Desiree Teaching CFNM


Here's ANOTHER reader-submitted Cfnm story that was emailed to me just the other day! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did - and we all owe this writer lots of gratitude for writing it. Hopefully they'll continue to submit stories!

Working in my newly-remodeled garage, I could hear voices outside – they were girls’ voices, and they were giggling nervously. When I opened the door, I saw my co-worker Desiree and two of her girl friends.

Desiree and I worked at a college bookstore. Although I was only a high-school boy, I had worked at the bookstore with college students for almost a year. I did not know her two friends, but, like Desiree, they were very sexy women. Since the weather was warm, Desiree and a red-haired friend were dressed in shorts and tank tops, and the other girl, a brunette, wore a skimpy blouse and short
skirt. None of them seemed to have on a bra.

I invited the three of them to come into my home-like garage. The three women sat on a comfortable couch. I stood before them. Both of the girl friends looked at me expectantly. In the past, as Desiree had asked, I had several times taken off my clothes for her while she remained fully dressed and watched, and I had jacked off
for her. She must have told these girls that I was willing to do the same thing for them.

I noticed the free breasts of the red headed woman sway as she shifted her position on the couch. The brunette crossed her legs, and her short skirt moved up her bare legs. Desiree was always beautiful. Looking at these sexy women, I knew I could get excited.

Quickly, Desiree got up, and walked over to me. Smiling close to my face, she rapidly unbuckled my pants and lowered them along with my briefs. I stood wearing only my T-shirt.

Desiree looked sweetly at me. “I wanted my friends to see you naked, and I hoped they could watch the process of your getting aroused.” She looked at the girls, and then smiled, again at me. “Get a hard on for us!”

I smiled because I always enjoyed getting a hard on, and doing it with women watching was an even greater turn on for me.

I was semi soft, and I was hanging limp, but with three beautiful, sexy women staring intently at me, I immediately could feel myself start to get stiff. I didn’t say anything, but, instead, I stepped out of my pants and pulled my T-shirt over my head and stood completely naked. I was a football player who spent most of the summer in a swimming pool, and I was tan and muscular.

The women grinned with pleasure as they watched me get increasingly aroused. In tiny, quick jumps, I got stiffer and stiffer. As my cock grew, I could feel the skin pull back to fully expose the red helmet. Soon, I was stiff, but it continued to rise until I was pointing toward the girls. There was a slight upward
curve in my cock. The small slit hole in the end was exactly centered toward them.

Desiree told me to stand sideways, and I bounced a little as I turned. I wanted to touch myself, but I deliberately refrained – I wanted to prolong this process. After a few moments, she asked me to face her sexy friends again.

It felt so good to be fully stiff and erect. And it added greatly to my pleasure that I was standing in front of these fully-dressed women. I looked down at my cock. It was about seven inches long, and it was fairly thick. The red head of my cock stood with dignity with the skin tight below it.

Desiree glanced at the women and asked me to move closer to them. She stood up and moved near me, and said to her friends, “I’ll show you how to give a man a little pleasure.”

She played with my cock.

Desiree rubbed the back of her hand around it, and gently pushed it up and around. She made me even harder. She put her hand on my cock, and very lightly moved her hand up and down. Her tiny fingers could hardly reach around my cock, and they were just the correct tightness. Her small hand was very soft.

“You can put your other hand under his balls, and gently – gently – support them, and hold them,” she instructed.

Desiree moved her hand up and down my shaft to achieve the maximum enjoyment for me. I looked upward with pleasure. She sensed that she should increase her pace, and did so.

“I want him to cum for you. Notice as I continue to stroke him, that his hips will thrust in and out a bit.” She increased her rate still more.

“When he is close to ready to cum, he will get even stiffer, and he will gasp or moan softly, and as he does cum, his knees will buckle a little. Watch.”

“Cum for me,” she said encouragingly, “cum for me.”

She stroked me vigorously, and my breathing changed to shallow breaths, and suddenly I could feel the release, and I knew I was ready, and a moment later, I spurted.

The girls laughed with pleasure at the sight. They leaned forward to watch Desiree slowly milk out the last few drops.

She stepped back proudly. “He will soon get soft again now.”

I was rather happy with my performance, but, as Desiree predicted, I was starting to droop more and more.

“That was great!” the woman with the red hair said.

