Some Public CFNM Fun With Alison


Chapter 1

I work as a cog in the machine for a gigantic corporation, with thousands of people working on my campus. The long hours on the job required by corporate life, the late night coffee breaks provides opportunities to get close to women around campus. This is where I met Alison.

Alison is a group leader for department similar to mine but in a different sector of the campus. She is older about 30 years old I figure. She has bedroom brown eyes with dirty blond hair, which just make you melt at first site. I of coarse was lusting for her the moment we met. She would wear these tight fitting jean skirts, which flattered her slim yet athletic figure and showed off her tan thighs. I later learned that on the weekends she surfed at the local beaches and had very distinct tan lines.

I spent time meeting up with her during coffee breaks and lunches so she could "mentor" me. We got to know each other on a professional level and started to delve into personal matters. A few lunches after that I asked he out on a date.

Alison said, "Well Billy that doesn't come as a surprise, but I have certain rules and precautions when it comes to dating people from work." I said, "whatever precautions you want to take I think it's worth it.

Most of the precautions were standard office romance crap about not letting romance interfere with work and the like, but she did say, "I have a few rules to discuss over dinner before any commitments will be made." I took that as a yes and ran with it, only later did I discover what it meant to be committed.

The date was for later that week and the time seemed to drag on and on. Finally it was date night I got a haircut, dry-cleaned my suit, and waxed the car and I thought I was ready for the date. I pulled up to her house and she must have seen my coming because she was already walking down the steps to the drive.

She was dressed in a black silk cocktail dress with massive slits up the side. It showed off the tan, her pert A-cup breasts, and what I didn't notice at work a hard body. The silk dress just seemed to flow over her body, and I couldn't be sure because of the distance but it appeared she forgot to wear her bra and panties. I let out a sigh of excitement for the evening to begin and stopped the car in the drive.

Once we were off on our way to dinner Alison said, "Bill, let's discuss a few more of the rules." I shrugged and she immediately slapped me hard in the groin. The car skidded around the turn while I tried to get it under control "First rule is open communication I want to hear you speak!" She then laugh out loud and played it off as a joke. I was both pissed and turned on at the same time.

The next rule was honesty, then something about creativity, and finally that this date was an interview, if I excited her it would continue, if I played it cool and reserved tonight was the only night I'd see her out of work. It was a challenge and interviews are what us corporate types are all about, so I was excited to see where this night was headed.

We were seated at the dinner table in one of those trendy bistros with about six other tables in the place. The orders were placed and the "interview" begin once the drinks arrived.

She started by asking a bunch of internet dating website questions, do I have a dog, do I work out, and do I like long walks on the beach. I told her come on if this is an interview try something more in depth more challenging.

The next question floored me and I gasped for air, she asked "Have you ever fantasized about jacking off and cumming for a women?" I tried to play it off cool, and turned it around on her, "Why you ever fantasize about a man jacking off for you?" She smiled then looked furious a second later and said, "Remember the rules and this is a interview, I'm looking for someone who can honestly excite me. Waste my time and this will be a shortest date you ever been on."

I gulped, looked around and was saved by the food the waiter arrived and placed the over priced pasta in front of us. Mean while I thought about, all the time I spent as a kid jacking off in the shower did I fantasize about jacking off out of the shower and in front of another girl?

The waiter left she gave me a few more seconds then I said, "Yes, I have thought about it but mostly with other naked girls who were involved in the same activities." Then it was a whirlwind of questions and answers all pretty much about the same subject matter did I ever give head to another man, did I ever think about letting a woman fuck my ass with a strap on. It went on for over an hour.

All the time I noticed that I was getting turned on, across from me was Alison my dream girl visually, and was becoming my dream girl of fantastic sexual adventures. She seemed interested in everything and more. I wanted this girl more than you want a hot chick walking by more like you want a porn star in the movies because she's hot and is willing, a combination not to be taken lightly.

The night progressed and we were finally back at her place, and I was ready. All ready thought out what crazy shit I wanted to do I thought for sure I was finally going to get a girl to take it up the ass, already hard, and already in her spell.

On the front steps of here house she started to kiss me and I kissed back with everything I learned in French class. Things were heating up and I had my hands all over her and she was returning the favor. She then broke away from me flashed a smile batted her fuck me brown eyes and said, "Take off your shirt." My suit coat was already on the ground my tie was already half off and I worked the buttons of my dress shirt as fast as I could.

Alison meanwhile was caressing her body. The black silk cocktail dress danced across her body, the hem of her dress pulled up and my assumption was proved wrong, she was wearing panties. A quick half turn showed them off to be a g-string, the streetlights made the wet spot visible even from where I was standing.

My shirt off and said in a half chuckle, "Let's go inside, baby so I can do you right." She licked her lips and said, "Kiss me first." I walked over already half naked on the front steps of her house I noticed a car pass by and then felt lips touch mine. My attention was back totally on Alison. She started to lick and suck on one of my ears and I felt my belt unbuckle, by pants coming unzipped and then the cold night air on my bare ass.

