Amy, the Cockteasing Nurse's Aide Chps. 11-14 (The Conclusion)

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Bill was weary, but allowed himself a small smile, "I certainly hope so!" he managed.

Almost immediately Amy started to stroke his cock again. This time slow and steady.

"You really deserve to cum now Bill, you've earned it. You've been such a good sport this whole time. And you know, since the very beginning I've wanted to see this monster explode! Well, now is the time for something extraordinary."

Amy was pumping his cock slow and steady, in a way she had never done before. Bill was racing toward an orgasm and she had only resumed seconds ago. Bill was convinced this was to be the time.

He was close, not as close as when he'd been cut off so many times before, but close none the less.

Knock, knock....knock, knock, knock. "GOD DAMN IT!" Bill nearly screamed. It was Sally's signal that someone was coming. Amy immediately stopped and covered Bill. She move across the room to the sink and started washing her hands. "Shit" Bill murmured under his breath.

In walked Sarah, the old crone of the nursing staff. She was very nice, but took forever to do anything. "Time to take your vitals Mr. Mitchell" she droned.

She took his temperature, she took his pulse, she took his blood pressure. It took seemingly forever! "BP and pulse a little high, feeling alright are we Mr. Mitchell?"

"Fine, thanks. Just a little warm in here that's all."

Amy could barely keep from bursting into laughter. She could tell from his looks at her that Bill thought she had somehow planned or engineered this. That was the part that was so funny, it was purely a coincidence. Just bad luck, again, on Bill's part!

"Hmm, I could go get the equipment to sponge you down. Only take a minute. Think that might help?" she asked, meaning well.

"NO, ... no, thanks, but I'm really pretty tired. Think I'd just rather rest up. Maybe later this afternoon, okay?" Bill was horrified she might insist!

"As you wish" I'll check back later then. Fortunately for Bill the older nurse didn't work any harder than she had to.

"Oh, God! Amy, please, NOW! Please you promised. I'm desperate as you well know. You promised before noon, it must be almost that now." Bill couldn't see the clock, but it seemed like hours and hours since Amy had arrived that morning. It was actually only a little after 11.

"Are you that sure you answered the question right?" Amy asked lightly.

"Well, yes, that is... uh... oh ..."

"Oh, just hush. As I said, you deserve to cum now and its time I gave you that. Just relax, but don't forget, don't hold back because I WILL leave you hanging if you do!"

Bill had softened substantially during the episode with the older woman, but his lust was still close at hand. Amy started the most sensual handjob Bill had ever experienced. Slow loose strokes to get him good and hard again. Paying particular attention to his glans and corona. Twisting her wrist at the top of each stroke. Wrapping one hand around the corona and putting the other palm over the pee hole and glans and then rotating them in opposite directions. Cupping his balls, squeezing them lightly with one hand while stroking his cock with the other. Generally driving him slowly and steady toward cumming like a breed bull. And driving him completely wild one more time.

But Bill sensed a difference, it was an admittedly slow, but steady build. No backing off. Building slower, then a bit more quickly, then slower again. But always building. Amy was driving him wild, in part because he was sure this was the time. He trusted Amy to be honest, honestly a cock teaser, but surely she wasn't lying now!

The closer he got, the slower she went. More head play. More ball stimulation. Slower, looser, longer strokes. But ever closer and closer, never a retreat.

"Oh baby, they are so, so full. This is going to be wonderful. You need it so bad!" Amy was cooing in Bill's ear. "Cum for me. Shoot that huge, huge wad. I want to see it, feel it, oh God I'm hot right now. CUM!"

He was right there. She was making it last so very long, but she was still pushing him forward. DAMN Bill thought, this is going to be worth it all! She still slowed. Still played with his glans and corona more and stroked less, but he was loving it. NO backing off. She couldn't stop now. He was there.

"Oh YEAH, here it cums. Shoot, Baby, Shoot. NOW!" Amy nearly yelled in his ear.

Bill had felt it building. This time was different than all the rest. He was going to cum. She couldn't stop it now. Even if she quit right now he'd at least have the 'let cum' orgasm. Mmmm it was still building. The feeling was exquisite. Here it was, here it came. He felt EVERYTHING contract.

Amy - the Nurse's Aide Part 12


Amy: "Cum Baby, Cum, Cum Hard, Cum Now!"

