Fem-Dom Island - The CFNM Chronicles - Chapter 1


The Milking Chamber

"Oh my God!" I cried out at the sight in the square in the middle of the park. "I can't believe it!" The sight was too shocking for my mind to accept.

"I said you would be surprised!" Lori smiled back at me, standing by my side.

I knew an assignment into this female dominant culture was going to be a challenge - a challenge, that is, for me because I was male. For Lori, I think she enjoyed it.

If I had known the extent of the challenge, I never would have volunteered. Each time I thought I had adjusted, another little aspect of the culture surfaced to surprise me. What I saw in the middle of the part was the most shocking of all.

The challenge began on my first day on the island, when I had to take off my clothes. The female dominant island of Femdom imposed strict laws on men and the clothing we were required to wear. That is, us men were not allowed to wear any. The male half of the human species was required to remain bare-assed naked at all times. I mean we couldn't cover ourselves at all, even with our hands. The last time I wore clothing was on the boat we sailed to shore. I wore a set of swimming trunks, but those came off just after I jumped into the water and waded to the shore.

It felt very embarrassing at first; I mean walking around in public in the buff. Women were able to check out my dick whenever they wanted. They could look at my ass whenever they felt like it. It was humiliating, but only at first. Surprisingly, I quickly became accustomed to it. I think the sight of all the other men put my mind at ease, for they were all naked too. Knowing I was not alone somehow relieved the embarrassment, but it did not eliminate it altogether.

The cause of my continued source of embarrassment rested with my partner, Lori. I use the term "partner" loosely, for there was no 50/50 relationship between male and female on the island of Femdom. I could say she played the part of my wife, but no marriages existed on the island, at least not in the traditional sense. The relationship was more like master and servant. In fact, it sometimes boarded closer to mistress and slave.

For as I had to remove all my clothing, Lori got to keep all of hers. In fact, she got to wear whatever she wanted, which was probably a good thing. Not that she was ugly or anything like that. Quite the contrary, Lori was exceptionally good looking, which caused another problem. I knew a lack of clothing around her body would only serve to increase my embarrassment a few inches further.

Lori was a 25-year old brunette with a pretty face and a pair of sexy brown eyes. She stood about five-foot-five, and kept in great shape, and liked to eat healthy and do a lot of exercise. The result was a shapely, very sexy body. She wore narrow hips and what must have been a set of C-cupped tits; maybe even Ds.

I felt it a few times already. Every once in a while she faced me at the perfect angle or bent down right in front of me. Once I even saw a portion of her boob through a half-open button in her blouse. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't have been a problem. But being naked, I had to look away. I had to ignore it and quickly try to think of something else to get my mind off the subject. Walking around naked was humiliating enough. Walking around with an erection would be a lot worse.

It was getting more difficult to resist the temptation with every passing hour. We had already been on the island for three days. We were into our fourth day when we went to the park. Four whole days without release was longer than I was used to.

* * * * *

"John, do you realize what they are doing?" Lori interrupted my thoughts. She brought me back to reality and the sight of the extreme humiliation displayed on the stage before me.

At the center of the park, in a square, sat a raised stage. On the stage laid a naked young male. He was bent over a contraption that left his body exposed and immobile. His arms hung down and his wrists were tied to two posts in front. His legs pointed down and were spread to two wider posts in the rear. Both wrists and ankles were tied, which made him look like an animal on all fours about to be sacrificed.

"John, do you see what they are doing to him?" Lori asked me again.

I knew full well what they were doing to him. In his tied position, the man was exceptionally vulnerable. Worse, a woman took advantage of his vulnerability. She knelt behind him with her hand swung around his leg. In her hand she held his cock. I watched her stroke it.

"It's a competition," Lori casually told me. "One of my new found friends told me about it last night. I didn't believe her at first, but I just had to walk down here to take a look for myself!" She spoke with a tone of genuine excitement. I could see why. Before us stood the most demeaning thing I had ever seen done to a man. It was worse than a male strip show. It was worse than a male slave auction. Not only was he naked, but he was also displayed in his full glory. And not only that, he was being forcibly stroked in public. I never imagined such a humiliating display was possible, although I notice he did not seem to mind it much. Even though his legs and arms were tied down and he couldn't escape the woman's eager hand, he wore a great big smile on his face. She was definitely keeping him very much aroused.

"Do you see what she is doing?" Lori gave me a nudge with her elbow to ask me a third time.

"Yes," I decided to answer finally. Of course I knew.

"She's jacking him off," Lori told me anyway. "She's masturbating him up on stage!"

Lori spoke with excitement. She wore a great big smile on her face. I find it hard to believe how much this demeaning sight turned her on.

