The CFNM Brunch Society - Ch. 3


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Amy ran one hand slowly, lightly, over Tom's chest, down his abdomen. Barely brushing his swollen cock, she trailed down one leg, eventually grasping one ankle. After her brief tugs at each leg, he stood barefoot on the smooth gray concrete.

Straightening, she leaned in toward his leather covered ear and said softly, "You're such a good boy." Reaching down, she gripped his nearly erect cock firmly and pumped him fiercely, wildly, for a few seconds, and then, without warning, released him. Knowing how much he liked it, she batted at his swollen member, causing it to smack into his thigh and rebound. Seized by a sudden idea, she began batting him back and forth between her hands, faster and faster, and was rewarded with a thin, faint wail from behind the dildo gag. She saw that his ball sack had risen, high and tight, and wondered if he was about to cum.

When his hips began to buck, spoiling her aim, Amy seized his cock in one hand and hoisted it high. With her other, she flicked her index finger once, very hard, against his sack and was treated to a muffled groan as his knees buckled slightly. Satisfied that he was incredibly frustrated (when had she come to take delight in tormenting him?) she gave his cock one final squeeze and let go.

Turning, she saw Valerie staring at her, eyes wide and bright, mouth hanging open. With a shake of her head, Valerie seemed to emerge from her trance. With an admiring look, she gave Amy two thumbs up.

"Well, let's get started, shall we?" Valerie said brightly. "Tom, I must say that I'm absolutely appalled at the state of your wardrobe, so I've arranged a little fashion hunt so you can dress decently. Now, this hallway we're standing in is about two hundred yards long and about fifteen feet wide. I'll place certain articles of clothing where you'll be able to find them—my word on that—with some part of your body. Could be your toes, might be your hands, or maybe your shoulder. Hard to say. Whatever you find, you can put on—and I suggest that you do, as best you can with your hands like that, because I lied about something." She turned to Amy with a devilish smile, put a finger to her lips and shook her head. "People will start showing up for work in about thirty minutes, not the ninety minutes I told you. So, you've got that long to search, oh, about nine thousand square feet to find clothes. Once you're fully dressed, or as dressed as you can be, we'll get you out of that hood, belt and cuffs before someone sees you."

Tom stood absolutely still; not a muscle quivered, and Amy couldn't see him breathe. Valerie blithely continued, "Of course, if you're not fully dressed by then, we'll have to hustle you out of here just like you are, and see if we can make it to the car. If we do, you can ride home like that. Any questions?"

There was an agonizing silence that stretched until Amy thought she would scream. Then, she saw Tom shake his head slightly from side to side.

"Good! That's settled, then! Your time starts now. And I'll give you a hint... you're about fifty feet from one end of the corridor, roughly in the middle between the walls, and facing the rest of the hallway." Valerie stepped behind him and slapped his ass. "GO!"

Startled, Tom jerked and nearly fell, his balance somewhat impaired by having his hands strapped to his waist. Recovering, he sidestepped to his right until his questing fingers found the back wall. He slowly turned, putting his left hand and shoulder against the wall, and began moving forward, taking odd, sweeping, half-circular steps with each foot.

He was trying to cover every inch of wall and floor, Amy realized. And then realized something else—her upper thighs were covered with her slick moisture. As she softly moved to watch Tom from the front, noting with a grin how the sweeping steps caused his straining cock to swing from side to side, she began to wish she'd worn panties.

Beyond Tom she saw Valerie pull several articles of clothing from her bag but couldn't make out what they were. With another finger to her lips, Valerie crept softly away to plant the clothes, leaving Amy to watch Tom's slow progress along the wall. When his foot found the corner, she thought she saw his shoulders rise and fall as if he'd let out a huge sigh. Carefully, he negotiated the right turn and continued.

With Valerie far down the hallway, Amy dug into her purse and pulled out several Kleenex. Raising her skirt, she started to wipe away her juices and then stopped. Surely Tom deserved some extra reward for what they were putting him through. She debated whether to give him a quick blow job but decided that since he'd have to stop to receive it, burning up more of what he thought was precious time, that wouldn't be fair. He was getting close to the next turn. Quickly, she moistened the fingers of her left hand on her thighs and for good measure plunged two of them into her dripping pussy, coating them liberally with her taste.

Stepping close, she waited until be had begun his exploration of the immense length of the inside wall and then touched his lips with her pussy-soaked fingers. He jolted in surprise, then began gobbling her fingers avidly. Amy suspected that she tasted differently than Valerie, and wondered if he could tell which woman he was tasting. He didn't stop moving, though, and she was forced to watch out for his questing right foot.

