Girls Watching Guys: The Final Chapter?


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Part Four: Masturbation with a Twist

Watching my brother masturbate the first time was unforgettable, watching him the second time was priceless, waiting to watch him a third time was simply unbearable. I needed to catch him so very bad, I felt more impatient than a kid before Christmas. Instead of the sight of Gary masturbating becoming more blasé with each viewing, it was becoming more and more urgent for me to see him. I was finding that spying on him was becoming an obsession of mine, even an addiction whereby I badly needed a fix. As I lay in bed at night I could envision him standing upright, completely naked, firmly grasping that shapely erection in his fist, pumping with great fervor, knees buckling, body shaking, groans and moans emanating from him until I watched his sperm flying through the air. I so needed to see him doing it one more time, just one more time. In two weeks time, it happened again.

This third time started off innocently enough, I swear I did not set this one up at all. We found ourselves home alone for the day again, and working in my room I went to ask him a computer question. Focused on my question, I opened his door without knocking and boy were we both surprised. He was in the middle of changing his clothes, facing the door. I came in at the perfect time, his underwear was all he had to take off and as I opened the door it was slipping down to his ankles. There in front of me, facing the door, stood Gary completely naked. Unlike the previous two times I had spied on him, this was the first time we both were aware of each other's presence, and that changed the whole atmosphere dramatically for me.

The reaction on his face at having been seen like this was priceless, there was a bit of surprise, but also excitement. Though as you might imagine, I didn't look him in the eye for but a second, my eyes quickly descended to get a good view of his wonderful flaccid penis right there before me. Oddly, he didn't try to cover himself or turn away to hide his genitals from my obvious gaze. Instead he stood motionless, and it afforded me a very good view of his penis. I suppose it was much more of a gaze at his naked crotch than I had intended to give. Finally able to tear my eyes away, as I turned to leave, I told him I was sorry. He quickly and playfully replied, "No you're not."

That response caught me off guard, making me laugh and look back at him with the question, "What do you mean I'm not sorry."

"By the way you were staring at my crotch, you didn't look the least bit sorry to me."

He had me there, and I admitted as much with a smile, "You might be right about that one."

And like that the talking stopped, the world stopped, time stopped. Him standing naked before me, underpants down at his ankles, me at his bedroom door looking back at him. When I say looking at him, I mean intending to look him in the face. My eyes however found their way back down to his soft penis and balls, and for the next few moments neither of us stirred. I was getting a very good view of his package, and I found it equally amazing that he was standing there letting me.

And just like that it happened. It twitched. I saw it, it twitched. And with one twitch it became larger. The world continued to stand still, my eyes fixed on Gary's dick, him standing motionless before me, obviously enjoying the attention of his sister's eager eyes. It twitched again, and all by itself, without any help from his fingers, it began to grow on its own. And he let me watch it happen. He let me watch, what a show off! I stared intently at this growing snake with no regard for Gary himself: his growing penis was all there was in the room. The first time in the shower I had seen it grow, but the view was obstructed by the shower glass. The second time I watched him, I had missed him grow erect when I had to answer the phone. This was the first time I got to watch it grow erect up close and with an unobstructed view. This wasn't even a reflection in the mirror, this was the real thing I was looking at.

I really can't say how long this lasted, how long does it take a guy to fully erect under such conditions? But here I was standing there watching him growing erect, but soon it was at its full state, pointing boldly skyward, the wonderful helmet and hole looking up at me. He proudly stood there naked before me, clearly enjoying showing off his manhood to a female, now in its new stage of erection. I was shocked with how freely and willingly he let me watch it like this, with no hint of embarrassment or trying to cover up. I would never let him look between my legs even for a second! Guys are so different than girls. I finally looked up at him, and found him intently staring at the expression on my face as I looked at his hard on. Realizing the situation, I could merely raise my eyebrows and say, "Wow."

Throughout this minute, the impulse to run away had struggled fiercely with the impulse to stay and watch him grow erect, and only after his member had engorged to full size and I had a considerable look at it in this state did the impulse to run win out. One final lingering look down at his wonderful shape and I was headed directly downstairs to take a deep breath and collect my thoughts. It had been a very astounding and erotic moment, and I'm not sure if I even breathed that entire time. What a sight that was, him standing in front of me naked, letting me see him grow erect. All his manliness on display for me. What a flush that had come over my face, especially when I realized how he was looking at my reaction the whole time. I betrayed too much of my womanly lust of his penis to him.

