Early Birds Catch The Big Worm Ch. 2

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It was four o'clock in the afternoon and Mark was an hour late for his appointment. "He's not coming." Kat sang out for the umpteenth time across the table. Sally responded by pulling a face at her. "I told you so!"

"Come on!" Sally finally said, pushing her chair back and getting to her feet.

"Where are we going?"

"To find him of course!"

Kat gave a little giggle as she followed Sally out of the door and the two of them headed up the garden path toward the forest that separated Dingle Cottage from the meadow where Mark was camping. "What are we going to say?"

"I don't know yet, but I certainly intend to let him know I'm not very pleased."

"Oh well that's sure to make him want to come back and show us his dick again!" Kat replied with more than a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

"I intend to tell him that as professionals our research is important to us."

"Where did you get that idea from?" Kat chortled, "And all that stuff about the average size of a man's cock?"

"I just figured that as he was at university and studying birds, he'd appreciate the importance of research so I thought that would be our best chance of getting him to show us what he had in his pants!" She smiled at her own ingenuity. "The stuff about average sizes is all true you know — I looked it up on the internet. I needed something to give us credibility so I looked up some facts on a few medical sites. For instance, did you know that the idea a black man is better endowed than his white counterpart is a complete myth?"

"No. I thought that was a fact!" Kat replied with genuine interest.

"Well now you know. And how about this, there is no verifiable record of a totally natural cock exceeding twelve inches."

"So you're saying that if it's bigger than twelve inches it's been extended or something?"

"Uh-huh! At least they've never recorded one bigger than that, and twelve inches is like rare — I mean really rare, like practically unknown."

"So what about Mark, is he natural?"

"Oh he's pretty rare too! But I've no idea whether he's the genuine thing, how do you tell?"

"Could you imagine taking something like that?" Kat giggled, "I mean, he is huge!"

"Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!" Sally smiled, "Now look we're here, so careful what you say."

The two young women walked out of the trees not far from Mark's camp. His tent was still there, but there was no sign of Mark. "Well at least he didn't pack up and head for home."

"You don't suppose he's gone to our place do you?" Kat suggested, surveying the meadow for any sign of him.

"Not likely, we'd have seen him. My bet is he's gone chasing after one of his precious birds."

They decided to hang around and wait for him to return. It was a long wait, almost two hours before he hiked over the rise and it was pretty evident from the look on his face that he was not exactly overjoyed to see them.

"Hi Mark." Kat smiled at him warmly, sneaking a crafty look at his trouser front. It was impossible to tell that a monster sized cock lurked inside.

"Hi." He replied without enthusiasm, lifting his small backpack off his shoulders and dropping it to the ground.

"Did you forget our appointment today Mark?" Sally asked pointedly.

"Aww look, I'm sorry. I just don't think I can do this stuff."

"What stuff?" Sally asked innocently.

"You know — get undressed and stuff like that — with you two watching me." His face flushed with embarrassment. "It just doesn't seem right, and I felt pretty stupid about it."

"What University do you go to Mark?" Kat's voice had lost all its humour.

"Bristol." He answered, taken back by her question. "Why?"

"Oh nothing, we'll just report our incomplete findings, which no one will believe." Kat replied rising to her feet. "They will ask for verification, just to be sure we're not making any of it up, and we'll tell them you attend Bristol University."

Mark looked nervously between the two girls as Sally also clambered up to her feet and brushed her jeans off. She wasn't sure where Kat was driving this conversation and thought it best to say nothing. Receiving no further explanation, Mark pressed for an answer, "So?"

"So — nothing. The institute will write to Bristol University and advise them of our discovery, they'll then ask for access to you to verify our incomplete research."

His face turned bright red in horror. "But I don't have to do it!"

"Nobody is saying that you do, they will just ask you to verify that you participated up to a point in our research, and probably ask why you decided to drop out. That's all."

"But they won't tell the university I have a... well... you know, a big one or anything like that will they?"

"Probably. You know what researchers are like for talking."

