Girls Watching Guys Ch. 03


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After my memorable experience of masturbating in the shower while my sister Stacey watched, as you may imagine I was incredibly excited and horny over what had happened. That same night I masturbated a second time in bed, and I'm sure Stacey could hear it in the next room. I made sure to get good and lubed up so she could hear the stroking through the wall, and was also a bit more vocal as I approached orgasm.

That night at dinner she could not look me in the eyes, and the following day much the same happened. She did her best to avoid me entirely, walking around with a sheepish look on her face, the way a small child might act when trying to keep a big secret from someone they shouldn't tell it to. That second night I heard her laughing on the phone in her bedroom with her friend, hysterically at times, at times loud enough that I could pick up enough words to realize she was telling her about what she saw me do in the shower. One particularly loud outburst from her was in answer to an obvious question, "Hell, yes, I'd do it again." While I didn't like the idea that she was broadcasting the fact that she caught me masturbating to her friends, because of the potentially embarrassing situations that might create, it seemed obvious that she was very willing to try to catch me again. I very much enjoyed hearing that admission from her.

The next day she was a little bit more composed around me, and by the fourth day she was acting like nothing had ever happened, though I feel completely safe in saying she had not forgotten the incident! I tried to play it cool myself, and while countless times that week I wanted to run to the shower and wait for her to peak through the door, I resisted this urge as best I could. Not because of any morale obligation mind you, I had not the will to resist another encounter like this. Rather I wanted her to get comfortable with me again, and for the shock to wear off before she got another showing. I also wanted to build up her impatience, if I did it every day she'd quickly lose interest. So I tried as hard as I could to hold off as long as possible before putting on another show. As it turned out, my resistance lasted an entire seven days.

Stacey and I found ourselves home alone again one afternoon, on the couch watching a show on television. The scene changed to one of the girl's bedrooms where she was with several of her girlfriends discussing boys. Looking at these scantily clad, hot young females on the tube was getting me horny to begin with. But as luck would have it, their discussion descended from guys in general to guys getting themselves off. The stars were with me this day. One girl mentioned with disgust that she caught her boyfriend doing it in the bedroom. The other girls all giggled at this of course, and one added, "Its not that bad, I think it looks cute when they do it." More giggles followed. With my sister sitting just a few feet away from me hearing this exact same thing, I couldn't take it anymore, I had to go play in the shower again.

I glanced quickly over to see her reaction at such intimate talk, and she had much the same eager look that I had. Even as that interchange between the girls happened, I stood abruptly to leave; I wanted Stacey to realize it had set me off enough that I was going to take care of myself. But I wanted to make sure she knew I was going to the "shower" and not just leaving, but couldn't come up with a way of relaying that without giving my exhibitionist self away. Fortunately she solved the problem for me, asking where I was going when I got up, to which I calmly responded, "I'm going to take a shower." Seeing that scene discussing guys masturbating and immediately asking me that question, it was obvious she was hoping I was going to jerk off.

As I got undressed it occurred to me how badly I needed to pee. And as I went to lift the seat, the thought came to me: why not let her watch me do this as well? That I could tell she hadn't seen me pee before. I thought about this idea, and took it one step further. As clear as the shower glass door was, it was still somewhat obstructive of the view a voyeur behind the bathroom door might enjoy. If she could see me outside the actual shower, she'd have a much better view of my goods. So I decided to masturbate outside the shower, after all the shower itself wasn't aiding my jerking off, it was the "isolation" of the bathroom itself and the locked door which made this "private" act possible. I would make it just a little less private.

So I leaned into the shower and turned on the water so she would think I was in the shower. I then stood in front of the toilet and stared at the doorknob waiting for it to turn. After about two minutes, I saw the doorknob jiggle a little bit, and the horizontal latch on the back of the knob slowly began to turn. She was unlocking the door! A feeling of expectant electricity was flowing through my body in that instant. I took my eyes away just in time as I saw the knob itself began to turn, and delighted in the fact that she was now peeking in at me. By not being behind the actual shower glass, her secret position behind the bathroom door was more obvious and exposed, so I had to do my very best not to look in her general direction for fear of giving myself away.

