Indian Lake - A CFNM Tale By Katrina


Katrina is becoming a pretty prolific writer of CFNM-focused erotica, having wrote a handful of intensely descriptive and LONG CFNM stories the past couple years. Katrina's been recently posting her stories at the Sensations 4 Women CFNM forum and I was fortunately given her personal permission to share her fantastic stories here! Be sure to leave any and all comments on what you think of this story and if you'd like to read any others. Thanks again Katrina, and keep writing!

Back in the early seventies, me and my older sister “Beth” would occasionally go to the cabin we owned at Indian Lake during the summer. It was a two bedroom log cabin that my Dad and his buddies built back in the 50’s. It was located in a great spot about 50 yards from the edge of the lake. The only thing me and Beth didn’t like about it was the community showers at the end of the campground. Since I was only 16 and she was 21 (and terribly shy about our bodies), we weren’t exactly thrilled about showering in a big open shower room with no partitions. We would wait until everybody was gone before we would take ours. (and then we would still only shower one at a time).

Well since our parents weren’t doing anything next weekend, we decided to take Mom’s car and go to Indian Lake. Just one more weekend getaway before high school started back up for me, and the final year of college for her. Our Father was strict and kept us on a short leash, but our Mom was pretty laid back. She told us that we could start dating at 16, but if our Father ever found out that we did anything more than kiss, he would take away our trust fund, like he had always promised. Well, that was enough for us, because we wanted that money bad. Besides, as Mom always used to say to us girls, there’s more than one way to enjoy boys, you know.

Me and my sister never really understood what she meant by that, so that night, after my Father had went to bed, the three of us stayed up, drinking wine and watching Johnny Carson. We somehow got on the subject and Beth asked her what she meant when she would say that about “enjoying boys”. I guess Mom was the “straw that stirred everybody’s drink” back when she was in high school, because she told us about how her and her girlfriends would tease boys and get them to do just about anything for them. I said, oh yeah, like what ?

Well, you name it, she said, but I shouldn’t be telling you girls stuff like this, it’ll give you the wrong impression. You know I stayed a virgin until I married your Father, but we still had fun. Beth said, come on, just tell us one thing. Well, OK, one thing, but you can never tell anybody, or your Mother will kill you dead. (yeah, yeah, whatever)

Well, she said, me and my girlfriends knew where the boys would skinny-dip, and we would go down to the river and watch them. I looked at Beth and she looked at me, and at the same time we said, Jesus Mom !. I know, I know, she said, me and my girlfriends were all still virgins, but we were a horny bunch. Well, I said, come on, tell us more. Where did this happen ? She said, actually, it’s a special place right down the road from Indian Lake. There’s a beautiful river there that isn’t too deep and has a nice sandy shoreline

You mean the river we used to fish at ? That’s it, she said. In fact, if you go to the spot that we usually fish from and take the path to the right, you’ll come to a point where there is clearing with a big tree that hangs out over the river with a rope hanging off of it. Yeah, we’ve been there before, Beth said, we stopped there when we went canoeing last summer, remember ?. Oh yeah, I said, I remember, it had a campfire still smoldering from the night before.

Mom continued, you see girls, back in those days, all the boys skinny-dipped. It was something they all got used to doing from swimming at the YMCA. The guys swam naked at the YMCA ?, Beth asked, Yep, said Mom, they always swam naked, no matter where they were, and they never thought twice about it. Back in the 50’s, me and my sisters would go with Momma to pick up my brother sometimes, and all of the boys from our school and even their fathers would be walking around or swimming naked in the pool area. Momma always told us that we could look, but we couldn’t stare.

Me and Beth’s mouth hit the floor. Well, what happened to that tradition ?, I asked. Well, what changed it was the 60’s, and the equality for black people that came with it. After that, the YMCA started getting more and more black men to join, and that was it for us girls enjoying the sight of the opposite sex swimming naked, at least at the YMCA. When black men started swimming naked in front of all of us white girls, the white men who were set in the old ways got really upset. White fathers don’t take too kindly to allowing their little white daughters to see full grown black men naked.

I only saw one naked black man before they closed it off to us females, she said, but it was a sight I’ll never forget. Beth asked, well, is it true what they say about black men ?. Mom looked at us, paused a moment, and said, well, let me put it this way, It looked about the same size as a black baby’s arm. Jeez ! no kidding ?, I said. Yep, she continued, and I almost passed out when he walked by me with that thing swinging back and forth. I remember him smiling at me when he noticed the terrorized look on my face.

He knew I couldn’t stop watching him either, because he proceeded to give me a show, or maybe more like an education. He turned around and walked away from me, giving me a chance to get a good look at his tight, black buttocks. I stared at his muscular ass cheeks as he walked in to the men’s locker room and entered the showers. From where I was sitting in the corner of the pool area, I could see right in to the far corner of the men’s showers because the door was always propped open. Since all the men and boys were already naked, there was no since in worrying about privacy.

I remember seeing him walk over to this corner and turn on the shower head and slowly turn around, facing me. He looked over and smiled at me sitting in the corner about 40 feet away, watching him take a shower. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from watching this well built, naked black man lather himself up under the water.

He made sure I was watching when he reached down and grabbed his ridiculously huge, black penis and lift it up as he stroked it at me. I don’t think I was more than 12 years old at the time, sitting there by myself, in my little wool tartan skirt and white blouse, looking around to see if anybody else was watching this. Needless to say, I was beginning to feel very embarrassed knowing he was looking at me while I watched him masturbate.

My face got flushed with excitement and I started to feel light headed. He was taking a risk doing that in the showers, as anybody could have walked in on him, but obviously he thought the experience was worth it. I would look at him, then look away, and then look back, giving him parting glances. I could see his big black balls swing as he stroked himself before my innocent eyes.

Soon, I couldn’t take it anymore and I got up before anybody saw me watching him. I walked over to where my mother was standing and tried to regain my composure. She looked down at me and said, why don’t you go get your brother, he’s in the locker room. Oh my God, I thought, I have to walk through the men’s showers to get to the locker room !. Momma said, hurry up and get him, because we are leaving.

So I gathered up all of my courage and walked over and strolled in to the men’s shower room. There he still stood, the large naked black man, underneath the shower head. He had stopped masturbating and was just washing himself off. But as soon as I walked in to the showers, he smiled and turned towards me and started back up again. I froze in my tracks, mesmerized by his forwardness. Here I stood, a little 12 year old white girl with my curly blonde hair, wearing my little school girl outfit, watching a naked black man, standing only 10 feet away, masturbating in front of me.

