Amy, the Cockteasing Nurse's Aide Chps. 7-8

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"I want Bill to relax and recover a bit before you do this. Lets go grab a soda while he rests" said Mary. And the two of them left.

When they returned in about 20 minutes, Bill's cock was almost completely soft. That would change quickly.

"Amy, you are an absolute natural at this, but I've been doing this much longer than you and I think there are a couple of pointers I could give you that will make it even more fun for you. I don't want to presume though, would you like me to, or would you rather just learn as you go?" asked Mary.

"Oh, no! I'd love to learn from you, but how will it make it more fun. I'm having so much fun now I can't imagine it getting better!" Amy replied.

"Tell me what you like about it so much."

"Well I just like playing with a cock for one thing, but what really makes me hot is the feeling of power. Knowing how much I can make him want to cum and being able to control if he does or not. I know it's mean, but I love the frustration I can cause him!"

"The more you tease, and the more you can sense his frustration, the hotter you get, right?" Mary went on.

"Yes, exactly" was Amy's reply.

"So the more frustrated and desperate to cum, the better. And the closer to the edge you can get him the more that happens, right?"


"So, if I can show you how to bring him as close as possible to orgasm, then hold him there for a while, but still deny him cumming, would that make it even more so?"

"Definitely" Amy agreed.

Bill had been listening in complete silence. "Okay then lets start" Mary went on. Bill now groaned softly, which caused even more giggling from Mary and Amy.

"You do what seems natural and I'll give you pointers to make it better as much I can, okay?" asked Mary.

"Sure, I'll do what I think works best and if you can help me tease him even more, all the better" was Amy's enthusiastic reply.

"Okay, start by getting him hard. Just play with his cock and balls, don't do any stroking until his is completely erect."

Amy was an excellent student, she cupped Bill's balls in one hand and very lightly scratched them with her other. Bill's response was immediate. As she spent several minutes doing this, Bill's cock was getting quite stiff. Amy started to play with his cock then. She just rubbed it all over with her fingertips. Occasionally she would flatten her hand and lightly rub his cock all over that way. She would always make a circular motion at the very top of the shaft, right below his cock head. Naturally Bill was producing a steady flow of precum by this time and Amy was using the natural lubricant to coat his glans, concentrating on the very ridge of it.

Bill was already squirming and moaning and Amy had yet to begin to stroke him. Mary was amazed at the skill this young girl had. She hadn't need to do any coaching at all yet.

Finally Amy began to stroke his cock. "Whoa" Mary quickly reacted to Amy.

"What?" asked Amy, really getting into it and not wanting to stop.

"Your timing is perfect on starting to stroke him, but that's much too fast and firm to start off. If you want him to really ache to cum and be able to prolong this, you must build him up slowly. It will intensify everything for him. This is especially true for a man in Bill's condition. If he had cum recently you could do as you started, but even then the slower you bring him up the more intense his need to cum, the longer you can make him last, and the more desperate he will be when you leave him hanging" Mary explained.

Bill was groaning non-stop.

"That makes sense" said Amy as she substantially slowed her pace and loosened her grip. This had the effect of causing Bill to try and thrust for more stimulation. Amy handled it perfectly and move her hands in such a way as to deny him any control, but still stroke him at her tempo.

Both Amy and Mary again giggled at his attempt to get off faster.

"Amy, please, PLEASE let me cum now. Mary has been bringing me to the edge so often this past week I just can't stand anymore. Please!" Bill begged.

"Mary, have you been mean to Bill? We just can't have that. Bill, I promised you will cum before the weekend is over, maybe even twice, that is if you behave! But not just yet, I'm having too much fun and besides Mary still has some things to show me!" Amy said all this with fake seriousness.

Every once in a while Amy would pause and treat Bill's swollen plum like a doorknob she was trying to open, or gently squeeze and play with his balls, or her favorite, due to the reaction it caused in Bill, was to take his cock firmly in her left hand with her thumb and forefinger making a ring right at the rim of his glans and putting her palm on his peehole then rotating her wrist to wipe the precum all over his purple helmet.

