An Adventure Into CFNM Ch. 5-6


With his horse dick fully erect and bobbing out in front of him, Derek asked the fully-clothed Donna "Is she serious about me keeping this hard-on?" pointing to his oversized rod. "I don't want to scare any of the women."

"Well, what do you intend we do about it?" asked Donna, hoping Derek would jerk off for her again.

"Well," began Derek. "I need to make it go down, and the only way to do that is to, you know, jerk off."

"Well, be my guest," Donna said.

"With you watching?" asked Derek, getting turned on even more.

"Of course. You did it for me at the beach today, remember?" Donna said. "Is your memory going bad or something? Is that big dick of yours using up all your blood and not enough isn't getting to your brain?"

"I remember, I remember," Derek said. "It's just I feel weird doing it in somebody's house." Donna was getting impatient. She wanted desperately to see Derek furiously wack off that big pecker in her presence, but she decided to give him further incentive.

"I'll start you off," she said. The brunette walked over and placed her right hand around Derek's engorged member, noticing the thickness of its head.

"Oh, is that where the term dick head comes from?" she asked. "I mean I never realized that."

"I think it is," said Derek. "You like mine?"

Donna smiled, and said "of course I do. God, it's so big, almost as big as my fist," she said. Donna eyed the head of Derek's giant cock very closely, wondering how a woman could even fit that part, let alone the shaft, inside her. She began stroking Derek's huge prick, noticing how strong it was in her grip, almost like a tree trunk. The bulging veins along its mighty shaft became even more visible, her right hand stroking back and forth, back and forth.

"Your dick is so damn big. Like a baseball bat," Donna mumbled. Derek was getting closer, and when he felt that he was going to shoot his load, he grabbed Donna and pulled her to his side. Thick, white come started gushing from his prick, shooting out in thick ropes right onto Jamie's neatly-vacuumed floor.

"I won't say anything if you won't," Donna said laughingly, rubbing the liquid into the carpet with her cute little foot. Donna then took Derek by the hand and led him out to the patio. There were five women in attendance, all in hot bathing suits and all with killer legs and large breasts just like Donna. It didn't take long for him to hear the first shout, coming from a woman in her early twenties standing about 10 feet away.

"Look at the size of that guy's schlong!" the voice screamed. Women came flocking over, all staring at Derek's donkey dick. Had he not come just moments earlier, he would have gotten erect right away, the feeling of having five women staring right at his crotch. The scene itself was arousing enough to just look at - five stark naked men walking around a patio filled with five fully-clothed women in enticing outfits - but the language that was heard at this scene was even more provacative. It was as if everything here was dictated, and controlled, by the women - the conversation, the jokes, the games, and especially the men.

"Okay, okay, first, the rules," Jamie announced to the crowd. She actually had these rules written down, rules that had not been just made up out of pure fancy, but rules that had stood for many years at these gatherings. Jamie enjoyed CFNM even before the term existed.

"The obvious first," she said. "All men have to be naked and the women must remain fully clothed. All men present," she continued, reading right from her booklet, "must obey the women at all times. Men must make their bodies fully visible to women. Absolutely no hiding behind chairs. All men must make sure every woman is given a very close-up view of his dick.

"To do this, you are to make the rounds. Every man must introduce himself to every woman, and let her comment on the size of his dick. Women may make jokes about his dick being small or big, and are encouraged to reach out and fondle his dick or balls. And fellas, if a women asks you to jerk off for her, you better do it. If you don't you will be asked to leave and won't be aloud to return.

"It is encouraged that slang terms for the penis be used as much as possible by both men and women. Absolutely no slang terms for the female anatomy are aloud. If a man even utters the P word, he will be kicked in the balls by the woman who hears him say it." Donna looked down at Derek's crotch, but couldn't see his balls. His dick covered them up.

"Guess you have protection," Donna said to Derek with a laugh.

"Oh, no, that goes for you too, Derek," Jamie teased. "I'll have one girl hold up that dick of yours and another kick you in the balls." Derek would make sure to obey the rules to avoid any problems.

"First up is the measuring game," Jamie announced. "Each woman here, find a man, and the one who gets the guy with the biggest dick is our winner." Donna was amused by this.

