Female In The Locker Room CFNM


Her legs, first of all, were unbelievable. Natalie Chastain had the sexiest legs young Ron had ever seen.

It was his dream job to work as a sports writer, another dream of his to work with such a hot chick, for lack of a better term. That's the way he thought of her, a hot chick. Even though she was dignified, accomplished, and 28 years old compared to his age of 23. She was just so hot, how could he not think of her as such?

But she was his superior. She was somewhat arrogant, bossy, but her looks made it easy to put up with her.

She could also be casual with young Ron. Very casual.

The two had gotten to know each other over the last few months while covering the area's pro football team.

Natalie was the beat reporter, Ron an intern who would accompany her to some of the games to help with the articles.

It was a few days after one of these games when young Ron was busy finishing his story, and the brunette beauty that was his goddess came walking elegantly into the newsroom.

Today she had on a short black skirt and black stockings that were seemingly invented to torture young Ron.

He would sometimes say he had something wrong with his computer and needed help, just so Natalie would stand in front of him, her ass practically in his face, while she banged away at the keyboard trying to figure out the problem.

But today, there was no such time for that. The two were busy working on stories, and Natalie was hustling.

She wanted to make sure the intern was going to have his story done by 4 p.m. She had to look over it before it went to the editors.

She asked the young man which player he ended up interviewing in the locker room, and Ron replied "Reginald Farland, the defensive tackle."

"Oh Jesus," Natalie replied, "did you see it?"

Ron was confused.

"See what?" he asked. Did she mean a play that Farland made? Did Ron miss something about the game? He didn't want to look stupid. He pretended to know what she meant, and spoke before she answered him.

"Oh yeah," he said.

"Isn't that rediculous?" asked the brunette, looking sexy as ever with her soft brown eyes staring at him.

Oh no, thought Ron. He didn't know what she was talking about, but went along with it anyway.

"Yeah, pretty crazy," he said.

"I love how he just walks around the locker room, like he's displaying it or something. For Christ's sake, put a towel on, you know?" she went on.

Ron's brain almost blew a fuse. Was the beautiful young Natalie talking about Reginald's...? No, couldn't be.

He had to keep talking though to not look dumb.

"Yeah, really, put a towel on," he said, practically repeating her.

She now sat down next to him and crossed her legs. My God, her legs were amazing, the young intern thought. Her brown hair hung casually over her pretty face, and the talk was even more casual. She spoke more about Reginald.

"I guess that's his claim to fame," she said, "can't blame the guy for showing it off."

Ron's brain was on overload. Here was a stunnigly hot woman that he fell in love with the moment he saw her, and she was talking candidly about some guy's...

It still couldn't be. Could it?

Ron thought he would continue the conversation.

"When was the first time you saw it?" he asked. He still didn't know for sure what "it" they were talking about.

She stared up at the ceiling.

"Oh God...must have been a couple seasons ago, I was in the locker room early so I could get my stories done for deadline - it was a Monday Night Game - and I had to wait for him to come out of the shower," she explained in a low whisper as other reporters walked to and fro about the newsroom. "I'm thinking he's going to walk to his locker with a towel and then put clothes on right away. Well..."

Ron gulped.

"He walks over, and there it is, plain as day, swinging down there between his legs - I swear to God the thing almost hung to his knees," she said.

Ron gulped again, and began sweating. He had a hard-on, and tried to not shoot off. This was the sexiest talk he ever heard.

"I'm only 25 at the time - you know - a new girl on the job, and I'm interviewing some guy who refuses to put a towel on or get changed, and I'm asking him questions while he has his schlong hanging out," she said.

Ron hadn't said much. He couldn't.

"I mean, I have seen a lot of 'em - you know, seen one, seem em all - but I have never seen anything like that. How could I even interview the guy?" she asked rhetorically.

Better yet, how could Ron ever not get a hard-on around Natalie again?

"Anyway, is your story done?" she asked.

"Uh....uh huh," he muttered out.

"Okay, great," she replied, "let me read it over before I head out."

And the two went back to work.


A few weeks passed before Ron covered another game with Natalie.

They were in the press box that afternoon when it began to dawn on him that Natalie and a few other women reporters had jokes they would make about Reginald Farland.

They were jokes Ron never got before, like they were inside jokes. Very inside.

