Do you like it when a girl handles your testicles? I'll do that too, if you want."

Danny really wouldn't know what he would or wouldn't like, having not experienced much of anything with a girl before, but that certainly did sound nice. He silently nodded. He really wanted Miss Bixley to handle him, but the feel of the more diminutive, innocent hand of Lizzie did have its own special appeal.

"Okay," Elizabeth replied. She stuck her tongue out as she concentrated on carefully fondling his balls with her left hand while she continued to stroke him up and down with her right. She looked at Miss Bixley for approval, who did indeed smile in return. Elizabeth grinned proudly at the demonstration of her ambidextrousness, and said, "It's like when you pat your tummy and rub your head." She always had to make an observation. She looked up at Daniel, "but stroking a penis is a lot more fun."

Violet and Ashley blushed at the boldness of her remark. Emma and Pamela were equally surprised. She was perfectly correct in what she said, but they wouldn't think that a good girl would say such a thing. Certainly not in public. Elizabeth though always had to share her observations, her thoughts, even if they were a bit radical for the class.

The other girls were now quite jealous. Ashley asked, "Can I feel it too, Miss Bixley?"

Miss Bixley felt that it would be useful if all of them had the opportunity to study more closely, to explore, the erect male penis. It was so disappointing to discover how inexperienced they were, and what better place to learn than within the classroom? "Well certainly Ashley. In fact, why don't you get up here on Daniel's right. Emma, you can be on the left."

Emma replied, "Oh, that's alright, Miss Bixley, I think I would just prefer to watch."

"Are you sure, dear?" Miss Bixley didn't want any of the girls to feel apprehensive about this opportunity.

Pamela though knew what the problem was. "Emma has a boyfriend," she teased.

Ashley turned once again to her. "Pamela!"

"I do not!" Emma protested. It was true. She didn't. But she wanted to at least act as if Bobby was her boyfriend, and Pamela was right that Emma would have felt that it wasn't right for her to handle another guy's penis, even if Bobby never even found out about it.

Miss Bixley did not push her. She understood that it was best to be patient with girls at a time like this. She certainly did not want to pressure a girl to handle a guy's cock before she was actually ready. She turned to Violet. "Violet, would you like to take Emma's place?"

"Me?!" Violet was surprised that Miss Bixley turned to her. Pamela was the obvious choice, but Miss Bixley knew that Pamela didn't really need the experience, nor did she perhaps deserve the opportunity, given her practical joke with the panties.

"Of course, Violet. I think you will do a wonderful job. As you can see Daniel is now quite erect and there is plenty of room for three girls. Here, I will get behind Daniel and so be right next to you all the time."

Violet's little heart was pounding as she got up from her desk and came to stand to the left of Daniel. Ashley had already taken her position to his right. Miss Bixley stood close to her back, placing her left hand on her back to reassure and steady her.

"Here, Violet," Elizabeth bent Daniel's erect cock over to his left to help Violet grab hold.

Violet took a deep breath and wrapped her little fingers around the thick shaft. "Good girl," Miss Bixley exclaimed, patting her on the back.

"What's it feel like?" Ashley asked.

Violet though responded with her own question. "Most guys really aren't this big, are they Miss Bixley?"

"Absolutely not, Violet. But, it's not like I have seen a lot myself." All of the girls giggled at that admission. Miss Bixley patted Daniel on the shoulder as she continued, "But, I can say with some confidence that Daniel is indeed quite large. Notice the thickness of his shaft?"

"Oh yes," Violet responded. "I can just barely get my hand around it."

Daniel was beginning to feel a bit weak in the legs. This was doing wonders for his self-esteem, but straining his staying power.

Ashley joined in. "I like the big red head." She gently grabbed the crown with her right hand. The tip was pressed firmly against her palm as she explored its soft curves and ridges with her fingers. "It looks like it's all angry and red, but it's so soft."

Daniel sighed with pleasure at the innocent but sensual touch of her fingers.

