Tommy's Babysitting Experience - Chapter 3 & 4


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Continued from Chapter Two...

We can snuggle up together on the couch, Tommy." Well, that sounded more inviting than just having milk and cookies.

"Okay, okay," he said, and proceeded over to her, now feeling very self-conscious about his erection. It was like she wasn't even noticing it, like it didn't mean anything at all. Imagine exposing yourself to a pretty woman, dressed in her panties and bra. Your big hard cock is all poking out, and she acts like it isn't even there! He found himself wanting her to at least tease him about it. Sometimes it's much worse to be ignored than to be teased.

"Wonderful. It will be so nice to be able to tell your mummy what a good boy you have been."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied as he sat down on the couch, next to her, his dick poking up out of his cowboy pj's. She used the remote to turn on the sound. "I found this wonderful show. I'm sorry but I couldn't find any cartoons this late at night, but I think you will like this. It's very educational."

Yes it was. It was some documentary on all 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets. It would have been difficult for Miss Landers to have picked a more boring show if she had tried, although he wondered frankly if perhaps she had tried to find the worst possible show. He would even have preferred a cartoon, although that would have been more embarrassing than this.

The show did though at least help him lose his erection. It was obviously not going to be put into any good use and so he would prefer that it just slip quietly away into the night. His balls couldn't take much more flirtation, and he would handle it, literally, when he got to bed, thinking about their time in the bathroom, at least when she was cleaning off the front of him, but, then again, the memory of her cleaning his behind was now rather appealing, particularly if he imagined her reaching around, pressing her breasts against his butt, stroking him as she worked her finger in and out of his ass. Wait, thinking about this was not helping him lose his erection. He picked up a cookie and his glass of milk and settled back into the couch, looking forward to the fact his dick would soon soften and disappear into his pj bottoms.

Miss Landers though didn't help the cause. She slid over toward him on the couch so that they were pressing up against each other. "Now, don't be a stranger, Tommy. You snuggle right up against me." She even wrapped her arm around his shoulder and pulled him toward her, pressing the side of his face into her brassiere, into her large full breast.

It was a little awkward eating a cookie and sipping milk while his head was resting against a boob, but this was a sacrifice he was willing to make. It felt like such a nice big soft pillow tucked into a very lacy pillow case. He sighed deeply with satisfaction, munching on the tasty cookie (even though it wasn't his favorite, he would have to admit to really liking gingerbread), sipping the cool refreshing milk, and snuggling up against a full soft breast. This was kind of nice.

His penis though softened despite the contact with her breast. He could thank the power of the Discovery channel for that. The show was so boring. It just seemed to drone on and on and on. Why did he have to write so many sonnets? In addition, the room was incredibly warm. Miss Landers apparently turned the heat up, quite literally so. Couldn't blame her for that, as otherwise it would probably have been a bit chilly for her, in her present state of undress. He got through about half of the show, and half the cookies and milk, and began to openly yawn.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Tommy. This is perhaps too much of a grown-up show for you, isn't it. I should have realized that. Here," she said, taking his milk from his hand and drawing his head down into her lap. "You can rest your head on my lap. If you need to go sleepy bye, you just go ahead."

He was indeed feeling tired, perhaps it was the milk as well as the show. A glass of milk had always helped him to go sleep as a little boy. He snuggled into her lap, but quickly appreciated that his cheek was now lying right across her bare womanly thighs, so silky smooth in her nylons. He turned his face away from the television, ostensibly to find a more comfortable position, but more truthfully to turn toward her panties. His eyes, and his lips, were now just an inch, or less, away from the gossamer lace. His eyes widened with delight at such a very close, so intimate, appraisal of the womanly cunt of Miss Landers. His penis stirred as he carefully scrutinized the outline of her mound and, more importantly, her feminine lips, appearing through the sheer, diaphanous fabric, and he breathed in deeply her scent. It was such a lovely, earthy aroma.

He suddenly turned his head up, wondering if she was noticing that he wasn't trying to sleep at all, but he quickly discovered that she probably couldn't see that his eyes were wide open, as he couldn't see her eyes at all. All that he could see were these two towering lacy half globes seeming to hang precariously over his face. They looked big before, but they were now even more terribly impressive, just inches above his eyes.

He lost all interest in falling asleep. How can you sleep when you're lying beneath two large snowy hillocks hanging out over your head? He smiled at the thought of being smothered by such a delicious avalanche of squishy flesh.

"Goodness, Tommy," Miss Landers said, leaning forward a bit so that she could look past her tits down to his face looking up at her in her lap, "The little rascal slipped back inside, didn't he." She leaned back against the couch, again out of eyesight, while she slipped her fingers into the flap of his pj bottoms and once again grasped hold of his penis. He gasped with surprise, and pleasure. Any intention of sleeping now was lost entirely. "Well, I'll keep an eye on him for you. You just go sleepy bye. Maybe he'll have some happy dreams if I play with him."

