An Adventure Into CFNM Ch. 4-5


"CFNM? What is CFNM?” the inexperienced brunette said with the innocence of a cuddly kitten.

"Clothed female naked male,” Jamie explained. “It is an opportunity for women to view the naked male body. Just like we did at the beach today. Only here we make it mandatory, not optional, that women keep their clothes on. That way, the girls are free to stare at the naked guys all they want and not have to worry about guys staring at them.” Donna’s heart raced and she felt week in the knees, very sexy knees you could say. Everything on Donna seemed to be sexy, even something as generic as a knee. But she didn’t want to let Jamie know just how excited she was.

"You mean we can stare at their dicks?” Donna asked very calmly. Donna couldn’t believe her own ears. She was saying the word dick so freely nowadays. It had become a standard in her vocabulary, used even more frequent than the word “it”, or “the.” She especially liked that term dick, more than any other term for the male penis. She admired its bluntness, its one-syllable directness. Dick. It sounded so degrading to call a man’s penis his dick, but Donna enjoyed that, enjoyed making a man feel degraded in order to control him.

"Of course you can stare at their dicks, Donna,” Jamie said. “Later we will play a lot of games too.” Donna began to rub lotion on her already-tanned thighs, the ones that poor Derek could not keep his eyes off of, the ones that made his mammoth penis grow to its awesome potential in Donna’s presence. While Donna was rubbing lotion on her award-winning legs, she remarked to Jamie “Oh, games are always good, especially marco polo.” Jamie burst out laughing. Donna asked her what was so funny, but Jamie said nothing. In her own mind, she found it so funny that Donna thought they would be playing kiddy games like Marco Polo. Oh, they would be playing games, but not the ones Donna had grown used to. Donna wanted Derek to be there, and wanted to again stare for endless hours at his remarkable organ and watch it stab the air with its vigourous jerks. But she did not want Jamie to know how much lust she had for Derek, because then Jamie might have Donna do something like remove her top for Derek’s pleasure, which is something the 18-year-old virgin would never do. But she had to know if Derek was invited.

"Is that Derek going to be here?” Donna asked. Jamie saw this as an opportunity to tease her young friend, and seized the opportunity.

"Derek...Derek..,” Jamie said aloud, pretending to not remember who Donna was referring to. “Which guy was that?” Donna could feel the blood rushing to her face, embarrassed she was going to have to describe a man by the size of his penis.

"You know,” Donna said. “The guy we met on South Beach, the guy with the really big dick.” There was that word again coming from Donna’s mouth - dick. It felt so good to say it.

"Ohhhhh,” Jamie said. “You know what? I forgot to call him.” Jamie was lying. She did in fact not call Derek, but didn’t forget. She purpously did not call Derek because she wanted Donna to do so. It was almost like an initiation into the CFNM circle, Donna having to invite a man she knew to be naked in her presence.

"Oh, don’t worry about it,” Donna said, trying to cover up her disapointment. “Maybe we’ll see him on South Beach tomorrow.”

"Don’t be silly. Why don’t you call him and tell him to get his ass, and his huge dick, over here!” Jamie said.

"You think I should?” Donna asked. “Of course,” Jamie said convincingly. “But you do realize you have to tell him what kind of a party it is, so he will be prepared to be nude. And also so he will have no illusions of seeing you naked just because he is naked.”

"Well...can’t I just tell him when he gets here, kind of casually?”

"Absolutely not,” Jamie demanded. “You have to tell him on the phone.”

"Okay, okay,” Donna said, slapping her hand against her gorgeous thigh. The sound Donna made with her hand triggered a memory of Derek, and she felt brave enough to share it with Jamie.

"Jamie, what does this sound like?” asked the sexy brunette, again slapping her hand against her thigh. Jamie, for once, was at a loss for words.

"I give up,” Jamie said.

"Derek’s big dick, remember? When he kept getting a boner and would make it slap against his belly?” Donna said enthusiastically.

"Oh my God, Donna, you naughty girl,” Jamie said. “You do in fact have a thing for Derek if you could remember something that obscure.” Jamie made a good point about Donna’s infatuation with Derek’s penis, but the reference was anything but obscure. The sight and sound of that young man’s organ slapping against his belly like that of a horse’s will endure in both of the women’s fruitful sexual minds for a long time. Donna asked Jamie for the phone, and for Derek’s number.