I sat down in the kitchen for nearly ten minutes trying to regain my composure until the sound of running water upstairs made me realize the fun wasn't over: He had gone into the bathroom to masturbate! I have no idea if he was originally intending to go into the shower anyway or if he was just changing clothes, and being seen naked by me made him have to jack off. Then again it really didn't matter. I had just confronted him face to face while he stood there naked, watched as he grew erect, and in a matter of minutes I would be watching him playing with himself for a third time. I couldn't help but wonder if this third time he would be any more aroused in his play knowing I had just seen him like that. As I slowly unlocked and opened the bathroom door, my hopes were met: He had decided once again to masturbate outside the shower in front of the sink, where I had a perfect view of his naked body.

He was standing looking at his manliness in the mirror, it was as stiff and hard as I had yet seen it. He was obviously at a very advanced stage of arousal, due no doubt to my watching him grow a few minutes earlier. The amount of precum on his penis was amazing; not just a small drop hanging half out of his pee hole, but a long wet stream ran halfway down the penis. There he stood admiring the way it worked its way down his shaft. Gary obviously was very interested with the image of how he looked when he was erect, several times now I had seen him looking at it this way for long stretches. Precum continued to ooze from his dick, and I don't know if him or I were looking at this scene more intently.

As he stood there like this, I began to wonder what his next move would be. Would he take a pee? Could he even pee with an erection like that? Would he do his little genital exam fetish on himself again? And oh, was he going to stick that toothbrush up his butt again? Or was he so ridiculously horny at this point, with all this precum oozing out, that he just had to take it in his hand and get to masturbating? While I was a bit sad that he didn't pee, and didn't give himself a doctor's exam, and completely ignored his toothbrush, I did not go away disappointed.

Lotion put on hand, hand was quickly put on dick and he began to stroke it with great speed. God was he ever turned on! The mere fact that I had seen him naked like that in his bedroom was enough for him to skip his normal foreplay games and go straight into his furious stroking. The squishing sound of his hand going up and down his shaft was ridiculously loud, and it was instantly joined by loud gasps and moans from him. Within a minute he had an absolutely furious orgasm, more intense than his other two I had witnessed. He had great trouble standing during it, and made the most incredible and painful grunts. Delightful! Sperm flew high into the air, far higher and in much greater quantity than the last time I watched, and was sprayed all over the counter top. The first stream of semen made it all the way to the mirror and dripped down. That was impressive to see.

As he stood there like that for a moment, supporting himself with his arms, I admired his white man spray all over the sink, and could not but feel flattered that I was solely responsible for his incredible response there in the bathroom. Standing naked in front of his sister for just one minute had caused him to get so ridiculously horny that he had a quick and furious orgasm. Whatever embarrassment I may have felt as I stood in his bedroom doorway face to face watching him naked was quickly replaced by a feeling of ultimate satisfaction. He was so incredibly turned on by me seeing him naked, and that made me feel really special, I have to say. For a moment I felt a special bond with him, and wanted to open the door, give his naked body a big hug, and let him know I enjoyed this just as much as he did.

All those bubbly feelings I had for him in that brief instant quickly vanished with what I saw him do next. He reached for and picked up an object on the sink that I had hitherto missed, being so focused on the precum dripping down his dick. Just like that my heart wound up in my throat, and the biggest feeling of embarrassment I ever experienced came over me. I surely thought I would die from embarrassment right there, I turned an even deeper shade of red then I had at my first gyno exam. In his hand he held a long round silver object, tapered at the end. He had my vibrator in his hand! My own private, secret toy. The one nobody else in the whole world even knew about. What the fuck!

I was frozen in place as I realized this, filled with outrage and disbelief and ultimate disgrace. The emotions were flying around and bouncing off the inside of my head, for a moment I didn't know what to think or how to feel, I was too in shock at the sight before me. My face continued to turn thousands of shades of red, I'm certain of it. That lousy bastard was rummaging through my things. He had been in my panty drawer, and found my vibrator in the back. And now he had it in his hand in the bathroom. Why on earth did he bring it into the bathroom with him, and why was he holding it only after he had shot his load?

