Massage A Trois


It has been two years since my first story, based on my experiences with my massage therapist. Since that time, I have visited her nearly twenty times, about once every five weeks, as part of the healing process from my car accident. I have a lawsuit pending with the other guy's car insurance company to cover my medical expenses (including my massage therapy). My sessions with her have also been a great way to relieve stress. Whenever I schedule each appointment, I know I have something to look forward to the next month. My massage therapist has her own therapist, and she feels the same way about her sessions.

At my full physical examination with my primary care physician, she never asked me to remove my pants, so she never got to see or feel my balls. She later misdiagnosed a severe cough condition, and I have not returned to her during the intervening a year and a half. I am currently looking for a new female primary care physician in our town.

Before our wedding, my fiancé and I bought a condominium and moved out of the apartment complex, where my massage therapist's studio was located on the floor below us. Though I have changed jobs since our move, I still work near my massage therapist's studio, and schedule our regular 90 minute sessions after I leave work. I tell my wife the morning of my sessions, so that if she tries to call my cell phone after work and finds that it goes straight to voicemail, she knows where I am.

I had gotten an oil massage on our honeymoon, and also on our vacation celebrating our one year anniversary. On our honeymoon, there was no sheet covering me -- the therapist had me wear a sheer, disposable undergarment which was basically a thong front with a string around the waist. A year later, the therapist held the sheet far in the air as I turned from my stomach to my back, and had a full frontal view of my cock and balls. When I got aroused during her massage of my left thigh, I felt my cock emerge from underneath the folded over sheet. She promptly readjusted the draping to hide my erection.

Back at home, I had fallen into a comfortable routine -- a ritualized fetish? - with my regular massage therapist. We have gotten used to each other. Whenever we exchange e-mails, there is a subtle flirting tone, with winking smiley faces. She knows without asking that I want to listen to the ocean sounds CD while she rubs me down with lotion. I adjust the face cradle height on my own before she enters the room. Recently I have noticed freshly painted toenails on her bare feet through the opening in the comfy pillow cradle, a different color each month -- fire red, coffee tan...

As she walks around my body, pressing on me briefly at various intervals, she routinely digs her closed fist into my ass cheeks. When she draws back the sheet, exposing my upper body to my waist, I try to sense how much of my bare ass she has exposed. Is the fold below the top of my ass crack? She barely makes an effort anymore to tuck the sheet underneath my body when I am lying on my stomach.

Her initial focus every evening is the lower left side of my back, but this has increasingly become a chance for her to explore my ass cheek. It seems she puts just a little more time and effort each month into massaging more of my ass cheek. Recently, I have begun to play along, as if this is a silent physical exchange or game between us, seeing who will go further, since she seems to enjoy touching my ass cheeks, and I enjoy feeling my cock start to harden against the massage table as she rubs me.

As she massages the top of my left ass cheek deeply, she no longer is interested in simply moving around the side my waist. She has continued to work her way around the outside of my thigh, closer to the bottom of my left ass cheek. Is she just trying to get a good feel of my ass every month? The game on this side of my body is cut short, as she moves to my head to slide her lotioned hands down my spine. She reaches as far down as she can, bending over my body, her hands applying pressure down to just above the crack of my ass, with each hand splitting off to grope the respective ass cheek, before she resumes a professional massage of my upper back.

When she moves to focus on the lower right side of my back, our cat and mouse game of ass cheek play is renewed and intensified. The sheet feels like it has moved further down my ass, with more of my ass crack and cheeks exposed. Her hands explore even more of my right ass cheek than she had with my left. Does she just get braver, the longer we have been in each respective session, or the longer that I have been her regular client? Or is this all my imagination?

My cock is fully hard against the table. My ass is slighty raised to make room for my erection, which pushes the sheet even more off of my bare ass. When she moves to the left side of the table and reaches across to work on my right ass cheek, she spends a few moments pushing down on the center of my back just above my ass. I move my ass ever so slighty up into the air against the pressure of her hand. She then moves her hand around the outside of my right ass cheek, down the side of my outer thigh, and back up around the bottom of my right ass cheek. I move my ass with her hand, moving my cheek towards her, wanting her to see and explore more. She pulls on my body, as if to lift the right side of my body off of the table, and I move my ass with her. The game lingers longer on the right side, but again, she moves to my head to slide her lotioned hands down my spine, before she starts work on the right side of my upper back.

