Emily's First Crack At CFNM


Emily just sat there dumbfounded, staring at the completely naked man posing in the center of the class. Now she knew why her oversexed roommate, Katie, suggested she accompany her to one of these open drawing studios. She had seen Katie's still-life drawings around the dorm room, and had commented that she wished she could draw like that. She should have known there were ulterior motives when Katie told her about this uninstructed drawing group, where she could try it out, and see if she liked it. She thought they would be drawing fruit, or plants, or something like that. She should have figured out that Katie, she of the different boy every night, she of the constant sex talk, would trick her into a situation like this, with a naked man, his... his... penis! (There, she formed the word in her mind) just hanging out for all to see.

She glanced over at Katie, who was looking right at her with a devious grin on her face. She noticed that Katie was sketching an extremely lifelike representation of the model's genitals, and nothing else. She gave Emily a wink, and went back to her sketching.

Emily managed to finally compose herself, and draw something of a stick figure on her sketchbook. By the end of the hour session, she had what she thought was a pretty good abstract of the body, with none of the "gory details" Katie had. The session monitor called time for the session, and Emily started to pack up. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Katie had gone up to the model stand, and was talking to the model, who hadn't had a chance to even get his robe on yet. At closer inspection, she could see what she was up to. The model stand was about two feet off the floor, and with Katie standing on the floor, she had a close up, unobstructed view of the man's crotch. "She's blatantly staring at it!" Katie thought to herself. Emily watched as Katie did her best flirting job, pouting her lips, crossing her arms, etc., but never stopped staring at it. She thought she saw it twitch a bit, but thought it was just her eyes. Eventually, she saw the model sort of hurriedly get his robe on, and depart to the changing room. Katie went back to get her stuff, a satisfied smirk on her face.

"So, did you have fun?" Katie asked Emily, as they left the building, and walked back to their room.

Emily punched at Katie, a little harder than playfully. "Thanks a lot!" she half-laughed, half-shouted. "Why is everything about sex with you? I was hoping not to see my first penis in a classroom."

"Are you serious!" Katie asked incredulously, "Oh, I am so sorry! I didn't know you had never seen one before!"

"That's OK," Emily said quietly, "I sort of liked it, after a while - the drawing that is. I might try that class some more, and sign up for some real classes next semester."

"Well, at least you got to see a good-sized one," Katie giggled, "It would have been too bad if he had a cocktail weenie."

"Wait, they vary in size that much?" Emily asked, "What is considered big?"

"You really don't know, do you? Well, from my up close inspection, he looked to be about 5 inches soft," Katie giggled, "which would probably give him 8 or 9 hard. That is pretty big. The biggest I've seen myself was around 11, but I've heard of guys with 13 or 14."

"Holy crap, they can be that big?" Emily gasped. "Do they all look like his, except for the size?"

"No, they come in all shapes and sizes, some thin, some thick, some dark, some curved," she laughed, "Every dick is different!

"We really need to do something about this," Katie continued, "We can't have you having a stroke every time you see some guy's cock!"

"What are you talking about?" Emily asked defiantly, "I already told you I am not going to have sex until I meet the right guy."

"No, no!" Katie laughed, "I just want you to be able to see some different ones, maybe even touch them!" Katie smiled her mischievous best at that.

"How, pray tell, do you suggest I do that?" Emily queried, with a skeptical laugh, "Do you want me to just walk up to a bunch of guys and ask to see their - their dicks?" She whispered the last part, worried that people might be listening as they walked across the empty quad.

"I was thinking maybe I'd let you watch me with a few different guys," Katie said, matter-of-factly, "but that would take too long, even though it would be hot. I like your idea better!"

"Are you nuts?" Emily shouted, "First of all, I was kidding. Second, what guy would just be willing to whip it out on request?"

"Just about every guy on campus would!" Katie giggled, "You're gorgeous, Emily, much better looking than me, and I bet I could get just about any guy around here to get naked for me, easy. You saw what I did to that model today, and he was probably in his thirties. All I had to do was flirt a little and stare at his package, and he was getting hard."

"He was?" Emily asked, mouth agape, "I didn't see that..."

"Yeah, he rushed off in his robe before anyone could see it," Katie pouted, "Bummer..."

"So, what are you suggesting?" Emily asked, "And do you really think I'm gorgeous? You are much prettier than I am." Emily was flattered that Katie said she was gorgeous, especially since she thought Katie was the best-looking girl she had ever seen. She even caught herself staring a bit at Katie when she wasn't looking.

"You are a total babe!" Katie assured her, "Every guy on this campus totally checks you out every day.

"I know what we can do! We can have a CFNM party!" Katie nearly shouted, "Maybe some of the other girls would even come!"

"What's CFNM?"

