Fem-Dom Island - The CFNM Chronicles - Chapter 2


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Chapter 2: The Next Day

"I had a good time yesterday," Lori told me the next afternoon. "I mean a really good time! I was thrilled by your performance."

I knew what she was talking about, of course. She was referring to the little contest from the day before. I still remembered it through the soreness of my cock. I even remembered it last night when I went to bed. It felt better after sleeping in all morning, but I still noticed it.

"I was thinking," She teased me. "I was thinking that you probably liked it too. And the more I thought about it, the more I started to realize something very interesting. I think you found it arousing to be masturbated in public."

"No!" I quickly countered. She was partially right, in a way, but I worried she might enter me into another contest.

"You liked it when I jacked you off in front of the crowd of women," She took a step closer. "Come on John, admit it. You enjoyed it when I pumped on your cock."

"No, please! I countered more seriously. I took a step back, away from her.

"Oh don't worry," She reassured me. "It's all right. I'm not going to enter you in the contest again. I just want to know if it was as enjoyable to you as it was to me."

She took yet another step closer, and I took another step back. We stood in the kitchen of the apartment. I could back up no further.

* * * * *

I stood in the kitchen naked, of course. I stood just as naked as the moment I first stepped foot onto this female dominated island. The only difference this time was Lori, for she stood practically naked too. She wore only a panty and a bra, and she looked incredible! The bra only covered a portion of her big tits. They looked a lot bigger and a whole lot sexier than I ever thought they would. I realized she wore a size D-cupped bra, maybe even double-D.

I guess it was my reward for the previous afternoon, or maybe it was simply because she no longer felt embarrassed after so thoroughly embarrassing me. In any case, she came walking out of the shower about an hour ago in her underwear. My jaw just about dropped to the floor when she casually walked into the living room to join me. She sat down close on the couch with her two swelling breasts sticking out in front of her.

"What's on the tube?" She questioned as though nothing was out of the ordinary.

I couldn't say anything at first. I just sat there dumbfounded, unsure what to do. I thought my eyes deceived me.

"Oh, I see you're watching that Football-game-thing again," Lori remained unfazed. "You figure out the game yet?"

"Not really," I answered with an effort. She referred to a popular football-like game that everyone on the island seemed to watch. It was similar to football, but I hadn't yet figured out all the rules.

"Well in that case then, do you mind if I change the channel?" Lori asked. "Somebody told me about this good soap on television. Mind if I change it over?"

"Go ahead," I offered, not like I was going to refuse a half- dressed girl sitting beside me.

We watched television together for a short time - or more appropriately, I should say that Lori watched television. I didn't pay much attention to the soap opera. Instead, I mostly looked at Lori and her bountiful chest. I gazed over every few seconds to admire her tits. They were so unbelievably sexy! I especially liked her cleavage, and I think I could even see where her nipples pushed out of her snow-capped peaks. If not for the thorough beating my cock received the day before, it would almost certainly have turned into an erection.

It wasn't until about fifteen minutes later, when the first commercial came on, did she mention anything about her own lack of clothing. "I hope you don't mind my bra?" She casually asked. "It's just so hot today. I don't feel like wearing much."

I took a hard swallow. "I guess I don't mind," I understated.

"After all, you have to run around naked all the time," She pointed out. "I can check you out whenever I want," She took a glance down to emphasize that she really could. "And especially after what I did to you yesterday, it's hard for me to feel embarrassed in front of you!"

She giggled and gave me a devilish little smile.

* * * * *

"Please John, I really want to know," She asked again in the kitchen and with my back against the wall. I returned to the present.

"Because I was thinking," She did not stop walking and closed in on me ever closer. "I was thinking there was no way you could have stayed hard for so long. And there's no way I could have gotten you off three times if it didn't turn you on."

She was right, of course, but I wasn't about to admit it. I was turned on! I enjoyed having my cock stroked. Any normal guy would be, especially when the stroking was being done by a beautiful, sexy young girl like Lori. The problem was the public exhibition.