She doesn't seem as eager to explore my ass cheeks when she is working on my legs as I lie on my stomach. Before I know it, I hear her low, silky, sultry voice telling me that she is ready for me to turn over.

There have been a few surprises over the course of our sessions so far. This year, my massage therapist has quit her day job and started to focus on massage full time. She also teaches at the massage school where she was certified. During one session, when she was massaging my upper arms, she tried a new technique where she held my lower arm against her breasts, which felt exquisite. I wanted so badly to move my hand and feel whether her nipples were hard or not.

Last summer, the sun was blazing into the studio window as I turned over onto my back. She noticed my closed eyes squinting, and she asked if I would prefer to wear her night mask over my eyes, which I said I would. This was seemed rather kinky to me -- she could now feel free to look at the tent my cock would inevitably form in the sheet when she massaged my legs, and not have any fear that I would open my eyes and see her. Did she plan to do that?

Another change which has resulted from her becoming a massage teacher has been her incorporation of stomach massage on occasion into our sessions this year. She asked me if I would feel comfortable with her doing that type of work on me, which I agreed to, saying that I have had digestive issues in the past. She assured me that the sheet would remain draped over my stomach. The addition of her touching this area of my body was very stimulating and extremely intimate. I was anticipating the proximity of her hands to my cock. Indeed, when she was working my lower intestine, as I have something of a beer belly, her fingers were inches from my groin. The added motion of the sheets as she swirls around my stomach adds to this pleasure. This stomach work has usually occurred either after she has finished working on my face, or after she has finished working on my arms, but always before she begins working on my legs, which is when I routinely spring an erection. Some months she has left my stomach out of our session.

This past March, when I was on my yearly vacation without the wife, visiting my sister in the southeast, after relaxing on the beach with the spring breakers, I decided to splurge and get a massage. I knew none of the college girls would go for a guy with a wedding band! My sister would be tied up with work for a few days, so I did some research into local spas on her roommate's computer. I looked up the site for a spa I passed while I walked to the beach. At the bottom of the list of "Massage Therapies" which they offer was the "Massage a Trois". Their website described the experience as "an intensive massage performed by two therapists who synchronize a relaxing and deeply purifying massage. It is profoundly relaxing and deeply purifying."

Two therapists!!

Oh my. There was a 50 minute option and an 80 minute option listed. On their "Introduction" page, under "Spa Etiquette", the answer to the question "what should I wear during my treatment?" was that "most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing." I called and made an appointment for the 80 minute option, fantasizing about how deeply arousing this would be. I specifically requested that I wanted two women therapists.

My sister's boyfriend ended up calling me the morning of the day I had scheduled my massage, so he dropped me off at the door before he went to work. We joked that I was getting a massage from a male. I asked him not to mention my massage to my sister. I didn't tell him I was really getting a "Massage a Trois".

The spa provided a robe, towels, and even sandals. I stored my belongings in a locker and spent a little while enjoying their steam room before my "Massage a Trois".

Relaxing in the robe and sandals in the waiting area, I filled out a brief form about my medical history. I noticed there was no language which explicitly stated that this massage was "non-sexual", as my usual therapist's form did.

I then met my two therapists for the afternoon. I told them I get massages often, so they could feel free to deeply work on my body. They led me to their room, and left as I disrobed and got on the table face down. The blonde therapist would work on my upper body, at the same time the brunette would work on my lower body. I had originally though they would be parallel to each other, so that they would both work on my upper body or legs at the same time, but this was not the case.

The blonde therapist mentioned she was trained at the same school as my usual therapist back home. She folded the top half of the sheet down to the top of my ass. Meanwhile, the brunette therapist folded the sheet over to expose my left leg. However, instead of tucking the sheet under the left side of my waist, as in all of my previous massages, she folded it over my ass, completely exposing my left ass cheek!