"And there's more!" She practically jumped up and down in anticipation. "There's actually more to it than what you think! Just watch!"

I did not watch very close, but I couldn't help but notice the man enjoy it more and more. He seemed to get increasingly excited. I knew what this meant and what would soon happen.

Glancing to my side, I could tell Lori knew it too. She watched it like a little girl watching her favorite Saturday morning cartoon. It seemed like she actually looked forward to what would soon happen. I noticed she stood on her tiptoes and smiled.

And then he did it! The guy was forced to cumm! Even worse, he was forced to do it in public! At least two-dozen women watched the spectacle. A collective sigh went up among the crowd as I watched the guy squirt out his load of sperm. And then they clapped. I noticed Lori sigh and clap along with them.

"That was a good load," She told me. "That was the best one so far."

I stood beside her in shock. "How many times have you watched this?"

"This is number three," She answered. "I watched two others this morning, before you woke up, but it's not over yet. Just watch!"

I did not know what Lori meant by this, but then I looked up to see for myself. The woman doing the pumping action stopped for about a minute to rest, and then she started right back up again. I couldn't believe it! The guy just cummed, and then she tried to get him to do it again.

"Oh my God!" I involuntarily spoke with disbelief.

Lori looked at me and smiled even more. "One of the girls told me about it yesterday. They call it the male milking competition."

"Milking?" I expressed shock. I never before heard a man's ejaculation described as a milking, and then add: "Competition? What do you mean, competition?"

"It's a game," Lori explained. "As each man cumms, his sperm is collected into a container below. Whoever makes their male cumm the most sperm, wins a prize!"

I stood in awe. I simply could not believe it! I never thought something like this was possible. How utterly humiliating! I thought to myself. There had to be at least two or maybe three-dozen women watching this man being forced to repeatedly eject in public for their entertainment.

I suddenly came to the realization that the women were not just in charge on the island of Femdom, they were the masters over the men. And the men weren't just slaves, they were sex slaves. It was evident by looking at the man up on stage. The male did not fight against his captor. He fought a little at first when she started to pump him the second time, but then he stopped fighting and seemed to enjoy it. Despite the embarrassment, I noticed he got hard anyway. I realized he was going to be forced to do it again.

I took a hard swallow and questioned Lori. "How many times do they make him do it?"

"As many times as they can in thirty minutes," Lori answered. "Each contestant is given exactly thirty minutes to make as many deposits as possible. The two guys I saw this morning each did it three times."

'Deposits!' I thought to myself. Lori was starting to think like them. She was starting to become affected by the culture that surrounded us. She called the sexual function of a man a deposit - as though he was putting money into a bank.

"My friend told me that they starve them beforehand," Lori went on to explain. "I mean they sexually starve them. They don't allow them to cumm for three or maybe four days beforehand."

I noticed her smile at me when she said this. It made me wonder if she knew how long it had been for me, and then I realized of course she did.

"And they also feed them something called goat's milk," She went on. "Goat's milk is supposed to increase the male's quantity, if you know what I mean! I'm told it makes them big, ripe, and very swollen."

Of course I knew what she meant. I knew exactly what she meant. I also noticed how she talked about a man's balls like they were a piece of fruit. The men on the island of Femdom were not considered human beings. They were more like animals kept around to sexually please their female masters. That was why men were not allowed to wear clothing. They had to walk around in the nude so their female masters could keep an eye on them - every inch of them.

"What do you think John?" Lori asked me. "Do you think this is exciting?"

I didn't know how to answer. I noticed the poor man up on stage was again hard as a rock. The woman kneeling behind him was again beating his meat with a constant stroking action. It was easy to picture myself in his place. All I could think about was a woman's hand tightly wrapped around my cock, but then I realized how utterly humiliating it would be to have it done on stage.

"Look at him go!" Lori did not seem to appreciate the humiliation at all. Instead, her eyes focused to the stage and to watch the humiliation with pleasure.

I looked too, and saw the woman let go of the cock. It convulsed, but not much came out. Only a short glob of white liquid dropped into the container. A white line of fluid quickly followed it. His cock drooled into the pan below.

"That was a good size squirt, don't you think John?" Lori questioned. "I mean, for the second time in about twenty minutes, he's really got a lot of sperm."

"He's very good," I took a swallow and agreed.

"Do you think you could be that good?" Lori next asked me.

It took a moment for the question to settle in. I looked to my side and see Lori looking back at me. She wore a smile on her face. I could tell she really enjoyed this.

"It's disgusting!" I quickly disagreed with her assessment. "That man is being raped!"

