Desiree’s Fund Raiser


Here's yet ANOTHER submission which hopefully will evolve into an ongoing Cfnm story chronicle!

I was really flattered when Desiree asked me to be the attraction
for a fundraiser that she had planned for a group of women.

Desiree was a very sexy college girl that I worked with –
although I was still in high school. In the past, she had asked to
look at me naked, and I had jacked off for her. She would always be
fully clothed while I was nude. I enjoyed having her look at my
naked body, and I liked to have her watch me getting a hard on, and I
loved to have her staring at me stroking my cock. She always laughed
with pleasure to see me cum. Sometimes she would bring a couple of
cute girl friends with her to watch me.

Her plan for the fundraiser was to have a room full of women (she
assured me that they would all be good looking), and give them lots
to drink. Then she would ask the women to give money to the charity
and each time someone did so, I would remove an article of clothing.
Perhaps they could even touch me when I was naked.

The evening arrived, and I could hear the women in the large room
next to us talking and laughing. Desiree brought me some new
clothes. She gave me a thong kind of thing that was more like a
cotton pouch that just barely would contain my package. Also she
gave me a pair of silk briefs to wear over the pouch and a silk shirt
that buttoned only half way. I wore my normal pants. She said I
wouldn’t need shoes or socks.

I carefully dressed. As I pulled on the pouch, my cock started
to stir. The pouch held my cock straight, but since it was cotton
rather than elastic, it allowed my cock to grow without constricting
it. When I was dressed in the new clothes, I could feel the silk
against my body, and I felt sexy in a masculine way. I listened to
the noise from the next room. I felt a thrill knowing what I was
going to do -- that I would soon be standing naked with a room of
beautiful women staring at me.

I heard Desiree ask for quiet, and she suddenly opened the
adjoining door and asked me to step in. I stood in a pool of colored
lights. I looked around the room, and I saw that she was true to her
promise of inviting only good-looking women -- in particular, a
blonde with a short skirt, a woman with red hair and tight, low-cut
top, and a cute petite brunette who looked very young.

Although I wanted to pull off all my clothes at once and
immediately get a stiff hard on for the women, I knew that I had to
take my time.

Desiree started some music, and she spoke up, “For $100, he will
take off his shirt.”

The money was quickly paid by the blonde who grinned at me. I
smiled back and kept my eyes on her as I unbuttoned my silk shirt. I
danced a little in the center of the room with my shirt flapping, and
then I took it off and threw it to the blonde. She laughed as she
caught it.

Her short skirt swished as she moved. She was not wearing
stockings. She immediately moved to the back of the room holding my
shirt tight to her stomach. It was difficult to see her behind the
other women, but it appeared that she was reaching under her skirt
and was taking off her panties.

According to a murmur among the women, I had a sexy body. I did
play football, and I spent most of the summer in a swimming pool.

“Now, we are down to business,” Desiree said. “We need $200 to
have him remove his pants.”

The red haired woman quickly moved forward to pay the money. She
obviously was not wearing a bra, and her upward-pointing breasts
under her tight thin top were a pleasure to look at.

I could feel myself growing aroused, and I loved the feeling.

I unbuckled my belt, turning from side to side. I unzipped the
pants and allowed the silk underwear to show. I danced around with
my pants opening more and more as I moved.

Then, suddenly, I pulled my pants down and stepped out of them.
I stood straight to allow the women to look at me. The front of the
silk briefs bulged. I turned and danced in my briefs. I tossed my
pants to the red head.

“OK, his briefs are next, girls. It will take one thousand
dollars to have him remove them!”

Two women whispered to each other, and combined money to pay

Now I was really going to take my time. I danced forward and
backward – all the time my cock was growing to full size. It was
almost fully stiff, and it pointed straight upward. I played with
the elastic waistband, pulled it down an inch, and danced more.

Then I lowered the briefs to the top of the pouch – the women, of
course, didn’t know I had anything under the briefs. Then, quickly,
I pulled off the briefs and stepped out of them. I tossed them
wildly to the group.

Although the pouch covered my cock and balls, my rear was bare.
I showed it to the girls, and I heard compliments. I danced more.