The toilet was on the same wall as the side the door opened, so from her spot behind the door, looking in the big mirror she could not only see the shower, but clearly see my entire torso standing in front of the toilet. So I knew she was now getting a good view of my naked body. With a deep breath to let off the tenseness and nervousness of being scrutinized in this way, I lifted the toilet seat. How I remained flaccid during this episode I don't know, perhaps it was the anxiety and expectant nature of what I was about to do for her viewing pleasure.

So I stood there in front of the toilet, holding my flaccid penis in my hand, knowing she was getting a very good 45 degree view of my naked goods. Knowing someone was watching me made it very hard for me to start, and I stood there almost thirty seconds, idly holding myself in my hands waiting for it to come out. I can't imagine what she was thinking about while I stood there like that not doing anything. At last however, urine started to flow. I was certain that as the first bit of pee hit the water her attention would be drawn to the spray coming out my hole, so I afforded myself a very brief glance at the mirror, and found the door was indeed opened just a crack. It was thrilling to know she was really outside watching me.

It was fortunate that I really needed to go, because it made the situation of me standing in front of her peeing last all the longer. As the last few droplets came out, I then began an intentionally long series of taps and wiggles, finally squeezing the entire length of my penis to get the last few drops out, enjoying the fact she was watching me play with myself as I finished peeing. For effect, I bent down to grab a piece of toilet paper, and squeezing the head of my dick, wiped up the last drop on the paper, and threw it into the toilet. Only now after showing off like this did my penis begin to get a bit plump.

Just as I was about to get to the best part of my act something happened that risked ending it prematurely: the damn phone rang. Obviously with the bathroom door open, and me not being in the shower itself I could hear the phone a lot better. I imagine Stacey realized the same thing, and afraid to give herself away, closed the door, just loud enough for me to hear it catch, and then trotted off to answer it. I was now in a quandary. I wanted her to see me masturbate, but standing around waiting for her before starting would be too obvious. So I began to brush my teeth as a ruse, keeping a firm eye on the doorknob again. Within a minute I saw the knob begin to turn again, and that feeling of exhibitionism again returned to me.

The good part about the phone interruption was that now I was standing in front of the sink that much closer to her, it would have been awkward to walk towards her while she was still watching. The bad part about the interruption is that I couldn't hold out any longer. Having just been seeing peeing and wiggling and squeezing was erotic enough an experience that I had grown completely erect while she went to get the phone. I had wanted to get hard while she watched, but it wasn't going to happen. I hope she wasn't disappointed.

I hastily finished brushing my teeth, and stood up straight in front of the sink, giving her at last a clear view of my now upwardly pointing erection. I pretended to stand there looking at my own naked body in the mirror, she could tell by the angle of my eyes that I was staring down at my own erection. I began to slowly move my hips back and forth so that my erection began to sway to and fro, and my sac began to wiggle as well. Satisfied that she had a long enough view of my private parts, I then moved on to the next phase of my little exhibition: the genital exam.

I fondly remembered the fact that during last week's show in the shower I heard her orgasm while I was giving myself a mock genital exam, so I knew she was highly aroused at the thought of a guy checking himself out. I certainly wasn't going to disappoint her this time around. I took one of my testes in my fingers and did an in depth feel, and then worked my fingers slowly up my sac, and then repeated the lengthy process on the other side, loving the fact she was watching this. I only wish she could be in the doctor's office with me watching the real thing. I then took some time feeling the skin of my scrotum itself, pulling it away from my balls, and doing so on all sides, and even reaching behind to feel there too.

I then moved up to my erect penis, and started feeling it at the base, slowly working my way up its length. A cursory feel of the circumcision ring was then followed by giving the head a good squeeze, and finally spreading open the hole with both thumbs to look down inside it. I sort of bent it to the right a little when I did this, knowing she'd probably take a look down at the open hole. A quick glance at the mirror confirmed the door was still open a crack. Last but not least came the hernia check for each side, giving several coughs as I did so.

