A High School Life to Remember - Final Chapter?


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*Several days later, Saturday morning*

I lie in bed and reflect on the recent events of my life. I have gone from a complete virgin, someone who has never gotten any action at all, to getting my first hand job and titfuck.

I have had dreams almost every night about the action that I got with Lindsay, my first time titty fucking someone. I have masturbated several times remembering her wide eyed expression as I thrust my cock between her big fake titties.

Ms. Gerard has not called on me or spoken to me over the last few days. She seems to think that I want nothing to do with her. I have not gone out of my way to speak with her; I am a little embarrassed that I could not get hard for her. I am not super human though! I had just gotten a great hand job from Mrs. Hart. I definitely need to find the time to talk to her and smooth things out. I am definitely very interested in her.

My mind drifts to Mrs. Hart. Mrs. Helene Hart. I was so surprised when she told me her first name. Helene is the girl who I truly adore, the student not the nurse. I have had such a hard time talking to her. Mrs. Hart is very hot though too, and she certainly seemed to have the experience needed to please.

I begin to rub my penis through my pants as I lie on my bed and stare up at the ceiling.

I think of Helene, my fellow student, the unachievable goal. Her sexy silky black hair falls upon her shoulders and her eyes sparkle as she stares deeply back into my eyes. I see her lean in towards me and hold me close, her arms wrapping around me. How can I have her? She would never sleep with a guy like me.

Hhhmm... I know! Maybe I could have Mrs. Hart help me to seduce Helene. Maybe if she were to catch us in the act or something, she would be so turned on that she would join in. Yeah right, who am I fooling? That sort of situation only works in the porno mags. Or is that the case? My life lately has been like a story in one of those mags. Has this all been one big dream? It has been a good one. I would have to call it a nightmare though, just because it would mean that all these great things never actually happened.

Has it all really just been a dream?


"Honey, get out of bed. You are like a zombie!" I groan, sounding like a zombie as I roll over in the bed. "It's almost 2pm. Are you going to sleep all day?" I wonder what is going on in my head for a moment until I open my eyes and the haziness lifts from my mind. I see my mother standing there at my door. She doesn't really look mad, just a little concerned.

"Yeah mom, I am getting out of bed. Could I have some lunch?"

"Sure honey, I will make you a turkey sandwich."

"Thanks mom." I groan as I throw the cover off of me and throw my feet over the edge of the bed. It is at that moment that I realize I had several porno mags sitting right next to my bed in plain view. There is no way my mom didn't see them. "Damn it." I say after I have heard her walk away from my room. "My parents probably knew that I stole dad's porn anyway. I wonder what I should do with the rest of my Saturday." It's just then that I remember that I was supposed to role-play all day with the boys. My fantasizing and reflecting earlier put me right back down to sleep. "Fuck!"

I go down stairs and grab up the phone to call my friends. "Hey Matt. Yeah... sorry, I kind of slept in." I listen to him for a few moments. "Oh really? You just woke up a half an hour ago? That works out well I guess." Matt jabbers on for several minutes with me getting no more than a few words in every few moments. Mom hands me a turkey sandwich and a small serving of chips. "Hold on Matt. Hey, mom, could you give me a ride over to a friend's house?"

"I really don't feel like driving, you know your father and I both had a long week."

I turn back to the phone and speak again after taking a bite of my sandwich. "Well, I might be a while getting over there. I am probably gonna have to walk... unless, well I will try to get there as soon as I can." Matt says his goodbyes and I hang up the phone.

I could always try to get Lindsay to give me a ride again.


This time, Lindsay has dressed like her vampire character is. She is wearing a small black cape that falls down to the small of her back. Her shirt is dark green with a tie that crosses hatches over her breasts and up to her upper chest. The open area where the draw string lies shows a great deal of her flesh. She wears tights and boots that look like she means business.


We have a full house today. Gary, Hal, Rick, Matt, John, Lindsay, and I are all present.

Lindsay is getting into the game a lot more this time than she was last time. I describe a situation of the characters sitting in a small and well hidden tavern. The characters are meeting with a beautiful toreador conspirator and trying to get some valuable information. This is when Lindsay surprises all of us.

"Hey, I want to say something important here!" She blurts out to me as all of the characters are entranced by the toreador.

I look back to her, "you can say it, but it seems that everyone is fully engrossed with the toreador. Unless you have some way of getting their attention over her."

"You are damn right I do. I have appearance 5! That is the best possible. That means I am the hottest girl that any of their characters have ever seen."

