Santa Gets Some CFNM Action!


Dressed in a tailored red, velvet suit and adorned with a red hat trimmed with white fur and a shiny black belt with bright gold buckle and calf high boots, Freddie looked in the mirror dissatisfied with what he saw. With his broad shoulders, developed chest, muscular arms, and slim waist he looked more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than he did Santa Claus. For good measure, he took a pillow from the sofa and stuffed it down the front of his pants.

"There, now I look more like Santa, if only from the neck up," he said with a chuckle. "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Because this gig as playing Santa Claus was becoming more than a seasonal thing, he kept his beard year round and now that his blonde hair had turned snow white with age; he no longer had to spend the money and take the time to bleach it.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" He practiced his voice and coated his throat with a pinch of lemon and honey and a double dram of rum. The lemon and honey helped lower his voice a pitch and the rum gave his cheeks a healthy, red glow. "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

He had been playing Santa Claus for 20 years, ever since he no longer landed any more roles in the porn movie industry. Although many young, unshaven men imitate Santa at CFNM events, with his naturally white beard and hair, he looked more like Santa Claus, albeit Santa Claus the bodybuilder type. He had made a dozen XXX movies but now the audience who paid to buy the films wanted to watch the younger guys in full color action. He had never wanted to make porn movies, anyway. Besides, with AIDS awareness and the overwhelming abundance of free sexy videos on the Internet, and believe it or not, X-rated video games, porn films were a dying industry.

Back in the '60's, an avid movie fan as a kid, he wanted to be like his heroes Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, and William Holden and then, later, in the '90's Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Brad Pitt. A serious actor, he wanted to be a movie star, but for him, it was the wrong place at the wrong time. At 6'2", with blonde curly hair, deep blue eyes, and boyish good looks, he heard the same answer from every casting director and talent agent.

"You look too much like Troy Donahue. We'll keep you in mind the next time we're casting a beach movie. You look too much like Tab Hunter. We'll keep you in mind the next time we're casting for a surfer type." Always, it was the same response, only, they never called him. There were so many others seeking the same few jobs, they had their pick and no one wanted to give an inexperienced and unproven actor experience by being the first to hire him.

As did all the other movie star hopefuls who came to Hollywood looking for fame and fortune in the '70's, he ended up waiting tables in LA, which was where he met Suzie, a fluffer. In between shots, Suzie helped maintain the erections of the male porn stars with her hand and/or her mouth. She was the one who discovered Freddie. It was a chance encounter, the right place at the right time. He was her waiter. He found her so very attractive and she found him so very interesting. It was love at first sight for both. She invited him home where they got better acquainted and when she happily discovered that his cock was larger than many of the actors that were making porn films now, she asked him to audition.

He did and got the job and they have been together ever since. Only, as they do only in fairy tales, they did not live happily ever after. Unfortunately, making porn movies is not a lifetime occupation. It is a fleeting career for those who are young and naïve and who think that they can back door their acting career with a pornography jump start. Usually, those who produce porn movies take advantage of their actors, viewing them as a dime a dozen body doubles. After all, what guy would not want to star in a porn flick when there is the opportunity to get sucked and fucked by gorgeous girls? Forever branded as no talent porn stars and not taken seriously by casting directors and talent agents, few ever make the switch successfully from porn to Hollywood acting careers.

The producers, whom he made films for, paid him a contracted fee and did not offer him retirement, benefits, royalties or even name recognition. He acted under the name of Biff Buff. In between movies, he had to continue working his day job, which had evolved from waiting tables into playing Santa Claus. Eventually and fortunately, he made enough in the few months that he worked in his Santa role to sustain him, his wife, Suzie, and their children for the rest of the year.

One would not think that playing Santa Claus 3 months out of the year would earn him enough money to support his family for the rest of the year, but it did. Although Viagra put Suzie out of work as a fluffer, the erectile dysfunction mediation extended Freddie's career, only not as an actor, but as a performer of sorts. Viagra was the fountain of youth for male strippers.

He played Santa Claus not for children at the malls but for inebriated female office workers at very private and very exclusive corporate parties. What paid him the big, bonus bucks was not only that he willingly allowed the female secretaries and corporate executives to sit on his lap and fondle his cock but also that he stripped for them afterwards. With his outgoing personality, good looks, muscular body, obvious talent as an actor, and quick wit and fun sense of humor, he gave them a good show. He was the main attraction.

The women knew that he was the entertainment but they were, oftentimes, surprised at the extent of the X-rated entertainment. With laws now on the books forbidding sexual harassment, this was corporate America after all, the company sponsored the official family Christmas party with the children in attendance, along with a G-rated and gregarious Santa Claus earlier in the week. The men had their private parties with female strippers and call girls, and the women had Freddie playing naughty, sexy Santa just for them later in the week. Every year he was completely booked well in advance. Maybe, he was not a movie star, but then, again, he was no longer a porn star. Now he was a stage star for a private audience. Reconciled to finishing out his career as a naughty, sexy Santa, he was a star, nonetheless.

