CFNM On Moving Day, Ch. 01


It was a part of my dream then a part of my day as one faded into the other, the telephone ringing had woken me up, its monotonous tone hurting my brain this early. I jumped out of bed and into the hall just in time to catch it before it rang off. I was still in a bit of a daze when I heard Salie’s voice asking me questions about what I had done, what I was doing and what I as about to do.

‘For fuck’s sake Salie it’s not even eight a.m. and you are bombarding me with questions. What’s going on?’

Salie was moving into a new apartment with a friend of hers from work and was asking for my help. I don’t know why I accepted but it must have been because I was still half asleep and not with ‘it’ yet.

‘I’ll pick you up in an hour then!’ Salie told me and the call was over.

I staggered about my apartment getting my bearings and gradually waking up as I chose some old clothes and made some toast. I’m not very good in the mornings and I had been up until 3 a.m. playing computer games. I sat there in my tatty jogging bottoms and an old ‘Iron Maiden’ T-shirt with my Reebok’s that where only held together by the dirt and mud on them.

When the buzzer sounded I must have drifted off as it scared the shit out of me. I opened the door expecting to see Salie but it was her friend Mary instead, the woman whom she was moving in with. Mary said ‘Good Morning.’ Then turned to go down the stairs to the parking lot, so I grabbed my keys and followed her down. Mary had wealthy parents and I wasn’t surprised to see she had a brand new golden Jeep Wrangler with an eagle painted on the bonnet. As we drove along I asked her if she had had trouble finding my place but she said she had been there a couple of times before. I remembered her dropping off Salie once as I was mowing the lawns (I mow the lawns for my block to get $60 off my rent each month). I remember at the time that she gave me the ‘eye’ that girls give when they are checking you out and it had made me laugh. This train of thought made me aware of Mary for the first time and because she was concentrating on her driving I was able to give her a good looking over without being seen. Mary was fit, I think she was into athletics and running, with dark shoulder length curly hair, about 5'6 tall with what I guessed to be 36C tits. She obviously enjoyed the good life and had a perfect tan with soft features covered in more than a hint of make-up. She wore a knee length tartan skirt, white T-shirt and knee length white socks. The type of girl I would consider ‘out of my league.’

We arrived at a fancy apartment block and Mary led the way into a grand foyer with concierge and vast expanses of marble floor. ‘Wow!’ I commented as we traveled up in a lift the size of my bedroom. Turned out it was costing Mary’s dad $800 a week and Salie only had to put in $75 a week. The apartment was impressive with views out over a park and small man-made lake. Salie came out of the bathroom and said, ‘Hello.’ to me. She was wearing a towel around her that only just covered her arse and tits from view and another towel wrapped around her head. She moved into a bedroom out of site and started to explain my duties. I was to lug all the boxes from the van that would be here in a minute from the back entrance up three flights of stairs (I wasn’t allowed to use the lift and the service lift was out of order) to the apartment and the girls would unload. If it wasn’t for the fact that Salie had been my friend since we were both four years old I would have slapped her for taking such a liberty. The telephone then rang and Mary was told the van was here so she and I went down to meet it.

The van was more like a truck and all 67 boxes were to be unloaded here and now. The driver and I unloaded them onto the loading dock as Mary supervised and counted telling us which room they were for. She said she would have helped but that she had just had a manicure. Once unloaded (it took us half an hour) the driver left us (or rather me) to it and Salie would unload them as they arrived I the flat. One by one I carried the boxes up the stairs for two hours and I had just made the 24th trip when I was offered a break and a cold Miller from Salie. I stood there soaked with sweat and stinking as I drank the cold drink and chatted to Salie about how she was onto a good thing here. I noticed that Mary wasn’t about and when I asked where she was Salie told me she was in the shower as she had gotten hot with all the work. I said that Mary was taking the piss and should learn to do a proper days work. Mary agreed but didn’t want to say anything that might make Mary start looking for a new flat mate. We went quiet for a minute and Salie got a paper out but I was a little cross, decided to tell Mary how lazy she really was and to stop treating me like a slave. I strode over to the bathroom and was about to knock on the door when it opened right in front of me. We both gave each other a fright and resulted in Mary dropping her towel in front of me. I just stared at her naked body, her neatly trimmed bush surrounded by white tan lines and small areas around her nipples also highlighted in white from all that tanning in bikinis. Mary stooped down and grabbed her towel but, almost deliberately, gave me a little extra viewing time before slowly wrapping her towel as Salie had done.

