Early Birds Catch The Big Worm Ch. 1


Sally saw the small hike tent in the meadow as she drove down the dirt track from the small stone cottage she and Kat rented further up the hill. It was quite an isolated spot out in the country, not that either of them minded, they were both country girls and appreciated the peace and quiet of the countryside. The disadvantage was travelling two miles to get a pint of milk both of them had forgotten to pick up yesterday morning when they passed through the local village.

The lone tent stuck out like a sore thumb in the field and was remarkable in that she had never seen anyone camping in the field before. She wondered if Mr Owens, the landowner, knew someone was camping in the meadow. Sally drove past and soon forgot about the blue tent as she turned out onto the narrow road that led to the village.

She stopped at the village shop and purchased a newspaper and a couple of cartons of milk. "Have you met your new neighbour yet?" Mrs Jones the village shop owner asked. She was a plump, friendly woman who, typical for the rural area, knew everyone's business and all the comings and goings in the area.

"No, I didn't know anyone was camping there until I came down this morning."

"Arrived yesterday afternoon, he called in and picked-up a few provisions on his way through. He's a relative of Bill Owens'," She said conspiratorially, as if it were some great secret she was imparting. "He's studying ornithology at university and is visiting the area on a field-study — whatever a field-study is?"

"He's on his own?" Sally asked. Not wanting to raise Mrs Jones' curiosity, she quickly added, "I mean, why isn't he staying at the farmhouse?"

"Apparently he wanted to camp out on the meadow next to the lake, closer to the birds." Mrs Jones packed Sally's milk cartons into a bag. "I understand there are some rare breeds up there."

Mrs Jones watched Sally depart. Quietly she disapproved of the two young women in their early twenties living together out on their own. As far as she was concerned the two of them should be looking to settle down with any one of the bachelors available locally. She had heard rumours that the two of them were lesbians, but she had seen the women taking men back to their cottage; something else she disapproved of.

Sally slowed the car as she drove up the lane leading to the cottage, peering through the hedge to see if she could catch a glimpse of their visitor. The tent was pitched close to the tree line of the woodland that swept down the valley to border the grounds of Dingle Cottage Kat and Sally rented. There was no sign of the Ornithologist and Sally drove.

Kat had just finished in the shower when Sally arrived. She was drying her hair with a towel in the kitchen when Sally walked in. "Fancy some bird spotting?" Sally said cheerfully, plonking the cartons of milk on the table.

"Bird spotting!?" She replied with obvious distaste. She folded the towel over the back of a chair and put the kettle on.

Sally laughed at her friend's expression and then explained about their visitor camping in the meadow. Kat made them both a cup of tea and pulled up a chair, joining Sally at the table. "So you think we should give him a couple of birds to spot?"

"Why not — we could just take a walk over and introduce ourselves."

"He sounds like an anorak to me." Kat replied, quietly sipping her tea. "No harm in taking a look though."

Two hours later in jeans and t-shirts, armed with a pair of binoculars, just to look the part, the two young women set off. The walk through the woodland was mostly downhill and would take them a good half-an-hour as they followed the winding path.

They found his tent sitting quietly on the edge of the meadow. With no sign of their mysterious visitor, the pair set off to follow the tree-line toward the small lake. As they walked over the rise and headed down toward the lake they caught sight of a figure moving into the trees. Kat raised the binoculars and scanned the trees, saw colour and focused the lenses. "Oh my God!"

"What?" Sally stopped and turned, seeing her friend smile, a small enquiring frown fixed her own her face.

"He's taking a pee!" Kat replied keeping the binoculars trained.

"Can you see it?" Sally asked excitedly.

"Not quite."

"Let me look."

Kat passed her the binoculars and directed her. Sally scoured the tree-line, searching for him. Suddenly Kat pulled the glasses from her face and as Sally started to protest Kat told her that he was out of the trees. Sally lowered the binoculars and they headed down toward the lake.