Lori glanced down, and then she looked back up at my face. "That's not what the rest of your body says."

I looked down myself to see it. I also felt it. A full erection stuck out proudly from between my legs. A tremendous sense of embarrassment was suddenly instilled within me. I realized it was the first time Lori got to see me with an erection. I also realized many of the other women could see it too, but Lori bothered me most of all. I felt like a man caught with his pants down in the middle of the girl's locker room.

Without thinking, I instinctively brought my hands forward to cover myself.

"No! No! No!" Lori quickly corrected. "You know the rule! Men are not allowed to cover their bodies, even with their hands."

I remembered the rule. Lori reminded me many times before. A man was never supposed to cover himself, especially his cock and ass. Punishment was a ball-busting. That was where a woman got to take a man's balls in her hand and slowly squeeze down on them. Thoughts of a ball-busting made me face the inevitable.

Despite the embarrassment of showing an erection in public - and more important, an erection in front of Lori - I forced my hands behind me. I had to grab my wrists to resist the temptation to bring them forward, and then I turned away so Lori couldn't see. Of course, I know this exposed me to a lot of other women, but they didn't bother me as much as Lori. They were being entertained by the cock on stage, and I mostly worried about Lori.

Lori, to my surprise, laughed at me. "Come on John," She followed me around and looked anyway. "Don't be shy. I like it!"

She faced me and then took hold of my upper arms. She held me so I could not turn away, and then she looked down between us. "It's actually very nice. You should be proud of your prick!"

I turned red with embarrassment. "Please!" I tried to get her to look away.

"It's certainly nothing to be ashamed of," She ignored me and continued to look anyway. "I always knew you were well hung, but now I see for certain. You're cock is most definitely of the large variety."

I was sure I turned even redder at the sound of her words. "Please!" I tried again. "Stop looking!"

"Not huge, but plenty big enough," She continued to ignore me and began speaking like a professional doctor giving her opinion of my size. "Nice and long and plenty thick too. Most certainly longer than average! What is it John, eight inches?"

"Oh Lori!" I couldn't help but say. "Please! This is so embarrassing!"

"Only embarrassing for you," She finally acknowledged my words. "I kind of like it! You've got a nice cock! You should be proud of it.

I gasped for breath. I couldn't believe she was vain enough to say such a thing. The culture was most certainly having a negative effect on her.

"I hope you don't mind me asking," She finally looked back up at my face at the end of her long stare. "What is it John? Really? Eight inches or a little bit longer? Tell me or I will get out my ruler and measure the length of your organ myself."

I had no choice but to tell her. I figured I might as well since she could already see it.

"A little over seven," I spoke shyly.

Lori laughed. "That's a good boy," She laughed at me. "Now, what were you saying about the poor man on stage? If it is so disgusting, why is it turning you on? Are you thinking about bending over in his place?"

"No!" I quickly rejected. "Of course not!"

"Come on John," Lori stepped closer and looked into my eyes. She was right in my face. Our noses almost touched. At my waist, I felt the head of my cock gently brush against her full compliment of clothing, and instinctively pulled back. "Admit it John. It turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Don't be ridiculous!" I countered with less enthusiasm.

Lori backed away and then turned to face the stage again. "Look at him!" We watched the spectacle together. "Think about what it would be like to be in his place, with the hand of a good looking girl encompassed around your shaft. Stroking! Pumping! Stroking! Pumping! Again and again! Over and over! Until she gives you an orgasm."

Lori smiled at my face, and then she looked down at my cock again. She held onto me tight by the elbow so I couldn't turn and I couldn't run away. She was able to look down upon my projecting hard-on from the side.

"And don't lie to me," She added. "I know what you're really thinking inside."

She was right. She saw how sexually stimulated I was. I could not cover up the ecstasy I felt inside.

"Please stop looking," I attempted to get her to break her stare.

"No!" She informed me succinctly. "I like looking at your cock, and I think I am going to keep look as much as I want. You just keep your eyes on the stage and tell me when he's about to erupt. I don't want to miss it if he has a third ejaculation."

I did as she suggested. The sight of the man on stage at least helped me keep my mind off the eyes of Lori on my cock, but only temporarily. I could still feel her look at me. Every time I sneaked a glance over, I noticed Lori had her eyes firmly locked down onto my member. I don't know how long she looked, but it seemed like several minutes. I only know it was impossible to get soft knowing she looked at me with a hard-on.

Meanwhile, the man on stage was being pumped again. The woman attempted to milk him a third time; three times in only 30 minutes.

"Look at it!" Lori finally broke her stare on me. "Look how hard it is! And look how long the thing is. It's really very nice, and the guy up on stage isn't too bad either."