For those female employees who were new to the firm, it started out innocently enough. Those in charge of entertainment waited until after everyone had consumed a few drinks and had eaten their meal before introducing Freddie, as Santa and Suzie, as his Elf. Suzie was attentive to and showed those women who were not enamored with Freddie or with any man, a good time. She would sit on their laps and flirtatiously tease them with her still sexually arousing body. Dressed in her body hugging, green velvet skirted outfit that came to her mid thigh and with a low cut top that hugged and highlighted her abundant breasts, she was any man's or woman's fantasy come true. Wearing a bit of stage makeup, she still looked hot and looked, as did Freddie, fifteen years younger than their mid-fifty age. They were an engaging, exciting, and entertaining, albeit swinging couple.

"Oh, look, it's Santa Claus and his little Elf," said Sheila the new receptionist. "They are so cute and their costumes are beautiful."

At the invitation of Santa, all the women delighted at the chance of reliving their childhood where they could sit on Santa's lap and have their photo taken at $10.00 a copy, paid for by the company. Only, naughty, sexy Santa wasn't wearing any underwear beneath the thin material of his red, velvet pants and naughty, sexy Santa had a very large Viagra drugged and fully aroused cock that was waiting to impale itself between the buttock cheeks of each and every unsuspecting corporate, female Santa Claus lap sitter.

"Hello, Santa," said Julie an administration assistant as she sat on his lap. "Oh, Santa!" She turned bright red with embarrassment from the sensation of his hard cock poking at her backside.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Just like eager children, they stood waiting in line to have an audience with Santa. They thought that they could get the better of him with a joke or a one line witticism. One at a time, they could not wait to whisper their naughty suggestive innuendos to this man, a stranger, dressed like Santa. Only, working at this for 20 years, he had heard them all and had prepared comebacks for every remark. More ready for them with his own suggestive agenda and bag of dirty tricks, he wore a microphone that played over the loudspeakers sharing everyone's secret comment and/or Christmas wish with the rest of the audience.

Given a heads up by those in power at the firm, Freddie knew with whom and how much liberties he could take to liven up the entertainment without offending anyone. A light touch on the derrière, a fondle to the side of a breast, or an outrageous act of lifting one's skirt or turning his head to French kiss a woman when she innocently leaned in to kiss his cheek gave his inebriated female audience an excited excuse to party hearty.

Some women pretended innocence, but blushed at the pressure of his cock poking at their ass. Some allowed their hand to brush by his cock and left it there, between their bodies, where no one could see while they felt it with their fingers. Some allowed him to cop a feel of their ass and tits pretending not to notice his roaming hands and fingers. Some took things into their own hands, reached inside his pants, and freely groped his cock. It made it okay for them to do that, so long as they turned and laughed to their friends. Those women were just as naughty as was he.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! And what is your name?"

"Sheila," she said turning her head and laughing to her friends sitting at the table to the right. "I'm one of the receptionists."

Santa firmly kept his white gloved hand in contact with her young, firm, round ass.

"What would you like for Christmas?"

"A new boyfriend," she said with a giggle. "My boyfriend is a cheat and a liar."

"A new boyfriend? Well what about me? I'm sure Mrs. Claus will not mind you sharing our bed," he said slowly going up the front of her skirt and slipping his hand between her supple thighs. It wasn't until he fingered her clit through her panty that she protested.

"Santa!" Sheila stood and stormed away with feigned embarrassment to the laughter of the room.

Sheila was the icebreaker and whoever stood in line now knew that they were part of the entertainment.

"Oh, Santa, you are so bad," said Maureen, a Vice-President, as she reached down behind her and felt what was poking her buns, while he took liberties in feeling her body everywhere. "What do you have there? Is that a piece of the North Pole?"

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

They dimmed the lights and brightened the spotlight that illuminated Freddie sitting in his throne.

"Hi Santa," said a hefty corporate secretary. "I'm Diane. Whoa! Santa either you have a rolling pin in those pants or you are happy to see me." Everyone laughed at her remark.

"I'm always happy to see you again, Diane," he said feeling her big tits with his gloved hand while bouncing and humping her chubby cheeks in his lap. "What would you like for Christmas?"

"A case of fine wine, a white, sandy beach in a tropical paradise, and more of what you have in your pants poking at my ass," she said loud enough for everyone in the room to hear while wiggling her ass and laughing with her friends and co-workers in the audience.

Next in line was Beverly, the matronly, no nonsense, stick in the mud, corporate lawyer that everyone in the room had made sure to get good and drunk before propping her up in line for her private audience with Santa.

"I don't want to go," she said turning to her co-workers. "I remember what happened last year and I don't want to be the butt of everyone's joke, this year."

"Oh, c'mon, Beverly, don't be such a prude." They pushed her forward. "Lighten up and have some fun."

She stumbled up to Santa. Her blouse was already out of her skirt from having to make a quick dash to the bathroom and being rushed out by her fellow co-workers in the legal department.

She stood in front of Santa swaying as he took her hand and pulled her to his lap.

"Don't try any funny business with me again this year, Buster, or I'll sue your ass," she said pointing her finger in his face. Everyone in the room was rolling on the floor with laughter. He took her face in his hands and planted a big, wet one on her lips. She slapped his face but not hard and stood up as everyone roared with laughter.