Mark's jaw gaped back at them in horror.

"You have to understand Mark," Sally said gently, "you are quite a catch in our field. Almost as rare as some of these birds you've come out here hunting for. If you found something that was really rare you wouldn't keep quiet about it and others would want proof."

His eyes danced between the two of them incredulously, "Yeah, but this is different."

"Only because you study a different field to us!" Kat retorted. "In our world you are about as rare as a Do-do, and would you keep quiet about spotting one of those?"

"I can't have everyone at Uni knowing I've got a bigger prick than normal — I'll be the laughing stock of Bristol!"

"So why don't you just come back with us now and let us finish our research. If we get everything we need, the institute won't need to contact you to try and persuade you to complete our research."

"They won't tell Bristol will they?"

"No — not if you let us finish."

"Alright then — let me get something to eat, clean-up a bit and I'll be along presently." Mark answered unhappily.

"Now Mark." Kat told him firmly.

"You can eat and shower at the cottage." Sally offered gently. "We need to monitor what you are doing, just to be sure you are not taking any enhancers — you're not on any kind of medication are you?"

"No I'm not, and I'm not taking any enhancers either, whatever they are."

The three of them set off back to Dingle Cottage, Mark with much less enthusiasm than his female companions. Hidden from view in the trees, unseen eyes watched silently as the three departed.

When they arrived back at the cottage, Kat cooked up something quick while Sally asked Mark various questions, questions which she hoped would help to convince him they really were researchers, such as his full name, age, weight and height.

After they had eaten the two girls showed him to the bathroom and trooped in behind him. He looked at them questioningly, "You're not staying while I take a shower are you?" Both girls nodded their heads at him. "But why — besides, I need a pee!"

"We have to monitor you at all stages now, just so we can categorically state that you had no opportunity to do anything that might throw doubt on our research."

"Including watch me pee!"

"If we left the room then we cannot say you were left unattended."

Mark reluctantly undressed himself as the two women watched. The small, slowly spreading smiles on their faces did not seem to him to be in keeping with their claims to be researchers. He pushed the doubt to the back of his mind as he slipped his trousers off. His hands hesitated reluctantly at the waist of his underpants.

"Can I do that for you?" Kat suddenly chimed in. He looked at her in surprise. "Call it a girlie thing, and I know it's not really very professional, it's just... well I'd like to, that's all."

He nodded his head without conviction, watching her cross the short distance and kneel down in front of him, readying herself for his unveiling. Her fingers felt warm as they hooked into the front of his pants, pulling outward and slipping apart, following the waistband round to his hips as she lowered them down without uncovering him. Sliding the elastic over his behind and then returning, dragging the front of his underwear clear of him and repeating the move, this time exposing his seven inch limp cock.

"Oh my God!" Kat cooed. A broad smile fixed to her face. "It's incredible!"

Mark looked down at her kneeling before him as she raised her hand, lifting him in the palm of her hand and closing her small fingers about his soft shaft. He wheezed, feeling himself respond to the soft delicate touch as she stared at him.

"Leave him be Kat." Sally giggled. "He needs a pee!"

For the briefest of moments he thought she was going to kiss it, maybe even take it into her mouth, and that thought alone was enough to make him start to fill out. It quickly passed as Kate rose to her feet, her hand lingering, almost reluctant to let him go. She stepped back to join Sally and they let him pass to the toilet bowl. Kat made to follow, but Sally held her back and mouthed at her to wait.

While Mark stood patiently in front of the bowl, Sally stepped over to the bath with the shower set above, and pulled the curtain across to the far end of the bath, leaving the entire shower area open so they could watch. They heard the familiar trickle of water and Sally motioned to Kat.

Both girls crowded round, one on either side to watch him pee. One hand held his soft cock directing a steady flow into the bowl. Throwing caution to the wind, Kat slipped her hand in front of him and took hold of his cock. He glanced at her nervously and said nothing as he relinquished his hold to her. Sally fought back her laughter, barely able to believe Kat's audacity.