His penis very quickly swelled with her feminine fondling, climbing out of his pj's like a snake emerging from its nest, rapidly becoming stiff and stout. "Well, goodness gracious, there he is! All pleased and proud." She danced her fingers up and down its length, and then softly caressed the tip of his crown with the tip of her index finger. "I think little boys' penises are so terribly cute." She leaned back over her breasts again and asked, looking him in the eye, "Have you shown your little man to a girl, Tommy?"

Well, of course he had. He really wasn't a little boy, you know. "Yea, sure, sure, plenty of times."

Miss Landers gave his erection a sharp flick with her middle finger, snapping it off her thumb so the hard fingernail hit sharply against the soft, sensitive head.

"Yeow!" he screeched, both in shock and pain.

"Little boys should not lie to their babysitters, Tommy. Now you tell Miss Landers the truth, otherwise, she will send you to bed and no more pee-pee play."

He wouldn't mind going to bed, and particularly he wouldn't mind if 'pee-pee play,' meant additional nasty painful flicks. Plus, he could then finally take care of himself, get the relief he so desperately wanted, needed. His balls felt like they were beginning to turn blue. But, what young man would, could, deny himself the more sensual touch of feminine fingers on his erect cock, even if it came at a price. No price that one could pay would be too high, at least when you were so aroused, so in need of relief. He could play along in this game of make believe, if that's what was required. "Okay, okay, no, no, I haven't had a girl see it yet."

Miss Landers smiled in triumph. "Well, of course not." She sat back in the couch and resumed her soft caressing, much to Tom's pleasure, whose eyes half-closed in sweet bliss at the feel of her tender fingers caressing his dick as he gazed up at the two full moons hanging above him, his head resting on the silky thighs of Miss Landers. "You're a good little boy and you wouldn't go around showing girls your dirty, naughty thing." It might be a perverse little play, but it sure felt good.

She grasped her fingers fully around the shaft and stroked him up and down. They could both hear the squishing noises of precum lubricating beneath his foreskin as it slid on and off the head of his cock. "Oh my goodness, Tommy. I just realized that mine would then be the first girl's fingers that have ever touched your wee-wee!"

"Yes ma'am," he groaned, feeling himself getting close once again.

"It must be kind of fun having your teacher stroke her hand up and down your little boy cock."

"Yes, yes, it is," and if she kept doing that, she would soon find out how much fun it really was.

"Did you ever think that Miss Landers would stroke your penis like this, Tommy?"

"No, no, not at all," he gasped.

"Well, I just hope you don't tell all your friends." She briefly stopped, gripped him hard, and leaned back over her breasts to speak to him directly. "And certainly don't tell the principal, Mr. Beaumont!" She leaned back against the couch. "I don't think he would understand one bit."

"No, ma'am," he softly replied. "No, he wouldn't." Either did he, really. For a moment Tom wondered if Miss Landers was in fact psychotic, really believing that he was twelve years old again, but when she began to softly caress the underside of his dick, just behind the crown, he felt reassured. No crazy woman could be so sensual, so erotic.

"Oh my," she said, feeling his cock twitch and swell in her hand. She suddenly let go of it. "You were just about ready to squirt, weren't you, Tommy."

"Oh yes, yes, yes I was," he replied breathlessly, shoving his pelvis up in the air, trying to get her to grab hold of it again.

She did grab hold of it. "Here, let me help you with that." She did, but not in the way he was expecting, or hoping. She wrapped her thumb and index finger tightly around the stem, just below the crown, and squeezed hard. "This will relax you." It didn't relax him. It was in fact quite uncomfortable, even a bit mildly painful. But, it did take away his urge to ejaculate.

He squirmed a bit but she kept squeezing until his erection began to dissipate. "There we go. All better now. We can't have boys getting the hiccups in class, can we. You just remember that yourself. When you think you're going to squirt in a class, just give it a good squeeze."

He began to think she might be crazy again. But, she then giggled, tipping her hand that she was in fact having considerable fun playing this game. Perhaps he should just stand up and demand that they stop. It was pretty weird. Still, a good sex game isn't necessarily logical or sensible. "Yes, ma'am, thanks, yea, I will."

"That's a good boy. You wouldn't want to squirt your dirty juice all over your new, fresh pj's would you?"

He slid his head down her nylons to look up at her, past her thrusting breasts. "It would be okay. I wouldn't mind. I'll even wash them myself."

"Oh no. That's very nice of you to offer, Tommy," she replied, as she ran her nails down along his taut stem, sensually scratching the sensitive skin, and then cupped his balls with the tips of her fingers, lightly bouncing them up and down, "I wouldn't be a good babysitter if I had you do that. My goodness, though, it does feel like you have lots of boy juice in there."

