The Girl, The Beads & A Hard-On


I first met Verice when she was just 15 years old, sweet face and a body that was splendid beyond her years. I was stunned, and broken hearted, when I found out how young she was, knowing full well this put her way below the league of this dirty old man. I met her at a restaurant she worked at part-time as a waitress after school, and couldn't keep my eyes of her face, legs and young ass.

When she turned 18 recently, things changed. Even though I'm in my forties, I felt a little more comfortable flirting with her. Maybe a romance wasn't possible, but the few minutes I got to spend with her was worth all the time in the world.

She was working as a hostess at another restaurant that I, not coincidentally, began frequenting. Always had a big smile on her face to greet me. She was getting more beautiful by the day. Gentle, long blonde hair. Light eyebrows that accentuated her bright, blue eyes. Her face had beauty and harmony. Her smooth skin and thin frame gave her that perfect model look. No doubt that was a career she should think about, I told her. Lovely legs and perfect little behind. Her small breasts gave one a chance to take in the rest of her gorgeous body and put everything into its exquisite perspective.

I'd sit at the bar, have a drink or two, then eat a meal while glancing at Verice whenever I could. If I was lucky, we'd have short conversations. She made my heart pound every second I was with her.

One night I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Verice grabbed several necklaces of beads. The female staff would wear them as some sort of a gimmick for the restaurant's tropical theme. She draped the silver and red strings over my head and around my neck as if she were presenting me with a Hawaiian lei. Then she laughed. I was about to take the beads off, but she said, "No, those are your beads. You can keep them." So I wore them the rest of the evening.

That night I lay in bed dreaming of Verice, jerking off and fantasizing about her draping the beaded necklaces over my hard cock. I came all over my hand, cock and the beads. I didn't wash them, but let the cum dry on them.

The next night I wore the silver beads around my neck and under my shirt. I approached Verice at the hostess stand. She was wearing an inviting floral print dress that was low cut with lace trim over her breasts and at the hem that drew attention to her young legs. She was far more desirable clothed than the sexiest naked stripper. I opened my shirt revealing the beads, telling her, "See, I'm still wearing the beads." She gave me a big smile. She didn't know some of the shiny beads were graced with my dried semen. But having her see them still gave me a hard-on. In the days and nights ahead I fantasized about Verice ornamenting my penis with those beads.

I managed to remain civil and polite around her. After some time she became friendly enough to say some risque things. I'd laugh but never follow up. I had learned this is a good way to deal with young women. They can say what they want without you getting hot about it and it makes them feel safe.

She kept calling me, "Mr. Hartely." I told her she didn't have to be so formal, but she replied, "Yeah, but I just feel better calling you Mr. Hartely."

I got the point. She wanted to remain at a distance, but wanted to be near me at the same time. Feeling excited about a friendship with an older man, but comfortable. She'd ask me advice about her boyfriends. I'd get a little broken hearted knowing she was going out with other guys, maybe playing with or even sucking their cocks. But I also knew it was worth it just being with such a beautiful girl, getting to know her better and better. Soon I could be a little more open with her. We could both be a little bit risque about some things over time.

During our talks I found out what local beach she went to on the weekends, and I made it a point to be there.

Although I'm in my forties, I keep in pretty good shape and manage to keep a healthy tan. While walking down the beach one day, I spotted beautiful Verice in a bright yellow and skimpy bikini. I felt my cock begin to point out through my thin bathing suit, but managed to keep it down as I walked her way. She was glad to see me, and I believe she found me somewhat attractive even though she probably wasn't thinking of going much further.

She was sitting on a towel, hands holding her up, and I was standing up as we talked.

At one point she asked: "So, are you still wearing your beads?"

"Yes," I said, boldly adding, "I'm wearing them right now."

She thought for a moment, then blurted out laughing, to my relief. But in typical teenage fashion, she suddenly blushed, putting her hand over her mouth, still trying to hide her smile.

We went on talking, trying to keep things normal, but the thought of the beads wrapped around my cock and balls kept stirring my penis. I eventually had to say it was time to leave and we said our good-byes, my hardening cock continuing to try to slip out of my bathing suit. I had to keep my hand in my pocket to keep it down as I continued along the beach, the thought of beads making my balls burn.