Amy was stroking him perfectly, Bill felt his balls start to pulse. He was cumming! Amy was giving him the strokes he needed to cum hard! Then!

Amy stopped! Then she grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed hard, pushing her thumbs forcefully into the base of his shaft right where it came out of his scrotum. The first squirt shot out and onto Bill's stomach and even reached his chest. Then there was a second smaller squirt, more of an ooze really that just rolled out of the end of his cock about an inch. .... Then nothing. His orgasm had started in earnest. Then just stopped. No not JUST stopped, somehow Amy had squeezed it off. This wasn't being 'let cum' , this was being shut down after it started!

Bill didn't nearly scream this time. He did scream, "NOOOO!"

Amy had been studying medical texts and read about a technique used to control premature ejaculation. The woman stimulated the man and just as orgasm began applied the "Squeeze Technique". Amy wasn't sure if it would work in Bill's state, but decided to give it a try as her 'Grande Finale!' She was a true master.

Amy started to laugh so hard! "Damn! It did work. I can't believe it. I am such a bitch! Oh Bill, that was marvelous! Shit, I could do this forever! I AM the Biggest Cock Teaser you will ever meet!

Amy laughed uncontrollably for about a minute!

"So big guy, how did that feel?" Amy teased once she regained control.

Bill was at his wits ends. "It felt like SHIT!" Bill nearly spit out. He was pissed now. And his balls were throbbing!

"Bill, don't get testy. If this makes you angry, perhaps we need to discuss your earlier answer to my question. When I asked if you wanted to see me some more when you got out of the hospital, you said 'yes'. What do you expect that to be like? You know what an incurable cock tease I am. And with a 'toy' like this (she patted Bill's cock for effect) I'm damn sure going to want to tease it constantly! If we're together after you go home you must know I'll tease you and keep you on the edge of cumming for long periods of time. (she took Bill's swollen balls in both hands and started to massage them again) And I'll give you terrible blue balls all the time. These babies will feel like they do right now A LOT!" Amy said all this with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. She was almost giggling as she talked.

"Do you expect anything different than that?" she asked seriously.

"No, I guess not" Bill replied sheepishly. His balls really were aching now. He was reaching the breaking point and Amy instinctively knew it.

"I'll find more and more ways to tease you and frustrate you, you know that. I'll make up new ones regularly. You'll go long, long periods of time without cumming. But there will be the rewards. And oh what rewards they will be! You'll get to lick and suck my nipples. You'll get to fondle my ass, with which you are so enamored. You might even get to kiss and lick it! No, not just might! And my tight, wet pussy. Yes Bill, you'll get to attend to it too. Licking me to orgasm after orgasm, while I tease you mercilessly. And you'll get to feel it envelope your big, hard cock! Sometimes I'll even suck your cock. Deep throat it like you know I can." Amy was saying all of this in her absolutely sexiest voice. Bill was trembling. Amy took her index finger and dipped it in the glob of cum on Bill's stomach, scooped up a finger full, and slowly lifted it to her mouth, then sucked her own finger like it was a cock. She made an exaggerated suck and swallow, throughout this motion she was staring straight into Bill's eyes. "Mmmmmm, finger licking good!" she cooed.

Amy had been holding Bill's cock in one hand throughout this monologue, Bill hadn't said a word. She didn't move her hand a bit, just held his massive cock lightly. She could feel his pulse easily. She could also feel it twitch and throb, which it did in response to most of her statements, but clearly some more than others. She realized she had a 'lie detector' of sorts in her hand. The things she said that most turned Bill on, also caused his cock to give him away.

"And the orgasms, oh Bill, the orgasms you will have" of course his cock reacted violently to this suggestion, "they won't be often, but they will be worth the wait. You'll cum so hard! Like you never have even dreamed of before!" This caused a massive reaction. "And when on that rare occasion, I let you cum in my cunt, God that will be good for you. I'll fuck you sooo good, I promise!" This caused by far the strongest reaction yet. Amy was afraid she might have to remove her hand, even though it wasn't moving, just to keep Bill from losing his load. But then she said, "And you know what I'll expect you to do when that happens?" Amy was shocked when Bill's cock completely gave him away by reacting stronger than to any previous suggestion Amy had made. Amy realized that Bill was indeed as 'sub' as Mary had discerned. He was more turned on by the thought of her placing her cunt, sopping with his cum inside, over his mouth than anything else. She knew she had him now!