"True, but they are used to your presence now; your appearance won't draw them right now out of the blue." Everyone is sitting in silence and listening to what they see as her vein attempts to do as she pleases. They are all proud to see me take a stand against the hot girl.

"Okay, well then I am going to do something that gets their attention." She thrusts her hands down by her sides. As she does so she also leans forward, allowing a generous view of her cleavage to all the boys sitting around the table.

"And what is that?" I say as I sigh from her defiance.

"She does this!" She quickly jerks the two flaps of the shirt apart. The strings are not tight enough to hold her shirt in place from the force. The shirt flaps fall open all the way to the sides of her body as low as her upper stomach. Her fake tits are on display for all six of us. I hear an inward groan from everyone in the room as all of their eyes are fixed on her chest. She seems to be proud of the achievement. "It seems that this got everyone's attention." There is no doubt about it; everyone in the room is fixated with her jugs.

I need to act fast if I am going to salvage this situation. "The toreador sees what you have done and she does the same. She peels away her top, revealing her breasts." All of the guys are speechless, and none of them are looking away from Lindsay. "Guys come on, you need to role play this properly, and the toreador has entrancement on you."

Gary speaks up first, "I gotta go, I will see you guys later." He stands up and quickly heads up and out of the basement.

The other guys are still looking at Lindsay, who is smiling widely at the attention she is now receiving. John, however, looks back to me; he seems to be getting annoyed. He says in a bastardized Eastern European accent, "it seems we have an idiot in our number, I apologize, please put your tunic back down. There is no need for that."

I look back over to Lindsay, "okay, we get the idea now."

She pulls the folds of her shirt back over the front of her breasts but she does not retie the lace. It only loosely falls over her bountiful breasts.

Hal then speaks up, "I am going to spend a blood point to get an erection. Actually, screw that, I will spend two blood points to make it even bigger. These hot ass vampires showing off their titties is turning on my noble ventrue."

John rolls his eyes again, "I told you that this slut would ruin the fucking game! But you just had to let her stick around. I am out of here!" He grabs his things and takes off just about as quickly as humanly possible.

Matt speaks up, "Some people." He laughs. "I am not complaining. It's not every day that we get to see a nice pair of titties up close."

I cut in, "yes, okay, it is nice, but let's get back to the game and keep this going. Lindsay, your character needs to make a perception check to notice Hal's character's hard on."

"Okay." She looks at her character sheet and grabs some dice. She rolls them quickly and counts up the numbers. "Looks like I notice his hard cock. I smile at him seductively. I then move down off of my seat and put my hand over the bulge that I see in his pants. I start to rub it back and forth, pressing into it harder and harder each time."

We all start to stare at her as she gives this vivid and lewd description. I think for the most part, all of the guys are shocked that they are hearing these words come out of a girl's mouth. Not to even mention the fact that it is happening during a role playing session.

Matt and Rick both quickly speak up as well, as they see the way that Lindsay is staring over at Hal. "I am gonna spend a blood point to make my penis hard too!" "Yeah me too!"

This should be interesting, I would find a way to join in, but I know that if I want, I can get the real thing. So I just sit back and relax; I do feel my cock pulsing to life.

"I begin to unbutton the pants that Von Drom wears and I pull them down to his ankles. I push his legs apart and dive down to my knees between them. I look up to the table and grab a drink of mead to swish around in my mouth in order to get it nice and wet. I am a vampire after all, my mouth is probably really dry. I look back down at his inflated penis and lower my head onto it, taking it in a slow inch at a time. Although, it is nearly ten inches long, I manage to shove it deep within my throat since I have no need to breath." I look around the room and I can see each of the guys trying to conceal the fact that they are all rubbing their crotches as she tells the tale of Von Drom's blow job. I myself find my hand moving just slightly over my cock that continually pulses with the description of the pleasure that Von Drom is receiving.

"I still naturally begin to choke just a little, some of the blood that my vampiric body comes forth and lubricates the penis further. I then look over to the other vampire males sitting around the table and motion for them to come forth, while still deep throating Von Drom's cock."

Instinctively, both Matt and Rick stand up and walk over to the part of the table that Lindsay is sitting at. She then states, "No I meant your characters."

It is then that she glances their hard cocks through their pants in real life too. She also leans up a bit and looks over at Hal's lap. She can see the hard cock that he is slowly rubbing and she leans back in her chair again and smiles over at me for a brief moment.

She looks around at the boys nervously, hesitates for a moment, and then she pulls down the sides of her top again to reveal her milky breasts and small pink nipples. They are framed perfectly in the now open dark green tunic. The slight tension still left in the tie holds her breasts together to show off a great deal of cleavage.

