A HOT CFNM Office Competition


Surprisingly one of my most interesting sexual experiences began with a sales competition at work.

Three months prior to the experience I am about to share we set up a new sales team at our office comprised of three women. Up until that point my co-worker Matt and I had done all of the outside sales for the regional office of a large computer systems company. The new team, who we referred to as the girls, included Lisa, Marie and Jennifer. They are all in their early 30's, unattached and are really cool. They all had a great attitude and worked hard and played hard. Each of them had some industry experience; they got along like life-long buddies and were proving to be quite a good sales team. Although as far as Matt and I were concerned they couldn't hold a candle to us.

In January the company set up a little competition between our team and the girls' team. Besides a nice bonus, the winners would get a trip to Jamaica. The competition would last for a quarter and even though the girls had us out numbered we felt we had a sure thing. We had the major accounts and knew the market.

By the end of the first week in March we were $200,000 ahead of the girls and decided to invite them to happy hour to gloat a bit. We grabbed a big booth at a bar near the office and when the waitress arrived Matt and I ordered a beer. Lisa said, "Yes beers all around and 5 shots of tequila."

After our third round of beers and shots the girls were getting pretty rowdy and we were doing a good job of rubbing in our $200K lead. Then Jennifer stood up and said, "big deal, we're going to kick your ass."

"Yeh right," I responded.

"Ok big guy," said Marie "let's sweeten the pot ... if we win, you two guys will be our slaves for an evening, if you win we're yours." Matt and I were both dumb struck.

"What's the matter super salesmen, cat got your tongue?" said Jennifer.

I looked at Matt and said, "they're nuts," then I turned to the girls and told them they were on.

Looking back on things now, it was pretty obvious we were set up. The girls closed a major account with a national retailer the next week. They had this in their pocket all the time and played us like absolute suckers.

On April 1st Matt and I both got the same email. "Hello fools or should I say slaves. Show up at Marie's house 2412 Canyon Drive at 6pm on Saturday ... doesn't be late. Bring some casual clothes to change in to after your chores."

Well a bets a bet so Matt and I hooked up about 4 pm for a few pre humiliation beers. It had been a hot day in LA so we were both wearing shorts and t-shirts. We expected to clean house, serve drinks and be generally teased by the girls. The following morning they were heading off for Jamaica so we assumed they would spend a good part of the evening rubbing that in our noses.

We showed up at 5:59 pm and our expectations weren't that far off. The girls met us drinks in hand in their new tropical leisure attire ... sarongs and sexy halter tops. They all looked stunning. Lisa and Marie are both tall lean brunettes while Jennifer is bit shorter but has one of those great curvy, well endowed bodies. "Hi losers," they greeted us in unison, "time to get to work." For the first hour we served them rum drinks and appetizers while they chatted in the living room. We cleaned the kitchen, the bathrooms and the pool. They'd occasionally check in on us to tell us what losers we were, give cleaning orders, and generally just laugh at us. About every 20 minutes or so they'd yell slaves, slaves our drinks are empty and we'd mix them another round.

After the pool they told us to go take a shower and change into our clean clothes. There were two bathrooms so it was only about 15 minutes before we were back in the living room. Surprisingly, they had us sit down and we each got a Mai Tai. Marie said we'd been such good slaves they had a treat for us. We'd get to see what they'd be wearing on the beach in Jamaica next week while we were hard at work. They put some reggae music on the stereo and one at a time the each went into the bedroom to change. Marie was first and my jaw just about dropped when she walked out wearing a Brazilian cut bikini. She sauntered in slow and sex and then gave Matt and I each a little runway show. The girls were all pretty buzzed by this time and they were laughing and clapping as Marie strutted her stuff in front of us for about 15 minutes.

