The Fringe Benefits Of CFNM


"That's it," John thought, "I can't afford to go to school here anymore." He looked at the notice he got in the mail, stating that tuition would be going up almost 15 percent next year. He was barely scraping by as it is, and he was already working two jobs, though they were a crappy bookstore job and a even crappier Pizza joint job. There wasn't much else available that would let him devote any time to his classes, though.

He was just going to have to transfer to one of the state schools back home, and move back in with his parents.

He shuddered as this thought hit him. He really liked the on-campus life, being able to set his own hours, go where he wanted, watch all the pretty girls all over the place, maybe even taking one back to his room if he managed to get that far with her. He'd never have that freedom at home; he never did before. He sighed as he got more and more depressed about it. He packed up his books, and headed off to class, feeling sorry for himself.


Halfway to class, a bright orange flyer taped to a pole caught his eye. Usually he just blew past them, but this one was different:

COLLEGE GUYS!!!! Make BIG $$$$$$ Set Your own Hours!!! Call Abby for an Appt.

There were those tear-off number tags at the bottom. A couple had been taken already. "Probably a scam, or one of those telemarketing scams", he thought, but he grabbed a number anyway, stuffed it in his pocket, and continued to his classes.


After classes, he went on to hockey practice, and then to the library to study for a couple of hours. By then it was time to get to work at the Pizza place. A few hours of shlepping pitchers and slices to the rich coeds, and he was ready to call it a night. He dragged himself back to his dorm, ready to just collapse and go to sleep. He reached in his pocket to get his keys, and pulled out the orange tab with the number. "Oh, yeah," he thought sarcastically, "My BIG MONEY opportunity." He chuckled to himslef as he opened the door and went in.

Something made him look at the number again. "What the heck," he said, "I have nothing to lose, and I need the cash." He grabbed the phone ad dialed the number, expecting an answering machine at this late hour. But a woman picked up.

"C.S. Productions," she answered.

"Umm, Hi, my name is John, and I'm calling about the Ad posted on campus. Is Abby there?" John queried nervously.

"Uh-huh, this is Abby," the voice answered, "Let me ask a few questions, okay?"

"Sure, ask away." John readied himself for the surely inane questions to come.

"How old are you, hon?" Abby asked.

"I just turned 18 last month," he answered. "Is that too young?"

"No, 18 is perfect," she said. "What's your height, weight, general build?"

"I'm 6 feet tall, around 180, pretty normal build. I guess maybe I'd call it athletic. I play hockey, so I sorta stay in shape..."

"Oh, an athlete, huh?" she cut him off, "Excellent." He heard her writing some things down, turning some pages.

"How about body hair?"

"No, no body hair," John answered. He had been shaving hid body since being on the high school swim team. But why would she ask that?

"Pubic hair too?" Abby queried.

"Um, what?" John replied. "No, no, no hair at all. I shave for swimming." Actually, he didn't swim competitively any more. He just kept clean shaven because he liked the way it felt, and how it made his cock look bigger. But what was she interested in that for?

"Mmm, nice. A smooth athlete," she sort of purred. "We're just off of campus, on Ackerman. Can you come in tomorrow morning for an interview, maybe some test shots?"

"Sure - wait, test shots?" John asked, "What, like pictures?"

"Yes, pictures", Abby replied, "This is a male modeling job. You've never modeled, have you?"

"No, never," John said.

"That's OK," Abby assured him, "We'll talk about specifics when you get here." She gave him directions, and they hung up.

"Modeling," he thought, "Probably that Abercrombie & Fitch stuff that Brian on the hockey team was doing. I can handle that, if it pays OK."


The next morning, he found the place. From the outside, it just looked like a normal off-campus apartment, but he noticed one corner of the house had the windows blacked out. He rang the bell, and the door buzzed to let him in. He waled in, and into the living room of the house. He saw some pictures on the walls, all of college age guys, mostly with their shirts off, giving their "smoldering" looks to the camera. He saw a couple of magazines on the table, "Campus Studs" was the title.

