The CFNM Brunch Society - Ch. 2


Having crossed her Rubicon, Amy relaxed, snagged a pastry, and nearly groaned as the subtle hints of chocolate and almond flooded her mouth. She sipped her coffee, leaned back, and asked, "So. What's new with you?"

They chatted idly, pausing to refill their cups and, occasionally, lobbing a stray bit of pastry at Tom's ass. Pastry, however, proved difficult to aim. Changing weapons, Valerie delighted herself, and Amy, by scoring a direct hit on Tom's balls with a strawberry. After a while, Amy took pity on him. Snagging her fruit cup, she walked over and laid one hand on his ass. "Kneel up," she commanded, and took a strawberry from her cup. With a quick look and a grin at Valerie, Amy spread her legs slightly and maneuvered the strawberry under her short skirt. She had, in fact, foregone any panties, and it was a matter of moments to delicately stroke the berry over her pussy lips, still wet from her arousal. She made sure to coat the fruit as well as she could with her juices before withdrawing her hand and walking around in front of him.

"I've added a special—flavoring, just for you," she said. "No panties." Amy knew a secret delight as Tom's eyes grew wide. "Open." Popping the berry into his mouth, she watched as he rolled it this way and that, cheeks bulging as he tried to savor every drop of her nectar. Finally, he chewed and swallowed, the strong muscles of his neck working. "Good boy," she said, patting his cheek. "Head down, again." She trailed her fingers down his back and then gave his ass a few smacks as she left.

Returning to the table, she asked, "That was fun, but I feel like I'm leaving you out. What would you like to do next?"

Valerie glanced at her watch. "It's only ten, and I don't have to be at work in the mall until one. That gives us plenty of time, and I've got plenty of imagination. But, he's yours. What would you like to do with Mr. Studly? What would turn you on?"

Amy shivered. "Everything turns me on! I still can't believe I'm doing this, much less with you here."

"And I can't believe you only started yesterday. Where have you been hiding this new Amy?" She reached into her purse, withdrew a cigarette and elegant gold lighter. Amy realized there was no ashtray and started to rise. "Relax! Mr. Studly will be happy to fetch an ashtray, or anything else we want." She raised her voice. "Tom! Go into the kitchen and bring an ashtray from the drawer to the left of the fridge."

Amy watched with admiration as Tom rose gracefully, rocking back on his heels before rising without the use of his hands. "At once, Miss Valerie."

"No!" Valerie snapped. "Five minutes."

"As you wish, Miss Valerie." Tom bowed, and left.

"He seems... different, somehow." Amy couldn't quit put her finger on it, but found the change disturbing.

"He sees himself as being under discipline right now, Amy. His needs don't matter. Well, they do, of course, but right now he's totally fixated on serving." Valerie lit up, blew a long stream of smoke. "I might have to flick an ash or two on your patio, but he'll sweep it up. You know, I really wonder who trained him, and what happened."

"So... when he's—what did you call it? Under discipline? When he's under discipline he can't joke around, or lighten up? Not even laugh?"

"Of course he can, if he's given permission. You don't know anything about this stuff, do you?"

"Hardly anything," she confessed. "How come you know so much?"

Valerie laughed, a pure peal of delight. "Oh, hon, we all have our hidden sides. I've had a boy toy or two myself, and if Tom wasn't yours, I'd sure as hell think about having another one. He's very well trained. And gorgeous."

"You never told me!" Amy exclaimed indignantly.

"And how would you have reacted if I had? Until today, you seemed—forgive me, but you seemed awfully quiet and timid. Maybe a little na├»ve. This change in you is really impressive. And, having seen it, I have to wonder why haven't I ever met him before? I mean, you've known both of us for years, and you've hardly even mentioned him. Were you maybe keeping him for yourself?"

Amy fell silent. Had she been keeping Tom totally for herself? Was she afraid of competition from her girlfriends? And if so, why? After all, he had to meet dozens of attractive women at work, or out on the town. Abruptly, Amy realized that in the four years she'd known him, Tom had never talked about other women, had never even mentioned going out on dates. Had he been keeping himself for her? "I, uh... I think maybe I was." She told Valerie her thoughts, and then leaned forward to place a hand on her arm. "I'm so sorry! I never realized!"

Valerie patted her hand. "There's nothing to forgive, hon. I'm just glad you found each other and finally recognized what you have. The question is—are you going to keep him?"