"Is it 1-800 BIG DICK?” Donna asked mockingly. Jamie giggled, and gave her giddy friend his number. The phone rang only once, and Derek’s deep voice answered with Hello.

"Derek?” Donna asked.

"Yes, this is him,” Derek said.

"Hi, this is Donna, from South Beach, remember - “ Before Donna could finish her sentence, Derek interupted.

"Of course I remember you, the gal with the killer legs,” Derek said. Donna was tempted to say “yeah, and you were the guy with the killer dick,” but avoided the temptation.

"Yeah, that’s me. Listen, you want to come to a party Jamie and I are having tonight?” Donna asked.

"Sure,” Derek said. “What time is it at?”

"Oh, about 7,” Donna said. “But there’s one thing. It’s a CFNM party. You familiar with them at all?” Derek did not have a clue.

"CFNM? What is that, like BYOB or something?” asked the innocent Derek. Donna’s face began to blush. She knew she was going to have to explain in detail to Derek what he was getting himself into.

"Um, well, I’m new to it as well,” Donna said, wanting to try to make Derek more comfortable. It was easy for her - she wasn’t going to have to be naked.

"It stands for Clothed Female Naked Male,” the young female explained. “All the guys, well, they have to be naked. And serve drinks and stuff to the women, who all have their clothes on.” Serve drinks? Jamie never mentioned anything to Donna about serving drinks. Did that just creep into Donna’s mind? Did the thought of having a naked, well-hung man waiting on her somehow creep into her mind without her knowing? Jamie stifled a laugh at seeing her precious little cousin Donna turn into a CFNM addict. She had created a monster.

"Wow,” said Derek, a bit frightened but at the same time very, very turned on. He had intensely enjoyed being nude in front of Donna at the beach, so why would being nude in front of her at a person’s pool party be any different?

"It should really be fun, come on, we would love to have you,” Donna whispered. She then cupped her hand around the phone so Jamie could not so easily see what she was saying.

"Pleeese,” Donna begged the well-hung man on the other end of the line.

"Sure,” Derek said. “I’ll be there.” Donna was overjoyed. She gave a naughy smile to her cousin and jumped up and down like a cheerleader. She had been a cheerleader her last two years in high school, an activity that greatly contributed to her model-like figure that teased men and took control of the most vulnerable part of their body. Penises tended to harden in Donna’s presence, even when this princess had all of her clothes on. She celebrated with Jamie, who asked atop the cheers “Serving drinks?”

"I don’t know,” Donna said. “I guess I got carried away. But it will be kind of funny to see him serving us with that big thing flopping around.” Jamie laughed at the delight of Donna, who then quizzically asked her friend “How do think he gets dressed?” Jamie was not sure what Donna meant, and asked for an explanation.

"I mean his schlong,” said Donna, throwing out yet another term for the male penis she had learned in recent hours. “Where does he put it? I mean, how does it fit? Do you think he lets it hang down one of his pant legs?”

"One thing is for sure,” Jamie said. “He won’t have to worry about getting dressed in our presence tonight. Just undressed.” Donna took a deep breath out of her lust for Derek, and awaited his arrival with great anticipation. While the two women joked about the problem that must await Derek every time he dresses, the center of their jokes, meanwhile, was thinking of what to wear. He knew he was going to be stripping, but he couldn’t actually drive naked to the party. Or maybe, he thought to himself in a joking fashion, he could drive naked and let his penis control the steering wheel. It was practically long enough. But he then went back to serious matters, trying to find an outfit that the women would enjoy tearing off him. His penis had always caused him problems in the fashion department. Briefs were out of the question. So were tight shorts. Jeans were okay if baggy enough, but too baggy and he would once in a while sit on his penis, which wasn’t the greatest sensation in the world. He figured he would wear dress pants. Why not? It’s kind of a formal party, in terms of there being a guest of honor. He knew he was indeed that man.