After each of these pauses, she would go back to stroking him again, but at the very slow, loose pace she had started with. She would then increase the pace and grip in very small increments until Bill was once again closing in on an orgasm. The she would pause again. Each cycle left Bill slightly closer to cumming, but his progress was agonizingly slow. Agonizing for him that is. Amy was loving it.

Bill had been begging constantly "Amy, please don't stop, please. I want you to make me cum now, please! Please! I'll do anything, but just don't stop!"

"Oh Bill, I'm sure you would do anything. In fact you will before this is over. And I'm not going to stop, at least not just yet. You have to get much closer, then I'll stop" she teased mercilessly.

Bill started to groan again.

"Amy, you are amazing. I gave you a couple of pointers and you are performing the perfect handjob like you've done it thousands of time. I just can't believe what a natural cock teasing little bitch you are!" Mary laughed.

"Why thank you ma'am" giggled Amy.

After a good 15 to 20 minutes Bill was obviously getting very close. Amy wasn't going to be able to keep this up much longer. "Okay, he is just about at the limit. Can I talk you through the finish?" Mary asked.

"Of course, you've taught me so much I can't believe it, but anything more I can learn would be fantastic!" was Amy's response.

"Okay, he is getting really close to the point of no return, so don't ease your grip, but start slowing the strokes. Just a little bit, and watch very closely. Oh, he is really close now, a little slower" Mary was like a movie director.

Bill would have been thrashing if he could, instead he was kind of quaking all over. His muscles were twitching everywhere, his face was red, and his cock was a sight to behold. It was hard as a piece of iron, the veins were standing out so much they looked as if they would burst, it was starting to throb. His cock head looked nearly purple, and it was definitely swollen, and his scrotum was tight, his balls visibly full.

Bill was almost incoherent "Please Amy, please Oh God, oh please, Amy don't, please don't stop, oh my God, PLEASE!"

Mary and Amy were completely ignoring Bill for the moment. They were determined to push him as close to the edge as was humanly (or is that inhumanely) possible.

"This is the crucial point Amy, slower, still slower, now speed back up for just a few stokes, then slow down again."

Bill thought he would go insane, he needed to cum so bad! He was so close, but Amy was doing exactly as Mary instructed. He kept getting closer and closer, but it still wasn't quite enough to get him off. His cock was burning.

"Okay, very careful now, even slower one more stoke, now wait again one more just keep doing that a couple of more times...STOP!"

Bill's cock spasmed, his balls contracted. Amy thought they had gone too far. One small dribble of cum dribbled out of the end of Bill's cock then ...NOTHING!

Bill screamed.

"OH MY GOD!" Amy nearly screamed too "That's absolutely amazing, my God, he actually started to cum and stopped"

Mary was nearly laughing "Amy that was beautiful, damn you're good! Now, very gently and with just one finger, wipe the cum all over his cock head."

Amy did as directed. Bill felt like electricity was being shot into him.

"We can keep him this close for a little while by giving him extremely mild stimulation, like you're doing now. Here just rub your index finger up and down over this spot about a half inch each way. Slowly and lightly."

Again Amy did as she was told. Bill's cock started to twitch again.

It had been at least two minutes since the last of Amy's strokes. Finally Mary said "I think you better stop now." Then added, "But if you want to play with his balls a little, I'm sure Bill would enjoy it!"

Bill groaned loudly. And once Amy took a hold of his balls and started her finger work as he groaned even louder.

Amy was having TOO much fun "Oh WOW, these are so full. You must really need to cum, huh Bill?" she teased "I'll bet you never felt the need to cum this much in your whole life!"

Bill just moaned and groaned but didn't answer. Finally Amy stopped.

"Bill is fighting you, aren't you Bill. Amy, he's holding back. Let me prove it, you trust me right?"

"Of course" said Amy.

"Okay Bill if you can cum in 10 seconds, I'll let you. No tricks" and with that Mary started to give Bill's cock steady firm strokes while counting backward from 10. Then she stopped.

Bill had been straining for the 10 seconds, but he didn't cum "No, don't stop, just a little more PLEASE!"

