A Day At The Seaside Ch. 01 CONTINUED


"How are we going to decide then?" I asked.

Mark didn't have an answer so we sat there pondering what to do. We came up with some crap ideas until Mark suggested that there were bound to be other so called 'tasks' to be undertaken to get the others exposing more flesh. As such if I did it then he would do the next task. I thought about it for a second then decided that Mark was right and that it was likely that future 'tasks' would become more daring as they tested our resolve. I agreed with Mark just as Dee asked us what we were talking about. We said we were deciding whether or not to agree to their challenge.

Mark went back to where he was laying and I decided to give it a minute or two before I began my erotic 'task'. I was quite nervous but at the same time the adrenalin was starting to flow. I think it was a combination of the hot sun, being naked, not having had anything to eat and the thought of being deliberately hard for someone other than Dee (at least in the last five years) that was making me light headed. I also realised that it might now be difficult to get a stiffy with all the pressure on.

I put all my fears behind me then sat up so as to be less obvious when (and if) hard. I checked out the other people on the beach to see if I was being looked at but I think the women still being clothed meant we didn't attract too much interest. I imagined my favourite scene from one of our porno DVD's, casually touching my cock and balls trying to be as discreet as possible. I had nothing to worry about as I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. I was soon growing but had to move my hands away from time to time as people passed or glanced in our direction. It wasn't too long before I was becoming obvious. I got Dee's attention at this point and she immediately called on the others to take a look at my growing erection. A few glances were made at Mark but when they saw he wasn't even trying all eyes became transfixed on me. I thought I was going to start going limp at this point but was glad when my brain told my dick to keep on growing. Soon I was fully hard, really hard in fact. My foreskin was stretched and my cock head in view. I was really turned on by all the attention from the girls around me that I no longer cared if anyone else saw.

Mary asked me to lie back to give her a better view as she was furthest away but I said I'd go one better and come to her. Nobody was behind us so I quickly stood and turned my back to the sea. Like this, only our group and a few people either side would be able to see my stiff cock. I was aware that if anyone came over the pebble mound in front of me the first thing they would see would be my hard cock. I wasn't really bothered though as I was really horny and really hard now. I was loving all the attention and went over toward Mary, squatting down at the base of her towel. She was getting a very graphic view of my hanging balls and pointing skyward cock. I gave it two quick tugs to bring my foreskin right back. The girls all gave a little clap with Karen asking me for the same view Mary got. I was surprised at how brazen these women were, like they were on a hen night or 18th birthday party. I had to oblige Karen of course so I moved over to her and squatted down.

"A little wank please!" was what she wanted when I got there. "I told you I was looking forward to seeing this!" In a way, admitting to sending the text.

Again I felt compelled to do as I was told and gave my hard cock a couple of long strokes aided by the slick sun lotion not fully absorbed yet. Karen mouthed 'WOW' and it felt good. With all that I was doing I hadn't heard people coming over the top of the mound. I was made aware of their presence when the sound of pebbles crunching under their feet was close enough that they could already see me. It was a youngish couple and when I looked at them I knew right away they were looking at me, my cock still very obviously hard. They both smirked and continued down onto the beach without stopping but the woman gave two or more glances in my direction. I think she knew it was something to with the women in front of me as they were all giggling.

I still felt good but my erection was starting to go down slowly. I was now keen to action my prize and get some female flesh on show. The big dilemma was to decide who should get their tits out. I felt that as it was me who completed the task so got to decide who shed their clothes. I saw Mark looking in my direction with an apparent request but I pretended not to notice as I had made up my mind. I had no reason to pick Dee and Mark was pointing to Jenny, so I went with his choice and said as such.

"Come on Jenny, top off!" I said.

Jenny needed coaxing from Dee and Mary before her well-rounded breasts were revealed. There was a difference that really stuck out. Jenny's tits were small, firm and had very defined tan lines with pink puffy nipples. It was clear that Jenny found it unnatural to expose herself. She immediately pulled her knees up to cover her chest. Feeling my dick start to stir some more from the vision in front of me I decided to sit back down so as I could more likely get soft again. Dee noticed that some of the girls' power had gone and suggested to Jenny that she put her top back on now as no mention was made to the duration of the exposure.

The next half hour was relatively calm following what had just happened. Happily Jenny had chosen not to cover up and she became more relaxed as time went on. As we lay there chatting about this and that I had an idea to even up the nudity stakes and asked Dee if she wanted to come for a swim with me. She was a little reluctant due to fact that the water at Brighton isn't known for being the cleanest in Europe. However, it has become much better in recent years and I eventually persuaded her to follow.

I put on my beach shoes and stood up to wait for Dee who had no suitable shoes with her, she decided to put on her sandals, which meant waiting as she did them up. It was very pleasant standing there naked in the sun exposed to my wife's friends. It was only now that I realised just how busy it had become with a thicker spread of beach-goers as you get closer to the water. My plan was to get Dee naked as I am a stronger swimmer and could pull off her costume in the water. As we made our way down to the water Dee teased me by singing 'king of the swingers' to which I had to laugh.

As I entered the water I was surprised at just how cold it was against the heat of the sun that had heated me up. It gets deep enough to swim after just a couple of metres and I concentrated on ignoring the cold as I swam about waiting for Dee to take her sandals off. As she stepped in, she said it was too cold and that she would just sit and watch me swim with her feet in the water. That put an end to my plan so I just swam about cooling off.

Dee called me over and as my elbows hit the stones of the shore I was about a foot away from Dee who had her legs apart and was pulling her swimsuit to one side to expose her pussy. She was using the finger of her other hand to spread herself open allowing me a clear view of her pink hole. I was instantly hard and stayed watching for a minute or two as she gently stroked a finger over her clit. I suggested that she remove her swimsuit but she said it was only us men who were to be naked today.

A couple of other people had guessed what I was looking at and had made their way toward a position in the water from where they could see Dee and she decided to cover up. I stayed there for a moment or two and my erection was just going down when Dee said that we were to go back up now. I told her a minute or two would be best to allow my erection to fully subside but she said that I was to follow her now, 'or else!'

I knew not to get her pissed off as it may mean that she would put a stop to this little trip. I stood up and was at about 75% full erection. Anybody looking would see I had been hard and that I still had the tail end of an erection. As I made my way up the beach my dick bobbed about and I was very self-conscious as I got a lot of looks in my direction from both men and women. As I trudged up the beach toward our group everybody was sat up and a mini round of applause greeted us (or rather me).

I sat back down on my towel and took in some more of the sun. It was now nearly 2 in the afternoon and the heat was now finally beginning to drop off a little making it more comfortable. I thought I should be extra careful and re-apply sun-cream to my cock and balls as a burn down there was not what I wanted to have to live with for the next week or so. I asked Dee to pass me some more sun-cream and she said that she would be more than happy to apply it for me. I joked that it would be great but possibly a bit too much even for us as it was my cock that needed done.

This made ears prick up amongst our group. Mary said that she would be more than happy to help out and sat up as if to come over and take charge but I put a stop to it, conscious that our antics had our group under close observation of many voyeuristic beach goers. This status had us at a bit of a loss and the fun seemed to end there. Another hour passed without anything out of the ordinary happening and we were all enjoying chatting, socialising and generally having a laugh, I actually forgot I was naked.

It was at this point that Mary suggested we all go back to hers for a few drinks in the garden as the wind had picked up and you could see by the pointy nipples that it was getting cooler despite the still bright sun. We all agreed to this as a cool glass of wine or can of beer would be perfect. We slowly began to pack up our stuff and it actually felt odd to put on my shorts and T-shirt




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