I moved to one side and Mary passed me into her bedroom with not a word spoken. Salie hadn’t seen any of this, nor the fact that I had a huge erection tenting my joggers. I’m just using the bathroom I called across to Salie who just looked at me quizzically before looking back at her newspaper. I went in and shut the door behind me but there appeared to be no lock. There was a red sticker next to four empty screw holes saying ‘Maintenance. Part on order’. However, Salie knew I was there and Mary had just left so I should be safe. I was aching to come though with the sight of Mary’s body still fresh in my mind. I dropped my joggers and shorts and my 7” dick sprung free pointing to the sky. I took my cock in my hand and began to stroke it with a long, firm grip. I closed my eyes and imagined Mary’s naked body in front of me again as I wanked myself towards orgasm. I was lost in my own world when I heard a gasp in front of me. I looked up to see Mary stood there still wrapped in her towel and look of shock on her face.

‘You dirty little man!’ she said. ‘Are you wanking because of me?’

I was caught and felt silly as she looked down at me, a sort of grin on her face, me with my hard dick in my hand.

'You don’t have to stop because I’m here’.

She commented. I didn’t know what to do, what could I do? I was getting harder too as I watched Mary staring at my cock daring me to wank some more.

‘Quick Salie, look what I’ve found Brian doing.’ She called.

I heard Salie’s footsteps getting closer and she too gasped as she saw me with cock in hand. Both girls looked at each other and smiled before looking back at me.

‘Come on Brian,’ Salie said, ‘Show us what you can do.’

I slowly continued to stroke my cock for them but ever so tentatively at first.

‘Right then Brian we are going to make you pay for being a dirty old man.’ (I’m only 24)

Mary continued. I stopped wanking then thinking she was going to get me arrested or something but she then said.

‘Salie get my digital camera.’ Mary ordered and Salie disappeared.

‘And you Brian will strip for me now!’

I was out of my depth but intrigued as to where this might lead. I had fancied Salie since I was 16 but never looked to her as a possible shag because we’d known each other so long. Whilst Mary was a dream goddess, Salie was more my type with paler skin and come to bed blue eyes. She has a smaller frame than Mary does with perky tits and short blonde hair.

Mary reminded me I was to strip and that if I didn’t she would call security and say I was a thief. She didn’t need to threaten me as I was well up for sex games with these two and once Salie had returned with the camera I stood up and began to strip off my tatty, sweaty clothes. As I undressed Salie was taking photos, my hard dick still pointing out. Mary turned on the shower and ordered me to wash, as I was ‘dirty’. I climbed into the large bath and under the warm spray of the shower and took hold of my dick again. I wanked gently and eyed up the girls as I did so. Mary now had the camera and was egging me on to squirt my come for her. I wanked closer to orgasm then stopped suddenly. I really wanted to come but wanted to see Mary naked again.

‘Drop your towel Mary or I wont come for you.’

Mary pulled the towel off her and almost begged me to continue. I took hold again and wanked off quickly as the shower massaged my back and Mary’s nakedness massaged my eyes. Salie had sat on the toilet seat and was rubbing her crotch through her jeans as was Mary who had moved her feet apart to gain access to her pussy. I was close to the edge and told the girls I was about to come. Mary gave Salie the camera and told her to get in close and take pictures of me coming. Mary turned off the water with her free hand and stared at my cock as I grunted and shot a huge stream of spunk, closely followed by another and another before I milked the last few drops out. I noticed the flashes from the camera go off three or four times as I unloaded and hoped that Salie had got some good pictures. Mary was leant against the wall and Salie turned the camera onto her as she too had an orgasm, a long drawn out whimper escaping from her as she did so.

I climbed out the bath and Salie offered me a towel to dry off, brushing her hand across my backside as she did so and giving it a little squeeze. We all seemed to be feeling a little awkward with the situation and nobody said a word for about four minutes, an eternity for an uncomfortable silence. I decided that I would make a move and went to get my clothes from the floor but was stopped in my tracks by Mary who looked at me with a very cheeky grin. I went to kiss her but she pushed me back and said that I was going to have to earn it if I wanted to fuck her and Salie. Salie pouted at me and ran her hands over her cardigan, giving her tits a little squeeze; then moving her hands to the hem of her skirt, which she lifted up but just short of giving me a glimpse of her panties.