"More drinks slaves and make another one for yourselves as well," Lisa yelled. When we returned Jennifer was gone, but she soon reappeared wearing a similarly almost nothing bikini. Her performance was raunchier than Marie's almost like a lap dance. When she stood in front of me she turned around and with her ass barely a foot from my face, she then spread her legs and did a forward bend. I could see the outlines of her pussy lips through the thin fabric and I literally started salivating. When I looked at her upside down face between her legs she gave me a wink. Luckily I was wearing loose pants because my cock was throbbing. I'm sure Matt was having the same reaction as I was because he was squirming in his seat during the Jennifer show.

Last up was Lisa and I think she must have been inspired by Jennifer because after she bent over and displayed her thong covered ass, she turned around and put her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward until her breasts were about 2 inches from my nose. Her nipples were hard and her perfume was intoxicating. Without even thinking about it I reached out with my tongue to lick her exposed flesh. She immediately pulled back and teasingly scolded me, "bad slave," she said "look but don't touch." The other girls laughed and made comments about what an unruly slave I was and that I should be punished.

"That slave needs a spanking," said Marie as she got up and left the room. She returned a few minutes later with a riding crop and told me to get on my hands and knees. "No way," I told her.

She responded by saying, "a deal is a deal and you are our slave, isn't that right Matt?"

I'm sure Matt thought this was funny because he said, "yes a deal's a deal." So I figured ok I'll play along and got to my hands and knees.

"10 lashes for this bad boy," Jennifer said. "10 it is," replied Marie and the next thing I felt was a light smack on my butt. Harder the girls yelled, Matt too I think as they counted 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. I tried not to show any reaction but the last 4 had me gritting my teeth to keep from yelling out.

"Ok Slave," said Marie "sit down and be a good boy."

Well my pain was soon forgotten because the music was turned up and all three girls were dirty dancing for us. They were rubbing up against each other as well as Matt and I ... they were teasing the shit out of us and they knew it. My cock was back at full attention and I'm sure Matt's was too as our eyes roamed from barely covered breast, to barely covered ass, to barely covered pussy. Seeing but not seeing what was underneath those skimpy bikinis was an incredible turn on ... one of the biggest I've ever had.

When the song ended Lisa said, "Ok you're next Slaves, get up and dance for us." I looked at Matt and he looked at me and we both just shrugged our shoulders and stood and started dancing. After our pre-arrival beers and the two strong Mai Tai's neither of us was feeling too much pain ... my butt excluded.

"Shirts off boys, we showed you skin, let's see yours," yelled Marie. No big deal I thought so I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it at Marie and Matt did the same to Lisa while the girls howled with laughter.

"Time for shots," said Jennifer. "A round of tequila and fresh horses for my men. Get moving slaves and bring lime and salt," she added. When we got back to the room we were both told to lie on our backs on the floor. Jennifer then knelt over me and stuck the lime in my mouth and then licked my left nipple until it was nice and wet. She sprinkled salt on my wet flesh and then with long swipe of her tongue licked it all up. She then drank the shot of tequila after which she leaned over my face and took the lime from my mouth with hers.

Lisa was next and pretty much did the same thing to Matt that Jennifer did to me. He was definitely turned on by her nipple licking. A bulge in his pants was more than obvious and didn't go unnoticed by the girls. "This slave's getting excited;" exclaimed Lisa "and he didn't have our permission."

"On your hands and knees slave," said Jennifer while she grabbed the riding crop. "He disrespected you Lisa, do you want to do it or should I punish this bad slave," laughingly added Jennifer. "You do it Jennifer, I want to watch his face but punish him good ... 10 lashes I think," said Lisa.

Matt was smiling and I don't think he had a clue how much a riding crop could sting, especially one wielded by a drunk amateur. Anyway the girls started counting and by 8 I think if Matt had his eyes open we would have seen tears. "Have you learned your lesson slave," Lisa said. All Matt could do was nod his head in affirmation.