The next time I went to the restaurant I was more daring. Throwing caution to the wind I had wrapped the necklace of red beads around my cock and balls. I held the beads in place by tightening them securely and sticking a part of the necklace in the waistband of my underpants. It hurt good. I thought maybe I could secretly yank on the string whenever I talked to Verice. I couldn't believe I was doing this when I walked into the restaurant, said hello to Verice and sat down at the bar.

Luckily, she walked by later and began to chat. My heart was pounding, my cock so hard I thought it would never make it through the conversation. My balls must have been as purple as the necklace Verice was wearing tonight. She was acting quite bubbly, was in a good mood. And she looked sexier than before, wearing a dark stretch knit wrapdress that highlighted all her curves. During our chat, Verice asked again, "So are you wearing your beads?" laughing. I took a big chance this time and said, "Yeah," then quickly reached down to pull the top portion of the necklace past the top of my pants so she could see. She gasped, then, to my relief again, started to giggle. I think she thought I put the beads there as a goof, having no idea I actually had them wrapped around my cock and balls.

"Is that where you always wear them?" she asked, still giggling.

"Sure," I replied. "Never know when I need a quick tug."

She began laughing again and blushing. But cooled down enough to start chatting with me casually, and sometimes suggestively.

"So do the women you date yank your chain a lot?" she asked, quickly eyeing my crotch, then turning back to look at me.

"Sometimes. If they're lucky I let them play the old ring toss."

"Ring toss?" she asked, her eyes widening.

"Yeah, you know, like horseshoes."

She thought for a second. "Using the necklace as the horseshoe? And they toss it . . . oh, Mr. Hartely, you're too much!"

She was in a terrific mood to my delight. And, incredibly, before leaving the bar, and making sure no one was looking, she quickly reached down and pulled lightly on the necklace! "You dirty old man," she whispered pleasantly in my ear. Then she walked back to her station. I nearly came in my pants.

When I walked out to leave and turned to say bye to Verice, she smiled and said, "Come back and see us."

I pointed to the beads she was wearing and said, "Maybe we'll have a ring toss next time." She smiled, giving me an "Oh, you naughty man" look.

In the days that followed the beads became a little joke between me and Verice. I'm not sure how funny she thought it was, but it made me hornier and hornier all the time. My fantasies about what she could do with the necklace became more intense each night. I can't remember how many times I shot my load all over the beads while thinking of her.

Some people say be careful what you wish for, it just might happen. I say better to live your fantasies than let them hound you all your life!

Banner day was a Saturday. After a stroll on the beach I stopped off at the restaurant. As luck would have it, Verice was working the day shift. She was dressed more casually, wearing a short pink T-shirt dress and high heeled thong sandals showing off her slender feet and pretty toes. I was in my bathing trunks and wearing another Hawaiian shirt. When Verice saw me she took off the gold, white and pink beads she had on and put them around my neck.

"Are you sure that's the right place," I asked.

"Unless you can think of a better spot," she replied with a wink.

It turned out Verice was getting off soon. A co-worker who was supposed to drive her home had to work longer because someone didn't show up. I, of course, offered Verice a ride. "Who knows," I said. "Maybe we can stop off somewhere and play horseshoes." Verice grinned and to my surprise said, "Hmmm. Sounds tempting."

Driving back to her home we passed some isolated beach spots. It was getting late and people were leaving. "Let's pull over and look at the ocean for a while," I said.

"You have something else in mind?" she offered.

"Maybe," I said, quickly turning into the nearest spot and pulling into a vacant parking area.

Verice and I were alone together for the first time, listening to soft music. She startled me when she placed her fingertips on my leg and began rubbing. My cock jumped and began to harden. I looked into those deeply beautiful eyes and at that perfectly graceful face, and kissed her on the lips. Softly at first, then put my hand on the back of her head and started kissing harder.

Verice slid her hand up under my shirt, then slowly slipped under my lose bathing trunks and grabbed hold of my throbbing organ. She began pulling it and stroking it for a while, as I leaned back in the seat enjoying it. Suddenly, she pulled her hand out and said, "Hey, you're not wearing your beads!"

She had another naughty grin on her wonderful face. "Well, I guess it's time for the ring toss." I announced.

"Right here?" she asked. "Too close," I said. "We have to make it a more interesting game. Let's play outside."

I got out of the car and she got out of the passenger side, slowly moving around the back of the car, maybe unsure of this unusual game.