“Well, I’ll bet for another thousand we can get him to take off
the rest.” Desiree’s announcement was met with a cheer. There was a
conference among several women who were standing behind the cute
little brunette. They put money in her hand, and she shyly handed it
to Desiree and stood close in front of me grinning.

I swung my hips back and forth, and watched this young thing look
at my cock under the skimpy pouch. Then I took both of her hands,
and put one on each side of the strap holding the pouch, and I then
put my arms in the air.

“Go ahead. Pull it down,” Desiree counseled. The girl grinned
up at me, and started to fumble with the straps – I had to help her
hold it out in front – and she pulled it down. My cock jumped to
point directly at her.

It felt so good to be nude. I moved to one side and stood
still. My cock bobbed a little. I could hardly believe I was
standing naked with a raging hard on – it felt great. And I was in
front of many grinning women, and I really liked that.

I held my cock in one hand as I waved my other hand in the air.
I wanted to stroke my cock, but I thought I should wait.

The stares and grins of the women were wonderful.

I walked naked among the sexy women and allowed my cock to brush
against the hips and arms of some of them. Seeing that, other women
reached over and patted my buns or gave a tender squeeze to my cock.
I liked the attention to my cock so much, that I would slow down and
encourage individual women to wrap their hands around it and stroke it.

Watching the women play with me, Desiree had an idea to raise
more money.

“Now, for two thousand dollars, one of you can play with my
boyfriend as much as you want!”

The blonde with the short skirt moved quickly to the front. She
paid the money, and stood directly in front of me. Desiree turned us
both to the side so that all the women could see what the blonde was

She lightly rubbed her hands across my face and kissed me. My
cock bumped against her side. She ran her open hands down my chest
and gently twisted my nipples. Next came my stomach and then along
the outsides of my legs, and then between my legs.

She touched my cock with her fingertips, and slowly wrapped her
hand around my cock. She rubbed it slowly – very slowly – and
cradled my balls with her other hand. My cock grew even stiffer. As
she continued, she moved faster and faster, and as she saw my hips
start to move in and out, she pumped as rapidly as she could.
Suddenly, I came with a burst. She slowly milked out the remainder
as I started to get softer.

I stood with my wilting cock, wondering what was next. The
blonde, still looking at my cock, put her hand under her skirt. She
was obviously fingering herself. She simply stood there and
continued her motion under her skirt directly in front of me. Then
she came with a burst of vocal emotion. Still sighing, she moved
back into the crowd. Watching her, I was getting a hard on again.

I caught the eye of the small brunette. She looked excited at
what she was seeing, but I thought that she was disappointed that she
had had no part in jacking me off.

I walked over to the little girl, and I held both her hands. I
took one hand and put it around my stiffening cock, and I put the
other hand supporting it underneath. She smiled brightly. My cock
bobbed up higher and higher in her hands. The more I felt her small
fingers, the more erect I became. Soon I was full size again. She
stood holding my manhood in both her hands. The girl’s eyes grew
larger and her grin was broader.

“You can play with him,” Desiree said. “You can stroke him and
make him come again.”

The girl looked at Desiree as if this was too good to believe.

She looked down at the large cock in her small hand, and ever so
gently petted it. She moved her small hand across the top and then
the bottom. She put her small fingers around my cock and stroked
it. She moved up and down with a very light touch. She looked into
my face, and I smiled encouragement down at her, and she continued.

“A little faster,” Desiree whispered to her.

As she did speed up, Desiree said, “He will get a bit stiffer
soon, and you will feel it grow in your hand. When he comes, it’s
fun to watch his knees – they will buckle.”

Aloud so that all in the room could hear, Desiree said, “Come for
us – come for us again!”

I stood with my hands behind my head, and I looked up at the
ceiling -- her small hand moving up and down felt so good – so good.
I did grow a little more, and I couldn’t repress a sighing groan of
pleasure. I felt the need to thrust my hips in and out, and my legs
felt weak, and I came again – perhaps with more force and volume than
the first time. Both the girl and I laughed with pleasure.

Suddenly there was applause. Everyone in the room was clapping
and smiling ear to ear.

Desiree announced that the fundraiser had been a great success,
and she thanked all for attending.

The end.