If it wasn't for the curious nature of this last question, I would have burst through the door and slugged him one, the dirty little prick. But for some reason my curiosity made me pause for a second as I began to wonder what he had in mind that he should pick up the vibrator only after he had cum. He held it up to get a good look at it, turning it about and checking out every last bit of it. He was enjoying the view of that most intimate of my toys that had rubbed all my most private areas, and I knew those very thoughts must be going through his head. If he didn't know I masturbated before, now he had irrefutable proof. And his gaze upon the toy showed his brain envisioning exactly how it was used on me down there. How humiliating. It's one thing to spy on a guy when he's masturbating, but it's a whole other world when things are reversed and he has my own toy in his hand.

I suppose a description of my vibrator is in order, for the sexually curious out there, it was your typical old fashion silver vibe, smooth and straight in nature, not shaped at all like a penis. Not a bullet vibe by any means, it was a full sized one, even a little on the big end. I had bought it because it was a particularly wide one. I enjoy the idea of being stretched when I insert it, but then I've just admitted more than I wanted to. It was just your typical old fashion straight up vibe, and it had served me well through many hours of solo play. My only saving grace at the moment is that Gary had no idea just how frequently I used it.

But again, what was he doing picking up my vibe only after he had jerked off? I would have thought it would have become part of his sex play while he masturbated. And then the idea dawned on me. Was he horny enough to actually masturbate two consecutive times? A quick look down to his dick showed it still half hard, softened yes, but still sticking mostly straight ahead at three quarters size, some cum still hanging off the end. It was in limbo whether to go to sleep or get turned on by what its master had found. It didn't take long before I had my answer, as he continued to observe my vibrator closely, even pushing it through his fingers like it was being inserted (into my vagina no doubt!). His little man began once again to stand at attention at the idea of the vibrator being penetrated into certain orifices of mine.

It was a very embarrassing situation still, but I couldn't help but imagine the erotic imagery that must be going through his mind while doing this. It became obvious that by pushing the vibe through the round hole he made with his fingers, he was imagining it going in and out of my own vagina, because shortly after this his hand went down to his pubic bone, and he mimicked with his middle finger the circular motion of a girl rubbing on her clit. It was interesting watching a guy do that, pretending how a girl did it. But he was envisioning it was how I masturbated, and again I was very embarrassed. In fairness, I guess he had every right to be curious, I had been curious enough to actually spy on him doing it.

His penis was now somehow fully engorged again and pointing skyward, mere minutes after it had exploded with cum. Even as his sperm lay there still warm on the sink, he was obviously ready to play with himself a second time. I was getting a bonus showing this time around, and with some added flavor, he'd somehow be playing around with my vibrator while he did it. But how would he use it on himself? He surely couldn't have just brought it into the bathroom to look at it. With a twist of his hand, suddenly my vibe came to life, and I heard its slight and secretive vibrations. At once I felt the most unusual feeling of jealousy. It was my own private toy, and it was the first time it had ever serviced another person's fancy. The mere purring sound it made, so familiar to me in my own play, made my loins moisten rapidly.

He put it down for a moment, and reached into the shower to turn off the water that had been running. At first I was afraid this was the end of his jacking session, but he picked up the vibe once again and turned it back on. Without the sound of the running water interfering, the sound of its vibrations was so much louder and erotic. Still I felt my toy was cheating on me, and at the same time was enjoying that fact. Vibrating toy in hand, incredibly erect dick, with some left over cum still dribbling out his dick, it was an obvious union, and soon my little toy was put against the underside of his penis.

The look on his face at the contact was priceless. I really had no idea how guys might masturbate using a vibrator, but there he stood with it firmly pressed against the underside of his dick, standing almost motionless for the next two minutes, occasional noises coming from him. With the water now off, I could hear every little sound and exaggerated breath, he was but four feet from me. The proximity was exquisite. I was quite relishing the sight of him masturbating like this, and found it fascinating that a guy could use a vibrator too. His eyes were now closed and his hips slowly began to move as the feeling of the vibrations turned him on more. He was whimpering now, almost uncontrollably. A mixture of left over cum from his orgasm, and precum from the current vibrations slowly oozed out of his hole, which was a sight to see.

