Handcuffed & Jerked Off At Her Mercy


Popular and self-assured, 18-year old Aaron Zimmerman was one of the best looking guys in his high school senior class. A life-long sports fanatic who played on the varsity basketball and track team, Aaron didn’t have the time or the patience for a girlfriend, but with his olive-skinned complexion, dark wavy hair and confident attitude, he was certainly on many girls’ most wanted list. He stood just less than six feet tall and weighed a lean 168 pounds; there was not an ounce of fat on Aaron, who swam and lifted on a regular basis.
His twin sister, Sarah, was cute as well, and also enjoyed sports, though she wasn’t as intense about them as her brother. But she did play on the girl’s varsity field hockey team at school, and her closest friend was her eternally cheerful teammate, Judy. Judy stood about 5’8” and weighed close to 140 pounds, all of it pretty solid. Hardly a small girl but not unattractive and very outgoing, Judy was one of those upbeat athletic types who didn’t wear much makeup and let her ordinary brown hair fall straight and naturally. She’d never been the type to read the girly magazines to find out how to dress just so and act feminine, but she certainly liked boys.

Most of all, Judy adored Aaron, and loved the time she spent at Sarah’s house – always hoping to catch a glimpse of her friend’s hunky brother in their pool, or changing after school. Aaron thought Judy was a nobody, as did most of the guys at high school, unfortunately. Judy knew this. Aaron tried to be nice to her, but he really didn’t have the time for her and sometimes she plain and simply annoyed the hell out of him – and he would let her know it with a snide remark or dirty look.

But one Friday night Sarah invited Judy to sleep over. Aaron and Sarah’s parents were away at a conference for the weekend. Aaron planned on getting some food with a friend or two after school and being in bed early, because he wanted to get up at 7 to do a little exercising before playing a game of pickup football with several of the guys Saturday morning.

The girls rented a couple movies after school and headed home. They made salads and some popcorn and did what it is that girls usually do at a slumber party: gossip about their friends and enemies, talk about boys, eat, watch movies. At some point in the evening Judy lit up a joint and the two girls got high as a kite.

After burgers and a cruise around town, Aaron got in around 9pm and headed straight to his room. He heard the girls yell “Hello!” to him from the den. He hollered back “Hey!” and then just shut his door.

Aaron flicked on his TV, stripped down to his boxers and got under the covers. He called a friend to make sure they still had enough guys for Saturday’s game, then watched ESPN for less than an hour. He could hear the girls laughing all the way from his bedroom – they sounded goofy – but it didn’t bother him. He had always slept like a rock, just like his sister. An earthquake could hardly wake either of them. Aaron set his alarm for 8am and dozed off, sleeping on his back as usual.

Hours later, Aaron was dreaming…dreaming of school…a sudden breeze in the classroom, like someone pulling the curtain away from the raising his hand in class….raising both hands…both of his hands?...was nobody paying attention? was a dream…a dream…both hands in the air, the teacher ignoring him…his desk was shrinking now…felt tight on his legs…his desk was getting very tight on his legs…nobody was paying attention, he wanted to lower his hands…but they stayed up…he tried to shift his legs, but could not…so tight…

Aaron started to stir from his dream reluctantly, feeling pressure on his legs, emerging from a deep, deep sleep, not at all aware what was going on… still foggy. Then…a giggle! Someone was there! Who? What was happening?!? Suddenly alarmed, Aaron was quickly completely awake and tried to sit up – but his wrists were locked to the metal bed frame behind and above his head!

“OW! What the hell?!” he sputtered, as the headboard clattered behind him, holding him in place. “Judy?”

Aaron’s blankets were off and Judy was sitting on his thighs. He could barely make her out, but it was definitely Judy, wearing a dark tee shirt and a pair of lighter shorts. Her knees were locked midway up his thighs, her bare feel pressed against his calves. His eyes were adjusting to the darkness and he looked over at the lighted clock on his nightstand. It was just after 4am.

“Hi Aaron. Don’t bother yelling. Your sister is passed out downstairs,” Judy said. “Besides, you won’t want her to see you like this. Just relax and enjoy it.”

“Enjoy WHAT?! See me like what?? What’s going on??” Aaron was confused and still getting his bearings, pulling against the soft but snug rubber cuffs that secured his hands to the headboard.