One game Farland picked up a fumble and ran about 10 yards with it for a touchdown, and Natalie later remarked, "surprised he didn't trip over it."

Ron, at the time, thought she just meant the 300-pound tackle was clumsy, but now he knew she meant something else.

It kind of drove him nuts in a way that here was some hot brunette getting to interview naked men in the locker room, and when Ron went to a women's soccer game earlier that year, there was no way he could go into the women's locker room and roam freely about.

Natalie and her colleagues made little jokes here and there about the naked men and their bodies, and Ron would just have to bear it.

He was actually starting to love it.

He was going to have to go into the home team's locker room that day to do his stories, and Natalie was to go into the visitors' locker room. They would meet afterwards.

Ron couldn't help resist the idea that he would take a quick glance at Reginald's prized possession and see if his female co-worker was exaggerating.


The game was a good one, but that didn't seem to matter.

Ron's mind focused on something else.

The postgame interviews would have to be done quickly, as the young intern had to get his story done immediately after the game.

The locker room was packed to the brim, and he noticed the space at Reginald Farland's locker was unoccupied.

He couldn't believe he was going to check out the equipment of another guy - he had never done this sort of thing before - but it was only to see if what Natalie was talking about was true.

He waited, and waited, and waited. He got enough quotes from other players to write his story - he was just hanging around to get his evidence.

He saw a huge black man walking out of the shower, and toward the locker, and he thought that might be Farland.

Standing about 20 feet away from the man, he could identify him.

Mainly because of the huge, black snake that hung down between his legs.

Jesus, Natalie was right. Reginald had the largest penis Ron had ever seen.

Ron's was a mere five and a half inches when erect - he measured often as most men do - and Reginald's looked bigger than that already, and he wasn't even hard.

Ron had never seen a penis like this - he didn't know one that big existed. It made him a bit envious, but moreover, it made him horny as hell thinking about how Natalie described it.

Reginald was getting dressed, and Ron exited the locker room.


Days had passed. Natalie again had on those black stockings a week later, and a skirt that showed off her sexy legs.

Her breasts, obviously being shown off, pushed out against her tight shirt, and she was talkative as ever with young Ron.

The two spoke about football, about writing, and about the game currently being played.

"Oh shit," Natalie said. "Looks like I'm gonna have to interview Farland after the game."

Ron gulped, and got excited.

"He's got two sacks and seven tackles already, and the game's only in the third quarter," she said, crossing her legs underneath the desk she had her laptop computer on.

Ron thought he would spice up the conversation, and get Natalie rolling.

"Why don't you interview his dick?" he asked.

The woman was a bit surprised, but understood it was a playful joke.

"I should interview his dick - I would probably get better quotes from it than I would from Reginald," she said.

The two laughed.

"I would think his penis would be very boastful," she said with a laugh.

"God that thing is huge," he admitted.

"I told you," she said. "It's like the eighth wonder of the world or something."

The two watched the rest of the game, and reporters soon filed into the locker room afterwards.

So crowded a scene that Ron never got to see Natalie interviewing the naked Farland. He fantasized about such a site, how erotic it must look.

But he would hear about it afterwards.

When the two had filed their stories, they sat back in the stadium bar and had a drink. They talked about the upcoming week, and the day they just had.

"Interview Farland?" Ron asked.

Natalie put her drink down.

"That guy is a total pig," she said. "I waited about 20 minutes for him to get dressed until I would go up to him to interview him. Finally, me and a few other reporters - all guys - go over to him while he is dressing because he's taking fucking forever. He has his shirt on, his tie on, even his earing is in. But he just leaves it there hanging."

"Hanging?" asks Ron.

"His dick - he wouldn't put his pants on, just to be a smart ass because I'm there," she said.

A pair of Natalie's friends, both season ticket holders, came in and joined the two as they spoke.

Natalie's friends were two attractive married women that went to the games with their husbands but often hung around afterwards to meet up.

The four spoke about Natalie's troubles in the locker room, and how it was sometimes awkward for her interviewing naked men.

"Dicks don't bother me," she said. "I mean, outside of Reginald, who is hung like a horse, all penises are about the same. I've seen so many by now I'm used to it. You know, seen one seen 'em all."

She took a swig of her drink.

"But God, when it's something like that, something that...big. It's hard not to stare," she explained.

"You attracted to him?" asked Laura.

