A Cfnm Beach House Vacation


What could be better than renting a beach house for a sunny 3-day weekend in the Florida Keys ?. Especially when I have invited my two girlfriends from work, Tara and Jessie, who know how to have good time with the boys, (if you know what I mean). I’ve worked with them at my office for the last two years and we’ve always talked about vacationing together, but never acted on it, until now. So we finally decided to share our Memorial Day vacation together, and bring the boyfriends along for some fun in the sun.

Tara is a slightly crazy 20 year old single girl who goes to college part time, like I used to, and was the one who suggested we all vacation together. She’s got short blonde hair and likes to do things that most college girls like to do. Jessie, on the other hand, is a 26 year old black girl who has an great attitude for getting her way and has a beautiful black boyfriend.

The last vacation I took was two years ago when I went to Panama City for spring break. So when my older sister, (who is filthy rich), offered me a free weekend at her beach house, I couldn’t resist. The only catch was I had to pay for the housekeeping and replace the food and drink we consumed. Since I didn’t want to vacation alone, I invited the girls.

I knew Tara would be fun to party with because she once played some Playgirl movie files for me and Jessie on her computer. Jessie and I spent the night at her apartment after a party and we sat up drinking wine and watching these Playgirl videos she downloaded off the internet. For over an hour, we sat there and watched hunk after hunk, stroke their big dicks, pleasuring themselves to completion, while we sipped wine, covering our mouths and laughing hysterically.

Tara would look at us and say, isn’t that the hottest thing you’ve ever seen ?! I would love to get my boyfriend to do that for me, but he’s way too shy. I said, well, why don’t you get him drunk and talk him into it when we’re at the beach house. Really? she said, could I ?. Hells yeah, Jessie chimes in, If you want, I’ll ask my Marcus and he can show him how it’s done.

Say what ?, chokes Tara. Well yeah, laughs Jessie, I’ve had Marcus do that for me several times after my female surgery, when I couldn’t have sex. It started out as me giving him a hand job, but the medication made me sleepy and my arm would get tired before I could finish him off, so he would kneel back on the bed and jack off while I watched. I couldn’t believe how horny that made me. I’ve never seen a guy do that “live” before.

Now he does quite often, sometimes even instead of regular sex. Hell, he even jerked off for me and my little sister one night before we all went out to dinner. I looked at Jessie as to say, “say what ?!” She laughs and says; swear to God, my younger sister was talking to me while I was putting on my make-up in the bathroom mirror. Marcus was in the shower at the time and I could see my little sister was checking him out through the glass shower door. She’s only a high school freshman, so I don’t think she’s seen very many naked guys, let alone a guy with a big piece of lumber like Marcus has.

So I winked at her and said, hey Marcus baby, my little sister wants to see what that sweet piece of meat of yours can do. He tried to cover himself as I open the shower door, but I tell him “come on Marcus, don’t be shy, show my little sister what that thing can do”. My little sister just stood there with her mouth open and a shocked look on her face as Marcus turned the water off, leaned back against the shower wall and stroked himself in front of my 15 year old sister’s eyes. It didn’t take long until he came in several squirts that shot out and hit the shower floor. I grabbed her hand and held it out so she could catch some of it.

I think that was a life changing experience for her because she looked like a zombie for the rest of the night. She must have thoroughly enjoyed it because a month later, she returned the favor and let me watch her young, white boyfriend jerk off in the Jacuzzi in front of both of us.

I look at Tara and we just crack up. Well allright, I say, it’ll be just the six of us, enjoying the sun and the beach. Six ?, they both say, yeah, I didn’t tell you, but part of the deal is that I have to bring my sister’s daughter, “Britney”, with me. But don’t worry, she’s harmless. Just a typical 16 year old girl, pretty with long blonde hair and a little shy, she won’t be a problem.

So Saturday shows up, and me, Jessie, Tara, and their boyfriends all pile in to the mini-van I rented. I tell them that Britney will meet us there with her new boyfriend, Brandon. Tara’s boyfriend “Seth” is the same age as her and has short dark hair with a nice butt. He looks like a typical frat boy that Tara met while watching him swim on her college’s swim team.