Done with my little exam, the moment we both had been waiting for arrived. I squirted some lotion out of the bottle on the sink, and applied it to my dick, and quickly set about masturbating. At once I recaptured that incredible feeling that I was jerking off while someone was watching. It really is a wonderful thrill that everyone should experience at least once.

The feeling of masturbating quickly increased the dirty sensations, and coupled with the fact I was no more than four feet away from my sister who was watching me was too much to take. Like last week in the shower, I wanted to stroke for as long as possible to make the moment last. But with standing mere feet from her now, knowing the much better view she was getting, it was as if I were standing right in front of her doing it. All I had to do was to look in the mirror to see her face looking down at my masturbation to confirm how close she was.

One quite inadvertent glance towards the door is all it took, and I saw that just like last time, once I had begun actually masturbating, she had opened the door just a little bit more to get a better look, throwing aside caution. The glance lasted but an instant, but standing now at the sink instead of in the shower, this afforded me for the first time to actually see her face there behind the door watching me. Her cute and absorbed face was entirely focused on what I was doing to myself down there. The sight of her looking at my most intimate act was all it took.

It was less than a minute since I started to actually jerk, but the sight of her actually looking at me like that put me over the edge. Oh, the view of a female's eyes looking at my genitals as I masturbated, in that instant I could feel her gaze touching me down there. I instantly looked away, closed my eyes to keep from giving myself away again, and had a very powerful orgasm; groaning, grunting, and making all those wonderful involuntary orgasmic movements. I once again held my penis upwards so the ejaculate flew up in the air with a nice arc, and landed on the counter top. One little drop actually landed on the bottom of the mirror too. Its amazing how much more intense a simple voyeur's presence can make a person's orgasm. After a moment of rest, I squeezed the length of my penis as the rest of my ejaculate was forced out onto the counter top.

Deciding to leave my ejaculate there for her to see, I then disappeared into the shower to take a very quick shower. My reason for the quick shower should be obvious of course, I wanted to see if Stacey was taking care of her own itch in her bedroom like last time. In and out in under five minutes I quickly dried myself off and got dressed. I looked at the whitish puddle of ejaculate I had left on the sink, and decided like a dirty young man to leave it there. Upon leaving, I noted the door was once again closed, and was impressed that this time Stacey even had the presence of mind to lock it!

Upon opening the bathroom door and walking out, I found what I fully expected to see: Stacey was in her bedroom and the door was shut tight. My little show had forced her to go to the sanctuary of her bedroom to masturbate. I walked very slowly past her door, but heard nothing, and then once in my own room sat near her wall to try to listen in. I only heard one or two deep breaths and one very slight creak of the bed, but nothing more. She was considerably more discreet this time in her orgasm, much to my sorrow. I really wanted once again to hear that wonderful outburst she had when she came last week on her bed: an orgasm with reckless abandon. But I supposed there would be other chances.


Girls Watching Guys Stacey's View from Behind the Door

So here I was, having recently witnessed one of the most erotic and forbidden experiences of my life. I had spied on my brother as he masturbated in the shower, something I had never seen before. From watching him give himself a genital exam to watching him shoot his seed all over the shower glass, I saw the entire sequence of what he did to himself for the first time, and I couldn't get those graphic images out of my head. I can't tell you the amount of times I masturbated in the next few days reliving that delicious sight. Like a Von Suppe overture, I masturbated morning, noon and night! This brought about a question with perhaps the most obvious answer in the world: If the opportunity presented itself, would I want to see it again? Hell, yes! Make no mistake, I was furtively watching his every move for the next week waiting to catch him again in the act.

They say persistence pays off, but couple that with the fact that guys jerk off every single day, and it was only a matter of time before I found myself at the bathroom door watching him in all his male glory once again. Every night that week when I went to bed I could hear him in his room playing with himself, as I had heard many times in the past. He seemed more fervent and louder about it this week for some reason. I brushed it off as me being more in tune with what he did to himself after visually seeing him do it in the shower in such graphic detail.