It took me a minute to realize my fingers were now very busily masturbating myself outside the door. Without the water running, and consequently hearing every breath of his, I had to try and be as deathly quite during my own masturbation so I did not give myself away. But rub away I did with very little self control, as my brother stood there masturbating for the second time in five minutes, with my own vibrator against his dick.

He held my vibrator now against the tip of his dick, I guess he liked the way the vibrations felt that way, and it almost seemed like it was too sensitive for him to take for long, but I looked on at the amazingly dirty sight as my brother's cum and precum were smeared onto my vibrator in this fashion. This was the first time my vibe had ever tasted man fluid before. And with that nasty thought my first orgasm came. So close to him, I don't know how he couldn't have heard me. I tried to be as very quiet as I could, but while one can suppress a moan or grunt, an orgasmic breath cannot be held back. I have to imagine he heard me and knew I was on the other side of the door watching him play with my vibrator. If he did realize it, he didn't let on, he kept my toy firmly against the end of his penis and continued to moan, even whispering, "Oh God." a few times.

I suppose the feeling was too intense, because he soon took it away and put it on his balls. I've had a boyfriend tell me that rubbing the tip of his penis against his hand creates an overly sensitive feeling in his butt of all things, and even makes him pee. If Gary is built the same way, he didn't pee, but then with how hard he was, and how much precum must have been blocking the urethra, I don't think it was possible for him to do that at the current time. For the next two minutes he held my vibrator against his balls, and slowly stroked his dick. It looked quite interesting watching him masturbate with his hand with the added feeling the vibe was giving to his balls. A look up at his face showed he was enjoying this way a little more then just standard stroking with the hand alone.

I suppose I should have been anticipating or expecting the next phase, but it quite took me by surprise. He took the vibrator behind his back, and began to point it to that forbidden hole on his backside. Was he going to insert that thing into his butt? Yes, he was. I have mentioned how my vibe is a particularly wide one, so the idea of him fitting it up that tight hole back there was shocking. I almost believed he wouldn't be able to do it.

He grunted a little deeper in nature when he first tried to push it inside him, it was a much different sound than I had heard him make previously. Maybe he wasn't used to being stretched like that, especially that first moment of penetration. The look on his face was one of considerable and obvious discomfort, and even embarrassment. Yes, come to think of it, standing there all by himself his face was growing flush with embarrassment at what he was doing to himself. A clear mixture of embarrassment and even a little pain as he stretched his opening slowly to accept my vibrator in his ass. May I say virgin ass? Because that was the impression I was getting. Not virgin to a toothbrush of course, but surely virgin to something this wide.

Eventually I could tell when the tapered part was finally fully inserted, and his butt was stretched to the maximum, he stood there for a minute a bit wide eyed, taking in how it felt to be stretched back there like that. He continued to grunt in this almost unpleasant fashion as he pushed my vibe ever so slowly into him. He didn't want to just put it in a little, he was working at putting this thing in all the way! Oh god, the image of my vibrator so very deep in his ass. The same vibrating object that had massaged my clitoris to countless orgasms, and spent countless hours inside my own vagina was now stuffed up his butt. I would call this anal play of his disgusting, except in fairness this wonderful object had spent considerable time up my own butt as well. That unique look on his face during the insertion was very similar to the one on my own when I did that same thing in my bed. How's that for a mental picture!

After a while of watching him put my vibrator in his ass, my disgust at him taking my toy slowly faded, and was replaced by a growing lust to see what he was doing with it. Like his toothbrush two weeks ago, he slowly moved it in and out several times to enjoy the sensation. Then he put it deep inside him again and held it there. Suddenly he gave a high pitched grunt, sharp in nature, almost surprised. It was followed by another one, these were new and urgent sounds of pleasure he was making, it was completely new to me. As he did this the look on his face went from discomfort at being stretched to surprise at what the vibrator was contacting. Then I suddenly remembered about his prostate. He was pushing my vibrator up against his prostate! Oh the incredible look on his face as it vibrated itself against that hidden organ. I only wish I knew what that felt like, his expression was simply amazing.

Never having penetrated a guy's butt in anyway myself, or discussed prostate play with them, I really had no idea how it felt to be touched or pressed, and certainly had no idea what it must be like to have a vibrator doing its magical thing against that gland. I had to see just what that was like for him. Later that night, this very same vibrator found its way deep inside my own butt, as I imagined it rubbing against my imaginary prostate, thought I could only guess at what that felt like.