Before he could reach and thumb through one, a cute redhead came into the room. "John?" she queried, "I'm Abby." John shook Abby's hand, and smiled. She looked to be no older than 22, dressed pretty much like most of the girls on campus, in low-waisted jeans and a tight t-shirt. She has a nice petite figure, with firm little breasts, a tight round little ass, and sparkling green eyes, the type John usually fell for. "Follow me," she said, and led him down the hall to an office.

She sat down, and offered John a chair. "Have you heard of Campus Studs before?" she asked.

"I have to be honest, I haven't," John replied, "Sorry."

Abby waved her hand, "No, don't worry, we are fairly new here. I'll tell you the story."

Abby explained that she was a photography student, and that while she was in school, she did some contract work for a small website that offered beefcake photos. She would photograph friends of hers, other students, etc., and sell them to this website. The man who ran the website liked her work, and gave her some money to set up a small studio here near campus, and a website of her own. She figured it was better than working for someone else, so she jumped at the chance. She kept taking pictures of guys on campus, and developed her own website, "Campus Studs".

"Oh," John said, "That's cool; you must be doing pretty well, since you have a magazine now."

"Yes, we're doing OK now, with the website, magazine, and DVDs," Abby stated, "But not at first." She told him about how they just weren't making money, they weren't even breaking even. Then she got a request via the website from a man if she had any nude pictures of a certain model. She didn't, and the guy told her that he'd pay more to see something like that. "So, that's how we got into the business we are now, which is much more lucrative," she said.

"What business is that?", John asked warily.

"Jack-Off magazines and videos," she stated, matter-of-factly, "Lots of guys, and some women too, really want to see young guys, such as yourself, gearing down and playing with themselves. There's a lot more money if you can find a way to sell to a male audience."

John was flabbergated. "I don't know," he stammered, "Naked and all.."

Abby stepped around her desk, and put her hand on John's arm. "You've got the body for it, hon, trust me." She rubbed his chest, and flashed her green eyes at him. "I know I'd pay to see you work it," she cooed.

She walked back to her desk. "Oh, and by the way, here is the pay scale," she stated, slipping a sheet of orange paper into his hands. He looked:

Per-Shoot Payscale ------------------

shirtless$50 per photo session underwear$100 per photo session thong/jockstrap$250 per photo session nude, soft $400 per photo session nude, hard $500 per photo session masturbation $700 per photo session Video masturbation$1000 per session group sessionextra $500

"A thousand dollars!" John gasped, "I could really use that money, but I don't know if I could..."

Abby put her hand on his knee. "You want to try a test shoot? It'll be just me," she said, "No video, and you can stop whenever you feel uncomfortable."

John agreed to the test shoot, after Abby convinced him he could stop everything if he wanted to. She led him down the hall, to a staircase. In the basement, they had a fairly extensive studio set up. There was lots of lights, tripods, reflectors, and such in the center of the room, and in each corner, there was a little "set" configured. In one corner, there was a sort of Dorm Room set up, with a ned, a desk, bookshelves, TV, posters, and the like. In the others, there was a bathroom, complete with shower stall, toilet and, and sink, and a locker room, with benches and lockers. The last corner was a plain black backdrop, with just a black stool in the center.

"we'll use the plain black setup for the test shoot, so we can get a better idea of what we have to work with," Abby told John. "Why don't you just go get comfortable on the stool there."

John went over and propped himself on the stool. Abby pulled out her cellphone, and clicked it. It was one of those walkie-talkie phones. "Karen, Jessie, can you come down to the studio?" she said into the phone, "We have a test subject down here that I need your help and opinions on.

"Karen and Jessie are my partners here, John," she explained. "They'll observe too, and help out with lighting and stuff."