When Mark had finished, Kat gave it a little shake and then started chuckling as she watched it whiplash in her hand. Mark just looked at her sheepishly, but again made no protest. Sally stepped away and with a wave of her hand, directed him to the shower. He glanced at the open curtain and decided not to ask as Sally turned the water on and he waited a moment for it to warm up before stepping into the bath.

They watched him soap himself up and then shampoo his hair. The water flowed over his body, collecting in streams than ran around his pelvis, following his profile towards his groin where it looked like he was taking another pee as it poured off the end of his cock. Despite his best efforts to ignore the two women and keep himself turned away from them, they enjoyed the sight of his pert naked bum and the occasional peek at his testicles as he showered.

"Let me help you Mark." Kat suddenly said, moving toward the bath where he was standing. "It's obvious you feel embarrassed and too inhibited to do a proper job!"

"Kat!" Sally cried with a giggle. "You'll get soaked!"

Mark could scarce believe his eyes when Kat suddenly stopped and took her top off revealing a lacy burgundy bra. "Give me the soap!" She told him, tossing her top across the room.

Sally started to laugh. Mark was already becoming aroused just at the sight of Kat in her bra. Then realising that Kat had him all to herself, she quickly pulled her own t-shirt off and headed after Kat. She grasped the bar of soap off Kat and worked it into a lather as she watched Kat's fingers close about Mark's growing manhood. Her slick hands moved easily over Mark's hardening cock, gliding back to effortlessly expose his bulbous head.

"Open your legs so I can get at your balls!" Kat told him.

Gasping from her attention, Mark spread his feet apart, granting her the access she sought. Sally slid her soaped hands over his firm hard buttocks, feeling them tense and then relax beneath her touch. Her fingers found the crack of his ass and smoothly followed it down. Mark was panting now, his hard cock pulsating in Kat's hand as Sally's fingers slipped between his legs and cupped his balls from behind.

Kat's nipples were clearly outlined behind her bra. Sally looked down herself. Her own nipples could be seen pressing against the fabric of her bra, but they were nowhere near as erect as Kat's as her hands continued to run up and down his hard cock.

Both girls had wet hair and shoulders by the time they had tired of tormenting him. Sally's bra had turned semi-transparent with the water and she went to change it, leaving Kat with Mark. No sooner had Sally left the room than Kat turned to Mark, her hand closing around his pulsating member.

"So Mark, you're still a virgin?" He nodded his head, water dripping off his hair and the end of his nose. It seemed he had lost the ability to speak since his cock had become hard. "Want me to change that?"

His eyes widened as he looked back at her. It only took a moment for the offer to register before he nodded his head vigorously.

"If you are a really good boy and do everything we tell you, no questions, then I might just reward you!" She smiled mischievously at him as she squeezed his cock.

Mark gasped in response.

"Not yet sweetie!" Kat whispered seductively, reaching for the towel and giving him a good view of her cleavage.

She patted the towel down his chest and across his abdomen. Her eyes watched his as she lowered the towel to his groin and then folded her knees downward. Kat wrapped him in the towel, allowing just the head of his shaft to peek out. Her eyes rolled upward as he stared down at her, his breath locked in his chest as she leaned forward, her tongue slipped from her mouth and with her eyes fastened on his, she gave him a long slow lick across the tip of his cock.

"Oh my God — I think I'm going to cum!" He wheezed.

"No!" Kat commanded pulling away from him sharply. "Not yet."

Sally entered the bathroom, saw Kat on the floor and noted her very erect nipples and Mark's flushed face and instantly knew something was up. "What are you two up to?" She gave them a knowing smile.

"Nothing." Kat said innocently, rising to her feet, "I think he's ready now, aren't you Mark?"

"Err... Yes — I think so!"

"Well let's go downstairs then and get on with it shall we."

Mark crossed the room, his stiff cock wobbling about ridiculously in the air before him as it led the way. Sally caught Kat by the arm as she made to pass. "You're planning to shag him!" She whispered, "I can tell."