"Um, I think I have this one in the bag," she said to Derek. Each woman was given a tape measure - Jamie had used to hand out 12-inch rulers, but seeing how big Derek was forced her to run to the hardware store and pick up the industrial-sized measurement tools.

"Now, to make sure we all get accurate measurements, I will use Donny here as a sample," she said, taking the hand of one of the five men at the party.

"Now, you take the tape measure, reel out a foot or so - Donna, in your case, maybe two feet or so — and then grab his cock and stroke it to full mast," Jamie instructed. "Place the end of the tape measure at the base of his cock and lay the yellow tape down on top of his prick. Run the tape all the way out to the tip of his penis, and there you have his size. Donny's cock measures 6.5 inches. Not bad, but clearly not the biggest here." The other three men besides Derek were also of modest size. The women all commented how the old stereotypes about dick size were not necessarily true - they noticed Derek had small hands and small feet yet had a baseball bat between his legs.

"Come on Donna, you are up. I think we all want to see just how big Derek's dick is," Jamie said. Donna took the tape measure, reeled out 10 inches. She looked at Derek's dick again, and reeled it out a few more inches.

"Here goes," she said. The 18-year-old brunette took Derek's cock in her hand, stroked it up to its awesome potential, and heard all the women were starting to giggle. She saw a few flash bulbs go off, noticing the women were taking full advantage of their chance to take pictures of such a huge phallus. Donna took the tape and placed it along Derek's huge cock. From base to tip, it measured no less than 13 and a quarter inches.

"I win, I win," Donna screamed. "My man is hung like a horse." Derek greatly enjoyed this, noticing that Donna was starting to think of him as not just some well-hung guy she was flirting with, but of a guy she was hoping would soon be her boyfriend. After winning the measuring game, Donna used the rest of the night to win even more games. A game that was usually called the ring toss was changed to ring around the donkey. Usually, every man got to participate in this event, with the women throwing big plastic rings around their dicks to see which gal could get the most around her man. But because the women now had access to such a well-endowed individual as Derek, the rules of the game were changed. Only Derek's cock was used, his fully-erect penis sticking way out in front of him and each woman taking a turn to see how many rings she could get around his donkey-sized cock. Donna, used to the mechanics of Derek's dick since she had seen it up close so many times, kept finding a way to toss the ring around its base.

"Nothing but dick," she kept saying after nailing each toss. One more game remained for the youngster to win, and that was the art contest. Each woman was given body paints to apply to the penis of their male partner, and Donna, ever the resourceful one, painted Derek's big schlong to make it appear as an elephant's trunk.

"Keep it soft or this won't work," she kept saying to him. That was awfully hard to do, Donna stroking Derek's dick in order to color it fully with gray paint. The feel of Donna hands, Donna's wet, soft hands, around his cock was an awfully erotic feeling, but he stayed calm. She painted black eyes just above his pubic hair, big floppy ears on his lower stomach, and his dick did indeed appear like the trunk of an elephant, its heavy weight forcing it to hang down in between his legs. Winning all three games had Donna on a high, and after her artwork was shown to every woman at the party, she let Derek wash off in the pool, and of course, all of the men had to stay naked while the women swam in their bikinis.

"This is so unfair," Derek said with a laugh.

"Unfair? Why is it unfair?" asked Donna. "Just because we can see your dick and your balls and we get to keep our clothes on?"

"Yes, exactly," he said.

"If there is CFNM, is there such a thing as CMNF, you know, clothed male naked female?" asked the young man. Donna and Jamie looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Not that we know of," Donna said. "And if there is, it's not like we'll go to such an event." Derek's dick was painfully erect again, so big that it started to throb and jerk underneath the water, his cock needing desperately to be masturbated.

"Well, Donna, since you won't let me see you naked at this party, will you at least jerk me off again?" he asked, almost pleading. Donna started to ponder if she should oblige him, or make him suffer just for her own pleasure. The party shifted back outside the pool, and Donna could not believe what she saw.

"Your balls look like they're going to burst - look at them Jamie, they almost hang down as far as his dick does when it's soft," she said.

"Please, Donna, please," Derek begged.

"Well, if you kneel down and kiss my feet," she said. Derek was quick to do that, considering it a pleasure instead of a chore. Sucking on her toes, he heard Jamie give Donna an interesting proposition.