I watched what he was doing to his huge black erection for a few seconds until I became light headed. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and then opened them back up, only to see that he had walked right up to me. I was frozen with fear. He was much taller than me obviously, so when I opened my eyes, I was looking straight at his huge black hard-on. I was so shocked that I think I went in to a trance.
I looked up in to his eyes and he smiled back at me. I couldn’t help myself as I stared at his massive black erection which pointed right at me, only inches from my face. I could see the black fuzz that covered his gigantic balls.

I remembered my 12 inch ruler in grade school and thinking his penis was easily that long, maybe longer. He began stroking it again, right in front of my face. I couldn’t believe he was so brazen and shameless as to masturbate in front of a little 12 year old blonde, fully dressed school girl. If any one saw us, we would have made the newspapers. He must have realized how curious I was and that I probably wasn’t going to tell anyone, because, to my wide-eyed surprise, he started stroking his penis faster and faster, and his chest started heaving, from him breathing deeper and deeper. He turned a little to the side, and let out a groan as white creamy fluid spurted from the tip of his penis. It shot out at least 2 feet on to the shower room floor, one squirt after another. He reached down with his other hand and gripped his balls, squeezing out all of his semen.

I can only imagine what my mother would of done if she saw this large naked black man jerking off his gigantic hard-on in front of her little daughter’s face. I looked down at the contrast of his black nakedness and my little white shirt and tartan skirt. The thought of someone catching us soon came to me, so I covered my mouth and ran in to the locker room to look for my little brother.

Obviously, I’ll never forget that day, as it was probably the most exciting sexual experience I had, growing up. Well, with that, Mom says, the wine is definitely getting to me girls, so I’m going to bed. Yeah, I thought, she wants to go to bed all right.

I told her that before you go to bed, she had to tell us about this swimming hole down by the river. She said, just go there with your boyfriends, they’ll know what to do. God knows the boys that me and my girlfriends all grew up with did. What do you mean ?, Beth asked. They will skinny-dip in front of us, without us asking them to ?! Well sure, honey, that’s what boy’s love to do, among other things.

Like what other things ? I asked. Well, … oh God, I can’t believe I’m telling you girls all this. OK, but this is the last thing I’ll say. Well, every once in awhile, one of the boys that was skinny-dipping would sneak away in to the woods. My girlfriends and I would sneak through the woods and follow him. We all knew he didn’t have to pee, because they did that in the river. No, see, a boy who sneaks off naked in to the woods, does so to be alone with his penis.

Oh my God !, I blurt out, you and all of your girlfriends would watch boys masturbate in the woods ?! My Mom just smiled back at me. Beth falls over and rolls on the floor and starts laughing hysterically. Pretty soon, all three of us are cracking up. Jesus Mom, you were so perverted ! Didn’t you ever get caught ?! I ask.
Honey, she said, some of the boys wanted us to watch, just like the black man at the YMCA !

She said, once, me and my three girlfriends got ballsy one day after cheerleader practice, watching several boys from our high school skinny-dip, when all of a sudden, one of the naked boys sneaks away in to the woods. We followed behind him and kind of sneaked up on him as he was laying flat on his back, naked and rubbing his penis. We all quietly stood around him as he masturbated with his eyes closed. He was so into it, he didn’t even realize we were all standing over him with our hands over our mouths. We must have stood there in silence for five minutes, as he pleasured himself in front of us.

As he was about to finish, Marcy let out a little snicker, and the boy opened his eyes to see us three girls hovering over him wearing the biggest smiles he’s ever seen. Well, it was too late to do anything because his stuff started shooting up in to the air. We clapped and cheered as he kept masturbating until he was finished.

Realizing that three girls all dressed in cheerleader outfits had just watched him do something incredibly embarrassing, he tried to get up and run back to the lake, but we jumped on him, tackling him back to the ground. We were all laughing hysterically as we all grabbed an arm or a leg and held him down. It must of looked like cowboys and Indians as there was one girl pulling on each leg, and me holding his wrists. He was facing up, so as he flopped around, so did his penis, which we could tell was still leaking.

This must have been a sight to see, with three high school cheerleaders in their cheerleader outfits, holding a naked, writhing boy, out in broad daylight. His friends would have crucified him until the day he died if they saw this. We finally let him down to the ground, mainly because we were laughing so hard at him and his softening penis. He hit the ground and quickly rolled over on his stomach, to cover his embarrassment.

This gave us girls a chance to grab his little white buttocks and give them a squeeze. It was at this second that I became fascinated with the male butt, along with the rest of my friends. It was so soft, yet so firm. We all took turns spanking him, making his butt cheeks turn bright red. Eventually, he wrestled free of us and got up and ran away.
We couldn’t stop laughing as we watched his reddened butt cheeks run into the woods. We girls talked about that for the rest of the school year. Every time we saw him at school, we would giggle and pat his ass, asking him if he’s jerked off lately.

Well, that was it. For the rest of the night, the male anatomy was all that Beth and I talked about. How could we get boys to get naked and jerk-off for us ? I said, hey, I know, why don’t we invite the two brothers that we met at Tina’s pool party a few weeks ago. They seemed nice enough and they were certainly hot looking. Yeah, Beth said, did you notice how the swim suit hugged the younger one’s ass when he got out of the pool. I’ve got to see more of that !. Fine, I said, you call them.

Well, the next day, Beth walks in to my bedroom and says, guess what ? Steve and his younger brother Robbie are in ! Who, I ask ? You know, the brothers we talked about. Oh, is that their names ?, I couldn’t remember. Well, Beth says, they remember us, because they said “yes” instantly. So next Friday, The weekend getaway was on !

So me and Beth planned everything out, Friday afternoon we would drive to their house and pick up the boys, ( unbeknownst to our parents), and drive to Indian Lake. We would spend the night in separate bedrooms, but the next morning, it would be off to the special spot at the river. (hopefully for some serious male nudity). Beth said she would prefer it if she could be with Robbie. I was surprised because Steve is a college senior and Robbie was just a high school sophomore like me. But she insisted that the younger boy was hers. I said fine, no problem, I thought Steve was cuter anyways, besides, the thought of having a college senior jerk-off in front of my 16 year old eyes was too much for me to comprehend.

So Friday afternoon, we drive over and pick up Steve and Robbie, who looked even better than I remember. Both brothers are blonde, tan, and personable. Steve looked older than 21 and Robbie looked younger then 16, but they acted like typical brothers. They put their stuff in the trunk and hopped in the car and away we went. We had a two hour drive, so we all got to know each other pretty good. Once we got to the cabin and unpacked, Steve broke out the weed.