I realize she was actually talking about my own cock. She hadn't broken her stare on me at all, but was looking down upon my length the entire time.

"Listen to him moan," She commented. "And listen to him grunt! It sounds like he's about to erupt again. Make sure to tell me when he's about to erupt. If you only knew how much an erupting cock turns me on."

Glancing to my side, I noticed Lori was almost panting. I hadn't noticed it before, but she was really getting turned on. I could see her sweat. I could tell her heart was racing. I couldn't help but wonder if the source was the cock on stage or my own.

I looked around at the other women in the audience. Their attention was mostly riveted up to the stage in front of us, but then I noticed one of them take a glance down at me and then give me a smile. I wondered how many others saw me too. And then I wondered how much longer we were going to stand here and witness this spectacle, and how was I going to walk home in my present condition.

"He's cumming," I actually told her. I couldn't believe I actually did what she told me to do.

"Oh yes!" Lori immediately turned her head towards the stage. "Look at him go! Look at him squirt!" She nearly jumped for joy.

My attention switched to the same scene. He didn't exactly squirt. He no longer had enough sperm left to squirt. It was more like a drool, but he did output some more sperm. Obviously, he did not have much left.

"Now admit it John! This turns you on, doesn't it? The thought of a good looking young woman forcibly jacking you off really makes you hot."

I took a hard swallow. "Well, maybe a little," I answered shyly.

"I knew it!" Lori responded like a warrior who just won a battle. "But what would you say if the good looking young woman was me? What if it was my hand?"

I looked at Lori in shock.

"Yes John!" She knew what I was thinking. "Imagine it. Imagine if you were on stage, and it was my hand around your shaft. Think about what it would feel like to have my little hand wrapped around your wiener, stroking it up and down. Pump! Stroke! Pump! Stroke! Again and again. Over and over, until I made you perform just like the man on stage."

"Lori!" I looked back at her in shock, realizing how much my heart raced too. Her words were very arousing.

"Answer the question," She turned her attention back to me after the man up on the stage was spent. "Tell me John, does it turn you on to think about being forcibly jacked off? And then jacked off again? And what if I was the jacker?"

Suddenly, I felt her! I felt her on my cock! Lori casually reached over and brushed her fingers against the side of my engorged erection.

"Very nice," She complimented. "Are you sure it's only a little over eight inches in length?"

I did not answer her question. I could not answer.

She brushed against my cock harder, forcing it to point in one direction and then the other. I was too surprised to move, or maybe it was because I was just too embarrassed. In any case, I simply stood there, frozen in place, too surprised to do anything as Lori used her fingers to play with my hard shaft like it was a convenient toy.

"Wow!" She spoke in amazement. "That feels really hard! Do you know that you really have a tremendous hard-on?"

Of course I knew, but I didn't tell her. I remained silent.

Meanwhile, Lori continued to play with my cock. She moved from forcing it back and forth to playing with it up and down. She pushed down on it, let go, and then watched as it sprung back up to its naturally erect position. I knew other woman watched too, but I was not brave enough to look around to check how many there were.

"Wow! That really feels nice!" Lori complimented as she played. "Your cock looks even longer when I point it straight out. It's got to be like nine inches long. I'll have to take your measurements later."

An erotic picture formed in my mind. It was of Lori with a ruler, and she was holding the ruler along the side of my cock. I suddenly had no doubt she would soon be measuring my length.

"But I still want to know," She continued playing with my cock. "I really want to know John. What if I was the Jacker?"

"Please!" I did not want to answer.

"Oh John!" She yelped in surprise quiet loudly before I get the chance. The yelp came as her fingers brushed against the tip of my cock.

I knew the reason for her surprise. She felt my wetness.

"That's nice! That's very, very nice," Lori complimented. "I like that John! I can feel you are even more excited than you look. I can tell what your answer is going to be already, but tell me anyway. I want to hear you say it."

I stayed frozen in place as Lori kept her fingers on my erect organ. I considered backing up or turning, but then she wrapped her fingers around tight and took the choice away from me. My heart skipped a beat and I jumped back in shock, but she held firm. I couldn't believe it.

"Oh John!" She spoke in a low, sexy voice. "I know the answer because I can feel you creaming. But I want to hear it. Do you want me to jack you off right here and now?"

"Oh God Lori!" I panted. "I don't believe this."

"That's what I thought!" Lori responded. "Because the two of us are up next."

I thought I must have heard things. I thought I only imagined her words in the excitement of the moment.

"What?" I had to ask.

She did not answer. Instead, she turned to face back up to the stage. Her eyes moved away, but her hand remained gripped solidly around my big erection.