"Let him dry-hump you," Jamie said to Donna, who was staring down at Derek, making sure he kissed both of her feet.

"You think I should? I mean, with that big 13-inch dick of his?" she asked.

"Of course I think you should," replied Jamie. "It will be fun."

"Get up donkey," Donna demanded of Derek, giving him a new nickname, referring to the size of his dick.

"Rub that big dick of yours against my ass, can you do that you horse-hung stud?" asked the 18-year-old, now a bit more brazen after a few drinks.

"Yes mam," Derek replied. Before rubbing against her perfectly-rounded behind that filled out her bikini quite nicely, Derek put his dick underneath the side string joining the front of Donna's bikini to the back of it. It was quite an amusing picture, his big cock sticking straight up, rubbing up against Donna's side and pulling her bikini bottom slightly away from her body, his dick so strong he could have easily used it to snap that thin fabric covering the girl's thick forest of pubic hair that Derek would have killed to see.

"You're not gonna see my bush," teased Donna, looking right into the eyes of her admirer.

"I know, I know," Derek replied. "But this is fun, getting to hump your leg like this."

"What are you, a dog? Dogs hump legs," she said.

"No, I'm a donkey," he said. "Remember?" Derek took his dick out from underneath the side string on her skimpy outfit and pulled her back to him, the shaft of his cock neatly positioned in between her butt cheeks, the bikini feeling nice and soft against his prick. He started humping her furiously, to the amusing cheers of all the females at the party. Donna was enjoying the ride on his cock, her big ass rubbing and tightening around Derek's big pole. She started to wonder what joy she would feel to have that huge thing inside her, even if not the whole thing at least half of it - Jesus, she thought, even half of his dick would be almost seven inches.

Derek could fold his dick in half and it would still be bigger than any of the other four men at the party. The more Donna rubbed back against Derek, the bigger and harder his dick got, and when he was about to come, he didn't tell Donna, wanting to shoot his load up on her ass and back. It was even more come than he expected. Hot streams shot out and up, the first one almost reaching Donna's shoulders. Feeling the hot liquid drench her back, Donna was even more turned on, to the point where she wanted to take off her suit and let Derek play with her boobs and whatever else he wanted. But she resisted the temptation.

"Oh, God, Donna, you are so fucking hot," he said.

"I know," she responded with a laugh. "Now fetch a towel and clean me off." Derek returned from the house with a clean towel, his dick also wiped clean and now dangling down between his legs. A few more women had entered the party, both of which stared at commented about Derek's big dick.

The party had begun to break into small groups, and Jamie and Donna decided to give themselves exclusive rights to look at Derek's horse-like cock - moving to a small table with three chairs on the other side of the pool away from everyone else.

"I have a question," said Donna, who had been quiet for almost 20 minutes staring in awe at Derek's schlong.

"How the hell do you keep it flaccid?" said the young one, using a term she learned at the party. "I mean, all the other guys that were here were erect the whole time," she went on.

"I don't mean to brag, but all the women here, including myself, are, rather, well, hot. And being naked in front of us doesn't give you a boner?" Derek smiled, and even giggled.

"Donna, do you have any idea how trained I am at not getting boners in public?" asked Derek rhetorically. "I have to know how to stay soft."

"Well, why?" asked Donna, probing deeper into the subject.

"I used to go get boners all the time, staring at girls on the beach, at the mall, at school, wherever, and it would cause me a lot of pain," he began to explain. "My dick would either stick straight out and almost rip a hole in my jeans or I would have to force it down one of my pant legs. I used to wear out the elastic in my underwear so I just had to start wearing boxers." The girls giggled. Donna pinched Derek's cheek, whispering "Oh, poor baby."

"Most embarrassing moment, come on tell us," said Jamie. "There had to be at least one time the size of your dick became an inconvenience."

"At least one time? Are you serious? How about at least 100 times," Derek said.

"Well, tell us about one," said Donna, inching closer to Derek in her chair, still sneaking stares at his crotch while she was even talking to him.

