Chained Naked To A Fence


Todd knew that it was tradition for guys to play silly pranks on the groom-to-be on the buck's night but he really hoped that his friends would be a bit more mature about the whole thing.

Todd really hadn't wanted a buck's night at all but his friends had put the pressure on him until he finally relented but he had made sure that they understood that he didn't want a stripper and he didn't want a hooker. He just wanted a few drinks with his friends before he headed home.

Of course a few drinks with his friends turned into a few more, followed by a few more and a couple for the road. Before he knew it he was naked and chained to the picket fence around the town park and his friends had gone.

It didn't take him long to realise that there was no way he could get free. His friends had not left a key anywhere. He could also see in all directions and neither they nor his clothes were anywhere in sight.

If that wasn't bad enough his muddled brain finally registered the fact that they hadn't chained him to just any fence in the park, they had chained him to the fence that fronted Main Street and even at this late hour the traffic up and down Main Street was quite heavy. To highlight his problem his friends had chained him to the fence right under a streetlight so everyone driving by had a clear view of Todd's naked dilemma.

The occupants of some cars just ignored him while others honked or jeered or did both. Todd hoped that a patrol car would cruise by and cut him loose but, as always, there was never a cop around when you needed one.

Todd had no idea how long he had been there and he had become resigned to the jeers and honking of the passing cars when he realised that he had seen the red Mustang that was slowly cruising by more than once. He thought that this was at least the third time he had seen it and each time it had cruised by a little slower than before.

A few minutes later it was back for the fourth pass but this time it was stopping. Todd did not feel good about what might follow. He had visions of gay guys who might take advantage of him; he thought they might be thugs who would beat him up just for fun. He even thought that it might be … well he wasn't exactly sure what was about to happen, but he felt that it was not going to be good.

What it turned out to be was a great surprise to Todd. The 'stang pulled into the curb and stopped. The cutest blonde he had ever seen got out of the driver's side and slowly walked around to the footpath.

She wore a tight mini skirt that barely covered her ass, on top she had a blouse that he could see right through even in the less than ideal light from the street lamp and in the warm summer night she wore it completely open and tied at the waist. Her skimpy bra struggled to reign in her huge natural tits and they threatened to bounce out with every step she took.

Her soft gentle lips were curved in a slight smile and her big round eyes remained focused on his face as she approached.

Todd started to say something but before he could utter more than a syllable or two she held one finger up to her lips and he fell silent.

When she was several feet from Todd she stopped and with a cheeky tilt to her head she winked at him and slowly slid the front of her skirt up so that he could see the trimmed thatch between her legs. While he watched, completely oblivious to the passing traffic, she slowly slipped two fingers into the thatch.

As they brushed her clit she shuddered and caught her breath. Her moans of pleasure echoed gently as she slid her fingers into her pussy.

Todd suddenly realised that his cock was beginning to show some interest in the performance and embarrassment began to set in.

It was quickly forgotten when two very wet fingers, heavy with scent of a woman in heat, left wet trails as they brushed across his lips. As they left his face and began to trace a path down his chest he licked his lips and the taste was tangy and rich and only served to excite his cock even more.

Before he knew it, she was kneeling in front of him gently touching his cock. Her fingers danced lightly over the knob and sharp nails counter pointed pleasure with a touch of pain as she pressed them into the shaft.

It was his turn to gasp and then moan with pleasure as her fingers encircled his balls gently squeezing it as she guided his now rigid cock towards her mouth.

He felt her lips slide over the end of his cock and her tongue began to dance over the head. It probed the hole where pre-cum was already beginning to appear. The touch of her tongue was like silk as it lapped and rolled over his throbbing knob. Her fingernails were gently digging into his balls at the same time.

Sharp pinpoints of pain and waves of pleasure melded in his brain in a way that he had never experienced with any other girl and when he felt her teeth gently close around the tip of his cock he knew that he wouldn't last much longer.

He managed to hold on as she deep throated him but when the tip of her tongue began to explore the tip of his cock once more he knew he was lost.

She sensed the impending eruption too and as he let out a shout of pleasure he began pumping his load of sticky cum into her mouth. She grasped the shaft of his cock and fisted it till the pleasure was so intense he almost collapsed.

Stroke after stroke and spurt after spurt, he filled her mouth with his creamy cum as she took every drop and drank it greedily.

Even when he had no more to give she kept on stroking and licking, increasing the pleasure in his body till he was almost incoherent as he pleaded with her to stop.

At first he thought she was going to ignore him but then he felt the tempo ease as she slowed the stroking and licking. She eased him down gently bringing him back with a few final soft flicks of her tongue.

When she had finished she got to her feet and once again slid her skirt up and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Once more she let her wet fingers drift across his lips only this time the scent of her sex was overpowering and her juices dripped from her fingers.

As quickly as she came, she was back in the car and the Mustang merged with the traffic leaving Todd with nothing but a memory.