Violet was still just holding on to the shaft. It was Ashley's turn to encourage her. "Violet," Ashley suggested, "You can rub it up and down while I do the top part."

"Okay," Violet quietly agreed. "It's so hard, Miss Bixley," she observed, as her hand shyly slid up and down the shaft while Ashley ran her fingers and palm all over and around the crown.

Daniel could feel his balls swelling and tightening, as did Elizabeth observe. "Miss Bixley," she announced, "Daniel's testicles are actually getting smaller as his penis is getting larger!"

"Oh yes," Miss Bixley said, pleased with the studious observation of Elizabeth. "This happens as the young man gets more aroused."

"I'll play with them," Elizabeth volunteered. They were indeed tighter to his body, but there was still plenty for Elizabeth to grab hold.

"Be careful, Lizzie, not to squeeze them," Miss Bixley warned.

"I know, Miss Bixley," Elizabeth complained. She never liked it when someone suggested that she didn't know how to do something correctly. She felt she was an expert in almost everything, including things for which she actually had no experience. She did, however, take Miss Bixley's advice, and was quite gently cupping and fondling Daniel's testicles.

Daniel now had three girls exploring, fondling, caressing, and stroking his fully exposed cock. His balls felt awfully tight and swollen. He really didn't think he could last too much longer, but he certainly didn't want to embarrass himself, or Miss Bixley, by actually cumming right in front of everyone. He surely didn't think Miss Bixley wanted him to do that.

Miss Bixley moved up close behind Daniel. She felt a desire, a very intense desire, to grasp hold herself of this young man's noble cock. It looked so desirable, so bold, so large. She was now quite jealous of the girls. As she shifted her legs to get right up behind him, she could feel that she was quite wet between her thighs. Her hands even felt like they itched to reach out for this stiff, hard cock. But, it was best, it was appropriate, as a professor, to place the interests of her students in front of her own desires. Class time was students' time, and what was clearly best for them right now was nurturing their understandable curiosity regarding Daniel's penis.

Perhaps she would have her own time in the future. She moved up very close behind Daniel and slid one hand under his arm and around his body to lightly stroke and caress his taught, well defined chest. This was a reasonable close second to actually handling his cock, as she had never been with a guy before who was in such good shape, so well defined.

She even pressed her breasts up against his back, subtly caressing the muscles of his back with the softness of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples. She could not be so bold, so obvious, that the students could tell what she was doing with her titties, but she did hope that Daniel would notice.

And he did. The feel of the girls' hands on his cock and balls was pure delight. One could not understate the pleasure of having innocent girls' fingers crawling, exploring, up and down one's cock and around the testes. But, the fact that Miss Bixley was also pressing, intentionally pressing, her breasts against his back, as she caressed the muscles of his chest, lightly flicking his nipples while her own erect nipples pressed against his back, their stiffness contrasting so nicely with the soft feel of her fleshy boobs, was a very, very close second.

Elizabeth felt Daniel's testicles tighten further. She had to ask. "Oh my, Daniel, are you going to have an ejaculation?"

Miss Bixley whispered in his ear, "Let yourself go, Danny. It will be good for the girls." She paused, then added, "And for me. Will you do it for me too?"

With that remark Daniel had a slip of the tongue. He whispered back, "Oh yes, Thelma Lou."

Miss Bixley giggled, as did the girls. Miss Bixley didn't mind. She knew about the Andy Griffith Club and how many of the boys felt she looked like Thelma Lou. Daniel though blushed, and Miss Bixley could feel his embarrassment in the slumping of his shoulders, which were previously pulled back in pride as the girls' fingers danced over his body. She let him know that he should not feel bad. In fact, on the contrary:

She whispered back, "If you come back tomorrow, Daniel, I will be your Thelma Lou." She pressed her breasts hard against his back, pinched his nipple and said, "Thelma Lou will do whatever you want."

With that his cock exploded in fury. "Miss Bixley!" he exclaimed as a mighty gush of cum burst from his cock and splashed against the palm of Ashley's hand.