What a view there was before me, my vibrator shoved up my naked brother's ass, as he pushed it against his prostate. He was no longer just holding it there for the sensations, I could see he was pressing it against it, back and forth, and looking at the tip of his penis I realized why. I had heard the term "milking the prostate" but never knew quite what it meant. Now I understood, I stood there jaw agape as this white milky fluid was pushed up into his penis and drop by drop came out the tip of his dick and began dribbling down the underside of it. Gary was watching this in the mirror just like me, I imagine he was just as curious at seeing it leak out like this.

Still his urgent grunts continued, it was obvious it was an extremely sharp pleasure to be pressed on like that, perhaps a bit too sensitive, but we both watched in amazement as this prostate fluid continued to slowly ooze out his hole. My heart was beating a mile a minute at the scene before me, and with my fingers once again incredibly busy between my legs, I couldn't help it as my second orgasm came over me. Again I tried to be as quiet as I could but I was certain Gary must have heard it. In his current state of pleasure he obviously wouldn't have cared if one of our parents walked in on him at that moment, he was past the point of no return.

But still, I'm sure he heard my slight gasps as I orgasmed, because immediately afterwards, like a jolt going through his own body, he could take no more. His other hand once again found his cock, and while my vibrator was deep up his ass, he began to masturbate furiously, and I do mean furiously. As heavily as he had gone at it earlier, his hand was an absolute blur. He was moaning and whining and grunting, making all manner of absolutely desperate and wonderful noises to this female's ears. For the next thirty seconds he was in this furious state of absolute delight until at last he was delivered by his second orgasm in half an hour.

With my vibrator up his butt and his hand going like mad, when orgasm hit he could hardly stand up during it, and the loudness of his orgasm was so dramatic, had I been out back on the patio I still would have heard him. One enormously long spurt of semen flew from him, very generous in amount, and it was followed by a copious oozing of his ejaculate out of his hole. The rest really didn't fly by flowed rapidly out. This orgasm lasted considerably longer than the previous one, and the fluid continued to come out much longer. I'd have thought he'd have used most of his stuff up the first time, but this one was clearly the better feeling of the two for him, and lasted much longer. I wonder if my vibrator can take credit for this, as it probed his ass and massaged his prostate while he came. I still get goose bumps thinking about this.

He was physically spent after this second orgasm, it was obvious by his posture as it was hard for him to stand. He had even reached back to turn off the vibrator, though he didn't have the energy to take it out. He just stood there, barely stood there, hunched over the counter trying to keep his balance and enjoy the fading glow. There on the counter top I enjoyed the view of his new semen mixed with the streams from his first orgasm. That my brother had masturbated twice in rapid succession, and done so while using my vibrator which he stole, I couldn't take anymore of this peeking. As I retired from my hiding spot, I didn't even bother to close the door this time, much less lock it. He had obviously heard me having orgasms right outside the door, so my game was clearly up.

He knew I was spying on him do all these nasty things to himself, and it hit me like a wave that even though he had heard me orgasming on the other side of the door, it only made him all the more hornier being watched like that. I decided against going into my bedroom to masturbate like past times, I knew he had to return my toy, so instead I went into the downstairs bathroom and fingered myself to a quick third orgasm. Of all the orgasms he may or may not have heard over the last few weeks from my watching him, this was the first one where I made sure I made plenty of noise. In a rare moment, I wanted him to hear me masturbating, it just seemed such an erotic thing. I guess I wanted him to know how turned on I was at the sight of what he had been doing to himself with my vibrator, that I had to go orgasm a third time in the downstairs bathroom really loud. I guess there's a little exhibitionist in us all, even us shy ones.

Like a perfect gentlemen (if a brother that goes into your panty draw to steal your vibrator and ram it up his ass while he knows your watching him qualifies as a gentleman), Gary cleaned up my vibrator very well, went into my bedroom and returned it to its rightful place under my panties with everything remaining in perfect order as if he hadn't even been there. Of the three times I had spied on him, this was clearly the most amazing of the three. They say the first time is always the one most remembered, but this day lives with me and I think about it nearly every time I use my vibe. When I use it, I think: This wide little thing was shoved up Gary's butt. He used it to rub his prostate. And like that it disappears into my pussy for a wild orgasm.

