A High School Life to Remember Ch. 3


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I have the hardest time trying to sleep as I think back on the last few days. They have been so eventful that it makes leaving this level of thought difficult. What if I fall alseep and then I actually wake up because this is all a dream? I mean, did Lindsay really get implants? Does Ms. Gerard really seem to have the hots for me? And damn it, did that bitch Cali really see my hard on? The only girl in my life that didn't seem abnormal was Helene. I am sure my standing with her is just the same as it was a few weeks ago. She barely knows that I exist.

I wonder if that relationship will ever change... and with that I pass out.

My alarm goes off for several minutes the next morning before I finally crawl out of bed. I am an only child and my parents leave for work very early in the morning, so I have to get myself up for school. This also means that I have the house all to myself when I get up. Still, I have never had the temptation to skip school, except to see Star Wars Episode I on opening day of course. How could I retain respect for myself if I didn't see the new Star wars movie on opening day?

I get up and do my morning routine of showering and dressing for school. I put on a Sandman comic t-shirt and a pair of black jeans and tuck my medium length hair behind my ears. My glasses have a small smudge on them so as I walk to the bus stop I clean them off. I really need to get a car, riding the bus as a senior is so lame. Why should I get a car when I could spend that money to buy all the rest of the new D&D books? I sit apart from the others at the bus stop. Just then I hear the honk of a car horn and look up to see that I am the one whom it was meant for.

As I look at the car and see the same fancy one I remember from yesterday. I am sure if I was a car enthusiast that I would be very impressed by the specs, but that sort of thing really doesn't matter to me at all. The window of the drivers seat rolls down and I see Lindsay, her hair is perfectly set at the sides of her face.

"Hey sexy," she says to me. "Are you looking for a ride?" This routine seems somewhat familiar. "If you are then hurry up and get over here." I see everyone staring at me and at her. A few people whisper and point, but I am not sure what they are saying. My mind is made up as I head towards her car.

"Sure I would love to get a ride. Thanks." I climb in to the passengers seat and get comfortable, throwing my back pack on the floor in front of my legs. "I hate riding the bus."

"Well I don't mind it, its a little out of the way, but I like to drive fast in the morning. This gives me a good excuse."

"Awesome, well you can come pick me up at the bus stop any time you want. I will seem really cool then."

"And since when have you cared about being cool? I mean really, if you wanted that, you could have it. You like being a dork though," she says to me and I can't say I disagree with her.

I am starting to wonder why it is that I never really liked her, was it really just because she had smaller tits? Was there more to it? Am I really that obsessed? I start to doze off a little bit in the comfy car.

"Wake up! We are here, and you were no company at all!" She yells jokingly at me as I grab my bag and rub my eyes. "We even got here a few minutes before your bus. Now we can hang out before class starts."

"Well thanks for the ride, but I always go hang out at the nerds corner. You know, you can come hang out there too if you want."

"You asshole! Even after what has just recently happened, you still brush me off!" She yells at me and storms off towards the school. I shrug my shoulders and think about how women are always so moody and I head off to the nerds corner.

The rest of the morning was uneventful until my class right after lunch. It always seemed to happen to me this way. After eating, I always got the biggest hard on; it would strain my jeans or sweat pants or whatever I was wearing to the point that it hurt but also gave me the slightest bit of pleasure.

I just don't know what to do with myself, I am really horny now and I am here at school. Well, Ms. Gerard said to report to the nurse's office when that happens, so I guess I should go and see if my imagination is just going crazy or if my dreams will start coming true.

I grab my things and walk out of the classroom as the teacher stares at me in confusion. I pull out the pass the Ms. Gerard made for me and head down to the nurse's office. Once I arrive I walk in and I go and speak to Mrs. Hart, the school nurse. "Hey, umm... Ms. Gerard told me to report here when... I am... when I am not feeling well." Wow, I think to myself, that sounded pretty stupid.

"Of course she did, go ahead and lie down on the bed in the second room and close the door. I will be there in a minute." she says to me as I wonder if she knows the reason Ms. Gerard told me to come here.

Mrs. Hart was an older woman who was perhaps in her late 30's or early 40's. She had long, sleek brown hair and the fullest of lips I had ever seen. My buddy would call them DSL's or dick sucking lips. Her breasts were enormous, probably about a 38E or so and she always seemed to wear shirts that revealed a deep amount of her cleavage. She had shapely hips and she always wore white skirts that hugged them tightly.

A few moments after I have sat down on the medical bed, I see Mrs. Hart make her way into the room and close the door behind her quietly. "Well, Ms. Gerard is currently teaching a class, so I will have to so to your problem. If you would lie down as I asked before please?" I did as she instructed and she moves over to the side of the bed and looks me up and down from head to toe. Her eyes linger on my crotch, and as they do my cock jumps slightly in my tight jeans and her eyes widen a little bit at the sudden surge and the huge bulge that is present. After a moment of silence she speaks up, "oh yes, I do see why she would want to help you with this problem. You know there are a lot of girls in this school that are not yet ready for something like this. That is why Ms. Gerard offered to help. We think you have an abnormality. So please relax."

