A Day At The Seaside Ch. 02


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We had been down to the naturist beach with my wife's friends and they had had much fun getting myself and another guy naked (and more).

Our friends were: Jenny, a posh speaking, tall woman with a super-model physique and her boyfriend Mark who was equally tall with a fit body (he is a personal trainer), Mary who worked with my wife and Jenny a few years back and another woman we didn't know who was introduced to us as Karen. Mary is known as a rich bitch (her ex husband was a big-wig in the city). She's a big(ish) lass, not huge but a definite size 16 with huge tits, blonde hair, soft features and slutty wardrobe. Karen, who we found out lived next door to Jenny and Mark, was very attractive with olive skin, nice tits (probably 32 C's), slim figure and great legs.

We arrived at Mary's house separately and Dee and I were last to arrive, wasting over half an hour looking to park, ending up miles away and walking over. We rung the doorbell and Jenny let us in. a big grin on her face. Mary lived on the ground floor end terrace of a converted Victorian town house. The flat opened up into a large lounge dining area with patio doors that opened onto the long narrow garden. Mark and Karen were sat drinking and talking in the lounge section of the open plan living area. There was a big TV on the wall, mock white tiger skin on the floor and two big soft looking cream 3-seaters.

Mary, who had changed into a long summer dress was cleaning something off the floor and asked if either of us wanted to shower. I did think that it would be nice to wash away the beach and cool off slightly. Mary pointed to an adjacent door and said the shower was in there.

'Leave it unlocked and I'll grab you some towels as soon as I'm done making everybody a drink.'

I went through to the modern bathroom (wet room) that was new looking and probably cost a fortune. The shower head came out from one wall with no cubicle, just open to the room which I thought was odd, like being in communal showers at the swimming pool. I relieved my bladder and then sussed out the controls on the shower. I got it just how I like it and stripped off my clothes and shoes. I closed my eyes and got under the strong spray, standing there letting it smother me for a moment already feeling fresher. I opened my eyes briefly and it was strange as you felt like you needed to pull a door closed or shower curtain across. The water drained into the middle of the room and despite not being initially 100% sure I was doing it right, realised that I wasn't going to flood Mary's bathroom.

I had just put shampoo in my hair when I heard the door open and Mary's voice.

'Here's a couple of towels for you Tony.' She said in a jovial manner.

I was still rinsing my hair when I heard the door close again. I took a few moments then opened my eyes, happy the soap was all gone, only to jump a little seeing Mary stood in front of me. Not only was she watching me shower but had a camcorder in her hand and a huge grin on her face.

'Don't stop because of me!' She said, 'I think you still need to wash your body and cock.'

I was initially unsure of what to do. I was totally exposed and had nowhere to hide but Mary had already seen all of me today so it was nothing new. I continued to wash myself and decided to play along to her request. I took the shower gel from the holder on the wall and stepped out from under the spray. Mary sat on the edge of the bath and was watching me through the little screen on the side of the camcorder. I began to soap myself up and spent a long time on my cock and balls as it was quite obvious that this was what she wanted. It wasn't long before I had a massive erection and had a lot of fun smothering it in soapy bubbles, making it slick. I'm sure it was glistening and that Mary had panned right in on my groin as she took a second hand to reduce camera shake.

I next moved slowly back under the water, turning sideways to give a profile view of my dick that was really engorged and arching upwards. I rinsed off the bubbles then turned towards Mary and asked her for a towel.


I was a little taken aback by the crudeness of Mary and was also excited at being ordered about by her. I suggested that she remove her clothes but this just wound her up a bit more.


I was really enjoying her dirty talk, but was disappointed that Mary wasn't going to show me some flesh. I took my cock in my hand and began to slowly stroke myself, deliberately giving a show for Mary and her camera. I made long deliberate strokes, allowing my foreskin to be pulled back and exposing my cock-head that was so engorged it was pulsing in my hand. I bent my knees a little and rocked back and forth to allow my balls to swing as I stroked myself.


Mary wasn't letting me forget that she was still in charge. I was really going for it now and my hand must have been blurred in the cameras view. Mary was now gently rubbing herself through her dress and this turned me on some more. I was getting close and I let my head roll back a little on my shoulders. Mary soon realised that I was about to come and stopped rubbing herself to keep the camera extra steady for the 'come-shot'. I then hit the point of no return and slowed my hand movements right down, squeezing a little harder at the same time. I could hold out no longer and had a massive orgasm. I felt myself shoot two large wads that looked to have gone about three metres in front of me followed by a small torrent that oozed over my hand. Mary squealed with delight and congratulated me on a job well done.