"Oh my!" Ashley exclaimed as she felt the wet slop hit her palm. She quickly pulled away her hand, not wanting to get any more of his sticky man stuff on her hand.

"Keep stroking Violet!" Pamela called out. She knew that Violet's first impulse would be to let go, but it was important to keep stroking if you really wanted to get the best eruptions.

It was a helpful encouragement. Violet held on, not wanting to disappoint the girls, and now enjoying the feel of his cock pulsating and jerking in her hand as his eruptions pulsed through the shaft.

Elizabeth did let go and pull back, understandably so, for with the removal of Ashley's hand Daniel's cock was aimed directly at her, still sitting in her classroom desk. There was really very little way for her to escape.

Daniel's next shot though fell well short of her body, falling safely onto her notebook.

However, for Elizabeth, this was just as bad, actually worse. "Oh no!" she squealed, fearing that all of her careful notes and treasured texts would become soiled, stained, perhaps ruined, by getting soaked through by wet gobs of cum. She quickly leaned forward, covering her notepad and books with her hands and arms, only to receive the subsequent shots onto the sleeves of her white blouse, and then even some into her hair and onto her face. She did not pull away, however, feeling that it would be much easier to clean off herself than to clean off her precious books and notes.

Besides, she was frankly curious what it would be like to experience a guy raining his cum down onto her face and body, and this was one interest that she probably could not admit to having. Having to protect her books and notes was then as much of a compelling cover story as it was a real concern.

Emma and Ashley though were simply shocked. "Lizzie!" they shouted, "Watch out!" "Duck!"

Pamela, however, was more encouraging. "Go for it girl!" She was frankly impressed, with all of them. She had to admit that she was impressed that Violet continued to man the cock, jerking the shaft hard while Daniel burst out blasts of cum, and that Lizzie did not in fact duck or hide as Daniel spurted glob after glob onto her blouse, face, and hair.

Violet and Daniel were frankly unaware of where the splashes were falling. Violet's eyes were fixed solely on Daniel's cock, maintaining her concentration on properly jerking the shaft. Daniel's eyes were half closed, lost in the feel of his throbbing, bursting cock, the waves of pleasure sweeping through him as he leaned back against the soft, lovely breasts of Thelma Lou; one of her hands squeezing the muscles of chest, the other now fondling a tight butt cheek. These two hands, along with the feel of her sweet boobs, might be giving him as much pleasure as the hands of the girls. It was certainly the best orgasm of his life, and for the moment he only wanted to dwell, bask, in the bliss of its pleasure.

When he was done he did finally open his eyes, and saw what he had in fact done. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry Elizabeth," for the first time that day actually speaking directly to one of the girls.

Elizabeth did feel rather silly, her face and blouse all splattered with cum. There was even some dripping off her spectacles. However, Elizabeth was always a trooper when it came to course work and class exercises. She was not about to complain at this point. "That's okay, Danny, I could have ducked." That was true, and all of the girls, with the exception of Pamela, were curious as to why she hadn't.

Miss Bixley came to her support. "Well, I do believe that Elizabeth deserves some well earned extra credit."

That was always music to Elizabeth's ears. "Golly, Miss Bixley," she said, as cum slid down her cheek, dripped off her face and fell onto her blouse, "Let's have Danny model again next week and I'll do it again!"

"Hey, not fair," Ashley complained, "Next time I get the extra credit."

Miss Bixley, though, realized that this was largely up to Daniel. She moved around to Daniel's side, grasped his softening but still thick and now wet sausage in her hand, and looked imploringly at him. "Would you be willing to try on more undies for the girls?"

"Sure, Miss Bixley, if you want me to."

"Why don't you stop by my office tomorrow." She smiled mischievously and said, "Thelma Lou will need to take some additional measurements for a proper fitting."



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Fantastic story. I loved this and would be well up for being a Daniel myself if any women or girls fancy acting this one out! (

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that was an hell of a great CFNM fantasy with all the ingredients I belove; the novel should be gathered and not dispersed here and there, try, or please develop it into a movieeee