The Summer Model Ch. 01


Laura could talk him into anything. She lived in a A-frame house with a large garage off to the side with the windows blacked out.

He was her paperboy for years, up to his senior year of high school. Several times when he delivered her paper she would wave through the big windows in front of the house. She was tall, thin, and wearing black every time he saw her. She was older.

One Saturday in the summer of his senior year she was in the front yard walking around with a camera, looking at her flower bed, when he came by to toss her paper. Because she was standing right there, he decided to hand it to her personally. She was not the prettiest woman he'd ever seen, but she seemed very confident.

"Hi," she said, almost smiling.


She stared at him, studied him, then said, "Have you ever modeled?"

He shook his head.

"You should," she said.

"You really think so?"

"I'm a photographer," she explained. She studied him some more, walking all the way around him, and stopped back in front of him. "You're skinny, but in good shape."


"And you're cute."


"Would you like to model?"

"I don't know. I've never really thought about it."

"Come back here in two hours, and he'll take some test pictures." She turned and walked back to the house, leaving him to watch her ass wiggle in black jeans.

"What should I wear," he asked as she walked away.

"Doesn't matter," she said, not looking back at him.

Two hours later he was at her front door, showered. She answered the door, smiling.

"Nice to see you," she said. "Come in."

He followed her inside to the kitchen and she opened the refrigerator and brought out two bottles of Heineken beer, opened them, and handed him one. "What's your name," she asked.


"I'm Laura," she said, then took a sip of her beer, licked her lips. "And I'm going to call you Timmy. If you don't mind."

"Okay," he said.

They talked about the neighborhood a little, and school, and photography. He learned that she did both art work and commercial work, and what they meant. After they finished two beers each, she said it was time to get started. She lead him into the garage, which was converted into a photography studio, lights, backdrops, camera equipment, racks of cloths and all. He was really impressed, and she could tell.

"Take off your shoes," she said, "and stand in front of that blue backdrop."

He did as asked, moving a little nervously.

"Hands on hips, smile."

Snap, snap.

"Turn and smile over your shoulder."

Snap, snap.

"Face me again, and run your hands through your hair."

He did, mussing his hair enthusiastically.

"Good boy," she said.

Snap, snap.

"Go ahead and take off the t-shirt," she said after a few more pics.

"The t-shirt?"

"That's right, Timmie."

He shrugged, and took it off.

"Good boy."

Snap, snap.

"Hands on hips again. And try pouting a little sweetie, stick out your lower lip."

He did, feeling a little silly.

"Good boy, I like that look cutie."

Snap, snap.

She moved the camera from her face for a moment, studied him. "You know," she said, "I think I could probably get you a gig modeling for this German clothes company."


"Absolutely. Let's take a quick break, then I'll get you some clothes."

He drank another beer, and started feeling a little tipsy. She could see he had drank enough. She went over to a cloths rack and started picking off items, then handed them to him and pointed him in the direction of the dressing room. He closed the door and looked over the clothes. A tight white mesh shirt, white boxers shorts, white briefs, and a jock strap.

"Put on all of them?" he asked through the closed door, slurring a little.

"That's right, Timmie."

He undressed, and put the jock strap on, then the briefs, then the boxers, not sure why he needed all three. He put on the mesh t shirt last and stepped out in front of the lights and cameras.

"The company mostly does underwear," Laura explained. "And athletic wear."

He nodded, "Right. Okay."

"Stand there, hands on hips."

Snap, snap.

"Hands over head now. Stretch. Let's see that flat tummy."

Snap, snap.

"Turn, hands still up."

Snap, snap.

"Move hands to knees, and bend over a little."

He moved his hands, then bent over after hesitating.

"Quicker sweetie. Act like a pro. Don't think."

He bent over more, hands on knees, and looked back over his shoulder at the camera and smiled a little awkwardly.

"Good boy. You're a natural."

Snap, snap.

"Widen your legs."

He widened his stance, bent over a little more, still looking over his shoulder.

Snap, snap.

"Turn and face me now, Timmie."

He turned, and as he did she dropped a canister of film on the floor.

"Pick that up for me," she said, eye still behind camera.

He stepped toward her and picked up the canister and handed it to her. He was so obedient it made her smile. She knew about boys like him.

"Good boy. Back in position now."

He returned to his place in front of the backdrop, facing the camera.

"You're doing wonderfully," she said. "I think you've got a future."


"Absolutely. Now, hook your thumbs in the sides of the boxers."

He did as asked, stretching the elastic out a little.

"Good boy, now go ahead and take them down. Let's see those briefs."

He looked at the camera, slipped the boxers down to his knees, and then let them fall the rest of the way down to his ankles. His package was tightly held in the thin briefs.

Snap, snap.

"Good boy, looks good. Hands on hips again."

He looked back up at her. "You really think I can make it as a model?" he asked.

"Absolutely. Mess your hair up again."

He did, hoping he looked like a model this way.

"Hands up again."

Snap, snap.

"And turn."

He stepped out of the boxers as he turned around, hands high in the air.