Any great secret like this is too much too hold in, I was bursting to tell someone, and I figured why not tell my friend who had originally told me about watching her own brother in the shower? I think she thought it was cute the exuberant way I was telling her about seeing Gary, as if I were a newbie virgin at this voyeur thing. This seasoned veteran of many such viewings of her own brother couldn't help but ask if I wanted to see it again. I'm sure you can fully understand the quick and affirmative nature of my answer!

With each passing day I kept tabs on his every movement; with each time he ascended the stairs I waited with baited breath to see if he went into the shower, and time after time I came away disappointed and even more expectant and frustrated. Ironically, a really stupid show on television is what finally gave me my next opportunity. A bunch of young giggling beauties in lingerie who couldn't act were discussing guys. Glancing over at Gary, I saw the erotic nature of the scene was giving him a considerable hardon in his pants, so rather than walk off to do something more interesting, I stayed around to see the effect it had on him. Good thing I did, the scantily clad girls started talking about guys jerking off! This could not have been any better scripted for me. Several times I gazed over at him and he was making a concerted effort to not look my way. Oh the thoughts that must have been going through his head!

He began to fuss a little bit, I could see the scene on the TV was getting to him, and then he abruptly got up and started walking towards the stairs. My heart in my throat, I just had to be sure of what I thought he was about to do, and asked in as calm a voice as I could manage where he was going. He said with an equally unconvincing and shaky voice, "To take a shower."

Grand Slam! He had just inadvertently admitted that he was going to go play with himself, and I was now just moments away from watching this delicious and erotic scene play out for a second time. As soon as he disappeared upstairs, my hand found my crotch and I rubbed several quick rubs to help bleed off that growing charge in my body. Take deep breaths, Stacey, deep breaths, stay calm. Oh, the expectancy of seeing something like this, it is near impossible to keep the heart beating at anywhere near its normal rate. I impatiently sat on the sofa waiting for the shower water to start, and then counted another agonizing two minutes to make sure he was settled in before I finally made my move upstairs to view the forbidden act he was about to play upon himself.

With the water having been on for a few minutes already, I quietly reached for the key above the door, unlocked it, and quietly opened the door a crack, and you can imagine my shock when I saw the shower empty. Where was he? I angled my view a little more to my right, and to my great shock there he was, completely naked standing in front of the toilet. His flaccid little penis was in his hand, and he was lifting the toilet seat, the sudden thought raced through my mind that I was about to watch him take a piss.

To some girls this might not be a big thing, but when you're raised in as conservative a place as I was, and had never yet witnessed a guy doing this, lets just say my loins were very excited at the prospect of seeing it happen. What surprised me is how long he stood there like that, pointing his member, but with nothing coming out. I'm not sure why he had trouble getting started, but I was fine with the longer exposure it afforded me. My God! Without the shower glass to obstruct my view, I had the most clear and intimate view of his genitals. I quietly closed the door a bit more to keep from being discovered as my wide eyes took in the view of his flaccid manliness in his hands, and that wonderful loose sac that hung down, I was in heaven.

I took in every intimate detail of his male anatomy, committing every last detail to memory: The looseness of his sac, the slight hairs that grew from it. His soft, clearly circumcised penis was a wonder to behold. That round little head, no, that round helmet -- I could see now why people called it a helmet, the upper half sloped backwards further than the bottom. Without the obstruction of the shower door, I even got to marvel at the little reddish ring where he had been circumcised. This part fascinated me. Behind it the skin was more brown, and between the scar and the tip his skin was more red. And that small and vertical hole at the end of his helmet, from whence flowed all those wonderful fluids I marveled at last week. And I was moments away from seeing yet a third fluid issue forth from it.

