A Surprise Bachelorette Party Stripper


Stacey covered her mouth as the crowd of females emerged from their various hiding places with a shout of "Surprise!" She had heard of surprise birthday parties, but not surprise bachelorette parties.

The girls came up to her one-by-one and offered congratulations on her upcoming wedding. She glowered at Megan, her best friend, who wore a smile indicating she was the mastermind of the affair. Stacey strictly instructed to her friends and co-workers that she didn't want a big to-do party. She liked the sentiment, but knew her friends too well. They would get her drunk, and embarrass her beyond belief. She wasn't sure exactly what they would do, but she suspected some of the gifts awaiting her in a nice little pile would be a little "too mature" for her innocent nature. With the wedding this upcoming weekend, she thought her wishes had been honored.

Megan guided her into the family room. She had indeed planned the entire affair, despite her Stacey's wishes. Surely no harm could come from it! All they need was a couple of hours to spend their fun. Then, Stacey would be off to dinner with her fiancee, John, and they would all laugh about it at the wedding. Only three days until the major event. Megan knew she could never let her conservative, shy friend tie the knot without a shocking send off. Of course, all the other girls agreed. They looked forward to this day more so than the actual wedding itself.

Stacey sat next to the pile of presents. She would co- operate, though hesitantly. She began to open her presents and sip from a drink. The first item was a pair of red silk panties. She felt her face must have matched the color as she tore the tissue paper away from them.

"How do you like them?" Megan asked with a smirk.

"They're very nice..." Stacey closed the box and set it beside her. She would wear them, in fact, she already wore similar pairs for John. But she was uncomfortable with her sexuality on display for her friends. Her embarrassment grew as she continued to open packages. As she opened bras, panties, and nighties, she grew more and more mortified as shouts of "That will get him hard." and "He's going to fuck you so good." cascaded from her peers mouths.

But she knew they were right. John loved her in lingerie, and she had to admit she could be quite striking in a skimpy, silky outfit. She was a petite woman, extraordinarily thin and delicate. Her breasts were shapely and firm, and seemed large in comparison to her small frame. John had insisted in her wearing lingerie shortly after they began having sex, and she was content to titillate his desires in privacy. But showing off her body or the garments she barely covered it with was never her style. She spoke little of her and John's sex life, and never inquired about others'.

Stacey took and deep breath and brushed back her shoulder-length black hair as she forced herself to continue. She opened the next box with the same trepidation, but was relieved to see a red dress beneath the tissue.

"That's for your dinner tonight." Megan informed her.

Uh-oh. Stacey lifted the dress out of the box. First she noticed the slimness of the outline. This would fit very tightly on even her. Then she noticed the hemline. This dress was short. VERY short. She had never worn anything this daring before. She figured it would barely cover the essentials, and getting out of a car would be tricky.

"Come on, put it on!" The cries gained a chorus amongst the spectators. "Put it on! Put it on!"

"Yes, put it on." Megan told her. "Let's see how beautiful you'll look for John tonight.

What was worse? Putting on the skimpy dress or continuing with the presents? She really didn't want to go out in public in such an outfit, but she knew her friends wouldn't let her leave until she had at least tried it on.

"Fine." she stood up with the dress and almost lost her balance. The alcohol was stronger than she realized! She started to head for the bathroom when a nearby friend held up one of the boxes.

"Put these on, too."

Stacey took the box, knowing it contained a rather racy and rather lacy set of bra and panties. Were they going to make her pull up her skirt to prove she had put them on? She didn't put it past them. She headed for the bathroom.

The girls giggled and laughed at Stacey's stunned expressions as she dressed quietly down the hall.

"Did you see her hands when she opened the teddy?"

"That was priceless!" Megan answered. "The girl really needs to open up. She doesn't know what she's got when it comes to her looks and we wouldn't want her to disappoint John, now would we."

"Do you think she'll wear any of this for him?"

"She will. And I bet she'll be surprised to find out how much she enjoys it."

"It's funny seeing her squirm."

"Just waited." Megan said with a gleaming eye. "It gets better..."

Stacey returned to the party in absolute radiance. The dress hugged her body to perfection, and left no doubt as to the exact shape of her curves. Her breasts seemed molded into the rounded top, and her legs announced themselves with a sheer sexuality. The dress cut off about two inches below her crotch, and tightly squeezed her hips.

The girls proclaimed their admiration and approval. "John is going to be very happy tonight." said one. "I'm not sure they'll make it to the restaurant!" said the other.