"So what?"

"Yesterday you said he was an anorak, and today you want to shag him!?"

"He's still an anorak, but a very compliant one!" Kat smiled. "Besides, I want to see what a ten inch cock feels like?"

"What about me?" Sally blurted out before she'd even thought about it.

"Step in line girl — I got there first, but I'll share!"

They headed back downstairs, both wearing just their bras. They found him waiting in the kitchen, his cock now semi-erect. "Oh dear!" Kat said in feigned surprised as she looked directly at him. "Your dick's lost interest." She approached him, noting how his eyes fixed on her bra, her hand closed about his semi-hard penis and then she turned, giving him a gentle pull and led him through to the living room towing him by his cock. Sally came behind, watching his pert bum wiggle awkwardly after Kat.

"Now Mark," Kat faced him in the living room. He stood at one end of a long towel that had been set on the floor in preparation for his arrival earlier. "What would you like us to do?" He looked at her confused. "Well do we need to do anything, provide you with something — a porno mag perhaps for you to get your dick up?"

His face reddened at the suggestion. Sally looked at Kat as if she had gone mad, where did she think they were going to get a porno mag from if he wanted one? Fortunately he shook his head so the question was academic.

"Well what would you like us to do, play with it for you?" He glanced nervously between the two women; Kat could tell he had something in mind from the expression on his face. "Go on Mark, you can tell us?"

"I... err... you wouldn't..." He chuckled nervously as the two women waited for him. "You wouldn't take your jeans off would you?"

"Of course we would, wouldn't we Sally." Kat reached for the button of her jeans. Sally stared at her with less certainty. "Wouldn't we Sally?"

"Oh yes, of course, the least we can do." She scowled at Kat as she opened her jeans.

"Really!" Mark suddenly chimed up happily. "Well what about your bras too!"

"Now Mark. We're the researcher's you're the subject, let's not get too carried away." Kat chided him with a smile as she shuffled her jeans down her thighs.

"Oh right — sorry. It's just that I've never seen a real pair... sorry!" His face flushed bright red again.

"You've never seen a pair of boobs before!" Kat teased him. "Well okay then, if it will make you happy I'll show you mine — you can look, but no touching okay?"

He nodded his head, licking his lips as his eyes fixed on Kat's breasts. Sally could see his cock stiffening up at the prospect. She didn't attempt to suppress her smile as Kat raised her arms behind her back and Mark's cock bobbed up and down, gently lifting itself in the air before him.

"There we are!" Kat said, holding her arms out on either side as she faced him, allowing him to gaze at her bare boobs. "Now we just need to get you really horny ready for the test." With that she marched up to him and knelt before him, her hand running across his swollen penis.

Sally watched with slight trepidation. This hadn't been part of the plan, but now Kat had removed her bra, she felt somewhat conspicuous in not following suit. He was staring down at Kat as she knelt before him fondling his cock and Sally decided that if she wanted any part of the action, she needed to lighten up a little. She reached up and unhooked her bra, then found herself facing him as he watched her, staring directly at her hidden boobs. Trying to act like it was quite normal; she unceremoniously slipped her bra down her arms, instantly feeling the air on her sensitive nipples.

Mark drew in a deep and ragged breath as he watched Sally's firm breasts tremor slightly as she approached him. And then he moaned, loudly. Sally and Mark both looked down to see Kat slide her lips over his stiff cock.

Sally stood beside Mark, looping her arm around his back as her hand caressed his naked buttock. She smiled down at Kat as Mark continued to groan. "I'm gonna cum!" He suddenly cried. Kat sprang out of the way and cried at him not to touch himself.

They had him totally under their control now. Mark stood with an earnest expression on his face, his cock straining desperately before him, his hands grasped firmly behind his back. Slowly the bright heat subsided from his face and his rampant cock softened a little. The moment passed and self-control was restored.

"Nice and easy." Sally told him, looking down at his wilting cock.