He was still some distance from them, not far from the waters edge and with his back toward them, unaware of their approach. The two friends stopped dead in their tracks. Sally took hold of Kat by the arm and dragged her quickly into the trees as he kicked off his shoes and pulled down his shorts. From the safety of the trees they watched as he stripped off his shirt and headed into the water in his swimming trunks.

"Damn it — I thought he might take the lot off and do a bit of skinny-dipping. Just our luck he'd keep his trunks on!" Sally trained the binoculars on him and watched for a moment. He turned to face her and she refocused the glasses, letting out a gasp of surprise.

"What is it?" Kat asked, staring at the lone figure knee deep in water.

"By the size of that lump in his trunks I'd swear he had a hard-on!"

"Don't be daft!" Kat replied, squinting through the undergrowth. "Here, give me the binoculars and let me see."

Sally passed her the binoculars with a giggle and waited for her friend to fix him in the lens. "Oh wow!" She leapt to her feet, "Come on!"

"Where are we going?" Sally grinned, trotting out after her friend.

"For a closer inspection of course!" Kat replied, smoothing out her t-shirt and looping her arm through the strap of the binoculars. "It's time to introduce ourselves — act calm, like we have just arrived."

He saw the two women approach as he pushed himself backwards into the water. He surfaced and stared at them somewhat surprised to see anyone out here, especially two good looking women. When it became apparent that they were heading directly toward him he swam back to the shore.

"Hi." Sally, the dark haired, slightly shorter of the two, greeted him.

"Hi." He answered, wading out of the water.

"Is that your tent over the rise?" Sally enquired, sneaking a peek at the front of his trunks as he turned to follow her gesture.

"Oh — yeah. My Dad is a cousin of the farmer..." He suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, seeing the two women grinning at him — What was that about? "He-err, let me camp up there. Are you local?"

"Sure... I'm sorry — My name is Kat," The black haired woman introduced herself. "and this is Sally. We live in the little cottage on the other side of the woods."

"I'm Mark." He told them, moving toward his clothes, suddenly feeling uncomfortable in just his swimming trunks.

"So what brings you out here?" Kat enquired, staring at his tight pert bottom as he bent over to pick-up his clothes.

"I'm studying birds."

"In the lake?" Sally said with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Well it's hot, and I thought I'd take a dip." He pulled his t-shirt on. "What brings you out here?"

"Oh we were just out, taking a walk."

"With binoculars?"

"You never know what you might see out here."

"So Mark, what kind of birds are you looking for?" Kat asked with a sly grin on her face that seemed to fly right over his head.

"The rare kind, Redstart, Wood Warbler, Buzzards, or even a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker if I'm lucky."

"I wouldn't mind seeing a pecker myself." Kat replied in feigned innocence. Sally snorted, and then did her best to disguise it with a fake coughing fit.

"Don't let us interrupt your swim." Kat told him when her previous comment gained no reply. "We swim here all the time, only I guess we had better make sure we wear our costumes while you are around."

"You do... Oh, right, I see... Well just let me know and I'll keep a respectful distance."

This guy is seriously hard work. Kat thought as they turned to follow him back up the rise.

"Do you see many rare birds around here?" Mark enquired when it seemed they were obviously going to follow him back to his tent.

"We see buzzards all the time. They're pretty common around here." Sally informed him, stepping into stride beside him.

"Anywhere in particular?"

"All over really, I'm surprised you haven't seen any! When did you arrive?"

"Late yesterday afternoon, so I haven't really made a proper start."

"Well, you know what they say..." Kat jibed, "the early bird catches the worm!"

"That's right!" He answered never skipping a beat. "I only arrived yesterday and slept in late this morning, long drive yesterday, but tomorrow I plan to be up before dawn."

"Who's Dawn?" Sally giggled at her own joke.

"Dawn? Oh, I see — joke! I missed that one!"

Kat rolled her eyes as they arrived at his tent. "Where's your car?"

"I left it at the farm."

"Is that where you are eating your meals and stuff?"

"No, I've got a small stove. Roughing it I'm afraid."

"Why don't you come over to our place tonight for dinner?"

