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My wife, Viv, and I were lucky enough to inherit a small country house from an uncle of mine to whom I was his only living relative. I knew nothing of the property so I when I went down to Eastbourne (the nearest big town) to sort out the paperwork I took some time to check it out. It was a quaint little country cottage with secluded garden that overlooked the south downs and a short walk from the local village and its amenities. The solicitor told me it was let out by my uncle to mountain bikers and walkers as there were many good treks around the property. I saw the paperwork and realising how much money it made decided to keep it on with the current letting agent. All I would need to do is clean it at the beginning and end of each season.

Inside it was very simple and well looked after with two good sized bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, open-plan kitchen and lounge downstairs which had big French windows taking you to the little garden. The garden was again simple with lawned area, patio, small covered area and adjacent to that a shed in which I found five mountain bikes. The small covered area had two showerheads which had signs explaining how they should be used to clear mud or dust off cyclists before going into the house.

I got home and told my wife all about it and suggested we go for a week before the first letting to do some cycling for ourselves and get it ready for the summer. Viv was all for it and keen to see our 'second' home for herself. She also suggested we invite another couple along to make it more fun and to help with the chores. Despite the offer of a free holiday, we struggled to find anybody that could get time off to come until Viv suggested a friend she went to the gym with, Nadine, and her boyfriend. I didn't know either of them but Viv assured me we would get on well as John (the boyfriend) was into photography like myself.

Two weeks later we waited on John and Nadine to collect us. We were to all travel down in their Range Rover to save petrol etc. I was keen to meet them and hoped that we would get on. Nadine was an athletic 5ft 7, the same as Viv, but unlike Viv who has 36DD's and curvy body she was leaner and probably a 32B or so with muscular legs. Her best feature though was her soft features and perfect olive skin which (my wife informed me) came from an Indian grandmother as did her name. John was a bit younger than the rest of us (we are all in our early thirties). He's 6ft 5 with a big frame, 'number 2' haircut and I wasn't surprised to hear that he was a Marine before he started his own security company. We all hit it off and Nadine told us how she was cycling (on a machine) next to Viv in the gym they use when Viv offered them the chance to come along. Despite keeping himself fit John said it had been years since he was on a bike but was looking forward to getting some time away from the stresses of his work. It was late Friday evening when we arrived and after some getting settled and un-packing we all went to bed.

I woke about 3 am desperate for a pee and headed off to the toilet trying to be as quiet as possible. My eyes strained as I came into the lit corridor but I suddenly became aware of my surroundings to see Nadine in the bathroom doorway looking at me. She was wearing a white silk night shirt that showed her mid-rift and matching shorts. They allowed the dark of her nipples and bush to just be visible in the bright light. I suddenly looked up expecting to be sneered at for eyeing her up but I don't think she'd noticed as she was looking right at my crotch. I looked down to see I must have woken with a massive erection and it was tenting my boxers very noticeably. She noticed I must have caught her but she just smiled and mouthed 'night, night' before heading to their room. I watched her tight arse in the silk shorts as she disappeared and then went for my pee (after allowing for my boner to go down, not easy with Nadine's body in my mind).

The next morning we all met in the kitchen in our cycling gear. Nadine made no mention of last night to my relief and she just gave me a telling grin when she thought no-one else was looking. All four of us had on the proper gear with lycra shorts and biking gloves on etc. Both Nadine and Viv looked great as it showed off their legs nicely but the loudest talk was aimed at Myself. Whilst John's tight shorts incorporated padding and 'comfort zones' which softened the lines mine were more basic and left what Nadine said as, 'Leaving little to her imagination'. I looked down to see that the outline of my 6 inch dick was clearly visible as it pointed to one side. My balls were also quite noticeable crammed into the tight confines of the black cycling shorts that Viv had chosen for me. As we ate our toast there were only two stools in the kitchen so John and I stood against the counter. I noticed Nadine stealing glances of my bulge on more than one occasion which led my cock to swell a little. I had to concentrate hard (no pun intended) not to get a full on erection. Viv noticed my slightly engorged state and gave me a telling smile. She also commented on how she thought John should have worn the same shorts as me so as to allow her an idea of what his package looked like. For an ex Marine with 'don't mess with me' look about him he certainly did blush.

