The Board Meeting - by Misterstarkers


Marie Marchette settled into her chair at the boardroom conference table. She had just been elected Chairwoman of the board of the major delivery company at which she had been an aggressive leader for years. She had been the one who suggested dropping the archaic term of "chairperson", since virtually all leaders were women. The word "chairman" was becoming almost laughable these days. What group of women in business would stand by and be directed by a man, those naked members of society. The very idea of a naked man standing at the head of the room, running the show, was ridiculous.
The last male chair of this board had been such a funny spectacle as he stood naked, speaking to the mostly female board. The meeting broke down in fits of laughter several times. We can't seriously operate with a naked chairman, the women thought, and it had led to a move among the women to replace him. This all occurred shortly after the Enforced Male Nudity Act was passed into law.
Grant Parkerson had founded the company. He now held the position of Attendant at board meetings, and General Office attendant in the corporate office. This mainly consisted of waiter duties such as serving coffee, making photocopies, and other general errands as needed. It was a more fitting job for someone required to be nude.

Grant came into the room and busied himself with making coffee and tidying up a few things, as the women of the board took their places around the table. They began by settling the matter of minor route changes for some of the branch offices. Then they approved the purchase of a building for a new branch that was to open soon.
The final matter for discussion was in regard to policies on employee appearance. Sally introduced the topic. "This company has become the industry leader in many aspects of the business. Our branches are leading the competition in almost every market we serve. One of the selling points is our friendly, smiling service by the hunkiest male drivers we can recruit. Some of our best clients have suggested that we show off our 'assets' better, by requiring the males to be clean-shaven in the pubic area. A proposal to set an official policy is before the board. Please review it, and we will discuss it."

Grant walked around the table, placing a copy of the proposed regulation in front of each woman. One or two of them gave him a little pat on his bare bottom as he passed by. He didn't particularly appreciate it, but knew better than to protest. He had once done the same thing to a female employee, and some of these women knew that. Now that the tables were turned, he had to swallow the same treatment that he once doled out. And often more. He was naked, which offered greater liberties with his body to these women.

"The proposed policy states that all male personnel must comply with a daily inspection of his pubic area by the office manager, or a female supervisor. The man's scrotum must be kept shaven in all cases. The bush of hair above the base of the penis must be shaved in a one inch perimeter around the penis, at minimum. It is preferred that it be completely shaven off, but some of the drivers have wives, who may prefer some hair on their men. We do have to defer to wives, who have more say over their men than we do, but we need a fairly standard rule of uniformity," Sally explained.

"Personally, I would like to immerse them in a depilatory cream from the neck down," offered Rona. She saw Grant wince at that remark, but he said nothing.

"Yes, that would be fun for you, I know," said Anita. "But not all of us want our men totally smooth, like little boys."

"Oh, quit protecting that Danny of yours, Anita. You have a thing for that particular worker, don't you?" Rona shot back, in her bitchiest tone. "Men are all just little boys inside. The bodies grow up, but they don't. They are so fragile in some ways."
"I know that! But I like them to look natural, and so do many of their wives," Anita replied.
"Well, as long as it is the preferences of the wives we are catering to, that is a valid point. But don't forget to consider the preferences of the paying customers, too! That's where our income base lies," Marie interjected, to mediate the budding cat-fight. "Just don't start pandering to the preferences of the males. The grooming of their pubes is a matter of taste for the women who view their penises, and it should not concern any of us what the man himself thinks of having it shaved. No one asked them their opinion when the law stripped them of clothes. We don't expect to get their permission when we put the leash on their dicks. So why would you ask a man whether he wants his crotch shaved. If you don't want hair on him there, you shave it off of him."

At this point, she called Grant over. She stood and gripped him by his penis and led him over to the wet bar, in view of the women. He kept an electric shaver there, for touch-up grooming. Marie disdained facial hair, and made him keep it immaculately shaved clean. She withdrew the shaver, and buzzed off the bush of dark blond hairy curls above his penis. The rest of his crotch was already smooth. "It is as simple as that, ladies!" Marie presented his hairless crotch to the amused women. "If you want your man bald-crotched, shave him!"

Grant was a single man. Marie knew he didn't have a wife to complain about this, or to decide it for him. As her personal attendant in the office, she claimed the power to make that decision about him, and this was her dramatic way of showing the other ladies how she expected them to handle the men under their supervision. "Ladies, if he doesn't have a wife to make the decision on such a matter, make the decision yourself, and enforce it, as I just did. When the hair is gone, its gone. He can't stick it back on. Tell him that's how it is! If you can't decide such a trivial matter as a man's pubic hair, how did you get to this Board of Directors?"

Walking back to her chair, she said, "What I propose as policy is as follows:
For married men, send a notice home recommending the shaving of his crotch. If she agrees, it will be kept shaven. If she objects, you must legally defer to her preference for grooming her man.
For single men, order their compliance with the shaved-crotch policy. If they have objections, do as I just did with Grant, here. College girls often shave their boyfriends according to their own taste, with no problem. Can't you do the same?"

Grant was bending over, his naked rear facing the women, as he cleaned his shaven pubic curlies from the shiny hardwood floor of the conference room. Marie walked back to him, still holding the shaver. She placed a hand firmly on his stooped back, telling him to stay put. She began to shave the darker hairs curling along the cleavage of his buttocks, and around his anus, which winked as he contracted it in nervous embarassment, knowing that the several ladies present were watching. He moved slightly away when he felt a pinch, as a hair got caught and pulled by the shaver.
"Be still!" she scolded him. Finishing the shave, she grabbed a paddle and gave him several stinging smacks to his naked bottom. This left a warm, red glow on the fleshy tenderness of his soft buns. The unexpected shaving and spanking had been a sudden shock, and left him teary-eyed as he turned to face the women.
"Just overgrown boys. A good spanking still comes in handy for them, you see!"



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