“I am going to make you cum, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Judy said it so calmly, so sure of herself, like the way he usually sounded when he was talking to her.

“HUH? What, what do you mean…” Aaron’s usually confident voice quivered and he tried harder to break free, rattling the bed frame, to absolutely no avail. He could move his feet at the ankle, but he couldn’t move his legs at all, and his arms were useless as well.

“You heard me,” she said lasciviously. “Come on, what’s the big deal anyway? This will be fun for you!”

“What? Is this a joke?! This isn’t funny! Now, come on, let me up Judy!”

Judy just chuckled and said, “No, no joke Aaron…” as she traced her fingers along his tight stomach, over his chest, across his ribs. “You’re such a handsome young man. I’ve always dreamed of this.”

“Dreamed of what? What are you talking about?!” he said, afraid that he knew but not even wanting to consider the naked truth.

“Oh you know,” she said, resting her hands on his belly. “Now, let’s see what you’ve got under here,” Judy said as she hooked her thumbs and index fingers into the waistband of his boxers and tugged slowly on them. “It looks pretty big…”

This was all happening too fast…the reality of Aaron’s situation suddenly hit him and he flustered his way through, “Hey! No! NO! Don’t do that!!!”

Biting her lower lip, Judy remained quiet and continued to pull, lower, lower…

Shocked, Aaron really fought back hard now, desperately trying to free himself from his amorous attacker. But she stayed seated solidly on his legs and the snug cuffs held him firm from above, and the best he could do was make the bed rattle very loudly. Downstairs, his sister slept soundly, even deeper than usual because of the marijuana she had smoked. The sounds of severe struggle from above drifted uselessly throughout the otherwise empty house.

Aaron was in a panic. Things like this didn’t happen to him! “Stop! Just stop! Judy! Stop!!!”

“Shhhhhh,” Judy said, devilishly looking him in the eye though the room’s dusky darkness. Aaron felt the waistband begin to pass over his hips; he lifted his head and stared helplessly down his lean body. He was taking short breaths and felt butterflies in his stomach, practically hyperventilating. Even in the shadowy darkness, above the waistband she’d revealed the beginnings of his dark, curly public hair.

He began to completely lose it. This was on the verge of really happening! “Judy! Okay! Okay! Stop! STOP RIGHT THERE! Stop there! Stop there. Judy. JUDY! PLEEEEAASSSEEEEE!!!! I’M SERIOUS!!!”

She was quiet. He didn’t even look at her. He was focused on his barely covered privates, as was she. No member of the opposite sex had seen him naked since he was a little kid! This was all too much for Aaron to handle; he couldn’t believe it was happening.

As Aaron stared down in awed awful suspense, he pushed his ass down in a feeble attempt to prevent himself from being stripped and exposed.

“Resistance is futile,” Judy teased him, before continuing to pull down his boxers with the same slow, steady intensity and attention as before. The underwear slowly, inexorably slid down inch by damnable inch…further…further… further….His black thatch got thicker…so close…!

He couldn’t watch anymore…. Aaron threw his head back and shut his eyes tight, twisting in his bonds as he felt the waistband at last reach his limp penis and testicles. He felt an irrational surge of hope as the elastic caught against him for less than a moment, as if even his manhood somehow knew to make one last demure appeal to remain veiled, but Judy didn’t even notice and instead Aaron’s boxers slid over and off in just such a way so the handsome high school hunk’s fat flaccid phallus dramatically flopped fully into view, delivering Judy with the ultimate experience in erotic exposure she’d always dreamed of.

As this happened, Aaron involuntarily groaned a strange primal cry of pure humiliation, “Gggrrrrraaaaaahhhhh….,” while Judy squealed a delighted “Oh yes!” the instant she revealed the impressive size of his manhood, which was almost literally the size of a hot dog, circumcised and topped by a plump, pointed pinkish helmet.

“I’ve got you all naked now, Aaron!” she chirped victoriously. “You have a big penis!”

“Oh God!” he choked out. “I don’t believe this!”

“Maybe this is all just a dream,” Judy said as she shimmied her body further down his legs, pulling the boxer shorts down with her. “A wet dream!” She let them rest at his ankles, to better keep his feet together, then quickly squat-hopped back up onto his thighs. All throughout, Judy couldn’t take her eyes off Aaron’s appealing appendage, which was even larger than she had hoped and joggling slightly as he still struggled to unseat her, though now his efforts were much diminished. His eyes were still shut tight, and his breath was coming in desperate gasps. “I can’t believe this…I can’t believe this,” he repeated.