"Bill, some weekends we're together, you will get to cum so often you'll be sore. Some, you won't get to cum at all. That's the beauty of this, you'll never know for sure! But, I'll never ask you to hold back, you can cum anytime you get there. In fact, you know I want you to try to cum every chance you get. If you hold back, you might miss an opportunity. And if that happens, I'll know. The next opportunity won't come for a long, long time!"

"Okay Bill, I've given you an honest look at what you can expect. So let me ask you again, Bill, do you want to see me again after you get out of the hospital?"

Bill instantly started to answer, but Amy cut him off. "Oh Bill, you are so desperate to cum that I know you'll say yes right now, but I won't know if its true or not. So Bill, maybe I should show you how mind blowing those rare orgasms will be. How worth the wait they will be. How suffering through these aching balls , this throbbing cock will be more than made up for in the intensity of the release I can give you. So Bill, here is the deal. I'm going to make you cum now, and after you get your release I'll ask you again, fair enough?" Amy began to slowly, firmly, PERFECTLY stoke Bill's cock with both hands.

"Oh God yes, please Amy, PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!" Bill moaned.

Amy kept stoking, she knew even if she went very slow it wouldn't take long. She was giving him the perfect hand job, this time from the cock's point of view. Slow, very slow, steady, firm, but not too firm strokes. Slowly bringing Bill closer and closer, but very slowly. Every stroke her thumb rubbed right over his frenulum. Her hand twisted slowly around his corona at the top of every stroke. Her lower hand slid down to the base of his shaft and then she would loosen her grip on his cock and her palm would slide all the way around his balls, from right under the shaft nearly to his asshole. Thick precum was flowing from him freely.

Bill was in ecstasy. He had never experienced more intense sexual feelings. He moaned constantly, but he was petrified this was another of Amy's sadistic tricks, so he was holding back a bit. Amy sensed it immediately but waited a while to say anything.

"Bill, you're doing it again. You're not trying to cum as hard as you can. First, if you don't, you won't get the full pleasure, IF this is truly the time. Second, if you don't give in to me right now, I'm stopping; FOR GOOD!" Amy was very serious in her tone. In fact she really did mean it this time. That came across to Bill.

Bill willed himself to relax. He started to try to cum. He convinced himself that Amy wouldn't deny him yet again. He started to hump. Soon he couldn't help himself. He was working himself into a frenzy. If he didn't cum this time he was sure he would explode, not his cock, his entire being!

Amy stopped talking, or making any noise for that matter. She was continuing her stroking just as she had been. A little slower, but a littler firmer. She was being sure that his frenulum, corona and entire glans, plus his balls were getting the maximum stimulation possible. Amy was herself a bit mesmerized. Bill's cock was huge, even for him. The head was an almost violent purple. The shaft was bigger than ever, and the blood vessels were standing out very prominently, looking as if many of them would burst any second. It was throbbing too. His balls were visibly swollen and very dark in color. Literally looking blue!

Bill also had stopped talking and was now gasping. His chest was heaving as he breathed, and Amy could actually see his heart pounding in his chest cavity. She was starting to be a bit concerned that she had gone too far. But she wasn't about to stop now. She slowed her pace even more, but kept it steady and knew she was still building him closer and closer to a massive orgasm. Bill started to moan again, but none of the other symptoms abated. Amy kept slowing almost imperceptibly, but not diminishing the pleasure. In fact she was giving Bill the most stimulation she ever had, just at a continually decreasing pace. Bill had clearly stopped trying to hold back at all. He was trying to cum for all he was worth! He was once again humping his cock as best he could, but Amy the expert, didn't let it affect her stroking one way or the other.

Softly Amy whispered, "Just a little bit more"

Bill was moaning, a deep growl would be more accurate. He was seconds away from exploding. In the back of his mind he was still sure that she was somehow going to snatch his orgasm away one more time. But that thought was so abhorrent to him that he suppressed it and just kept trying to cum, enjoying the intensity of the feelings she was giving him.

Both Amy and Bill knew that his orgasm was only seconds away, another stroke or two at the most.

"Oh God Amy, please, please, PLEASE don't stop this time!" Bill begged.

"Cum, baby, just cum!" Amy whispered again.