After a much prolonged effort of standing there, he finally began to pee, and I was beside myself with how interesting it looked, this stream of water shooting out of that tiny, visible hole, while he held his little hose in his hand, pointing the water wherever he wanted it to go. For the entire time he stood there peeing, I didn't once take my eyes off the end of his dick, and the busy stream that came from it. As the flow petered out, I watched with great interest as he began to squirt a few last, short streams, and then began an extensive procedure of shaking his little hose, which bounced back and forth. Then he squeezed it multiple times. He wiped the end with a little toilet paper, squeezing it one last time and then flushed the toilet. Watching him "finish up" in this extensive way of handling himself seemed even more exciting than just watching him pee.

At the most inopportune moment possible, the phone began to ring. With the bathroom door being open, and him not actually in the shower, I was afraid he would hear it and realize the door was open. So as quickly and quietly as I could I shut the door, and hastily tiptoed off to answer it. How dare someone disturb us in our moment of glory! To make it worse it was his friend Pete asking for Gary. Quickly I processed my options, either call Gary and risk ending the show of him masturbating, or lie and say he wasn't at home. I wisely chose the latter, and when the follow up question came of did I know where he was, I harshly responded, "I have no idea where he is, you think I keep tabs on his every move?"

I'm such a convincing liar, aren't I? I had been watching his every move for the past seven days, and I wasn't about to nip the fruits of my labor in the bud by having Pete interrupt my golden moment. Hanging up the phone I ever so gingerly made my return to the bathroom door, afraid at what I may have missed out on. Opening it ever so carefully this time, in case he was still out of the shower, I was shocked to see him standing in front of the sink, now even that much closer to me, affording yet a better view. And what was this? He stood in front of the sink brushing his teeth, with a fully erect penis! Did all that handling he did when he finished peeing make him that aroused?

When he was finished he stood upright and looked at his naked self in the mirror for a good bit. With delight I took in the view of his erection, so much closer and clearer to me than last week. Oh, the shape and curve of it, the wonderful size and fullness. I marveled that I could even see the blue veins running up its length. His helmet, now perched atop a full erection looked so proud and magnificent, with a wonderful clear drop of precum leaking from that mysterious and multifaceted little hole at the end. It was incredible how close to me he was as he stood there, I could see every wonderful detail of his manliness, and it forced my hand to press against my crotch to appease my horniness.

Oh my, how for even an instant could I have forgotten that little incident which had brought me to a loud and sudden orgasm at this very door last week? After observing himself, his left hand went down and picked up one of his balls, and rolled it around in his fingers. He was giving himself another genital exam. I had stood bewildered last week at seeing him do it, and now my heart pounded as I witnessed him playing upon his obvious medical fetish once again. I couldn't help but wonder if he did this every time he masturbated. Seeing him do this right in front of the sink while the shower was running made me realize that not only was I going to see his medical exam this close and personal, but he would probably also masturbate right there in clear view as well. My finger pushed down harder yet upon my clitoris at this thought. I was fighting a losing battle.

He every so gently examined one ball for a lengthy time, and then took his other nut in his hand, feeling it in exactly the same detailed way. He then went to playing with the actual skin of the scrotum, which was particularly interesting for me to watch. Then he did what he hadn't done last time, he actually "examined" his penis. Being erect I guess it would take longer to do than if he was flaccid, but it did take a long time as he felt its entire length. He ran his finger over that little pink ring three quarters of the way up his shaft, and then began to check out his wonderful soft helmet, squeezing it multiple times. He then spread it apart, clearly opening that little pee hole up wide. Fortunately for me it bent slightly to the right when he did this, giving me a much better view of it as I stared down that hole into the darkness of his erection. Ooh, that felt so dirty to see that!

Last but not least he grabbed his balls again, turned his head away and coughed multiple times, simulating the hernia check. He seemed to get the most enjoyment out of this part of his little exam, I'm not sure why. As he finished up he seemed quite proud about himself at what he had just done, and then grabbed a bit of lotion out of the bottle on the sink. The moment of truth had come, as I awaited for him to spread it onto his erection.

