CFNM On Moving Day, Ch. 02


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'You fucking bastard! Why did you stop fucking me?’

I didn’t even get a chance to say sorry before she had pushed me down onto the sofa next to Mary and straddled my hard dick. Mary took my cock in her hand and guided it into Salie’s pussy before letting go so that Salie could grind her clit down against my dick. As she slid down I grabbed at her perfect tits and massaged the soft globes in my palms, dragging over her rock hard nipples as I did so. Salie bobbed up and down on me for only a minute or so before I realised I was very close to coming. I warned her but she ignored me as I think she was about to come as well. She did! Salie screamed so loud that Mary sat up and kissed her to stifle the noise from the neighbours. I too was done and spurted load after load into Salie who was still grinding herself down onto me, albeit a bit slower now.

Salie climbed off me and moved over to sit on Mary’s lap whilst I slumped in the chair satisfied and with a groin covered in our combined juices.

‘Perfect!’ Salie said, ‘I needed a good fucking.’

I too commented on the same saying how good it had been. As I sat there I noticed the big clock above the desk saying that it was 4:03 p.m. and my brain reminded me I started work at 3 p.m.

‘OH FUCK!’ I said, ‘I’m late for work.’ I jumped up and threw on my tatty clothes sputtering, ‘Can one of you drive me to the Hotel (I’m a chef)?’

Mary said she would but only if I came back on my day off for another adventure. I agreed so Mary went off into her bedroom and came out a few seconds later in the same outfit as before only I could tell she was bra-less and she lifted her tartan skirt to show us she had no panties on. In fact all she was wearing were sandals, T-shirt and the short tartan skirt.

On the way to my work in Mary’s jeep the cool wind made her nipples bullet hard and she deliberately let her skirt ride up so that I could see her pubes. When we got to the back of the hotel and dropped me off two of the waiters who were stood out back having a smoke saw her and I think saw her bush too. They were asking me all about her during our evening break later that night. Luckily I didn’t get too much grief for being late as it was my first time and the hotel was quiet anyway. When I got home and checked my e-mails I had a huge set of attachments on e-mail from Salie that included ten of the pictures taken that day. I do like the one of Salie covered in Mary’s pussy juice and the one of the girls naked on the couch, but my best is of me on the balcony with the two mystery girls.