Mark began slowly pumping his hand in long steady strokes. Both women looked down from either side of him, watching the relentless piston swing of hand across man-meat, purple head bulging angrily with each stroke. Kat moaned quietly and Sally glanced across at her, noting her tense thighs pressed firmly closed, rubbing together. Her gaze shifted back to Mark's hand, a small smirk spreading across her face at Kat's craving.

"Lie down on the floor Mark." Kat suddenly groaned. Mark's hand froze. He looked at her, his face blank with confusion. "Lie down on the floor!" Kat shouted at him, "Do it now!"

"What about the thrust test?" Sally blurted as Mark lowered himself to the carpet.

"Fuck the thrust test — I've got something more important in mind." Kat said, shoving her panties down her thighs quickly.

She pushed Mark's shoulders back onto the floor, holding him down as his eyes sought the secret of her womanhood. "Now just hold your dick up and keep it steady!"

Sally watched in wide-eyed amusement as her friend straddled him and slowly lowered herself down onto Mark's shaft. Her eye's closed, teeth clamped over her lower lip, hips lifting herself and then sliding down again. "Don't you dare cum," She growled, "or I'll rip your balls off I swear!"

Kat slowly worked up her rhythm, picking up her pace as Mark struggled to maintain control. "Oh my God!" Kat breathed as she increased her tempo. Mark's eyes locked on her quivering breasts. Rivulets of sweat formed on his face to run down his neck. Kat cried, Mark grunted, his hips grinding back, rising to meet each of Kat's downward strokes. And then Kat lost herself in ecstasy, riding him with a fury as she shrieked at him to fuck her.

Sally did her best to stifle her laughter. She knew that Kat and herself were a wild pair, but this topped everything. They had never had sex in the same room before and watching Kat now, riding his ten inch cock was by far the craziest thing they had ever done, and Kat seemed oblivious to Sally's voyeurism. Kat cried passionately as her orgasm took her, Mark grunted each pump of his own release and Sally fought to control the fits of laughter that threatened to overwhelm her. She turned to retrieve her bra. A loud shriek startled everyone as Sally's hands sprung to cover her breasts. "There's someone at the window!"

Everything happened so fast. Kat, covered in a sheen of sweat, leapt off Mark and dashed to the window disregarding her nudity or any attempt at self-dignity as she peered out into the darkness. Mark rolled away, lunging for the towel and covering himself as he crawled away to hide himself behind the sofa.

"There's no one there!" Kat cried still peering out into the darkness, "I can't see anyone at all!"

"There was — I saw a face — I swear!" It was blindingly obvious from the concern on Sally's face that she had indeed seen someone.

"Who was it?" Kat demanded.

"I don't know — I only caught sight of them for a moment!"

"Right — we'd better check then." Kat was getting angry, Sally knew that tone all to well. "Come on you. You're supposed to be a man. Stop hiding away and come and give us a hand."

Kat and Sally hurriedly dressed as Mark raced upstairs for his own clothes. By the time they were outside, armed with torches, whoever had been there would have undoubtedly made good their escape. Nonetheless they spent a good half-hour searching around, by which time Sally was starting to doubt what she had seen. The three of them trooped back inside and started to make light of the incident over a coffee.

Presently Mark suggested he needed to make tracks back to his tent. The girl's made a joke of offering to walk him back, but he shrugged it off and left. As soon as he had gone Sally turned to Kat.

"What was it like?"

"Big! Filled me up to bursting!" Kat giggled. Her expression softened. "Sorry I mucked your plans up, I was just so horny I couldn't stand it!"

Sally shrugged her shoulders. "My turn next time?"

"Deal!" Grinned Kat. "Tomorrow night."

The following morning Mark rose late after a long and fitful sleep. He felt strangely different, whole somehow, more sure of himself... manly. That was it; he was a man, not a virgin, not a boy, but a man! He lay in his sleeping bag feeling smug with himself as his mind drifted back to the previous night.