He wasted no time, quickly rubbing it all over his dick and greedily stroking it back and forth. Oh, that wonderfully familiar motion of his hand that I had seen last week, but now so much closer and clearer as he stood in front of the sink. I nearly screamed when I saw him do that so close to me. He turned slightly to the right for some reason which gave me a great view of it sticking right out from his quickly stroking fist. I was speechless at the sight of this. I still am, what an image! He waved it around a few times, then quickly went back to pounding that wonderful organ of his.

I instantly recognized that he was stroking himself a lot more vigorously than last week's session. Right from the start he was stroking it hard, maybe the toothbrush up inside him made him that horny. At any rate, not being in the shower behind the glass like last week, I could see his entire package so much better, and enjoyed the motion of his full hand across his penis all the more. He was so close to me in fact, I could actually hear the sounds of him stroking himself. Whereas last week he seemed to be taking his time and enjoying it, this time he was pumping it with all he had and it quite surprised me when only a minute into his session his body began to move about and his breathing was replaced by involuntary moans and grunts.

I was shocked how quickly he came, he had just started rubbing himself maybe a minute ago at most, and here he was about to orgasm. There right in front of me, but a few feet away, I watched with wonder as his sperm shot out of that mysterious little hole, arcing high in the air in several streams and landing all over the counter top. A girl can never get tired of that sight, do it again please! He squeezed his penis and more of his cum dripped out onto the counter as well. He proudly looked over what he had created there on the counter, and then turned to take a shower, oddly leaving his deposit behind. As he turned to go into the shower I saw his butt in full view before jumping in the shower. That was a particularly wicked sight to behold.

For the second time in a week I had witnessed Gary masturbating, doing all those other interesting things as well. I was surprised how quickly he came this time and of course was blown away by how much there was. What devilish thoughts did he have in his mind when he did that? I would love to know. The show now over, I took one last fond look at his ejaculate there on the counter, and closed and locked the door before retiring to my bedroom to take care of my own problem. As might be expected my groin was sopping and aching and desperately needed my undivided attention. There on my bed I vigorously fingered myself to one quick orgasm, and then took out my vibrator for another one.

After I composed myself, I headed to the bathroom to clean up my lower regions and fingers. Upon closing the door I remembered with amazement that Gary had not cleaned up his ejaculate off the sink! There right before me in plain sight was his seed spattered all over the counter top. Frankly, he was a disgusting pervert for leaving it behind like that, but behind a locked door with nobody to see me, I paused there to look at the uniquely male fluid.

Having come in to clean up my pussy area from my own juices, I stood there in front of the sink with pants pulled down, wiping my fluids up all while looking at his own fluid lying there on the counter. It was to say the least a very interesting moment, and the irony of what I was in there to do clashing with what he had left behind was quite obvious. After cleaning up my own juices, I couldn't resist the temptation any longer, and wiped my finger across his ejaculate, just to see what it felt like. Having laid there a while it no longer held his body's warmth, and I examined it between my fingers with great interest, pulling my fingers apart to see how much it stretched. And that odor it gave off, what an unusual and pungent smell.

When he had come, I had only seen it from the side in the mirror. Now that I was right there in front of it I had a much better view, and placed myself right where he was standing when he came, trying to lineup where his penis would be as he stroked it. Standing there in front of it, I enjoyed the view of the various streams shooting out in different directions.

I had a naughty idea of cleaning up his mess for him so when he came back to do it himself he would realize it was gone, but I didn't want him to know for sure that I saw it, it would be more of an erotic mystery for him if I left it behind. So there on the counter, I left my own brother's ejaculate behind for whoever might see it next. An hour later I looked in and noticed it was all gone, he had finally cleaned his mess up. I couldn't help but enjoy the fact that he must even now be wondering if I had seen his seed. The poor boy had no idea, I hadn't just seen his cum lying on the counter, I had watched in secret the whole episode of what caused him to shoot it! Naughty boy, and equally deceptive girl, we both had our fun that day, him alone and me watching his show. Sometimes its really fun having a brother. I am really looking forward to the next time.

To be continued...