John saw two other similarly-aged women walk in from the stairs, both tall, tanned brunettes, in tank tops and small white shorts that accentuated their long, tan legs. Looking closer, John noticed that they looked to be identical twins. They stepped forward to introduce themselves.

"I'm Jessie," the one on the right stated, "And this is my twin sister Karen."

John shook both of their hands. "I'm John," he sort of gulped in reply. "I've never done this before, so please take it easy on me"

They laughed, and told him not to worry, that he should just relax and be himself. They said that they used to model for Abby, when she was in school, and couldn't afford to pay for models, and that she was easy to work for.

Karen and Jessie each went to one of the bright lights, and aimed them at the stool where John sat. Abby came back over camera in hand. "OK, let's get started," she said. "John, just sit on the stool, with one leg up, and one on the floor, and look at the camera."

He followed her instructions, posing this way and that, smiling or not, as she clicked away. About 20 shots in, Abby asked him to remove his shirt. "No problem there," he thought, and he slipped off his shirt. He was starting to get into this, and liked having the undivided attention of three beautiful women. He flexed playfully for the women, who giggled their approval.

More poses followed. Abby decided that the flexing pose was a good idea, and moved on with more like that, in a "beefcake" vein. John was really starting to enjoy himself, and the girls' laughter was intoxicating. They started to play along too, making comments like "What a stud!" and "Hey Baby, over here!"

Abby asked him to unbutton the tops of his jeans, and slip them down, so he could show off his abs more. John did so, and did that "ab flex" pose he always saw on the fitness magazine covers. He hooked his thumbs in his belt loops, and played with the waistband of his jeans, and Abby's camera kept clicking. She had him run his hand over his hard abs, and took some shots of him from behind, with his jeans slung low on his hips. Karen and Jessie continued their encouragement and coaxing.

John was feeling good about himself when Abby suggesteed he remove his pants, so he did as told, and slipped them off, leaving him wearing just his tight white boxer briefs. "Oooh, nice undies!" Karen cooed at him.

"Who's looking at the undies?" Jessie giggled in response. "It's what inside that counts. Nice ass!"

They all laughed, and John wiggled his ass for them. Then more poses, now laying on his stomch, now from behind with his foot on the stool, now leaning back on the chair from the side. Abby suggested some shots with his thumbs in the waistband, sort of sliding down the briefs a bit, and John obliged. More like that, bent over at the waist, then flexing his abs, then running his hands over his stomach.

Then came the moment of truth. "How about reaching your hand inside your briefs?" Abby asked. "That would be really hot."

John thought about it for a moment, and looked up. Jessie and Karen were just staring at his body, and adjusting their lights. He looked over at Abby, and she gave him a mischievious crooked smile, and winked at him with her beautiful green eyes. How could he resist? He slipped his hand under his waistband, and grabbed hold of his big soft cock.

"Very good," Abby said, and kept clicking. "Now move it off to the side - good. OK, stroke it a little - nice. Play with your balls some - that's it."

John was really getting into it now. He wasn't even thinking about what he was doing. He just kept looking up and seeing those three gorgeous women staring at his package, and kept following Abby's orders. He looked over at Jessie, and thought he saw her lick her lips and smile, but couldn't be sure, as he was really starting to get worked up.

"OK, roll down your waistband so your cock head is peeking out the top. Excellent." Abby continued with her instructions. "Now turn around, and slide your briefs down so we can see some crack peeking out. Mmm, nice. Lay down on your belly, and slide them down to your thighs. Smile! Very good. OK, turn back over, sit up, and slip them down to your ankles."

John did as he was instructed, and realized he was now totally nude, with a raging hard-on, in front of these women. He didn't care, though, as he felt amazing. He sat with his briefs around his ankles and smiled as Abby kept clicking away. He was just going with the flow now, doing everything they told him. It was such a rush being ordered around this way.