"Are you getting up? I know you're awake in there — or should I come in there and get you up?"

Startled Mark sat bolt upright. "Aunt Jean? I didn't know anyone was there. I'm getting up now." He pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts before crawling out of his tent.

Aunt Jean, was a large imposing woman in her early fifties with an air of authority that made him nervous, though he didn't know either her nor his uncle particularly well. Crawling from his tent he found her sitting on a log he'd dragged out of the trees to use as a bench. She remained seated as he rose to his feet. "How is your field trip going?"

"Oh err... very well thank you."

She glanced over at him, eyes lingering. "When is it you return home — tomorrow isn't it?"

"Yes, that's right." He looked at her, puzzled by her appearance. "What brings you over here Aunt?"

"I came to see you." She replied, eyes rolling slowly up his bare legs, pausing, then flitting away to the horizon. "We have a WI meeting tonight and I thought you could come and tell us all about your bird spotting."

His eyes lit up at the prospect. "I'd love to!"

"Good." A sly smile crossed her lips as she suddenly looked straight up into his face. "In particular we'd like to know what a bird-spotter gets up to all alone out here."

"Well mostly it's just a case of hanging around really..."

"Hanging around is it?" She cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Pretty boring stuff really, until a bird comes along that is."

"Oh I'm sure that would liven things up a bit." She answered, pulling herself up off the log on which she was perched to stand right in front of him. "You'll do just fine I'm sure. Now seven-thirty at the village hall, we'll be expecting you." She turned sharply on her heel and walked away.

It was one o'clock and Mark was sitting across the kitchen table with a coffee in the girls' cottage. He had told them the news about his Aunt's visit and the daunting prospect of giving a public talk on his favourite subject. Kat and Sally were having trouble keeping a straight face.

"I wonder who will be there." Sally said, turning to Kat.

"We will that's for sure."

"But we haven't been invited?"

"And you think that's going to stop us!"

"What am I going to do?" Mark groaned, staring into his coffee.

"What do you mean — go of course!" Kat said, focusing on Mark.

"I'll feel such a fool!" He shrugged back at her. "I've never given a talk in public before — I don't have any slides or anything to show them."

"Oh you have plenty to show them!" Kat giggled.

"Like what?"

Sally took Kat's arm and held it. "I think you should spend some time preparing Mark, you can use our living room if you like. We'll take care of dinner so that gives you a little more time, and when you're ready, we'll drive you down to the village hall."

"Would you?" He smiled brightly. "That would be great — are you really going to come along too?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, would we Sally?" Kat grinned back at him.

"Tell you what Mark, why don't I go back to your tent and pick-up some of your clothes and give them a wash. You know, iron all the creases out after a good clean — after all we want you to look your best for tonight?"

"Hey — great friends, thank you very much."

"I can't believe he is so naïve!" Kat chuckled when they were safely out of earshot back in the kitchen. Mark was in the living room, preparing for his big night.

"I can't believe Jean Owens is setting him up like this — surely we are misinterpreting what she meant, you know, reading too much into it?"

"Has it occurred to you that she might have been the one peeping in at our window last night?" Kat suggested, tapping a finger purposefully on the table. "I bet that's given her ideas. Let's face it — he's quite a catch in the trouser department!"

"Do you think we should warn him?" Sally asked with an air of caution.

"Two things. If we tell him he'll worry about it — or worse still, pull out. And if he doesn't pull out and we warned him, we'll look right idiots if we're wrong and he gets there expecting to undress and they are expecting a talk about birds!"

At seven o'clock they made him take a shower. "I'm not having you put these nice clean clothes on for your big presentation tonight without showering first." Sally told him firmly.

Mark showered behind a locked door while the girls got themselves ready. Both girls complimented him when he finally emerged from the bathroom in neatly pressed jeans and casual shirt. When they were ready, they set off for the village hall.

"Quite a turn out by the looks of things." Kat commented as Sally turned into the car park.