Stacey felt flush with the comments. Some of it was from embarrassment, but most of it was excitement. "We're not having sex before the wedding." she informed the group. Indeed, it had been two weeks since their last lovemaking. Stacey knew the wedding night would be fantastic, but knew her body was pushing it's limits by waiting so long.

She sat on her knees as she reached for the remaining two presents. She tore of the wrapping and just about fainted at its contents. She held in her hand a twelve inch dildo.

The girls erupted in laughter. Stacey quickly dropped the gift and reached for the last one. The girls watched her, still laughing, as she opened the last gift. Once again her conscious almost fled her as she opened a vibrator.

"You might need some company when John goes on business trips!" Megan barely made out the words through her laughs.

Stacey felt stunned with embarrassment. She had never used such devices, and hated the thought of the girls thinking she would use these. She rose to her feet. Megan picked up the vibrator.

"See, the batteries go right in here." she turned on the instrument, and the girls laughed as it buzzed.

"Keep that away from me!" Stacey turned her head.

"What's the matter? Afraid?" Megan held the vibrator in one hand, the dildo in the other. She moved towards Stacey.

Stacey shrieked and stepped away. She retreated into the sun room, which connected to the family room by a sliding glass door.

"Quit it!" she laughed as she stepped back. She was embarrassed, but did appreciate the humor involved. Megan stood a few feet from her in the sun room. She placed the two intimidating objects on a small glass table.

"Ok. Stay right there. We have one more present." Megan walked back to the family room.

Stacey stood as the girls separated from the window. "Come on. It's time." Megan yelled.

Stacey's mouth dropped as a large muscular man made his way into the sun room. She knew immediately what he was here for. She heard a `click' from the glass door.

"Hey!" she yelled.

"Sorry!" Megan yelled through the glass. "We knew you would try to run, so we have to lock you in!"

"But don't worry! We still have a perfect view!" one of Megan's cohorts added.

The man walked to a small boombox and turned on some cheesy music.

"Hi, I'm Dan" he said as he started to move his body.

Stacey was frozen as she looked at him. He was dressed in a white, rugged-looking shirt that was already half unbuttoned. His pecs flinched with his movements. The jeans he wore were about two sizes too small.

Stacey looked for another way out. There was one more door, off to the side. But it was conveniently blocked by a sofa.

"Hey, don't you like me?" Dan brushed his hand across her arm as he gyrated his hips. Stacey smiled and looked away. Dan undid the rest of his shirt and cast it away. The hooting of the girls on the other side of the glass was quite audible as Dan flexed his pecs and biceps.

Stacey looked at the man's definition. She was definitely in good shape, but she felt too embarrassed to be impressed. Besides, the alcohol was making her woozy. She sat down in a nearby wicker chair.

"That's it, baby." Dan moved towards her, humping the air in front of her face. Stacey looked right through him, wishing the event was over.

"Hey." Dan lifted her chin. "Pay attention." She didn't respond. He leaned down, resting his hands on the arms of the chair. Stacey's hands were in her lap, but her upper arms still made contact with his biceps. She smelled musky cologne on him, and noticed his muscles had been slightly oiled. They did look good.

"You're hurting my feelings, you know. Don't you think I'm cute?"

Stacey looked at his face. It was rugged and quite handsome. His hair was as black as hers, and contained a small amount of gel.

"I'm sorry. I'm just not in to this kind of thing."

"Oh. I see." Dan stood up. "Well, let's try something then." He went to the mini-fridge and pulled out some champagne. They had obviously planned for difficulties. He quickly poured her a drink, which she took and began sipping. She needed something to get her through this!

"Ok. Here it goes. We are going to play a game. And I am going to get you very, I mean VERY, horny."

Stacey was shocked by his statement. Did strippers normally say these kinds of things?

"I want you to wear this." he handed her a blindfold. "Now, I'm going to touch you. You have to guess what I touched you with. OK?" She looked confused. "If you get five right, I'll let you walk out of here. No stripping. But--" his eyes locked on hers. "For everyone you get wrong, I'm going to take something off. And at five, I win." He was already shirtless. How much more could he have on?

Stacey was feeling too drunk to argue. She let him slip the blindfold over her. She took another drink, shook her head at the ridiculous music, and waited.

She felt something pushing against her right arm. It was rounded, small, and a bit warm.

"Your finger." she said.

"Very good. One down."

Another object pressed itself against her cheek. This was fabric of some kind.

"Your shirt."

"Good. Very good."

She smiled. This wasn't so bad! She would be out of this in no time! She felt something touch her knee. She jerked it slightly, aware of its bare state. The object was warm and soft. What was it? The pressure felt interesting as it sat motionless on her flesh. Her nerves started to tingle in the area.

