An Adventure Into CFNM Ch. 6-7


"I knew now that Ms. Barnes was definitely interested, but would she get with me? I mean, a teacher having an affair with her student?" Derek said. "I finished my problem at the board, but another problem awaited me - figuring out how I would get Ms. Barnes to see my piece."

"Why didn't you just take her to South Beach?" asked Jamie laughingly.

"Believe me, it crossed my mind," Derek said. Donna crossed her legs, rubbed her inner thigh to turn Derek on a bit and make him go on with his story.

"Well, weeks went by, and Ms. Barnes always kind of felt uneasy around me, like she really wanted to say something about the little episodes at the chalk board and at her desk but she was too scared to mention them," Derek explained. "Before I knew it, there was only one week of class left before graduation, one week left for me to get with this really hot teacher I had been fantasizing about since the first day of school. I decided I was going to take a risk.

"I decided," he said. "To have some naked pictures taken of myself and leave them in an envelope on Ms. Barnes' desk."

"Oh my God. Did you do it?" asked Donna.

"Well, of course," replied the horse-hung gentleman. "I went to a professional photographer - it was a male, if it was a female, that might have led to a whole other affair - and had them done. I made sure to get just about every pose of myself, and my dick was visible in every photo. There were pictures of me standing straight up with my big dick just hanging down, side-view pictures of me stroking it to full mast, pictures of my lying down and it resting on my chest - I had a ton of photos taken, 36 in all. And, like I planned, I put them in a brown envelope with Ms. Barnes' name on the front of it and I left it on her desk the last day of class. This way, what did I have to lose? I would have already graduated by the time I could get in trouble for doing it. Inside the envelope with the photos was a letter, very nicely written I may add, just saying to Ms. Barnes that I really wanted her to see me nude, and if that she was offended to simply forget I ever left the package on her desk. But, how could she ever forget the photos I left her? I also wrote in the letter how beautiful I thought she was, that she was the sexiest, most enticing female I had ever laid eyes on. This was before I met you though, Donna," said Derek, scoring points with the young girl.

"Well, what happened?" Jamie asked, prompting Derek to continue.

"I left the package there, like I said, and I couldn't wait to hear from her. See, in the letter I left my address, so I expected a letter from her right away. I was so fucking excited. I'll admit I had to jerk off a few times every day just thinking about that tight-ass hot teacher bitch looking, and staring, at those photos of mine. But damn it, no letter came. I waited and waited, rushed out to the mail box every day the week, and second week, and third week after graduation, but no letter came. I was really bummed. I thought either she though I was just some perverted asshole, or that she was too scared to act on her feelings and actually write me back. Jesus, she wasn't even my teacher anymore though," Derek said.

"But then, one afternoon when I was just lounging, watching television, my mom tossed a letter into my lap while I was sitting on the couch, and said 'there's a letter for you, but no return address.' God, was I hoping it was a letter from Ms. Barnes. I took it in my hand, and sure enough it was her handwriting on the envelope. I quickly told my mom I had to be alone for a little while in my room. I felt the envelope in my hands for a few moments, noticing that there were at least two or three sheets of paper inside - she must have liked the photos, or else why would she write so much? I though to myself. I pulled my pants down to my ankles, started stroking my big cock, and began to read the letter." Derek then recalled, almost word-for-word, the letter that Ms. Barnes had mailed to him, a letter that for the past four years Derek had often read to himself whenever he felt the need to get turned on.

Ms. Barnes' letter, preserved in a folder underneath his mattress at home, read...

Dearest Derek,

I am sorry it took me so long to write you back. My tardiness was due not to a lack of interest, but just to the time-consuming work I have been so busy with. God, can you believe all the papers you guys had to so in recent weeks? It's unbelievable. It has been up to me to grade all of those things, and believe me, it takes a while. Thank you so much for your compliments - I get them all the time but never do I get them in such an eloquent fashion. Being told I am beautiful gets kind of old, but the words you used to admire me were so sweet and touching.

Well, enough small talk.

Your pictures.


I don't even know where to begin. First let me say that I am not offended that you sent them to me, if that was your primary concern. I am not going to tell on you or anything - besides, you are an 18-year-old man and I am a 22-year-old woman. I don't think there is anything wrong with you offering some views of your body to me.