Snap, snap.

"Hands on knees, bend over."

He did, smiling over his shoulder at the camera to please her.

"That's it sweetie."

Snap, snap.

"Now turn and face me."

He did, moving his hands to his hips without even thinking about it.

Snap, snap.

"Hook your thumbs in the briefs. Quickly now sweetie."

He hooked my thumbs in the sides, looking at the camera as he stretched the elastic out to the side.

"Go ahead and slide them off slowly, sweetie."

He hesitated, but then started slowly sliding them down, his blond pubic hair coming into view around the jock strap.

"That's it sweetie. Nice and slow. The jock strap really fits you right."

Snap, snap.

"All the way off now sweetie. Down those skinny legs. But keep the briefs around your ankles."

Snap, snap.

"Reach those hands up now. Way up. Stretch."

He stood up straight, briefs around ankles, and put his hands in the air above his head.

Snap, snap.

"Now step out of the briefs and turn around, sweetie."

He kicked the briefs away as he turned, knowing what she was going to say next.

"Hands on knees, bend over."

He moved his hands to his knees and bent over just a little.

"More sweetie, you've got a cute butt and it's gonna look great in the pics."

He bent over more, feeling his ass pointing at the camera, starting to blush as he thought about how much she could see. The mesh t shirt only came half way down his butt.

Snap, snap.

"Good boy. Widen your legs."

He adjusted his stance, bending over more in the process, facing away from the camera as he moved his feet apart. Suddenly he felt a light swat on his ass. "You're doing wonderfully sweetie," she said, right behind him. "Bend over a little more, and look back at the camera between your legs."

He bent way over, felt the mesh t shirt rise up his back, and looked back at the camera. She crouched down and snapped pics of his face just below his open ass cheeks.

Snap, snap.

"Good boy."

He smiled at the encouragement, despite his position, and she saw the smile. He was going to be her boy toy.

"Lick your lips, sweetie."

Snap, snap.

"Okay, now stand up and face me again."

He stood up, turned, put hands on hips, and adjusted the jock strap.

"Hook your thumbs in the side," she said, a little more firmly than the other times she told him this.

He did as told, hands shaking a little, knowing what was coming.

"That's a good serious expression. Now pout a little."

He stuck out his lower lip, lowered his eyes.

"Good boy. That's it. Now slide it off sweetie."

"The jock strap?" he asked, voice cracking a little.

"You're doing so good, sweetie," she said, still looking through the camera, "don't blow it now. Slide it down."

He rolled the elastic over his hips and down until his package popped out. Blushing, he quickly stretched the jock strap down to his ankles, and stepped out of it. He then stood back up straight. The mesh t shirt only came down the top of his pubic hair. He was very nervous, and very soft despite how excited he was.

Snap, snap.

"Good boy. You are such a cutie."

He blushed, smiling at the camera automatically now, and wondering if all models did this kind of stuff.

"Hands up again."

He stretched his hands up in the air, and thrust his package out at the camera a little in the process.

"That's it sweetie. You take direction beautifully."

Snap, snap.

"Turn around."

"Hands on knees, bend over."

He posed as told, bending over quite a bit this time, knowing that's what she wanted and hoping she liked it.

"Cute little balls hanging down sweetie."

Snap, snap.

"Face me now."

He stood up and turned, still soft. "Take off the t shirt, sweetie, we're gonna get artsy."

He took it off and dropped it on the floor. She moved her eye away from the camera and stared at him for a moment. Not even girls he had sex with had seen him stand naked in full bright lighting like this.

"Good boy. Now pinch your nipples a bit so they stand out. It looks better in the pics that way."

He pinched them one at time, watching them stiffen and point out at the camera.

"And look at me and smile while you do this."

Snap, snap.

"Uhhhh-oohhhhhh," she said.


"I can't have an erection in my shots, sweetie."

She pointed to his penis, which was growing uncontrollably. It started pointing up, way, way, way up.

"You'll have to turn around now sweetie. Erection pointing away."

After he did, she pinched his ass and put her hand on the top of his back. "Bend over," she said, helping him with a push. He put his hands on his knees as he bent over.

"That's it," she said, "good boy." She walked away for a moment, as he just stood there, bent over naked.

A few moments he heard her come back behind him. She swatted his ass lightly. "You're being a good boy. Now just follow my directions here, okay?"

"Okay," he said quietly.


"I promise."

"Good boy. Reach back and spread your cheeks for me, sweetie."

With both hands he reached back and opened his cheeks. A moment later he felt warm oil being poured down his crack and into his hole and all the way to his balls.

Her finger started poking at his hole and he moved away a little, but her other hand grabbed his hard penis and started stroking slowly. It was all oily. He couldn't help but moan. As she jerked him off, she worked her finger inside him. He started bucking his hips, holding his cheeks open as told.

He came all over the floor in less than a minute, gobs and gobs shooting out onto her backdrop.

"Good boy, Timmie" she said in his ear, "you're going to be my favorite model for the summer."

To be continued….