"Time for my shot," said Marie as she pushed Matt onto his back. After shoving the lime in his mouth she unbuttoned the top two buttons of his pants while he lay there passively. She then knelt between his legs and after seductively letting her tits slide up his thighs she began licking his stomach from his belly button down as far as the partially unbuttoned pants would allow. I'm sure she just wanted to see if she could get him hard again but Matt I guess dreading another 10 lashes, was watching a baseball game in his mind because there wasn't a hint of arousal as she lapped up the salt, took her shot and then took the lime out of his mouth. She gently patted his crotch when she was done and pointed out to the other girls what a well mannered slave he was and that he deserved a reward. She then said it was his turn for a body shot and he could pick any of the girls and position them however he wished.

Well Matt wasn't passive for long because he jumped to his feet and said, "I want Lisa, I want her on her back and I want her to pull her legs over her head, spread them and hold her ankles."

"Whoo Hoo," the girls screamed, Marie and Jennifer were laughing and yelling as Lisa lay on her back and got into position. Matt smiled at her as he put the lime in her mouth and then moved behind her and began to slowly lick up the thong to her pussy, sliding his tongue slightly under the thin fabric. Lisa was now the one squirming as Matt continued his long licks. While building up a good layer of saliva he was unmercifully teasing Lisa's pussy and ass.

Lisa finally pulled the lime out of her mouth and pantingly yelled, "that's enough. I'm wet enough for the salt!"

Marie and Jennifer got a kick out of this ... "she's wet enough alright," said Jennifer.

Then Matt sprinkled a little salt on inside of her thigh, took one more long slow lick to get the salt before he took his shot. He then mashed his lips against Lisa's before grabbing the lime.

I thought I was next but, that was not the case. "More dancing slaves," said Marie "if you do well you may get another treat."

They cranked up the music and I guess something clicked, i.e. inhibitions somewhat lost for Matt and I because we both started really getting into dancing and teasing our audience. The girls were all sitting on the couch and we worked our way down the line from one to the next giving each our rendition of a lap dance. We rubbed our crotches on their legs, shaked our butts in front of them and nuzzled their necks with our lips.

Then all of a sudden Lisa yelled, "lose the pants slaves."

"Yes lose the pants," the other two girls hollered.

So I kicked off my shoes and strutted in front of her and slowly began to unbutton and then unzip my pants. I arched backward pushing my crotch near her face and rotated it while letting my pants slide down my legs before kicking them away. Matt following my lead did something similar in front of Marie.

It was interesting seeing the lust tables somewhat turned. The girls were completely focused on whoever was in front of them. I had on grey boxer briefs and Matt had on light blue regular boxers and as we played lap dancers the girls reached out their hands to touch our chests, our stomachs our legs, and our asses. They weren't yelling ... they were simply completely focused on whoever was in front of them or beside them if they were the odd girl out. Strangely none of the girls rubbed our cocks, I'm not sure if this was a plan or they were just all of a sudden feeling a bit timid.

Then the third time I came down the line Jennifer's began fondling my waist and ass, suddenly she grabbed the waist band of my briefs and yanked them down exposing my cock. "Now that's what I really want to see," she said in a low voice.

I heard a "me too" to my right and saw Lisa pulling down Matt's boxers.

"Oh Yeh," yelled Marie "now we can really see what our slaves have to offer." Strangely I had been focused on dancing and teasing to this point and my cock while a bit more than flaccid was by no means erect.

Jennifer reached forward took my balls in her palm, looked directly into my eyes and with a slow, sultry voice said, "I want to see your cock hard." She then began to stroke it while Lisa did the same to Matt.

Whatever inhibition or fear or plan the girls had went out the window because our cocks were definitely not off limits anymore. I heard one of the girls say "oh god this is so sexy" while Matt and I continued to move up the line spending a few minutes with each girl before moving on to the next.

At that moment I was thinking if I had it to do over again I'd be a male stripper because nothing I'd ever seen was sexier than watching a woman's pure animal passion unleashed. They stroked our cocks, fondled our balls and ass and nuzzled their noses into our groins inhaling our male scent. By the time I came to Marie my cock was dripping which she pointed out to her friends before leaning in with her tongue to lick up the precum dangling from the head.