Tara told me and Jessie awhile back that her and some of her girlfriends once spied on Seth while he and his drunken team mates all skinny-dipped in the campus’s pool after midnight. She shocked us when she said that she asked him out later after determining that he had the nicest looking balls and the sweetest looking ass out of all of the swim team guys. Tara went into great detail about their first date, telling Jessie and me about how she made Seth cum just by sucking on his balls. I didn’t know a guy could cum like that, but apparently Tara did.

She said she took him back to the campus pool after midnight, sat him on the edge of the pool, and pulled his balls out from the side of his Speedo, leaving his penis still tucked inside. While standing in the pool in her bikini, with his balls at eye level, she pulled both of his balls into her mouth and sucked on them as hard as she could, pulling back on them until he moaned in painful pleasure.

Apparently, she over heard some college girl talking about doing this to her jock boyfriend at a frat party once. When Tara saw Seth getting close, she stuck her middle finger in to his mouth to get it moist and then reached down and slid and twisted it into his anus, all the way up to her last knuckle. This sent him into overdrive as she continued to suck hard on his balls, pulling them away from his body until he fully opened his legs, leaned back, and came inside of his swimsuit.

She released his balls out of her mouth, but continued to finger fuck his ass until he stopped moaning. After hearing this, Jessie just high-fived Tara and said, “you go girl. We found out later that Tara obviously has a thing for testicles, because she showed me and Jessie a stash of x-rated pictures showing several of her ex-boyfriend’s from high school, naked and spread eagle with their balls prominently displayed.

Jessie’s boyfriend, “Marcus”, on the other hand, is a picture of male perfection. He’s a tall, black Adonis that could easily pass as a male supermodel. He used to be a big college football player, but injured his back playing in a big game. His is quite and shy, so it’s hard to believe that he does something as embarrassing and private as masturbating for Jessie, as well as her younger sister.

While driving the van on the way down, I couldn’t help but look in the rear view mirror occasionally, taking parting glances at Marcus. He was so gorgeous. When I would look him in the eyes, he would look down and grin. I would look back to the road and smile, imagining him jerking off for my girlfriend, as she watches and smiles in appreciation of his willingness to show her what guys do in private.

I’m pretty sure that Jessie has informed him that she has told me and Tara about him masturbating for her. I can tell he knows that, just by the way he looks back at me and then looks down, in a shy kind of way. I secretly hope this vacation offers up an opportunity for him to put on some of this type of female entertainment for the rest of us girls, even for 16 year old, Britney.

Well everybody hits it off great on the trip down to the beach house and when we get there, we all threw our luggage down and crash in to the lounge chairs around the big pool located in the back of the house. This two story beach house was simply incredible. You had to drive down a private road to get to it, so it was hidden from public view. But the back of the house had an awesome pool and a big terrace that faced the water. There were bushes that surrounded the lower terrace that provided privacy for the pool from the beach, (the beach was also private). The closest house was about 300 yards to the south of us, well out of view.

As the five of us all plop down on the lounge chairs around the pool, Marcus says he’s hot and gets up, takes off his shirt and cargo shorts and dives in, wearing only his white underwear. We all fall over laughing, so I get up and start making us all drinks. I look at Jessie and say, I thought you said he was shy ? Jessie just winks back at me and smiles.

Tara and Jessie continue to giggle as they get up and go inside, unpack, and put on their bathing suits. Seth, who seems to be feeling no pain from the six pack he just consumed, takes off his shirt and pulls down his shorts, revealing the jock strap he’s been wearing underneath and jumps in the pool too. From where I’m standing, I didn’t get a good look at Seth’s ass before he jumped in. But I look at Jessie and she winks back at me like everything is going as well as us girls could ever hope for. So far, so good, I say to her.

As Seth stands in deep end drinking beer, Marcus starts swimming laps, but as Tara walks out to the pool, I can tell that something has grabbed her attention. She looks at me, motioning with her eyes in the direction of Marcus. As I look at Marcus swimming, I soon realize what she is talking about. Marcus’s black ass is in full view as his underwear has become transparent under the water.

