Caught Jerking Leads To CFNM


Apartment living can be fun. But when you're having fun, you should keep your shades closed -- especially if you're having fun by yourself. I learned the hard way.

It was a Friday night and I didn't have a date. So I rented a porn movie and decided to sit down in my favorite chair and jerk off while watching it. Now, my chair was located near windows that I thought were blocked from view by other tenants because of nearby tree branches and leaves. Boy, was I ever wrong, and did I ever have to pay for it.

I put the video in my VCR and turned it on, then sat down completely nude, as I usually do when watching porn, keeping a bottle of baby oil and a box of tissues on a desk next to the chair.

The opening shot had a great blow job scene and my penis instantly popped up into a firm erection. So I applied the oil and began stroking my cock while enjoying the film. I must have been particularly horny because my stroking felt so good and I could tell I was going to come pretty fast.

I wasn't too concerned about that because I was by myself, so I kept rubbing my penis faster and faster. Before the opening scene of the movie was finished I could feel my balls tighten followed by a sensational rush throughout my body that soon had my cock stretched out to full intensity.

Seconds later, my dick was shooting semen high into the air, spraying my chest and tummy with hot shots of pleasant feeling cum. It was quite a bath, and I had to use a lot of tissues to clean myself off. It was such a great orgasm that I decided to stay in the chair, play with my cock and get it hard again.

It didn't take too long. The movie helped, of course, and I had another hard-on minutes later. A few more drops of oil and I was rubbing my cock full speed ahead. It took longer to come the second time, but there was another hot scene, this one of a women getting it good from three men who had their cocks in her mouth, pussy and asshole. That really set me off.

"Fuck her good!" I yelled at the TV screen, as I stood up and beat my meat like there was no tomorrow. As one guy came on the woman's face and another pumped his load on her stomach, I shot my second big load of the night, this time splattering my living room rug with white, creamy cum.

I was just bending over cleaning up the rug when the phone rang. I walked over to the counter near the kitchen where the phone was, picked up the receiver and when I said, "Hello," I was in for the shock of my life.

"Hi," a young woman's voice was saying, "My friends and I really enjoyed your show."

I was stunned and absolutely speechless, until I was able to spout out, "What?" as if in disbelief.

"We wanted to let you know if you get tired, try using your other hand. It will feel like someone else is stroking it."

I could hear other girls giggling in the background and I looked out my window to see the light on in a second-floor apartment in the building next door with some people standing by a window and a woman holding the phone.

It was then that I realized they could see the inside of my apartment. I had thought the trees were blocking the view, but there was a huge space where they had a perfect view.

I was stunned and silent for I don't know how long, when the woman asked, "You still there?"

In my near paralyzed state, I managed to get out a feeble, "Yeah."

"Listen," she said. "You shouldn't walk around like that. You might catch cold. And you should keep your curtains closed or you might catch hell!" More laughter.

I suddenly realized they could still see me. I quickly put the phone down and in my confusion ran to the window to shut the curtains. But that would take too long, so I turned around to turn out the living room light. But the kitchen light was still on, so I ran over there to turn it out. As I passed the phone receiver I could still hear laughter. They must have gotten quite a kick watching me in my moment of humiliation with my cock, balls and ass bouncing around.

After I turned out all the lights I picked up the phone to still hear laughter. Then I heard a click as the woman hung up.

My heart was pounding with embarrassment, but I also noticed I was hard as a rock again! Although the experience was mortifying, I was still excited by it. I walked into my bedroom, making sure the curtains were closed before I turned the light on. Then I jerked off thinking about what had just happened. After I came, it was only minutes before I was hard again. I masturbated to orgasm two more times, a total of five times for the night.

But by the next morning the embarrassment set in again. I couldn't believe I had been spied on by a bunch of female neighbors. I was too ashamed to walk by their apartment building for fear they would see me, but I also wanted to know who they were.

Within a few days of peeking out my window I managed to see two roommates who shared the apartment. One girl was short and very pretty. The other was very unattractive and overweight.

A week later there was a party for residents of the apartment complex in the entertainment room of the main office. I got up the courage to go, even though I knew there was a possibility I'd be the resident laughing stock.

I was there for a little while when I saw the pretty girl sitting at a counter eating a slice of pizza. After much thought, I got up the nerve to approach her and introduce myself.

"Yeah, I know who you are," she said, grinning mischievously.

"I'm Nancy and this is my roommate Helen," she added, pointing to her fat friend who was nearby. Helen also had a big smile on her face as if enjoying my shame.

"Well, I hope you're still not spying on me," I said nervously.

Nancy quickly shot back, "How can you spy on someone who opens his private life to you?" It was clear she felt confident and had the upper hand.

I still felt uneasy, but tried to continue the conversation. I'm not sure why. Maybe I just wanted to know what they felt about the whole thing.

"Well," I said timidly. "I just think you should know I don't do that all the time."

This time it was Helen's turn. "That's good to know," she said. "You wouldn't want to go blind." Both she and Nancy laughed, Nancy hitting her on the arm.

"Don't mind Helen, she can be really lewd," Nancy said as if that would comfort me.

By this time I had to admit absolute defeat and told them I was curious about what exactly they saw and who else was there that night.

Nancy was polite and just said, "Oh, what we saw!"

But Helen jumped in to add: "We saw everything! We especially enjoyed the showers."

It was humiliating knowing this fat bitch had seen me naked and watched me jerk off a couple of times.

Nancy hit Helen lightly again and said, "I warned you about her."

We had a few more words, but I figured I had been castrated enough by these women. I thought that was the end of our relationship. Boy, was I ever wrong again.

A couple of months later, Nancy and Helen had moved out of the apartment building. A few days after they did, I received a videotape in the mail. It was a video of me jerking off!

Not only had they seen me the night they called, but they also videotaped a couple of other nights I was beating off in front of the TV, zooming in for a clear view. Each time I could hear several girls laughing and talking as they watched.

An unsigned note accompanying the tape said the tape was originally made "for your own good." They had planned to send it to me to warn me of what they could see, but they were clowning around one night and the phone call took care of that. But I still think mailing me the video was Helen's way of humiliating me one last time.

The note claimed the girls wanted me to have the tape. But I could tell it was a copy, and I often think about how often it's shown at bachelorette parties or other gatherings.

It makes my heart sink sometimes. But I also notice I get a hard-on when I think about it, and I jerk off, not always keeping the curtains closed.