"How many do you think will be there?" Mark chirped up nervously from the backseat.

"About a dozen I should think, maybe more."

They pulled into a parking space and headed for the door. Jean Owen was waiting like a sentinel in the entrance porch. She looked at Kat and Sally with distain. "What are you two doing here?" She demanded frostily. "I don't recall inviting you!"

"It's alright Aunt, they are with me." Mark answered innocently.

"But they're not WI members! We can't have non-members in here!"

"We just joined the Women's Institute — for one night only." Kat retorted. And then she smiled sweetly. "Besides, we know exactly what kind of member you want to see here tonight!"

Jean Owens' face reddened, though it was difficult to tell if that was rage or because she had been caught out. "You'd better come in. I was just about to lock the door."

"Don't worry, your secret meeting is safe with us." Sally injected, stepping through the door. "And I should make sure the curtains are drawn if I were you — you never know who might be about!" She gave her a purposeful wink.

Jean hesitated for a moment to look at her, and then quickly turned away to close and lock the door.

She led them into the hall where two rows of chairs were set, occupied entirely by women as you might expect at a meeting of the Women's Institute. All heads turned to look back as the four of them entered the rear of the hall, about twenty in all, ranging from the young to the old, even old Mrs Patterson who was in her late seventies was there. As one they started to applaud their unsuspecting guest as he made his way down the hall toward the small walkway parting the middle of the two rows.

"You'll have to get your own chairs." Jean told the two girls coldly.

"Don't you think you'd better tell Mark why he's here first?" Kat shot back. "There might not be much point in going to the trouble of fetching chairs once he knows!"

Mark stopped in mid-stride and turned.

"You little cow!" Jean muttered under her breath, "I had everything planned."

"Trying being a little more civilised in the future and I promise not to spoil your night!" Kat answered tardily.

"What's going on?" A frown furrowed Marks brow as he looked at the two women.

"A word Mark." Jean said, taking hold of his arm and pulling him to one side.

Sally jabbed an elbow into Kat. "I don't believe it — Mrs Jones from the Village Shop is here. Who would have thought such a self-righteous hag like her would have been here?"

"Mark..." Jean began, "What's that in your hand?"

"Oh just some notes I've prepared for my talk."

"You're not here to talk about bird-spotting. They've come to see what you were holding in your hand last night!" The colour suddenly drained from his face. "That's right, you understand — a demonstration..." She licked her lips before continuing, "a demonstration of the worm you use to catch the birds!"

"I... err... don't know what you mean Aunt."

"Oh I think you do young man." Her voice became firm and insistent. "I think you know exactly what I mean. I saw you cavorting naked with those two young fillies at Dingle Cottage." The back of her hand brushed against the front of his jeans and stayed. "I saw you choking the cockerel's neck, quite a display it was too!"

He stood red faced before her, not knowing what to say or do, feeling the bulge in his shorts begin to uncoil and thicken.

"And tonight, we would like a similar display. Look — all my friends have turned out just to take a look after I told them what a monster you've got! You're not going to disappoint them now are you?"

"Were Kat and Sally in on this?"

"Of course not — I said friends!" She snapped, wheeling him toward the front.

"I can't!" He protested.

"Oh but you can, and you will, unless you'd like me to tell them all about how you played with yourself in front of your two friends — how you had to have a lesson in sex with a young woman."

"Say what you like, I'm going home!"

"I have the key. The door is locked and they won't let you leave with a stitch of clothing on, I'll make sure of that!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Wouldn't I?" She turned to address the seated women. "Ladies!" She cried.

"Shhh! Don't — I'll do it, just take my clothes off. That's all — nothing more!"

"Mark is ready now!" She smiled triumphantly. She led him to the front of the hall and turned him to face the gathered women and then just as promptly left him there to take her seat in the front row as the women clapped him once more.

Mark stood wavering, staring back at the rows of smiling faces watching him, full of expectation. A hush fell over the room. He spotted Kat and Sally moving chairs into position behind the back row. A low murmur started to spread through the room. "Come on!" A voice beckoned to him.