At the moment I see this, I instantly reflect back to the first time I ever saw a black guy naked. It was during my days of a substitute teacher, at an all male Catholic high school. I had been only teaching there a few days, so I didn’t know my way around the school yet. So when I went looking for the boy’s athletic director’s office, I kind of got turned around and ended up going in a door and down a hallway that leads past the boy’s showers.

It was after school hours, so I wasn’t too concerned about intruding into any place forbidden for females.
But when I heard a shower running and then I heard a deep cough, I knew I’d taken a wrong turn that would forever change my life. As I peeked around the corner of the shower room, I could see a young, naked black boy showering, with his back towards me. I stood there, frozen, terrified about getting caught, watching this awesome display of a young black boy and all of his nakedness.

I was also lost in the feeling of seeing something very rare, secret, and taboo to any white girl. Hypnotized and stunned, I couldn’t move, knowing that I am watching him, and he doesn’t know it. My first sight of a black male, and his tight, muscular, black ass cheeks, with the soapy water running down his strong back and over his black glutes was almost too much for me to comprehend. My girlhood dream of secretly watching a beautiful naked male take a shower and it is all I ever imagined it to be.

Suddenly, he turns around slightly, and I get my first glimpse of a black penis, which looked like it was in a state of semi-erect. I have always heard my girlfriends talk about the enormous size of the black man’s cock, but I’ve only seen them in Playgirl magazines, never in person.

It looked like it is easily 8 or 9 inches long, maybe longer, with the soapy water running off of it. I watched with wide-eyed amazement as he turned and faced me, reaching down and grabbing up his big black balls, and washing them individually. He eventually started washing his black dick, which has been shaking back and forth from all of his ball washing. It looked like it weighed 10 pounds by the way it swung back and forth.

I watch from around the corner as he runs his soapy grip up and down the shaft, pulling back on the foreskin that collars the light, brown head. I close my eyes and open them back up to see that he is still washing his shaft. But to my surprise, It doesn’t look like he is washing his shaft anymore, but he is actually masturbating in the boy’s showers, not knowing that a young, fully dressed white female teacher is secretly watching from around the corner.

What are the chances of me getting lost and just strolling by the boy’s showers, as this beautiful black, fully naked athlete has decided to jerk off in right front of my eyes ?. I shamelessly stand there, a well-educated, east coast white girl, just out of college, in my best business suit, peeking around the corner, watching him pleasure himself, like a curious little girl that has discovered her Mother’s secretly stashed Playgirl magazines. What would my conservative parents say now ? I assume that we are totally alone, because no boy would ever do this to himself if there was even a slight chance of anybody left in the boy’s locker room.

I try to calm down and shed my nervousness, realizing that the athletic director has surely gone for the day, along with everybody else. But what happens next will forever change my life. Suddenly, the naked black athlete looks up and sees me peeking around the corner. He quickly covers up, as he is obviously shocked to see me, but then gradually smiles back at me, knowing I have been admiring his naked performance for some time. To my shock and surprise, he slowly starts walking towards me.

My female fun quickly turns to female fear and I quickly turn and walk away and head back down the hallway to the sanctuary of my classroom. I close my eyes and pray that no one will ever find out that I willingly stood and watched a wet and naked high school boy masturbate under the showers.

I grab the door knob and open the class room door and walk in as fast as I can. I rush over and pull out my desk chair and quickly sit down behind my desk, trying to look professional and not like a horny party girl at a bachlorette party. As I sit there, flushed and trying to regain my composure, I am split between the hopes of him giving up his search for me, and the thought of him finding me.

I am frozen in fear as the door opens and the black high school athlete slowly walks in, still naked and dripping wet from the showers. He lowers his eyes and grins at me, locking the door behind him, but he doesn’t say a word. I look him in the eyes and try to put on my best teacher face. I know deep down that I am overcome with an emotion that can only be described as speechless fear and sexual excitement.

He slowly walks up to my desk and looks me in the eyes, leaving a trail of water on the classroom floor. I look down, trying not to give him any encouragement. I know if anyone finds out about this, I can always say I was innocently sitting at my desk and he just walked in. I know I cannot touch him, or I would surely end up on the evening news. So I just look up at him and look back down at the papers in front of me, as he walks up to the front of my desk. I look forward to see that his black penis is at half mast and is sticking right at me.

