Sunshine at the Bachelorette Party


After the unbelievable spectacles I had just witnessed up to this point while attending Thor and Cindy's wedding, I could never have imagined that there could possibly be any more to behold; but there was. Late in the evening, after the "I do's" had been said, as the champagne flowed and people danced, I looked around the banquet room at the festivities and marveled at how beautiful it all was. Gorgeous women in sexy dresses, dashing gents in tux and tails, it almost seemed like the set of a soap opera. This clan into which Thor had married were truly bold and beautiful, and rich as shit.

Sunshine was sitting knee to knee with another of the bridesmaids, chattering away enthusiastically. I was glad to see my wife enjoying herself at her brother's wedding. Cindy was dragging Thor from table to table, collecting cash goodies in a silk bag and introducing her new husband to a variety of her friends and relatives. This was a good time for me to empty my bladder, so off to the men's room I went.

Others seemed to have the same idea because there were two groomsmen in there talking to each other as they washed their hands at the sink. Gary, one of the groomsmen whose name I actually learned, smiled broadly at me as I entered.

"Dude, glad you're here," he said, tossing a wad of paper towel into the garbage can on the wall. "We've got something to show you that will blow you away!"

"Yeah, dude! Meet us at the elevator when you're finished," said the other guy whose name I never did get.

In the elevator on the way up to Gary's room he explained.

"So, Phil got lucky and fucked one of the bridesmaids last night, but that's not all."

"Yeah, when she left his room early this morning she unknowingly dropped a little portable video camera from her purse."

"And Phil watched what was on it and it was all the stuff the girls were doing at their bachelorette party!"

"But hey man, you can't tell Thor, OK?"

"My lips are sealed," I said as we entered his room. Once in the room, Gary pulled out this little hand held camera from a drawer. It was a little bigger than a deck of cards, and half of it folded open to expose a little video screen that actually had amazing clarity. We all huddled around him watching the images over his shoulder.

"Dude, evidently they had their bachelorette party in one of the girls' rooms where they hired a male stripper like we did for Thor." He paused and looked at both of us. "Well, you know what I mean." We all laughed.

"Ooh, ooh, here he comes," said Gary full of excitement. The video revealed the girls drinking and dancing to music. Whoever the photographer was, she was doing a good job capturing all the action. I caught a few glimpses of my wife, Sunshine dancing and laughing with the other girls. I don't think these guys knew that Sunshine and I were married.

The camera panned to the door and closed in on a good looking man dressed in a tuxedo. As he entered, a collective "Whoo!" went up from the girls. He wasted no time in getting started, as it turned out his tuxedo was a rip-away costume, leaving him in only a white collar, black bow tie, and some sort of red, male sock-thong thing. We all laughed hysterically at it. None of us would ever be seen wearing something so ridiculous. It was built like a jock strap, but instead of a pouch to hold your package, nuts and all, it had a form fitting tube of material that held his pecker with a pouch at the base to hold his balls.

"Thor would never be able to wear that thing," said the guy whose name I didn't get. Nevertheless, he still had a rather impressive package that he swung around at the girls in time with the music.

"Dude, fast forward to the good parts."

Gary pushed a button and the images sped up as the male stripper made his rounds, showing off his stuff, until one point where it was obvious that he had allowed himself to grow hard and was making pelvic thrusts toward each of the girls including the camera operator. Then at some point it seemed as if the girls pulled Cindy into the middle to be the sole recipient of the stripper's ministrations. Gary pushed another button and the images slowed back to regular speed.

The stripper gyrated in front of a clearly blushing Cindy, squatting down in front of her and sliding his hands up and down her hips to the whoops and giggles of the bridesmaids. Then, he looked over his shoulder at the camera, winked, and began to inch the bottom of her tight dress up eventually exposing the nasty little micro G-string all the girls were wearing.

He gently pushed Cindy down to sit on the bed and had her lay back so that her toes still touched the floor. She lifted her head and propped herself up on her elbows so she could see what he had in store for her. Slowly he began to kiss all the plump smooth skin of her inner thighs. After a few minutes of teasing kisses he flattened his tongue onto the green material covering her pussy, soaking the material with his saliva as he licked back and forth. The girls cheered and Cindy smiled as the pleasure of what this man was doing began to sink in.

Now that the gusset of her panties was soaked a darker shade of green, you could see the puffy ridges and folds of her pussy. The camera zoomed in. The details were so clear that it looked like Cindy's panties had been painted on.

""Whoa, you can even see her clit sticking out through the material!"

The camera pulled back as the stripper stood up and flopped his sheathed pud down onto Cindy's panty covered pussy. Slowly he dragged it back and forth as Cindy's mouth dropped open and her eyelids grew heavy with the increased pleasure. He quickened the pace and Cindy began to moan softly.

"Go Cindy, Go Cindy, Go Cindy..." the girls chanted as his pistoning penis pushed her closer to orgasm.

"Man, doesn't look like she's gonna last very long," I said.