"Yeah — great idea." Kat offered her support with less enthusiasm. "Great!"

"I don't know..."

"Oh go on. We don't get much company out here, and you sound like a really interesting guy with all this bird watching stuff — we might learn something."

"Are you really interested in birds?" Mark asked, picking up interest. Kat feigned a yawn behind his back as he faced Sally.

"Of course we are." Sally smiled at Kat. "Aren't we Kat."

"Love 'em!" Kat replied with little passion.

"Well if you're sure it's no trouble..."

"No trouble at all." Sally gave him directions, they were simple enough, just follow the path through the wood to their cottage.

"Idiot!" Kat scolded her when the two of them were safely out of earshot. "That guy's an anorak — what the American's call a Geek — what did you go and invite him over for? I mean, he's devoid of any humour and his interest in birds is obviously restricted to the feathered kind. And he's not even that good looking!"

"True," Sally agreed happily, "but you saw the size of that bulge in his trunks and that has got to be worth investigating don't you think?"

"Fat chance — unless you could convince him there was a Wood Warbler in his pants!"

Sally walked back to their cottage deep in thought. When they got back she told Kat she would have to do the cooking. "I have an idea and need to spend some time on the internet."

"Tell me more?" Kat's spirit's lifted in anticipation.

"Later!" Sally smiled mischievously.

It was early evening when Sally revealed her plans to Kat. Kat was sceptical about the plan, but it seemed like their best bet and so she agreed to give it a go. The two of them dressed, casually, but fairly provocatively. Low, revealing tops, and tight jeans, just the thing to turn a guy's head.

Mark arrived a little early, not that it mattered as they were ready for him. He apologised for not bringing a bottle of wine, but waved a couple of Ornithology Books at them. Kat sighed miserably at the prospect of browsing endless pictures of birds and trying to maintain an air of interest. If Mark noticed the curvy figures of either of his hosts, he made no reference to it.

Sally pushed a glass of wine into his hand and led him through to the living room where she spent the next hour trying to ply him with wine as she sat through a lecture on birds and their habits. Kat hid away in the kitchen. Mark was obviously enthusiastic about his subject and Sally had a hard time trying to get a word in edge ways, never mind trying to keep the wine flowing. Eventually Kat came to the rescue when she called them through for dinner and again the conversation centred round his feathered friends.

It wasn't until after dinner, when Kat opened the third bottle of wine that Mark suddenly realised that he knew almost nothing about the two women. "So do you mind if I ask what you two do for a living?"

"Oh nothing," Sally answered with a dismissive wave, "besides, you wouldn't be interested."

"Yeah I am." He allowed Kat to pour him another glass, peering straight down her top as she leaned over the table at him. "So what do you do?"

"Seriously — most guys just get embarrassed about it and we wouldn't want to embarrass you, you're our guest after all?"

"What is it, are you strippers or something?" He smiled, half afraid they might say yes.

"No, nothing so glamorous." Kat told him, pouring another glass for herself. "Actually it's pretty boring."

"So — what is it?" He chuckled despite the insistency in his voice. They had raised his curiosity now and he wasn't prepared to let the matter drop.

"Are you going to tell him, or shall I?" Kat asked Sally.

"He's not going to let it pass until we tell him is he?" Sally replied, setting her glass back on the table.

"I don't think so."

"We're Anatomical Researchers. There, how boring is that?"

"What's an anatomical researcher do?" He looked bemused.

"I was afraid you'd ask that — you promise you won't get embarrassed will you?"

"No, seriously, I'm interested."

"In our case, we study male reproductive organs."

He sat back in his chair for a moment and glanced between the two attractive young women sitting opposite him. "Really — no kidding?"

"Really — drink your wine. Does that embarrass you?"

Mark sipped his wine. "Not really, but then I'm not sure I really understand you."

"We take measurements of penis size, sperm quantity on ejaculation, testicle size and measure comparisons etc." Kat said matter-of-factly. "All pretty boring stuff actually."

He stared at them incredulously for a moment. "You actually measure a man's penis — they let you do that?"