He still has not spoken a word, but just keeps grinning at me. I see him look down at his big black hard-on, and then look back at me, as to imply that he wants me to grab it and tend to his boyhood dreams of getting oral sex from the new white female school teacher.

But I slowly shake my head “no” at him. I watch as he takes in a deep breath and exhales like he is about to start a foot race. My eyes widen as he reaches down and puts his hands to each side of the base of his boner and starts waving it back and forth, side to side, like a dog wagging its tail. I can’t contain my smile, knowing he is playfully toying with his dick for me. I know I cannot even entertain the idea of letting him empty his young black cock in to my open and eager, white mouth, regardless of how bad I wanted him to.

Instead, I lean back in my chair and cross my arms and legs, as to say, “what other tricks can your dick do, school boy ?”. He seems disappointed at first, but then smiles again, taking in another deep breath, as he reaches down and grabs a hold of his black cock, that is now rock hard. His athletic body is starting to dry in the warm air of my classroom as he has resumes his naked performance for me

I can’t get over the visual image of this fully naked black high school kid, standing in front of my desk, stroking his big, black penis, with me, a young white female substitute teacher, sitting and watching with my arms and legs crossed, in my executive looking business suit. Thank God this school doesn’t have any security cameras in the classroom.

As I sit there behind my desk, watching this young black boy masturbate in front of me, I can hardly contain my inner excitement. I notice that he can’t take his eyes off of me, gazing at me, just like he probably does when he jerks off to a centerfold at home. I watch in absolute fascination, looking up at his eyes, then looking back down at what he is doing to his young cock, shamelessly pleasuring himself in front of me.
What he does next, is something so brazen and forward, that I am amazed I didn’t l get up and run out of the classroom. Apparently, standing and jerking off in front of my desk wasn’t enough for him. He slowly puts one knee up on my desk and crawls up and kneels on my desk, leaning back on his knees, with his hard, black dick sticking right at me, about two and a half feet away from my face. He obviously wants me to see everything he has and everything he is going to do to it, no doubt about it.

With the overhead lights, I now can better see this high school boy’s big black balls. They are completely shaven, just like his pubic hair. I secretly imagine his girlfriend trimming and shaving him, like she is grooming her personal and private race horse before the big race. It is fascinating to me that the tip of his dick is light brown in color, yet his long shaft is totally black.

I keep reminding myself that this is the first naked black penis I’ve ever seen in person. I know some of my friends have seen some before and have told me about them, and I’ve seen some in Playgirl magazine, but until a white girl sees one for herself, up close and live, there are no words to describe this awesome sight. I think it may have something to do with how our society looks on this as something very taboo, the whole interracial “Mandingo” thing. Remembering the old stories of how the slave owner’s young, white daughter would secretly watch, as the black, naked male slaves were suspended upside down in the barn as they were whipped and punished.

My naked black high school boy was hardly my slave, rather he was my much appreciated female entertainment for the moment, but I didn’t give him that impression. I actually felt very lucky, knowing I was probably one of a few lucky white girls that rarely ever gets to see a gorgeous black guy naked, in person, not to mention watch them jack off their big black dicks for us.

I continue sitting back in my chair with my arms and legs folded, trying to keep any expression off my face. If anybody would of walked in on us, they would of surely freaked out. Seeing a naked black high school boy, kneeling back on the teacher’s desk, masturbating in front of the new young “white” female substitute teacher, dressed in her best business suit. What a sight this must be from the other side of the room.

I kept telling myself that if anybody ever found out, I could always say I was cornered and was afraid to move. God knows, that was the farthest thing from the truth. He knew I was very interested in watching him pleasure himself right in front of my fascinated and curious, white female eyes, because I couldn’t stop staring at what his hand was doing to his cock. Since his black erection was so long, it took a few seconds for him to run his hand up and down the shaft.

Surprisingly, he wanted me to know just how sexually gifted and well endowed he was, (like I couldn’t tell just by looking), because he leaned forward and picked up a 12 inch ruler off my desk and held it next to his hard penis. I looked at him in shock and then looked down at the measurement, which revealed that he was 9 1/2 inches at full extension. I looked back up at him with wide eyed astonishment, letting him know that I was seriously impressed.
I smiled and shook my head knowing that I would forever think of this visual every time I used that ruler in the future.