Three orgasms from watching him play with my vibrator, that night I did it in my bed two more times, one with that very same vibrator inside my vagina, and a second time deep in my ass, pretending I was pressing on my prostate. While I was normally silent in my bed when I came, I'm absolutely certain he heard both my orgasms that night. I'm sure he knew I was using the vibrator, so I wonder what was going through his mind, imagining that toy that was up his butt hours earlier, now in my own hands, wondering if it was being put up any of my own holes. Could he even imagine that I was sticking it up my own butt? Clitoris quite raw, vagina and ass well stretched and used up, let me assure you this horny girl slipped into a very pleasant sleep.


Girls Watching Guys Gary's Side of the Coin

And just like that, she walked in without knocking, at the most perfect moment, just as my underpants were sliding down to my ankles leaving me stark naked. Instantly seizing upon the moment, I dared not move or hide or cover up, letting her see what she might see. What a fabulous moment knowing we were face to face like that as she looked me over! Those two times doing all those things in the bathroom, I pretended like I didn't know she was there, and we never made eye contact. Now I was naked seeing her standing there before me looking curiously at my crotch, and I felt like an anatomy lesson she was eyeing hungrily.

Actually getting to see her looking down at my crotch with interest was electric. The uncontrollable way in which she stared, I thought a female would be able to show greater restraint. Her very focused expression while watching me grow to attention was equally amazing to watch. She was riveted by the sight of the male member growing to size and pointing upward, she stared at it growing like a person who had never seen a dick do that before. It was quite an experience to realize that her merely looking at my naked genitals was what caused me to grow erect that quickly, without the slightest bit of physical contact. Her inquisitive and lustful eyes alone had done that.

When she got her eyeful at what she had created and finally walked away, with the erection I had it was quite obvious to both of us that I was going to go show off for her in the bathroom once again. But you must be wondering, why did I do the vibrator thing? Why did I do it so she could see me using her secret toy? For one thing, she wasn't going to tell our parents I was going through her panty drawer, because I could just as well tell them she had been spying on me in the bathroom. Feeling confident on that front, it left me with the opportunity to let her see me playing with her most personal possession. I wanted to know what kind of effect it would have on her seeing her little secret in my hand, and being used for my own pleasure. To let her know I knew she masturbated.

How did I come across her vibrator in the first place? Lets be honest for a moment folks, young men are ridiculously horny and extremely curious about anything female in nature, not the least of which is her bra, panties, and any other hidden secrets she might have lying around. What horny young man hasn't rifled through his sister's room, shuffling through her underwear drawer and found all her secret things? Let he who has not done this cast the first stone. That's what I thought, I don't see any stones flying. Bottom line for all you girls with brothers, trust me, your brother has definitely gone through all your panties and bras, and if you have a vibrator or dildo hidden somewhere in your room, you can be absolutely certain that your pesky brother knows about it, has seen it, has turned it on, and even used it on himself a few times. What's this, are you blushing?

I had originally intended to let her see me using her toy on my dick and balls, but because of her standing at my doorway watching with great interest as I grew erect, I was so overcome with horniness that the second she opened the bathroom door I at once set to masturbating with my hands. One very quick and powerful orgasm ensued, which I hope she enjoyed, I was even a bit surprised at how quickly it happened. When I regained my senses, I realized her vibrator was still there on the sink beside me, unused. Lest she think I was done with my solo play and leave, I quickly picked it up so she could realize with horror that I knew about her dirty little secret. Holding it my hands, I let her know beyond any doubt that I was fully aware that she masturbated too, and that she used a large silver vibrator to do it with.

I can only imagine waves of shock and embarrassment that came over her when I presented her with the evidence. It may sound like a cruel trick by a brother, but considering that she had spied on me jerking off, this was well within the established rules she had written over the past month. I was merely returning the favor so to speak. I could only wonder at the time if through all the embarrassment of seeing me holding her secret toy, if she was just a little bit tingly down there at the fact that I knew she masturbated. I wondered if she was curious at what must be going through my mind as I looked at her toy. Did she wonder at the mental picture I might have of what it must look like when she put it on her clit, or stuffed it in her hole, or how she looked when it gave her an orgasm?