"Yes, ma'am," he gasped.

"Do you tend to ejaculate a lot of semen, Tommy?"

He thought he did. "Yes, yea, I do. Do you want to see me do it?" By playing along perhaps he could in fact get relief?

"Tommy, want a naughty thing to say to your sitter?" She let go of his nuts and shook her finger disapprovingly in his face. "Do you offer to spurt and squirt for all of your babysitters?"

"Oh no, no ma'am. Never before at all. Honest!" That certainly was true. "This would be the first time." Perhaps appealing to the first time would help. She seemed to like the fantasy that she would be his first time.

She did appear to contemplate the option. She returned her hand to his cock, this time pressing the head of his swollen bulb into the palm of her hand and massaging the tip around and around in her palm while she fondled and tickled the stem with her fingers. "Well, maybe you shouldn't go to sleep like this." She shifted her fingers back down to his balls. "It might not be healthy for a little boy to go to sleep with his testicles all stuffed up." She leaned forward again to speak to him directly. "You should always blow your nose, you know, before you go to bed. It's not good to be all stuffed up." She leaned back. "But, oh my," she said, noticing that another show was beginning to start on the Discovery channel. "It is now your bedtime. Goodness, how time flies. Yes, well, off to bed with you," she instructed, lightly tapping his hard dick, like she was tapping him on the shoulder to encourage him. "You run along. You know how upset your mother would be if she knew you stayed up past your bedtime."

Tom moaned as he crawled off her lap and off the couch. His cock was so, so hard. He aimed it right at her as he said. "Can't I stay up for just a little longer. I won't tell mother." He wondered, 'Can't she see how much pain I'm in, how much I need relief?'

"Tommy, you've been a very good boy all evening, don't spoil it now. You just run along, and if you go right to bed with no further complaint, I'll come upstairs and give you a very nice reward."

He didn't waste a second. "Okay, okay. I'll do it!" He then turned and dashed off, his cock again waving in the air before him, like a fishing pole in a storm, bobbing and weaving with the rocking of the boat.

She yelled after him, "Be sure to brush your teeth!" She cleaned up the coffee table, and took the glass of milk and cookies back to the kitchen.

He did indeed brush his teeth, although it was a little odd to be doing so with a hard-on sticking out of his pj's, all the while wondering what the reward would be. It couldn't be another snack. His mother had made it very clear that he was not to have any cookies in bed. And, they had just been talking about getting relief. It had to be something sexual. He couldn't belief his good luck. It had been a pretty tough evening. In fact, really tough. But, it appeared that it was going to have a very happy ending. He was ecstatic.

He seriously doubted that she would actually have sex with him. Imagine actually fucking your pretty elementary school teacher. Now, that was a boyhood fantasy coming true. But, it wouldn't be that good. A blow job would be just as fantastic, and she did say something about blowing his nose. Imagine having those luscious lips that instructed him for so long, that sweetly nurtured him as a boy, that lectured and scolded him so often, now wrapped around his cock, her pretty face embedded in his crotch, and then shooting off his load, filling her mouth up with all his cum, perhaps even popping out at the last minute and covering her face with his cum? His balls were broiling for relief.

When he finished brushing his teeth he ran up the stairs in a mad dash. Never before was he more anxious to go to bed. He literally leaped into bed, pulled down the covers, and got underneath, but then realized his mistake and pulled the covers back down. He positioned his stiff cock so that it would be very evident and clear when she entered the room.

He could hear her steps as she came up the stairs. His heart was beating so fast. He felt like reaching for his cock, stroking it. Yes, that would be good, to be jerking off when she entered the room. She couldn't ignore that. But, he knew he was himself on the verge of cumming already. It would be climactic but also rather anticlimactic to shoot his load all over himself just as she entered the room and, even if he didn't cum, he wouldn't be surprised if she acted all offended by what he was doing. She got pretty upset the last time he put his hand on it. Most babysitters would probably be rather upset, to say the least, by the sight of the boy openly masturbating in front of her. A moment of panic overwhelmed him, perhaps he shouldn't even have it sticking out! She obviously knew already what reward she was going to provide him. It was already decided. All he could do now was to mess it up by doing something stupid or offensive, like waving his erection at her. As she rounded the door to enter his bedroom he quickly grabbed the bedspread and covered himself up.

"Oh Tommy, what a good little boy you are. All tucked in."

"Yes, ma'am." Whew. That was close.

"Well, scoot over then and let me get in beside you. I have a nice surprise for you."

