The Summer Model Ch. 02


"Come in Timmy," Laura said, opening the garage door where she had her photography studio. "I'm glad your here."

Timmy entered, obviously nervous. He looked up at her, and then looked back down.

Laura tipped him an extra $100.00 after their first photo session and she was glad to see him back. He was acting awkward again. Just like when they first met.

"You did so well last time, sweetie." She said patting his head.

"Thanks, but I was a little embarrassed about… well, you know."

"What Timmy?"

"You know."

"Tell me sweetie."

"Getting naked and all."

"Timmy, look at me." He looked up, and she looked him in the eyes very sternly. "Professionals don't get embarrassed, okay? You got that? You're not going to start acting like a little boy, are you?"

"No." He said, in a quiet voice.

"You're kind of skinny and small, and you're young, but that's no reason to act like a kid, okay?" She patted his head. "I really think you have great potential."


"I have some great ideas for this session. The Germans loved your look, sweetie."

"Really?!" He beamed.

"Absolutely. Now, strip down to your skivvies and sit on that stool in front of the lights and backdrop."

Timmy hesitated, and Laura gave him another stern look. So he started taking off his clothes. He set his shoes and socks to the side, then took off his school sweatshirt, then his t shirt, and set the stuff on his shoes.

As he was about to take off his jeans, an Asian woman entered the garage studio. She stared at Timmy with dark eyes, and a kind of sexy smile that made him even more nervous.

"Hi, Liza," Laura said. "Liza, this is Timmy, the model."

Timmy blushed and stammered out a hello, still holding his jeans with the belt undone and the fly undone. He was glad to be called the model though.

"Hi," Liza said.

"Keep going, Timmy," Laura said to him. "Don't worry about Liza. She's a professional - a make-up artist."

Timmy undid his jeans the rest of the way and took them off. He folded them and put them on the stack of other clothes and then sat on the stool.

Liza's eyes went straight to his package in the skivvies. "Cute little package," she said to Laura. "Skinny, smooth, and all around all American cute." she said as if Timmy wasn't there.

"Liza is going to do your make up." Laura said.

Liza approached with a basket of make up accessories and a silver dildo. Timmy didn't quite recognize the dildo for what it was. "Just close your eyes and relax." Liza said.

Timmy did as he was told, excited that there was real make up this time. Liza put dark red lipstick on his lips, rouge on his cheeks, clip on ear rings on his ears, and mascara too. She patted his head, and then mussed up his dirty blond hair with gel.

"Open your eyes, cutie." Liza said, holding up a mirror for him.

He looked and was shocked. Confused, and shocked.

"Oh, sweetie, you'd make a sexy little girl," Laura said from behind her camera, now set up on a tripod. "Liza, you're the best. Now, Timmy, go into the changing room and put on the outfit in there. Hurry along now."

Liza lightly swatted his butt as he walked off to the changing room. Inside he found black high heels, black fishnet stockings, a garter belt, black panties, and a short black t-shirt that said, 'Boi Toi.' He looked around to see if there was anything else, but there wasn't.

"How's this look?" He asked when he stepped out in front of the lights and camera, awkward on the high heels, his tummy showing with the short t shirt, and the black panties a little small on his package.

Laura and Liza smiled and whistled. "Reallllly cute, sweetie."

He blushed and just stood there nervously, hands at his side, as Laura quickly snapped off a few pictures.

"Turn around, sweetie, and smile over your shoulder."

He turned carefully on his heels, then smiled, hands on hips. He could see Liza standing next to Laura, smiling at him.

"What a catch," Liza said to Laura, loudly. "Cute little white butt. Boy toy indeed."

"Timmy," Laura said, voice firm, "those panties are a bit tight on your bottom. Pull them up high, so they slip between your cheeks like a thong."

He quickly obeyed, tugging the panties way up, wobbling a little on the heels. His butt showed as the panties slipped between the crack just like Laura wanted.

"Your round little butt is definitely your best side, sweetie. Now smile over your shoulder, hands on hips, bottom out toward cam."

He posed as told, looking back, and Liza winked at him, blowing him a kiss, and making him blush more.

"Okay, Timmy," Larua said, turn and face the camera. "You're doing wonderfully, sweetie. Really, you're a doll."

Timmy turned and faced the camera, dropping his hands to his sides. Laura and Liza were staring at him, the lights were bright, he was starting to sweat, and he felt like a real model.

"Hold your hands over your little package, sweetie." Laura instructed.

Timmy held his hands over his package in the tight black panties, still looking at the camera as Laura snapped away.

"Liza," Laura said, "you get into the shot now. Bring your make up basket."