Beth was used to smoking pot in college, and I had toked a few times this past summer, so it was not that big a deal to us. We whispered to each other not to let them get past first base, no matter how high we got. Well, as usual, all the pot did was make us all tired, hungry, and horny. Steve and I laid on one couch while Robbie and Beth laid on the other couch, watching TV. I couldn’t help but notice how much taller Beth was than Robbie, being five years older than him. But I’m sure the thought of making out with a college girl was every boy’s dream at that age.

We scarfed down bags of chips, smoked reefer, drank Pepsi, and made out like horny teenagers. After Steve crushed out the last doobie, he laid back down next to me and started to kiss me and rub my crotch. Since he wasn’t in my pants, I decided that was OK, besides it felt pretty good with my buzz. After a few minutes, I looked over and saw Beth on top of Robbie on the other couch, making out. Well, we were all still dressed, so that should still make Father happy, I thought.

Since Steve was rubbing my crotch, I felt it was only right that I return the favor, so I reached down and started rubbing his bulge through his shorts. The first thing I noticed was just how hard his boner was. I’ve never felt a hard-on through a boy’s pants before, but I always imagined it would feel wonderful, and I was right. I realized that after a few minutes of this, that this big college boy wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I noticed this because I was able to manipulate his bulge and actually push downward on his hard-on, pointing it down one side of his pants leg. (the shorts that boys wear today are long, but the shorts that boys wore back then were kind of short). So short, in fact, that the head of his penis was practically sticking out of the bottom of his shorts, pointing right at Beth on the other couch !

I couldn’t see it from where I was laying, but Beth obviously could when she looked in our direction, because I saw her eyes open wide and gleam at it. This obviously has put Beth in to overdrive, because next thing I know, her hands are inside the front of Robbie’s gym shorts and she’s rubbing his crotch.

As I am kissing Steve, I’m also watching what my stoned sister is doing out of the corner of my eye. In what seemed like slow motion, Beth pushes down the front the elastic waistband of Robbie’s shorts, slowly revealing his pubic hair and then in one quick motion, Robbie’s sixteen year old boner pops out and she grabs a hold of it. This is my first look at a penis, and its raging hard-on. I think, oh man, Beth’s got him right where she wants him now.

I look at her hand and I think to myself, she barely knew this boy a few hours ago, now she’s got her hand around the base of this boy’s 6 inch erection, waving it around for her little sister to see !. I can tell that Robbie is trying to hide it so no one sees, but Beth won’t let him put it away. She’s got one hand on the back of his head, deep kissing him, and her other hand has a tight grip around his hard penis . What a sight, a college girl’s hand around a high school hard-on !


My crotch is getting wetter and wetter because I have been deep kissing Steve for awhile, groping his erection. But besides that, I am also getting wet from watching what my sister is doing to his brother’s dick and balls, which are now totally exposed. Beth is now lying to the side of Robbie with her knee bent up in between his legs, pushing up on his exposed ball sack.

Watching this is driving me absolutely insane, because every time she would raise her knee in to his balls, she would loosen her grip on his boner. When she would lower her knee, she would tighten her grip. After a few minutes of her doing this to him, I notice that some kind of clear fluid is leaking out of the top of his penis. Later, Beth would tell me that this was Robbie’s pre-cum, and that he was well on his way to having an orgasm.

I look over at her, as if to say, good grief sister, who taught you that ? She sees me looking at what she’s doing to Robbie’s cock and balls and just smiles back and winks. Oh man, what a night this is turning out to be. Well Steve starts to undo my pants button, but I say no, I can’t. I just met you, it wouldn’t be right. He understands and whispers he’s sorry. Don’t be, I say, it was fun. Thanks for the reefer, but I am getting tired, I think I’ll turn in for the night.

So I get up and look down at Beth and Robbie and say, good night you two. Beth slowly pushes off of him and he quickly covers up before his brother sees anything. I look at Robbie’s face and I smile at him. His face is beat red because he knows that not only have I seen his balls, but I’ve also seen his hard dick, (which my sister has waved in the air at me for the last 30 minutes).

I quickly look away and Beth follows me into the bedroom, giggling like a little girl. Did you see how his dick responded to that ?, she whispers. Well, it was kind of hard not to. Did you see Steve’s dick ? I ask. I saw the head of it, she says, and man, oh man, that boy has got a big one. I know, I said, I’ve been rubbing it for over an hour. I think I got carpel tunnel.

So the brothers end up crashing on the two couches with the TV on, while Beth and I fall asleep talking about how we’re going to get them naked for us tomorrow. The next morning, after we cooked breakfast for them, we packed a gym bag full of towels, food, Pepsi, and suntan lotion and headed for the special spot down by the river. Beth and I both notice that the brothers are wearing jean shorts. We look at each other and wink, giggling again underneath our breath.

We told them that we’re headed to a secret place that was special and that we could be alone there and swim all afternoon. Sounds good to us, they both say. I look at Beth who is staring at both of their asses. Yeah, this is going to great, all right.

Well when we get to the clearing, there are already some people swimming in the river. There were five of them, two of them being girls. So the four of us went to the far side of the clearing and spread out our towels and just laid out on the shore, to bask in the sun. I liked the fact that all four of us were wearing jean shorts, with Beth and me in our halter tops. I turned the radio on and put my sandals underneath my head. For some reason, everybody else was laying back completely flat.

Sitting up slightly allowed me to occasionally open my eyes and catch a glimpse of the people swimming about 20 yards away. They were a rowdy bunch, laughing and splashing about. Well, it must of looked as though I had my eyes closed behind my sunglasses, because one of the guys starts wading out of the water, heading up to the shore.

As I peered out of one eye, I could see the guy slowly strolling out of the river, little by little, the water line revealing more and more of his torso until his dark pubic hair was visible and then, oh my God, I whisper, Beth, check this out, that guy is naked !. Beth sits up, with her mouth open and starts giggling. Steve and Robbie sit up too and both say, yeah, so what, it’s a free country. I look over at Beth and smile, shaking my head as to say, YES ! nice attitude boys !

Well, it doesn’t take long for the rest of the other boys to wade out naked, none of them looking older than 16. Beth and I can’t believe ours eyes. I tell Beth this must be like what Mom and her girlfriends saw here decades ago, you know ? The other two girls with them were wearing bikinis. They looked a little older than the naked boys did and started wading in to shore behind them. Me and Beth watched as the two girls toweled off the naked boys and handed them their shorts.

While staring at the three boys, I noticed that all of them are tan from head to toe, but have different body shapes. One boy has a very small penis, while the other two have larger ones. One boy has blonde pubic hair and the other two are darker. Beth asks, is that one kid uncircumcised ? Steve sits up and says, yep, you never seen one ? I look at him and say, what kind of girls do you think we are ? We’ve never seen any boy’s penis, except babysitting, and that doesn’t count ! Jeez, I’m only 16. Then Beth says, speak for yourself, sister, I’ve been in college for three years, I’ve seen my share of penises and then some. Besides, what about last night ?

