A Day At The Seaside Ch. 01


Al though this story has some non-Cfnm elements to it, it's a fantastic story with great imagery. Hope you all enjoy it! And thanks again for leaving comments for the recent reader-contributions found here recently. Hopefully we'll be able to see many more soon!

I was sort of tricked into being in a bizarre situation but, to be honest, it was mostly my fault. It all started at the beginning of the summer when still living in Brighton. It was great to be able to go and sit on the beach and relax in the summer sun with a good book, magazine or just our thoughts. We had been to the naturist beach a few times before, but it is quite a trek to get down there from where we lived. One visit however wasn't what I was expecting and most of all hoping for.

Whilst naturism is generally deemed non sexual, we find that is a great accompaniment to sexual behaviour and eroticism. We are definitely not over the top though and don't do things in public that will deliberately offend or in a way that we openly want to be seen.

My wife Dee is a curvy, petite size 12 (UK) with lovely 36D tits and great arse with hips that blend into a lovely pert bottom. She has shoulder length red hair and the prettiest little face with perfect sexy green eyes. I'm Mr. Average in most departments with cropped blonde hair, bit of excess here and there and muscular shoulders.

We were down on the textile beach one afternoon when some friends of ours we hadn't seen in ages happened to be walking by. They sat down with us and we started to chat about this and that. Our friends were: Jenny, a posh speaking, tall woman with a super-model physique and her boyfriend Mark who was equally tall with a fit body (he is a personal trainer), Mary who worked with my wife and Jenny a few years back and another woman we didn't know who was introduced to us as Karen. Mary is a big(ish) lass, not huge but a definite size 16 with huge tits, blonde hair, soft features and slutty wardrobe. Karen, who we found out lived next door to Jenny and Mark, was very attractive with olive skin, nice tits (probably 32 C's), slim figure and great legs.

Mark and I stayed out of the way talking about Brighton's football season (they had just won promotion) as the girls did some catching up about this and that. After half an hour of chit-chat they said they had to get away and that they were going down to the naturist beach. My ears perked up at this as getting to see these three women naked would certainly perk up my day, week, month, year.... Dee also seemed very interested and seemed surprised that Jenny of all people would be going down to the naturist beach, particularly nowadays with the pervy men who wonder about trying to get an eyeful. Jenny said she had been down just once before with Mark and Karen a week ago and decided she liked it down there (referring to it as the clothing optional beach).

Despite desperately wanting to go down there with them we had an appointment with a kitchen designer later that day and cancelling wasn't really an option. We made our apologies and said how we wished we would have been able to come but couldn't. Mary said that we could always go down together another day (eyeing me up and down and she spoke) and suggested that Dee call her that night to arrange things.

That night Dee called up Mary and they spoke for ages about this and that. Dee seemed to be hiding something from me as she would say things that you only say when not alone in a room and you don't want that person to know what you are talking about. I took it to be girly things and didn't follow up on it despite the cheeky grins, gasps and 'I know something you don't' smiles. Once they had finished on the phone Dee told me how they had arranged to meet at the pier next Friday assuming the weather was nice. Later that evening I got an anonymous text message saying: CNT WAIT 2 C YR COCK TONY. I tried to reply with a witty comment despite not knowing exactly who sent it. Unfortunately the number was blocked so I'd have to wait and find out next Friday.

The rest of the week for me was all building up to Friday and being able to see some of my Wife's female friends naked, also Marks legendry 10" cock would be out so I'd find out if the rumours were true. I guessed they were as he never bragged about it. Thing is though that I realised my 5" would look a little puny next to him. I don't mind too much though as I just love getting it out. Besides, I am sure the sight of these women will make it swell a little.

In preparation I took the opportunity to drive down there on my lunch hour on Tuesday as my afternoon was quiet and could take a longer break. I walked from the Marina (just nearby) and found a spot near to some couples as much of the beach is single or gay men. One of the couples appeared to be exhibitionists as she was sitting with her legs wide open showing off her vaginal piercing. From where I was laying I got a good view if I wanted one.