Amy sputtered, "For Christ's sake, Valerie! He's not a pet! You don't just—keep—people! This is my friend we're talking about, here!"

Valerie drew back slightly. "Your friend... and a lot more, if you want. But, there's no need to rush things. It's not like you have to make up your mind right now, particularly since you don't know much about what you'd be getting into."

Amy hesitated, then admitted it was true. "So how do I learn?"

Valerie leaned forward eagerly. "I have a—suggestion—that might prove to be most instructive." She grinned, her eyes alight with pleasure.


Thirty minutes later, Amy drove through the enormous but completely deserted back parking lot of the OakCrest Mall. Following Valerie's instructions, she counted the nondescript beige metal doors from the west end and pulled into a parking space opposite the third. Valerie's car was nowhere to be seen; Amy experienced a moment's apprehension until she recalled that Valerie had to drive considerably further to pick up some "toys", as she called them, for this field trip.

"You take the Boy Wonder to the mall," she had said, "and I'll join you after I swing by my place. I've got some goodies—let's call them toys—that should make this little outing a lot more interesting."

Oddly, Valerie had insisted that Amy change from her sandals to sneakers; she had no idea why. Shrugging, she had complied. After a minute's hesitation, she decided to leave her panties off. Valerie had assured her that the mall's back hallway, used strictly for loading freight, would be completely deserted at that hour.

Beside her, Tom stirred restlessly. "You have any idea what Miss Valerie has in mind?" He sounded a bit gruff, not at all subservient, and Amy turned to look at him. His face was pale, and she saw frown lines. His fists were clenched where they rested on his thighs.

He was scared, she realized with a shock. Confident, nothing-fazes-me Tom was spooked. Her heart melted, and she reached over with her right hand to grasp one clenched fist. Reluctantly, it seemed, he let his fingers uncurl until she could hold his hand. "I don't have any idea, Tom," she said quietly. "But I promise you this; you've told me that you can't risk embarrassment or public exposure, and if either of us thinks this is a bad idea, we won't do it."

He stared rigidly straight ahead. "I... I don't want to disappoint you, is all."

Taken aback, Amy didn't know what to say. He was worried about her! Tears began to well, but she ruthlessly fought them back. Now was not the time. Not knowing where the words came from, she said, "This is about both of us, not just me. You want me to be happy, and I want you to be happy. We're reasonably smart people. I think we can find ways for both of us to get what we need. So, no, I won't be disappointed if you refuse. I would be disappointed if you went ahead with it when you know it's too risky."

He gusted a sigh, and his other fist unclenched. "When did you get so wise?" he said, turning to her with a faint trace of his old grin.

Impulsively, she leaned over and softly kissed him. When, after a heart-stopping moment, he responded, she snaked her free left hand into his lap and gently squeezed his bulge, barely hidden behind the shorts he had reluctantly donned when they left. He froze at her touch, and then he sighed into her mouth and began to swell in response.

Pulling away slightly, she whispered, "You're such a good boy." And was rewarded by the feeling of his cock growing to rigid attention. She gently eased down the elasticized waistband of his shorts, baring his cock to the air. Wrapping her hand firmly around his length, she stroked slowly, lovingly, hearing his breath catch as she drew each stroke out to the very tip. Within moments she detected the slipperiness of pre-cum and changed to swirling her fingers around his engorged head, spreading the lubrication until her touch glided over the soft skin.

"Please," he begged breathlessly. "Please."

Never before had Amy felt such incredible power, and it took her a moment to find her voice. "Please, what? May you cum? Is that what you want, Tom? Or do you want me to suck your cock? Take your entire length into my warm, wet mouth? Suck you dry? What do you want?" She squeezed the very tip of him, allowing her fingernails to gouge his tender flesh.

Tom bucked, straining against the seatbelt with his mouth widened in a silent scream. She immediately backed off the pressure, wondering if she'd gone too far. She needn't have worried; he collapsed in his seat and immediately started to thrust his cock, now iron-hard, against her hand. Grinning, she gripped him firmly and then leaned down. Sucking him deep, she reveled in the feeling of him sliding over her lips and tongue, in the absolute control of his sex. Despite his frantic efforts she kept the pace slow, raising her mouth from his straining cock, switching her grip to allow her left hand to cup his balls, slowly squeezing and releasing as her tongue swirled and dipped and teased and her right hand controlled his movements. Tonguing his slit, she dimly heard his breathing quicken, and hurriedly raised her head, allowing her hand to loosen until she barely grazed his straining cock and he thrust nearly at empty air. A wail of frustration escaped him, and she fought back a smile as she lifted her head to see his eyes screwed shut, a tear trickling down his cheek as his chest heaved

"So long," he whispered. "So damned long."