Before I could offer a protest or say anything at all she moved around to my back and grab my rock hard cock with both hands. She pulled down by my cock and she put ear mouth close to my ear. All she said in sweet whisper, "Cum for me." Over and over she whispered that into my ear all the while tugging on my cock. She was rubbing me raw and I felt it.

I also felt all the pent up sexual tension over the meal and the trill of seeing another car drive by her house, while I stood completely bare ass except for my suit pants around my ankles. I could also feel the silk of her cocktail dress rubbing against my ass and back still while in he sweet whisper of a voice she said, "Cum for me." It didn't take too many more moments before I could feel my balls spasm and the cum flowing thru my hard cock. I shuddered while she milked the last bit of cum from my body and then she whispered into my ear, "Thanks, and call me tomorrow."

Next thing I heard was the door closing and locking behind me and then the realization that I am standing outside Alison's house completely naked and the fact I just came on my best suit coat.

I couldn't wait to call tomorrow!


Chapter 2

I pulled up in the driveway of my apartment, still lost in thought of what happened this evening. Alison gave me a hand job on the front stoop of her house for the whole world to see. My thoughts ran from horror of what this could mean at work, since Alison knew my boss and co-workers. Thoughts ran as well to how intense my orgasm was and how I wanted to experience it again. She did say she would call later for another date, but in the mean time I was definitely going to see her at work on Monday.

Once in my bedroom I pushed the feelings of guilt and horrors of office gossip out of my head and settled in on a long jack off session thinking about Alison and the dress she wore this evening. Pictures of her long and darkly tanned thighs framed by the hem of her dress and that black g-string played in the foreground as my hands slowly brought my cock to life. The way she moved and smiled at me knowing full well how lustful I was for her.

The feelings of the silk dress that played on my back while her hands moved on my cock, now as if in unison my hands moving to the speed Alison's were in that moment. My thought's mingled back and forth from the rush of knowing people could see me out in the open, and back to Alison. I knew she was in a state of lust at that moment as well, controlling me, exposing me, and pleasuring me. If it was a spell she cast on me that night it was complete by the time my cock exploded for the second time that night. I knew what ever it took me and my cock. I needed more of Alison.

Sunday was uneventful but my thoughts strayed to the practical and by Monday morning I was back at work fully expecting the worse. Some one must have seen me or Alison would have confided in a close co-worker, but rest assured everyone would be whispering behind my back about my naked jack off performance. As you could expect I was nervous and interested in what people have done over the weekend. I figured if I got in on the water cooler gossip I would get wind of what got out and maybe head it off with my own versions of the story.

Well, I spent all of Monday and Tuesday rummaging around the water cooler and lunch tables looking for a hint of a joke or snide comment in my direction. I found out some other juicy gossip about Paul and Cindy from accounting but nothing about Alison or me. On Wednesday I found Alison sitting alone at a lunch table so I decided to confront her about what happened and try to salvage my reputation at work. My hidden agenda, the one hiding out in my pants was when could we see each other again?

We exchanged some small talk and discussed the rumors about Paul and Cindy. When I brought up the subject of last weekend, specifically our date. Alison responded, "You know I have rules on the subject." I responded, "Yeah, but This is really important to me that this doesn't get out." Alison smiled and I think we both knew at that point I was screwed. Alison took a bite of her lunch; the silence was horrible with my mind spinning in all directions. She let the moment drag out a bit longer and said, "I did mention it to a few close girlfriends, but you wouldn't know them"

Great, they could know me or my co-workers, well the possibilities are just endless, so I said in a somewhat aching tone, "Well where do we go from here?"

She of course took another bite of lunch and let me flail about in the possibilities, but she finally said, "We meet up again later this week how about Thursday after work for happy hour?" I agreed and left feeling both elated and a sense of doom approaching.

The time between our lunch and the happy hour was uneventful and I was starting to feel like Alison could keep secrets and this would be a good time had by all. I pulled into the bar parking lot to a bar I've never been to before and was sure that none of my co-workers would go after work. Alison wasn't in the bar so I pulled up a bar stool and ordered a drink. I finished that one and ordered another drink while two very attractive women walked up and sat on either side of me.

We went through introductions and some small talk ordered a causal drink for both and thought just maybe would turn the power struggle tables with Alison if she saw me with two attractive women. Julie was a petite Asian with shoulder length jet-black hair and sense of style that placed her above and beyond most of the women I interacted with. She wore a wrap around green dress, which made her look like a erotic dragon lady.

Lucy on the other hand looked like one of those hard body soccer players with short close cropped brown hair and one of those short with ringer t-shirts that showed off her belly button ring. Dressed as if she just came from the gym. Both of them were hot and a part of me almost wanted Alison to blow me off so I could get to know these two much better.

All three of us talked and got to know each other. It turned out that both Julie and Lucy were roommates and were waiting for a friend. It seemed like I might at least get their phone numbers and was now actively hoping that Alison would not show. I thought about this for a moment and realized how much a slave I am to my cock. But being young dumb and full of cum does have its advantages when opportunity knocks.