"Of course not. I mean, well maybe, sort of. Yeah, I guess," Natalie said, not wanting to reveal her attraction to the man.

"Okay, okay, what would you do if you were about to go to bed with a guy, and he pulls down his pants and has something like Reginald's?" asked Laura.

Natalie's eyed widened.

"Um...I would probably faint," she answered.

The women laughed. Ron's erection grew in his pants.

"Besides," Natalie said in a low whisper. "I don't think it's possible for another guy to have a dick as big as Reginald's. That thing belongs on a donkey, or an elephant for that matter."

Ron was in Heaven. Could it get any better?


"Alright, alright," Laura said, now even more drunk than minutes before. "Who is gonna have the guts to ask Reginald the real question?"


"What do you mean?" asked Natalie.

Laura needed to explain further.

"I mean, who is gonna ask him how big it is?" she said.

Ron took a gulp.

"Oh come on," said Natalie. "One of us is just gonna ask in the middle of an interview 'how big is your dick?'"

The other women laughed.

"Please. Like any of us have the guts to do it," Natalie said, taking a drink.

She put herself in a trap.

"Yeah, I'd figure you're all talk and no action," Laura said. "Every day you see him you're like 'oh my God you guys, Reginald Farley has the biggest cock in the world, I saw it in the locker room and it's fucking huge.'"

She sounded just like Natalie, who blushed.

"I'm not like that," she said.

"Yes you are," Chelsea chimed in. "If we hear one more word about how big this guy's prick is, we're gonna cut you out of our little club. It's getting annoying. Almost're making this whole thing up."

"A tall tale," Laura quipped.

Ron had to speak up.

"Natalie's not lying girls," he said. "The thing is huge. I mean...I don't look at it or anything."

The girls looked at him funny.

"Well how do you know it's huge?" asked Laura.

An explanation was needed.

"Well, okay, I looked at it once, just because Natalie kept talking about it," he said, "and it was huge."

The women looked at each other again.

"Well why don't you ask him?" said Laura, a stunning brunette.

"Yeah - you're the intern buddy," Natalie added.

Chelsea, the blonde, bailed out the young male.

"No, no, I think it should be Natalie - she's the one who is always talking about it anyway," she said.

The conversation soon changed, but Natalie knew what she had to do.


It was one of the final home games of the season and Reginald had another big game. Everything about him seemed to be big. His arms, his legs, his presence, his...

Natalie had to interview him once again, and knew if she was going to find out the answer to the question her friends brought up the other night at the bar, this would have to be the time.

She waited by his locker, notepad and tape recorder in her hands.

Most of the men were dressed by the time the reporters entered the locker room, but some, including Reginald, did not bother to cover up.

Natalie was looking her best, just as good as some of the cheerleaders that paraded the sidelines during the game.

She definitely had the legs to be a cheerleader - she was once a figure skater and a cheerleader herself.

Today she showed them off in white stockings that reached her thighs, and her skirt barely reached her knees.

She waited patiently for Reginald, and there he was.

He walked out of the shower, no towel around him, over to his locker.

"Not big on towels, are you?" Natalie couldn't help but ask as he stood at his locker, his naked butt facing her.

"Come on, come on, ask your questions, I gotta go," he said.

She began the interview, and he now faced her. She maintained eye contact, but could almost see his big penis hanging between his legs.

Another player noticed his naked state while giving the woman an interview, and shouted "damn Reg, put that thing away."

Natalie laughed, and blushed, and knew this was her time.

"How big is that thing anyway?" she asked. She couldn't believe the words came from her mouth.

Reginald gave her a weird look. She was so nervous, she dropped her tape recorder while speaking.

"Oh God," she muttered, hearing the batteries fly out of the machine as it crashed to the floor. She went down to retrieve the recorder, and the black man's penis was at her eye level. It almost touched her cheek. It was the most embarrassing thing she ever experienced.

Yet she was somewhat aroused.

"Take it easy," Reginald said, knowing she was flustered.

She was back on her feet, still frazzled.

"What was your last question?" he asked with a smile.

Natalie could feel her face burning red.

"Oh, know, that guy said something about, your, you know, and..."

She never stumbled over questions, except this one.

"And um, I just was wondering how big it is," she finally got out.