Once we were finished up we got the bikes out and set off up the cycle trail. About 3 hours later we got to a fork in the track that led back to the cottage. Our map showed that both routes would get us back but one was longer and included a harder section. The girls said they would take the quicker route and make a start on dinner if we wanted to take the harder one. John and I were both up for something a little more interesting so headed of down into the valley. The run was much bumpier and involved cutting across several streams which we both took at a good speed getting us covered from head to foot in mud. John was a bit behind me and was getting dirtier as he caught my spray. Then, as I rounded a corner at speed the track had a very sharp turn which I tried to make but skidded and came off the bike. Luckily I landed on a muddy bank that had created a puddle which softened my fall. I got up and John asked if I was ok before laughing at me saying I looked like I'd been mud wrestling as I was absolutely covered. In fact, he was laughing so much he lost his balance and came crashing down into the mud next to me. Once we had both gotten back up we headed off down the track to come out of the woods and see the cottage only a few hundred yards away.

We pulled up outside the back of the cottage and put the hose to our bikes to clean them down before we put them back in the shed. Having done that we headed to go indoors only to be stopped by Viv who looked at us aghast not believing how muddy we were.

'Your not coming in like that lads', she said gesturing to Nadine to come see what we looked like.

'You can use the outside showers to wash up and don't even think of coming in without our permission.' Viv spoke sternly to us as we headed to the shower area.

We turned the showers on and waited for them to heat up a little before going under. I had just started to rinse off my feet when I looked round to see both the girls stood about a foot away with an empty laundry basket.

'OK lads get 'em off!' Nadine said.

'I want you guys to give me your gear to wash now please.'

John looked at me and tutted before starting to strip off. I too started to hand over my shoes, socks, gloves, hat and shirt before stepping under the warm shower. John was down to his white CK underpants as he stepped under his shower head. I hadn't been under the spray for more than a couple of seconds before Viv piped up at me to remove my muddy cycling shorts too. I told her that I had nothing on underneath but she said that I shouldn't have gotten so muddy then. Nadine also spoke up saying it wasn't like she hadn't seen a cock before. I was a little taken aback by her use of the word 'cock' and felt a sudden rush at the thought of letting her see my 'cock'. She wanted to see 'cock' and I wasn't going to disappoint, who knows where this might lead I thought. John suggested that Nadine go inside so as not to embarrass me but Viv told him not to be so silly, especially as he might as well be naked!

We all looked at the same time, as if we all knew what had happened, to see that Johns CK's had gone completely transparent under the water. Viv was right he might just as well be naked. Nadine then shouted at John to take them off before they shrunk and got ruined pointing out that the girls had all now seen his 'cock'. John had a similar sized dick to my own, about 6 or 7 inches soft but looked a little smaller on his bigger build. He did as he was told and whipped them off to allow his dick to swing free. Viv and Nadine watched him but he turned around to hide himself a little. Next all eyes turned to me and I knew what they wanted. I slowly lowered my tight shorts down my legs and was relieved when my package was release from it's tight confines. I'm sure that Nadine gasped as my cock came into view and when I handed them my shorts I was pleased to see them both staring right at my cock.

Unlike John I decided to let Nadine see all of me, so I took some shower gel from the shelf and began to soap up, mostly washing my cock and balls right in front of them. Although Viv had seen me naked many times it was a thrill to be so exhibitionistic and with Nadine watching my every move I began to feel a swelling in my cock. I'm sure the fact that I was touching it so much as I washed contributed. However, I didn't want to push the situation too far and upset anybody so like John I turned round and began to rinse off. The girls both gave a wolf-whistle and suggested we come in and get dried off as it was already 6 O'clock and we had dinner reservations for 7:30. John scampered in with his head down and his hands covering his crotch. I however was feeling more brazen. I strode across the patio with my dick swinging from side to side and got a thrill out of the fact that the girls were stunned by my exhibitionism.