"Come on John!" Lori whispered softly from only inches in front of my face. "Be honest with me. You found it exciting, didn't you?"

Her bra-covered breasts rubbed up against me. Her arms reached around my waist. I could hold out no longer and weakly nodded my head.

"I thought so," She let out a big smile. "You enjoyed it when I forcibly masturbated you into repetitive ejections, didn't you?"

Her cold words were a surprise. I realized they were also very precise.

"Maybe," I had to answer. "In a way, I suppose."

Lori continued to smile. "But tell me John," She pressed her body up against me, almost in a hug. I felt her breasts smash up against my chest. "What did you like most John? Was it the fact you were tied down, or was it because I forced you to do it in front of a crowd?"

I refused to answer.

"Or was it simply because it was my hand that was doing the pumping?" She gave a devilish little smirk. "Tell me John, do you like it when a female friend gives you a milking?"

"Yes," I answered without thinking. "All three."

She smiled. It looked like my answer was what she wanted.

"But what was the best?" She wanted to know more detail. "Was it the crowd? The straps? Or was it my hand?"

I knew I shouldn't have answer, but it was so clear to me. The answer was obvious.

"Your hand," I told her shyly.

Her smile grew even bigger. She planted a fat kiss on my mouth, and then she reached around to give me a tight hug.

I immediately felt it.

So did Lori.

"Oh John!" She spoke in amazement.

Quickly, she let go and backed away. She backed up so she could look down upon it.

"Oh John, I didn't know you would be ready so soon," She giggled. "It looks like you are in need of another milking!"

I had a hard time believing it myself. My cock stood up hard and at attention. Even after its extensive use less than 24 hours before, it was in need of another milking - or at least that was the way Lori put it.

"Tell me John," Her eyes turned back up to my face after a long look at my hard-on. "Would you like me to use my hand on you again? Would you like me to milk out those big nuts of yours one more time?"

"Yes," I answered without thinking.

"That's good!" She accepted excitedly. "That's what I expected, especially after seeing the reaction in your eyes when I walked in with the bra and panty."

She looked down at her own tits and then the rest of her body.

"You like?" She questioned. "Tell me John, do you like my big titties? Do you like my body?"

"Yes," I immediately answered. Her boobs looked even bigger when I saw them wearing my own erection.

"Don't answer with your voice," She ignored my response. "Answer with your pecker. Give me a nod with your pecker."

I couldn't believe it, but I did it anyway. I gyrated my hips to make my erect shaft move up and down.

"Oh! I like that!" Lori spoke excitedly. "Every guy likes a big set of tits. Do you like my cleavage too?"

I watched as she brought up her hands to give herself additional cleavage. I nodded again, this time with my cock and without being told.

"What was that John?" She tempted me. "I didn't hear you."

I nodded harder, flopping my shaft up and down even more.

Lori responded with a giggle, and then she moved her boobs around for me. I loved the way she moved her tits around. I was surprised by how much she could move her tits while still in a bra, and I found myself in a wild fantasy with my own hands in place of hers.

"Do you like this too?" She asked. "Do you think my boobs are sexy."

I shook my cock up and down even more. Despite its hardness, it made a slapping sound when it flopped against my stomach. I had always wanted to see her tits, and I was getting the best show of my life. Lori looked incredible.

The inevitable came next.

"I don't know if you really mean it," She spoke. "Maybe you don't like my tits. Do you want me to put a full set of clothes on again?"

I knew what she wanted before she finished what she had to say. Without thinking about the embarrassment, I gyrated my hips back and forth to answer in the negative.

"But are you sure?" She tempted.

I shook even harder. The large amount of movement released my cock somewhat from its hardest state, so it was easier to move around. It sounded like a hand slapping against a cheek as it slammed back and forth across either side of my waist.

"Oh, that is so sexy," She finally acknowledged my performance. "I think I need to award you for being such a good boy. Does John need another milking?"

I nodded my cock up and down in agreement. Although still a little sore, I still wanted it.

"Good," Lori answered. "Because this morning, while you were sleeping after your extensive work out yesterday," She gave a little laugh and then reached back into one of the kitchen drawers. I grew with worry over what she had planned for me today.