I must say that your body is impressive - your pecs and abs and those bulging biceps of yours are the kind I find myself often staring at the beach.

I love muscular men!

But, let's talk about your body from the waist down now.

Um, hmmm. As you can see, I am speechless.

The real reason I wrote you back Derek is that I am very interested in the size of your penis. I never knew a guy could have one that big!

I will admit the day I saw your bulge, I became very interested.

Just how big is it? Do you measure it a lot? How did it get so big? Do all the men in your family have huge, well you know, dicks?

I would rather say dick when talking about your thing - saying penis sounds so clinical, like I'm still trying to be your teacher or something.

Are you in the Guinness Book of World Records? And don't just take that as flattery. Seriously, are you in the Guinness Book of World Records?

Do you have huge balls? I was wondering if a guy that has a big dick has huge balls too. Do you have a nickname, like horse or donkey or something?

How far does your schlong hang down when it's soft? In the pictures you sent me, it was hanging down really far. Is it always like that? How big is it just when it's limp? I bet your dick, even in its flaccid state, is twice as big as most men's erect dicks. And my God Derek, did you have to tease me that one day by wearing those skimpy little shorts? Like you had any intention of that big thing really fitting inside those.

Anyway, didn't mean to go on a tangent about your dick, but it does fascinate me. A 22-year-old woman who has to teach calculus at a private school doesn't get to see a lot of such things.

In response to your question about us meeting again, I would love to. I must tell you though, I do have a boyfriend, a very serious boyfriend who I have been dating for the past year.

I do love him and would never cheat on him, but I don't think just looking at your dick would hurt anybody. Why don't you meet me at school Friday, and yes I would love for you to be totally naked in my presence.

Love, Carrie

"Wow, she signed it as Carrie, not Ms. Barnes huh you big stud," said Donna.

"Yep," he replied, "and the biggest turn-on of it was that she had me meet her at school - now empty for the summer - and not at her apartment, to avoid her boyfriend ever walking in on us. Just like in class, she sat on that desk of hers, but I got to sit in her chair, all of my clothes off, and a bobbing, 13-inch erection engorged in her view.

"She had me stroke it for her, and then she took it into her hands for a while. She would stop just before I would come, though, not wanting to go that far. But that was about to change. I begged her to sit on my lap, and after literally getting down on my hands and knees and begging her to do so, she sat on my lap in her chair. My dick was so big that the head of it stuck out from underneath her crotch, but the top side of the shaft was right on target with her you know what."

"You can say it," said Jamie, giving Derek permission.

"Well, with her pussy," he continued. "She wore the same outfit she wore that day she saw my bulge up at the blackboard, her body beginning to rock back and forth on my dick. She started talking dirty, like 'ohhh, let me ride that horsie,' and 'oh, make it bigger, keep it nice and big.' I was just about to come but she in fact beat me too it. The soft sensation of her panties on my dick changed to a warm, wet gush drenching through her panties and lubricating my shaft. She started grinding really hard on my lap, her whole body starting to shake and buck. My former teacher was having an orgasm."

"What did you do?" asked Jamie, even more turned on now.

"Well, I was just about to come when she decided to get up off me," he said. "I really didn't mean too - I swear - but I shot one of my biggest loads ever right onto that hot, black top she was always wearing. Just jets of come shooting out onto her stomach. I couldn't help it. She was in the line of fire. I think at that point, she felt really, really dirty."

"Okay, okay, I came," she admitted, almost screaming. "But....that doesn't mean we just had sex. I was just looking, that's all, just looking. Now go, get the hell out here." I was kind of amused at her being so flustered, her feeling so guilty she had just cheated on her boyfriend.

"God, you got that sticky stuff all over my skirt - look at this!" she screamed. Carrie was right - her black top was ruined, stained with a heavy showering of my come.

"Don't be mad at me," I said, looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

"I'm not mad at you, it's just you tricked me into fooling around with you, and now I feel fucking guilty about cheating on Kurt," the teacher said.

"I felt really bold at this moment, and I just blurted out 'Same time next week?'" Carrie knew exactly what I meant. Even though she felt guilty, she wanted our meetings to be much more frequent.

"Okay, okay. But no grinding next time," she said.