I felt totally spent and stood back under the shower briefly to waken myself and wash away the come from my hand and feet. I then turned off the shower and looked for the towels that Mary supposedly brought in but could see none, just a small hand towel. I looked in the cupboard under the sink and cupboard in the corner but found none, but I did find a big pink vibrator. I decided to just get dressed but noticed Mary had taken my clothes with her when she left. I grinned to myself and thought 'Fuck It' I'll just stay naked and don't have to give a reason, it's not my fault.

Although my cock was still swollen and red I decided to make my way out to the others. I opened the door and boldly walked into the main room to be met by all the faces in the room looking at me (and my cock). Karen laughed.

'Somebody has been playing with himself I think?' She said.

Mary was playing with the video camera, linking it up to her 42" LCD television and I knew exactly what she was going to be showing. She asked everybody to sit in front of the television as she had something to show everybody. We all sat down on the two large sofas around the television with Dee to my left and Karen to my right. Mark was sat next to Jenny with a space on the other side for Mary. I was very self conscious being naked amongst five clothed people but I had a feeling in my gut that told me I was actually loving it.

It wasn't long before the big screen started up and we saw Mary talk to the camera saying that what you are about to see was for adults only. She then gave a naughty wink and turned the camera off her face and onto the lounge where we were currently all sat. Mary gave us all a short tour of the open plan living area, including the large mirror on the wall behind us. Whilst showing herself in the mirror she pulled her top down on one side to reveal her left breast and nipple. She licked a finger and swirled it around the nipple until it was hard and pointy then placed it back in the confines of her summer dress, showing she was bra-less. She then twisted her lower body and lifter the hem of her dress to show her big smooth rump with not so much as a g-string visible.

The sound of a doorbell could be heard and Mary walked to the front door camera still in hand. She opened it and Jenny and Mark stood there, obviously a little startled that they were being filmed. Mary pointed the camera at Marks groin and panned in to show the outline of his dick in his denim shorts and then moved to one side to let them in. Jenny said to Mary that she had already seen that dick so why want to look when it was all hidden away.

'I was hoping to get a closer look actually Jenny.'

'Mark take your shorts off sweetie and let Mary have a good look and while you're doing that I'll sort you out a drink.'

Just at that moment in the film I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked down to see that Dee was moving her hand towards my cock that was now laying soft on my leg.

The camera work on screen caught my attention again as I heard Mary squeal on the TV. Jenny was knelt in front of Mark and was pulling his shorts down for Mary who was making the camera shake with excitement. Once his shorts were off (he was commando) Jenny pulled his T-Shirt over his head so that he was stood there in just a pair of flip-flops. Jenny stood up and asked Mary what there was to drink.

'There is loads of stuff in the fridge, anything but the Champagne.'

Mary then walked around Marks large torso to reveal him totally naked. She panned in on his large penis and just held it there for a moment then her hand came into view and started to play with it, not stroking or jerking it, but lifting it up and letting it drop, moving it from left to right, giving it little slaps and the like. His cock kept going out of shot as Mary was too busy playing with it and it wasn't long before he started getting hard. Mary then stood up and Jenny came into shot with two glasses of wine and a bottle of Bud.

'Do you want a Bud Mark?'

'Love one' he said.

'Show Mary how tasty your big cock looks when super hard and you can have a bud!'

Mark was looking a little odd stood there at half mast whilst having this conversation with Jenny about a bottle of beer.

Just then Dee took my cock in her hand and started to idly play with me as we continued to watch Mary's homemade porno flick. Back on screen Jenny knelt back in front of Mark and, having handed him a Bud, took his cock in her mouth. Mary moved to get a side on view as Jenny gave Mark a blow-job, expertly taking in most of his length then letting it slide almost all the way out. She was juggling his balls with her free hand and it was actually looking like a real 'Gonzo' style porn movie.

I too was now getting hard again what with seeing Jenny giving a blow-job and Dee playing with me. I looked over to the others and saw that Jenny had her hand inside Marks shorts, next to me Karen had slid forward a little and was rubbing herself through her bikini bottoms. Mary was mostly hidden by Mark and Jenny but I could tell that she too was pleasuring herself. The video went on with Mark getting a blow-job for another minute or so then Jenny stood up leaving Marks cock bobbing up and down, glistening with saliva.

On the film the doorbell rang and Mark was told by Jenny to go answer it.

'But look at me, what if it's just some random person?' He moaned.

'You'd better just prey it's Karen or Dee and Tony then, eh!'