Once up in our room Viv pounced on me and I struggled to keep her noises down as she took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck me off. Viv was never like this to me before as getting her to give me a blow-job took much encouragement and usually a fancy night out with lots of booze. But not today, as she was not only sucking me off but had one hand between her legs rubbing at her pussy, again something that was unlike her (not that I was complaining). After giving me head for a good 3 or 4 minutes she knew I was close. Viv stood up and pulled down her skirt and knickers in one motion before jumping onto the bed and bending over with her arse pointing up. I needed no further invite, so coming up behind her I thrust into her I one motion. The combination of her saliva on my dick and her gushing pussy juices meant that I was able to fuck her hard and fast the way she was gagging for me to. Within a minute she was coming hard and screaming her orgasm into the pillows in front of her. I too was ready and just let it go with one hell of a rush, filler her with what felt like a gallon of spunk which in turn gave Viv another orgasm.

We collapsed together in a sweaty heap on the bed and just looked at each other with smiles on our faces. Once she had regained her composure she looked me up and down before saying how much she got turned on at Nadine seeing my cock and how they felt so much power over us as they starred at our cocks in the showers. She wanted to know if I would have gotten a hard-on in front of them. I explained how I had been scared to overstep the mark and that I was very close to getting a full blown erection. Viv seemed excited about this as well as saying how much she enjoyed seeing John naked and his more reserved approach. What was most clear to us both was that we both wanted for Nadine to see me naked and perhaps a lot more. I couldn't believe my ears when Viv asked me if I would wank off in front of another woman even if they wouldn't do the same for me in return, to which I replied to a definite yes.

By the time we had finished talking about this I was hard again but we didn't have time to have another shag so I left Viv to get showered whilst I slipped into my 'going out' clothes and went downstairs. I got there to see John sat in a comfy chair reading 'Guns & Ammo' with a big smile on his face, the sort of smile which says, 'I just got laid!' We had an awkward silence between us as neither wanted to talk about our exposure to the others partner but I'm sure we both wanted to, I know I did! I went into the kitchen and realised that there was still going to be twenty minutes before Viv was finished fucking about with clothes, perfume, make-up etc. so I decided to sort out a quick drink. There was beer in the fridge and I was relieved to brake the silence by asking John if he wanted a beer.

He said, 'Sure', and put down his macho magazine.

We both took a big swig out of our cans together and simultaneously did that, 'Arghhhhhhh..k' sigh that blokes do after their first big swig of beer for a while. Then we just looked at each other and burst out laughing, a combination of the silence that had just happened and the situation in the showers. John was just about to speak but stopped himself as Nadine came into the room looking fantastic. She was wearing a flowery summer dress that appeared to be a size too small the way it clung to her every curve as well as being very short.

We all collected ourselves and walked in the five minutes into the village the as the sun dipped away behind the hills. There are two pubs, a cycle hire shop, a couple of small shops and a fancy restaurant in the village and we had walked the length of it in under five minutes. The restaurant was a small place with fancy furniture, lots of chrome and glass everywhere, including the table tops. We were sat in the window as the only customers there and given the menus that offered a good selection of seafood, meats, salads and the like. The waitress took our drinks order and we settled down to silence, all of us wanting to get the afternoons nudity in the open but none of us wanting to talk about it. Then Viv broke the silence to tell us that the large house next to ours had a pool to which we had been invited to use the following day. She explained that the couple whom lived there were passing the girls as they arrived back from their bike ride and they said we could use their pool whenever we wanted.