"Yeah, get on with it!" Another called.

"Take your shirt off!"

He hesitated, his face reddening. And then he did a half-hearted shrug of his shoulders before opening his shirt. They cheered loudly as the buttons opened one by one and he allowed it to fall off his shoulders, leaving him naked from the waist up. Someone whistled and several of the women laughed.

"Now y'trousers!"

Mark opened the front of his jeans and the women began a slow hand-clap, chanting the word 'off' over and over. His jeans descended his legs as he kicked his shoes off so he could tramp his legs free. He bent over to pull his socks off and the women laughed at the comments shouted out about his pert bum still clad in his underwear.

"Hurry-up!" Someone urged as he wrestled with his socks.

"Come on, we want to see your dick!" A voice rose above the chorus, followed by several shrieks of laughter.

He faced them in just his underwear, hands twitching nervously at his waist. Again the chant rose up, insistent in its urgency... "Off... Off... Off... Off... !" And down they came to a loud whoop of glee as Mark's seven inch tool was unveiled.

Jean ordered him to walk along the two rows of women and let them all get a close look. They cheered at him teasingly; hand's reached out to fondle him. Even old Mrs Patterson took a grip of his magnificent rod and it didn't take long for his rod to respond to their groping either. Soon seven inches had grown to a full erect ten inches for the delighted women to ogle.

"Did you get a look at his balls Mrs Jones?" Someone shouted. Mrs Jones nodded her head excitedly and mouthed the word 'yes'.

"Tell him to show you his head!" Someone shrieked as he made his way along the row.

They grabbed at his ass, slapped his cheeks until they were red, hefted his balls and pulled at his cock as he tried to make his way between the two rows. His dick was stroked, pulled and swatted from side to side, while other hands groped at him from behind. When at last he made it back to the front of the room, his Auntie stepped up beside him. In plain view of everyone she stood facing the women, her hand gripping his cock, stroking it steadily.

"Would you like to watch him stoke his furnace?" She cried.

The women cheered loudly and Mark took hold of himself as Jean returned to her seat. A hush fell across the room as he began to stroke his cock. It didn't take him long to find a rhythm as he beat his meat. Several women rose to their feet for a better view of the spectacle about to be presented. His balls swung a crazy dance that had a few of them tittering in mirth. He rewarded their quiet patience with a sudden gasp as his legs braced themselves and a sudden jet of cum shot forward to the loud accompaniment of squeals and happy applause. Each shot produced further cries of delight from his audience.

Mark's cock hung limp and spent as he moved about the hall surrounded by women drinking cups of tea, taking the opportunity to pat his naked bum or steal a peek at his oversized dick. The show was over, the women no longer seated as they formed little cluster's to talk of the display they had witnessed along with other local gossip. But Mark was still very much the centre of attention as he moved in their midst, searching.

He spotted Kat and Sally standing together and headed toward them, ignoring the hands running across his bare behind. Sally spotted him and smiled. "So that's what you call a presentation!"

"I had no idea this was planned. Listen..."

"You are obviously going down a treat." Kat cut in. "And enjoying yourself by all accounts, you're not even dressed yet Mark."

"I know, that's what I wanted to ask you about — someone's pinched my clothes!" Just then a group of women dragged him off for their own inspection; hands running over his manhood, marvelling at the size of it and congratulating him on his performance.

"Where do you suppose his clothes are?" Sally asked, her eyes never leaving Mark.

"I don't know, but it's one way of keeping him here naked and making sure he doesn't sneak off!"

"Let's give them another hour before we rescue him shall we?"

"We'll tell him to tell everyone he wants the loo and we can meet him at the door!"

"Whisk him away to safety you mean?"

"Back to your bed more like!" Kat laughed. Sally smiled, feeling the warm tingly sensation in the pit of her stomach as her faced reddened. "In the morning he's mine!" Kat grinned, "I want a proper go before he packs up and returns home!"