He leaned back further and proceeded to wave his member again, hands free, back and forth and bobbing it up and down, about a foot and a half from my face, like a male stripper once did to one my friends at a bachelorette party years ago. I think this was another attempt to get me to put it in my mouth, but I just gazed at it, hoping he would get back to letting me watch him masturbate.

I just couldn’t get over how beautiful his body was. Strong arms and shoulders, with his flat stomach that traveled down to his smoothly shaved pubic region. I don’t think I’ve ever took the time to study and fully appreciate the male anatomy, as I did that day. He knew I was admiring and appreciating his boyhood nudity in all its glory too.

As he resumed his jerk off show for me that had started in the showers, he saw me tilting my head to the side, looking underneath, checking out his big, black balls that were swinging to and fro. He stopped masturbating for a second and reached down with his other hand and grabbed up his big young testicles from behind and presented them for my curious female eyes to inspect. He pushed them forward towards me, like he was confident that they were something to be proud of for a boy his age, and he was right.

His balls looked like they were bursting and full of his semen, and that I could tell that he was getting close to spilling his contents before me. Since he was kneeling naked on my desk in front of me, I started thinking about the trajectory of his load, when his dick does start to spray. As he picked up the stroking pace on his cock, I looked up into his eyes and knew he was about to shoot. I lean forward with anticipation as I see him lean farther back and close his eyes in concentration.

Thinking fast, I reach in the back of my mousy brown hair and undo the pretty red designer scarf that I was using to tie back my hair. I never thought I’d ever be using it for this purpose when I received it as a gift from my sister. I unfold it and lay it out flat out the desk in front of him, right beneath the tip of his penis. I point with my finger to the middle of the scarf as to say to him, I want you to empty yourself before me, onto my scarf. I continue smoothing it out flat on my desk, giving him a target to hit. He could tell that I wanted him to impress me with his load that he had been working up for the last fifteen minutes. I wanted to see just how much ball juice this athlete could produce from his big black balls.

Suddenly, to my complete shock, he stops pumping his cock for a second and holds his hand out, like a cup in front of me. At first, I don’t understand what he is doing or what he wants, and then it dawns on me. He’s asking me for some female lubrication to complete his task that his teacher has assigned him. I smile again, acknowledging his request, and let some of my saliva drip through my soft female lips into his palm.

He places his grip back on to his black shaft and begins sliding my saliva along his shaft. I see his eyes widen as he sucks in some air. I’m puzzled at first, but then I remember that I had just recently just popped an Altoids breath mint into my mouth before I took my accidental stroll down to the boy’s showers. I can’t help but notice that the veins on his shaft have become very visible, no doubt from the tingling sensation he is feeling from the eucalyptus in my saliva.
Just knowing that the saliva that was just in my mouth is now sliding up and down his black shaft has turned me on like I have never been turned on before.

Just as I look up from watching him vigorously masturbating his long, black cock, I see him close his eyes tightly and throw back his head, and start thrusting his hips forward. I quickly look back down at the action just in time to see the first spurt of boy cream fly out and land on my red scarf. The second squirt flew out much farther out and with more power and landed on the front of my skirt. The next squirts land back on my scarf as he lets out several muffled groans. Finally, he opens his eyes and looks down at me and heaves a heavy sigh as the last drops of his ball juice dribble out.

I looked down at my skirt and my scarf and then slowly look back up at him. I shake my head and smile as I can’t believe the load this young boy has just shamelessly produced. He smiles back at me as I watch him squeeze his black balls and shake out the rest of his young boy cream. I gather up and fold my scarf that is completely soaked with his load. I feel like he has given me this as a special present or offering.

Feeling extremely giddy about what I have just witnessed, I open my desk drawer and pick up a black Sharpie magic marker. I grin at him and wink as I take the cap off and write “A+” on the top tip of his still gorging brown cock head that hangs suspended in front of me.
Seeing this, he smiles back at me like I have just given him a passing grade on a big test. (which it was)

After I wiped his semen off of my skirt, I fold my scarf and stuff it into my pocket, I sit back and watch him and his beautiful black nakedness climb down off my desk. In doing so, I lean down a bit to catch a quick glimpse of what he looks like between those tight ass cheeks.