"Okay, okay," said Derek. "This started as an embarrassing moment and turned into something even better, much better. My last year in high school, I had this one really hot teacher. Her name was like Ms. Barnes or something. And she used to wear the most provactive outfits - I mean she was like 22 at the time so she was only four or five years older than I was. Well, by then my dick was already full grown - "

"And how big was that?" Donna interrupted, always wanting exact stats.

"Thirteen and a quarter inches hard, eight inches soft," Derek replied.

"Anyway, she taught the hardest class -

"Even harder than your big dick?" asked Donna, making a joke.

"Yes, even harder. Now can I finish my story?" asked Derek, a bit annoyed.

"Go, just go," Donna said.

"This one day in class I starting day dreaming about having sex with her, about rubbing my big dick against those ass cheeks I could always make out in the tight skirts she wore to class, and then sticking it in her pussy nice and slow - "

"Okay, okay, get to the point," said Donna, offended Derek had used such words to describe the female anatomy.

"Well, in the middle of my day dream, she blurts out 'Derek, why don't you show us your answer to the question at the black board. I was like oh shit," Derek said. "My dick had made a huge tent in my suit pants, and the second I stood up that bulge would be exposed to everyone. And I might add that three quarters of the class was girls," he said.

"Oh my God, so what did you do?" asked Donna.

"Well, I tried to stall, tried to make my boner go down by thinking about baseball or something," Derek said. "I stared at the hot teacher for a few seconds to keep waisting time, but she was getting pissed and ordered me to the board. So, I had to go."

"This, I gotta hear," Donna whispered.

"I got up, tried to hunch myself over to try to draw the bulge in a bit. On my way up to the front of the room, Ms. Barnes was going on and on about how I shouldn't be daydreaming in class and stuff, but the second I passed the front row of desks and my crotch was exposed, she shut up in mid sentence. Nobody in the class knew what was wrong, but I did," Derek said. "She was the only one in the room that saw the circus-like tent in my trousers - the rest of the class was half asleep just like I had been just moments earlier. Ms. Barnes was in shock."

Donna and Jamie were getting turned on by this tale of teacher-student erotica, so much so that the young one had to take a deep breath to help ease the sexual tension that was building up inside her.

"Go on," begged Donna.

"Well, Ms. Barnes liked to show off her legs too, almost like she was teasing, and torturing, us 17- and 18-year-old guys. She wore these see-through stockings and these really hot high heels, and she would always plop that beautiful butt of hers on the corner of her desk and sit with her legs crossed and her chest sticking straight out. She put almost all of the guys - which I think was her own little conspiracy - in the front row so she would feel like they were staring at her body the whole class. I think she loved the fact that she was hot, and there were all these guys that wanted her so bad but just couldn't have her. This day was no different - she sat on the corner of her desk in a tight black top and those gorgeous legs on full display. But when I passed her with that bulging, 13-inch hard-on testing the strength of my suit pants, she was, for once, a bit flustered." Donna and Jamie were speechless, wanting to hear more about Derek's big dick.

"It was not going down at all when I was at the board. The entire room was silent - the students still had no idea about my bulge, and had no idea that Ms. Barnes had seen my bulge," Derek said. "To ease the tention of the moment, I decided to ask my hot teacher a question while I was at the board. With the chalk still against the black board and my dick almost touching the wall a good seven inches out in front of me, I turned my head to make eye contact with Ms. Barnes, but I got the shock of my life."

"What?" inquired Jamie.

"Oh there was no eye contact to be made, not at all. Ms. Barnes was staring right at my crotch," Derek said.

"Wait, wait, wait a minute. How was she staring at your crotch if you had your back to her," asked Donna, wanting an explanation.

"At the angle she was sitting at - her desk was only about 10 feet to my left - she could see my dick sticking out in front of me," Derek said.

"Oh my God," Donna said.

"I go on with my question, but it took Ms. Barnes a good five seconds to even acknowledge the fact that she heard someone speaking to her - it was as if she was in another world for a few moments," Derek said. "I asked some lame question about my calculus problem I was working out, and she gave me an equally lame answer to make like she didn't give one shit about calculus at the time. All she cared about was my dick." Donna and Jamie looked at each other and smiled, knowing exactly what kind of trance that Ms. Barnes must have been in at the time - Donna was still in shock every time she saw the size of Derek's cock.