Some CFNM in Art Class


I was hoping to sleep with this hot brunette named Cindy I met in psychology class but even after 4 beers she wouldn't stop complaining. On and on she went about how she was going to flunk life drawing. The male model she had reserved 2 months ago got food poisoning and unless she could replace him by the next day she was going to have to repeat the class over summer. Halfway through her fifth beer I could see a light bulb go off over her head and she started asking me if I could fill in as the model. I refused as politely as I could, sitting on a stool half-naked and motionless for an hour being ogled by a bunch of co-eds wasn't my idea of a good time. She started pouting and on her 6th beer she announced, "I know, I'll play you for it."

My eyes darted from the bar's pool table to the ping-pong table to the air hockey table to the line of 6 empty beer bottles she had finished off in about 30 minutes. "Well then what do I get if I win?" I asked coyly. I really had no intention of modeling for her stupid art class but she was tipsy and I figured myself an easy winner. Also, I was desperate to get the evening back on track to some manner of flirtacous behavior. She thought for a while and said she would run around the quad in her bra and panties. My ears instantly perked up but since I thought I was assured a victory I wanted to see if I could push the envelope a little.

"So I have to sit on a stool for an hour in my boxers in front of you and your girlfriends but all you have to do is a quick run around the quad in your bra and panties? That hardly sounds sporting." After another beer and a bit of haggling where she had to streak the quad completely naked and I had to model for her art class, but she got to pick out any bathing suit she wanted for me. I didn't give the bet as much thought as I might have because she was on her 8th beer and I didn't see any way she could beat me. We shook on it and agreed on ping-pong. I was positive this cute little brunette was about to get naked right then and there and I was already getting an erection as we headed to the ping-pong table.

I realized I had been hustled after about 10 seconds. She was like the Venus Williams of ping-pong, I had never seen anything like it. The game was over in about 5 minutes and I did not score a single point. She looked at me bashfully and asked, "A deal's a deal right?" I nodded sullenly, welching on a bet seemed even worse than losing so badly. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and directions to the studio and then she was gone, leaving me wondering what in the hell had just happened.

I decided I'd try and be a good sport and when I showed up to the studio the next day I thought I might have mistakenly ended up at a playboy audition. There were a dozen of the most attractive women I had ever seen milling around, a few drinking wine. All eyes were on me as I walked in and Cindy soon emerged from the crowd, greeting me and giving me another kiss on the cheek. She she said they were all ready for me and pointed me to the changing room. Walking to the dressing room I was certain every girl there was staring at my ass. In the changing room was a robe, a note from Cindy and the skimpiest brazilian cut men's thong I have ever seen. It was little more than a stretchy white pouch for my dick and balls and a few strings to hold it in place.

'She can't be serious,' I thought. I read the note, "A deal's a deal right? Any bathing suit I choose . . . My girlfriend wanted me to use one of those male stripper g-strings but I didn't want my art project to come off sleezy. The men in South America wear these thongs on the beach all the time so its no big deal, don't get bashful on me. My girlfriends all think you're really cute and if you're a good sport today I'm sure they'll all want to date you." The note was signed with a kiss in hot pink lipstick and left me feeling more than a little pissed off. But I didn't know how I was going to get out of it at this point. I'd never live it down if I just left. Sticking my head out the door to call Cindy in or complaining about having to wear a speedo in front of all those girls seemed almost as embarassing.

I must have been deliberating over my options for longer than I thought and a knock came at the door, startling me. Cindy asked if I was 'alright in there'and I said 'yeah, I'll be right out.' Now there was really no backing out. I changed into the thong quickly, trying to put the robe on before I had a chance to look at my naked ass in the mirror or notice how the outline of my cock was slightly visible through the stretchy white material.

Cindy took charge as I came back into the studio, showing me the pose she wanted me to assume, checking the lighting, asking me if I wanted a glass of water. The girls all had sketchpads in hand and were looking at me expectantly. "Right there is great, now if you'll just take off your robe we can get started," said Cindy.

'Be cool' I willed myself mentally. I took off the robe and draped it over the stool. I'm not sure what reaction I was really expecting. Gasps? Laughter? Pointing? Applause? I didn't really get any reaction at all. The girls all started right in on their sketches and I started thinking, maybe I made too big of a deal out of modeling in a thong. Hell, they were probably used to sketching nude males. I actually started to feel a little more comfortable and my mind started drifting to this and that: errands I needed to run, phone calls I needed to return, upcoming tests I had to prepare for. Then I caught myself staring at Cindy's legs. She was wearing a mini-skirt that rode up considerably when she sat down and now her lets were visible all the way up to her butt cheeks. She had great legs, I could just imagine them wrapped around me. Then I felt it move. 'Crap' I thought. Grandmas, fat guys, STDs. I tried thinking of anything I could to stop from getting an erection. That would be so humiliating, the thong was barely covering anything while my dick was soft, if it got hard I might as well not be wearing anything at all.

That's when I realized something, every single girl in the room was wearing extremely revealing clothing. Everyone was wearing skirts or short shorts and almost everyone was showing some cleavage in low cut blouses, halter tops and tank tops. The only girl that wasn't showing any cleavage was wearing a white shirt with fabric so thin that when I looked closer I could clearly see the outline of her nipples. 'Shit' I thought again. I desperately tried thinking of things to stop my erection in its tracks. 'Ok just look at them from the shoulders up' I thought to myself.

That's when I realized something else. Every single girl in the room was staring at my cock. Not just looking, outright staring. None of them were looking at any other part of my body. I stole a glance down and could see it was half hard, already making a tent in the virtually non-existent thong.