"I went to the store to get a few personal implements," She spoke as her hand came back out with several pieces of leather. "I got a few implements to make sure I milk you properly, just the way you like it."

She sat them down on the cupboard. "These are for your wrists," She held up two of them. "And these are for your ankles," She held up the other two.

I gasped in disbelieve. I realized she wanted to tie me up again.

"Now, follow me to the bedroom," She took the straps in one hand and reached forward with the other. I unexpectedly felt her fingers around my cock. She took advantage of my stiff staff to pull me along.

"Better yet, let me personally show you," I was forced to follow. "I'm going to tie you down to the four corners of the bed with these leather straps," Lori explained excitedly. "I'm going to milk out your sperm John, but first I need to properly tie you down and make you completely helpless."

* * * * *

An hour later I laid tied down to the bed just like she said I would be. Leather cuffs bound both my wrists and ankles. Lori had my four extremities stretched to the furthest corners of the bed. It didn't take her long to bound me. I could have resisted, I suppose, but I did not. It did not take Lori long at all to tie me down.

A few seconds later she started to play, and she played for a very long time. I was not sure how long it was because I did not wear a watch to tell time - or anything else for that matter. All I knew was that Lori played for a good long time.

The thing she played with, of course, was my dick. The bonds felt exciting, and Lori's hand around my dick felt even better. She kept playing with me, teased my cock and balls, alternatively slapping, squeezing, pumping, and generally doing whatever she wanted to my helpless cock.

There was little I could do to stop her. She had me shackled down good, my hands stretched above me and my feet spread wide apart. The stretched-open position put me in the most vulnerable state possible. I could hardly move a muscle. Even worse, I was naked with an ever-present hard-on. Lori made sure to keep it that way.

Unlike the last time when she masturbated me continuously and forced me to repeatedly eject, this time she made me hold back. She played with my cock just enough to keep it hard but not enough to get me off.

I wanted to, of course. I wanted it desperately! My cock begged to be jacked off and got close several times, but Lori wouldn't let me. She brought me just to the edge and then let go.

"Poor John!" She pretended to express sympathy. "Poor John is so hard and horny, and mean Lori won't let him get off."

"Please!" I eventually had to resort to begging, which was exactly what she wanted. "Oh God, my cock! Please Lori let me eject. Please let me cumm!"

"Poor John!" She continued in her sexy young voice, rolling her fingers up and down along the length of my engorged organ. "Poor John wants to have an orgasm, but nasty young Lori won't let him."

"Oh my cock!" I answered her. "Oh my poor, aching cock!"

Lori only giggled at my words. "Not yet!" She told me instead. "I'm only doing what you asked me to do. You asked me not to jack you off quick like last time."

She was correct. Before she tied me down I asked her not to give me repeated ejaculations like last time, but I never expected her to do the exact opposite either. I lost count of how many times she brought me to the edge, but it must have been two dozen.

"I have to first warm up your cock and get it nice and hot," She grabbed my cock and went back to stroking. "I want to see what you can do after a long teasing."

It took only a few strokes before I started to feel it. I felt an ejaculation approach, but just as I was about to cumm Lori let go.

"No!" I cried out loudly. "Not again!" Lori was an expert when it came to cock-teasing. She knew exactly how far she could push me each time.

"Not yet," She said yet again. "I first need to get you primed for a really big orgasm! I loved to watch you orgasm yesterday. I've never seen a cock give such an intense orgasm, but now I want to see it after a long cock-teasing."

She played with my balls as she spoke, keeping me hard; keeping me in heat. Lori already told me how much it turned her on to see my cock spasm and spout. She told me several times, and she said she wanted to see it again.

"You better get used to it John," She changed tactics. I felt her finger on the tip of my cock. "We still have another week before our mission is complete. Do you realize how much fun I can have in a week?"

I nearly screamed inside my head. This was only our fifth day on the island. I dreaded what she could all dream up in another week.

Her finger swung back and forth against the smooth tip of my cock. She teased and tickled the head.