Mark didn't put any more resistance than that and tentatively made his way to the front door, his hard penis flopping a path in front of him. Mary followed with the camera. Mark fumbled with the door locks for a moment and opened the door to reveal Karen stood there. Mary raised the camera to see over Marks shoulder. Karen's eyes dropped down to Marks groin and a huge grin appeared on her face. She came into the flat, pushing Mark to one side. Karen laughed when her eyes caught Mary's and then again when she saw Jenny. You heard Mark close the door and he then came back into shot.

Mark stood in the middle of the room a little unsure what to do next, his hard cock still pointing skywards. I saw Karen lick her lips just of centre screen and then she spoke something into Jenny's ear that couldn't be heard. Karen then stepped forward and stood behind Mark. She reached around in front of him and took his big cock in both hands. She started to stroke him, making a comment about still being a little slick. Mary was filming Karen jerking off Mark in front of his girlfriend who was now cheering her on to make him come. Mark was now clearly enjoying it as he had his eyes half shut and his head was now pointing to the ceiling.

I took a moment to look around the room and saw that Marks shorts were now on the floor and his cock was lost in Jenny's mouth. Mary had her dress around her waist and Mark had his hand in her Groin. Next to me Karen was still rubbing herself through her bikini bottoms and Dee was still idly stroking my cock. I reached over and started to rub Dee's tits through her top. I could feel that her nipples were so hard they throbbed in my fingers.

Back on screen Mark looked close to coming and Mary and Jenny's voices could be heard chanting Karen to, 'Make him squirt...... Make him squirt...... Make him squirt!' Karen's hand was really going for it and soon he shot a huge stream of come into the air and a loud moan could be heard. Two more large squirts and we heard Mary go,

'Ye Ha!'

Mark leant forward and Karen let him go. He walked slowly over to his shorts and put them on slowly but his erection prevented him from doing them up. Mark walked off towards the sofa then off camera. The door then went again and Mary placed the camera on a table. I felt Karen grab my hand and pull it down towards her groin, then hovered it just an inch away as she pushed her bikini bottoms down her legs. Karen then lifted her feet up and let her legs flop open giving me easy access to her pussy. She was dripping wet and I could feel she was shaved but for just a small tuft of hair above her clit. I smothered her juices around and delved two fingers into Karen's pussy as I gently circled her clit with my thumb. I reached down with my other hand under Dee's waistband and started to give her the same treatment.

On screen Dee and I had come into shot then I had disappeared into the bathroom. Mary next picked up the camera and she asked Dee if she could film me in the shower. Dee laughed and readily agreed, telling her to threaten me with no more oral if I didn't comply. I knew what was going to happen next so concentrated on giving the women on either side of me special attention.

A minute later and Dee let go of me and stood up. She pulled me up and pushed me onto the fake white tiger skin on the floor. I lay there and watched as she straddled me, sinking her wet pussy onto my cock in a single motion. I looked to my left to see Karen holding her pussy wide with two fingers of one hand and circling her clit with the other, her eyes closed tight in concentration.

To my right Jenny was sat on Marks cock, still facing the T.V. and when she saw me looking gave me a naughty wink. I looked over to see the TV screen and I was now deep into my jerking routine in the shower, Jenny was obviously enjoying the show. Mary was out of sight but I guessed she to was stroking her pussy. This was heavenly and I was soon filling Dee with my come and she screamed out an orgasm too. Karen got up and went over to Mark and Jenny and asked for a shot on Marks big cock. I was really spent and Dee was collapsed on top of me, a look of satisfaction on her sexy face. Mary stood up and suggested moving to the bedroom. Jenny lifted herself of Marks cock and they all followed Mary, whose hairy pussy was obviously gaping and red, even when stood up her pussy was clearly visible.

The four of them disappeared into an adjacent room and Dee and I just stayed where we were. I looked over to the TV screen to see myself squirting my spunk into the air and feeling very proud of the distance I achieved. Dee stood off me after a minute and suggested we quietly leave. It was more than either of us were used to and I did feel a little uncomfortable joining an orgy. Dee wrote a little note on the scribble pad hanging on the side of the fridge and we grabbed our stuff and quietly left.

'What did your note say?' I asked.

'Just that we had fun but didn't want to go any further..... Oh and that the girls should come over to see you jerking off some time.'

My dick was a little sore and I felt like I'd done something bad but I was still buzzing from the situation that had just happened. We closed the door quietly behind us and made our way back home.

'Fancy getting a pizza delivered?' I asked. 'And Mary never did get us that drink she promised!'