Before her fingers were dry she withdrew them and again lifted her skirt. Re-wetting the same two fingers, she moved behind him. Without warning, she parted his ass cheeks with her right hand, and swiftly plunged her index finger into his asshole, causing his whole body to spasm. With her finger firmly plugging his ass, she followed in his wake.

With each step Tom took, his tight sphincter seemed to grip her finger, then release slightly. She took to timing his steps and wiggled her finger just as each foot left the ground. Twice, he nearly stumbled, but caught himself. She marveled that his hand and shoulder never lost contact with the wall except to maneuver around pipes and conduit, and that the metronomic regularity of his steps never faltered.

And her inner thighs were drenched.

After thirty steps or so, it seemed that his asshole no longer gripped as tightly. Shrugging, she pulled her index finger halfway out, lined up her middle finger, and plunged both back into his ass. At the shock, Tom finally stopped moving, bending slightly from the waist, and she saw his upper body turn slightly as if he desperately wanted to reach behind himself. His shoulders shook, whether from pain or desire she couldn't tell. Ruthlessly, she prodded his asshole to get him moving again.

Instead, his tight ring of muscle gripped her fingers and squeezed. Amy caught her breath; it was one of the most intimate things she'd ever experienced. She leaned into his back, her breasts flattening against him, and rested her cheek against his flesh. Tom's asshole continued to rhythmically tighten and release. Almost automatically, her hand responded by slowly pistoning her fingers in and out. He let out a muffled groan and began to push back against her invading hand, his knees bending slowly.

I'm fucking his ass, she realized. I've got my hand up his ass and he loves it!

With her free hand, she snaked around his hip and seized his rock-hard cock. Stroking him, she felt her hand slicken with his pre-cum; her movements spread it over his shaft, causing her hand to glide along the silky skin. She heard a gasp, and his hips began to thrust with urgency, his entire body tightening.

Knowing he was about to cum, Amy regretfully let go of his cock, which was harder than she'd ever felt before. Gently, she withdrew her fingers. Tom leaned hard against the wall, shoulders shaking. She patted him on the ass, allowing her fingers to trail over his hard butt cheek, and silently stepped away.

Now, she needed those Kleenex. After wiping her fingers, Amy rummaged until she found a tube of hand sanitizer and removed all trace of him. She crept softly down the hallway, passing him as he resumed his quest for clothes. In the distance she saw Valerie moving toward her. Her path took her past a trash can and she disposed of the Kleenex. A hundred feet further on, they met.

"Been keeping him occupied?" Valerie asked.

Amy felt a fierce, joyous smile spread over her face. "This is so fucking hot!" she said quietly.

"I can't tell you how happy I am for you." Valerie threw her arms around Amy, hugged her tightly. "Right now, you seem more alive than I've ever known you. Have you decided what you're going to do about him?"

Amy gently disengaged. "I don't want to think about that right now. I just want to enjoy this."

Valerie nodded. "I agree. Let's leave him alone for a few minutes, let the darkness and uncertainty work on him. Come with me." Together, they walked further down the corridor, stopping beside one of the back entrance doors to the shops. Valerie punched in a code on a touch pad, then quietly opened the door with her key. "This is the back way into my shop. Step in here for a moment."

The storeroom was filled with cartons and hanging clothes. Valerie moved to a rack filled with shoe boxes. After a minute's searching, she pulled one out and handed it to Amy. "Put these on."

Amy lifted the lid and discovered a pair of spiked heels. She swiftly stripped off her tennis shoes and socks and worked her feet into the pumps. Looking up, she discovered that Valerie had also donned heels.

"Good," said Valerie. "Let me ask you—can you disguise your voice so he won't recognize it?"

Amy considered, then shook her head. "I'm not sure. Maybe."

"No problem. Let me do the talking for this last bit. Did you talk while you fooled around with him just now?"

"No. I just let my fingers do the walking." Amy giggled, remembering with amazement how good it felt to fuck Tom's ass with her hand.

"Good. Then just follow my lead."

Emerging into the hallway, Amy saw that Tom had covered perhaps another ninety feet of wall, but was still another hundred feet from where they stood. Under the terms that Valerie had laid out, his quest for the safety of clothing was hopeless; she wondered if he knew that, and how the knowledge would work on him. Behind her, Valerie pulled the door shut with a loud bang, then stepped lightly away, her heels tapping softly but still loud enough to be heard a distance away.