The whole situation was fast becoming extremely erotic. I tried staring at the clock but it wasn't helping, every minute was an eternity and I was sure I could feel all those hungry eyes on me. My eyes drifted back to the sultry blonde whose nipples were practically poking through the thin fabric of her white tank top. She had paused sketching, her pencil was in her mouth and she was gazing at her sketchbook thoughtfully. I don't know if she knew what she was doing but she started kind of playing with the pencil like she would a cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth just an inch or two, trailing her tongue around it ever so subtley. Now I was really starting to lose it and I could feel my dick start to throb. I was wondering if the motion was noticeable to the ladies when Cindy's voice brought me back into reality.

"Hey Janice, what part are you having trouble with?" The gorgeous blonde murmured something back I didn't quite catch, and crossed her legs flashing me a a brief glimpse of white cotton panties. My dick twitched again and while Cindy and Janice conversed I stole a glance down to check the status of my hard-on. My face must have turned an even brighter red almost instantly, my dick was fully erect and pressing out against the front of the briefs lewdly. Without much extra material the edges of the swimsuit were pulling away from skin and I think the ladies on my sides had a pretty excellent view of my balls. Maybe worse yet, I was getting so excited that a very noticeable wetspot of precum was developing through the white fabric.

Suddenly Cindy was standing next to me with a ruler in hand, starting to give the small class some pointers on sketching the male form. She used a ruler as a pointer while she lectured and I was so overstimulated that even the physical contact with the ruler was having a serious effect on me. I didn't hear much of what she said, just focusing on her ruler dancing across my chest and tickling my legs and thighs. I tuned back in when she said, "Now I've noticed a few of you having some trouble with the genital area. It can be very tricky, sometimes even more so with a revealing swimsuit, compared to completely nude." With that comment, several of the other girls chimed in.

"Yeah the light is reflecting too much off that stretchy fabric, it makes it really difficult to sketch." said Janice.

"Well besides the light problem, I don't see how we can sketch him when he can't even hold still." That sent the girls into an uproarious laughter and I felt like crawling in a hole and dying. Somehow the matter of fact comment made the whole situation even more sexually charged. That's when I felt the ruler tracing circles around my inner thigh about a centimeter from my throbbing cock. I looked over to Cindy who had a devilish smirk on her face with which I was quickly becoming far too familiar.

"I really hate to impose any more than I already have but this grade is really important to me and the girls so we really need to get the sketch right." She paused for a moment and her ruler made contact with my dick, stroking it ever so slightly. I could barely even concentrate on what she said next. "I know its asking a lot, but we seriously need to get this project right, and we only have the studio booked for another 15 minutes." She was giving me those bedroom eyes and pouting her lips. All I could really focus on at this point was how they would feel wrapped around my cock.

"If there's any way you could just pull down your briefs for the rest of the session so we can get good grades on this project I would definitely owe you one." She was tracing circles around my balls with her ruler. I think I was putty in her hands . . . well, in her ruler. "We're all adults here, what do you say . . . can you help us out of a tight spot?"

She had hooked the ruler under the waistband of my briefs and was starting to pull them down, looking to me for signs of objection. She had already pulled the swimsuit down past the base of my cock when I gave her a sheepish nod of approval. I probably subconsciously thought there was some kind of chance for a wild orgy to ensue if I got completely naked.

She quickly snapped them down the rest of the way, and my dick flopped out, bouncing around a little bit. She said thank you cheerfully, gave me a pinch on the butt and returned to her seat.

10 minutes later there was no orgy and I was still the only one naked. A couple of the girls were discussing something I couldn't quite make out, though they looked perturbed about something.

Cindy finally broke the silence, "Ok, this just isn't working. Look, our art teacher is 65 years old, she's from the old school. We can't turn in sketches of you naked with a raging hard-on! She'll flunk us just on principle and tell us to go work for playgirl." I could see her point but didn't exactly know what she expected me to do about it.

"I'm afraid we're going to need you to take care of that little problem so we can wrap this up." All those lovely ladies looked at me expectantly and you could definitely hear a pin drop.

I really couldn't think of how to react or respond to her latest demand and after a long pause I turned to head to the changing room.

"Wait, we don't have time for that!" Cindy snapped suddenly. "We only have the studio for 5 more minutes. Its not our fault you still get excited over any little thing like a twelve year old boy." I had never heard her speak with that kind of domineering, authoritative tone. "If you're going to act like a little boy, we'll treat you like one. Now hurry up and beat off so we can finish our damn project."

I was more than a little stunned. Part of me definitely felt like this had all gone far enough and I should just get dressed and go home but I was just too aroused to think very logically. My desire to cum must have been greater than my fear of humiliation because after a brief pause, I started stroking my cock just like she told me.

It wasn't long before I was close to a powerful orgasm. The girls seemed to sense it and broke the illusion of decorum calling out things like, 'Stroke that dick' and 'Cum for us.' My eyes rolled back into my head and I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Jet after jet of cum shot our towards the girls who had started cheering. The waves of pleasure were just subsiding and my dick was still dripping when there was a commotion at the door.

Suddenly, a whole class of art students was coming through the door. I jumped up and froze like a deer in headlight. What a sight I must have been, on the small stage in the center of the room, holding my dick still dripping with cum.

"What the hell is going on here, you aren't supposed to be here, you aren't art students!" barked the professor. The girls were already scampering out the side exit mid-sentence. "I'm calling security!" he grumbled and stormed off. I regained my senses a moment later, grabbed the speedo on the ground and made a run for it, filing past about 40 mostly female coeds, more than a few of whom managed to slap my ass when I ran by.