She reaches over and begins to rub the front of Rick and Matt's pants and then continues to describe the scene. "After the other male vampires surround me, I begin to button all of their pants as well. One by one I fish out their cocks with a look of childish glee on my face. Finally, I make my way back to Von Drom, whom I force to stand up as well so that everyone is at about the same height. I stare each of them in the eyes and slowly motion with two fingers for each of them to gather around and surround me. Their rock hard cocks are at my face level and they are completely surrounding me. The toreador stands and watches as I have gathered the attention of my entire group. I then say 'we don't need the toreader, I can get any information that she can, and it won't cost you a thing. But while I have all of your attentions, I think I will not waste it.' With that I move two of the men to be as close as possible to each other. I then direct their cocks with one hand each so that they are adjacent and touching and then I shove them both into my mouth. I shove them as deep into my mouth as I can and then I let go. I start to roll my tongue around on the bottoms of their fleshy organs and move my hands off of them to free them for Von Drom's cock. I start to stroke him at the side of my head and I begin to slowly move my head back and forth over the other two blood-filled organs. I pick up the pace a little and both of the cocks fall out of my mouth. I then shove Von Drom's back down my throat and I begin to jack off the other two cocks, keeping them as close to my body as possible."

Hal stands up now and he moves over to where Rick and Matt hover near Lindsay and her open tunic. Each of the boys truly is entranced now by her story and by the look of those milky jugs. Her small pink nipples appear to be as hard as they are going to get. Hal, the bravest of the lot, reaches out and grabs Lindsay's bare breast and then recoils almost as quickly. Lindsay looks up to Hal, "its okay, go ahead and grab it." She looks to Matt and Rick, "You guys can fight over the other one, go for it." Matt's hand tries to encompass her breast, but it is too big. The sides of her breasts bulge out between his outstretched fingers. Hal regrabs the other breast, but this time, he grabs onto the nipple and twists it and plays with it slightly.

"Okay so as I was saying, I am jacking off two cocks and sucking on the third, and I try to vary the pace between all of you so that it seems like you are all ready to reach the point of ecstasy all at about the same time. I then pick up the pace of both my mouth and my hands so that there is no way any of you can avoid an orgasm. Then, at the same moment each of your cocks begins to release all of the blood that you used to reanimate that part of your body. It is thicker than normal blood, almost like cum, even hot like cum. It coats my face as I jerk off every drop from your cocks. Von Drom explodes in my mouth, and he has so much blood stored within his penis that it explodes out of the sides of my mouth and drips down my chin and into the place between my breasts. It is a horrific but yet erotic sight at the same time. As soon as all of the cum is expelled, all of your penises shrivel away into death again as a part of your undead bodies."

What a strange imagination Lindsay has. It was horrific and erotic at the same time. My penis is still throbbing, so it must have been good. Of course, the site of her breasts being mashed together and her hands rubbing the pricks of two of my friends through their pants is a pretty hot site.

"Okay, let's get carried on with the business at hand. I have some information to get from the local inquisition." And with that she leans back, pulls up her top to cover her breasts, and takes her hands away from the guys.

"Oh come on, you can't just leave us like that. We are all horny as hell now."

"Horny as hell, good word to go along with the scene I just described. Why don't you dream about it lover boy." She says to Hal.

"Fuck this, man, fuck this, I am outta here." Hal grabs his book and pencil and heads out of the room with a look of frustration.

Well, the group is slowly being weeded out. Only Rick, Matt, Lindsay, and I remain. I then speak up after not saying anything for a while. "Well, we can't really keep playing without everyone else. We only have half the people. That's cool, we did play a lot today. Lindsay, I know that you got carried away today, but that's cool too... It's um... good for people to get into it. Could you give me a ride home?"

"Yeah... sure." She says in a bit of a husky voice. She has the look of a contented predator in her eyes. I don't think she is used to having guys' oggle over her like my friends did. We both leave Rick and Matt there and go hop in her fancy car.

She is quiet for a while and then speaks out of the blue, "you aren't mad are you?" She says as she glances over at me while at a red light.

"No, I'm not mad. We aren't going out or anything, so it's cool. I don't mind if you mess around with some of my friends, they could probably use it."

"Oh." She says as she gets quiet again.

She doesn't say anything else for the rest of the drive. I must have said something wrong. Shit. I am such an idiot.


I go to bed tonight with many images that I never imagined that I would have seen as of this morning.


***I cannot find any other parts to this series of stories, so it appears this is the unfortunate end. If/when I find the rest, I'll be sure to post it!***