As the evening progressed and it became darker I noticed how Viv couldn't keep her hand off my upper thigh. Once our main dishes had all been served Viv's hand moved into my lap and her fingers started playing with my zipper. I was a little surprised at this as the glass table offered no cover to her doing this. After five minutes of this my zipper was down and she was casually trying to free my cock through the opening on my boxers, she didn't even stop when the waitress returned to check all was fine with our meal. I know that she noticed as it took the woman, who was in her late twenties I'd guess, by surprise. Viv spotted that she was being overly attentive and sped up her effort to get 'me' on display. It took only a few seconds as she deftly had my soft cock resting in my lap and on display through the glass table. The waitress gave Viv a telling smile then looked to Nadine to see if she would follow suit before leaving us to it. Because of his position opposite me only John was oblivious to what was going on as his over-sized plate obscured any view he may have had. From then on our waitress became more attentive towards us. When it came to remove our plates she deliberately dropped her serving cloth near to me so that she could bend down for a closer look. Viv eased my legs open to give her a better view of my semi-hard cock which was just inches away from her. She then took two plates before returning for the others. The restaurant was a lot busier now and Viv decided she'd put 'me' back away so as not to cause a stir. The evening then went on as if nothing had happened, even though we all got a bit merry nobody brought up the nude shower experience. We settled the bill leaving the waitress a good tip and walked back to the cottage, all of us feeling the days cycling in our legs and saying how knackered we were. Despite feeling horny as hell we were both feeling so tired that we stripped off and went straight to bed. I think I was asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

I woke about 3 am again desperate for a pee and headed off to the toilet trying to be as quiet as possible. My eyes strained as I came into the lit corridor but I suddenly became aware of my surroundings to see Nadine in the bathroom doorway looking at me just like before. She was wearing the same white silk night shirt that showed her mid-rift and matching shorts which allowed the dark of her nipples and bush to just be visible. I looked up expecting to be caught eyeing her up but I don't think she'd noticed as she was looking right at my crotch. I looked down again to see had woken with a massive erection and it was bobbing up and down for her but unlike before it was completely exposed. She noticed I had caught her looking but she just smiled and licked her lips before bowing her head down to take a closer look. As she bent down a massive amount of her modest cleavage came into view as well as a small amount of nipple making my erection grow to the fullest, so much so that the foreskin was stretched back and the purple head was exposed to Nadine. I know she knew the effect she had had on me and smiled at me before blowing my cock a kiss and heading off to her room. I watched her tight arse in the silk shorts as she disappeared and then went for my pee (after allowing for my boner to go down, not easy with Nadine's tits in my mind).

I awoke a little hung over and noticed Viv was already up and I could hear voices talking downstairs. I got dressed and went downstairs to see the three of them chatting and eating toast. I too made some marmalade on toast and listened to the conversation. Viv and Nadine were telling us how they planned to go into town and buy some swimsuits so that we could use next doors swimming pool in the afternoon. This was fine as it meant that John and I could do a more challenging ride today and not have to worry about the girls getting tired or having to wait for them to keep up. It wasn't long before John and I were getting the bikes ready having said goodbye to the girls and suggested they not spend too much!

John led the way and we spent four hours cycling some challenging paths to get us right up to the highest point affording us a view out to sea and the Harbour town that was at the foot of the hills. We then saw a pub a short distance away and headed towards it with a cold beer sounding like a good idea. Once settled with a pint of the local brew we took in the view and chatted about nothing in particular for a while. We finished our first pint so I went and got two more but when I returned John was looking a little anxious. I asked him what the problem was and he stuttered and 'ummed and arrred' for a bit before asking me what I felt about the showers we took yesterday and the girls blatant desire to see us naked. Being males it took us a lot of time to get through the bravado and manly joke making but we eventually got to telling each other that we both thought it cool, in fact we both really enjoyed it. At the same time however we both made it clear that we had no interest in each other and that neither of us had any homosexual tendencies. By now we'd both had four pints and reckoned that it be an idea to get back as being a little pissed would make the journey harder work. It took a little longer than we'd hoped but we made it back to the cottage about 2 O'clock with both of us hungry and in need of re-hydration. Nadine and Viv weren't back yet so we went inside to get a drink before going upstairs to take turns showering and getting ready to go next door for a swim.