"I saw her about five more times after that, until I went away to college. Can you believe she wrote to me at school that whole next year, probably while she was supposed to be teaching," Derek said. "We never grinded again, but she did jerk me off a few times. Of course, when I came, and came a lot I might add, she would be like 'Oh, you scumball. What are you doing? I have a boyfriend.' And then she would want to play with my balls a few minutes after feeling so guilty."

"Women," Donna said laughingly.

"Yes, women," Derek said. "Can't live with them and they can't resist a foot-long dick."

"A 13-inch dick that is," Donna said matter-of-factly. Donna began to imagine that she was that teacher, that she was the one rocking back and forth on Derek's big dick and coming almost in unison with this extraordinary individual. She wouldn't need to be a teacher to live out this fantasy, she would soon find out. The three chatted for a few more moments before Derek had to leave to go home and get some sleep before going to work the next morning. It was already 4 a.m. He made a date with Donna for the next afternoon, and he got dressed and was escorted to his car by the 18-year-old brunette.

They kissed on the lips, a soft kiss, and he departed.

Donna decided to hang out a little bit at the party before going to bed. She didn't mind the idea of seeing a few more dicks, even though she knew none would match the size of her boyfriend to-be.

She eyed an open seat near the pool, one that would give her the perfect view of every man, and his dick, that were attending the party. Upon walking over to that seat, the 18-year-old's arm was grabbed by her cousin, and Donna was escorted over to a quiet spot near the pool.

"Kevin is here," Jamie whispered.

"Kevin, Kevin who?" asked Donna.

"Your ex-boyfriend, Kevin?" said Jamie, holding a ruler in her hand. Donna's mouth dropped open. The young girl was shocked. Kevin had been a former boyfriend of hers during her final year of high school, a boy she dated for only a few weeks, a boy with straight A's and popularity. She met him at a party at Jamie's, a party where the guys actually had clothes on. He was a close friend of Jamie's, and Donna, attracted to him almost right away, thought he was cute, and began a relationship with him with a deep kiss that suggested they would be together for a while. Two weeks later, however, Donna found out Kevin had cheated on her, had given a so-called friend of Donna's the same deep kiss she was so turned on by. Donna broke up with Kevin without hesitation.

The young girl cried on the phone with Jamie the night of the breakup and told her how betrayed she felt, how her bad experience with Kevin made her not even want to date a guy any time soon.

Jamie vowed that they would one day get even with Kevin. It turned out that now was the time.

"Why the hell did you invite him?" Donna said, obviously irritated.

"Because," Jamie said with a laugh. "You can get even with him. You can tease him about his size." Donna glanced down at the ruler Jamie was holding, and it registered in her young mind that her cousin must have measured Kevin, and it must have been found that Kevin didn't quite measure up, so to speak.

"Why would he come here though?" Donna asked Jamie, wondering aloud how Kevin would walk into a trap so easily.

"Well, he wants you to tease him," Jamie said with a laugh. "The asshole actually likes to be degraded by women.

"He would actually like me teasing him about his dick size?" Donna asked.

"Yes, of course. He gets off on it," Jamie said, speaking from experience. "You were his dream girl, and he told me that when you broke up with him, it broke his heart, but seeing you get with other guys is an extreme turn-on for him." Donna sighed, and then spoke.

"Okay," she said. "If he likes me to treat him like shit, fine. I will oblige him." The 18-year-old pulled her bikini top down a little lower on her bulging breasts, wanting to tease her ex with their enticing size and shape. She walked over slowly to where Kevin was standing, her hands seductively rubbing her backside, to accent just how well-rounded and tight her ass was, an ass that had just about every man eyeing Donna from the waist down. It would take quite a cute ass for a man to stare at anything but her large breasts, and Donna did indeed have a cute ass.

"Hey, Kevin, what's up?" Donna said.

"Well, my dick," said her ex, standing up straight and tall and bulging out his chest to try to show off his average four-inch erection.

"Yeah, but not up that much, huh? God, I'm glad I broke up with you," she said with a laugh. "You've got a really small dick." Kevin's face turned bright red, but suddenly a strange feeling of erotic enjoyment was forming in his stomach, just above that tiny dick of his. He didn't like that Donna wasn't turned on by the sight of his naked manhood, but even more turned on that she made fun of it.