Amy knew she had to decide in the next second whether or not to let him cum. She knew that if she stopped again she would probably cum just from the feeling of power it gave her. She also knew if she let Bill cum now, after all the mind tricks, she would indeed have him convinced it was worth letting her tease him senseless to have the kind of orgasm she could give.

She made up her mind, an almost wicked smile came to her face. Her eyes were shining bright. Bill was oblivious to it all.

It was the instant of truth!

Chapter 13

Amy had decided, but she was going to see if she could hold Bill right here for a while longer first. She slowed her strokes and loosened her grip even further.

Bill started to beg again, "Amy for God sake, please, PLEASE finish me. I can't take it anymore. Please I'll do anything you ask, please just make me cum! PLEASE" he went on and on.

Amy was clearly enjoying his desperation. She teased even more "Bill, this is making me so horny I can't stand it. I need to cum just as much as you do. It wouldn't be fair of you to just leave me hanging if you get to cum, don't you think."

Bill had no idea what to do or say. "Amy, I'll do anything you want. Please let me cum, please, PLEASE!" Bill was really at the end of his ability to stand anymore, yet this little bitch was merciless. She was keeping him closer to cumming than he'd ever been in his whole life, but not giving him what he needed to finally get release.

Amy kept at it, very, very slowly and lightly. Bill's balls were sucked up nearly inside his stomach. His cock head was bigger and darker than it had ever been. The skin on his cock was so tight it looked as if it would split. His cock was pulsing and a steady flow of precum was running out of the end of his dick on to his stomach and down his sides.

"Oh Bill, this is making me so unbelievably wet and hot. Maybe I'll just keep you right on the edge until I spontaneously cum then decide what to do about you" Amy was laughing lightly. And she was serious, she was about to cum from the excitement.

"Oh baby, it would be so easy to make you cum now. Just the tiniest bit more and you'd explode" she teased some more. "You want it so bad you'd do or say anything, wouldn't you? I wonder how long we can keep this up?" she giggled some more.

"Yes Amy, anything, anything at all, whatever you want I'll do, PLEASE MAKE ME CUM" Bill was gasping, barely able to breathe.

Finally it was too much for Amy. With out missing a stroke or faltering, she squeezed her legs together so tightly she actually had a couple of mini-orgasms. "God, that was unbelievable!" she exclaimed.

Bill couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. This cock teasing expert had just cum while stroking his cock with both hands and holding him so close to cumming he was going crazy. Yet she hadn't pushed him over the edge.

"Oh God that felt good, just imagine what yours would feel like my little pet" she laughed, "I have to decide now, don't I. Even I can't keep this up much longer. If I speed up, your going to have the best cum of your life. You'll explode so hard you can't imagine what it will feel like. So now you find out what I've decided!" and she laughed hard as she stopped stroking, but just held his cock!

"NOOOO! GOD NOOOO!" screamed Bill.

But his scream lasted only a second, because Amy had decided long before this that now was the time. Making Bill cum now would make him hers for good. This would be an orgasm like none he had ever even come close to experiencing and she knew it would be enough for him to voluntarily go along with her severe cock teasing in the future to be able to get orgasms like this again!

And after a two second pause she started stroking again. Not the slow agonizingly loose ones she'd been doing for the past fifteen minutes or so, but firm (not hard), steady strokes at the pace of about one a second. Perfect to make him explode, and in about 10 seconds that is exactly what he did.

The first shot was a thick rope of gooey cum that literally shot through the air and went over the head of the hospital bed making an audible splat on the floor. It was by far the biggest gush of cum Amy had ever seen. She was amazed as his orgasm continued, the next three or four shots were nearly has powerful. She kept her perfect pace on his cock as jet after jet of cum shot out of Bill's massive prick.

"YEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Bill screamed. Amy was worried someone would come running in, he was so loud, but she knew she could not help it for the moment.

Every muscle in Bill's body was contracted as he came and came and came! Finally it started to subside, but Amy kept up the stroking. Bill's tension was easing but he was still cumming. He was now spewing cum like the start of an average man's orgasm. There were still healthy globs of cum slapping out on to his stomach. It must have been nearly 30 seconds before it was completely over.

Amy finally stopped pumping, but just held his still hard massive cock in both hands. Bill's eyes were shut. His body was visibly relaxing. His breathing and pulse were slowly approaching normal. Amy could feel his pulse in his cock which was just now beginning to soften.