John and I were watching TV in the lounge when the girls returned with big smiles and telling us how they had had a very successful trip. They said they were both desperate to get a swim as the days sun made the temperature break 20 degrees so they ran upstairs to get ready. In under five minutes they were back down the stairs in over-sized T-shirts with bright coloured swim-suits just visible underneath. Each of them was carrying a black carrier bag with a Speedo label on it and said that John and I would get our suits when we got there to speed things up and get a swim in as soon as possible. We grabbed our towels and followed Viv to the gate of next doors house and she entered the code to gain us access to the garden that had a six foot wall all around it.

The large pool was magnificent, as were the well maintained gardens around it, with a decked area with permanent gazebo, lounge chairs and BBQ area. We all settled down our stuff by the lounge chairs. The girls handed us our bags with our new costumes in as they peeled off their T-shirts to expose very tiny string bikinis that made John and I grin from ear to ear. The girls then took each other by the hand and ran towards the pool, jumping in together with a Tarzan style yelp. John and I quickly went for our bags to get the swim-suits out but mine was empty so I looked to John expecting him to have them both but he had his bag upside down and was shaking it to display it's emptiness. We gave each other a telling look as we realised what the girls were after and both of us looked at the pool. Viv and Nadine were both looking in our direction, their heads peering over the edge of the pool with expectant grins.

I was well up for Nadine seeing more of my cock so I didn't hesitate to drop my jeans and boxer shorts in one quick movement to reveal my nakedness. I then ran at the pool, my cock and balls swinging free, and jumped over the girls heads and 'bombed' them. As my head broke the surface I too felt a splash as John followed my lead and bombed the pool. We then swam about taking advantage of the cool water with the hot sun burning down above us. The freedom I felt swimming nude was magnificent, the cool water swelling and 'whooshing' around areas that never normally felt such in the pool. The girls were constantly trying to chase us to cop a feel of each others partners. Although I was a far stronger swimmer than Nadine I was deliberately allowing her to catch me at which point she would go to grab my dick and give it a squeeze, then swim off to tell Viv what she'd done. Viv too was doing the same but John was being less accommodating and wasn't allowing her to catch him. This continued for a while before Nadine decided to give Viv a helping hand and helped her to corner John in the shallow end. I watched on as Viv went in for the kill and I saw a look of surprise on Johns face as she grabbed his cock. Triumphant the girls decided they'd had enough and got out of the water. They moved two sun chairs closer to the pool and lay down in such a way that they could watch us.

I did a few laps of the pool then waded into the corner to sit on the submerged steps. John was also doing laps of the pool and seeing the girls watching his arse in the water gave me an idea. I decided to do a few more laps. This time however, I did the back stroke which caused my dick to flop about in full view of the girls. I was sure to speed up as I got further away and slow down when I was closer in giving a better show for the girls. This caused a cheer from them both and the pair encouraging John to swim like me with his prick flopping about. He pretended not to hear as he swam and just continued doing laps of the pool. I was bored though and felt that it was time to get out and catch some sun. I climbed out of the water to the sound of the girls gives me wolf whistles, which I played to as I swaggered up the steps and out of the pool.

I pulled up a chair next to Nadine and sat down. I angled the chair slightly towards Nadine and gradually let my legs fall wide open to give her an unobstructed view of my cock and balls. She saw right through my exhibitionism and openly stared at me as I exposed myself to her.

'You can touch if you like!' Viv said as she saw Nadine looking on.

Nadine started to move towards me but Viv spoke up again. 'Not you Nadine, I was talking to my husband!'