Tom was bursting with anticipation, as well as with a lot of stifled, pent-up cum. He slid over to make room for his teacher, his eyes naturally following the wiggling of her boobs as she stepped out of her heels and got into bed beside him, sliding as well under the covers. It was a little disappointing to have her lower half now concealed by the blankets, but also rather tantalizing to realize that he was in fact sharing a bed with the pretty Miss Landers, and she in her undies. Besides, the upper half was still outside, and it was a pretty darn good half. The glass was clearly half full rather than half empty.

"Isn't this comfy cozy?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Now, I have a very lovely bedtime story for you. Won't that be wonderful?"

"Is that the surprise?"

"Yes, of course, sweetie! What did you think it was going to be? A new toy or something? Such a silly boy."

Tom sighed in disappointment, not disguising the fact that he was indeed hoping for something else. He wondered if perhaps he should have been outside of the covers. Clearly he didn't have anything to lose. And, what was she going to read to him? Probably some Hardy Boys story or something. Maybe even worse. Maybe it would even be a child's fairy tale. At least please be a very, very short story.

"Now, you scrunch over close to me. It's kind of a long story."

Oh man! When will this end?

"Mr. Petersunn does tend to write long stories but, you know, Tommy, I prefer them that way. I like how they slowly build up, flirting with the ending, slowly building up to the climactic ending."

His climax would come after the story, and he was indeed in a hurry to get there.

"I'm going to read to you the story about how 'Chrissie and Michael Lead the Way.'"

'Great,' he thought. 'It is going to be some children's story.'

"It's from a very nice website, Literotica. It's a wonderful story about Chrissie and Michael, who must go to college one day without any clothes on whatsoever."

'What!?' His ears perked up.

"Now, Tommy, I must first tell you that all of the persons in this story are eighteen years old, just like you. It would be very wrong if one of them one was not, wouldn't it?"

"Oh yes, Miss Landers." He breathed a deep sigh of relief. It was so nice to hear her finally acknowledge his age. Thank goodness she wasn't actually delusional. On the other hand, oddly enough, hearing her acknowledge that she knew his real age kind of diminished the playful pretending, at least just a little bit.

She began to read to him the story of Chrissie and Michael. It was not a children's story. In fact, it was pretty interesting: how Michael had to masturbate in front of a human figure drawing class, squirting his stuff all over the floor, and then there was the prostate exam that all the pretty coed nurses gave him in another class. He particularly liked the part where Michael wound up ejaculating all over Beth's face.

Tom was understandably fascinated, and aroused. "Do they really do things like that?"

"Oh yes, dear," Miss Landers replied. "This is actually a true story about Abberville College. You might consider applying there."

Tom had indeed heard of Abberville College. He was actually thinking of going to Livingston College, but this sounded a whole lot better. "Wow, I can't believe they actually go to classes naked."

"Well, not all of them, just a very lucky couple of students, one couple each week, and it's just for one day. But, I think you would really like it. You would get to run around and show all the girls your cute wittle wee-wee wiggling in the air. Wouldn't that be fun?"

It had sounded like a lot of fun, until she put it like that.

She read to him about how Ms. Billingsley played with Michael's penis beneath the table during the formal luncheon and, quite naturally, Miss Landers reached under the bed covers to handle Tom's erect penis as she did so. It was excruciatingly arousing, having your own hard cock fondled and caressed while the pretty Miss Landers read to you about how Michael's was stroked near to orgasm by the buxom Ms. Billingsley. She slid her clenched fist up and down his hard dick beneath the covers, the blankets going rapidly up and down with the pounding of her fist, as she read about Ms. Billingsley doing the same thing to Michael's stiff, hard cock. She read about how hard it was for Michael to avoid ejaculating all over Ms. Billingsley's hand, and Tom suddenly felt a comparable urge to do likewise.

"Yea, I know how he feels," he breathlessly confessed.

"Oh, Tommy, I'm sorry," Miss Landers said, halting her stroking of his cock. "Are you having some difficulty yourself?"

His balls were really aching. He had been again so close to cumming. "Yes, yes I am," he confessed, so hoping that she would find it in her heart to let him have relief, as Mrs. Canfield had provided for Michael in human figure drawing.

"Well, I better leave the little man alone then." She let go of his cock and withdrew her hand from beneath the blankets. "We certainly can't have you wetting yourself in bed. Goodness, gracious, what would your mother say? Getting all her lovely clean sheets and blankets all wet with your messy, sticky ejaculation. My, my, my. You know, it can leave quite a stain. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

"No, ma'am," he glumly replied.

"Have you begun to have wet dreams, Tommy?" She was back to treating him like a little kid.

He looked her in the eye and exclaimed, with as much authority as he could, wearing his cowboy pj's, "I never even had them when I was little."

"Now, Tommy, all healthy little boys have accidents at night. It's really nothing to be ashamed about. You may even have one tonight."