Obviously, I’ve never seen a black guy’s anus before and the curiosity got the best of me. I was surprised on how pink it was; hidden in between those smooth, muscular butt muscles. I know this is a view that us white girls rarely, if ever, get to witness. I continue to watch him walk towards the door, the whole time, staring at that beautiful tight ass of his that flexes with each stride. I imagine people will look at me in the future and wonder why I’m always smiling when I see him on the football field, secretly knowing what he looks like underneath that football uniform.

I get up and walk to the door that he has just walked out of. I open the door that has just closed and lean up against the door frame, taking in the awesome view of this perfectly naked specimen of a young black athlete, walking away, strip stark naked down the hallway. I watch him walk away naked, feeling the female juices, (that have been accumulating in my panties), run down the inside of my leg. I grin and shake my head, knowing that I wouldn’t look down that hallway again without thinking of what a rare and intense form of female entertainment I have just witnessed.

Since no young boy ever wants to admit that he masturbates, I don’t worry too much about him telling anybody of what happened that day. It hard for me to believe it happened, and I saw first hand.

Anyway, as Tara, Jessie, and me watch Marcus get out of the pool, we can’t help but notice his swim suit is completely transparent, revealing the most perfect set of male butt muscles me and Tara have ever seen. Tara just looks at me and says, sweet monkey Jesus, this is going to be the best vacation, ever. Yeah, tell me about it.

Seth wades to the edge of the pool, with a beer in one hand and his jock strap in the other. I look wide eyed at Tara, as to say, “is he going to skinny-dip for us girls ?” But then I hear him shout to Tara to throw him his swim trunks, because his jock-strap is starting to chaff his balls. The three of us all snort with laughter, as Tara yells back, it’s getting dark, just swim naked, honey. I doubt if anyone will mind. Seth says, well, what if 16 year old Britney shows up ?. So what if she does, Jessie says, she does have a boyfriend, I’m sure she’s seen dick before. Again, all us girls just crack up. I look over at Jessie and shake my head “no”, and say “I doubt it”. I think Britney is still a virgin.

Oh well, says Jessie, then this will be a learning experience for her. I whisper to Tara, “I hope this will be an entertaining vacation for us girls and a lesson in the male anatomy for Britney”. I hope we can talk Marcus or Seth, or even Britney’s young boyfriend into performing for us girls, poolside. That would be fantastic. Yeah, says Jessie, if Britney doesn’t pass out first. Jessie says, what if we were to get her 16 year old boyfriend to perform for all of us older girls ?. That would be something us girls would talk about at work for years to come. Jesus !, says Tara, wouldn’t that be immoral ?” Jessie says, well, if Britney is the only one that touches him and if he does it willingly, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Besides, I’m sure any boy his age would love to show us older girls what they do it private.

I’m sure Jessie, being a 26 year old black woman, would be fascinated in getting a young white boy to jerk off for her. That would be a site to behold. The contrast of his little white dick squirting his boy cream in to her open black female hands. Or watching her middle black finger being fully inserted into his little pink anus to help him produce a respectable cum shot. That would be just as exciting as getting Marcus, a beautiful black man, to get completely naked in front of a fully dressed and virginal 16 year old Britney, with her blonde hair and masturbate before her innocent eyes. The pictures and video we could take of that would be simply amazing. I’m sure she would go back and brag about it to all of her high school girlfriends.

As the sun goes down, the pool lights at the deep end comes on and we now can see Seth and all his glory, under the water. He is feeling no pain from the beer and seems to care less if us girls, sitting poolside in our bikinis, are giggling at his penis that appears to defy gravity and float under water. Jessie tries not to stare at his white ass cheeks, but her curiosity is getting the best of her, just like mine.

Marcus has now climbed up the ladder and is walking around the pool. All of us girls stop talking and watch in awe as his black butt muscles flex with each step he takes. Tara looks at me and I look at Jessie. This guy is a perfect specimen for the male species. His white underwear is absolutely transparent. Jessie says to him, come here honey, let me take those wet undies off. I look at Tara’s face in shock as Marcus walks over and with one quick motion, Jessie slips her thumbs inside of his waistband and slides his underwear off. Marcus steps out of them and all me and Tara can do is stare with our mouths open as his huge shiny black cock springs up and out in a semi-erect state.