Sally and Kat looked at each other and nodded their heads without a trace of a smirk on their faces. "Yeah, in both the flaccid and erect state." Sally replied in a measured tone.

"But where do you get these guys from?"

"Oh all over," Kat suggested vaguely, "all walks of life and ages."

"It might interest you to know that the average length of a flaccid penis is between three to four inches, three and three-quarter inches if you want to be exact." Sally told him with an air of expertise. "An erect penis is between six and seven inches long, again six-and-a-half inches to be precise."

"Wow! You really do this stuff — don't you find it embarrassing, measuring penises?"

"At first, but not now, we're use to it." Kat replied, picking up the bottle. "Let me fill your glass."

"So what's the biggest one you've seen?"

"Eight inches — erect that is."

"Eight inches!" He snorted and reached for his wine glass.

"What's so funny?" Kat asked.

"And what's the smallest?"

"About four inches."

"Poor guy, imagine only having four inches!"

"Well those are extremes, and pretty rare to find."

"An eight inch penis is rare?"

"Sure. I've never come across a bigger one than eight inches, have you Kat?"

"Eight-and-a-quarter was my biggest find. So if you have any friends with a bigger penis than that you point him in our direction, we'd like to examine him."

"You know — run a few tests and carry out some experiments, that sort of thing." Sally added quickly, throwing a look of caution at her friend.

He glanced nervously at the two women and wet his lips before taking a sip of wine. "This is all above board right?"

"What? That we would like to examine a larger than average male — of course it is!" Kat answered him straight faced. "Why — do you know someone?"

His gaze dropped to the wine glass before him as he nodded his head slowly.

"Oh this is great news. Are you sure he's bigger than eight inches?"

"Pretty sure." His face reddened and the two women pretended not to notice.

"Well who is he? Would you be prepared to introduce us to him? This would be so important to us and our research."

He hesitated, wetting his lips again. "You're looking at him." He glanced up at the two women nervously.

Sally and Kat looked at each other, eyes meeting knowingly. Sally reached her hand across the table, placing her hand over his. "You're not just saying this," She spoke softly, reassuringly to him. "You know, to impress us or something."

"Oh no." He replied eyes fixed on his glass.

"Could we maybe take a look, just confirm what you've just told us?"

"Well, I don't know. It is kind of embarrassing and I've never done anything like this before."

"That's okay, we understand." Sally cooed softly. "I tell you what, why don't you just take your trousers down and keep your underwear on for a moment. If you really have what you say, we'll know straight away."

"Just my trousers?"

"For now — just your trousers."

"You won't laugh or anything will you?"

"Of course not, we've seen hundreds!"

"Thousands!" Kat suggested.

"Thousands," Sally confirmed, glancing sideways at Kat. "And they were all as nervous as you're feeling right now."

"Well okay, but just my trousers."

They led him through to the sitting room where, as they put it, they could all feel a little more comfortable. Sally got on the floor, kneeling at his feet to help him take his shoes off.

"Is that really necessary?" He asked getting jittery.

"Well we wouldn't want you having an accident by falling over your trousers would we?" Sally answered pulling at his shoes. "Best to take them off — just to be safe."

Sally went to sit down on a chair facing him after removing his shoes. He looked at the two women waiting for him. "This is silly — I feel silly!"

"Do you want me to help you?" Kat offered, sitting forward on the edge of her seat.

"No thanks, I can manage." He turned away from them and undid his trousers. The two women exchanged a smirk as they waited.

He pulled his trousers down and wrestled them off his feet, oblivious to the display he offered of his pert bottom to the two women. He turned around to face them, his face bright red.

"What do you think Sally?" Kat said as the two of them stared openly at the bulge in his underpants.

"Well I don't know, it's difficult to say for sure. Either he's telling the truth, or he's put something in his underwear to make it look like there's more there!"

"I have done no such thing!" He retorted hotly, adjusting his underwear back into place.

"No offence intended. Can I come a little closer?"

"If you want to..." He replied, turning his head suspiciously.

