Cfnm Action At The Movie Theater


It was about eleven o'clock in the morning and we were sitting at home, Becca sitting on the floor playing her Game Boy and me reading the newspaper when Ashley walked in the living room and dumped herself on the couch with a loud sigh. I moved the paper enough to look at Becca, who looked up at me and smiled. We both knew how Ashley could be when she was bored. I folded up the Sports section and looked over at Ashley, who was starting up at the ceiling.

"Ash, baby? You okay?"

She sighed again and nodded. I looked at Becca again. She was having a hard time not laughing. I just shook my head and smiled.

"You sure, baby? You like you're bored."

Ashley turned to look at me. "No, I'm fine. You two just keep on doing what you're doing. Pay no attention to little old me."

I raised my eyebrow, one of my many talents that Ashley loved. She tried to hide a smile and went back to looking at the ceiling. I got Becca's attention and made wiggling motions with my fingers, nodding my head at Ashley. Becca nodded and put down her Game Boy. I counted to three with my fingers and on three, we pounced on Ashley, Becca grabbing an ankle and tickling her foot while I grabbed her sides, just below her ribs. Ashley screamed and tried to pull her foot away from Becca while squiring against me while smacking me on the shoulder, all of which made us tickle her more. When her face turned red from laughing so hard, we stopped.

Ashley wiped tears away from her eyes, still suffering from tremors of laughter. I turned and looked at Becca with evil intentions in my eyes. She put up her hands and started to back away. I growled playfully and jumped her. I tackled her to the floor and pinned her there, tickling her ribs. She squealed and wriggled underneath me, which had some unintended physical side effects for me. I was in the process of trying to figure out how to deal with the when Ashley dove off of the couch and hit me, knocking me off of Becca and rolling onto the floor. Before I could react, Ashley was sitting on my stomach and Becca was holding my hands above my head, having moved as soon as Ashley plowed into me. Ashley dug her fingers into my rubs and started to tickle me, only to thump me in the chest in frustration, remembering that I wasn't ticklish.

"Not fair, you bastard. You should be ticklish as we are." She folded her arms across her chest and pouted.

"Okay, baby. I'll work on that. In the meantime, would you letting me up? I know what you're up to but the little guy down there doesn't and he's starting to wake up, as if something different was going on."

Ashley blinked, taking in the scene and realizing how it would have looked. She mumbled that she was sorry and moved next to me, sitting on the floor and resting her elbow on my stomach. Becca released my wrists and gave me a quick kiss, leaning back again the couch.

"So," I began. "What is with you and 'little old Ashley?'"

Ashley blushed a little. Damn, she was beautiful. "You were right. I was bored."

We started to talk about things we could do when Becca hit on the right one. "Guys, why don't we go to a movie? We haven't watched anything in the theater in a while. What do you say?"

I looked at Ashley and she nodded, reaching for the Entertainment section of the paper. In a few minutes, we decided on a movie and what time we wanted to see it. For us to agree on anything, that was amazing. For all three of us to agree on a movie and a time so quickly, that was a downright miracle.

We got cleaned up and in Becca's case, dressed since she had been in pajamas all day. I grabbed coats and met my lovely ladies at the front door. We piled into the car and I drove to lunch. Lunch was fun. It always was watching Becca flirt with the server, no matter whether they were male or female. I knew she had gotten a few phone numbers that way, but only one had led to an encounter. She had said that it hadn't been any good, but she hadn't offered us any details.

After lunch, we got back in the car and headed for the theater. As we walked toward the ticket counter, I had my left arm around Ashley's shoulder, with Becca walking to my right. There were several clumps of guys handing around and a lot of them were checking out Becca, which I agree is a good thing. I get to do it all the time. She also saw this and snaked her arm inside my coat and around my waist. I looked toward her and put my arm around her shoulders, leaning down to give her a kiss. She smiled and didn't pull away. Ashley saw this and tapped me on the other shoulder. I broke the kiss with Becca and looked at my wife, who planted her lips on mine. I smiled into it as I heard guys behind me telling each other that I was a 'pimp' and just how damn lucky I was. They had no idea.

I bought tickets and we headed inside, stopping at the snack bar for drinks and popcorn. I joked about how I was going to have to get rid of one of them because dating two women was way too expensive.

"But how will you decide which one of us to dump," Ashley asked. "You love us too much," she said, playfully snuggling against my left arm.

Not to be outdone, Becca snuggled her large breasts against my right arm. "You do still love us, don't you? How on earth are you going to decide?"

What had started as a joked turned into a serious distraction. Having two incredibly gorgeous women snuggle against you had that effect.

"We'll just have to go with a blowjob contest," I jokingly announced as we walked what felt like four miles to the other side of the multiplex. Luckily, it was the middle of a school day, so I didn't have to worry about kids hearing me.

This, of course, started the two of them in on a discussion as to who was better at giving blowjobs. While on one hand, it was an interesting discussion, each woman extolling her own virtues, but on another, it did absolutely nothing to help with my distractibility. Finally, I had to tell them to stop so we could watch the movie. They kept on for another few seconds and stopped when the previews started.

After the last preview but before the movie started, I raised the armrests between me and the ladies so that we could all be close. Becca leaned over and whispered to Ashley that she was sorry for arguing with her. Ashley told her not to worry about it and gave Becca a small kiss. Now, I don't know about you, but watching two women kiss, no matter how innocently, is a huge turn on for me. If they kept it up, I might not have made it through the movie without a trip to the restroom.

The movie started and we got closer than usual since we were watching a horror movie. It started out the same as most: a group of attractive twenty-somethings going on a road trip, planning 'one last party.' I think they were going to a national park or something. They actually made it to their destination with no problems. After some drinking and a little pre-marital sex, two things that would guarantee your doom in a slasher flick, they woke up the next day to find their car wouldn't start.