Reginald began to get dressed, and replied "lady, you have a lot of nerve asking me how big my penis is when you supposed to be in here doing a job."

She never felt so embarrassed, and so juvenile. She feared losing her job.

Then Reginald nudged her arm.

"I'm only playing with you...why don't you meet me at my place tonight," he said. "It's 234 Berkshire, big house."

"I didn't ask for a date," she said. "I was just asking you about your...because I was curious."

"You wanna find out or not?" he asked.

Natalie thought about her friends teasing her for being a so-called liar, and she couldn't stand it anymore.

"Okay, okay, I'll be at your place at...10:30 sound good?" she asked.

"Ten thirty is perfect," he replied.

Natalie had stories to write, and stories to tell. She had to hustle to meet Reginald on time.


The brunette arrived at Reginald's house later that night, to find that the bachelor had one of his friends, a former player, Cliff Begley, over to shoot pool. Natalie, by coincidence, had seen both players naked a few times over the years and had taken note of their unusual size.

The 28-year-old reporter got to know the two handsome black gentlemen over some drinks, while watching the muscular men do battle in what was several games of pool.

They then moved to darts, and in both sports, Cliff was the victor.

"Can't you beat him in anything?" teased Natalie.

She was about to find out.

"Which one of you has the larger penis?," she asked casually.

Reginald and Cliff were shocked at her candid question. The alcohol had made her a bit more brazen than usual.

"Well, of course, that's me," Reginald said proudly.

"I don't think so," Cliff said, throwing a dart.

"Come on," Reginald prodded on. "Let's whip 'em out and see whose is bigger. I know you had a reputation before you retired, but you history now old man."

Natalie didn't say a word. She enjoyed this manly dual.

"Alright, fine," Cliff said, putting down the dart. "Miss Natalie here can leave the room, and we'll see whose is bigger."

"No no, she stays. We need a witness," Reginald argued.

The two men stared at Natalie, now sitting on a bar stool with her fine legs crossed.

"It doesn't bother me," she said. "You've seen one, you've seen 'em all."

"Oh yeah?" asked Reginald.

With that, he dropped his pants, and his penis flopped out. It hung down over his ball sack, the head of it as large as a baby's fist. The shaft, so long and fat, had many wrinkles of skin circling it, suggesting it was not nearly in its full state yet. It hung down a good distance between his legs.

The sight of this monstrous penis excited young Natalie. She thought about touching it.

"What do you think of that?" asked Reginald.

Natalie stared at his crotch, and below.

"It's um...big," she said. "Really big."

Now it was time for Cliff, who was jealous of Reginald getting all the admiration from the clothed female.

"Oh yeah, how about this?" he asked.

He yanked down his shorts, exposing an equally large penis, big, fat and black, and one that had just as big a head.

"Jesus, were you guys separated at birth?" Natalie asked.

The two men laughed, and stood side by side. They argued over who was bigger.

They asked Natalie for her opinion.

Her brown eyes went back and forth between the two penises, back and forth, back and forth.

"I don't know," she said. "They're both so big. It looks pretty close."


Natalie giggled.

"As they say in football, it's time for a measurement," she said.

The men took their pants completely off, and Reginald fetched a measuring tape out of the closet.

"Football is a game of inches," Natalie said with a laugh.

Reginald handed the female the measuring tape. This way, with her doing the measuring, there would be no cheating.

"Alright, whose dick should I measure first?" she asked.

The two men fought over who was gonna go first like school children, wanting this sexy brunette's soft touch.

Since he was guest, Cliff went first.

"How do I measure a dick? I've never done this before," Natalie said, taking off her shoes to get more comfortable.

Cliff instructed her to place the measuring tape along his penis, and run it all the way from the root to the head.

"It's so big," said Natalie, feeling the penis in her right hand. "Is this why you retired, did your dick get too big?"
The alcohol was making her giddy, and the sight of two penises of this size was seducing her, making her act in a different way.

"My God," she said. "Eight and a half inches. And it's not even hard."

Natalie then took Reginald's measurement, and his too measured eight and a half inches in its soft state.

The three then discussed the tiebreaker, and they realized they would have to get erections to see exactly whose penis was ultimately bigger.

"Like sudden death overtime now," Natalie said.

Neither man had to do much to get hard. They just stared at the fully-clothed brunette.

Their penises both started getting harder, thicker, and longer, and Natalie's stares went back and forth between the two.