"Watch!" She spoke as though nothing was out of the ordinary and we were just a normal man and woman having a conversation. "This is the part I like the best. There's only two minutes left and she is trying to pump out his last drop of cumm milk. They call this the sprint.

We stood side-by-side and watched. Lori stood fully clothed. I stood totally naked. An excited cock stood upright and at attention before me. Lori kept her hand around it, holding it like she owned it.

In a way, I liked her hand around my shaft. It felt good. It made me feel wildly erotic, and at the same time it offered a small amount of cover in front of all the women surrounding us. The palm of her hand served to cover the base of my cock, although the head and several inches of manhood continue to poke out. I suppose it was like wearing a small amount of clothing, even though she offered no cover for my balls or my mushroom cock-head.

But in another way, it made me feel so demeaning. It made me feel like a farm animal. I was nothing more than a slave; not quite human.

On stage, the poor man was hard again, and the woman was stroking his dick in frenzy.

"What did you just say?" I asked Lori to repeat her earlier words.

"I said we're next," She casually took a glance down at me. "I entered the two of us in the competition." And then she paused to clarify. "Well, mostly I entered you, I suppose, since you will be doing most of the performing."

"I don't believe it!" I spoke in utter disbelief.

She casually looked at the watch on the opposite arm as the one holding me. "Let's go! We need to get up front so they can start strapping you down."

She pulled at my cock. At first I resisted. I remained standing in place. Her hand almost slipped off, but not quite.

"Come on John! You don't have a choice," She squeezed down on my cock and pulled harder. "If you don't go up voluntarily, I will call the umpires and they will drag you up; kicking and screaming if necessary."

I noticed her make a glance over to the umpires in charge of strapping down the men. Out of the corner of my eye I saw three big, muscular women who would have no trouble getting me up to the stage.


"Do you realize what you are doing?" I asked.

"I most certainly do John," Lori replied succinctly. "I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm going to take you up on stage, tie you down with leather straps, and forcibly jack you off in public."

She squeezed my cock even harder and then yanked on it. I was forced to take a step forward. "Come on John," She glanced down at my waist as she said it. "I can see you are all ready to go, so lets go."

She gave my cock another yank, making it feel like she might pull it completely out of my body if I fail to follow. "Please Lori," I tried to get her to change her mind, but I was only forced to do what she wanted.

Lori used my cock as though it was a convenient handle. She pulled me along behind her. "Please Lori! Please!" I tried to get her to stop. I tried to at least slow her down. I wanted to give my erection a chance to deflate, but the stage was only a few meters away. It took less than a minute, and we were already walking up the steps.

The poor, helpless, and thoroughly drained young man up on stage was finally done. After the last few drops came drooling out, they untied the straps and lifted him up. He looked like he was about to pass out.

"Our next contestant is Lori with her prize stud, John," I heard my name over the loudspeaker.

"Oh God Lori! No!" I begged her harder. "It was bad enough that you looked! You can't jerk me off too!"

Looking at the drained young man being led from stage, I began to realize that in another 30 minutes I would be in the same condition.

Lori bent me over the milking stall. I thought about resisting, but figure what was the point? The umpires stood near. I knew they would help if she had any trouble.

"Oh God Lori! Don't do this to me!" I continued to beg even as I felt the leather straps go around my ankles. I kept thinking she would change her mind, but her actions did not hint of any impending changes.

"Don't be embarrassed," She whispered into my ear as she knelt down to shackle my arms, first one arm and then the other. I felt the leather straps tighten around my wrists.

'Don't be embarrassed!' I yelled to myself. This wasn't embarrassing. It was complete humiliation. I couldn't help wonder how many times she was going to make me eject.

"It's not important if we win or not," She told me. "I just want to make a good showing."

Lori had to let go of my shaft in order to tie me down. The absence of her hand felt like a sudden vacuum. I found myself wanting her to grab it again - or at least my cock certainly did. My attempt to soften it was an utter disaster. It felt rock hard and fully erect instead, even harder than before. Even as she shackled down my legs and arms, I already started to imagine how pleasant it would feel to be jacked off. My cock certainly needed it, but I just wished it wasn't in front of so many people.

"Nice and long," The announcer spoke just after Lori let go. "We'll see if what they say about the long ones is true!"

The countdown began. Together, the announcer gave the countdown along with the entire audience. Ten, nine, eight, they yelled out together. My cock began to throb in anticipation of what it was about to go through. The most I had ever jerked off was twice in one night. Now, Lori was going to attempt to do me twice or maybe even three times in only a half-hour. I braced myself for the impact.

"Three, two, one."