"Please, Beverly, call me Santa," he said pulling her back down on his lap by her hand, "and make yourself comfortable on my lap."

"Santa my ass. Pervert is more like it," again the crowd of women laughed at the comedic routine of these two.

"Now, Beverly, there's no need to call names. I'm always nice to you."

"No you're not. You always do something to embarrass me," she said talking with her hands. "Every year, after the party, I have to listen to these fools snickering and laughing at me behind my back and later having to hear about the things that I said or did, but don't remember," she said turning and directing her comments to the room. "And then there are all of those photos of me naked floating around the office." Again, more laughter overshadowed her protests.

Santa stealthily unzipped her skirt with one hand while unbuttoning her blouse with the other. Every year, it's the same thing. She is so drunk by the time she comes up to see him that she has no idea that he is undressing her as they talk.

"What would you like for Christmas, Beverly?" He said redirecting the focus of her attention and, while reaching behind and beneath her blouse with the skilled dexterity of a worldly man, he unhooked her bra without her noticing.

"What do I want for Christmas? What do I want for Christmas?" She looked at him pondering the question as if he had the power to really give her what she wanted. "I want respect. Yeah, that's what I want. I want respect," she said slurring her words and turning to direct her comments to her co-workers. "That's what I want," she said wagging her finger at everyone and at no one in particular. "I want respect, damn it."

Meanwhile, Freddie had flayed open her blouse and lifted the front of her bra freeing her breasts and exposing her sagging tits for all to see again, this year, as he did last year and the year before. It wasn't until he started caressing her breasts, fingering her nipples, and taking them to his mouth and sucking them that she looked down and watched him before she noticed that her tits were on public display, yet again, to everyone.

"Goddamn it! Every year, you do this to me," she said stumbling up from his lap and pulling away from his grasp while clutching at her open blouse with one hand and trying to harness her tits back in her bra with the other. Women were laughing so hard that they were crying and couldn't breathe.

And as soon as she stood, her skirt fell, as it did last year and the year before, and in one quick movement, he pulled her panties down around her ankles. There she stood totally exposed.

"Beverly," said Freddie, "you shaved your beaver!" The crowd roared and women were laughing so hard that they had to run to the restroom to pee.

"Well, after last year when everyone called me bushy Beverly, I decided that just in case I found myself naked again, I'd be ready," she said laughing with all those laughing at her. A dozen cameras flashed to record the sight of Beverly standing there bottomless while trying to pull up her panties and skirt.

Year after year, she was one of the reasons why the management behind the organization of this party paid him his exorbitant fee of $3,500 for two hours of entertainment and gave him double that if they wanted him to stay longer to strip, as they always did. No one could get the crowd as excited as he could. Their company was a pressure cooker and this party was their well deserved release that everyone talked about and looked forward to having again each year.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! You had better pull up your panties before you catch a chill. Ho! Ho! Ho!"

The real party did not start until midnight when Santa gathered up his big bag, threw it over his shoulder, waved good-bye to the crowed, and pretended that he was leaving.

"Santa, can you give us a dance before you leave?" That was the code sentence that the party was a success and that management wanted him to stay and continue with his stripping act.

With a change in lyrics, the pre-recorded music to Jingle Bells renamed as Big, Blue Balls started and the strip show began. Those women who were in attendance the previous years knew the lyrics and sang along with the music.

Flashing as I go
Here's to hoping I get laid
Wanting to get blown
Hope I cum today
Blue balls are tingling
Horny is my plight
What fun it is to laugh and sing
This laying song tonight

Oh, big blue balls, big blue balls
Blue balls not okay
Oh, I hope to feel some pride
In my getting laid today
Big Blue balls, big blue balls
Blue balls not okay
Oh, I hope to feel some pride
In my getting laid today

Santa made sure that he made the rounds to every table while taking his time in removing his clothes. He always paid special attention to those tables where the women wanted more than just to watch him get naked. Many women slipped money in his Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer G-string. Other women wanted to dance with him while they touched him everywhere.

In direct relationship to the alcohol consumed, it is surprising how quickly women's clothes were removed with their inhibitions. All of the women crowded around and converged upon Santa eager to take his cock in their hand or mouth and Santa was a willing participant. Suzie played the instigator getting women to remove their tops or to lie on the floor while Santa did some deep pushups over their bodies and teased them with his erect cock.

"Does anyone want to get naughty with Santa? Who wants their picture taken with Santa and his big pole?"

With encouragement from their co-workers there were always willing women who wanted to get naughty with Santa. It is amazing how these professional, well respected women were willing to forsake their reputation and get down and dirty with Santa. Once he brought out his red velvet towel and wrapped it around his naked waist, only opening it in front of bashful women, they suddenly felt comfortable to fall to her knees and to take him in their mouths.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Always, there were a few women who preferred groping Suzie than Freddie and that was all part of the show, too. Those women who were lesbians danced with Suzie while groping her bodacious body and Suzie returned the favor, even French kissing a few.

It was another successful Christmas party with naughty, sexy Santa.

"Good night and Merry Christmas to All," he wished as he headed out the door to the sound of sleigh bells.