David At The Clinic



David opened the door to the doctor’s surgery clinic and stepped inside. He still wasn’t one hundred percent sure he wanted to go ahead with this, but the injury was starting to get worse and he didn’t want to take the risk of aggravating it and then missing the final few games of the season.

David was a tall, athletic guy, he had to be in his profession as a semi professional soccer player. He had a cheeky smile and dazzling blues eyes that made him a hit with the ladies.

He had no trouble getting laid, that was for sure, and if he was honest the injury he’d been feeling for the last week was hampering his performance between the sheets. That had been one, if not the main, reason he decided to pay a visit to his doctor.

As he entered the surgery he was greeted by the receptionist. She was aged about 40 years with shoulder length blonde hair. She flashed him a smile as he entered. He saw her name badge read Judy.

After introducing himself Judy said, “I don’t know if you are aware but Doctor Harmer isn’t here today, he’s at another surgery.We’ve got doctor Mckenzie covering today.”

David said it wouldn’t be a problem, not even considering for one minute that Doctor Mckenzie wouldn’t be a male doctor. Had the thought entered his mind before he walked into the doctor’s room he may well have got up and cancelled his appointment.

As it was, David sat down and after a few minutes was informed by Judy that Doctor McKenzie was ready to see him. He stood up and followed Judy along the corridoor and felt his eyes fall upon the firmshape of her buttocks through her black skirt. She also had nicely shaped calves, he observed, and in general a slim figure. He’d stolen a glance at her breasts when he first arrived and they appeared quite large behind her white blouse.

Still imagining what those tits might look like out of that blouse, David absentmindedly followed Judy into the doctor’s room.

The doctor who stood up and offered her hand to him was not the male he had been expecting.The look of surprise on his face was all too apparent. He saw a slight smile pass quickly over Judy’s face as he first looked away and then back at the female doctor stood behind the desk.

Doctor Phillipa McKenzie, or Pippa as she liked to be known, was aged about 28 years and was tall and slim. She had long black hair that she had tied back tight across her head. She had a slim figure and eyes that looked as though they were always enjoying a private joke.

He couldn’t be sure, but David was certain he spotted a fleeting smile between Judy and the gorgeous doctor stood before him. Even a raised eyebrow of approval from Judy before she turned and left the room?

There was no doubt about it, she was a real looker, David thought. A naturally pretty face that needed little make up to highlight her beauty.

He took a seat as offered and Pippa got straight down to business. She studied him from across the desk in much the same was as david had surveyed her when he first walked in. She liked what she saw, no question, and felt a flutter inside her at the thought of what was to come.

Even fully clothed she could see David had a muscular, toned body. She quickly learned from their introductory small talk that he was a keen footballer and she could just picture his firm, powerful thighs inside his jeans. She also sensed another question racing through her head - what did his cock look like?

Pippa enjoyed her job, being a doctor was a childhood dream come true, but it also enabled her to indulge another earlier developed love for getiing her hands on cocks. The more the better. She just loved to see and touch and suck cock, and play with them in her soft hands.

Being a doctor meant she got to see many a cock, and they came in all sizes. She was mischievious with it, making it a personal goal to try to arouse whatever male patient she found in front of her. It was a huge power surge to watch a man’s cock stiffen into a full blown erection in front of her. She wondered again just how David’s cock would look, and if it was a big one when erect. There’s only one way to find out, she said to herself.

“So, you have a tightening in your right thigh?” she asked him. “Yes, i’ve had the pain for about a week now and it hurts when I run.” Pippa stood up and walked around the desk. She knew he would notice her short skirt as it was a good 3-4 inches above her kneeline and certainly a lot shorter than he had imagined. She watched silently as his eyes dropped to her legs, taking in the smooth shape of her calves. Her legs were long and encased in black hold up stockings, but David did not know that. Yet.

David’s eyes slid up and down her body and he felt his cheeks start to warm and his heart beat grew a little faster. He watched her as she walked past him, brushing so close to him he felt the material of her skirt. He felt himself take a deep breath in as she went by, wanting to smell her. She had a lovely tight arse as well, he observed.

Pippa deliberately walked behind him then stopped and placed a hand on his right shoulder, feeling him jump. “I’m going to need to examine you in a minute, David,” she purred softly. He couldn’t answer, his mouth was now becoming dry and he felt a familiar stirring between his legs as blood began to make its way to his cock and his balls.