He surely might if he didn't take care of himself first. The fact was that he did have them for a little while when he was a kid, before he realized that he could avoid them, most of the time, by jerking off when he went to bed. In fact, at times jerking off to fantasies about Miss Landers, which didn't help him lose his erection now, her being right in bed with him at the moment.

For a moment he recalled one of those times when he pounded his pud in bed, fantasizing about doing it with Miss Landers. Imagine if she suddenly just appeared next to him in bed, all tucked in with him, wearing only sexy undies. He would have cum so hard, so quickly. And, now, here she was.

Miss Landers resumed her reading, telling Tom about how Michael took a shower with the girls, ogling all the naked bouncing boobs, and how Chrissie masturbated Bennie in the boys' locker room, making him squirt so very far across the floor, and then how Chrissie posed for the political science class, raising her naked bottom high up in the air. He thought the best part was when Chrissie took Michael's penis in her mouth and pretended that it was so big that it choked her. He sure hoped that they would get together by the end of the story. He liked happy endings.

It was indeed a long story, but one for which it wasn't hard to stay awake, nor hard to stay hard. In fact, Tom was surreptitiously playing with himself beneath the blankets. That was one big advantage in being under the covers. He bent up his right leg to make a little tent that would hide the sight of the movement of his hand.

Not surprisingly though he came close to cumming a couple of times. He considered just letting himself go. Would she really notice? Well, actually, very likely so, as he was half turned towards her and some of it would squirt at her, perhaps even get on her, and even if not, if she rolled over to him she would notice the wetness. Still, it might in fact be worth whatever might happen just to finally cum. The sound of her sweet, lovely voice was so terribly nice, describing in detail how the naked Chrissie again took Michael's cock into her mouth when they got back to the Dean's office. He slid his own hand up and down his cock, staring at Miss Lander's lovely breasts encased in such a sexy brassiere, the tops of her big white boobs rising and falling as she read to him the story just as she had done as her teacher, in the front of the class, but reading now about hard cocks being held by pretty hands and being kissed by pretty lips and then squirting their loads all over the place.

And, when she finished the story, with Michael exploding a huge load into Chrissie's willing mouth, he was himself past hope. His balls ached so terribly bad.

She closed her book. "Well, wasn't that a wonderful story, Tommy?"

"Yes, ma'am." he gasped.

"It wasn't too long, now, was it?"

"No, ma'am."

"I don't think so, and it did have such a happy ending."

Unlike his own, he thought.

"And, very educational too. Were you listening closely when Mrs. Canfield was describing Chrissie's vagina?"

He had been listening very closely throughout the whole story, particularly when Mrs. Canfield was describing Chrissie's vagina. Actually, it wasn't the best part of the story for him, but he was at least listening closely.

"Have you, yourself, ever seen a girl's vagina, Tommy?"

He certainly had, but he knew the right answer. "No, ma'am, no, I never have."

Miss Landers cocked her head and gave him a suspicious look, like she wasn't too sure he was being entirely honest, although she was also half-smiling. She could understand that the boy might not want to admit to something like that, particularly to her, his teacher. She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. He probably had seen one or two, but she doubted that it would have been that many. After all, he was just eighteen.

"Well, goodness, I hope then that some of the parts of the story weren't too difficult for you to understand."

He thought he might now have figured this out, at last. "Well, I really didn't understand what the word 'clitoris,' meant." Would she bite?

"Well, that is a big word, but it might be best for you to ask your mother about that."

"Oh gosh, Miss Landers, would you please explain it to me? I don't think I could talk to my mother about things like that."

Miss Landers smiled at him. She could see what he was up to. She wasn't born yesterday. Many a boy had tried to fool her in the past, and rarely did they succeed. But, still, it wasn't like she hadn't been encouraging him, at least a bit.

"Well, would you like to see Miss Lander's clitoris, Tommy?"

His eyes lit up. "Oh yes, Miss Landers, I would! Very much so. Would you really do that for me?"

"Oh, I don't know. I don't know if your mother would approve of such a thing. Have your other babysitters shown you their clitoris's?"

"No Miss Landers, no, of course not. But, they were much younger than you and, besides, you're my teacher. Teachers are supposed to teach you about things. And, I won't tell my mother about it, if you want. I can keep a secret."

"Well, you have been a very good boy this evening. I will be telling your mother that. I guess it wouldn't hurt. Here, pull back the covers so that you can see me, down there."

He burst out from beneath the covers, his stiff cock waving in the air before him.

"Oh my goodness, Tommy, you're still all stiff and hard. I guess he's a little excited about seeing his teacher's button, isn't he?"

"Yes, ma'am, he is. He sure is." He thought it best at this point to fully play along. He pulled the covers off her in one full swoop, revealing to his eyes once again the teacher's white lace panties, garter belt, and nylons. He must have the sexiest teacher in the school!