Startled, Amy wanted to ask what he meant but before she could speak, a cheerful voice through the open passenger window interrupted. "Well! I was going to suggest that we warm him up beforehand, but it looks like you've taken care of that!"

Not releasing Tom, Amy slowly raised her gaze. Valerie crouched by the side of the car, grinning like a madwoman, one hand on the door, the other out of sight.

"You couldn't have cleared your throat or something?"

Valerie let out full-throated, belly-shaking laugh. "What, and miss the show? I'm telling you, girl, you're a natural! Isn't she, boy?"

Tom slowly turned his tear-streaked face. "I believe you are correct, Miss Valerie." he said softly.

Amy was beginning to recognize in that stilted, formal tone. Why did he use it with Valerie, and not with her? Then she remembered the previous night when she had asked him whether he didn't want to cum, and his reply, ""I would never dare presume." She nearly grinned, but stifled it. Whatever Tom saw in Valerie, he saw in her as well. She was startled to recognize the beginnings of moisture between her nether lips; somehow, the knowledge that he viewed her as he did Valerie turned her on even more than sucking his beautiful cock.

Valerie raised her hidden hand into view, and Amy was shocked to see it glisten as she reached over and wiped it across Tom's lips. He responded like a hungry dog, eagerly licking and sucking her fingers as Valerie turned her hand over, making sure his tongue cleaned every surface. Had she been fingering herself while she watched? Amy found herself half-repelled, half-excited at the thought of providing Valerie with a show.

The worst thing was that she wasn't sure which bothered her more: feeling repelled or excited. She tightened her grasp on Tom's cock and stroked slowly.

Valerie's eyes grew wide, and she retracted her well-licked hand. Brightly, she asked, "Shall we go? We've only got about ninety minutes before people start showing up for work, but that'll be plenty of time if we get started now."

Releasing his balls, Amy leaned back but continued to hold Tom firmly. "Before we go any further, Val, what do you have in mind?"

Valerie displayed a devilish grin. "I thought a little excursion might be nice. The back hallway of the mall is only used by employees, and there's no freight stored there, so no video cameras. The system logs people in and out, but it'll just look like I showed up for work early. And I do own the boutique, after all, so no problem there."

Amy considered, pretended reluctance. "What if one of the guards comes around? We won't do anything that would put either of us at risk."

"They don't make rounds in the back hallway this close to opening. Anyway, the only one on duty right now is a friend of mine, and she'll be cool with whatever, trust me."

Amy released Tom's still-rigid cock. "What do you say? It's your ass that'll be naked in there."

Tom shuddered as her hand was withdrawn. Blowing out a huge sigh, he said, "I trust you. If you think this is a good thing to do, then let's do it."

She leaned over and softly kissed his cheek, simultaneously tugging his shorts back into place. Snagging her purse, she said firmly, "Then let's go."

After returning to her car, Valerie joined them at the steel door, a vinyl carrying bag in one hand. Like Amy, she'd switched to tennis shoes. Keying in a code on the touchpad, she swiped a card through the reader. As the lock released with an audible click, she swung the door wide and gestured them through. Although visibly nervous, Tom reached to hold the door and stood aside. "After you, ladies."

The hallway was nearly fifteen feet wide, surfaced with smooth gray concrete. At that hour, illumination was provided by scattered hanging light fixtures that cast bright pools of light but left shadowed areas between. Amy was startled at the length of the hallway; although she'd known, having shopped there many times, that the mall was huge, she hadn't expected a corridor that stretched for hundreds of yards, its end disappearing from view in the dim light. The back wall was festooned with electrical panels, conduit, and pipes; at various intervals along the other wall, locked doorways gave rear entrance to the stores.

"Tom," said Valerie, her voice echoing slightly in the emptiness, "I know that you're concerned about doing anything that could put your job at risk, so I brought something to make sure that you'll never be recognized." She reached into the bag and brought out a black leather hood. "Crouch a little. You're so damned tall." She stretched the hood over his head, maneuvering it to ensure that the holes lined up with his startled eyes. Carefully, she aligned the cutouts for his nose and mouth.

