An Adventure Into CFNM Ch. 8


"Even if I don't have sex with him, I want to play with it, you know, play around with that big dick of his," she said. "It's so big and floppy. Even when it's soft, it's still bigger than yours is when it's hard. I mean, the thing almost hangs to his knees." Donna glanced out over the pool, admiring the view of three more newcomers to the party, all of which - although not nearly as hung as Derek - had impressive-sized cocks.

"Do you mind if I stroke my dick when you're talking about him?" Kevin asked. Donna was kind of getting tired of talking to her small-dicked ex, but didn't want to leave him without him getting to shoot off a second time.

"Go ahead," she said with a sigh. "Just watch where it goes." Donna took a deep breath, and began what she hoped was a final few sentences to get Kevin off.

"He said that once during a track meet, his dick got free and was hanging down the inside of his leg," Donna said with a laugh. "I mean, can you imagine? Your dick being so big you can't even fit it inside your shorts? God, I want that guy." Kevin moaned quite audibly, loud enough that three women a few feet away started cheering for him to stand and shoot his load. The three women were well into their 30's, enjoying the view of a naked 19-year-old playing with himself. Kevin didn't disappoint them, and got up and let a sizeable amount of come spurt from his cock and land nearly five feet out in front of him.

Donna, knowing she was done with Kevin for the night, walked over and gave him a small kiss on the cheek, as if to say there were no longer any hard feelings about their breakup, that she was glad she could entertain him with her stories of her new man.

"Thank you so much Donna for chatting with me," said Kevin, out of breath. "You know I wouldn't mind if I could watch you jerk him off sometime." Donna just rolled her eyes at that one and started to walk away, but already began to think how funny that scene would be, getting it on with the enormously-hung Derek while a man of such modest size looks on. She didn't consider the possibility of that scenario out of the question.

She smiled, and decided it was time to go to bed. The games she played with Derek, and the teasing game she played with Kevin, had worn her out. On her way inside, she said hello to the three new men at the party, measured their dicks just for the hell of it, and even got one of their phone numbers. But he would be dealt with later. She had something much bigger on her mind, that something bigger being Derek's cock. She needed the rest for her upcoming date with him, a date she had no idea would go so far.

To Be Continued On A Later Date...