"Bill, in your condition 10 seconds should have you cumming like mad, but you've been trying to maintain control for so long that when you get the chance to cum it takes you a while to let go. Now if you don't stop that, when Amy decides to let you cum, you might just miss your chance. That would be a shame, wouldn't it Bill?" Mary giggled.

"Bill, its obvious Mary knew something else I didn't know. But I do now! Stop fighting me or no orgasm this whole weekend, get it?" asked Amy.

"Okay, I promise, just PROMISE me you'll let me cum. I really can't take any more, really" Bill was whining.

"Well, I'm out of here or I'll be late. Bill you and Amy have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you Sunday afternoon" Mary chanted with phony sweetness.

As Mary headed for the door Amy chuckled "Oh we will, you too. And Mary, Thanks!"

"Well, Bill, I'm going out with an old boyfriend tonight so I need to go too. This has made me so horny I think my date might just get lucky. I'll be back early tomorrow morning, so you rest up. And Bill, I have a deal for you. When I get here I'm going to ask you a question. If you give me the right answer I'll make you cum before noon, Okay?" Amy teased.

"Please Amy, please. Really, I can't take this any more" Bill was truly desperate.

"Then you better get the question right. See ya" and with that Amy headed out the door.

Amy - the Nurse's Aide Part 8

Around 9:30 the next morning Amy showed up just as she had promised. She had a glow about her. Rosy checks, big smile. Bill couldn't help but think of it as a 'freshly fucked' look. Just seeing her made his pulse accelerate.

"How was your night Bill? Did you sleep well?" Amy asked with a grin.

"Amy, please. I can't sleep hardly at all. Please, Amy, I can't think about anything but cumming. Amy please, you have to stop this, please!" Bill was a real wreck.

"Bill, I told you all you have to do is answer a question correctly and you'll get to cum before lunch. Did you forget?" Amy giggled.

"No Amy, I didn't forget. Please make me cum. I'm really going nuts!" Bill was starting to get himself back under control, but he was really a mess. He literally could think of nothing else. His need was severe.

"Okay, Bill. We'll get to that soon, but don't you want to hear about my date last night?" Amy had one of those Cheshire Cat grins of hers.

Bill really didn't want to hear about her date at all. In fact he was pretty sure that Amy had gotten laid and was dying to tell him about it. That was the last thing he wanted to hear, but he was positive that to say so would be a huge mistake, so he said "I'd love to hear about your evening Amy. What did you do?"

Amy began what would turn out to be a long story. She told Bill about Scott. Scott had been Amy's boyfriend most of her Junior year in high school. Amy told Bill how Scott had been one of the boys that she had given numerous cases of blue balls, but Scott was one of the many who had never gotten anything else from Amy. In fact Amy finally dumped Scott because he was such a wimp. Amy actually had wanted to go further with Scott, but just slight resistance on her part and he would give up. Amy clearly made a guy work for it, and loved it when they would try harder and harder to score with her. Only a few were persistent enough to meet her standards.

Amy went on to tell Bill that she actually had initiated the date with Scott, much to his pleasant surprise. Due largely to the fact that teasing Bill had made Amy so incredibly horny! Amy was clearly telling her story with the intent of getting to Bill. It was already working.

"I had on the shortest skirt you can imagine, Scott is like you Bill, he is a real leg man. I also was wearing a very clingy silk top with no bra. My nipples were clearly hard and he couldn't decide whether to stare at my legs or my tits. It was really funny! He was driving his dad's Miata, one of those two seaters with real low bucket seats. When I got in I crossed my legs and my skirt rode up so far he could see part of my ass. Kinda like I did to you that day I sat right here on the stool" she giggled.

Bill was already feeling a big stirring in his groin. Amy was torturing him on purpose and he knew it. But there wasn't a damn thing he could do.

"As soon as we drove off I laid my hand on his thigh. He nearly jumped. By the time we were at the end of the block I was gently rubbing the inside of his thigh up and down, stopping just before I touched his balls. Long before we got to the movie theater his cock was rock hard, and I just kept stroking his thigh. I never did even touch his cock or his balls! I could tell it was going to be a great evening! I didn't give him time for his erection to go away when we got to the movie either, I made him get right out. I could tell he was really embarrassed. Amy was imitating stoking Scott's thigh on the inside of Bill's leg as she described the night before.