‘What must I do?’

I asked and Mary and Salie moved into the lounge room to consult. I slowly made my way out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me to wait for my task. Mary stood there naked with her hands on her hips and ordered me to give her my towel as she didn’t want to be cold. I unwrapped the towel exposing my dick, still a little engorged from my wank, and Mary covered herself up.

‘You must bring up the rest of our boxes in under two hours if you want us!’ she said.

I was about to smile, as I knew it would be easy as I had brought up the heaviest and biggest boxes first, when Mary continued, ‘But you must do it naked and let Salie and I take pictures!’

This was different though. Whilst it was quiet on the back staircase and we had only seen one couple during the first two hours it was a big deal for me. Despite keeping in shape and having an ample set of tackle I wasn’t sure if I had the nerve to do it. The girls saw me pondering and Salie gave me an incentive saying that they would be my sex slaves for the rest of the day and would do anything I ordered! ‘Anything?’ I retorted.

‘Nothing that will get us arrested and no bondage, but pretty much anything else.’

‘It’s a deal.’ I said it before my brain even knew I had accepted. I think it was my balls doing the talking.

Mary went to get dressed and Salie guided me to the door saying that she would let me do a couple of loads before she took any pictures. I asked if I could wear my shoes as the concrete steps were very rough and Salie agreed provided I didn’t run away (like I had a place to run away to with no clothes). I peered out of their doorway and looked left and right to be sure the coast was clear. I quickly walked out and past the two doors, one on each side, that were other peoples apartments and through the door onto the back stairs. Looking down I checked my route and saw that there weren’t any windows that would allow anybody a view of this staircase until the ground floor where there was one window that looked out onto the loading bay. I also noticed the security camera that looked out over the loading bay, it moved left and right to take in the whole bay and I realized I was going to have to time my runs so as not to be seen. I made my way down, aware of the time limit I had and got stuck in to running up the boxes. The window at the bottom was made of frosted glass so I didn’t have to worry about that either.

By my eighth journey I had all but forgotten that I was naked and had it not been for having to wait for the camera to pan to the other side of the loading bay I would have probably forgotten. Then on my way up the ninth time Salie was there to meet me half way up the stairs with the digital camera. She snapped away with the camera as I went past and followed me up taking pictures of my backside. When I got to the top I noticed she had closed the door on me (I had propped it open with a fire extinguisher) so I had to put the box down to re-open it, thus exposing myself fully to Salie who snapped away. I continued on to get this over and done with as soon as possible. Eventually I was down to the last six boxes and as they were small I could do two at a time. Salie had gone to move all 136 pictures from the camera to the computer so she could take more so I was alone.

As I walked through the door at the top of the stairs I thought I heard voices and froze but it was all clear so I went on. I walked into the apartment and dropped the boxes off then walked back out into the corridor. Being used to the nakedness thing I didn’t bother to check for other people and all but ran into two girls who gasped when they saw me. Both were good looking in jeans and t-shirts, one tall and slender with pigtails and the other shorter with huge tits and long golden hair. Both girls starred at me but only having five minutes left I couldn’t hang about and continued on. They both giggled and one gave me a wolf whistle as I disappeared back out onto the staircase. I picked up two more boxes and jogged back up only to be met at the top by Salie and the two girls who watched my every move. At the top my path was blocked and Salie told me that I was to let her take a photo of me naked with the tow girls or they would slow me down. She also told me that there was only five minutes left to complete my task. Desperate to win I agreed and these two girls both in their late teens, early twenties, stood either side of me as Salie took pictures. They both put their arms around me; tall one even reached down to give my dick a little squeeze.

‘Can you take a picture of him with us again but this time we want him to be hard.’

She asked Salie with my dick still in her hand. I was gob-smacked at their brazenness but without waiting for my permission she roughly stroked it in an effort to get me hard. The other lass lifted her T-shirt and pulled her huge tits out from under her bra as encouragement, not that I needed any with the hand job I was getting. Within a few seconds I was throbbing at full erection and the short one put her tits away. Salie had the camera ready and both girls put their arms around me again ready for more pictures, only this time I was very hard.