Judy placed both her hands on his thighs and squeezed his tensed muscles. “Come on, calm down Aaron and open your eyes. The best is yet to come – no pun intended … Hahahahaha!” She laughed.

Finally, gathering his emotions, he opened his eyes and looked at her. She was sitting almost exactly as before, except now his underwear was gone and he was completely exposed and naked before her. Making anxious eye contact, he looked down at her and said pleadingly, panting, “Why are you doing this?!”

“Because I want to,” she replied simply. “You have a beautiful body and I want to give it great pleasure.” Judy ran her fingers along his upper thighs, over his hipbone, his stomach and his chest, exploring Aaron’s muscular teen body and working up the nerve for what was next. Her hands slowly slid their way towards his center, and he panted even more. She was almost touching him…!

“No! No! OH!” Aaron gasped as Judy’s left hand cupped his balls and her right hand gently lifted his soft but sizable sausage. She held him and squeezed, then stroked the head of his cock a little bit before beginning to work the shaft rhythmically in an attempt to arouse him.

Reinvigorated by this latest indiscretion, his efforts to escape were relentless, but once more to no avail. They both knew he was helpless… and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before his teenage wiener reacted to her manipulations.

“Please stop, Judy.” He begged. “Please…! This is soooo embarrassing!”

She smiled mischievously, and continued to work him. “I’m playing with your penis, Aaron,” Judy said girlishly, feeling feminine, batting her eyes. “You are my own personal boy toy. I’m going to play with you and play with you until you lose total control and explode!”

It was a battle of Aaron’s mind vs. his young body, which was no battle at all. He swallowed hard as he felt the blood start pumping to his penis as it began to swell, and he mumbled a soft “Nnnooooooo.”

“Oh, yes! That’s a good boy!” Judy encouraged. He could see her smile widen as his organ stiffened and his girth expanded in her hand. In a very short time he was fully aroused, over eight inches of pure male delight for Judy. For some reason, his large size almost embarrassed him even more. He knew the pleasure she was getting at his expense, that all of her fantasies were coming true.

“Look at how big and stiff you are, Aaron!” she cooed, rubbing her palm against the now reddish-purple head of his cock. “You must like me some after all!” She squeezed his shaft so the head swelled even more, then pulled back on his erection and let go, so it slapped lewdly against his belly. Next, quickly and unexpectedly, she got off him.

Thank God, Aaron thought to himself. She’s seen me, all of me, and now it’s over. “Enough!” he said. “Now unhook me and get the fuck out of here!” he spat out fiercely, not realizing how silly it sounded, considering he was still chained to the bed, helpless, totally naked, his big bold boner raging unchecked.

Judy laughed dismissively and said, “Not hardly. I’ll be right back. It’s time to make you cum.”

“HUH?” He was confused, embarrassed and downright angry, all at the same time. Judy left the room. Was she just going to leave him like this? Would his sister see him?!? Still humiliated, and without Judy’s continuing manipulations, his dick began deflating.

But Judy returned a mere minute later, flicking on his light switch on as she entered the room! She wanted to see their show in full view. Aaron squinted his eyes against the brightness, feeling more naked than ever. Suddenly he realized that she was carrying something, and immediately recognized it—it was the bottle of hand lotion from the hall bathroom!

His eyes widened and he kicked wildly as she approached him. She stopped just out of reach and watched the proud athlete’s mostly flaccid schlong slap back and forth, while his ballsack jiggled comically.

Enjoying the view, tracing her fingernails down his right arm, she approached him from the side, mounted his chest and worked her way down his body, backwards, rubbing her ass over his manhood. He fought desperately and yelled “NO NO NO!” as she struggled to get her weight back onto his thighs. But without the use of his arms, she was in charge. Within seconds Judy was again straddling him in her previous position, only now armed with very full bottle of ‘Vaseline Intensive Care’ hand lotion.

“Oh my God, don’t do this Judy… PLEASE!” he desperately pleaded.

“Shhhhhh,” she said. Judy popped the top of the bottle, stared him brazenly in the eyes, then turned the container upside down and squeezed it hard. Huge, cool globs of lotion splattered onto his now limp dick, his balls and his curly pubic hair.