The other couple were attractive twenty-something's. As such she too got my attention, but unlike some of the men down here I didn't openly gawk or stare (the occasional look is accepted and expected from people on naturist beaches). After twenty minutes of being there a group of foreign students walked onto the beach, about six girls and two guys (aged about 18-22). They set up only ten feet from where I was which excited me a lot but I knew from past experience that these students rarely go nude, just swimsuits and occasionally, if you are lucky, topless.

I did enjoy being naked in such close proximity to these girls and watched them out of the corner of my eye (I had sunglasses on) to see where they looked. Unfortunately they appeared to be down to sit and chat as none of them undressed at all. For Europeans they were more aware of the nakedness around them than I expected. All of the girls at one time or other took time to stare at my cock for a few seconds as well as at others on the beach. At one point two of them were laying in such a way that I knew they were looking at me despite pretending not to be.

This had an effect on me as I started to swell at the thought of them getting moist thinking about my cock. It was just starting to become obvious to anybody looking that I was at the start of getting an erection so I carefully turned onto my front. I did it slowly to let them see it hang down as I spun around and out of the corner of my eye I saw one of them nudge another girl to look at my cock and balls dangling there. I held in that position pretending to arrange the pebbles around me but eventually had to lie down so as not to be too obvious.

In this position I was looking right at the woman who had her legs wide open which didn't help my swelling problem any. Whilst not a hottie, this woman looked to be sexy and most likely a little dirty when it came to sex. Not the best thoughts to have when trying to lose a growing erection. I was now fully engorged and had to hope it would go down before I started to burn as I was yet to put any lotion on my back. I took out my newspaper from my bag and started on the crossword to try and calm down my cock. Despite my brain going pierced pussy crazy, I was able to get myself soft again.

By the time I was soft I had to start getting ready to go so, having seen their willingness and desire to see me naked, I stood squarely facing them. Then I dressed slowly, ensuring I didn't cover up my cock until the last minute. Under my sunglasses I could see I had their attention and although it did feel a little like I was being one of those pervy guys I often moan about, enjoyed being watched by these fully clothed girls. Nothing I did would be considered by anybody watching as anything other than a guy getting ready to leave the naturist beach. As I left, I walked close enough to them to see them close up without being obvious and was given a wicked smile by one of the girls.

That night when I got in from work I was desperate to shower away that beach feel you have on your skin after a session in the sun. I could feel that my skin was a little tighter and hoped that I hadn't gotten burnt. As I came into the lounge I was surprised to see that Carla was over (she lives next door). Carla said hello then went back to chatting with Dee. It was a pain as the layout of our flat meant that I would have to go through the lounge from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. I didn't want to carry my stuff through to the bathroom and dress in there, it's not a good shape and the floor gets damp, there is nowhere to put my clothes. I decided to go into the bedroom and get ready. I could then watch our portable TV until Carla left. Dee normally kicked her out so that she could make dinner. I stripped off and lay on the bed as my mind wondered into what had happened today. I soon had a major erection and I gently stroked myself as I relaxed.

I must have nodded off as I awoke to a wonderful feeling and a slurping noise. Dee was knelt on the bed and was sucking on my cock. As she saw me waken our eyes met and she gave me a look that she gives me when she wants a fuck, no 'making love' but a hard fuck. I was in heaven as Dee continued to suck me off but felt like I could be doing more. I ushered Dee into a 69 position without her ever letting go. I bunched forward her summer dress and used one hand to move her panties to one side, giving me a perfect view of her pussy. It was gaping and glistening as a looked at it briefly before burying my face in there.

I was in heaven as I love eating pussy and was getting a real good blow-job, hard enough to feel great but not so hard that I would lose control too soon to enjoy it. Dee too was obviously enjoying it as she was dripping wet with pussy juice. I was really going for it with my tongue and it wasn't long before she was letting go of my dick with her mouth so that she could concentrate on her orgasm. She tightened and released her muscles and I recognised that she was near. I concentrated on her clit ensuring that I was gentle so as to prolong her orgasm but was soon smothered as she ground down onto my face. She moaned out a muffled orgasm, or at least it sounded muffled with my head between her thighs. Her orgasm lasted for about ten seconds but I didn't let up and another shorter orgasm started a few seconds after that.