"Clothed Female, Nude Male. The girls stay dressed, and the guys get naked and wait on them and stuff."

"Are you joking? I still don't know about any of this..."

"Don't worry, it's settled. I'll set it all up," Katie said, and the conversation was over. They continued walking back to the dorms, in relative quiet the rest of the way.

A few days later, Emily had almost forgotten about the whole CFNM thing, when Katie called her on her cell phone.

"Were all set to go for Friday night," she said, "I've got 5 guys of various shapes and sizes all lined up!" Emily could almost hear triumphant laughter in Katie's voice over the phone.

"So, we are really going to do this?" Emily wondered, "I mean, I don't know..."

"Just relax and have fun with it, you prude!" Katie cackled, "Amy and Cassie will be there too, and we're all going to have a blast. I won't tell anyone that you have only seen one penis in your life. Alright?"

"Um, if you say so," Emily stammered. She couldn't believe that this was really happening.

"It will be in Cassie's room down the hall, since they have that little suite with the living room." Katie told her, "7 o'clock sharp!"

Emily arrived at Cassie's room Friday night at 7:00 PM. She could hear some laughing behind the door as she knocked. The door opened and she saw a boy she recognized; it was Mark from her Philosophy class, and she was relieved to see that everyone was still dressed.

"Oh, hi Emily!" Mark smiled, "Come on and join the party." Emily had always liked Mark; he was a sweet kid, and had a really cute smile.

"Hi Mark," Emily sort of stammered, "Are you going to be..."

"...naked?" Mark finished, "Yeah, Katie made it sound like a lot of fun. What's not to like about getting naked for some gorgeous ladies like you?" He smiled that smile again, and led her into the room.

Emily saw Katie, Cassie and Amy sitting on the couch. They were munching on popcorn, and sipping light beers, while they chatted with 4 other boys, who thankfully were all wearing clothes.

"Hey, she's here!" Cassie said loudly, " We can get started! Emily, take a seat." She pointed to an unoccupied chair next to the couch, and Emily sat.

"OK, OK, let's go, line up boys," Katie said, clapping her hands together. "Here are the rules. One, all men must remain totally naked for the entire party. Two, all women must remain dressed for the entire party, and men may not ask women to remove any clothing. Three, all men must respond to any command given by any woman, without hesitation. Four, men may not touch women unless asked to do so. Five, women are allowed to touch men in any way that they wish.

"Are we clear on all the rules?" Katie asked, and all the boys nodded. "Alright then, male number one, please step to the center of the room, and remove your clothes."

A tall, thin, blonde boy named Eric that Emily did not recognize stepped forward, and undressed. He had a very trim body, and was quite tan, with a light fuzz of blonde hairs all over his chest, arms and legs. Emily could not help staring as he slid down his loose boxers, and revealed his white tan line and his manhood. It was thinner than the model's from the other day, and there was light blonde hair that sort of framed his penis and testicles, which seemed quite large to Emily.

"Very good. Stand along the wall," Katie ordered. "Male number two, come forward and strip."

Mark stepped forward. He looked at Emily and smiled again. He started to remove his clothes, and Emily noticed that he was quite well muscled, what the girls called a "swimmer's build". He had no hair whatsoever on his chest, and was very well defined. He was wearing those tight UnderArmour boxer briefs, and filled them out nicely. As he rolled them down slowly, Emily noticed that he had no tan line at all, and just a small wisp of dark hair on his lower abdomen. She heard Amy gasp as he slid them the rest of the way off, and his enormous dick flopped out. Emily gaped as she looked at it. He had to be 8 inches long, and he was totally soft, as it swung lazily side-to-side as he stepped out of his briefs. She looked up from his package, and saw him looking right at her, and she blushed.

"Wow, where have you been hiding that thing?" Katie asked. "No matter, along the wall. Male number three!"

The remaining three boys did the same, and stripped for the girls. Emily was amazed to see how strikingly different all of them were down there. Some hairy, some not, some short and thick, some long and thin. And their balls too; some of them hung way down, and some were up tight against their bodies. Mark was clearly the biggest all around, and his cock and balls hung almost obscenely in front of him. Emily caught herself staring at his endowment a number of times, and she caught him staring at her legs almost as many times.

All five boys were lined up along the wall, awaiting their orders. Katie stood and walked in front of them, back and forth, and stopped. "Number four, step forward, hands behind your back!"

The fourth guy was named Paul, who was the shortest of the group, height wise, with dark Latin features. Katie walked over to him, and took his soft penis in her hand, and lifted it up, uncovering his balls, which were good sized, with a light covering of dark hair. She took his balls in the other hand, and bounced them about lightly on her palm. "OK, back in line," Katie said, and he returned to the wall.