Neither of them made a sound. Amy had been absolutely transfixed. She could not believe what she had just witnessed. Never had she dreamed an orgasm of the magnitude she'd just observed was possible. The thought of that happening inside her was truly mind boggling. She knew it would have to soon!

Several minutes had passed. Finally Bill's cock was softening. His scrotum had relaxed and his balls were sagging away from his body. His balls seemed to have reduced in size by half, Amy realized how swollen they really had been. The skin of his cock and glans were returning to the color of pink from the angry red they had been. Finally his breathing and heartbeat were down to normal. Still Amy rested his cock in both her hands. It had been so long since she had seen it fully soft, she had forgotten how big it was even then. It was still about five inches long and thick. Some of the smaller boys Amy had been with had barely been this big with a full hard-on.

Finally Amy laid Bill's cock on his stomach. He appeared to have actually dozed off. His breathing was slow and regular. Amy decided she had better clean up before someone came in. There was cum EVERYWHERE! It appeared as if Bill had put out about a quart of jizm. It wasn't true of course, but it sure seemed like it!

Just before Amy went to get some tissues and towels, she grinned broadly and scooped a healthy dollop of cum onto one of her fingers. Slowly she put the finger in her mouth and closed her lips around it. Equally as slowly she pulled her finger out, trapping the cum on her tongue. She just let it lay there for a minute with her eyes closed. A slight moan, "mmmm" escaped her lips as she swallowed slowly. Her smile widened.

It took nearly an entire box of tissues and two wet plus one dry towel, and about five minutes to finish cleaning up.

It was obvious that Bill was indeed asleep, he was snoring ever so softly. Amy climbed up on her stool and just sat and watched him sleep. The smile on her face kept growing.

Amy - the Nurse's Aide Part 14

Bill didn't sleep very long, and soon was waking with a big smile on his face too.

"Oh Amy, I'm sorry I fell asleep, its just that..." Bill started apologetically.

Amy cut him off, "Bill, its okay. I'm not surprised, you've been a little tense. Besides, I want you to know that the reward for tolerating the teasing is compete and total release and satisfaction! So, was it worth the wait?"

Bill actually thought hard about that for a little while before answering, "Amy, I don't know about the wait part. You have nearly driven me crazy with your relentless cock teasing. But there is no question that was the most intense, fantastic orgasm I've ever experienced, by far!" Bill couldn't find enough superlatives to describe how it had actually felt to cum that hard.

Amy knew the next few minutes were going to be crucial and that the future of her relationship with Bill was hanging in the balance. She knew if she played this just right that Bill would be like putty in her hands for as long as she liked. Well maybe putty was the wrong analogy, steel was probably more accurate. This thought made her giggle!

"Bill, it was the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed! Would you like to have more just like it, better even. Imagine what it would have been like if you'd had that great big monster deep inside my tight little cunt!" she used her rastiest voice, especially on the word 'cunt'.

Amy nearly leaped for joy. She saw through the sheets that Bill's cock was reacting to her words. Yes, she had him. Quickly she went on.

"Bill, now I'm going to ask you 'The question' again. I won't hold you to what you said earlier. I knew that you were so desperate to cum that you would have done or said anything I wanted if you thought it would work. And don't feel bad, any man would in those circumstances. But now I do want to know, do you want to see me after you get out of here? Do you want more of those orgasms? Do you want to feel my lips on your cock? My pussy wrapped around it? To cum deep in my throat, deep in my pussy? Do you want those things Bill?"

Amy thought she was going to cum again just watching Bill's reaction. His cock was growing! It was approaching a full erection again, and it hadn't been very long since his massive orgasm. Again she went on without giving Bill a chance to answer.

"Do you want all those wonderful rewards, knowing what the cost will be. Bill, I just loving playing with your cock and balls. It turns me on so much to push you right to the edge and then deny you. I know its sadistic even, but I get a huge thrill out of seeing the agony in you when you are just milliseconds from cumming and I keep it from happening. Feeling your swollen aching balls is so fantastic. Even when I'm away from you the knowledge that you have a severe case of blue balls that are making you ache and think of me, knowing I did that to you, turns me on so much I can hardly believe it. I'm simply a natural born cock teaser. And that's never going to change."

Amy was continuing to watch Bill's cock. It was now completely hard. As she had talked about the teasing and denial, his cock had hardened even more than when she talked about the orgasms. This was too much for Amy, she had another of those small orgasms right on the spot. She manage to keep Bill from realizing it, but she felt the flush throughout her body!