Nadine smiled as she passed me some coconut oil whilst telling me she thought I should oil up. The double meaning meant just one thing to me! I squirted a large splash of oil into my groin area then began to massage it in. Nadine swung her legs around and sat side on to her chair so that her face was only about two feet away from my groin. I worked the oil into my whole groin area as well as pulling back my foreskin to make the head shine for her. I was already swelling to erection as I looked at Nadine in her skimpy swim-suit and imagined what I would like to do to her as I stroked my engorged dick. I reclined slightly to make it easier for me to jerk off without my elbows banging the arms of my chair. In doing this my dick was now just inches from Nadine's face as I gave myself a good wank!

I was so excited that I felt my balls tighten and my body flex as I prepared to come for Nadine. I wanted to make a good show of it so I slowed right down as I neared the point of no return, the oil making a sloshing noise in my hand. Doing this usually made my orgasm stronger and made my spunk shoot further. I briefly looked up to see Nadine transfixed by my show and Viv was standing over her with a big grin on her face. I went over the edge with my hand moving very slowly up and down my cock and I felt a big 'one' as I shot a wad of spunk high into the air, followed shortly after by a stream of come that spewed over my hand. Nadine yelped with joy and swiped her hand over my chest to scoop up the large wad of come that had landed there just moments before. She then showed the contents of her hand to Viv who asked her if she enjoyed the show. Nadine nodded then stood up to look for John.

John was still doing laps when she shouted to him. He ignored her though until he arrived back at the shallow end, standing up to see what she wanted of him. John saw me looking exhausted slumped in my chair with a subsiding erection covered in glistening oil.

'Get yourself up here now 'cos you are going to show Viv and me how you jerk yourself off!'

John was looking shocked, but the last two days events appeared to have made him less worried about the whole thing as he gave a big grin. He waded out of the pool and sauntered over towards us, his dick swinging free and stopped just a step away from Viv. Nadine then turned towards me and lifted her bikini top to reveal her perfectly formed tits. They weren't massive or anything but they looked firm and had smallish dark (and very hard) nipples pointing skywards. She jiggled them for me once then covered herself back up and turned towards John saying that Viv would do the same for him if he obliged! John appeared to asses the situation for a moment and it was obvious that he felt a wank show for a tit flash wasn't fair. He agreed however and asked where they wanted him to 'perform'! I felt that I might put him off sat there so I stood up, my reinvigorated erection bobbing about, and threw myself in the pool to cool off (in more ways than one).

I let myself just float about in the cool water as I heard the girls egging John on to give them a good show. My brain was awash of what I had just done as well as the vision of Nadine's tits still fresh in my mind. I felt my erection throb from the a combination of the 'work' it had just done and the fact that it had been hard ever since. I looked over a couple of times but from where I was all I could see was the back of Johns head and his shoulders as they wobbled. Another few minutes passed before I heard a cheer come up from the girls followed by Nadine chanting, 'Tits out for the lads!' over and over.

I continued just relaxing in the water when I noticed Nadine climbing into the pool. I moved position slightly so that I was now treading water as I saw Nadine swim towards me with a grin on her face.

'I didn't want us to miss out!' was all she said as she swam closer then stopped at the deepest point where she could still stand up. I took this as a sign she wanted me to close the gap between us so I hastily swam over to her and stopped inches from her face.

'I've had an idea,' she said.

'If you want you can see me naked and possibly more but there is a catch!'

I gave her a puzzled look that said she needed to elaborate and she continued, 'One of us has to be wearing a swim suit but the only one we have is this one..... You wear it and I wont be!'

I laughed a little before accepting her terms. She fiddled about under the water and handed me her bikini bottoms followed by an order to put them on. I carefully slid them on hoping my larger frame wouldn't break them but when I came to cover my still hard dick I realised it wasn't going to work so I pulled them up and over letting my cock and balls 'hang' out. Next Nadine gave me her bikini top having let out the straps to their maximum. I felt silly but this would mean Nadine was naked now so put the bikini top on. Not knowing how it worked (I'd only ever had to undo them before) Nadine spun me around and did it up for me.