"The movie started as soon as we sat down, and I made quite a show of crossing my legs again. Naturally my skirt rode way up my thighs. I pretended to be intently watching the movie, but was really watching Scott. He was trying so hard to be cool, but he kept looking down at my legs, then quickly looking away. He also kept reaching over and almost putting his hand on my leg, but at the last minute he would pull it back. He did that several times. I was almost laughing it was so funny. It must have taken him about 10 minutes, but he finally put his hand very gently on my knee, then he didn't move. I figured that if I didn't do something he would take it away again."

Amy continued to describe the whole story to Bill. Amy had laid her head on Scott's shoulder and sighed softly in his ear, letting him know she was okay with his hand. This emboldened Scott and he slowly slid his hand higher and higher on her thigh. By this time Amy realized that Scott had changed in the last two years. The Scott she knew had been far too shy for this kind of behavior. She believed this to be a good sign for the plans she had. As Scott worked his way higher and higher on Amy's thigh, she finally reached over and put her hand in his lap which at the same time had her arm blocking him so that he couldn't get his hand any higher, even though it was already just inches from her pussy. Amy then went to work on his cock. She would run her finger around the bugle in his pants for a while then lay her palm on top of his cock and rub up and down moving him to the edge of cumming as only Amy could. When he got close she would stop and just play with the head of his cock for a while then go back to tracing the outline of his cock with one finger. All the while keeping Scott from reaching his target under her skirt. This went on for about half the movie with Amy pushing Scott nearly to the point of cumming only to leave him hanging and letting him calm down a bit before starting again. During one of these lulls Amy made it seem like an accident, but she purposely moved her arm so that Scott could actually reach up under her skirt. It didn't take Scott long to realize or react. Suddenly Scott was touching Amy's bare pussy. He actually jumped when he realized what had happened. Amy let out a fake little "Ohh!" and pushed his hand down a little (but not away).

At this point Amy whispered in Scott's ear, "You have to wait until later for that!" But she did it in a voice that gave Scott a definitely feeling that there would be a 'later' that night. Within a minute or two Scott had told Amy that his parents were gone for the weekend and suggested that they head there right away. True to form Amy told him that she wanted to watch the end of the movie (which was terrible but had about 45 minutes to go. Time which Amy intended to put to good use!) Amy went back to teasing Scott's cock and simultaneously keeping him from getting his hand under her skirt again. Being the expert cock teaser that she was, Amy was learning to push Scott closer and closer even through his pants, but without letting him cum. And of course he wouldn't stop her, but he was trying not to mess his pants either. Long before the movie was over Amy had Scott squirming uncontrollably in his seat. Several more times he asked if they couldn't leave, but she was quite insistent about staying until the very end. Amy could feel Scott's cock twitch and pulse, then she would scratch around the head for a while until she could go back to work on his cock. She was relentless. Poor Scott was ringing wet with sweat as the credits finally started to roll.

During her entire telling of the story, Amy was acting out on Bills cock through the sheet just what she was describing she had done to Scott the evening before. If was further inflaming Bill, as if that was really necessary.

Mischievous to the end Amy leaned over and said, "Are you ready to go yet?" Scott damn near leaped out of his seat. They were soon in the car and just as Scott turned the key Amy said "Wait a minute before we go. You're sure your parents won't be home tonight?" Scott assured Amy he was quite sure. "Good" was Amy's large smile reply. Scott had gained some maturity, confidence and experience in the time since he and Amy had dated last. And was willing to take a chance, "Amy, you are the biggest cock teaser there is, I think. I was one of the guys who gave you that title. I know, you know about it. I want to know right now if this is just another night like all those others we had. Because if it is, I'd just rather take you home now!"

Amy was impressed. Scott was obviously serious and she was happy to see that he was no longer the malleable little wuss he was in high school. She figured that would improve the evening too. "No Scott, it won't end up that way. At least it doesn't have to. Do you know why our dates always left you hanging?" Amy was up to no good, but Scott was not going to figure it out.