I slid off my sneakers, then threw off my shirt so I could take the beads I was still wearing and hand them to Verice. She held them laughing, a bit nervous but still curious.

Before she could back off I slowly slid my bathing trunks down past the crucial crotch and bottom area, to my ankles, and shook them off. I couldn't believe I was standing in front of her like this.

"Wow, Mr. Hartely, you look nice naked!" she said. I was delighted. "And nice tan, too," she added, leaning over to look at my white ass.

My half-erect penis was already growing quickly and in seconds was sticking out hard in front of her. Verice just stared, not saying anything, but obviously appreciating the view. My heart was pounding so hard I thought she could hear it, and I wondered if she could see the throbbing of my cock. If anyone was spying on us, what a sight it must have been for them, though we were parked a safe distance from the entrance to the lot.

"OK," I told her. "Now's the best time to start."

"So, what do I do," she asked, twirling the beads in her fingers. I had her stand about five feet away.

"Just toss the rings onto the pin," I explained. She laughed, and seemed to be enjoying it now.

"Hope it doesn't hurt," she said, throwing the first necklace toward my hard-on, missing it by inches.

"Oops. Try again," I encouraged her. She threw the next one which hit the head of my cock, hurting slightly, but then causing great excitement.

"You OK?"

"Don't worry I'm fine. Keep trying." She tried and missed again. I picked up the beads and gave them back to her.

Finally, she moved a couple of steps closer to the target and managed to loop the pink necklace around the shaft of my cock. "I did it," she yelled, clapping her hands.

It was an amazing feeling. Here I was, wearing nothing but a necklace around my hard cock while a young girl giggled and applauded.

She was having so much fun, she came up with another game.

"Let's see how many it will hold." Then she draped my cock with the gold beads next to the pink. My hard cock began to drop a little bit at an angle. When she placed the white beads over my cock, it drooped even more until all three necklaces slid down the shaft and over the head onto the ground.

"Not strong enough," she giggled.

"In my younger days I could probably wear them for hours," I told her as she laughed even harder.

For the next few minutes Verice and I both put the necklaces on my cock to see if all three would stay on. And I was getting more and more excited each time.

At last, with my cock harder than it's been since I was a teenager, we did it. All three strings of beads were wrapped around the shaft of my erection. I stood there, looking at it and at Verice. She stood back to get a good look, her eyes wide open and a big grin on her face.

"Oh, you look so charming," she said. "If only I had a camera!"

I stood there proudly for a minute or so. My cock was pounding and my balls were tight. I didn't know how much more of this I could take. But I was game for anything. I looked into Verice's eyes. She could see the sense of ecstasy on my face. I was so weak from the sexual excitement I felt my legs wobbling.

"You poor man," Verice said sympathetically. "Let me get these off for you."

She reached her hand around the three necklaces, brushing several fingers against my balls, then carefully slid the beads down my shaft, apparently not wanting to hurt me. As the beads slowly pulled across the head of my cock I could feel my whole body about to explode.

Just as Verice took the beads off I yelled out: "Ohhh, I'm coming!"

There was no turning back as I grabbed my hard cock and began pumping. I shot a long stream of cum that nearly hit her in the leg, then several more spurts leaped out of my aching erection showering the ground between us with wads of my jizz.

After it was over, I stood there in kind of shock. Never thought I'd be in a situation like this, standing completely naked in front of a beautiful young woman with my deflating cock dripping with cum.

Verice was probably stunned as well, even though it was inevitable.

"You all right?" she asked, sensing my uneasiness.

"Oh, yeah," I said, relieved but a bit embarrassed. I quickly opened the car door to grab a towel to clean off, feeling somewhat foolish.

But after a minute or so we were able to laugh about it. "It's amazing what these magical beads can do," Verice said as I put my clothes back on.

She made me feel comfortable on the drive back, talking about various things in her life as if nothing had happened. When I dropped her off we kissed. She asked if I wanted the beads. I had her keep the pink and white, but kept the gold. "I deserve first place," I said.

The good thing is our relationship has remained interesting. She still looks at me as an authority figure but provides me with much needed relief through hand jobs, or should I say bead jobs.

One time during a hot session she pulled on the beads wrapped tightly around my cock and balls while I jerked off. Another time she covered my cock in beads and gave me a hand job while chattering away on her cell phone with a friend and driving the car! But more about that some other time.