"Your elbow."

"Nope. The palm of my hand." She lifted her blindfold to see he wasn't lying. His palm rested on her knee, the fingers outstretched above her thigh.

"That's one for me."

She dropped the blindfold as his hand left her. Funny, the area seemed a bit vacant. She stared at the darkness, wondering what part of his sculpted body was becoming more exposed. He did have shoes on, she noticed that. Maybe they came off first. She heard the girls laugh and hoot. They were certainly enjoying this moment, in more ways than one!

A new feeling touched her. She squirmed as it made contact about midway up her thigh. This was getting a bit close! What was it? It was smooth, sleek, and neither warm or cold. She shifted her legs slightly, uncomfortable at the touch. Her squeezed them together, making sure he didn't get any ideas about where to touch her next.

What was it? She thought about the objects in the room. What did he bring? What was already here?

"A cassette case."

"Wrong." she lifted the blindfold and saw an unused wine glass indenting her thigh. His had hovered an inch above her crotch.

Wait! What was this other feeling? He hadn't touched her again, but a warm sensation spread between her legs. Her conscious mind blocked out her next thought. She hoped he touched her legs again.

A cold, moist sensation came next. Directly on her lower lip. The chill spread down her body, causing a slight quake. The sensation was also smooth, and it moved across her lip. What was that cold? She hurriedly tried to think of an answer as she noticed something she didn't want to: Her nipples slightly hardened.

She moved her tongue to the lip. Aha!

"The champagne bottle!"

"You are correct, beautiful lady." She smiled at her realization of her taste of the champagne. And at his compliment. She began to wonder where the next touch would come. It seemed longer it arriving than the previous ones. She felt her body tingling with anticipation. Where would it come? Would he dare touch somewhere private? And why was she getting hot?

The touches were definitely farther apart. He must be running out of ideas... a soft, moist, warm touch came against the back of her leg.

Stacey gasped and felt her chest heave slightly. She didn't know what it was, but she liked it. She didn't answer, she didn't have an answer. The touch was well down her leg, but upset her anyway. Then she knew what it was. His tongue. He gotten down on the floor. She wasn't mad that he used his tongue. She was mad because she wished he had used it higher...

She started to speak, but realized her voice would crack. She composed herself.

"Your tongue?"

She heard his voice from the floor. "Correct."

Four down. Only one more.

She heard him circling. The scent of his cologne spread over her, making her feel dreamy. She imagined him in the darkness in various states of undress. She had gotten two wrong. What had he taken off with those mistakes?

The next touch was something long. It's length began at her navel, and continued up her stomach. He was bending it against her. The feeling crept upwards. Now it was between her breasts. "Oh God," she thought to herself as she drew in a breath. She felt her heart beating hard in her chest, and half expected Dan to throw her to the floor at any moment. She shouldn't have changed into this outfit! She was all too aware of how tightly the dress covered her body. Dan must have noticed the creamy flesh of her cleavage, and the enticing shape the curves took underneath the red fabric. And he must of have noticed her legs. She wondered if he was trying to look up her skirt as she sat there with her eyes closed. She had squeezed her legs together, but couldn't feel the dress on her legs anymore. Her body seemed so hot and tingly. The alcohol must be altering her sensation. She moved her hand down to her legs. Sure enough, the skirt portion of the dress had slid up. Dan could see her panties, she was sure of it.

The object had made contact with her sternum, and finally stopped near her collarbone. Where was his grasp? The item was placed perfectly in her cleavage. But his hand couldn't be there without touching her breasts. But she felt no fingers indenting the soft flesh. No warmth perceptible above the cut of the dress. She felt she could see Dan in the darkness. His eyes were focused on her squeezed legs and the small amount of panty fabric wedged in between. He was going to touch her there. She knew it. His hands were close, so close...

Why was she thinking about his fingers and hands? They weren't important to the game. She had to guess this object. And ignore her erect nipples. Damn! Why were they like that? She wondered how well the dress hid them. Could he see protrusions through the fabric tightly on her? He would think she was aroused, which she wasn't! No! She couldn't be aroused. But as she thought about her body, and the visibility of her panties and nipples, she began to wonder if Dan could control himself.

She forced her mind to the objects in the room. What could be long and solid. His penis. No! It couldn't be that! No, he wouldn't use THAT! It was the dildo! It was this long, it was this hard. If it was his penis, it would be warm. This wasn't. Besides, he couldn't push his penis against her without his legs touching. And what about his testicles? Surely she would feel the hanging sack against her body. And what were the chances his penis was twelve inches? What were the chances this hot, built, man was naked in front of her right now?