When Liza got into the shot, Laura said, "Go ahead and act like you're going to pull down Timmy's panties. And you, Timmy, keep your hands over your little privates as she does."

Liza stepped behind Timmy and hooked her thumbs in the sides of his panties, looking at the camera around Timmy's shoulder. Laura snapped off the shots.

"Go ahead and tug them down a little, Liza." Laura said. "Timmy, keep your hands over your privates, and act surprised."

Timmy made a big O with his mouth and kept his hands over his package as Liza pulled his panties down a little bit. "That's it, good boy." Laura said. "Liza, keep pulling." Liza kept pulling and suddenly Timmy's package popped out and Timmy covered himself. "Nice and soft." Laura said, catching a glimpse as she snapped the photos. "Liza, take them down to his knees."

Liza kept pulling down to his knees, then let go and the panties caught around his ankles and the high heeled shoe straps. Timmy kept his hands over his package. "Good boy." Laura said, snapping off the photos.

Liza whispered in his ear, "You're doing really good, baby. So cute." She lightly swatted his butt. The whispering and the swat made his erection start, and it became harder for him to cover his package.

"Oh, sweetie, it's happening, isn't it," Laura said. "Go ahead and move your hands. Let's see."

When Timmy didn't obey instantly, Laura raised her voice. "Now! Timmy."

Liza slapped his ass sharply when Laura said this. "Don't make her mad, Timmy," Liza whispered. "Don't disappoint her."

Blushing, Timmy moved his hands and Laura and Liza stared as his erection grew and pointed up to his tummy. Liza giggled a little.

"Turn around, now," Laura instructed. "And smile over your shoulder."

Timmy smiled over his shoulder, moving his hands to his hips as he was told earlier, sticking his bottom out at the camera. Liza stepped out of the shot. "I can see my hand print of your cute butt," she said. He blushed and looked at Liza.

"Timmy," Laura said. "Pay attention to me. Got that?"

Timmy nodded, looking over his shoulder at her, sticking his bottom out a little more to the cam as he thought she wanted that.

"Good boy," Laura said, snapping away. "Get on all fours now, bottom facing the camera. And Liza. Sit on his back like he's a horse, except face me."

Timmy did as he was told, and Liza climbed on his back with her make up basket. Because he was so skinny and small, she didn't put all her weight on his back. She sat there with her feet touching the floor and facing the camera, her hands on Timmy's skinny hips.

"Liza, write Boi Toi on Timmy's behind with the lipstick."

Timmy held his position while Liza wrote Boi on one cheek and Toi on the other cheek, giggling a little as she did. Snap, snap, Timmy could hear the camera go.

"Smile over your shoulder at me, Timmy," Laura instructed. "Show me that pretty little girl's mouth and cheeks."

Timmy smiled at Laura, who moved a little with the camera, shooting from behind, but a little to the side. "Widen your knees, Timmy," Laura said. He widened his knees on the floor, feeling the panties pull tight around his ankles where Liza had left them. "That's it sweetie, good boy. Liza, make his boy hole shine for the pics. Baby oil should do the trick."

Timmy felt the baby oil squirting down his crack, and then Liza's finger tapping at his hole. She pushed a little and he twitched, but she was still on his back and he couldn't move much.

"Good, good," Laura said. "Get out the silver bullet." Liza took the silver dildo out of her make up basket and still sitting on Timmy she slowly worked it into him. He made a genuinely surprised face at the camera as he felt it going inside him. "Good boy," Laura said, "that's the look. You're such a good boy."

Tears came out of Timmy's eyes just a little, because it hurt some, but he wanted to be a professional, so he didn't say anything and just stared at the camera as Liza kept pushing, and pushing. She swatted his butt as she kept pushing. "You're taking it well, cutie." She said.

"Liza," Laura said, "I want to see his package in the shot. Push his little hard penis down between his legs so I have it in the shot."

Liza left the silver bullet deep in Timmy's butt as she reached under his tummy and grabbed his penis and pointed it down to the ground, pressing it back between his legs for the clicking camera.

"Good girl, good boy," Laura said, snapping shots. "Cute little balls too."

Liza stroked Timmy a little as she pushed his package back for the camera and suddenly Timmy groaned and shuddered as he started coming, spurts and spurts onto the floor. He kept his face toward the camera, with his eyes wide and mouth open. Liza laughed and milked him as he came, patting his butt with her free hand while she jerked him off and Laura snapped pictures of his embarrassed face.

"Sorry," Timmy finally said in a little voice when he stopped groaning.

"It's okay," Laura said, "it's going to be a long summer…"