He instinctively yanked his hands, wanting so very much to just push her off him. The bedframe rattled but his arms were held firm.

Then she said: “I told you, Aaron, I am going to make you cum, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Before she put the bottle down, she filled her right hand with lotion as he watched anxiously. She paused for only a minute, just enough to look him in the eye, before she went to work.

Aaron gasped, then moaned “Ooooooooooo” as both her hands grasped his penis and balls. She kneaded his entire package as the lotion worked itself in. His useless struggle continued as he twisted his upper body and tried to pull his legs out from under her…but the feeling was so intense that despite his wishes otherwise, Aaron was at full mast again in no time and breathing heavy.

Enjoying her control, Judy pumped his shaft with long, slow strokes and played with his balls, letting them fill with more and more joy jism. Occasionally she would let go and allow his erection slap back and lie at its natural aroused angle, pointing towards his handsome but flushed face. Then she would stroke the senior’s stiff dick from head to balls and back again, murmuring words of adoration. Grabbing him again, she traced her fingernail lightly around the underside of his cock head, making him moan despite himself. Then she ran her hands across the underside of his shaft, down to his balls and back up again. She even worked the lotion into his pubic hair and upper thighs. She was totally and truly enjoying this unwilling lesson in male-anatomy.

The feeling was overwhelming. Aaron was now so totally under Judy’s control that his struggles subsided and he focused on somehow preventing the inevitable bath of cum he was sure to give himself any minute now.

The lotion had really worked itself in and Judy realized that the squishy, lubed feeling was fading. Aaron’s dick glistened and his knob was a shiny bright red from her skilled stroking. His balls hung low and heavy, filled with semen from her victorious manipulations. She paused and picked the bottle up from the bed and again smothered his shaft and balls with the lotion.

He begged her one last time for mercy. Making him ejaculate all over would be the ultimate indignity. “Just stop now, please, Judy, PLEASE!!” His face was so flush from the combination of utter embarrassment and heated, non-consensual arousal that it just turned her on all the more.

Judy resumed her ardent attack, remaining silent….waiting for the grand finale. She intently focused on the head of his cock this time. She even bent down and licked it, quickly, tasting a strange mixture of greasy with a tinge of saltiness, before gripping his helmet and working it with the lotion.

With one hand furiously jacking on his throbbing knob and the other running back and forth over his balls, it wasn’t long before Judy’s joyous work was ready to pay off. She could sense it. Aaron’s breathing was coming very, very fast, and his body suddenly tensed up. His head pressed back hard against his pillow. His stomach was quivering and his toes curled in, losing control.

Judy didn’t slow down one bit. She was on the last lap now. “It’s happening, Aaron! You’re losing total control!”

Aaron made fists with his hands and clenched his teeth. He grunted in a futile attempt to hold back. His chest and stomach glistened with sweat. Suddenly, whether voluntarily or not, his hips began to buck.

And then it happened…

“AHHH, AHHH, AARRRGGHHHHH” Aaron groaned helplessly, as he thrashed his head back and forth. His belly tightened and his loins gave an reflexive thrust upward, as a heavy spurt of cum shot from his cock, splattering across his upper chest and onto his pillow and against the wall.

Then another thick wad of cum, and another… and another….and another. The once aloof teenager was now drenching himself in his own jism, oblivious to embarrassment, lost in moaning paroxysms of lust as Judy relentlessly continued to jerk him off, working his balls even harder now, emptying them onto his increasingly sticky torso.

Aaron’s body jerked with each subsequent sperm burst, as his breathing slowed a bit. The grand finale ended with one last dribble of cum, running down his shaft and over Judy’s fingers. His genitalia was soaked with lotion and semen.

“Told you I would make you cum, Aaron,” Judy said with a huge grin on her face.

Aaron looked down at himself, spent, and couldn’t say a word. He was still recovering from his intense ejaculation.

Judy jumped off the bed, ran to his TV stand and grabbed the keys. She uncuffed one wrist before tossing the key on the end of the bed.

“Thanks Aaron,” she said as she quickly left the room. “It was everything I dreamed of.”

Aaron slowly got up, still not quite believing what had just happened to him. He was left to clean himself up. He never spoke a word of this to his sister or anyone else.