'Well, well.' She said with a wink and a smile, 'Aren't you the pretty one. Go show Viv what you look like then come back and see me.'

I wasted no time swimming to steps and stood up to see Viv looking in my direction but with John's face buried in her pussy. She smiled at me and gave a little giggle followed by a lustful gasp given her by John's tongue work. I turned and went to swim towards Nadine but she was waiting for me in the corner of the shallow end.

I swam over to Nadine and she pulled me in by my bikini straps. Once in close she rammed her tongue into my mouth and started to fondle my still hard dick. I then went at it and started to stroke her naked body, a finger slowly finding its way to her pussy. She had only a very small tuft of soft hair above her slit that felt nice in the water. I delved a little deeper and she flinched and I found her clit that seemed to sticking out a mile. Nadine pulled her mouth of me just long enough for her to order me to finger her till she came before kissing me hard again. It wasn't a loving kiss but an animalistic rough kiss of mingled tongues. I expertly moved my hand to the same rhythm that she was jerking me off with and quickly realised that this was perfect for her. We roughly wanked each other off as we fought with our tongues and it felt like only moments before Nadine pulled her mouth away to get more air as she screamed to climax.

She spasmed and squirmed on my fingers for ten or fifteen seconds before she came a second time then relaxed. She had stopped her dick stroking while she came and then appeared to realise that this wasn't over yet. She pushed me back to the side until I was sat on the top step of the pool then she leant over and swallowed my dick whole. I looked over at Viv to see she was knelt in front of John (who was sort of wearing Viv's bikini) sucking his dick whilst he leant back slightly and had his eyes closed. I was reminded of Nadine once more as she perfectly blew me off with long strokes that had almost gagging on my dick she took me in so deep. My recent wank meant that I was able to savour this blow job longer and I was proud to have lasted longer than I expected before I felt myself tipping the edge. Nadine must have sensed my closeness as she began to gently squeeze my balls which in turn sent me over the edge. Nadine pulled away and jerked me off in her hand as my come oozed out and dribbled down her had which gave me a good view of her tits. The nipples were super hard from the combination of cold water and sexual excitement, everything was just perfect! I was done and felt totally drained as I watched Nadine stand up to reveal her body to me in its entirety which made my already knackered dick twitch once more. Viv and John were also finished and John was laughably trying to escape from Viv's bikini top but looked to be having trouble. Nadine slowly stepped over me allowing me to see her puffed out pussy lips at close range. It was just the best looking pussy I'd seen in a long time especially as it gaped slightly from her evident arousal. She walked over to her bag and pulled out a camera before coming back to take a picture of me exhausted on the pool steps with my now softening dick poking out the side of her bikini!

Unfortunately the late sun was now falling behind the trees that were just inside the walls and a chill hit the air. We all looked at each other and smiled as we packed up our stuff, none of us speaking, just savouring the moment and the sexual high within us! We got our stuff together, wrapped ourselves in just a towel and went back to the cottage still all in a comfortable silence. We were all just about to go in when Nadine said that John and I must shower outside and get rid of all the chlorine. We didn't bat an eyelid as we obeyed and went over to the showers knowing it would be a naked shower for the ladies viewing pleasure. John stood under the spray and began to wash. I too got under the water and noticed that Nadine was taking pictures of us whilst I heard Viv telling me to take off my bikini. I had forgotten I had it on and fought my way out as Nadine took more pictures of us both.

'Get 'em hard for the camera boys!' Viv stated as Nadine got in closer to take individual pictures of each of us. John and I took our dicks in our hands and worked them to full erection for Nadine to photograph. I would have jerked off for the camera but to be honest I was a little sore! Nadine ran out of space on her camera just then so she went inside.

John and I went inside also but we were all gutted when John listened to his messages off his mobile to hear there was a problem at his shop and that he'd have to leave. He did say that he'd get a train but we all agreed to leave as well as it would mean we'd all have to return soon for a repeat performance!