"Matt's dripping too," said Lisa.

"Well don't waste it," Jennifer said. I watched as Lisa leaned forward and engulfed the head of Matt's cock with her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked while milking the shaft with her hand. "Good girl, she knows how to get every drop," said Jennifer.

Lisa pulled her mouth of Matt's cock with a plop and looked at her friends with a smile of satisfaction and pride on her face. "God that was yummy," she said. And then she added," I've got an idea, slaves step back three paces and don't move."

The girls had a little huddle session and all I could hear were whispers and laughs and a few umm hums. When the huddle broke Marie left the room and Lisa told us to step forward. She took my cock in her hand and Jennifer took Matt's. They began by stroking us and then leaned forward and took our cocks in their mouths while caressing our balls. I was getting close to the edge when Marie came back and said, "Ok got it and held up a ruler."

Lisa and Jennifer pulled back off our cocks and Lisa said, "Ready for pmeasurement time slaves."

Marie then moved first to Matt's cock which Jennifer held straight out. She placed the ruler along the top while Jennifer pushed the mushroomed head up to meet the ruler. "6 and 1/2 inches," said Marie and then she and Lisa measured me. "7 and 1/8," she said.

Lisa then took the lead and said, "Our slaves have both have great cocks, but now we have to check their balls and see how much cum they have for us, my suggestion ladies is a pre-Jamaica departure cum cocktail."

"Yes it's definitely time for a cum cocktail," added Jennifer. "We want you to stroke your cocks and show us how much wonderful cum our slaves have for us." Jennifer then pointed to me and said, "you first, step forward."

At this point I didn't care about anything but having an orgasm. I'd been so excited, unexcited, re-excited, and then very excited over the last couple of hours. I stepped up to the couch in front of the girls. My cock was about a foot from their faces. I wrapped my hand around it and began to masturbate myself. I felt hands on my thighs and balls and I heard them urging me to cum for them. When I felt myself getting close Lisa said, "Good boy show us what you've got for us." I looked down to see her holding a champagne glass under the head of my cock. I let out a deep groan as my entire body began to quiver and then I exploded. Lisa tilted the glass in front of my cock as jet after creamy jet burst forth.

In my stupor I heard an "Oh my god look at him cum, this is so cool" from one of the girls and gasps of excitement from the others.

When I finally stopped ejaculating Jennifer took my cock in her hand and milked the last few drops into the glass before turning to Matt and saying, "ok it's your turn."

Well I guess watching three women watch me masturbate and catch my cum in a glass must have been about all the stimulation Matt needed because he stepped forward and in seconds was adding his contribution to the girls' cocktail. When I had looked at my cum in the glass after I came and at the expressions on the girls' faces I felt pretty proud, but Matt put me to shame in a big way. Big ropey jets of semen shot out of him into the glass and they dwarfed my load. The girls were absolutely ecstatic ... proof I guess that a big load of cum is better than 5/8 of an inch any day. When he finally stopped shooting the glass was nearly half full. Lisa took the honors of milking the remnants from Matt's dick as he stood there in a post orgasmic daze.

Lisa then raised the glass and while gazing at it swirled the mixture blending my cum with Matt's. "Boys," she said "You guys are a lot of fun ... you're honorable, you're great slaves and you are both very sexy. Here's to ya from your Jamaica bound co-workers" She then took a big drink from the glass and passed it to Marie who did the same before handing it to Jennifer. Jennifer gave us both a wink, put her nose over the glass and inhaled deeply before holding it over her lips and pouring the last of the cum cocktail into her smiling mouth.

The girls then stood up and took turns giving us each a big hug and a kiss. They then told us to put on our clothes. When we were dressed they walked us to the door and held it open for us. As we were walking in silence to the car Lisa yelled, "Heh guys!" When we stopped and turned around she continued, "We had a great time and hope you did too ... perhaps when we get back from Jamaica we should consider getting together for more than just a cocktail."