Suddenly, she began. Lori grabbed my rock hard cock and began. This time, however, she did not hold her hand steady on my cock. Instead, she wrapped her fingers around the circumference of my shaft and immediately moved down the length.

"Oh John!" She cried out.

I felt myself pre-cumm almost immediately.

"Oh John!" She cried out again. "You are even hornier than I thought."

I quickly became even wetter.

"What an excellent pre-cummer," I heard the voice of one of the women from the front row critique my sexual performance.

"It looks like we have a real squirter here," Another said.

"Milk him good," Yelled out yet a third.

Lori took the women up on their advice. She squeezed harder and I felt myself approach my first public orgasm. I began to moan in unison with Lori's stroking hand. I occasionally let out a few grunts of satisfaction.

Despite the humiliation, I became increasingly aroused. I felt myself coming closer and closer to my first public ejaculation. Even worse, there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"Here he comes," Lori announced just when I could not stand it any more. I don't know how she knew, but I figure she must have felt some kind of increased swelling of my throbbing member.

The feeling became stronger. It was as though my cock primed itself to let go.

But then, just when I thought I am going to do it, Lori let go. Her hand left my cock.

I laid on the edge of release. I felt my cock shudder and then throb in anticipation. I think it actually move on its own, convulsing and quivering at the edge of a massive discharge.

"Oh John!" Lori spoke in astonishment. "Look at it go! I've never seen a cock go like that before."

I realized what she saw. All the women saw it. Without Lori's hand to provide cover, every woman in the audience had a clear view of my convulsing cock. The audience watched my cock move as it prepared itself. One woman even screamed.

For a short moment, I thought Lori stopped too soon. My hard cock continued to convulse. It seemed as though it continued to convulse for nearly a full minute, but it was hard to tell the passage of time when in such a heightened state of arousal. All I knew was that my cock desperately wanted to explode, but the removal of Lori's hand robbed it of the opportunity.

"I've never seen a guy move like that," Lori reminded me of my public forum. "God, you've got a hot cock!"

But then I thought of all the women. I thought about all the strange women who were looking at my throbbing erection. I realized they would soon get to witness my most private of sexual functions. One of them made a comment about the way she liked to see cocks move on their own. Another said it looked like a rocket getting ready to launch. I thought Lori might have stopped too soon and nothing would happen, but then a second later I did it. I took a deep grunt and let myself explode.

I heard the crowd of at least two-dozen women clap at the sight of my erupting cock. "One, Two," They yelled in unison with each squirt of my sperm. "Three," and then a more surprised "Four!" and then "Five!"

I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I was performing my most private sexual function in front of a group of strange women. My cock was throbbing and squirting in front of their eyes.

And I couldn't believe how much I did it! My cock exploded into the biggest cumm of my life. A stream of jism spurted forth, and then another, and then yet another. It was as though I hadn't cummed in a month, and all of a sudden I cummed all my spent up sperm all at once. I think the public nature of the event further added to the intensity.

By the time it was all over, I was out of breath and panted in exhaustion. Sweat dripped off my body.

"Very good John," Lori spoke, sounding genuinely impressed. I noticed the direction of her voice had changed. I no longer heard her behind me. Instead, her voice originated from my side.

"Oh God!" I cried out after I turned my head and saw where she sat. She was kneeling on the ground to my side. She was sitting and watching. I realize Lori had been watching the entire time. I realized she changed position to get a better view of my performance, and she had the best view in the house!

"Very, very good!" She complimented with added enthusiasm. "That was a really nice. A very healthy load, one of the best I've ever seen, but I bet you still have more left."

"Oh no!" I cried out at the realization that it wasn't over yet. "Oh no Lori, please!"

She refused to listen. She acted as though she never heard me. Instead, I watched as she reached forward to take me again. This time she went for my nuts. Before I had a chance to recover, I felt her fingers wrap themselves around my balls.

"What a nice set of nads," She complimented me on my balls, saying it plenty loud enough so the whole audience could hear. "They are so nice and big! His nads feel like they have lots more milk left."

"Oh yes!" Someone in the audience encouraged her.

"Jerk him some more," Another shouted.

I listened to the women as they cried out for me to be masturbated. A small part of my mind hoped Lori would ignore them, but deep down I knew she would not.

She did not start up on me right away. I discovered her technique was to give me a brief rest, but she did not completely allow me to rest. Instead, her fingers continued their busy assault upon my balls. My nuts, or "nads" as she called them, hung low due to my bent-over position. Lori took advantage of the situation and took her time playing with them. She seemed to get a trill out of moving them all around.


"That's enough for now," She decided to stop about two or three minutes later. "That's enough of your nads for now. I better get back to my more important job."