“It was fun,” the brunette agreed innocently. “Please get him hard again. Please . . .” she pleaded.

“And make him to cum again. Can you do that?”

“I think so. I have an idea.” Desiree rummaged around in her purse, and she pulled out a light rope.

Standing with my cock rather limp, I felt Desiree gently lead me back a few steps. She took my hands, and tied them together, and then raised them over my head, and tied the rope to a beam.

There I was – naked in front of three beautiful women, and my hands were tied over my head. They sat smiling at me.

I liked looking at Desiree’s breasts – they were so perky. She leaned back and pushed her chest forward -- she knew that it turned me on to look at her.

“Look, look -- he’s getting hard again!” the brunette suddenly said.

“Yes,” the girl with the red hair said, and she clapped and laughed.

“He’s getting as stiff as he was before.”

“I’ll bet he could do that all day.”

I liked listening to the girls talk about me as if I couldn’t hear them. It was interesting to learn what they were thinking as they looked at me. I knew that I could get a fresh hard on in a short time, and I knew that I could keep it hard if I was stimulated. They were obviously impressed by my quick recovery and my staying power.

I couldn’t help noticing the long bare legs of the brunette – and I wondered if she was wearing panties. I loved the swaying and bouncing of the women’s free breasts. The brunette had large round breasts and the girl with red hair had pear-shaped breasts, and I enjoyed looking at both of these women.

The feeling of being tied to the ceiling and naked and at the mercy of these women excited me a lot.

Desiree walked over and rubbed her hands softly up and down my sides. I thought she was going to take my cock in her hand again, but instead, she stood with her hands on my waist, and she kissed my chest, and with one light kiss on the mouth, she moved away and invited the others to do the same thing. They jumped up eagerly, and
both girls kissed me. Neither girl put a hand on my cock, but I could feel it grow larger and harder, and I could feel it bump against the girls’ sides or legs as they kissed me and it was great when the girls rubbed against me.

I really enjoyed feeling my cock bumping against the girls’ legs
and hips.

Desiree must have been able to see my enjoyment, and she wanted to prolong it. She said to her friends, “Go over every inch of his body.”

The girls giggled and looked at each other as they moved very close to me. The brunette put her open hands on my face, and moved up my arms. The red-haired girl lightly rubbed her hands across my chest and arms. Then the brunette knelt and playfully stroked the outsides of my legs. Then she ever so lightly ran her open hands over the insides of my legs – up to, but not quite touching my balls
or cock.

“Now,” Desiree said, “let’s focus on that part of him that interests us most!”

Both of her friends grinned nervously.

Desiree gently held my now rock-solid cock. She asked the redheaded girl to stand close in front of me, and to take it from her – after instructing her to put her fingers lightly on the bottom side and to put her thumb on the top. She asked the brunette to place an open hand under my balls, and cradle them as if they were fragile eggs.

“Now, gently stroke him,” Desiree instructed.

As she did that, I looked down at the blouse of the red-haired girl, and I could see the outline of her stiff nipples, and I watched her breasts gently move side to side as she moved her hand in and out. She didn’t look up because she was so intent and serious about working my cock.

All three women were grinning widely and were obviously enjoying themselves.

My stiff cock was a pleasure to have, and the light movement up and down on it was great, and the warm little hand cupping my balls felt good, and it was fun to watch the girls’ firm breasts sway.

Desiree added to my pleasure by holding my buns and then rubbing them from behind while her friends played with my cock.

“A little faster,” she whispered.

Copying what she had heard Desiree say earlier, the redheaded girl said, “Cum for me. Cum for me.”

As the pace quickened, I compressed my butt and moved my hips forward, then backward. My breath came in gasps.

“Faster,” Desiree said.

Then I could feel it start within me. It was great, it was warm,
it was about to come out.

Then I spurted. All three girls laughed in approval.

“Slow down, but don’t stop. Gently milk out the last bit.”

I continued to cum for a few moments. Then the hardness started to fade. I had not felt so good in my life. This was wonderful.

Desiree gave me a kiss before she untied me. I dressed as the three girls watched, and all four of us walked out together.

The End



Anonymous said...

WOW!! Another great story about Desiree. Reading that story, I pretend that I am the high school guy. I enjoy reading the story naked & I am playing with my hardon as I read the story.

Please write more. I would love to meet Desiree & be her obedient high school boy!!