She prepared to answer. It was the dildo, the fifth and final answer she needed for freedom. She opened her lips to speak.

"A corkscrew."


She lifted the blindfold. Dan was standing in front of her wearing a silk pair of red bikini briefs. The color matched her dress. And her panties. A tight triangle of silk was clearly visible between her legs. She went to cover them, then stopped. She had given a wrong answer! What was going on! Dan removed the dildo from her chest and smiled at her. She looked down at his waist, expecting his hands to slide off the underwear. Her conscious mind ignored the bulge as she dropped the blindfold.

Something soft against her lips. Soft and moist and warm. He was kissing her. His lips pressed against hers, without moving. Heat cascaded down her chest and concentrated between her legs.

"A towel."


She didn't lift the blindfold to verify.

His hand cupped her breast.

She felt his hand grope her, his fingers moving into her flesh. She felt her nipple get squeezed between and then released. She realized the hoots of the women had subsided. The music had subsided the room was completely quiet as his fingers slipped under the dress and blatantly caressed the nipple.

"A cushion." her voice cracked above her breath. His hand left her. She remained frozen in the chair. She heard him move away, and the doorwall open.

"What are you doing? You can't touch her like that!" It was Megan.

She heard sounds, but could not realize exactly that Dan didn't answer and reached inside the door. She didn't see him grab the pole that wedged the doorwall shut. She didn't know he then shut the door and used the pole to lock it from the outside. But the shouts and pounding on the glass let her know they were isolated in the sun room.

She felt another touch.

Against her cunt.

She thought she had closed her legs. But now they were open. Wide open. She knew her panties were visible. She knew the flesh of her thighs was visible right up to the point that it disappeared under the lace. She felt herself push against the object slightly and begin to moisten. The game was over. She had gotten five wrong. But she still wanted to play.

Her breath was coming hard. She struggled to make an intelligible sound. Any word would do. Any wrong word. "A telephone."

She heard a buzzing and felt a vibrating against her pussy.

"Ohh!" she screamed above the pounding on the glass.

"That's it. You lose." Dan tore of the blindfold as he wedged the vibrator past her panties and into her cunt.

"Uhh! Uhh!" The sensations swirled between her legs and caused hips to pulse onto the instrument. Dan was above her, standing there with his muscles rippling. He was still in his briefs, but the tip of his cock extended out into plain view.

"Ill give you one more chance..." he closed his hand over her eyes. The vibrator shut off and a few seconds passed before a long, hard object inserted into her mouth. She closed her lips as it touched the back of her throat. Her hand moved to pull it out, and realized it was quite long, perhaps even twelve inches. She pulled it out, and with eyes still covered, gave her answer.

"The dildo."

The object moved into her mouth again and her eyes were freed. She noticed Dan's penis stretching from his loins to her mouth. She started sucking his cock.

"Stacey! Stop! Don't do this!" It was Megan. Too bad.

Stacey sucked, covering the tip with her saliva. She had lost, and knew she had to pay. Her head bobbed on the shaft, sucking and licking the length. She had lost, and knew she had to let him touch her with whatever he wanted wherever he wanted.

Dan pulled out of her mouth, and grabbed the new dress where it draped across her lovely cleavage. His biceps bulges as he tore the fabric apart, exposing her breasts in the new bra.

"Uh!" Stacey's voice uttered with the action. "Touch me. Oh, touch me!"

Dan unclasped the bra and began massaging her bobbing breasts. Her hard nipples ached when his hands left them, and shot fire through her when he squeezed them.

"What should I touch you with now? Tell me what you want, honey. Tell me so I can fuck you." he asked.

"Your mouth... use your mouth!"

Dan obliged as bit her left nipple. Stacey shrieked and groaned as she grasped his head. Yes, she was going to fuck him. They were going to touch, then fuck.

"Ohh! Ohh! Yes!" His tongue licked across the soft, round flesh, leaving a trail of glistening saliva between her cleavage.

"Your penis! Use your penis!"

Dan wedged his cock between her breasts. It was hard, and hot. She felt his fingers indent her skin as he rubbed it up and down. She squeezed them together, tightening the feel.

"Oh yeah, oh baby!" She felt touched by his voice as it drowned out Megan's cries of "Oh God, please stop!"

"Touch my vagina! Touch my vagina!" her choice of words still seemed innocent.

"It's your cunt."

"Touch my cunt! Touch my cunt!"

"Please! Remember John! He's going to be your husband!" Megan was pleading.

Stacey looked at her, then back at Dan.