She walked back in front of him and sat on the edge of the desk directly in front of him, just inches away. He felt she must have been able to hear his deepening breath. David watched as she then crossed her legs in front of him. Her skirt was short and the movement revealed a large proportion of her legs as she did so. He was sure he caught a glimpse of stocking tops, and as if to confirm this for him she again uncrossed then recrossed her legs.

“Right then,” Pippa announced with a wide grin, “Time to get them off!” David almost choked but she carried on, still smiling that pretty smile at him. “Go on, up you get on the couch, and take your jeans down.” He did as she said, standing up and then laying on his back on the couch. He felt a little nervous, he was used to being around pretty women but today he was overcome with a mixture of excitement and unease. This largely due to the warm sensation developing in his groin area as she layed there looking at her.

Pippa stood up and walked to him, still smiling. “Don’t be shy now, I’ve done this hundreds of times before.” As she said this she looked down into David’s eyes and he felt himself being held down there by her. She kept talking but never once took her eyes from his. Her voice, too, took on a softer, enticing tone. It was as if she was placing him in some kind of trance as he, too, couldn’t take his eyes from hers. “I didn’t have you down as a shy one, David. I’m going to have to take your jeans off to examine your thigh.”

Her captivating eyes twickled down at him, “It’s only your thigh I want to look at, honest, ” she whispered in a tone that suggested there was certainly more than one thing she intended to examine. David, by now, was frozen and held by her, his heart pumping wildly and his cock starting to swell inside his pants. He lay there and watched as she reached down to his belt and slowly undid the buckle.

“Ok, you’re going to leave it down to me, are you?” She chided him as she then moved up and undid the button of his jeans. She paused, looking down at him, then unzipped the fly. “Now you are going to have to help me for this bit, ” Pippa told him. She took hold of the waist band of his jeans and simply said, “Lift your hips.”

David did as he was told, raising his hips from the couch so she could pull down his jeans. She did so, yanking them down all the way to his ankles, where he expected her to leave them, but silently she briskly took off his shoes and socks and then pulled his jeans completely off of him.

Once she dropped his jeans to the floor Pippa moved her eyes from his and down at his groin. He was wearing a pair of white pants that fitted tightly around his cock and balls. She could see that he had quite a package down there, and spotted a slight wet patch of what she knew full well would be pre cum on the front of the white material.


Now laying in his pants, David felt his cock stirring even more. His pants were tight and he had a heavy set of balls and a thick cock. Both were rapidly swelling as he looked up at her. Pippa then moved to his right thigh, gently kneading it with her soft hands. “Yes, I can feel tightness here.” Her hands moved up and down, caressing his thick, muscular thigh, her fingertips brushing dangerously closeto his groin with every sweep of her hands.

She resumed her locking of eyes and spoke softly to him. “You are very tense, David, I can feel it all up your leg. It feels as if there’s tightness up inside your groin, too, so I’m going to have to take a look there as well.” He knew what this meant but he couldn’t speak, she had him under her spell. They both knew it. He would do whatever she told him to do.

Pippa slid her fingers under the elastic waist band of David’s pants and said, “Lift,” and again without arguing David lifted his hips. She peeled down his pants ever so slowly, sliding them from his naked ankles and dropping them out of sight. All the time she did so without looking from his eyes, and they told him so much. Those eyes told a thousand stories, of all the cocks she had seen and sucked and fucked. She didn’t need to say a word.

David was now naked from the waist but he was so entranced he no longer felt nervous or uneasy. Pippa felt her own arousal between her legs, a dampening forming inside her panties as she slowly took off David’s pants. She knew his cock was now on show, for her to see, but she deliberately kept her eyes on his, not yet wanting to examine it.

Instead she started to massage him again, hands running up and down David’s injuried thigh, this time sliding higher up his leg and into his groin. At first she made sure not to touch anywhere near his cock or balls but soon began to brush her soft skin against them, gentle touches that she knew would send his heart racing. The stroking of his thigh was too much for David.He felt his semi hard cock twist as it lay on his stomach, changing shape as the blood soared through his groin and stiffened his member.