She reaches down to my pants and unbuttons them. Then she snakes her hand down into my pants and grabs a hold of my penis and balls, although with a single hand she cannot hold the whole package. "My, my, well that is a hefty one." She winks at my seductively and she uses her free hand to unzip my pants while the other hand starts to gently rub my cock. I feel I should say something to her but my voice is caught in the back of my throat and I can do nothing but watch. This is the first woman I have ever had physically touch my penis. My groin is on fire with passion.

"Cat got your tongue or something? Perhaps I should get it." She leans over to me and kisses me full on the lips. At first I do not respond, but then as she becomes more aggressive, our tongues wrap around each other in a passionate kiss. She continues to rub my cock with her hand stuffed down my pants and begins to rub her covered tits onto my chest. I don't even feel like I can survive this for long. The excitement of the situation is so much.

She slows down her rubbing and backs away from me, releasing my lips and looking down at her prey. "I can feel you are getting close, we can't have a mess on your clothes." And with that she pulls down my pants and underwear and reveals my cock, which is standing straight up in the air, looking like a proud 7 or so inches. Her and I both marvel at the way it looks there. I look up into her eyes and she stares back over at me and then moves her hand up to her mouth and spits on it.

"Now I will examine you to see if there is an abnormality." She spits on her hand once more and moves it down onto my penis. As her hand encircles it, my cock surges again and jumps in her hand, causing her to giggle again. She begins to jerk her hand up and down, slowly at first, but then picking up the pace after about a minute. I am in heaven, my eyes begin to roll into the back of my sockets. I find it difficult, but I do my best to keep my eyes open so that I can watch her hand slide over my cock. She starts to moan a little bit and mutter a word here and there. Her teeth are clentched together in an erotic fashion as she focuses on jerking off my cock.

I look down from her face and her tits are heaving with every labored breath. They are so fucking big, they looks so delicious. Before my chance is over, I decide to go for it. I grab hold of one of her tits through her coat, or at least try to. They are so big that I end up grasping around on them several times before I have finally felt up every part of them that I can reach. At that moment, she goes into overdrive and begins to rub my cock furiously from end to end, spitting on it once to add lubrication. The spit hangs from her lips and is attached to my cock as she leans closer.

I start to spasm as the feeling becomes too intense, "oh shit, I am gonna cum." I speak out, trying to remain quiet.

"Oh good, now our test shall be finished with this beautiful cock of yours." She pumps down on my cock just a couple more times and my cum begins to rush up my cock.

"Watch out!" I yell as I see that she is leaned over my cock, staring at it. She does not move however and only looks over towards me and smiles as my cum shoots out the end of my penis. The first shot nails her right along her teeth and one cheek. She giggles as a second shot of my cum fires right across her eyes. The gooey substance attaches to her eyes lashes and flows into the spots between her nose and eyes. Yet a third shot comes forth hitting her across the chin and up upon the bridge of her nose. "Holy shit!" I yell out as I see more cum still flying out, this orgasm feeling about intensity of the one from the night before with Lindsay. A fourth shot nails her in the ear and quickly begins to ooze out onto her cheek and some of it hangs off of her face. Then finally, a last blast of cum hits her again in the eyes and begins to cling down to her cheeks as she leans up from my expended cock.

"Yeah, I would say that is an abnormality baby! I would have loved some more, but this is a good start." Her eyes are still closed but she has a smile of bliss on her face. I stare at her face, awe struck by what I have just done, and suprisingly turned on by the sight of her cum covered face. Literally only her forehead and her hair have no cum on them. The gooey substance is hanging from her nose, eyes, chin, and ear. Thick white globs had formed all over her face. She speaks again, "this is a two fold problem that you need help with. Are you ready to hear the issues? Or would you rather have time to prepare yourself?"

"Just tell me." I say, not even the list bit concerned as I feast my eyes upon her cum covered face.

"Alright. Well first off, I hate to tell you, but you can not cum inside of a girl, you will get her pregnant, nearly guaranteed. Protection will not help you, your sperm seems to be quite powerful. Secondly, you seem to have a build up of cum due to a defficiency of masturbation or sex or excitement."

My eyebrow raises and I smile, "and what does that mean exactly?"

"Well, that you need to release it as much as you can, otherwise, you might have a pressure build up and something might rupture."

"I definitely don't want that to happen. Well, okay, so I have to be careful about having full on sex with girls. And you are saying that I need to try to relieve myself more often than I already do?"

"You have sex with a lot of girls? You didn't strike me as the type."

Embarrased, I look down towards the ground after this last comment. "Actually no, I just do it myself a lot... you know."

Suddenly we both freeze as we hear the sound of someone walking in front of the door that we are both in. I look at her and nearly panic as I begin to frantically pull up my pants. Her face is still drenched in wet cum, but she does not seem to be worried at all. She puts a finger up to my lips and utters some small shushing sounds. I stop pulling my pants up.

The door swings open and my jaw drops in fear. It is Ms. Gerard. The look on her face when she sees the face of the nurse is inspiring to me. What will she do?