Once recovered Dee stood up and turned around. She gave me a long hard kiss, smothering her juices and my saliva between us. She then pulled off and thanked me. I didn't have time to think of a smart repost before Dee was lowering her pussy onto my cock. She was so wet that she was able to sink down all the way in a single movement. Once sitting on me totally impaled she stopped and squirmed about a bit, a wonderful dirty look on her face.

'Fuck Me Baby' She mouthed.

Dee leant forward and kissed me. She raised her hips slightly which enabled me to pump my hips really fast but only a short stroke. We fucked like this for a couple of minutes with Dee talking dirty the whole time saying things like how much she likes getting cock and how she wants me to fill her with cum. I wasn't about to disappoint her and told her I was getting 'near'. I stopped briefly go get Dee into the doggy position, her arse up in the air and gaping pussy looking totally hot. I rammed into her and she continued to ask for 'more cock' and to 'fuck her harder'. That Dee never swears in normal situations meant that this was incredibly sexy, enough to send me over the edge in fact. I told her I was about to blow and she reached under to rub her clit furiously. Is I slowed she began to scream out her third orgasm of the night as I let go mine, one massive orgasm that felt like a gallon of cum. Dee continued with the dirty talk saying that she 'wanted my cum'. Once spent I slowly withdrew and watched as her reddened, swollen, well fucked pussy dribbled my cum over the bed as she continued to slowly stroke herself. She even reached around to spread her pussy open to give me a great view.

I was knackered and told Dee that that was one great way to be woken. She asked if I wanted dinner as Pizza was on the way, she'd ordered before she woke me. Happy in the glow of after-sex I lay there happy only to be woken by the buzzer going off for the Pizza. I got up and put a towel around my waist. I was still a little hard but there was little I could do (Dee was in the shower). I opened the door and was greeted by a female delivery driver. She smiled when she saw me with more than a customer service smile. She handed me the pizza and said that as paid by card she needed a signature. It was Dee's card so I said I'd have to get her. I called Dee and a moment later she appeared soaking wet with a towel around her. She signed the slip and thanked the girl saying how she was sorry it was obvious we'd just been having sex. The delivery girl said,

'Well I wouldn't kick him out of bed!'

They both laughed. As Dee walked back to finish her shower she pulled off my towel in a way that could (if argued in court) be considered an accident. The girl had every opportunity to go but stared at my cock, still engorged from the recent sex. I couldn't cover up as I was holding a 12" pizza in both hands.

'Can you close the door when your ready please?' Dee said to the girl as she went out of sight. I stood there unsure what to do, a little worried we'd get reported or something but became more relaxed when the girl said;

'Fucking nice cock! Bet that would feel good!'

More dirty talk, this time from a fully clothed sexy Goth delivery girl and my cock twitched. As I started to get hard she smiled at me looking me in the eye briefly before looking directly at my groin again. Just then Dee came back out and interrupted, this time with just a towel around her waist, her big tits swinging.

'Sorry sweetie, shows over.' Handed her a £2 tip and closed the door.

Dee took the pizza and I followed. We ate as we were and remained naked all night, Dee mentioning that it was good practice for me for Friday. The rest of the week had me in anticipation for Friday and our trip to the beach with Dee's friends.

Friday came and I had to nip into the office first thing but I was back by 11. I got home to find Dee was sitting watching television in a bikini and wrap with our beach bag next to her.

'Come on or we'll be late!'

I nipped to the bedroom, stripped off my clothes and put on a pair of shorts, T-shirt and beach shoes. I went back to the lounge and we were out the door straight away. As we walked down to the pier (which is 2/3 of the way to the naturist beach from ours) Dee asked me about my feelings for today and I told her how much I was looking forward to it. She then said something that confused me but I took as her misunderstanding my thoughts.

'Don't expect too much darling,' she said, 'and make sure you do exactly as told or we will have a major falling out!'