Amy turned back the covers and with both hands started to slowly stoke Bills shaft again, saying "He is giving me the answer I want, but you have to tell me. Is that what you want Bill, for me to tease and frustrate you. Make your balls ache. Just so I can occasionally give you an Earth shattering orgasm. Hmm, is that what you really want?"

"God Amy, there is no way I could or would give that up! But Amy, it can't be this long in the future, okay. You have to let me cum more often, please!" Bill was trying to negotiate but they both knew he was helplessly hooked. He would do whatever she wanted or said.

"No deals Bill, my way, period. Usually you'll get to cum once a weekend, maybe even more, BUT I know myself too well. I'll have a need to set a new record. It won't be long before I'll be making you wait even longer than this time. I know its been almost two weeks, but before we're done I'm sure I can push you to a month of this with no release. I know I can." Amy nearly squealed as Bill's infallible lie indicator gave him away by swelling even more as Amy said this final part.

Bill too knew he was hooked. So he simply replied "Amy, it doesn't matter. I'll do whatever it takes to keep seeing you."

So, Bill and Amy, knowing that he would be discharged on Saturday one week hence, made plans for Amy to be the one to take him home and take care of him the first couple of days while he got back on his feet a bit.

Bill could only imagine what that weekend would be like, but he was definitely looking forward to it.

Bill was exhausted after his nearly two week ordeal and then finally cumming so powerfully, so Amy did exactly what you would expect. She told him to get some rest and she would see him tomorrow, BUT before she left she teased him very, very slowly right to the edge of cumming and stopped.

The following afternoon Bill was already crazed again. Amy, Mary and Sally had all shown up about noon. Sally had been feeling very left out lately and had nearly demanded that Mary and Amy give her some instruction on Bill. The three of them had spent all afternoon pushing Bill to the very edge of orgasm and holding him there as long as they possibly could before stopping and letting him recover. The recovery periods had gotten shorter and shorter as the day wore on.

Mostly Mary and Amy had been letting Sally do the actually teasing, but had been coaching and teaching Sally many techniques. Frequently two or even all three of them would work on Bill at the same time.

Bill was aching and dying to cum as if it had been two weeks since his last one, not just 24 hours!

It was nearly time for Amy to head back to school for the week and she was coaching Sally on really keeping Bill as close to cumming as possible for as long as possible, but when she told Sally it was finally time to stop, Sally said "Oh, just a little more, he can take it I'm sure!"

But she was wrong, and she went too far and Bill started to cum. Sally quickly removed her hands, but it was too late. Amy had sensed what was about to happen and with lightening speed jumped into to make sure that Bill's orgasm was explosive. She reasoned that if he was going to have one, she would make sure it was fantastic again. She wanted to reaffirm in his mind the rewards only she could give. Beside she had a plan.

Bill came nearly as hard as he had the day before. Sally was absolutely amazed, even the extremely experienced Mary could scarcely believe her eyes. The three cleaned him up and it was finally time for Amy to leave.

Wanting to pimp Sally just a bit she said "Oh Sally, don't feel too bad. You'll get the hang of it sooner or later." Sally scowled a bit, but said nothing.

"Bye Bill, see you next Friday!" Amy said as she bent over and gave him a peck on the check. She headed for the door.

As if it were an afterthought Amy turned and said to the two other women "Oh, by the way, you two should know that yesterday Bill told me that of the three of us, he thought I was the sexiest and had the best figure! But you know, I think he may have just said it so I'd make him cum. So while I'm gone this week maybe you can get him to change his mind." Amy said this last part with a huge grin.

Mary instantly saw what Amy was up to and said, "Is that so? Well, we see if he still thinks that by Friday." And while she said it in a very serious tone, Amy could tell she was having a hard time not laughing.

Sally was obviously jealous and determined to hear Bill tell her that she was sexier, or certainly had a better body than Amy "Oh, I think he will sing a different tune this week!" she said haughtily.

Amy replied while looking Bill straight in the eyes, "Of course if he does, you be sure to let me know, because next weekend will be very different in that case!"

Bill just groaned.

"Okay, its really 'Bye' this time!" said Amy as she turned and walked out, knowing full well what kind of week she just set in motion for Bill.




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