I had never felt so exposed -- and I loved it!!

The brunette therapist bunched up the sheet around my balls. It felt like she was getting a few good feels of my balls in the process. The sheet was now basically covering only my right leg and right ass cheek. The blonde therapist, who had been trained at the same school as my usual therapist, was working the muscles of my right upper back very deeply with familiar strokes, only with warm oil instead of lotion. I am not sure where the brunette therapist trained, but her strokes were lighter, moving exquisitely slowly up my left leg, past my thigh, and up the full length of my entire left ass cheek with her oiled hands in one long, continuous stroke. I imagined that my usual therapist would probably love to drape only half my ass and be able to play with my entire exposed cheek. A little while into the "Massage a Trois", the blonde therapist asked how I felt. I said I was in heaven!!

The therapists switched sides, as the blonde focused on my left upper back, and the brunette exposed my entire right ass cheek, bunching up the sheet below my balls, letting her hand cup them a few times in the process. Then it came time to turn over onto my back. I wondered how much the brunette would expose?

I was startled when the blonde therapist folded back the sheet down past my stomach. No other draped massage had ever exposed my chest or stomach before. The blonde placed a hot washcloth over my face, and proceeded to massage my bare chest and stomach with oil. The brunette uncovered my left leg, and began her slow slide up my left leg with her oily hands.

The blonde removed the washcloth from my face, then lifted my head and began stretching my neck in ways which were similar to a chiropractor. This unusual method distracted me somewhat from the glacial progression of brunette therapist's hands towards my upper left thigh.

The blonde moved the sheet back over my stomach and chest, placing hot stones under each of my palms beneath the sheet. As the blonde therapist worked on my arms, the brunette therapist had switched to my right leg. I felt my cock start to harden, as I was more focused on the brunette's movements on my right leg than I had been when she was focused on my left.

As her hands reached my inner right thigh, I flexed my hard cock against the sheet. I heard some barely audible communication between the therapists. Did they notice my hard cock? They had to!! Were they happy that I was aroused?

The brunette turned her focus to my foot, as the brunette finished my right arm and hand.

The "Massage a Trois" was over. I accepted a glass of red wine from the brunette as I sat in the waiting room in my robe, which of course was added to my bill.

I came back home excited about my return to my usual therapist. I didn't tell her about the "Massage a Trois".

That was two months ago. During this month's massage, while I was on my back, my massage therapist again offered me her night mask, as the sun was pouring in the studio window. I gladly accepted, excited about the remainder of the session, as this was only the second time I got to wear the mask.

My cock was extremely hard as she finished her work on my right thigh, inches from the tent in the sheet. She worked on my right foot, then covered my right leg. I assumed the massage had ended, as all our previous sessions had.

Then it happened.

She moved to my right side and placed both of her hands on my stomach.

She was going to work on my stomach -- after working on my legs, and while I had a raging hardon like a flagpole in the middle of the sheet!!

Her hands lay motionless on my stomach for what seemed like several minutes, feeling my stomach move up and down with each breath. Was she looking at my cock? She certainly could have, since I was wearing her night mask.

She then started swirling her hands around my stomach, with more motion than previous sessions. The sheet slid across my swollen shaft.

Then I felt something bump against my cock head.

Was it her hand? Did she reach over and touch it?

Or was it her forearm, an accidental brush as she worked on my stomach?

She had to have seen it there, I was thrusting my cock in the air under the sheet, flexing it as she massaged my stomach. I don't think she could have bumped into it accidentally. She continued to work on my stomach as if she had not just made contact with my cock head through the sheet.

Then it was over. She ended the session at my feet by pulling the sheet taught against my body as usual. Was she looking at my erection again?

She softly told me to take a deep breath, then exhale, and that we were all set for today, and that she would meet me outside.

She was in the process of moving in with her boyfriend, and moving her massage studio to a new location next month.

What will happen during our next session? Will the new studio have a lot of sunlight, allowing for me to wear her mask again? Will she massage my stomach at the end of the session again, and touch my hard cock, even if only "accidentally"?