I agreed to her terms without really thinking it through. I was more interested in the view I would be getting in the next hour or so. We arrived at the pier to see the others already there waiting for us and we made our greetings. It was a really nice day and the sun was shining which meant there were lots of short skirts, low-cut tops and skimpy clothing on show. I chatted with Mark about the recently finished world cup as we made our way along the promenade toward the naturist beach. We arrived to see it was very busy down there already with what I guessed to be more than two hundred people. We trudged across the pebbles and looked for a place to set up. Karen said she'd select a spot that suited her and none of us had any reason not to follow her lead.

We set ourselves up toward the back of the beach. For those who don't know Brighton's naturist beach it is simply a part of the beach that has had a mound of shingle raised at the back and a little down the sides. This mound shields you from view from the promenade but many clothed people choose to walk across the beach and voyeurs sit atop the mound in search of seeing the naked bathers. It is a designated 'official' naturist beach but is more a clothing optional beach as a fair few people use it as any other beach.

We grouped together in the clearing on the beach and we started laying out our mats, towels, cool-bags and the like. Once set up there was an air of awkwardness as we all waited to see who would strip off first. We'd attracted a fair bit of attention as a few single men had moved on the beach to get a better view of the women. Dee and I took the initiative and began to undress and this gave the others the initiative to do the same, I did notice the women give each other a telling look but thought nothing of it. I was first to be naked (I only had on two items) and noticed how all the women stopped when they got to their bikini's and were then settling down.

I was naked (I was still stood up) and Mark was down to his underpants as the girls watched on. I could tell mark was a little apprehensive as all the women were staring at him awaiting a view of his cock. You could tell from the shape clearly visible in his underwear that he was well hung and there was an air of expectation as he considered exposing himself. It wasn't long before he was getting teased for being a prude (a bit tough seeing as they were all in their bikinis with no apparent likelihood of removing them).

I suggested to Mark that he just get it out and be done, particularly as he was going to put most of the other men on the beach to shame. This was what he needed and he dropped his pants to his ankles, kicking them towards Mary who was the worst of them at teasing. The girls let out a mumbled cheer and each gave a little clap. I wasn't sure if the clap was due to the exposure or the size of his cock. I don't know if it was a full 10" but it was really big.

We sat amongst the girls inadvertently in a girl, boy, girl line facing the sea. The voyeurs clearly looked disappointed that the girls were not undressing any further and slowly dispersed to find other women to ogle at. After 10 minutes or so I realised I hadn't (neither had anyone else) put on any sun-cream so I pulled it from the bag and sprayed it all over rubbing it in as I went. I decided to stand facing the girls as I creamed up my cock and balls with particular thoroughness, giving a little show (as you already know I love to show off) as I went.

"When are you ladies going to join us then?" I asked. I figured that this was all a ruse by the women to get us lads naked with them having no intention of going naked. I felt a little conned. I was; however, surprised by the answer I got from Jenny.

"That depends on you guys!" She said. I gave her a puzzled look and so she continued with her vague sentence. "The first of you two to get a full on erection gets to pick one of us to go topless. As for what happens after that....... Well, it's a surprise!"

Mark and I glanced at each other and I saw in his eyes the apprehension I too was feeling in myself. Neither of us wanted to appear to be too keen, yet we both wanted the women too naked like us, no matter what it took. I knew that the exhibitionist in me would have no trouble getting the erection they wanted to see but I was a little apprehensive about the other people on the beach and the voyeurs who would come up from behind us over the mound to get a good look. The fact that there were four women in our group also meant that we were getting a lot of passers by, many of whom were the men with big dicks who wanted to show themselves off. It was made worse by the fact that the girls were actually taking notice of these men and looking right at them. This in turn made them slow down to a snails pace as they passed by then coming back even closer on their return. One even had the courage to approach us to ask if we minded him joining us but Mary told him to piss off and we all laughed as she called him a dirty pervert.

Mark came over to me to ask about what we were to do for Jenny's challenge and whether or not to oblige. He then suggested that one of us do it to spare the other the embarrassment. That way we would, in a way, win back at them. I was quick to ask if that meant he was volunteering to be the one who gets an erection for them. He was equally as quick to say that he was not volunteering but suggesting we draw straws or equivalent to see who has to do the dirty.