She gave him a motherly smile. "Would you like to take off the teacher's panties for her, Tommy?" It's always nice to let little boys do things themselves, and they so much enjoy helping out the teacher. Miss Landers recalled how Tommy, when he was in fact a little boy, would often come to her house to do favors around the yard. He probably would like doing this for her.

"Yes, ma'am!" He positioned his knees on either side of her thighs and grasped hold of the waistband of her panties. 'Please don't let this be a dream now,' he said to himself, also anticipating that any moment she would likely come up with some bizarre excuse to call it off.

But, he didn't give her much time for that, as he hurriedly yanked her panties down. "Don't tear the nylons, Tommy! Goodness, gracious, what a very eager boy. It's like you've never even seen one before." She then brought a hand to her mouth and smiled. "Oh my, yes, I forgot, you haven't."

Once her panties were fully removed, she brought her legs up to her chest and spread them open, providing him with a very open and clear view of her womanly cunt.

This was not, of course, the first cunt Tom had ever seen, but it was certainly among, if not the most, special one he had seen. It was the cunt of Miss Landers, and it was indeed truly beautiful. She was covered in a delicate growth that only hinted at hiding what was underneath. Her mound was full and rose up high, a very prominent and inviting platform, split down the middle by very full, fleshy flaps. Her inner labia were thin, wavy pink folds that reached out, like a flower, providing a wet, stimulating, fleshy entrance; the outer folds were thicker, more cushiony and enveloping. And, to top it off, she was glistening with arousal.

"Do you think your teacher has a pretty vagina, Tommy?"

"Yes, yes I do, very much so."

She laughed. "Well, I suppose all boys would have to say that, wouldn't they, Tommy. When did you ever tell a teacher her vagina wasn't so pretty?"

He wasn't too sure whether or not she actually had a point there. He just knew his cock felt like it wanted to burst through its own skin, it was straining so hard to get to her.

"Now, here, the vulva, is the exterior part." She drew her finger along her soft, white mound, parting the delicate hairs as she went. He was so jealous of this finger. "The vulva includes this lovely soft mound called the mons pubis, or more elegantly, the mons veneris." She took her eyes off her mons veneris to look him in the eye. "I like to call it the 'mound of Venus.' Don't you think that's so romantic?"

"Yea, it really is." Actually, he could care less.

"You see? I actually have two rows of lips, twice as many to kiss you with." She lifted up her pelvis a bit to give him a good look. "The outer, larger lips, are the labia majora." She pinched them between her index finger and thumb, and pulled them up. "You can even stretch them." He wondered if she would ask her pupil if he would like to give it a try. She let go and then grasped the inner lips in a similar manner, "And these are the labia minora, the inner lips. Would you like to feel them for yourself?"

"Oh yes, yes, thank you, Miss Landers." He recalled saying that many times before when she had offered him an opportunity to explore for himself a classroom show and tell. He had never felt though more sincere in his interest than at this moment. He leaned down toward her or, more accurately, toward her cunt, and carefully explored her lips. They were indeed so soft, so fleshy, so warm, and so wet.

He was not actually trying to arouse her, but it was apparent that the innocent (or seemingly innocent) fingers of the young man were having an effect. "Yes, well, that's enough," she said. "Lean in, Tommy, and look more closely." She didn't have to say so twice.

"Now, Tommy, you should know that the term, 'vagina,' is often used inaccurately to refer to the entire female genitalia. Strictly speaking, the vagina is just the slippery, wet, hot, tight, pliable hole." She spread open both lips wide to show him her hole. It did indeed look very slippery, wet, and hot. "Fortunately for you, I suppose, it really isn't very large, only about four inches deep. You could really then fill me up very nicely," and boy did he want to.

Perhaps it was an insult, but one that he would comfortably overlook at this point.

"Up here, though, higher up, is, of course, my urethral opening." She blushed modestly. "That's, of course, where I pee from. Would you like to see your teacher pee sometime, Tommy?"

Now, that was a really tough question, one he certainly wouldn't want on a test. "If you would let me. I've never seen a girl pee before." When in doubt, honesty is the best policy.

She conveyed a mock surprise and shock. "Tommy Jackson, what a very, very naughty boy you are. Does your mummy know you want to see your teacher pee?"

Maybe honesty isn't the best policy. He looked worried. 'Please don't end this now. I'll be good.'

She saw his frightened expression and smiled reassuringly. "Don't you worry. You're little secret is safe with me. Anyway, I certainly can't pee right now, can I, and, besides, I haven't shown you the very special spot on a girl. Do you see this little nub right here, poking out from beneath her hood?"

"Yes, ma'am, I do," he softly replied.

"That's my clitoris, Tommy. Do you know how to spell 'clitoris'?"