My mouth drops and I look over at Robbie and he is flushed with embarrassment. He knows that Beth made sure that I saw her gripping his hard penis last night, waving it at me, and even watched her play with his ball sack. Even though we were all high as a kite, he knows I’ve seen everything he has.

Suddenly, we hear the other people start laughing and shouting. So we look over at them, only to see that two of the naked boys are wrestling on the bank. I look at Beth and she looks as excited as I am, watching this erotic sight before us. The naked boys are flipping about and all you can see is the muscles of their legs and asses and their balls, locked in a leg lock, one trying to get on top of the other one. I never thought the sight of watching two young naked boys wrestling would be erotic, but it was. I bet Beth wishes the high school wrestling team wrestled like this.

So the party of five pack up and walk past us, both girls smile at Beth and I and tell us, the river’s all yours girls, as they all walk by and go up the path. This strikes me and Beth as a little strange, like it’s some special place to bring boys and get them naked or something.

We move all of our towels and stuff over to where they were and break out the sodas and sandwiches. Steve and Robbie each down a Pepsi and go over and climb up the rope tree. I looked at both of them, shirtless in their jean shorts, thinking of what Beth and I did to them last night. How their balls must be the size of grapefruits after all of the teasing we gave them. I said, look at them Beth, aren’t they both gorgeous ? Yeah, she said, imagine how gorgeous they’ll be when they’re both swinging naked from that rope !. Oh man, I just got the visual on that. OK, so how do we get them naked ?

Well, Beth says, this is America, …lets just ask them. Hey ! she screams, why don’t you guys skinny-dip, you know, like the last boys did ?! Or are you worried you might not measure up ? Steve looks at Robbie’s face and just starts cracking up. Robbie, on the other hand, is visibly embarrassed again. Even though he’s grinning, Robbie’s face is beat red, especially when Steve starts trying to de-pants him. Well this makes us girls hoot and holler as both brothers try and de-pants the other.

After a few minutes of this brotherly wrestling match, Robbie swings out on the rope with Steve holding on to him. They get out over the middle of the river, when the taller and heavier Steve slides down Robbie’s torso, pulling off his younger brother’s shorts as he lets go of the rope, and plunges in to the river. And for a brief second, we see Robbie’s naked ass, before he hits the water, cussing like a sailor. Steve now has Robbie’s shorts as he comes up for air and tosses them on the bank.

I look at Beth and she says, I told you he’d have an incredible ass, let’s go ! Beth runs over and scoops Robbie’s shorts up, waving them in the air, dancing around in a victory dance. Steve is laughing so hard at Robbie that he’s practically silent. Robbie is smiling, trying to be a good sport about it all, but keeps pleading with Beth to throw him back his shorts. Well, she says, it ain’t happening, sport.

Sensing Robbie’s humiliation, and being a good brother, Steve says, here little brother, if it will make you happy, and takes off his shorts underwater and throws them in my direction. Thank you Jesus, we finally have these boys skinny-dipping for us, just like my Mother promised !

So I run over and pick up Steve’s shorts and fold them neatly and place them under my arms and sit back down. Beth does the same with Robbie’s. We sit and watch as both boys swim and frolic in the water. Steve yells back, OK girls, it’s you turn, take off your clothes and get in the water. Are you high ? Beth says, this swimming hole is for boys to skinny-dip, not girls, besides, nice girls like us don’t do stuff like that.

Well, it didn’t seem to stop you girls last night. I said, what ? we stayed dressed, we didn’t have sex. I said you boys are the ones that look like you need some release, especially from last night. Both Steve and Robbie look at each other and nod in agreement, yeah, that’s for sure, they say. Do you girls want to help us with some sexual release, or do you just tease boys until they explode ?

Beth yells back, you guys seem like smart boys, you figure it out. Well, that must of done it for them, because here they come, out of the water, coming towards us. Oh crap, I exclaim, they’re coming for their shorts, run ! Beth and I start running up the path as the boys are in hot naked pursuit behind us. I am over come with laughter as I look behind me, only to see Steve’s big penis for the first time, flopping around violently as he runs. My sister was right, his dick is huge !

It’s not long before they catch us both in the woods, throwing us down to the ground. Beth is on her back and Robbie is sitting on her stomach, holding her hands down. Steve has me the same way, about ten yards away from them. It is at this time that I look down and see Steve’s big college penis up close. It’s semi-erect and warm on my exposed tan belly. All I can think of is, there is no way in hell I’ll ever be able to fit a dick that big inside of me on my wedding night. This college senior’s penis was at least 8 inches long and growing bigger by the moment.

I could look at the slit in the tip, because it was pointing right at me. As I’m laying there with Steve’s erection on me, I hear Beth laughing to the right of me. I can see that she is under Robbie, looking down at his penis too, just like I am with Steve. I rise up a little bit and look over at my sister grinning at me, and giggling like a little girl. Even though Beth is underneath him, I still can’t get over how much bigger and more mature looking she is compared to Robbie. I think it maybe because she looks older than 21 and he looks younger than 16.

As I looked closer, I could tell that Robbie’s penis was erect too, but not as big as his older brother’s. Steve was still trying to wrestle his shorts back from me so I said, hey, I’ll make you a deal. If you do something for me, I’ll give you your shorts back, deal ?, Deal ! Steve blurts back, what do you want me to do ? Take one guess. It’s something that you boys do all the time, but is very private. It’s what we girl’s dream about, but we rarely get to see you boys do, first hand.

Say what ?, no way !, Steve whispers, you want to watch me to jerk-off !? Oh come on Steve, I plead, pleeeeease. That’s been a fantasy of mine since I hit puberty. I mean, what’s the big deal, I won’t tell anybody, and I know you do it all the time, right ? Come on. (I can see the wheels turning in his eyes). So I tell him, hey, look, I’ve already seen your penis, heck, it’s looking at me right now ! Please, you know you’ll enjoy it, You said yourself, you need the release from last night, right ?

So he breathes a heavy sigh and says, Jesus Christ, OK, fine, where do you want me to do this for you ? Oh Mother of God, he’s going to do it ! He’s going to actually masturbate for me ! I try to control my composure and say, well, how about we get away from Beth and Robbie and take a stroll through the woods ? I’ll find a good tree for us to sit under and you can kneel in front of me and give me a good show. You know, my birthday is next week and this would be the best birthday present I’ll ever get. Steve just looks at me in disbelief probably thinking, I can’t believe I’m going to jerk-off in front of a 16 year old girl !