As if sensing the same, the stripper lunged forward on top of her, posting his hands on the bed and grinding his rigid rod as hard as he could onto Cindy's panty covered clit. The little G-string rolled itself down enough for her clit to peek over the top each time he dragged his cock backwards across her mound, only to be covered again as the material rolled back up with his forward thrust.

Cindy squeezed her eyes shut, and groaned and shuddered as the friction increased. Her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around his hips as she succumbed to the intensity of her orgasm. Then she screamed and everybody froze.

This wasn't your normal guttural scream of passion, but rather a high pitched, ear-splitting wail that could have been confused with the sounds associated with murder. The stripper stopped immediately and looked down, worried that he'd somehow hurt the poor woman. Someone turned off the music as another girl rushed over to see if she could somehow assist the trembling Cindy. The stripper stood up and backed away from his "victim," his hand over his mouth as a gesture of genuine concern.

Cindy had gripped handfuls of bedding and appeared to be having an epileptic seizure. One girl stroked her hair as Cindy eventually calmed down. Like a groggy drunk awakening from a night of boozing, Cindy slowly opened her eyes. The mood quickly changed when she suddenly smiled and said, "Woo! That was a good one!"

Everyone laughed and cheered and helped her to her feet. We looked at each other as the video continued to play, our mouths open in disbelief.

"Holy shit, how the fuck does she handle Thor?" said my nameless acquaintance.

"I want some," said a petite little blond, hiking up her skirt and laying down on the bed next to Cindy

"Dude, fast-forward to that other girl. You have got to see this."

The images sped up again. I could see the stripper applying the same treatment to two more girls as he ground his pecker onto their mounds and had them trembling in orgasm at 36 times the normal speed of life. Then it looked like girls were gathering their things and the party were breaking up. The door opened and closed a number of times and the images on the screen raced about until Gary slowed it down again with the push of a button.

There was no music playing, so you could clearly hear the stripper ask my wife, "How about you, love? You want some?" He had a British accent.

"No, I don't think so," said Sunshine.

"Oh, go on," said Cindy. "I won't tell."

She smirked back at Cindy and put her hands on her hips. "I don't think he could handle this."

"Oooh," said the three girls left in the room. The stripper smiled and walked over to Sunshine, stroking the red sheath covering his cock.

"Well, aren't you the cheeky one," he quipped. "Awfully sure of yourself, aren't you?"

"With good reason," she quickly retorted.

This was a side of Sunshine I'd never experienced in all my time with her. I think her clothing had unveiled an aspect of her personality even she didn't know she had.

"Well, I'll take that as a challenge," said the Brit, stroking his still sheathed cock to maximum hardness. The underside of the material covering his cock had grown a darker shade of red from all of the moisture he'd coaxed out of his previous conquests. His balls were no longer covered by the little sack of material that was meant to hold them, but bulged out under the elastic band, smoothly shaved and heavy.

Sunshine hiked up her skirt and lay down on the bed, assuming the same position the other girls had.

"Go ahead, climb on," she said, grabbing her knees and spreading her legs lewdly.

The Brit climbed on top of Sunshine and, dispensing with the preliminary dragging of his engorged pecker slowly over her pussy, proceeded to grind his hard cock into her mound with all his might right from the beginning. Back and forth he drove his body. The heat from the friction must have been intense, and if it weren't for the dampness of the material between them, both parties could have suffered some nasty rug burns.

Back and forth, and back and forth, the Brit ground his straining pecker against her plump pudenda. He stared intently into her eyes. Of course, I was struck by the similarity of the situations the two siblings had been in, each without the knowledge of the other.

"Get to the good part. Get to the good part."

"Yeah, this goes on for like ten minutes," said Gary, again hitting the fast-forward button until the images almost blurred with speed.

"Look, there it goes, there it goes! Slow down!" said the other guy, looking over Gary's right shoulder.

Gary hit the button and the image returned to normal speed and the sound kicked back in. The Brit's eyes were squeezed shut and you could hear him saying, "Ah, ah, ah..." in time with his thrusting. The camera zoomed in on his cock and you could see that the seam on the underside of his garment had split just below the head and the pink skin of his penis shone through.

One thrust, two thrusts, and then his cock head popped through the tiny opening as the seam unraveled. The camera pulled back so that you could see Cindy crawl up on the bed next to Sunshine. Gary said, "Watch this."

The Brit grunted and stiffened as Cindy exclaimed, "Not on her dress!"

Cindy grabbed his cock and pointed it toward her own open mouth just as he erupted. The first shot grazed the side of her cheek, missing both girls and landing on the bed. The second caught her right in the back of her throat causing her to gag and retch momentarily, but she didn't pull away. Undaunted as she was and determined to save the dress of her maid of honor, she opened her mouth wider and caught the last three ejaculations on her cupped tongue. She swallowed that mouth full and even coaxed the remaining jism from his spasaming pecker by expertly tickling the underside of the head of his penis with the tip of her tongue.

Finally, with his balls drained and his erection subsiding, all three stood up and rearranged their clothing as the screen went to static and Gary quickly turned off the device and snapped it shut.

"Remember, nobody knows I have this," he said closing the door behind us as we headed back to the reception.