"Yes, ma'am." 'Please don't ask me to spell it,' he thought. Frankly, he was feeling so excitedly confused that he might indeed misspell it.

"When you have a girlfriend, someday, Tommy, this will be a very important part of her when you make love. It's like her own little penis. Would you like to suck on my penis, Tommy?"

He looked into her eyes, with considerable surprise. "Really, you mean it? I could do that?"

"Well, of course, Tommy. I think it would be very educational." She slid a bit further down in the bed. "Now, here, you get your face in here and suckle my clitoris like a good little boy."

He literally dove in. He so desperately wanted some sexual contact, and he quickly went to work. He had used his tongue and lips on a girl before. He was not inexperienced. He in fact considered himself to be pretty good at it. But, being the good boy that he was, he did not do anything more than she had instructed. He just sucked and sucked and sucked on her clit, squeezing it between his lips and drawing in her sweet feminine juices. Well, actually, he did do more than just suck. He also did quite a bit of licking, as well as pressing his lips and tongue against her clit, rubbing them around and around her feminine stiffie.

"Tommy, Tommy, that's very good, yes, that's being a very good boy. Oh your mother would be so proud, so proud of her good little boy." She grabbed his head with both of her hands and ground his face into her cunt, twitching and gyrating her cunt against his lips and tongue, making quite a mess of his face.

It didn't take long for her to cum. This had in fact been quite a stimulating evening for Miss Landers, as well as for her pupil. She didn't do all those things, parade around in her undies, repeatedly play with his erection, simply for the sake of punishment. No, she did it as well because she truly enjoyed it, and now she had the young man's lips and tongue working her clit so hard, so furiously, so frenetically, so deliriously.

"Tommy, yes, that's it, so good, such a good boy, so lovely," she gasped as she felt her climax sweep through her body. She clutched her thighs together, gripping the young man's head between her thighs, crushing him like a wrestler, but doing so within the frenzy of an orgasmic ecstasy. "Oh my, yes," she moaned as she felt her body twitch and tremble with each wave of delirious passion coursing through her in tidal waves of lustful satisfaction. Juices squirted from her cunt onto the boy's face.

When she was done she kept her grip on him for awhile, not letting him come out for a breath of fresh air, or any air for that matter. She just held him there, held his face to her cunt, his lips to her lips, as she caught her breath, enjoying the blissful sweet moment.

And, then she released the boy, her pupil. She would have expected him to lurch away, thankful for the escape from her smothering hold, but he only just slowly lifted his face, all red with passion, all covered with her juices.

She smiled sweetly, gratefully, at the young man. "Well, I guess I should give you a gold star for that, shouldn't I, Tommy." He had gotten many gold stars when he was in her class. He took great pride in that. Giving a teacher an orgasm with his lips and tongue though pretty much topped all prior gold stars, even the one for best penmanship, which had in fact required a considerable amount of work on his part.

"Come here, Tommy, and let Miss Landers give you a kiss."

He crawled up to her, to kiss her on the lips, but she said, "No, no, Tommy. Not on your lips. I want to kiss you like you kissed me."

He felt as if a huge burden was suddenly lifted from his shoulders. It was finally over. She was actually going to do it. She was actually going to provide him with relief, and it was going to be with her mouth. Miss Landers, his sixth grade teacher, was going to suck him off. He only hoped that he wouldn't shoot off before he even got it to her mouth, her lips.

He inched his way up higher on the bed, getting his knees positioned on either side of her upper body as she lay back against a pillow lodged between her head and the headboard. "I'm also a bit concerned, Tommy, that you've been so excited for so long this evening that you might even have a wet dream, and I wouldn't want your mother to discover that in the morning. No, no."

As his cock came up closer to her face she lightly touched his balls, and he suddenly lurched. They had been so fully engorged for so long that they were now rather tender. "Oh yes, my goodness. You really are quite full, aren't you. Well, bring your little stiff man up to me and I'll see if I can take care of him."

He climbed up to the top of the bed, his head actually at the level of his bedroom window.

"You watch outdoors for your parents' car. They should be coming home soon and, if they do, it would probably be best for you to get right into bed." Frankly, if they did suddenly arrive, it would be unlikely that Miss Landers would be able to get downstairs and dressed in time, or at least it would be pretty close. Nor would he even likely tell her that they had arrived. He was not about to let this end prematurely now.

"Now, don't take too long to do this. They could be home any minute."

Taking too long was not going to be his problem. He brought his hard, stiff cock to her lips. "Goodness, Tommy," she said, "It looks a little bit bigger than before. Have you grown up somehow this evening?"

He smiled.

"I guess it's just that you look so much bigger when it's towering over me like that, right against my face." She then took hold of the shaft with her right hand, formed a big "O" with her mouth, and pulled him inside, into the warm, wet cavity of her mouth, where she greeted him with her tongue, immediately bathing the swollen bulb all over and around, sliding her soft, wet tongue across every inch of his crown, even licking up and down his slit.