Me and Tara try not to be so obvious and gawk at Marcus’s manhood, but we can’t help ourselves, and steal parting glances at him. I see Tara take a gulp of her pina colada, then look at Marcus’s black erection, then look at me in disbelief, as to say, “is this really happening ?”

Jessie pulls Marcus over and stands up and starts toweling Marcus’s wet, naked body off in front of us girls. Even though it is getting kind of dark, we can still see every inch of Marcus’s naked black body, and it is perfect, just as Tara and I imagined. His broad shoulders and his six pack abs are like a male underwear model’s, only his penis would be too big and obvious for an underwear ad on a side of a bus.

Jessie smiles at me and Tara as she grabs his big black dick, which has now become fully erect and waves it at us. Marcus grins, knowing us white girls have probably never seen a penis as big as his. He was easily 10 inches long, similar to my young black high school athlete, only Marcus’s penis was much thicker. It looked as big around as my arm.

Tara leans in and gets a closer look at his dark black cock and glances up at him and smiles. Gee Marcus, I guess you’re not as shy when you’re naked. Jessie snickers and I say, yeah, we’ve heard about the squirt show you put on for Jessie, any chance you can show the rest of us girls ? Marcus just laughs and says, man, I don’t know if I can do that. What if Britney shows up ? I look at Jessie and Tara and we all say, so ? big deal. Give the young girl an education. Tara says, hell, it will probably change her life, being a virgin and all.
I’m guessing it will probably induce a heart attack in the shy little girl, so lets make sure she’s up for it, mm-kay ?

Suddenly, I hear a car door shut from the front of the house. I look over at Seth standing naked at the far end of the pool and say, hey Seth, I think I hear Britney, can you help her bring in her luggage? Seth, being slightly drunk, says “sure”, and walks into the house completely naked, with all of us girls in our bikinis watching. Us girls all crack up as Tara and I run to the window to see the expression on Britney’s face as she sees a naked guy meet her at the door and offer to carry her bags.

As Britney walks up, she sees a naked Seth and screams, holy shit !. We all just fall on the ground laughing. I open the back door and yell, don’t worry Britney, that’s just Seth, he’s a harmless boner. Britney yells back, Jesus, why is he naked ? Are you girls naked too ? No, Tara says, we just sitting in our bikinis, drinking by the pool. Britney says, why does he have a boner ? I laugh and yell back, you think that’s a boner, wait until you see Jessie’s boyfriend, Marcus.

Is he naked too ? She asks, as she comes over and gives both of us a hug. What the hell is going on here ? she asks. Is this some sort of a bachlorette party ? I look at Tara and shrug my shoulders and say, well, no, but it is a party for us girls. Wait until you see what we have lined up for you, sweet Britney. I know you’re only 16, but I think you’re old enough to appreciate the special kind of female entertainment that Jessie, Tara and I have cooked up for you. Like what, she says, watching a male stripper ? Jessie comes over, with Marcus in tow, literally, by pulling him behind her with his huge erection.

Britney looks down and then up at Marcus, and turns ten shades of red, as she certainly has never seen a black guy completely naked, let alone erect. She covers her mouth and says, oh my God and holy shit, look at the size of his dick ! Me and Tara just crack up as we now can plainly see Marcus in all of his naked glory in the lights of the back patio. I knew Marcus’s black body and penis would be beautiful, but Tara would later say, his black ass and dick would far exceed any white girl’s expectations.

Jessie says, don’t be shy Britney, here, give me your hand. Jessie takes Britney’s sixteen year old hand and touches Marcus’s chest and guides it down to his pubic area. Britney is still ten shades of embarrassment but can’t contain her curiosity as her fingers weave in to Marcus’s black fuzzy pubic hair. Jessie continues to guide Britney’s hand on to Marcus’s black erection that is pointing at a full mast. I look over at Tara, as she stares down at Britney’s little white hand grasping Marcus’s 10 inch black cock. The contrast of us three girls, standing in our bikinis, next to a beautiful naked black guy as a 16 year old Britney in her jeans & tank top, strokes his erection is beyond the surreal. Britney keeps her other hand over her open mouth as she explores a strange naked black man’s genitals.