So Steve lifts off of me and pulls me up. I’m able to get a good look at this hunk’s naked body now, with the sunlight coming in through the tops of the trees, I just reach my hand out and let it slide down his smooth chest, over his six pack abs, and I let my fingers twirl around his pubic hair. I stare down at that wonderful cock of his, jeez, Beth was right, I just can’t get over the length of it sticking out, defying gravity. I look over at Beth and see her do a double-take at Steve’s nakedness. I don’t think she’s ever seen a naked guy like this before, especially standing next to her sister.

Steve takes my hand and we start walking through woods. What a sight this must be from behind. Me in my little jean shorts and halter top with this big naked 21 year old guy hiking next to me, holding my little hand. I glance over my shoulder and check out his ass cheeks flexing as he walks. What a sight to behold. No wonder girls love guy’s asses, just look at that. I look over at Beth and Robbie, she just smiles and waves to me, giving me the thumbs-up. I can see her watching Steve’s ass as we walk away.

As we get farther away from my Beth and Robbie, we come to a beautiful stream, with water cascading over some rocks. I look down at Steve’s naked body and say, you’re covered in sweat, why don’t you get in the water and I’ll wash you off. So Steve steps into the shallow stream and I splash cool water on him, letting it run down the front of him, trickling down and dripping off the tip of his dick. He shivers and makes his dick shake back and forth. I tell him to turn around, so I can splash his backside.

As I grab his waist and turn him around, I hear some voices gasp and start giggling. I turn and look towards the path and see three young girls on their bikes, standing up on the foot bridge that stretches over the creek about 10 yards away. With the stream bubbling over the rocks, Steve doesn’t hear them. But I see the girls covering their mouths and eye-balling his nakedness out of the corner of my eye. The girls can’t be more than 12 or 14 years old and I don’t let on that I see them. I figure it’s too late anyway to run and hide, so I let them get an education in the male anatomy, just as I was.

I have to admit, I was getting excited at watching the little girls take in the view of me washing a full grown and naked 21 year old boy in broad daylight. I’m sure I was giving them a visual image they’ll dream about all through puberty, as I let the water run down Steve’s ass cheeks, down the back of his legs. He seemed to be enjoying it also, because his penis was getting longer and harder by the minute, stretching in to a full gravity-defying erection.

To my surprise, the girls didn’t move one inch as I took Steve’s hand again, and pulled him out of the stream, with his hard-on bouncing up and down. Him being naked, erect, and wet in front of me and the little girls made him look “extra naked”, for some reason.

We walked back up to the path, letting Steve’s naked body air dry in the warm summer breeze. I glanced behind me, and smiled at the three girls. They just got on their bikes and rode away giggling, occasionally glancing backwards to get a good look at Steve’s muscular ass. (I wonder what merit badge the Girl Scouts will give them for that ?)

So after several more minutes of hiking with my naked college boy, deeper and deeper in to the woods, I remind him, “you’re still going to give me my birthday present, right ?” He chuckles and says, yeah, I guess so, but where ?. I look off to our right and see a big tree that looks perfect. It’s wide at the base with grass all around it, perfect for a watching Steve jerk off for me.

I lead him over to it and I sit down, leaning back against the base of the tree, with my legs stretched straight out. I tell him to kneel down and straddle over the top of my thighs, so I can see everything up close. He obeys my wishes and kneels down in front of me and smiles at the realization of what he’s about to do. I reach up and put my little hand underneath his chin and pull him in close and whisper, “thank you for doing this for me”, now lean back and give me a good show”, and I kiss the tip of my finger and touch it to the top of his dick.

He takes a deep breath and lets it out and I smile looking down at his rock hard erection pointing at me. I try to contain my excitement as I see him wrap his hand around the shaft and slowly start moving it up and down. He opens his legs a little more, allowing his balls to hang down freely, which also allows me to get a better look at them. Steve, I say, your balls are beautiful when they’re full, are you going to empty them completely for me ? He nods his head yes.

I look up in to his eyes and then look back down at what he is doing to his dick. I can only imagine what this scene must look like to the birds flying overhead. Oh look, just another naked guy sitting underneath a tree, masturbating for a young girl in broad daylight.
No biggie. (yeah, right)

I ask Steve if he can cum in my hands, because I don’t want to get my jean shorts and halter top all sticky. Do you think you can do that, I ask ? He nods his head, and says, yeah, ok, I’ll try, and keeps stroking. I lean back against the tree, grinning from ear to ear, and fold my hands behind my head, taking in this incredible scene.

I think about what Beth and Robbie might be up to and how Steve would die if they walked up on us now. (seeing what I’ve got him talked into doing for me). I know Beth will probably pass out later from laughing when I tell her what we did. As I get back to concentrating on Steve’s jerk-off show, I look up in to his eyes, but I guess he’s too embarrassed to look back. I softly ask him, can you stroke it a little faster ?. Can you do it, maybe just a little faster for me, baby ?

Steve nods yes, and picks up the pace, which makes his balls swing to and fro. This fascinates me as I get to see the size of each of his balls. His ball sack is lightly covered in fuzzy blonde pubic hair and looks like they are getting fuller by the minute. I look at his pee slit that opens occasionally when he pulls back on the shaft. I start to see clear fluid leaking out of it, so I reach down and wipe it off with my finger. I rub it between my fingers, examining its texture, knowing it came from deep from within Steve’s balls.

I reach down under his body and squeeze his ball sack. This is the first time I’ve ever touched a boy’s balls before and I like it. It gives me a feeling of power, knowing I can grab one of the things that make him a male. I feel the swelling in them and I say, baby, I think you’ve got quit a load in there for me, are you getting close ?
Steve smiles and looks down, obviously a little taken back by my forwardness towards him performing this humiliating act of self gratification.

I ask him to stop for a second and open his pee slit so I can see inside of his body. He gives me a puzzled look as to say, you want to do what ?, but he sees that I am serious and complies. He reaches down and holds his erection with one hand while the other parts open the slit, making it gap open for my inspection. I lean forward a little bit and look in, but I can only see about a quarter inch in. I tell him, you look soft and pink inside, just like a girl.

I ask, can you show me your ball sack ? He cups his balls and presents them for my inspection. I smile at his obedience and ask, OK, now lean back and show me your ass ? He rolls his eyes, leans all the way back and opens his legs like us girls do at the Gynecologists office. I lean down to get a better look at this secret place that rarely sees daylight.