I felt her fingers pull away my balls only to return to my shaft. She never gave me a chance to soften. I could tell that I was still pretty hard.

She began right away. As soon as she had hold of my shaft, Lori went back to masturbating. I had never been pumped so soon before. I never thought it possible, but then I was never in a position where I had no other choice either.

To my amazement, I grew hard again. My cock seemed to want it.

"Very good John!" Lori complimented. "You're even hornier than I thought!"

My cock inflated again to its full length. Lori wisely let go and gave it a chance to elongate to its full length, and then she went right back to stroking it again.

The second time, I noticed, she stroked a lot faster. I also noticed my shaft was a lot wetter. At first I thought it was pre-cumm, but then I realized it was instead the sperm that hadn't quite made it out of the tip. Lori was able to pump me with a combination of both pre-cumm and sperm.

Lori pumped and stroked me, but she didn't do ordinary pumps and strokes. Instead, she really went at it. She attempted to jerk off my cock with such intensity I had a hard time believing I was capable of withstanding it.

Naturally, she had to jerk on me for a long time. Due to my previous ejection, she had to put a lot of effort into it - and she did! I couldn't believe how much effort she used. It was as though she disparately wanted me to shoot my load again - which I suppose was exactly what she did want.

I think she pumped on my boner for about ten minutes straight before I started to feel it.

"Oh Lori!" I cried out against my better judgment.

"Oh John!" She gleefully replied. "I knew you could do it. Cumm for us again. Give us another show just like the last time."

She accelerated her pace, and then she decided to squeeze down on it harder too.

"Oh Lori!" I cried out louder.

"Oh John!" She practically yelled.

I heard a few other women in the audience also cry out my name.

"Oh John, you're really horny," She then told me. "I never realized you were in such need of a milking."

I could stand it no longer. I finally had to jerk my hips down into her hand and let go.

"Oh John!" Lori cried as I ejaculated into her hand.

I think I cummed sooner than she expected, for she still had her hand around my cock when I started. Lori, however, quickly remedied the situation and let go. She let go so the rest of the audience could have a better view of my pulsating member.

"Oh John," Lori spoke from my side. "Oh, God that's hot!"

I felt my cock throb and shiver again. I felt it pulsate, and I knew that it spasmed up and down as it attempted to get off. I also knew Lori and the rest of the female audience watched it. I felt them watch it, and the direction of Lori's voice told me she watched it from only a few inches away. I didn't want to give the women such an explicit sex show, but I had no other choice.

My cock spasmed for a long time. I think it spasmed even longer than the first time. It was as though it was in desperate need of release, but there was nothing left in my dry nuts for it to release. The result only made it throb and shiver even more, which the women seem to take delight in watching.

"God that was hot!" Lori told me. "You've got the hottest cock I've ever milked."

The audience agreed and began clapping. A few of them even yelled out for one more.

"Twice in only ten minutes," Lori told me. "I might even have a chance to win!"

I gasped. 'Only ten minutes!' I couldn't believe it! I thought it was a lot longer than that! If only ten minutes had passed, than she still had twenty minutes left over for another.

Lori gave me even less time to recover after my second ejection. Almost as soon as I was done with what was essentially a dry cumm, she took hold of my boner again. I don't think she wanted to give it a chance to get soft.

I got soft anyway, but not by very much. As my cock started to get a little soft, Lori countered by pumping on it faster and whispering into my ear.

"Come on John!" She softly told me. "Come on! Just one more time!"

"Please," I tried to get her to stop. "Please, I can't take another one."

"But John!" She ignored. "You have to get hard. If you let me jack you off one more time, I'll let you fuck me tomorrow night."

Her mention of sex quickly changed the course of my cock. I had wanted to fuck Lori for a long time. I've always wanted to take her big tits in my hands and fuck her until she couldn't stand me fucking her any more. I did not think I would be in any condition tomorrow night, but I could always hope for the next night or maybe the night after. Her mention of the possibility served enough to get me aroused.

"There it is!" She let me know that she felt it. "That's the way. Come on an make it hard one more time."

"Please Lori!" I tried to get her to stop to no avail. I was not sure if I really was inflating or not. My cock felt almost numb after so much abuse. The only thing I knew for sure was the arousal I felt at the thought of fucking Lori's gorgeous body.

"Oh John, I want it so bad!" She refused to give up and continued tempting me. "I never realized what a magnificent stud you were. God, I need you to fuck me so bad!"

I heard members of the audience agree. Someone said they wanted to purchase me. The thought of a strange woman buying my sex rod got me even harder. I eventually knew for certain that I was getting hard.

