Caught Jerking At Work Leads To CFNM Humiliation


I should be more discreet when beating my meat, but I've yet to learn my lesson. More than once I've been caught with my pants down because of my . . . carelessness, or should I say daring. Of course, it's been embarrassing to say the least. But for some reason, it also makes my heart, and other things, throb just thinking about it.

Once, I got caught in the midst of my indiscretion through the window of my apartment by neighbors, girls who had a giggling good time whenever they saw me afterwards. Another time my roommate's girlfriend walked in on me by "accident" (I was careless again), and she could never look at me in the eye without wincing, although I found the incident very titillating.

However, getting caught too often has its price, and punishment for my crimes can be severe.

I was working late in the office on a night when I'm usually the only one there. On slow nights like this, I can't stop the urge to strip off all my clothes and wander around pulling my pud. It's the excitement of it. Here I am, in the office, when at other times there are people here. Imagine what they'd think. I love stopping by desks where attractive women had been sitting. I fantasize about standing there in front of them, and they look at me and my attentive friend with surprise or maybe a little appreciation.

Then I walked across the hallway into another section where my supervisor's office is. My heart pounds thinking about Beverly, a strict boss, seeing me like this, standing in front of her office, my stiff dick pointed in her direction. Beverly, a tall blonde, remains excitingly attractive in her 50s, and even though I've had difficulty at work with her at times, I've had many a hard-on for her. I grabbed my cock and started stroking. I had thoughts of leaving a sticky surprise at her door.

To my sudden horror I heard a familiar strong voice at the hallway entrance in back of me. "Is this what you do on company time!" I turned to see Beverly. I felt my whole body turning hot and beet red. Her eyes were on me like fireballs flaming my way, as I stood bareass naked before her, my hand still wrapped around my erection. I was speechless to say the least and just stared at her with an intensely startled look at my face.

"I see you're jerking off on the job again," she said, walking toward me.

"And don't try anything funny or I'll phone the police," she added, holding a cell phone in her hand.

I made a motion to get past her so I could get to my desk and retrieve my clothes, but as usual Beverly was always one step ahead of me.

"Don't think about getting dressed. I hid your clothes where you can't find them," she said, a conniving smile forming on her face. "Now, try telling me why you think I shouldn't fire you immediately, not to mention filing sexual harassment charges against you for being so lewd and nude."

I had no idea what to say, and began mumbling something, trying, I think, to apologize, but the words just didn't make sense. How was I going to get out of a situation like this!

Beverly laughed, then came to a sudden stop. The look on her face changed suddenly to outrage.

"I have seen you do this before, but I was so appalled I didn't know what to do, so I slipped out," she shouted at me. "Now I'm fed up. How dare you walk around like this, in front of my office, when you're supposed to be working!"

She quickly looked around and grabbed a magazine from a nearby desk and rolled it up. Then she walked angrily to me and swatted my bare ass with it.

"You disgusting person," she yelled, slapping the magazine against my butt again and again and again. Each slap hurt more and more, as my body trembled. I couldn't believe I was standing there getting spanked by my boss!

She threw the magazine down, and we stood there staring at each other. I realized, although I was paralyzed with fear, that I still had a throbbing erection.

Beverly remained overcome with rage and walked over to a chair, sitting down.

"Come over here," she screamed. I couldn't move. "Come over here!"

I walked over and she grabbed my arm, yanking me over her lap. I felt my helpless penis squashed between her thighs covered by her dress. She immediately began delivering blow after blow to my reddened and sore bottom with her bare hand.

"You nasty bastard! You stupid little jerk-off!" She spanked me soundly with every word. This was the strangest punishment I ever had, especially at work. Beverly had a couple of children, so I guess she was used to being a disciplinarian, but this was truly bizarre.

When she finished spanking me, maybe twenty or more times, she pushed me off her and got up, walking toward her office. She turned and said, "If you don't want to get fired, come in here."

I walked to her office, thinking about the wild things that awaited me. Then I watched breathlessly as Beverly, to my astonishment, slipped her panties down her legs and over her shoes. Then she leaned back on her desk pulling her dress up, exposing a wonderful pussy.

"You think you're the only one around here who needs satisfaction," she said. "Get on your knees and show me what else you can do with your mouth besides asking stupid questions."

I needed no more coaxing. I was on my knees, before my beautiful boss, looking at a hot box that was still very inviting at her age. She grabbed my head and pulled me into it. I began licking, slowly at first, then eagerly, getting my tongue deeper inside. I found my way to her clit and began circling that delicious bud. I could feel Beverly tense up and she began breathing heavily.

"Keep licking, you little slut boy," she said. "Do something that makes you worthwhile for a change."

I kept licking and licking, the taste of her pussy filling my mouth and throat. Suddenly, she pulled my head away. "Your tongue is about as appealing as that little dick of yours," she said, turning around and pulling her dress up again.

"Kiss my ass like a good little worker," she told me.

She indeed had a beautiful behind, and I began showering each doughy cheek with dozens of kisses. "Now lick it!" she demanded. I obeyed, tonguing her tasty flesh. "Lick my asshole!"

I spread her cheeks, exposing that tight little hole, then plunged my tongue in as far as I could while licking eagerly. I heard her moan as she fingered herself. Her asshole was as delicious as her pussy. I had my hands on that beautiful butt when I felt her quiver and shutter. She moaned and let out a cry as her fingers brought her to orgasm with my tongue in her asshole.

Then she stepped away from me and put her underwear back on. We stood there with each other, not knowing what to say or do next, when I heard people's voices in the next room.

"That's Vickie and Melissa," Beverly said. "I was supposed to meet them here later." She saw a fearful look on my face. "Don't worry," she said. "I'll close the door and go out and talk to them, then get your clothes."

I was relieved as Beverly left and shut the door. Vickie and Melissa are two lovely young women in the office and I wouldn't want them to see me in my present attire.

I could hear them chatting with Beverly, and the fact that I was so close to them really aroused me. I leaned back on the desk where Beverly had been and started jerking off again. Hearing Vickie and Melissa's voices just a few feet away really had me going. Beverly had told me she would keep them at bay, but there was the thrill of knowing they could walk in on me at any moment!

How would I explain that to them, my coworkers! Women coworkers who had seen me standing here naked, jerking off! I'd have to leave town and change my name.

But those thoughts were again overtaken by the excitement of being so close to these ladies and on the verge of orgasm. The feeling of ecstasy overcame me and I pumped away to the pangs of heightened enjoyment. I felt my balls tingle and tighten while my cock expanded. I was about to unload.

Suddenly, the office door swung open, and Vickie and Melissa walked through with Beverly behind them nudging them in. She had a mischievous grin revealing her triumphant moment. I should have known. She had timed it perfectly, and there was nothing I could do.

Vickie and Melissa looked stunned, mouths agape, just as spurts of cum shot from my exploding cock high into the air, landing on the floor like heavy raindrops inches in front of them. When the throes subsided, there was sudden shock. Oh, no. Oh, no! What had I done!

Behind Vickie and Melissa's frozen faces I could hear Beverly's harsh voice: "You're fired!"