"Amy!" she stage whispered urgently. "Somebody's coming! Quick! Get in here!"

Taking her cue, Amy answered urgently, "But what about Tom? We can't just leave him!"

"No time! Through the door! Quick!" She unlocked the door again and then closed it forcefully.

"OK," she whispered, "Now we make a lot of noise as we walk toward him. I'll do the talking, you just chime in with sounds once in a while." She led the way, their heels clopping briskly, the sounds echoing down the corridor.

"So then Marcie reared right back and slapped him!" Valerie said loudly. Her voice was strangely altered, lower and rougher in pitch. Amy wouldn't have known it was Valerie speaking if she hadn't been walking right beside her.

"Mm-hmm," Amy contributed.

"So, Paul grabs his beer," Valerie chattered, "and he's about to throw it on her when David grabs arm and winds up with it all over his—what the hell is that!"

Before them, Tom had come to a stop. Amy saw his head turn from side to side as if trying to judge the distance to the sounds of their heels. He began to pivot as if wanting to run, then appeared to realize that he had no chance of hiding, because he turned his back to the wall, leaned against it, and simply waited, his hard cock jutting out before him.

They drew close. "Would you look at that!" Valerie whispered in her altered voice. "How on earth did he get here?"

"Mmm," Amy said. She watched, entranced, as his rigid cock bobbed vigorously in time with his pounding heart. He had to be scared to death.

"Do you think he can see us?" Valerie tugged gently at the blindfold. "I don't think he can see anything!" She giggled. "And his hands are locked to that belt! He couldn't have done that alone! Who did this to you?"

Tom's shoulders rose in an eloquent shrug. "Mmmph."

"He's gagged, too!" Valerie said delightedly. "I think somebody's been a bad boy, Marcie. Have you been a bad boy, whoever you are?" Tom shrugged again. "Well, never mind. What are we going to do with you? Marcie, I think we should go find a security guard, or call the cops or something."

Tom lurched upright from the wall, shaking his head frantically back and forth. "Eeee... ohh!"

"Was that, 'please no'? Is that what you said?" Tom nodded vigorously. "Well..." Valerie let her indecision hang in the air.

Amy leaned over to Valerie, whispered nonsense syllables just loudly enough for Tom to hear that something was being said.

"You think?" Valerie asked. "Hey, whoever you are—my friend wonders what you're willing to do for us if we don't turn you in. I think you would be really grateful not to have your picture splashed all over the six o'clock news, huh?

Tom nodded frantically.

"I mean, particularly since your—thing—is just dripping, there. 'Pervert found naked and blindfolded in mall! Film at 11.' It's got a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Amy tried to imagine what Tom was feeling. Naked, hooded, blindfolded and helpless in a public place, confronted by two strange women and the prospect of arrest... he must be absolutely terrified, his mind racing a mile a minute. And yet, he was still rock-hard, obviously turned on. She wondered briefly whether he had seen through their ruse, but decided that there was no way he could know for sure. The uncertainty must be adding to his excitement.

"So," Valerie said, "you be nice to us, and we'll be nice to you. OK?" At Tom's firm nod, she continued, "So, what do you think, Marcie? Shall we—have our way with him—right here?"

Amy whispered loudly but unintelligibly.

"Oh, come on! We can do whatever we want with him! He can't see us, and even if he could, he'd have to explain what he was doing here, dressed—or undressed—like that. You think he's going to go to the cops?"

She whispered again.

"You're right. Other people are going to start showing up any second. Let's take him to the stockroom." To Tom, she said, "Quick, whoever you are...follow us." She turned around and, trailed by Amy, walked briskly toward the entrance to her boutique. After a few seconds she stopped and looked back. Tom was cautiously moving forward, hampered by his blindness.

"Oh, for God's sake! Here!" Valerie reached out, but to Amy's surprise, she bypassed his throbbing cock and grabbed him firmly by the balls. She tugged, and Tom rocked into motion, awkwardly trailing her as she dragged him by his balls down the corridor. As they moved toward the door to her shop, there was a noise from down the corridor; an exterior door had been opened, light flooding the across the hallway.

"Jesus!" Amy whispered urgently. "Somebody's coming! Hurry!" She put both hands on Tom's ass and pushed, hard. He broke into a near-run, hampered without the use of his hands for balance. Amy began to sweat, fear making her breathe hard. God, they couldn't be caught! She'd promised Tom!