"I'll admit. I am kind of average," Kevin said.

"No. I didn't say average," she stressed. "I said small. You have a small dick. There is a difference between average. Average is maybe five, six or seven inches. Yours is what, four at the most? That is small. You have a small dick. Not an average dick. A small dick." Kevin's small dick was as big as it could possibly be now, veins bulging out at the sides to the amusement of the mocking Donna.

"Ahhh, isn't that cute. It's like you have a little boner," she said, staring at his equipment.

"I bet you might shoot a little load now too to go with it." Kevin wanted so badly to reach down and start stroking his manhood, with Donna watching, but resisted the urge at least for the moment. Donna walked over to one of the chairs on the patio, sat down, crossed her perfectly-tanned legs and held a cold glass of iced tea on her thigh. Condensation had formed on the outer surface of the glass, and it rolled down onto the leg of the teenage girl. She rubbed the moisture into her thigh, emphasizing to Kevin just how soft and luxurious it was. He could only dream of touching it, of caressing it.

"So, Donna, I heard you hit it off with a guy named Derek," he said. Donna sighed, as if to say Kevin should mind his own business for his own good. She enjoyed hurting his feelings, but telling him of Derek's size might take it a bit too far.

"Yeah," she said. "Nice guy. Some college guy. I got his number." Donna laughed to herself out loud, thinking not only did she have his phone number, but also another number of his, as in 13. Kevin had been told by Jamie that Donna had met Derek on the beach, and was very attracted to the size of his penis. Kevin was extremely turned on by this, and wanted desperately to hear Donna speak of Derek.

"Anything different about him?" Kevin asked. "I mean, like Jamie told me there was something different about him." Donna smiled.

"Dude, I don't think you want to know," she said.

"No, tell me," Kevin replied. "Come on, Donna, just tell me. I want to hear about it." To tease him even more, Donna rolled her hand through her soft, brown hair, and cupped her mouth to his ear. She wanted to whisper to him in a sexy fashion.

"The guy's got the biggest schlong in the world," Donna said. Kevin's dick had had enough. Hearing his cute ex-girlfriend, a girl that wasn't even aloud out past 11 p.m. just months earlier, say schlong was all too much a turn-on, and his dick shot out a big glob of come without him even touching his tiny dick. The load was more impressive than his dick size, and nearly hit Donna's leg. God only knows what Donna would have done if she had been hit by it.

"Jesus Christ, would you watch it?" she said. "I can't believe you shot off! Dude, I'll talk to you if it turns you on, and I'll tell you how small your dick is, but don't shoot a load on me!"

"I'm sorry, Donna, I'm sorry," he said, squeezing the rest of his load from his dick. "You are just so fucking hot, and hearing you talk dirty just gets me. Please, continue about Derek."

"The guy is hung," Donna continued. "He's got the biggest dick I've ever seen."

"Just how big?" Kevin asked, already stroking a second erection. It hadn't taken him long to get a second wind.

"I measured him at 13 and a quarter inches," Donna said in an exact manner.

"You measured him?" asked Kevin, getting even more aroused.

"Yeah, of course," she replied. "It was kind of tough because we only had one of those 12-inch wooden rulers. I had to put the end of the ruler against his stomach, like where the base of his cock starts, and then lie it against his shaft. Then, I had to put my thumb where the ruler ended, keep it there, and then start the ruler at that spot and measure the rest of his shaft."

"Over 13 inches?" Kevin asked, wondering to himself how sexy it would be to see Donna jerking a guy off with a cock that large.

"I didn't think guys could have dicks that big," Donna explained. "It was so funny when I met him at the beach. He kept getting a boner, and every time he did, he would grab it, pull it out, and then let it go to make it slap against his belly. When he got up, it just kind of bobbed out in front of him. His dick is so fucking big. It's like a horse's dick."

"So I guess women do like big ones," Kevin said.

"I know I do," Donna said with conviction. "I'm still kind of up in the air if I want to have sex with him though." Donna had told Kevin when they dated that she would wait until she was married to have sex, but wanted to tease Kevin by saying she might indeed break the rules just to have sex with Derek. She never would have broken the rules for Kevin.