"All of you will submit to similar inspections immediately upon request of any woman, is that clear?" Katie asked the assembled boys, who all nodded. "Good. Now, all of you go to the kitchen, and get us food and drinks." With that, they were off, dicks bobbing and swinging on the way.

The girls started to enjoy themselves, and had the guys running, getting them more drinks and snacks. They mostly chatted about girl stuff, ignoring the boys, until they had a few drinks in them. Then they started getting more forward, making the guys pose for them, and do silly things like jumping jacks, or making them bend over and show them their asses, and the like.

Emily found herself watching the other girls more than anything else. Katie was in all her glory, inspecting every boy every chance she got, and swatting each of them on the behind each time she was done with them for whatever task she had them doing. Cassie had boy "number three", a cute redhead named Ryan, sitting in her lap, feeding her grapes. Amy was showing a bit of a wild side that Emily didn't know about. She was using boy number five, a cute boy named John that Emily recognized from her physics class, as a footrest, while she pulled and stretched at Eric's penis and balls aimlessly, testing their resilience. He was gritting his teeth, but seemed to be enjoying himself. Emily was shocked at their brazen behavior, as she sat back in her chair watching it all.

"Can I help you with anything?" Emily heard next to her. She snapped out of her daze, and turned her head to see Mark's huge penis hanging down in front of her face. She felt her face warm with blush as she quickly looked up at him smiling down at her.

"Oh, hi Mark," Emily said, embarrassed, "Don't worry, I won't be mean like them. If you'd rather go over with the sexy girls, I understand."

"What are you talking about?" Mark asked, "You are the sexiest girl in this room, Emily. I wouldn't have come her if I didn't know you were going to be around."

"Oh, you're too sweet," Emily replied, "I just don't know about all of this. I mean, you guys are all naked!" As she said this she sort of gestured at Mark's dick, which was still right in front of her.

"Actually, I am enjoying it. I've been a swimmer all my life, so I've been walking around in those tiny Speedo suits, and this isn't much different. I pose once in a while for drawing classes and stuff like that, that's why I shave down there, and tan naked, so I don't have the tan lines everyone else does." He laughed, "Also, I guess I'm sort of an exhibitionist, because I like showing off and stuff."

"Has it always been so, you know, so big?" Emily asked. She was starting to relax, what with Mark being so nice. "I mean, you are huge!"

"Yeah, I've always been big. When I was younger, I was really embarrassed, because none of the other kids at swimming were so big, and I thought I looked funny. After I got older, I noticed the other kids' sisters and mothers sorta staring and stuff, so I started wearing the smaller suits, and wearing them tighter and stuff. It was really a turn-on, and they couldn't help staring, sort of like you were doing earlier."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Emily said, blushing again, "I just haven't seen too many, and never so big."

"No problem; it doesn't bother me. Besides, I don't know how I learn anything in Philosophy, because I can't help staring at your legs all the time." He smiled, and said, "You can touch it, if you want to."

"I don't know," Emily whispered. Then she looked around at the other girls. Amy was stroking at Eric's now erect member, while John was massaging her feet. Cassie was now spanking Ryan over her knee, and Paul was brushing Katie's long golden hair, while she fondled his balls and hardening cock. "Oh, why not?"

She reached out tentatively, and rubbed her hand over Mark's penis. It was soft and smooth. She wrapped her fingers around it, and pulled lightly, and Mark's whole body moved toward her. She liked that, so she did it again. She was amazed at the weight of the thing in her hand, and lifted it up, revealing his huge, loose sack. She cupped her other hand over his balls, and felt the heft there as well. They were smooth and hairless, and she gave them a light squeeze, at which Mark groaned a bit. She felt his penis twitch a bit, and start to get thicker.

"Do it like this," Mark spoke up, and put his hand over her tiny one. He started slowly sliding her hand up and down his hardening shaft. He kept getting bigger, so she started using both hands, which still didn't seem like enough. She loved the way he felt, like steel wrapped in baby smooth skin, and how she felt like she had complete control of him through his cock.

She started to get a strange feeling, and looked around. Everyone else had stopped what they were doing and were watching her stroke Mark. She abruptly let go, and his cock shot up so it was pointing at the ceiling. "Sorry, did I do something wrong?" Emily asked.

"No, on the contrary, you gave me an idea," Katie answered, "It is clear that we are done drinking and eating for now, so I think its time for a little game. Males line up against the wall again."

All five boys lined up against the wall. They all now had erections by this time. Emily noticed the extreme differences in all their cocks even more now. She was actually starting to enjoy this.

"Now, the game is played as follows," Katie stated, "All five of you are to masturbate for us. The last one of you to cum gets to choose one of us to finish you off with a hand-job. Simple enough? OK, then, start stroking!"