After getting out of the shower he put on a pair of black boxer shorts that allowed his penis to hang comfortably down his right pant leg (he wore it bigger on that side) and yet be kept in place by the fabric. He then put on a white polo shirt and tan pants that Donna would soon be clutching in a lusty fashion. He couldn’t wait to be nude in front of her yet again. There were already three naked men at the party, mingling in the back yard with their hostess, Jamie. Donna, however, refused to leave the front of the house, waiting at the opened front door for her horse-hung admirer. Her mind began to wander, to how it must be when Derek goes to masturbate and has to play with that monster of a dick.

"Does he ever use both hands to jerk off?” she wondered to herself out loud.

Chapter 5

A set of bright headlights flashed from around the corner, and the door of a light blue truck soon opened to reveal Derek, very neatly dressed in a pair of tan pants and the white polo shirt he had ironed just for Donna’s sake. He knew he wouldn’t be wearing it long, but figured why not. As he walked up to the open door, his jaw visibly dropped. He expected to see Donna in shorts and a T-shirt, maybe even a sun dress. But she was instead wearing a tight red bikini, one that accented her large, lovely breasts and gorgous thighs so well that Derek feared his giant penis might rip through his trousers.

The two hugged, and walked inside. They sat together on the couch, and Donna crossed one leg over the other, her left thigh, so tan and so supple, just inches from Derek’s touch. God did he want to touch it, but couldn’t. He knew this, and it seemed to turn him on even more.

But get an erection now? He couldn’t. That would be kind of rude. He would sport his weapon at full size when asked by the ladies. But it was difficult to not be turned on. Donna’s sweet perfume filled the air around him. He noticed she even wore a sexy body spray, one that smelled of peaches.

"Sorry for the short notice,” Donna said. “Jamie came up with this CFNM party thing. She made me invite someone.”

"But why did you pick me?” asked Derek, who wanted to hear Donna say it. He wanted to hear her say the words, to hear her say it was the size of his penis that she was so attracted to, so drawn to.

"Well, you are kind of different,” Donna said with a light laugh. Derek wasn’t going to let her get off that easy. He wanted a deeper explanation.

"I mean, your um, you know, is kind of a rare sight,” the 18-year-old said.

"Oh, you mean my truck,” he said jokingly. “Yeah, it is a huge one.” Donna gave in.

"Okay, you want me to say it,” she said. “It is the size of your dick. Not your truck. Your dick. I have never seen anything like it and probably never will again.” Derek had won that round, but the rest of the night would go to Donna.

"Well, you might as well...get more comfortable,” she said. Derek knew what she meant, and stood up. Donna, of course, had nothing to worry about. She remained in her bathing suit.

"You mind if I just get undressed here?” he asked politely. Donna had no problem with that, and wondered if it would be even more sexy to see her visitor disrobe in front of her. On the beach, he was already nude when she saw him. But this time, he was getting undressed specifically for her. The shirt, shoes and socks came off in a hurry. The belt was soon unfastened and the pants thrown onto the couch.

"Nice boxers,” commented Donna, her view focused squarely on his crotch. Her pretty green eyes now spotted his salami, snaked down his right leg almost entirely past his thigh. She took a deep breath.

"You okay,” asked Derek.

"Fine,” Donna responded, her heart beginning to race again like it did at South Beach. Donna also realized she won a bet with Jamie, a bet on which the girls wagered which side Derek tucked his “giant pecker,” as Donna referred to it earlier. The boxers were pulled down, and thrown on top of the pants. Derek stood there, legs wide apart to emphasize the size of his soft penis, a good three or four inches bigger than the largest erect one Donna ever laid her pretty eyes on.

"Let’s face it, Derek,” she said. “You’re hung like a horse. Why do you think I invited you?” Derek laughed, and Donna really was going for the throat now. She wanted to see him hard, and raised her pretty feet and started rubbing his leg with them.

"Ohhh, Donna,” he mumbled, his cock beginning to grow fatter and longer.

"Come on, baby,” she said. “Stroke it for me. Stroke that big fucking horse dork.” Jamie walked in to see this alarming sight, and without hesitation, she announced “Come on out to the deck you too, and Derek, keep your hard-on. The games are about to begin.”