"Touch my cunt... Fuck my cunt."

Dan ripped the dress all the way down, leaving her atop it in nothing but her panties. She lifted her hips as he slid them off.

"Your tongue! Use your tongue!"

Dan pressed her passage open, and licked her dripping folds.

"Ohh yeah! Oh God!"

Dan flicked his tongue over her clit. Her body started pumping in the chair. She let herself cum into his face. Her head writhed with each flick, each motion of his tongue across, around, and into her pussy. She gripped her hair in her hands, then squeezed her breasts, then Dan's hair as her body illuminated with sensation. She was aware of the girls watching, and she finally didn't care! She wanted them to see. She wanted everyone to see.

They almost fell over as she leaned back in the chair to receive his probes. Dan moved back, reached down, and picked up her naked body. She felt light in his arms. She put her arms around his neck, allowing his left hand to finger her pussy as he walked her to the glass door. She was in reverie, but noticed she was just a few feet from her friends. Dan set her down, an inch from the glass.

"Oohh, ohh!" she looked at their eyes as Dan fingered her. She stepped slightly in place as he pushed his fingers into her wetness.

"Do you want to see him fuck me? Do you?" she screamed. "Fuck me, Dan! Fuck me!"

Dan pushed her against the glass. Her breasts shmooshed against the door, and Stacey watched her friends faces as Dan's cock thrust into her from behind. Some of them were crying.

Megan was one of them. Her eyes locked on Stacey's face. Stacey returned the gaze, which moved up and down in her vision with Dan's thrusting cock.

"Ohh, it's so fucking good! It's so fucking good!" she yelled as her breasts left imprints on the glass. Some of the girls turned away, unable to watch their gift penetrate sweet Stacey's pussy... unable to watch as her nipples pushed into her breasts as they mashed the glass... unable to watch as Stacey fucked away her wedding. Some watched in stunned silence, their guilt building with each hump like the strength of Stacey's building orgasm.

"Uhh! Ohh! Uhh! God! Yes!" Stacey squirmed and managed to bring her hands to her breasts between humps. She squeezed her tits as an orgasm cascaded over her. Megan covered her ears as Stacey screamed her ecstasy.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Pound my cunt! Ooh! Ohh, thank you, Megan. THANK YOU!!!"

"Ohh! Fuck yeah!" Dan screamed as his cock ejaculated its hot sperm into Stacey. He pulled out of her, allowing some to squirt onto the window. The cum ran down the glass in thin trickles. Stacey moved to the spot, wiping it away with her breasts. Dan pumped her some more with his remaining hardness. His tall, muscular body seemed to engulf Stacey's delicate frame. His penis threatened to shoot right through her. He humped her slowly as he smiled at Megan through the glass. Somehow, he knew he wasn't going to get paid.

Stacey had grown limp after another minute fucking. Dan carried her to the chair, and rested her body in it. She sat with her eyes closed, rubbing herself in quiet fatigue.

Dan easily pushed the sofa aside from the outer door. He picked up Stacey once again, her nude body clutching him. Megan watched as her best friend was hoisted in the air. She noticed how beautiful she was as breasts bobbed with the motion and her cunt remained visible underneath her bent legs. She watched as Dan carried her out the door, just as nude as Stacey, and headed for Dan's car in the driveway. They were going to fuck again, but who knew where. Then she turned to her friends in the family room. They had to find new plans for the weekend...

The End



Anonymous said...

Maybe it is me, but for me (as a male) this has nothing to do with CFNM. The concept of CFNM is that the women are in charge of a man, stay clothed at all times, and the man is nude or will be undressed by the woman. This can be with or without the man's permission.
This story is about a male stripper taking charge of the situation with the aim to be able to fuck her in the end.

So in my opinion this story doesn't belong on this site, but that up to the webmaster.


ATCFNM said...

Well as with all things, this story can be interpreted in many ways. Remember that this situation was completely set up by this woman's friends - who end up watching everything while remaining completely clothed. Although the writer places more attention on the interaction between the bride-to-be and the stripper, there was enough CFNM elements there that I found it appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I can understand what you are saying. And with my comment it wasn't my intention to say it was a bad story, I read it and, for the most part, enjoyed it. I guess we just have different opinions about CFNM, just as there are lots of different types of CFNM. For me, and from what I understand for a lot of males, the biggest attraction to CFNM is the fact we are pushed in a submissive role.
The excitement in this role is strengthend by the fact the man has to be naked in front of a clothed female (or even better females).
Anyway, I was happy to be able to vent my opinion, I really enjoy this site, and I hope you will keep posting lots of stories!