"And I can think up a lot of things to do to you in a week," She teased with her words as well. "I'm going to have so much fun with you!"

"Please Lori! Please!" I tried to get her to go on. "Please let me eject. Please, I really need to cumm."

Lori only giggled some more. "Don't worry! By the time the week is up, you're going to spout more than you ever dreamed possible."

I screamed in my head again, both dreaded and excited by the thought. She was probably correct, I knew. I suspected I really was going to eject quite a bit over the next week. The only trouble was that it wouldn't be up to me. Each of my future ejaculations was going to be controlled by Lori.

Her fingers continued their relentless teasing motion, now moving down the length of my shaft in slow motion. I knew where they were headed. Lori already said she wanted to tie me up spread eagle to make it easier to play with my nuts. I knew where her hands were headed.

"They feel so full," She commented. "Oh John, your nuts feel so big and ripe. I bet they're just screaming to be milked."

"Yes!" I nearly screamed myself. "Please milk them! Please Lori, milk my balls!" I can't believe the words I said.

"Don't worry," Lori assured me. "You don't have to worry about your nuts being milked. I'll be milking them plenty over the next week." She giggled. "In fact, I think you are going to be amazed at how many times I can milk out these big balls of yours. Most guys think they can only do it once or maybe twice per day, but you certainly proved that theory wrong, didn't you John?"

She reminded me again of my public masturbation exhibit. I wondered how many times she really was going to milk me in the next week.

"You know, I've been wanting to do you for a long time," She casually spoke while feeling up my massive hard-on. "The first time I thought about it was long before we were ever assigned this mission together. I've always thought you were a very handsome man. I used to picture you naked when we had bridge duty together, so I was really excited when the Captain chose you as my partner on this mission. It made me horny when he first proposed it. I mean, the thought of flying to an island where I would get to keep all my clothing and you would have to walk around naked! It got me wet right away."

Lori pulled my cock straight up into the air and then let it go. She watched as it sprang back and forth.

She then pulled on my cock again, except this time she pulled on it a little harder. She let go and watched as it sprang back even faster, slapping against my stomach.

"After we arrived, I've been tempted a lot more," She spoke as she kept springing my cock again and again. "Ever since you first pulled down your shorts when we landed, I've been wanting you. I mean, I could see it right away! A man can cover it up pretty well when he's got on a full set of clothing, but not when he's bottomless. I could see right away that you were well hung. I could tell you had a whopper, and I wanted it."

Lori grabbed my fullness again and squeezed it. "And what a whopper!" She wrapped her hand around my shaft and pulled it straight up and out of my body. Her voice sounded of genuine amazement. "I love your whopper! It's not only long, but it's so thick too. I've never experienced a man with such a massive slug of cock-meat. This is like my most ultimate fantasy come true."

"Oh Lori!" I panted with the feeling of her dainty little hand around my stiff member. She started shifting my cock as though she was shifting through the gears of an old car.

"After we arrived, I would try to catch a glance of you whenever I could," She admitted. "I loved watching you walk around with nothing to get in the way. It's been making me incredibly horny these last few days. And it made me even more horny when I discovered the men in this culture were not only subservient to their women, but they are sex slaves too. I couldn't wait to make you into my sex slave."

"Oh Lori!" I began to beg as she stopped shifting and went back to stroking.

"Ever since I discovered the men were sex slaves, I couldn't help but picture you tied down while I did whatever I wanted to your well hung organ. And now I have my chance! You are my sex slave John. Admit it! Say you are my sex slave."

She stroked me close to the edge again. For a moment, I thought she will allow me to go over, but then she stopped. I knew what she wanted. She was cock-teasing me.

"I am your sex slave," I agreed with her suggestion.

She gave my shaft a single stroke.

"Whose sex slave are you?" She asked.

"I am your sex slave," I had to answer again. "I am Lori's sex slave."

She giggled. "And who is Lori?"

"You are Lori," I tell her. "You are Lori, my owner."

She giggled some more. "And whose cock is this?" She asked while giving my shaft a squeeze.