The boys all started to stroke themselves, to the girls' enjoyment. Amy was actually cheering them on exuberantly. Cassie and Emily just stared quietly at the row of hard cocks being stroked. Katie just smiled and watched.

Eric was the first to go. He didn't stand a chance after the workout Amy had already given his poor cock. He grunted loudly as cum dribbled out over his hands and balls. Amy whistled and clapped. Emily sort of gaped at he first sight of cum. She had expected it to be whiter, and thicker, for some reason.

Paul started to pant heavily, and the girls knew he would be next. Three of four streams of his jism shot out of his dick and splashed onto the carpet, and he was done. Emily was shocked that it shot out as far as it did, was that normal? Amy and Cassie howled their approval, as Katie still just sat back, drinking it all in, and watching Emily's reactions. She knew it was in the bag, and that Emily had more waiting for her than she bargained for.

John and Ryan weren't too much later, and they came almost simultaneously. Ryan sort of called out as he climaxed, spraying his cum all over. John was much quieter, just sort of gasping a little bit, but he came in large, wet gobs that shot halfway across the room, nearly hitting Amy on the leg. Katie grinned deviously as she stepped forward, declaring Mark the winner by grabbing and raising his big, hard cock, like a referee would raise a fighter's arm. Hell, the thing was almost as big as her arm, so why not?

"Mark, you are our Grand Champion," she said, "and you can choose any of the women to provide you with your prize."

"I choose Emily," he said.

Emily was shocked; he chose her over all these other sexpots? She didn't even know what she was doing. She shook her head no, but the girls all started chanting her name, and picked her up and pushed her towards Mark and his giant erection. She knelt next to him, and looked closely at it. It twitched softly, and she couldn't help herself. She reached out, and wrapped her little hand around Mark's cock, and started stroking, while the girls cheered wildly.

Mark groaned quietly as Emily stroked him up and down. Her tiny hand looked almost comical wrapped around his massive tool, but she did her best. "Mark, I just love the way you feel in my hand," she blurted out, almost surprising herself, "Your cock is just the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Mark grunted out, "Mmmm, yes, keep stroking that way. Your legs are so hot, I want to cum on them. Can I do that?"

"Oh, yes, Mark, I want to see you cum. Go ahead, cum all over my legs, Mark. Let me see that big dick shoot." She couldn't believe she was hearing herself say these things.

"Oh, Emily, yes, that's it, here I cum, baby"

With that, Emily felt Mark's cock start to pulse in her hand, and a huge rope of cum shot up into the air, splashing down on the floor next to her. Mark wrapped his hand around hers, and pointed it down at her legs as a second rope of jism shot out, hitting her on the outer thigh. She could not believe the force of it hitting her leg, and it splashed and ran all over her leg. More cum barreled out, hitting her all over he gorgeous, lean legs. Finally, the spasms slowed, and less and less cum dripped out of Mark's spent penis, dribbling over Emily's small fingers.

She let go of him, and his cock dropped and hit his thigh with a bit of a wet splash. Without even thinking about it, Emily licked at her fingers, tasting Mark's seed on her tongue. It was salty, but tasted far better than she expected. In fact, she sort of liked it.

"Thank you," Mark whispered, and leaned down and kissed Emily on the forehead, "That was great, Emily. I knew you'd do a good job, that's why I knew I was going to pick you when I won."

"Wait, how did you know you were going to win?" Emily asked, feeling confused.

"Well, I'm sort of good at making it last a long time, because I have to a lot. See, I make solo masturbation videos once in a while for this company called Campus Studs, so I have to make it last a long time for the videos. I guess practice makes perfect, y'know?" He said, "I thought you all knew that, because Katie mentioned it when she asked me to the party. I thought my secret was out, so when I heard you'd be there..."

"No, I didn't know, and Katie never mentioned it, DID YOU KATIE?" Emily stormed out of the room, cum still dripping down her leg, and ran back to her room, slamming the door.

Soon after, there was a knock on the door, and Katie and Mark, now dressed, came in. Everyone else had gone home to their dorm rooms.

"Emily, we are so sorry, I didn't realize you'd be hurt by my little prank," Katie pleaded.

"Yes, and I didn't even know it was a prank; I thought Katie was giving you a surprise or something," Mark continued, "She never told me that you didn't know, or that you guys didn't do this all the time."

"I guess it's OK," Emily responded, "I definitely did have fun, and I was able to try some new things."

"Thanks," Katie said, and gave Emily a hug, "You know how much I love my roomie. I'd never hurt you intentionally."

"I know," Emily replied, "but what type of punishment can I dole out on you two?" She thought for a minute, and smiled a devious grin, not too much unlike the ones Katie seemed to like so much.

"Get undressed, both of you..."