"My pussy is wet for your big tool!" Lori whispered her ever-increasing temptations. "God, how I wish my tight little pussy was wrapped around your big tool right now."

Now I really felt it for certain. So did Lori. She momentarily released her hand to let me inflate fully.

"Yes John!" She yelled out excitedly when she took it again. "That's the way! You're such a stud! I can't help but imagine the multiple orgasms I can get from a man who can do it so many times and so fast."

I could tell I was hard as a rock again.

It took a long time. I was not sure how long. After I so blatantly missed the first estimate, I didn't dare to estimate how much time passed the second time. All I felt was Lori's hand continuously stroking up and down, continuously pumping, over and over again. I could hardly stand it. She wrapped tighter and pumped faster than ever before.

Soon, I was primed and ready to go again. I felt myself getting hot and needing another ejaculation.

"He's coming around once more," Lori somehow felt it and announced my impending ejaculation.

"What a stud!" I heard one of the women in the audience say.

"I wish he was my sex slave," Another expressed her desire with no hesitation.

"I bet he's a great fucker," Yelled another.

"He sure is!" I heard an answer to this last comment. It appeared to originate from above, and then I realized Lori was the one who said it.

"He's really great in bed!" She lied to the audience, having never had me in bed - at least not yet. "I make him fuck me until he ejaculates! And then I make him hard again and fuck me some more. He's great at giving multiple orgasms."

A sigh went up through the audience.

"You're a great fucker, aren't you John?" I realized she was speaking to me. "Come on John, tell them what a great fucker you are! Or maybe you would prefer to allow your big cock to do your talking for you."

I heard a bell and realized my time was almost up. The bell was the two-minute warning. A momentary wave of relief traveled through me, but the next second Lori stripped it away.

"Please Lori!" I tried to get her to stop as I felt her hand accelerate. I thought about the last man up on stage and what Lori told me about the sprint. I didn't think it possible, but then she actually began to stroke me even faster than before.

She pumped on my member like crazy. I couldn't believe a woman's hand could pump up and down so fast.

"One more!" She panted out her words as though out of breath. "Go John! Give me one more orgasm!"

She breathed heavy; almost panting from all the energy she was putting into her stroking action. I realized Lori was getting quite a workout at the expense of my cock.

So was I. My heart raced and my face dripped with sweat. I found myself getting exhausted, even though I never made a move. Lori did all the work. I just laid in place, bound and shackled.

She kept going, on and on, continuing to stroke me harder and harder with every passing second. I could almost swear it was time for the two minutes to be up, but I heard no second bell. Lori kept going anyway. She seemed to go on forever.

"Oh God John," She yelled into my ear. "If you only knew how wet my pussy is right now!"

That did it! Suddenly, I felt myself approach climax once again.

"No! No! No!" I yelled out and inadvertently announced my impending explosion to the whole crowd.

The next second the bell rang. Lori was supposed to stop, but she knew how close I was. Thankfully, she kept pumping. She stroked me even after our time had expired.

I think it was only a matter of seconds, but it felt like many minutes.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Lori pushed me on. "You want to! You know you want to! Come on John! Do it!"

A second later I did do it. My entire body shuddered and I think I let out a yell. I had the most powerful ejection of my life, but it was only a dry ejection.

* * * * *

It was finally over. Lori finally let go of my sore cock. The crowd of women clapped as she untied me.

"That was excellent!" Lori thanked me as I tried to stand. "I never knew you were such a good cummer. We'll have to do that again some day - like maybe tomorrow."

I looked at her in shock.

Lori smiled and gave a giggle. "Oh, don't worry John! Not tomorrow! I know your dick needs time to recover. I'll let you rest for at least a day so your balls have time to fill up again."

I was shocked by her words and wondered if she was serious.

Meanwhile, we walked off the stage and back into the crowd of women. They complimented us as we walked by, but I notice they only paid compliments to Lori. Mine were indirect, like when one of the women told Lori how impressed she was in my cock. Another suggested she enter me in some sort of distance shooting contest. It didn't take much of an imagination to figure out the object to be shot.

"I never realized you had so much stamina," Lori began to talk to me as a human being only after we walked a sufficient distance away from the crowd so they couldn't hear.

"I must say John," She spoke as she took me by the arm. "As I was pumping your cock up on stage with my hand, I couldn't help but fantasize what it would feel like to be fucked by you. I can't wait to fulfill all my promises to you."

I looked back at her in shock.

"What's wrong John?" Lori asked. "Do you think I would go back on my word? Please! I meant it. The two of us are going to be doing a lot of wild fucking in the next couple of weeks."

To be continued...