"It is your cock," I told her. "It is Lori's cock. I no longer own my own cock. I only carry it around and store it for you, my Master Lori, for you to take it out and use it whenever you wish."

"And what about these full things?" She let go of my organ and moved her hand further down my body.

"Those are your balls," I continued to tell her what she wanted to hear. "Those are your nuts, Lori, because you own me!"

"That's right John," She sounded pleased. "You do much better when you are at the edge of an ejaculation."

"Oh God!" I had to agree. Her fingers bounced my balls within my sac.

"I'd like to castrate them," She spoke to my horror. "How about it John? What if I wanted to castrate your nuts? What would you say to that?"

I thought about her question for a moment and realized it was a test. "They are your nuts to castrate," I answered with what I knew she wanted to hear.

"That's right!" She congratulated me proudly. "And I would really like to castrate them. I met a girl who does bronze work. I'd like to castrate your nuts and then have them bronzed. I would wear them as jewelry, maybe earrings or maybe I could wear them at the bottom of a necklace."

Her fingers continued to play upon my nuts the entire time. I desperately wanted her to return to my shaft and finish me off.

"It would be sort-of like going steady," She wasn't done just yet. "Only better! If your nuts were hanging from my ears or dangling just above my cleavage, I know you'd always be faithful. There would be no way you could get another girl pregnant."

She was certainly right about that!

"But not quite yet!" Thankfully, finally, she left my balls and again returned her fingers to my shaft. "I can't have you castrated just yet because I still have a lot of uses planned for these big balls of yours. They first need to entertain me. I first want them to make me pregnant."

The mention of pregnancy made my cock jump in excitement. She spoke of intercourse, and my cock desperately wanted intercourse. My entire body wanted to fuck Lori.

The thought was too much to resist. A minute later I did it. Lori started up her stroking action once again, except this time she did not stop. It only took a few seconds after she started for my cock to go squirting like a fire hose. Lori immediately let go and then watched my bare cock from only inches away.

I squirted quickly the first time, still in her hand. But then she pulled her hand away and I had no choice but to allow my cock to throb and spasm in anticipation of another.

"Oh! This is great!" Lori yelled out at the show I provided.

It took my cock several seconds to work up to another cumm because her hand no longer provided stimulus. I felt its hardness pull up, point straight up into the air, and then shiver in anticipation for another spout. But it did not cumm the first time, nor did it cumm the second. Each time it relaxed back down to my stomach and the process started up all over again. Not until the third time did I lift my hips up into the air and give her a squirt.

"Oh yes!" She nearly screamed.

It felt tremendously embarrassing, and I was totally humiliated by the experience, knowing the show I gave her. My cock pulsed and spasumed a lot more than the first time, I knew, as a result of her extensive teasing session. I also knew it was not about to end any time soon. I felt it continue to rise, shiver, and relax again. My cock moved around like a bucking bronco, and Lori watched the entire show.

Finally, with another thrust up into the air and a deep grown in my voice, I ejected about thirty seconds later.

"Yes!" Lori yelled out. "Still excellent quantity!"

It wouldn't have been so bad if she still had her hand around the thing. For one, it would go a lot faster. The delay between ejaculations would have been a lot shorter. But more importantly, I would be covered. Lori would not be able to watch, but then I suppose that's exactly why she pulled her hand away.

I thought it was over, but then my cock began to throb one more time. I felt it spasm, and then the feeling increased in intensity. The entire time, I knew, my cock continued to move. I also knew Lori watched it. It was at least a minute since my last cumm, and then I cummed again.

"Fuck!" Lori yelled out as though to make sure I knew she saw.

Now, finally, it was over. My cock finally rested.

I rested too, but with Lori's eyes still firmly riveted upon my exposed erection, I found myself wondering what she liked best. Did Lori prefer my cock when the shaft spasmed in anticipation? Or did she like it better when she got to hear me grunt and then see a long stream of sperm squirt out the tip. I'm sure she liked both, but it sounded like she enjoyed the actual spouting the best.

The knowledge made me feel the most humiliated I have ever felt in my life.