We finished our third drink when Alison walked into the bar. Thoughts of her being pissed by me trying to hook up with other girls passed with the realization that Alison knew both Julie and Lucy and that she was what both of them were waiting for. It was replaced by a gripping fear, I froze like a deer in headlights. These two girls must have been the close friends Alison mentioned at lunch? If that is true I am being set up for god know what? Everything in my body and mind told me to get the hell out of there.

Then Lucy told me that they get together once a month to catch up with each other. No snickers or veiled comments my way so I thought maybe Alison just wanted to see what she saw in me her friends would as well sort of a second round interview. Everyone was getting along fine and I was feeling pretty good about this date with Alison and her friends. Lucy suggested we sit down because of her latest work out routine had her all tired out so we moved this little gathering to a booth closer to the back of the bar.

The forth round came and Alison sat next to in the booth. She wasted no time threw a arm around me and kissed my neck. Over the next drink the talk degenerated into Lucy talking in detail about a guy she went out with last night. She described what she wore and how things progressed to the bedroom.

If Lucy's story wasn't enough, Alison was playing with the back of my neck with one hand and stroking my thigh with the other hand. Lucy's story progressed to her sucking on the guy's balls and vivid descriptions of his cock, Alison's hand moved from my thigh to my cock. Lucy got to the part about fucking on the floor while Alison pulled my cock out of my pants and had it at full attention. We were suddenly disturbed by the waitress who delivered the fifth round of drinks. All of us looked at each other in silence for a few moments, Alison even stopped playing with my cock for a moment. Then Julie the hot Asian speaks up and asks how Alison how her last date went?

The tension of the situation is hard to describe, but if you can imagine sitting there with your cock bobbing up and down under the table. While you wait for what will most likely be a full vivid description of how you were stripped naked on Alison's front porch and jacked off until you come on your own suit coat to two strangers while sitting in a bar. All the while a little sloshed from the last five drinks and the realization that Alison could and most likely would tell both of them of your current exposed predicament.

My face turning deep shade of crimson is really a understatement of my feelings at that moment. My worst fears realized all that was left was for Alison to speak up and follow through with the story. All the while two thoughts occurred to me first, interrupt and try to lie my way out of it with my own made up version of the story, second thought was to pull up my pants at the very least so I could run for the door. I did neither of these things while Alison in gritty detail described the events of our last date. Mean while I, if it were possible begin to turn even a darker shade of red and my cock begin to leak pre cum. Could it be possible that this embarrassment was a turn on?

Well the story was completed and silence once again fell over the table. I didn't really notice because Alison once again grabbed hold of my cock and begun to stroke it. These three hot women all looked at me while Julie broke the silence. She said, "Alison is he close?" Alison nodded while I squirmed in my seat. Lucy spoke up and told me to stand up so we could see the finale. I hesitated looked to Alison for mercy but she simply pulled up while stroking my cock and I stood up exposing my throbbing cock to all. Both Lucy and Julie had smile that gave the impression that all of this was in preparation for this moment.

My mind was awash with sensations and thoughts that this was so wrong on so many levels yet I wanted it more than anything. I needed to blow my load at the table and now I didn't care if the all of them watched me. I didn't even care I was at a bar in a public place being jacked off, I just needed the release of the pent up lust that these three women provided.

But just has I was ready and felt my load coursing through my body, Alison stopped. I gave her the "why on hell are you stopping" look. My pants are below my knees my hard cock is just throbbing in front of these three hot women my lust is beyond anything I have ever felt and she just stopped. I looked around and saw why, the bar waitress came up to our booth looking for the next round, she instead found a guy with his hard cock exposed standing in front of three gorgeous women. Lucy then spoke up and broke the silence with, "he was about to finish up, why don't you stay and catch the money shot."

With that exchange taking place Julie said, "Go on big boy you know you want to finish it off." I looked on almost external to my self when I felt my right hand grab my cock and start to stroke it. It was a rush of excitement and lust built up over the past hour that propelled me on. The fact that I was brought to the brink by Alison and my new found ease with allowing four women to watch me masturbate. I could feel the cum building up with even greater intensity than before. It felt like a tidal wave of cum was erupting from my balls and through my cock. It came out in great spasms, hitting Julie in the face while most of it pooled on the table before us. Another spasm hit the beer glass that Lucy was holding and finally a third dripped out into my beer glass.

When I can to my senses all four women were applauding my achievement. The waitress threw me a bar towel to clean up the table and myself. I sat down with out even pulling up my pants to catch my breath. The girls were busy replaying the events and laughing almost uncontrollably.

The last part of it I caught which Alison whispered in my ear, "That was great Billy why don't you come over to my house tomorrow and we can pick up where this left off." The girls then got up and walked out of the bar by the time I processed everything that happened, I was sitting alone in the booth my pants now around my ankles looking down at the swirl of cum that landed in my beer wondering what I was in store for the next time I met up with Alison and her friends.