Sally got up and crossed the room to stand only a couple of feet away from him before she knelt down in front of him. Mark glanced down at her nervously before fixing his gaze on the far wall. "I think he's telling the truth Kat. From what I can see he might just have the answer to what we've been looking for."

"Really?" Kat got out of her chair and walked across to kneel beside Sally. "Do you know, you could be right — gosh Mark, this is terrific news! Would you mind if we just took a quick peek?"

"Well I don't know..."

"I tell you what Mark." Sally interrupted, "Why don't you just put your hands on your hips a moment and leave the rest to us."

Mark apprehensively moved his hands onto his hips.

"Now just pretend we're not here. You don't have to do anything — we'll take care of everything." Sally reached for the front of his underwear and started to lower them down.

Mark suddenly grabbed his underwear and pulled back up. "I don't know about this."

"Mark!" Kat scolded. "Put your hands back and do as you're told."

His hands returned quickly to his hips and he felt his underwear being drawn down. His face twisted as he grimaced with embarrassment.

"Oh my God! Will you just look at the size of that thing!" Sally continued to pull his underwear down to his ankles.

"Oh my God!" Kat echoed, her face slack as she stared at him. "Oh my God — it's huge!"

Mark felt uncomfortable as the two women sat on their knees before him, staring at his oversized penis. He let the bottom of his t-shirt fall, not that it was long enough to cover him. "Pull it up!" Kat protested. "No take it off all together."

"Please... look, you've seen it. Let me get dressed now." Mark whined.

Kat rose to her feet, pulling his t-shirt up as Sally lifted his ankles out of his underwear. "We've got all sorts of measurements and things to do. Besides, now we've seen it there's nothing to worry about is there?" Kat told him, pulling insistently on his t-shirt. "I bet the girls just love you?"

"Errr... no, not especially."

"They don't know about this?" Kat asked in mock surprise.

"Well I don't exactly go around telling everyone." He allowed Kat to pull his shirt off.

"Yes, but girls do talk to each other you know and word would soon get out."

"Not if they don't know."

"Are you telling me you are a virgin?" Kat pressed him, standing before him as Sally remained on her knees staring at him. He became even more embarrassed as he admitted the fact. "So are you saving yourself?"

He glanced quickly into Kat's eyes, just to check she wasn't poking fun at him. "Not especially."

"Is that in its completely flaccid state Mark?" Sally suddenly piped-up from the floor.

"Huh! Oh yes, I think so."

"You mean it gets bigger sweetheart!" Kat cooed as if she would have never guessed, her hand resting on his shoulder as she looked down to where Sally was knelt before him.

"I need to ask your permission Mark," Sally said with an air of professionalism, "can I touch it, I won't hurt you I promise."

"W-well..." Mark stammered. Too late, he felt her cool hand close about him, lifting him up for closer inspection.

She turned him in her hand, moving his huge appendage from side to side, staring at him. "Oh my God," She murmured, "it's unbelievable!" Her fingers unrolled his hood to expose the head. "Kat, would you pass me the tape measure please?" Kat walked across the room, leaving Sally to examine Mark's cock. "Are you sure this is completely flaccid Mark — I need to be absolutely certain before I take a measurement."

"Well yeah, I think so." He answered nervously.

"Okay here's what I want you to do." Sally rose to her feet and stepped back. "I need to be a hundred percent certain you are totally flaccid before I record your measurement and there's only one way I can do that. I want you to take hold of it and swing it round and round like a lasso..."

"Oh come on — I can't do that!" Mark protested, his face colouring up.

"Of course you can. If there is any hint of an erection you won't be able to do it. Believe me I know about these things."

"But I feel stupid."

"Come on Mark," Kat scolded him as she joined Sally, "don't be silly!"

Reluctantly Mark took hold of himself and started swirling it around in the air. It was as much as either of the two girls could do not to laugh as they watched it cycle round and round.

"Wonderful. Well done Mark." Sally told him as they approached. "Now just relax and let us take a measurement."