Rapid footsteps, not theirs, echoed loudly as whoever it was came toward them. Just as they approached the haven of Valerie's shop, a stern female voice asked, "What the HELL is going on here?"

Peeking round Tom's shoulder, Amy was stunned to see her friend Jill standing with her arm around Valerie, who again held a finger to her lips. That fucking bitch! She'd scammed both Tom and her!

Valerie said, "Uh, look, I know this looks bad, but—"

"But, nothing! I'm calling the cops, you perverts!" Jill was smiling hugely even though she managed to sound fierce. Amy noticed that, like her, Jill wore a very short skirt and a tank top.

"Hey, he's not ours!" Valerie protested, giving Amy a wink. "We found him like this, wandering in the hall! We were, uh, we were just going to get him out of here and find him some clothes."

Jill snorted. "Yeah, right! Like the cops'll believe that with him still trussed up like that! What, you couldn't find somewhere else for your fun and games?"

"Ell... eee!" Tom sputtered from behind his gag. "Eees!"

Valerie remained still, letting the silence stretch painfully. Finally, an admirable amount of desperation in her voice, she said, "Look... we really don't know him. Do whatever you want with him, but let us go. Please?" Amy slowly moved from behind Tom to stand with the two women, giving Jill a quick hug.

Head cocked to one side, Jill studied Tom, her gaze slowly traveling from his hooded face past his strong chest and flat stomach, and lingering on his still-swollen cock. She stepped forward, trailing fingers down his chest. Tom jerked at the sudden sensation, caught his breath as her hand dipped past his abdomen and wrapped around his shaft.

"Yeah," said Jill. "I could probably think of a thing or two do with lover boy, here." She reached up and seized a nipple, twisted hard. "You girls get the fuck out, and not one word to anybody, got it?

"Oh, thank you!" Valerie exclaimed melodramatically. "We won't, we promise!" Amy rolled her eyes, but didn't resist as Valerie seized her arm and led her off down the corridor, their heels clopping loudly. Amy looked back briefly, to see Jill leaning in toward Tom, whispering something in his ear.

After fifty yards, Valerie stopped. "Get out of those heels," she hissed.

Stripping off the pumps, Amy snarled, "You bitch! You couldn't have told me??"

Valerie laughed quietly. "Now you have some idea how he feels! I called Jill while you playing with him, and she decided church could wait. Come on. We don't want to miss this!"

Shoes in hand, they crept back. Jill had Tom's cock firmly in hand and was towing him toward Valerie's store, all the while leaning back to whisper to him. Valerie quietly unlocked and opened the door, waving Jill onward. Jill guided him carefully through the opening and into the stockroom. Bringing Tom to a halt in the widest open area, she raised her eyebrows at Valerie and Amy and shrugged as if to say, "Now what?"

Never at a loss, Valerie reached into her bag of tricks and brought out an odd arrangement of leather belts and a large dildo. Examining it, Amy realized it was a wearable harness designed to accommodate the dildo in front. She'd read of strap-on harnesses before, but never seen one. Handing it back to Valerie, she shook her head fiercely. No one was getting Tom's ass before she did, and she didn't want a crowd when she took him.

When she took him? Amy shook her head, aghast at her own thoughts. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all the guys, where had that come from? She couldn't believe that she thinking about—no, be honest—was burning to fuck Tom's asshole, to claim ownership of that fine ass, and him. Suddenly she was afraid of what she was becoming, of where all this would lead, and whether she would still be herself when it was over. And she was equally afraid for Tom. Had they pushed him too far? Would he be all right? She turned to Jill and Valerie, sliced a finger across her throat, meaning, "Stop this now!"

She saw the others exchange glances and shrug. Reluctantly, they both nodded. She waved Valerie to stand behind Tom, then unsnapped the gag and gently pulled it from his mouth. His jaw worked, and his tongue snaked out to moisten his lips. Amy gestured to Jill, pantomimed removing the blindfold, and then stepped out of Tom's field of view.

Taking her cue, Jill pulled the blindfold off the hood and stepped back. From the corner of her eye, Amy saw Valerie make a circular motion with one hand, and it seemed Jill understood, because she stepped close to Tom and said, "You know, maybe I shouldn't be selfish. The other girls will be here to open up in a little while, and I'm sure they'd just love to have their very own toy to play with. So, you just stand here and be a good boy. If you cause any trouble, I'll put you out in the store and you can entertain the customers. And, like they used to say on Mission: Impossible, I'll disavow any knowledge of your actions. Understand?"

To be continued...