"Oh my gosh, Miss Landers," he breathlessly gasped. Her soft, wet tongue felt so intensely good, so severe, so powerful.

But, she instantly pulled back, popping his cock out of her mouth. He groaned with so much disappointment. She said, "Tommy, fuck me. I want you to fuck my mouth with your big, hard manly cock. Fuck my mouth likes it's your little girlfriend's tight sweet pussy," and with that rather explicit direction she again took him into her mouth, and he did indeed proceed to fuck her, just as his teacher had instructed.

He thrust his pelvis forward, driving his cock deep down into her mouth, briefly causing her to gag, and then as quickly pulling back, not so far as to pull his cock entirely out of her mouth, but just enough to provide room to again thrust forward, then back. Back and forth he went, rapidly and repeatedly, fucking her face, her mouth, with as much frenzy as he had licked her clit.

And, Miss Landers returned the favor by keeping her tongue always in play. Licking and lapping away at the repeatedly thrusting and receding head of his dick.

It felt so good, and looked even better. For a moment he forgot about the direction to keep an eye out for his parents, as the view beneath him was so much more interesting, so much more satisfying: the pretty, sweet face of Miss Landers, being fucked by his big, manly stiff dick, his cock sometimes going deep down into her mouth, sometimes poking at nooks and crannies of her soft, yielding inner cheeks, sometimes colliding with her licking and lapping tongue.

She repeatedly would gag when he drove too far, but she didn't seem to mind. It only increased her own sense of urgency and excitement. She reached for his balls, very carefully so, as she knew how tender they were and as soon as her fingers made contact, he released his load into the receptive mouth of his babysitter, his teacher. And, it was quite a load indeed.

A young man such as Tommy naturally had quite a bit of sperm to release, and quite a bit had been generated over the hours of her continued, sustained, ruthless stimulation. The first blast hit the roof of her mouth, the second smacked right on the back of her throat, causing her to cough and gag, but she didn't want to let him escape. None of it should get onto the bedding. She had to take it all. She tried to shift the bulb around, trying to find new places to release its sticky gobs of gruel, but it wasn't easy as her mouth quickly filled with his gism.

Miss Landers was surprised at how much cum he had. He was, after all, just a little boy. But, of course, in fact, he was a robust young man with testicles that were literally bursting at the seams, a difficulty soon felt as well by Miss Lander's mouth.

Tom was oblivious to her dilemma. He was lost in his ecstasy, the intense relief and release of his orgasm, coursing through his body, his legs trembling with weakness, his heart pounding, his head feeling faint. He just gave himself over to the pleasure, the base, fundamental waves of pleasure sweeping through his entire body and exploding out through his cock into Miss Lander's womanly mouth.

Miss Landers did her best to open her throat, to let some slip down, to swallow, but it was such a sticky, thick gruel. She closed her eyes and concentrated on keeping her lips tightly closed, waiting and hoping as her cheeks filled and expanded that she had enough room to take it all, that her cheeks would continue to give, would continue to swell, that the reservoir would not burst its seams like a collapsing, crumbling dam that just had to eventually give way to the increasing volume and pressure of the boy's rising level of cum.

When he was finally done, when no longer any more appeared to be coming, Miss Landers squeezed the remaining drops from his cock and then released the bulb from her mouth, being careful not to let any of it spill out onto her breasts, the pillows, the bedding.

"Are you okay, Miss Landers?" Tom breathlessly asked, his brain dizzy with delight, noticing for the first time the distress she was in.

"Imth finth," she slurred.

"Are you sure?"

"No, reathly, ith wsth waith." She waved him off, having to get at least some of it down in order to be able to speak.

Tom smiled with relief, gratification, and triumph. What boy would not feel good, no even great, after blowing such a huge load into his pretty teacher's mouth.

As she continued to work on swallowing his thick, sticky gism, she crawled out of bed and motioned for him to get back under the covers. "Here nowth, geth some rest." She licked at her lips, her teeth, and the insides of her cheeks, trying to clean herself off like a cat who just finished a very wonderful but sloppy meal.

When he got back under the covers she tucked him in and bent over toward him, her breasts nearly falling out of her brassiere. Her ability to speak now largely recovered, she said, with a smile, "Maybe next time you can put your pee-pee in another one of my holes?" She even gave him a little kiss on the forehead. "But, of course, I suppose I won't be coming back, as you have been such a good boy."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied in sweet, blissful satisfaction as she picked up her panties, and slipped back into her heels. As she was about to leave the room she turned back and said, "Sweet dreams, Tommy," and then softly shut the door behind her.

He would sleep so well that night, and he vowed that the next time his parents left him home alone, he would have another party.