Seth has put away Britney’s bags and now walks up and stands naked next to Tara. Tara smiles at her boyfriend and takes Britney’s other hand that is covering her mouth and runs it down Seth’s chest, over his blonde pubic hair, and guides her 16 year old fingers over Seth’s white erection. I think it’s safe to say that Britney didn’t wake up this morning knowing that she would be stroking two stranger’s erections at the same time, one white, one black, with their girlfriends watching. Is this OK ?, asks Britney.

We’re all consenting adults, sort of, what’s the harm, just some not-so-innocent female entertainment. Jessie looks at Marcus and says, baby, I bet you’d never thought you would ever have a 16 year old white girl gripping your sweet black dick today, did you ? Me and Tara just crack up, looking at Marcus enjoying what young Britney is doing to his cock. I see Jessie staring at Seth nakedness and what Britney is doing to him, slowly caressing his white erection that looks like it’s about 7 1/2 inches long. I look at Seth’s dick and wink at Jessie and say, not bad, for a white guy, eh ?. Tara smiles at me and Jessie and says, it’s all the dick I need, and his balls are heaven, trust me.

Tara, obviously feeling confident from the pina coladas, reaches down and cups and fondles Marcus’s big black balls as Britney continues her slow stroking of his hard black shaft. Jessie, being far from a shy black girl herself, reaches down and cups Seth’s fuzzy white ball sack, that looks rather small, with her black fingers that completely grasp and pull out and down on both of his white testicles. Seth groans a little, but continues to enjoy the slow caressing of his white shaft that little Britney is still doing.

Jessie smiles at Tara as she pulls her boyfriend Seth closer to her side and uses her other free hand to reach into Seth’s ass crack and insert her black middle finger in to his tight pink anus. Seth groans again, but soon relents as he has never enjoyed a girl fingering him, let alone a black girl. Upon seeing what Jessie is doing to her boyfriend, Tara lets go of Marcus’s black balls, puts her middle finger in to Britney’s mouth to get some female saliva and reaches around, spreads open Marcus’s black ass cheeks and inserts her middle white finger into his anus. Jessie sees her black boyfriend jerk forward, but eventually calms down and gets used to the intrusion of a strange white girl’s middle finger violating his black anus that even Jessie has never explored.

Tara sees the effect that her finger is having on Marcus and whispers, hey Britney, give me your middle finger. So Britney, standing next to Marcus, looking confused, stops stroking his huge black erection and lets Tara guide her little white 16 year old finger between Marcus’s tight black buttocks and pushes it in to his anus. I see Britney’s mouth open as Tara instructs her on massaging Marcus’s prostate, telling her to make circular movements with her finger inside of him. Jessie seems stunned and excited as she watches a little Britney, dressed in her little hot outfit with her blonde curly hair, finger her black boyfriend like a prom queen. Me and Jessie and Tara just gaze at the contrast of Britney’s little petite white hand going in to Marcus’s black ass cheeks. The sight of this is so intense that I whip out my digital camera and snap several pictures of all of the action.

I look at Britney and see that she is practically in a trance. Jessie, Tara, and I are feeling no pain from the excellent pina coladas I have whipped up. I then say to Britney, hey girl, why don’t you change into your bikini, grab a pina colada, and meet us poolside. I’ll put on some music and we can watch our naked pool boys dance for us. Sounds good to me, says Jessie. Yeah, says Tara, we can watch Marcus and Seth do jumping jacks for us. All of us girls just crack up laughing as Britney just shakes her head and looks down in embarrassment.

I walk up to Britney and put my arm around her and whisper in her ear, “have you ever seen a guy jerk off before ? Britney covers her eyes, shakes her head “Jesus, no !”, and walks back into the house, murmuring, are you serious ? With a big shitty grin on her face she says, you guys are crazy !. I look at Jessie and Tara and say, get your boys “balls up and ready”, I think our 16 year old Britney is up for some serious female entertainment, big time.