Kat deftly unrolled the fabric tape measure. Sally held it against his pubic bone while Kat took hold of him, holding his cock out straight with one hand and ran the tape measure out. "Oh my God, that's almost seven inches, more than most men have when they are erect!"

"Make it hard now Mark please." Sally asked him, letting Kat have the tape measure to recoil.

"I can't do that!" He complained, feeling even more ridiculous.

"Of course you can. We'll just sit over here quietly and let you get on with it."

"Don't mind us," Kat added, "just pretend we're not here."

Mark hesitatingly moved his hands down and started to fondle himself, conscious of the two women staring at him. It seemed to take forever, but then slowly he started to fill out, his cock rising proudly in the air as they gaped at him. Suppressing a giggle the two of them approached, tape measure at the ready. Kat stared in amazement, her hand steadying his pulsating cock as Sally took the measurement.

"My God, this is right off the scale Mark! I mean this is like ten inches long!" She tossed the tape measure aside and dropped to her knees.

"Do you call it anything?" Kat said, looking up into his face as she lowered herself down.

"Call it anything?" Mark questioned, puzzlement written all over his face.

"You know, have a name for it like Jake or something?"

"Jake! What are you talking about?"

"Jake — you know, Jake the Peg, the man with an extra leg!"

"Will you just look at the size of his balls!" Sally said peering up beneath his shaft, and then hurriedly added... "I mean his testicles."

Kat peered up at him. "Wow! Spread your legs apart Mark, let's get a proper look at them."

Mark complied, feeling helpless to do anything other than what they asked. He gasped a low slow intake of breath as he felt a hand close about him, hefting his sack. "Wow!" Kat muttered, "I bet he coughs out one hell of a load!"

"Let me have a feel." Sally insisted, nudging Kat's hand out of the way.

He felt Sally's cool hand cup him and sucked another intake of air between his teeth as she rolled his balls gently between her fingers. "We should get a beaker and take a sample of this?" She said, winking at Kat.

"What are you talking about?" Mark groaned, feeling extremely aroused as Sally got up and went to the kitchen.

Kat said nothing as she waited for Sally to return. Her hand played along the length of his shaft, stroking him in long firm strokes and noting the appearance of seminal fluid at the tip of his huge cock. Sally returned with a plastic cup, waving it in the air triumphantly. "This is the best I could find."

"Oh no — please don't ask me to do this."

"It'll be all right." Kat told him, "You know you want too, especially as we have got you all worked up."

"You could always come back tomorrow." Sally suggested, feigning innocence. "I should be able to find a proper sample pot by then and we could start again."

"No, let's just get it over with."

The two women sat back to watch the show as Mark started pumping is dick expertly with one hand whilst the other held the cup loosely at his side. "Don't waste any of it. We need the whole sample if we are to get an accurate measurement!" Kat told him, stifling a grin as she watched Mark's hand pump his loins.

His hand stroked his huge shaft, his balls swinging back and forth trying to keep pace with his hand. The two girls fought to retain their composure as they watched in delight. His legs tensed and they leaned forward in anticipation. With a deep grunt Mark shot his load, fluid poured from his rampant cock and at last they laughed gleefully, clapping their hands as he continued to empty himself. "Wring it out!" Kat cried, "Don't go wasting any, we want it all!"

Mark was beyond caring, he had never experienced an orgasm such as this. His loins just seemed to keep on pumping in an endless torrent. When he was finished, he passed the pot to Sally looking sheepishly at the two smiling women.

"That was wonderful Mark."

"Yes, well done — perhaps tomorrow we can complete our tests, but I think you need to rest now."

"Oh okay!" Mark said, feeling slightly better. "What tests do you need to do tomorrow?"

"Well we need to measure thrust, you know, how much pressure you can produce."

"How do you do that?"

"Tomorrow Mark, I'll explain it all tomorrow."

"And what time should I be here?"

Sally and Kat smiled. Mark would be back tomorrow for another session. Mark dressed himself, thanked them for a good dinner and promised to return tomorrow to help them with more of their research.

To be continued in part 2...