His dick is sticking straight up in the air, while his big ball sack hangs off his body. Now I see his pink anus for the first time, and it is completely hairless. This is the first boy’s anus I ever seen up close and I can’t get over how pink and vulnerable it looks. I say, OK, lean back up and continue jerking-off for me. So he does, and I can tell that really embarrassed him, but he grabs his dick and gets back to masturbating in front of me.

After several minutes of watching this beautiful college boy jerk-off for me, I can tell by his facial expressions and his swaying body movements that he is getting close. I remind Steve that, remember, I want you to cum in my hands, OK ?, do you still think you can do that for me ? Steve nods in agreement, occasionally opening his eyes to look at me. I again smile back at him as to say, that’s it, keep working your cock for me, you’re doing great, just relax and empty your big balls in to my cupped open hands.

I fold my hands behind my head and lean back against the tree and say, tell me when you are about to cum, OK ? He again, nods his head. I want to enjoy this moment for as long as I can. I mean, how many 16 year old girls get a college senior to kneel in front of her, straddle her legs, and jerk off in to her hands, right ? I want to remember this forever and ever.

Suddenly Steve whispers, I think I’m ready. So I reach out my hands, holding them open, giving him a good target to fill, and I tell him, ok, when I say now, I want you to give me all you got, and fill my hands, are you ready ? Yes, Steve says. I say, … OK, … one, … two, … three, … release !

And with that, Steve throws back his head, thrusts his hips forward, and jerks his cock in a slower, more rhythmic and powerful motion, spurting his creamy load in to my open hands, one jet after another, just like I wanted him to. A few squirts splash up on my forearm, but I don’t care. The head of his penis has become dark red and his slit opens every second to shoot out another stream of semen.


With my mouth wide open, I look down in awe at him writhing and ejaculating uncontrollably, I look back at his face, then looking back down at the action, just taking the whole scene in, hoping never to forget it. He looks at me, with his eyes half open, and I see him watching me, making sure I see him in all of his glory, squeezing out the last drops from his big hard penis in to my little 16 year old hands.
That’s it, I say, give it all to me, let me have all of it, baby.

When the last drop falls in to my hands, I look up at him, and he finally opens his eyes completely and smiles back at me and says, whew !, well ?, how was that ?, is that what you wanted ?. I shake my head in amazement and say, “that was simply incredible”. This is the best birthday present I’ll ever receive in my lifetime. He smiles back and says, good, just never tell anybody.

I empty my hands in the grass, letting my birthday present drip in to the ground. Then I reach in my back pocket and grab the handkerchief that I brought for just this purpose. I wipe my hands with it and grab his dick and squeeze it, forcing more drops of cum out the cloth. I examine the small pool of Steve’s semen in the handkerchief and dip the tip of my finger in it. I smile up at him, then boldly reach under his ass with it and insert it into his anus. He jerks up a little with a shocked look on his face, but I grin back at him, calming him down.

Steve quivers and says, you know, for only being a 16 year old virgin, you sure know a lot about a guy’s anatomy. I smile back and say, well, my mom and sister have told me some stuff, and I kind of figured out the rest. I grab a hold of his shrinking penis and examine it, and he leans down and kisses me and whispers, Happy Birthday.

Steve rolls off of me and stands up, pulling me up with him. I tell him we probably should get back, before Beth gives his brother another case of blue balls. He laughs and says, oh, I’m sure he’s loving every minute of it. She’s the first girl who has ever touched his dick, except for our babysitter.

Babysitter ?, I say. Yeah, he says. When my parents would go out on the town, one of the neighbor ladies who was a teacher, used to come over and baby-sit us when we were around 10 and 12 years old. Before bedtime, she would get us in the bathroom, strip all of our clothes off and bath us at the same time. She was an attractive black lady in her thirties and thinking back on it now, she probably was feeding her curiosity about the white man’s body, even though we were only 10 and 12 years old.

She would have us stand up in the tub, side by side, and wash us with the shower massager, spraying us off one at a time. Then she would put us on our hands and knees, with our butts in the air, and she would wash our backs, ass cracks, balls, etc.. Jesus, I said, that must have been “hard” for you and your brother.

Steve grins and says, yep, I would stand up with some serious wood pointing right at her. She obviously enjoyed the view, because she would always watch us wash our penises, while she sat back and smoked her cigarette. Hell, come to think of it, she even had one of her daughters come over one time to help baby-sit us and give us a bath. I can remember thinking how odd it was that this 16 year old black girl is washing two little naked white boys, while her mother watched. She wasn’t shy either when it came time to wash our penis, balls, and asses.

So, I said, washing your ass makes you hard, eh ?. Steve just looked down, obviously embarrassed, and says, well, I suppose it does. Hmm, I say, I’ll have to remember that. When we get back, I’ll have to take you to the community shower room, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure there’s no one in there with us. Shower room ?, he says. What shower room ?

Well, I say, you and your brother will have to wash the smell of the lake off of you, so me and my sister will introduce you guys to the community shower room. Sound like fun ? Steve just looks at me in shock. What’s the big deal ?, I say. My sister has already seen you naked and I have already seen your brother naked, so what’s the problem ?. Oh, nothing, He says. Are we the first guys that you and your sister got naked at Indian Lake ?. I just smile back and say, yeah, but you’re probably not the last, if my sister has anything to do with it.

Eventually, me and Steve make it back to the lake, where Beth and Robbie are back laying out, sunning themselves on their towels. Robbie is still naked, lying on his stomach, with that beautiful, tight, 16 year old butt on display. Beth drops her sunglasses and looks up at Steve and gets an eagle’s eye view of his naked body, standing in the sunshine.

This is the first time she has had the chance to see him completely naked, up close, and lets her eyes roll down, from his broad shoulders, to his chiseled chest, to his tight stomach, down past his soft blonde pubic hair, then stopping at his semi-erect penis, that looks a little pink.

Upon getting a closer look at his penis, she grins as she notices that his pee slit is wet. He notices her gawking at his manhood, so he grins back at her and proudly swings it back and forth for her amusement. She laughs for a second and asks him if he can make it do other tricks. I look at her and say, Oh yes, it can. He just showed me what it can do in the woods.

Really ?! I wish I could of seen that, Beth says, looking up at him. Steve is visibly embarrassed and lies down on his towel, facing down like his brother. I look at Beth, who is looking behind her sunglasses at the two wonderful male asses on display. She drops her sunglasses again, winks, and gives me the thumbs up. This girl is going to need plastic surgery to get the smile off of her face after this weekend.