Amy was intrigued to see snaps riveted into the mask and wondered what they were for. Valerie pushed at Tom's shoulder until he turned around, and she briskly cinched up leather laces running through the back of the mask, drawing it snug. Spinning it around again, she asked brightly, "Comfy?"

Tom's eyes were wide. "Yes, Miss Valerie. Thank you."

"Excellent. OK, off with your shirt, please." And when Tom pulled his t-shirt off, she continued, "I'm in fashion, you know, and it's so important to accessorize. Fortunately, I have just what we need to complete your ensemble. Hold out your hands."

She pulled out heavy black leather cuffs, which she buckled around his wrists. A wide black leather belt, sporting a number of metal rings, was cinched around his waist, and she connected the cuffs' D-rings to it at his sides using quick-release clips. "Try to free yourself." When he struggled and failed, she smiled broadly. "Perfect! We're almost ready. Just two finishing touches."

Reaching again into the bag, she brought out another piece of leather. She handed it to Amy and asked, "Would you do the honors?"

Curious, Amy examined it. A rectangular piece about three inches high by four wide, it had snaps that matched those next to Tom's mouth. Turning it over, she saw that something wide but fairly short projected from one side; startled, she recognized it as a stubby dildo, exquisitely modeled as a cock. Then it hit her. "A gag?"

"Of course! It's what all the best submissives are wearing this season."

Grinning, Amy brought the gag close to Tom's mouth. "Open," she said shortly, and gently slid the dildo into place. Struggling a bit, she managed to secure all four snaps. "Can he breathe around that?"

Valerie shrugged. "Ask him."

"Tom? Are you OK?"

"Ehh, Mmm Meee."

She interpreted this as, Yes, Miss Amy, and was reassured. Stepping back, she considered him. "You know, that's a good look for you. I might have to get something like it." To Valerie, she said, "But something's still missing."

"Oh, of course! Forgive me." And with that, Valerie snapped a blindfold into place on the mask, hiding Tom's startled eyes. "Now's, that's perfect! Oh, but Tom..." She reached over and jerked his shorts to his ankles in one swift movement; a slight push to his chest made him step backwards involuntarily, and she leaned down and snatched them from the floor. "Those shorts really don't go with the outfit. And that t-shirt was hideous; good thing we got rid of that, too. Don't you think so, Tom?"

After a moment's hesitation, he nodded. Bemused, Amy studied him: hooded, gagged, blindfolded, helpless—and rock-hard. She felt her own arousal, her nipples hardening, moisture between her legs. She leaned over to Valerie and whispered in her ear, as softly as she could, "This is SO fucking hot!"

Nodding, her eyes bright, Valerie whispered back, "I know! And now the real fun begins! Remember, he can't see anything!"

"That's right!" Silently (so that was why Valerie had insisted on sneakers!), Amy stepped behind Tom. Without warning, she stabbed her nails into his right butt cheek. He jerked, bucked once, and then spread his legs wide. She reached around him, knowing that he had no idea whose hands were on him, and seized both nipples between thumbs and forefingers. She twisted, pinched, and rolled those tiny nubs without mercy. His entire body went rigid, but otherwise he remained immobile. She snaked one hand down between his legs and grabbed his balls; continuing to torment his nipple, she squeezed slowly, carefully, until his knees buckled slightly and the faintest mewling sound emerged from behind the gag.

Amy felt a deep sense of satisfaction, of rightness, in having him totally at her mercy, completely under her control. She felt a trickle of moisture high on one thigh. Without thinking, she reached under her skirt and wiped it away. Moving back to face Tom, she carefully held her fingers just below his nostrils, tormenting him with the aroma of her juices. She saw his chest heave, and his entire body shook.

Suddenly, Valerie reached out and gently grasped her wrist, pulling it away. Startled, Amy turned to face her and was shocked when Valerie gave a knowing wink and slowly bent her head to take Amy's fingers in her mouth, tongue working softly as she licked. For a second, something flared inside, white-hot and nearly blinding, and Amy found her breathing ragged, her whole body aching with need. She snatched her hand away.

Valerie leaned over to whisper, "Easy, hon. You're not a lesbian. You're just incredibly horny from the power, right?" At Amy's nod, Valerie continued, "Then let's go play with your boy. Get his flip-flops. We want him absolutely naked except for the hood and belt."

To be continued...