The leader of our gang, a hunky blonde guy with broad shoulders, tried to get the car to start, but it was dead. The 'stupid, slutty blonde chick' called for a tow, which was her first mistake. Never call for a tow truck unless you have AAA.

Sure enough, the driver showered up looking like a refugee from a 'Deliverance' remake. He was checking out Mr. Broad Shoulder's girl the whole time. The Hunk put his arm around her shoulders and said, 'She's with me, buddy' thus sealing his own fate, probably protection his woman somehow. This was the kind of thing that Ash and Becca just loved: the heroic boyfriend willing to protect his girl from the axe murderer. Becca reached across me and took Ashley's hand, something they did when they were feeling romantic. Romance at a slasher flick. My women, I swear.

They laced their fingers together and sat their hands down...right on my crotch. The little guy had jut gotten himself relaxed and then that happened. He wasn't happy about getting back up, but he didn't protest too much. I looked down and saw the girls looking up at me, grins on both faces. I didn't know what was going on, but it didn't take long for me to find out.

Ashley, on my left, unhooked her hand from and moved it to the button on my pants. Becca, on my right, slid her hand to my zipper. They kissed again and as a single unit, they had my pants undone quickly. Ashley pulled the front of my boxers away from my body, letting the cool theater air in. Becca slid her hand in and pulled out my rigid cock.

She looked at Ashley and whispered 'I got first.' Ashley didn't look too happy but she nodded. Becca smiled and plunged her mouth down onto my cockhead. Ashley pushed Becca's hand away and replaced it with her own, stroking me as Becca bobbed her head up and down. I had to clamp my hand over my mouth to keep from moaning loudly as her velvety mouth caressed my cock.

She flashed her tongue around me as she kept just the head in her mouth, her warm breath making me shudder. She cupped my balls and looped her finger and thumb around my sac, just above my shaved nuts, holding them downward and not letting them tighten against my body, already working on delaying my orgasm.

Becca started bobbing slowly, pushing her lips further down with each passing moment to meet Ashley's fingers. After several minutes of this exquisite torture, she pushed Ashley's hand away and slid her soft lips down to the base, sealing her lips their and working her tongue from side to side along the side of my cock.

Ashley leaned up and kissed me, flicking her tongue tenderly on the inside of my lips. I sucked on her tongue and felt her hand replace Becca's on my balls, squeezing them gently and rolling them around in her hand. As Becca raised her mouth back to the head, Ashley slipped her thumb and index finger around the base of my cock, making an 'ok' sign, jerking slightly as her other fingers remained on my balls.

Becca bobbed faster, sucking hard with each up and down motion. Not being held down, my balls rose. Ashley moved her mouth to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe.

"Give it to her, Will. Give her that hot, tasty cum."

Ashley talking dirty always set me off and this time was no exception. I groaned softly, barely a whisper, and exploded into Becca's mouth. Fireworks went off behind my closed eyelids and my hands balled up, trying to force as much semen out as possible. I could hear Becca swallowing, even over the screams of the girls in the movie.

I blinked rapidly and tried to catch my breath. Becca and Ashley were kissing again and I felt their hands moving around on my groin, but I couldn't see who was doing what. They broke the kiss, each drawing their tongues back in, and looked up at me. Becca had her hand wrapped around my shaft, barely stroking up and down, keeping me on the edge of hardness. Ashley kissed her again and looked up at me, grinning.

"My turn, baby," she said in a whisper. "I want some cum too."

I've always thought Ash and Becca were about dead even when it came to their oral skills; it always seemed that both knew my body as well or better than I did. Instead of the finesse approach Becca used, Ash was using brute force, essentially fucking my cock with her mouth. She shoved my dick between her teeth to the inside of her cheek, chewing on my shaft as she moved her head. Becca's hand moved quickly on my staff, the lubrication of her saliva mixing with Ashley's. Becks leaned over and sucked my earlobe into her mouth. I had to fight from groaning loud enough to have security called.

Ashley jammed her mouth down on me, sucking hard and moving fast. She moaned softly as my cockhead hit the back of her throat and I felt my right leg twitch for no reason. Her hand went to my balls, tugging on my sac. I could hear her gasp occasionally as the need for my meat fought with her need to breathe. Then, she did something that she had never done before.

Her head sped up, sucking only my cockhead, her tongue working like mad. I felt her release my balls and then her fingers tickled my anus, pushing against it, causing me to gasp loudly. I had never felt anything like that before. I felt myself swell in her mouth and without warning, I unleashed a torrent of cum, one of my largest ever, and just like with Becca, my vision sparkled and my eyes glazed. I could only make out blurred figures on the screen as the Brainy Brunette struggled to get away from the Psycho Hillbilly.

Ashley cleaned my cock with her tongue and Kissed Becca, both acting simultaneously, tucking my cock back into my pants, Becca zipping me back up and Ashley working the button. They snuggled next to me again and we caught the finale, where the Brainy Brunette and Big Hunk finally killed the Hillbilly from Hell by knocking him out with a shovel to the head. When he woke up, he was tied to a chair that was connected to a take of propane that had been opened, letting the gas into the room. The Brunette said 'That's hot,' obviously making fun of a certain celebrity as Shoulders tossed a light cigarette lighter inside as they started walking off. A few seconds and about a hundred yards later, the building exploded, signifying the end. Shoulders and Brain put their arms around each other and walked off into the sunset.

We three gathered our coats and walked out of the theater. The sun was still up, so I switched to my sunglasses. When we got back to the car, the pestering started.

"Will, who won," Ashley asked, looking at me from the passenger seat.

"Yeah," Becca said, hitting me in the shoulder from the back seat. "Who won?"

As I started the car, I smiled.

"I did."