So for the rest of the afternoon, we laid out in the sun, on the river bank with these two naked boys, examining and comparing their bodies like we were aliens from another planet. Beth liked Robbie’s ass the best, but Steve had the nicest dick and balls. I whispered to Beth, you won’t believe the birthday present that Steve just gave me in the woods. It was simply unbelievable. I’ll tell you all about it later.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was about 4:30 PM, so I suggested we pack up and head back so we can fix dinner. Beth and I watch as Steve and Robbie stand up and get dressed and we walk back to the camp ground. As we get back, I remind Steve that he and his brother need to shower the river off of themselves, so they won’t stink all night. Steve tells Robbie that there are community showers on the far end of the camp ground, so they both start walking over towards it.

I look at Beth and say, let’s go help them. Steve looks at me with a quizzical expression, so I say, well, you were the one that told me earlier, that you liked being washed, especially a certain part of your anatomy. Shhhhhh, don’t tell everybody that, Jesus, that was a secret !. Beth says, this sounds like an excellent idea. I’m sure me and my sister will love watching you two take a shower. This is going to be better than going to the movies !

So we get to the community showers and we all walk inside. Luckily, there is no one there, and the boys take off their shorts and get naked under the showers. Me and Beth, still in our halter tops and jean shorts, just sit on the benches and watch in disbelief, as they lather themselves up. Suddenly, three older women enter, wearing their bathing suits and stop in their tracks as they see our two naked boys showering.

I look at Beth and our mouths drop open because Steve and Robbie don’t see them. Since they’re both facing the wall, with the shower water spraying down on them, they can’t see or hear anything. The women look like they’re in their sixties and are just standing there in shock, not moving, just looking at the naked boys, watching the water run over their tight ass cheeks. They smile and cover their mouths, looking each other, then back at all of the young male nudity in front of them.

Beth says, wait until our boys turn around and give these old gals some real female entertainment. We literally crack up when we see the look of terror in Steve and Robbie’s face as they both turn off the showers and slowly turn around, with those wet, shiny penises, flopping out on display for us girls. (all five of us)

Both boys scream HOLY SHIT !, and the women just turn and walk away laughing hysterically. They look at us and we just shrug our shoulders, and say, hey, it’s a coed community shower room, we don’t make the rules here. We gather up the boy’s shorts and throw them towels to dry off with. Since their shorts are smelly from the lake, we fold them under out arms and just let the boys wrap the towels around their waists for the walk back.

It’s getting to be evening now as we make it back to the cabin. Before walking in the door, Beth rips the towels off of the boys and hangs them up to dry on the clothesline outside. Christ !, we’re in the front yard, what if somebody sees us ?! Says Robbie. Beth says, so what if they do, you’ve already been seen naked by numerous females today, what’s a few more ? Steve, Beth and I, all start laughing again. Robbie says, yeah, that’s true, what the hell.

So the boys walk in naked and sit on the couch and start watching TV. I unload the duffel bag and picnic basket and sit down next to Robbie. He’s taken back at how close I am to him, as he can tell I’m staring right at his penis. You don’t look like your brother down there, I say. Oh yeah ? he says, I say yeah, your brother’s is longer with a different shaped head on it. His balls are bigger, but yours hang farther down, it’s just interesting to me and my sister. Really ? he says, well, don’t forget, I’m younger too.

I tell him that his penis was the first adult male penis I’ve ever seen. He looks at me strangely, and then it dawns on him, remembering last night and his face turns beat red. I reach over and hold his hand and say, you have nothing to be ashamed about. I saw how my mean sister tortured you last night and left you hard as a rock. You probably have a bad case of the blue balls, don’t you ?

Beth sits down on the other side of him and says, I’m sorry Robbie, I couldn’t help myself, ever since I saw your ass in the pool a few weeks ago, I knew I just had to get my hands inside your pants. Jesus Christ, Robbie says, did you hear that Steve ? We look over at Steve, and he is fast asleep. All of that running, skinny-dipping, and jerking off for me must of made him tired, (you think ?).

So I look down at Robbie’s penis that has become semi-erect, and then look over at Beth. So I say to Robbie, would you like us to relieve your blue balls ? Beth says, yeah, your ball sack looks pretty full, we could help you relieve some of that pressure. Robbie gets a big shitty grin on his face, and says, well, sure, but how ?. You girls refuse to get naked like we have. Well, I say, let’s start off by letting me and my sister give you a massage. Go in our bedroom and lay down on the bed and we’ll start with that. Trust us, it will be an experience that you’ll never forget.

So Robbie gets up, and me and Beth can see he already got a healthy erection going. He goes in on the bed and lies down, facing up. Beth tells him to turn over on his stomach because, she wants at that ass of his. He seems embarrassed, but never the less, he complies and turns over. I notice that his hard-on is sticking down between his inner thighs, and I can get a good look at the bottom of it.

Beth grabs the bottle of oil off of the dresser and we start rubbing it on his back and ass cheeks. It comes as no surprise that I am massaging his back and neck and Beth is rubbing oil on his 16 year old glutes that she’s been obsessing about. Judging from the look on her face, she is in hog heaven.

After massaging him for several minutes, Beth gives me a look as to say, check this out, so I look down and see she has spread his cheeks to reveal his little pink anus. His anus looks similar to his older brother’s, only smaller in diameter. She grabs my hands and places them on his buttocks, motioning me to keep them spread.

I can see where this is heading, so I look down at Robbie’s face, and it’s buried in the pillow. Beth pours more oil on her fingers, takes one look at Robbie, takes one look at me, and slowly circles around his small anus. I watch his anus muscle flinch and open up as she pushes her middle finger in to him. Robbie tightens his ass cheeks and tries to get up, but she pushes him back down.

I look at her middle finger in his asshole, up to the second knuckle, and marvel of how his sphincter muscle has tightened around it, then slowly relaxed, allowing the intrusion. In, and out, in and out, she twists it as she pushes it in and out. I don’t know where my sister learned this, but it is working. Robbie is moaning into the pillow with his erection growing bigger between his legs.

I reach down between his open legs and grab his hard-on for the first time. It feels a little smaller and thinner than his older brother’s, but it is warm and rock hard to the touch. My sister then takes my hand and says, let’s slow him down and not let him get off so fast. Let me show you what I learned in college, give me your index finger.

So I release his cock and my sister grabs my hand, with my one finger sticking up. She then pulls her middle finger out of Robbie, and tells him to get up on his knees. To my surprise, he complies and slowly gets up on his knees and elbows, with his ass in the air and his face in the pillow. Beth tells him, that’s a good boy, now just relax, I know what I’m doing, you’re going to love this.