How long did I know she had a vibrator? Oh, I would say about a year. And did I take it out of her drawer a lot to look at it? Really silly question. The only limiting factor was that I could only use it when I was home alone, I couldn't risk anyone in the house catching me going into her panty drawer, there would be no way to explain away that one! Just turning it on and hearing that buzzing noise, and knowing it did that solely to stimulate her clitoris made for great masturbation material. I would sometimes put it on my dick, usually when it was still soft, and have her toy give me an erection. I would also jerk off with my hand while having it touch my balls, that feels quite erotic.

Had I ever put it up my butt before? I blush as I answer that this was the first time. Aside from thin pens and my toothbrush (you do remember that one?), I had never put anything big up there before. Why I did it, I don't really know. I think I was out to shock her as much as anything, and once I reached back there and put it against my butt hole, there was no turning back. Having never had anything that wide up there, it was quite an uncomfortable few moments let me tell you! If she hadn't been watching I probably would have stopped at the beginning. But I figured she'd probably be interested at the expression on my face as I was being stretched like that. And, of course, it was fun to do because it was something new. The fact that it was vibrating as I inserted it also was a new sensation that I wanted more of.

Doing this with something that size is the perfect combination of discomfort and pleasure, though I found myself taking deep breaths to offset that uncomfortable feeling. As it vibrated I ever so slowly worked it in more and more until it was in me a good way. Oh the feeling of it vibrating away like that was incredible. Knowing she was watching me do that only doubled the pleasure of the moment. What must be going through her mind? And of course when I put it in deeply enough, I found my magical spot, the prostate. I had rubbed on it a few times before, but never with something this big, and certainly with nothing that was vibrating. What an absolutely intense feeling that brought, it was almost too much sensation. Between that and the feeling of being full back there, I couldn't help but let out some uncontrollable grunts.

Stacey having seen me do everything else to myself over the last few weeks, from peeing, to genital exam, to growing hard, stroking, stuffing things up my butt and watching me shoot, there was only one thing she hadn't yet seen, and that was fluid leaking out the tip of my penis as I pressed the vibrator down on my prostate. Getting a firm grip of the vibe, I pushed it rather stiffly against my gland, despite the too intense feeling that created, and watched the tip of my penis just like she must have been doing, as the prostate fluid slowly oozed out, without any stroking of my dick.

I very simply could not take anymore of these incredible sensations. True I had just orgasmed, but between her standing at my door staring at me growing erect, and her watching me stuff her own vibrator up my butt, I needed to get off again. So while her vibe did its thing to me back there, I stroked away with my free hand furiously, making sure to keep the vibe pressed against my prostate as I came. Let me tell you, there is no more intense orgasm for a guy than that. I really don't know how I managed to stay on my feet as it hit me.

Collecting myself and pulling out the vibrator, I admired my dual load of semen on the counter, and once again decided to leave it there for her to see. At this point I heard her rushing down the stairs, and glancing at the door, I realized she hadn't only forgot to lock it, but didn't even bother closing the door. Hearing her enter the bathroom right downstairs from me, I realized what she was up to, and bent an ear to hear her getting herself off. She was not the least bit quiet about it, I don't know if it was by intention or she was so horny from watching me do that with her vibrator that she couldn't help herself, but what a wonderful series of sounds she made as she approached and reached orgasm.

I cleaned up her vibe real well, cleaned myself up as well, and leaving my ejaculate on the counter for her, snuck back into her bedroom and carefully put her vibe away. As it turned out, I wound up totally forgetting that I left my cum all over the counter for her. I had intended to clean it up before our parents got home, but much later that evening lying in bed I realized with horror that I forgot about it. Going straight to the bathroom I saw with horror that the counter top was completely cleaned off. I still to this day do not know how many saw it, or who actually cleaned it up, but nobody ever said anything. I just know it wasn't me.

That night in bed, Stacey masturbated again, but this time unusually loud. I heard her have two orgasms, and they both sounded quite differently. I'm absolutely certain she was using her vibe, having seen me using it earlier in the day, and I wonder by the difference in sounds she made if she was filling her hole with it the second time. It was an infinitely erotic thought to know she had seen me masturbate with her vibe against my prostate, and then had stuck it inside her own hole that very night as well. To this day I still masturbate thinking about that afternoon, as she watched me whip out her secret toy and use it on myself. I tend to think she probably remembers the scene fondly as well.