"No Amy, why?" he asked cautiously.

"Because I was worried. You're so big I was afraid I couldn't handle it. I'm more experienced now and frankly I'm pretty turned on about your big cock, but when I was only a junior it kinda scared me" Amy said this with such sincerity that Scott was sucked in immediately. Of course it was pure bullshit! But Scott did have a big cock, in fact the biggest Amy had ever seen until she met Bill.

She paused in her story long enough to tell Bill "That's why I picked Scott for last night. I knew it would make me think of you the whole time. His cock is the biggest I'd ever seen until you. Oh it isn't anywhere near as big as yours, but it is way bigger than most of the other boys I've been with. It is why I always wished Scott would try harder. But he never did.... until last night!" Amy could see Bill shiver, she smiled even more!

Back to the evening before. Scott was so horny and now his ego had been pumped up, so he was ready. Amy nearly made him faint as she went on. "In fact Scott, I want to feel you in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. Would you let me do that Scott?"

Both Scott and Amy were glad he hadn't started to drive yet. There was no doubt he would have caused an accident right then! His mouth moved like a fish out of water, but nothing came out for quite a while. "Amy, I'd love that, as I'm sure you know." Scott had been just praying that he'd get a handjob that ended in him cumming. A blowjob from Amy was more than he'd dreamed possible.

"Well, that's what I really want to do, but there is one thing you have to do for me first, okay?"

"What would that be Amy?" replied Scott suspiciously. He hadn't forgotten the numerous cases of blue balls from his junior year.

You need to undo your pants and slide them down a bit and push your underwear down so I can play with your cock as you drive us to your parents house. If you do that I promise I'll suck you off tonight. And you know what else? I'll swallow every drop!" Scott turned and looked at Amy with that 'deer in the headlights' look. He started to say something, then stopped. Amy had successfully turned Scott's mind into Jello. He didn't even speak, he just undid his pants and followed Amy's instructions, started the car and began to drive! Amy couldn't help actually laughing this time, but covered by saying "Scott you are so much fun. We're really going to have a great evening now!"

As she described Scott exposing his cock, she slowly turned back the covers, exposing Bill in much the same way.

Amy leaned over and put her head on Scott's shoulder and touched his bare cock for the first time in almost two years. Scott shivered. She cupped his balls and squeezed very softly. "Pretty full already, huh Scott? I bet I can make them much fuller than this even." she giggled. After a few minutes of feeling his balls she began to stoke his cock. Softly and slowly, building him up again, but very, very slowly. The slower Amy went the fast Scott seemed to drive. Amy finally had to tell him to slow down and pay attention to his driving.

"Sorry," he said "I guess I was just a little distracted." Even Scott had to laugh at this.

By the time they reached Scott's parents house, Amy had brought him right to the edge twice and would back off by using a single finger tip to spread his precum all over the head of his cock. Once his orgasm had receded enough she would start stroking again. It kept Scott highly aroused and frustrated, but also kept him safe from cumming. Scott pulled into the garage and closed the door behind them. Amy instantly jumped out. Scott started to fumble with his pants but Amy stopped him with "Scott, just finish undressing right here. I want you naked for the rest of the night."

Scott would have done anything that Amy said at this point. He had completely lost the ability for independent thought and was only following the 'little head'. He climbed out of the car and his clothes in what was nearly one step. As Amy came around the front of the car he was just shedding his last item of clothing. He was obviously a bit embarrassed to be completely nude in front of the fully clothed young woman, and was holding his hands strategically in front of himself.

"No silly," she giggled, "I want to see you!" As she said this she grabbed him by the wrists and pulled his arms wide apart. She then reached down and cupped his balls and gently began to stoke his cock. Scott moaned audibly. After just a little of this Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself close to him. She trapped his cock between her stomach and his and Scott could feel her erect nipples against his hairless chest. Amy laid a big liplock on him and Scott reached around her and slid his hands under her dress and was feeling her bare ass. Amy didn't resist.

Amy let this go on for a while and then whispered his Scott's ear "It time for your payoff now." With that she released him and turned around. Using Scott's rock hard cock like the handle on a wagon, she led him into the house.

To be continued...