She had him lie on his stomach, facing away from her, and tuck his cock and balls back between his legs, so they showed from behind. Then back up on all fours, ass in the air, balls dangling down. OK, back up standing, and cup your balls in your hand. Smile. OK stroke it faster. Point it down so it is stright out. Now let it go, and let it smack against your stomach. More encouragement from the other girls had John almost in a trance. He was putty in their hands, they could do whatever they wanted to him right now.

"John, will you come for us?" Abby asked. "If you can, we can pay you as if this were a normal shoot. Girls, he passes the test, right?"

"Absolutely," Jessie stated emphatically. "I'd say he more than passes."

"Uh-huh," Karen offered, and she smiled at John, and giggled.

John stood there with his rock hard cock in his hand, and all he knew was that he was really enjoying this.

"Sure," he answered, "I think I can do that." He laughed out loud, and started stroking with more purpose.

"Great. Lay down on your back on those pillows in the corner," Abby instructed. "Aim it straight up, and use nice, long strokes for the camera. Tell me when you are about to shoot."

John laid dowon, and started stroking like he was told. He closed his eyes, and imagined the three girls circled around him, naked. He imagined the twins running each others breasts and kissing each other, while Abby leaned in and stroked his cock. He moaned out loud as the fantasy in his mind developed. He started to stroke faster as he imagined Abby lowering her moist lips onto his rock hard erection. Jessie was now lapping at Karen's pussy, at least in his mind. He fondled his balls, and kept stroking, his imagination working just as feverishly as his hand.

"I'm - gonna - cum!" he gasped out, and he opened his eyes. He saw Abby move in closer with her camera, the motor whirring away as she captured every frame. Karen and Jessie had abandoned their lights, and moved in for a closer look. It felt like a volcano erupting when the first big rope of cum shot out, straight up into the air, splashing down on his stomach. Stream after stream of cum shot up, landing on his belly, or running down his hand and over his balls. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the last drops dribbled out, and down his already softening shaft.

"Awesome!" Abby congratulated him. "Hold on, I need a few more shots". She took some close-ups of his cum-covered cock in his cum-covered hand, and some shots of him laying back with cum pooled on his stomach.

"Run your hands through it, over your stomach. Very nice!"

Abby clapped softly, and the twins joined in. "I think we can definitely use that," Abby stated. "You did an excellent job, John. Are you sure you haven't jerked off for pictures before?"

"No, I'm sure," John laughed.

"Alright then. Jessie, can you go help John clean himself up, while I work on getting his money?" Abby asked the leggy brunette.

"No problem whatsoever," Jessie answered cheerfully. She walked aver, and grabbed him by the cock. "Follow me," she said, and smiled. She led him by the cock to a small washroom just outsidfe the studio door, and washed off all the cum with a warm soapy cloth. She dried him completely with a nice soft towel, and then led him back into the studio, again by the cock.

"Hey, take it easy on his equipment!" Abby laughed in Jessie's direction. "He needs to keep that in top shape, so we can all make big money."

"Sorry, but I was gentle," Jessie quipped, and let go of him, with a little giggle.

Karen brought him his clothes, and handed them to him as he dressed. "Please excuse my sister's, um, forward nature. She's a bit of a more dominant personality than I am," she stated quietly. "She can't resist messing around when she sees a cute guy with a big cock."

John took that as a compliment, and even blushed a little. When he was fully dressed, Abby brought over his check. "So that's $700, like on the price list," she said as she handed him the check. "Maybe next time we can go for more money, with a video, or working with other models for a big payday."

"I think the video is OK, probably," John stated, "But I'm not sure about doing that with another guy, at least not yet."

"Fair enough, we'll stick with the video first then," Abby told him, "But our other models are not necessarily all other guys."

"Huh?" John shot back, lamely.

"Yeah, Jessie and I sometimes will work with the right guy," Karen piped in.

"Or better yet, guys!" Jessie added.

John smiled broadly. He was starting to think he had found his new calling...