Pippa, too, felt this movement, a nudge against her hand as David’s swollen cock expanded and lengthened. She looked down at it now, marvelling at the sight before her. It was a big one, not the largest she’d ever seen but certainly one of the biggest, It was a deep purple, about 7-8 inches in length and impressive in girth. The bulbous end poked defiantly from under his foreskin that was now sticky and shiney with pre cum.

She took David’s hardness in her left hand, letting it lay on her upturned palm. She just held it here for several seconds, feeling it twitch a bit more before finally adopting its stiffest shape. She ran the thumb of her right hand softly along the length of him and said, “I think Judy should see this.” As if anticipating a refusal from David, she slipped her right hand around his cock and gently stroked it twice, making him gasp loudly with pleasure and lift slightly from the couch. As he collapsed back down, head spinning from her touch and momentarily incapacitated, she turned quickly and left the room.

She was back before the searing sensation between his legs had subsided, this time with Judy stood beside her. “What do you think, Judy?” Pippa asked. Judy stepped nearer and David looked up breathlessly at her face. She still had that mischievious grin. She looked away at his cock and then came back to his eyes.

“It’s a real big one for sure,” she giggled, her face reddening a touch with embarassment, but David could tell by the tone of her voice that she was intrigued by his erection. Perhaps excited to see it? He knew she was married, probably had been for years, and she no doubt had several children and a stagnant sex life.Maybe seeing his cock, and others like it, was a thrill she got off on? Playing with her clit when she got home, or even secretly in the surgery if the need got too much.

Pippa took his cock again held it a light grip in her right hand. She began a gentle back and forth ryhthm, manipulating his swollen cock in her expert like grip. She was careful not to squueze it too hard as she learned the hard way that some of her patients shot their load far too quickly if she pleasured them too rigourously. She imagined Dvaid would have some staying power and wouldn’t climax too soon, which was good as she and Judy would be able to some fun with that cock of his.

David felt his balls tighten with every move of Pippa’s hands and he knew it was nearing the time when he could take no more. He was desperate to cum and unload his hot stick spunk and had to stop himslef begging Pippa to tighten her grip and wank him faster. He knew they wanted to take their time with him, especially when Judy had to tell Pippa to slow her strokes. She saw that glazed look in his eyes and felt a flutter inside her, almost a pang of disappointment as she believed he was about to ejaculate.If he let them know just how close he was he faced the risk of them suddenly stopping.

Fortunately, Pippa, too, had read the signs on David’s face and moderated her work on his cock until she was happy his need to cum had sufficiently sibsided. “That was a close one,” she exclaimed with a giggle. “It just looks too good to spoil it yet,” Judy trilled, her face now pink with excitement. “I wish I had a camera! With that both women giggled loudly and Pippa maintained a steady stroke of David’s rigid length. Hecould tell by the wayshe changed her grip and style that she was well versed in pleasuring cocks.

Some times she would hold his hard cock upright, at a right angle to his body, and hold it with the foreskin dawn right back, while kneading his aching balls with the other hand.Then she lay it down onto his stomach and took a bubble of pre cum on the end of a fingertip and slowly rubbed it into his cock.

David desperately wanted to reach up and touch them, squeeze their breasts. He imagined Pippa climbing astride his face and letting him lick her pussy while she wanked him, maybe Judy taking off her blouse and bra so he could see her ample breast, but he knew otherwise. He was at their mercy and any move by him could make them stop what they were doing.

They did take their time with him, Judy proving to be more than adequate when given an erect cock to play with. Both she and pippa spent the next hour playing and teasing with his stiffness, until Judy stepped up to finally ease his agony. Once she settled her hand into a desired position she worked his cock back and forth, pointing it parrallel with his stomach. Like Pippa, she held his eyes, a look of determination to make him explode mixed with a warm, genuine desire to ensure she relieved him.

She felt David jerk below her and knew he was ready and moved his cock so it was pointed upwards.He spasmed and lifted his hips several inches from the couch. A thick stream of cum leapt from the end of his hardness and rose in arc before dropping heavily and landing high on his chest. As his dick jerked in her hand it let fly with several more arcs of cum which squirted up and then down onto his thighs and stomach.

David lay there panting as his erection slowly began to subside. Pippa reached down again, her hand sticky with his spunk, and gently began to wank his semi hard cock. “I hope you’re not expecting to leave, David, I need to take a closer look at your thigh before surgery closes.”