So she takes my hand and guides my index finger in to his lubricated anus. He tightens up at first, but then relaxes his sphincter muscle just as before, allowing my finger to intrude, penetrating him up to my last knuckle. Jesus, I can’t believe he’s letting us do this to him. I look at Beth in disbelief and she says, go ahead, trust me, boys love this, just look at his erection. She was right, the more I slide my finger in and out, the more he moaned, and the harder his dick got. It felt wet and warm inside the boy, and reminded me of a vagina. (what a concept)

My sister then held my hand to stop me finger fucking him and said, let’s share him, shall we ? So with a puzzled look on my face and my finger still fully in him, she grabs one of Robbie’s butt cheeks, and tells him, brace yourself Robbie, this may hurt at first, but you’ll get used to it. She parts his ass crack and opens it even wider and slides her index finger in to his anus, along side of mine. This is truly a sister moment that we’re never going to forget. Here we are in our shorts and halter tops, sitting behind this 16 year old naked boy with his ass in the air, both fingering his ass at the same time.

Robbie, again, tries to tighten up his anus, refusing to allow Beth’s index finger to penetrate, but she kept pushing against his anus, which finally relents and allows full entry of her finger in to his body. I stare at the contraction of his anus muscle as it relaxes and then tightens around our fingers. I can feel the temperature of his anus get warmer and warmer, as me and Beth explore his most personal body cavity.

I shake my head at her in disbelief as we finger fuck this boy like we owned him. When I would be withdrawing my finger, Beth would be inserting her finger. Like a piston engine, there was always a girl’s finger deep inside him, up past the second knuckle. Beth asks me if I know where his prostate is. I shake my head no, and say, show me, I want to learn everything about a boy’s body.

So I pull my finger out and watch as she starts moving her finger around, exploring his anal cavity. Suddenly, she looks at me and says, OK, I found it, why don’t you instead, start pumping his cock like your milking a cow, and I’ll massage his prostate. So I grab Robbie’s boner that is pointing straight down and I start milking it, nice and slow. I see Robbie start to slightly gyrate as Beth has now found his prostate and is rubbing her finger over it.

I think, what a lucky 16 year old boy this is, having a 21 year old college girl massage his prostate while her younger 16 year old sister pumps his cock from behind. I see now that Robbie is breathing heavy and he is about to blow his wad. I increase the speed of my strokes and Beth speeds up her movement on his prostate.

Beth now tells me, OK, he’s getting close, grab one of his balls and pull it towards you. I give her a funny look, but comply anyway. I reach with my other hand and grab one of Robbie’s balls and pull it towards me, all the while I’m still pumping his cock. Beth reaches over and grabs Robbie’s other ball and pulls it towards her, in the other direction.

This now has his ball sack spread wide apart, with each of us pulling on a testicle. He is now moaning louder as Beth pushes her second finger in to him, double finger fucking him at a faster pace. I am amazed that this boy can take all of this. I think about what our Mother and what she would say if she saw her daughters doing this to a young boy.

I imagine my Mother watching from the doorway as her older daughter double finger fucks this young boy’s asshole, while pulling on one of his testicles, while her younger daughter pulls on his other testicle, spreading his ball sack wide apart, and milking his hard-on for all he is worth. (Mom would certainly pass out)

Suddenly, Robbie starts bucking like a bronco and gyrating more and more and lifts his head out of the pillow, groaning loudly. Beth blurts out, ready ? pull his ball towards you even harder and squeeze it !,. So I pull and squeeze Robbie’s ball. His ball sack spreads apart even farther as she pulls and squeezes his other ball.

The first shot out of his dick comes as no surprise as it blows down on to the sheet, like a squirt gun. I feel the load go through his dick and squirt out, one after another. He continues to groan and gyrate the whole time, fucking my hand.

Beth is counting the squirts, at the same time as we’re pulling on his balls, one, … two,… three,… four, …and another one, five. I look at Beth and she looks over at his grimacing face. Keep cumming Robbie, keep cumming, that’s it. Finally, after the last drop hits the sheets, she asks, is that it Robbie ?, she asks, or is there more in there ?. He just keeps on writhing as I continue to slide my hand up and down his dick.

Beth slowly pulls her fingers out of him and wipes it on his ass cheek. I release Robbie’s oozing dick and look into Robbie’s asshole that is gaping wide open. Beth and I still have a ball in each hand and so we start massaging them, coaxing out any cum that still might be in there. I am fascinated at the sight of Robbie’s gaping asshole as it slowly closes back to its original state and tightens shut.

Robbie then collapses in to the pillow and rolls over on his back, with his hard dick sticking straight up in the air. Beth grabs it and shakes it back and forth and says, well, how was that, tiger ? Robbie doesn’t even open his eyes, and just continues to moan.

She smiles at me and says, not bad, for a 16 year old, eh ?. I just shake my head as I look down at his nakedness. His cock is a reddish pink and is softening. I lean down and can see his balls are red and look sore too. Beth leans down and grabs the head of his penis and opens the slit. She wipes some cum off and tells me, go ahead sister, get-cha-some. So I reach over and wipe some cum out of his slit and think, gee, I just felt his older brother’s cum a few hours ago. Steve’s cum felt thicker, but Robbie’s cum was more fluid and it was every where. That boy came like a sprinkler on my Mother’s lawn.

Beth tells me that she used to hear stories of her girlfriends doing that to their boyfriends, and always wanted to try it. I look at Robbie and say, well, he’s the lucky guy that got to be your first one. If I was a boy, I don’t know if I could ever let two girls do that to me. From the smile on Robbie’s face, I’d say he enjoyed it, even though he won’t be able to sit down for awhile. We both crack up at that thought.

So me and Beth wash up and walk out and see that Steve is still sleeping naked on the couch. I grab the camera and take a few pictures of Steve, in all his glory. Beth reaches over and picks up his penis and presses it up against the side of her face, allowing me to get a good picture of her, smiling next to it. To our amazement, Steve never wakes up.

So I walk over to the bedroom doorway, and take a few pictures of Robbie, in all of his glory. I know Beth wants a picture of his wonderful young ass, so I roll him over and take a few pictures of his rock hard glutes. Beth comes in and sits down next to Robbie, and pushes him on his back. His eyes never open as she takes his penis in her hands and signs it with a ball point pen. I crack up, as I zoom in closer for a picture. She lifts it up, smiles, and shows her signature for the camera. What a picture that’s going to be, I say.

Beth and I go back in the living room and sit down on the other couch and look at Steve lying naked. What a beautiful sight he is. Then we look in the bedroom at his brother laying naked as well and I say, yep, this turned out to be a day that would make Momma proud, ya know ?. Beth smiles back and says, yep, I know. Who should we bring next weekend ?




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this is one of the best stories i've ever read! great work!

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Unbelievably hot. More please! Part 2 with new guys or extra girls.