‘Say cheese!’

We all giggled as Salie took a few more pictures before I took off with my boxes, my hard cock swinging from side to side, so as not to be late.

Once in the apartment I saw the clock in the kitchen and realized I had been tricked as there was still half an hour left. I made my way for the last journey and the girls were still waiting at the top of the stairs. My dick was still semi-erect and the girls all tried to grab at it as I went past but only Salie actually got it. It stopped me dead in my tracks and the girls all laughed at the situation, whereas I winced with shock at having my knob yanked too forcefully. Salie held me there and asked the two girls if they would like to kiss me goodbye as she was taking me away from them now. Both girls came over and took it in turns to kneel down in front of me and plant a big sloppy kiss on the end of my knob. Salie then let go and I went down for the last of the boxes. I was glad that I had made that many journeys having only been caught by two sexy and fun-loving young women and not some old hag who would call the police. At the top of the stairs all the girls were gone and so I had an easy last few steps to the flat.

I shut the door behind me and sighed as I looked at the two girls, Salie was sat on the sofa and Mary at the computer downloading the images from her camera. They were talking about what had gone on and I was now ready to fuck their brains out.

‘Right then ladies!’ I said, ‘I want you both sat on the sofa ready to obey my instructions.’

They looked up at me and smiled cheeky grins. Mary said the camera needed two more minutes and so I decided to wait so that I could use the camera to take a few pictures of my own. Once the images were downloaded she deleted the disk so that I had over 100 pictures available to be taken and handed me the camera. Mary sat next to Salie on the sofa and they both looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. I took a couple of pictures of them sat there then ordered them to strip each other down until naked. The girls gingerly went closer to each other and helped the other to undress as I took pictures of them revealing their sexy bodies to me. By the time they were down to their underwear I was as hard as stone with my dick pointing skywards but the girls weren’t looking at me, they were too busy exploring each others bodies to notice. I was awe-smacked as I watched Mary peeling off Salie’s panties to reveal her heavily shaved pussy, just a small tuft of auburn hair sitting above the opening of her cunt.

I snapped off a few pictures and was about to order them to take turns sucking each others bodies but they needed no instruction from me as they went straight to it. My dick was ready to explode as I watched and took pictures of Salie sucking Mary’s tits then her tummy before pulling Mary’s hips to the edge of the chair so that she could get to her cunt. Firstly she pushed her legs wide open and ushered me to take some close-ups, including a couple of shots with Salie using her fingers to open Mary’s pussy lips apart followed by some of her index finger probing her wetness. Salie was on her hands and knees with her face imbedded in Mary’s crotch that meant I had a good view of Salie’s pussy lips protruding from between her legs. I couldn’t resist; and after taking two pictures of Salie’s arse and pussy from behind I took up position behind her and eased her legs slightly apart, then nestled my dick at the entrance to her love hole. I rubbed my cock-head over her moistening lips, spreading her juices all over her labia as her sopping pink pussy began to open in preparation of receiving my hard penis. Salie’s pussy was sopping with her juices and divinely nice and snug. I moved in and out with long slow strokes at first, thrusting in as far as I would go then pulling out until just the very tip of my cock was left inside her. I looked up from Salie’s perfectly rounded bottom to see Mary with her face screwed up with the pleasures of having her pussy eaten so expertly by Salie. Mary whimpered softly and added to the sounds of Salie’s tongue-lashing and my cock squelching.

We continued fucking each other like this for another glorious fifteen minutes or so before Mary indicated that she was going to come. I was close too; and wanted to save it a bit longer so I pulled my cock out from Salie’s cunt and grabbed the camera again. I was just in time to snap a couple of pictures of Mary having a glorious orgasm, her head swaying from side to side as she panted lustfully into a heavenly big grin. I also took this opportunity to take a close up shot of Salie’s open pussy that was dripping with her wetness. When Salie came up from between Mary’s legs with a smile on her face, I just had to take a snap because most of her face glistened in Mary’s juices and come. Salie then wandered over to me and took the camera from my hand and put it on the desk before returning to me and giving me a gentle slap.

To be continued...