Both so big, the two penises could not stand up straight. Both just stuck out in front of each male, with Reginald's only a few inches from his kneecaps.

"You guys are something else," the drunk, sexy reporter said.

She first measured Cliff's and found his to be just over 11 inches.

Reginald's straightened out to a whopping 13 inches in length, measuring over a foot long.

It was about as big as one of Natalie's forearms.

"Okay, okay, as the judge of this official dick measuring contest, I declare that Reginald does have the bigger dick than Cliff," she said.

Reginald then yanked the brunette and pulled her onto his lap, the two sitting down in a recliner.

"Play with it, baby, please," he begged.

"I'm not touching that thing," she said, although she knew she would.

"Please, come on, I'll give you any interview you ever want, any time," he offered.

Natalie couldn't resist.

She took the huge penis in her hand, and then in both hands. There was room for two more hands.

She stroked it up and down, staring at its monstous size.

"Oh my God, your cock is sooooo huge," she cooed, wanting to get him off. "I can barely get my hands around it."

"Don't stop baby," Reginald said, noticing Cliff began to stroke himself, looking on.

"Oh I won't stop baby, I could stroke your cock all night long," she said.

He tried to unbutton her shirt, but was denied, for the moment.

"You can't see me, I can only see you," she said.

His penis swelled and swelled, the woman's strokes getting faster and faster.

"Oh my God, it's so big," Natalie said.

"Oh keep stroking Princess, keep stroking it sweety," he begged.

Then, an explosion. The first of several huge loads shot out from his penis and landed on the hard-wood floor.

"Oh (splat), oh (splat), ohhhh (a bigger splat), oh (splat), oh (splat)," he moaned while shooting load after load.

"Jesus Christ," Natalie said.

"Oh it's your breasts (splat), it's your legs, it's you (splat)," he said. "You are so fucking sexy."

Natalie kept stroking, and Reginald kept shooting.

"Oh (splat), oh (splat), oh Jesus (splat)," he moaned.

"My God," Natalie said with admiration.

She took her hand off Reginald's penis. Her hand was drenched in come.

"How about me?" asked Cliff.

Ready to oblige, the brunette went over to Reginald's guest and gave him a handjob as well.

By the time Cliff was getting close to shooting off, Reginald, quite remarkably, was ready to go again, and he walked over to Natalie and stood before her with his huge penis dangling before the brunette.

She stroked off Cliff with her right hand, Reginald with her left.

"Jerking off two big dicks at the same time," she said. "This is the craziest thing I have ever done."

"Oh I bet you can get even crazier white girl," said Cliff.

"Bet she can," chimed in Reginald.


After another climax for each male, the three settled down for some more drinks.

Reginald walked over to Natalie at this point, with Cliff following. Both men were still naked.

Reginald started swinging his penis back and forth in front of Natalie's face as she giggled.

"That a present for me?" she asked. She couldn't believe her own words. She couldn't believe her own actions.

She put her mouth around Reginald's massive penis and started to give him a blowjob.

She wasn't much for giving blowjobs, but she had never been so attracted to a man, or a penis, this much.

"Suck it darling, suck it," the black man urged.

She sucked, and sucked, and sucked. She bobbed up and down on it, its shaft lengthening until it reached its full footlong potential.

"Such a huge cock," she said, his dick popping out of her mouth.

She sucked it for nearly half an hour, slurping at it and moaning with delight. She even grabbed Cliff's big dick and started to stroke him off.

It was beginning to turn into an orgy, something Natalie hadn't participated in since she was double-teamed by a couple of guys in college.

This was far different.

She tried to get as much of it into her mouth as she could, stretching her mouth to its limits. She moaned as loudly as he did, and she had a dick in her mouth.

"How's my 13-inch dick taste baby?" he asked.

"Mmm, mmm," she answered, not wanting to release it.

Reginald was getting close to climax, and he was hoping she was the type of gal that would swallow his seed. She did not disappoint.

Even though he had come so much earlier, he still had enough of the stuff to nearly make Natalie choke, as stream after stream of hot, white come shot out of his penis and into her mouth.

She gulped and swallowed it all down.

"Nice," Cliff said, enjoying a handjob, "nice."

Natalie was happy to keep this tale to herself, but she could tell her friends how big it was.