Fem-Dom Island - The CFNM Chronicles - Chapter 4


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Lori stepped out of the change room with the sexiest outfit yet.

She had been trying on various outfits all afternoon, each one more revealing than the last. It began with low cut necklines that exposed generous amounts of cleavage and short hemlines to expose long lines of leg. All of them looked sexy, and they looked especially sexy in my heightened state of arousal. My balls felt like they were ready to burst from all the goat's milk she made me drink in the last 24 hours since my last release in the museum: three glasses the night before, three more for breakfast, and four whole glasses for lunch. I could clearly feel the increase in sperm production in my balls.

Lori's outfits make it even worse. She started sexy and then switched to skimpy. Her tastes switched to summer dresses that dropped so low they began to uncover her bra. Only the help of our young salesgirl saved her.

"I think you need to switch to one of these," Yuka the salesgirl held up a small black bra (a demi-bra, I think you call it). It looked like it was designed to provide support with the bare minimum of coverage.

Lori took it and quickly disappeared back into the changing room to try it on. Two minutes later she walked out again with the summer dress, except this time it exposed nothing but tit. It looked incredible! I especially liked the long length of cleavage. I really liked the way her big tits gently kissed up against each other.

The next time she walked out with an even lower-cut summer dress and even more exposed cleavage. I couldn't believe she would ever consider buying such an outfit. It was so small that a hint of the tiny demi-bra peaked through the side of the wide, V- cut neckline. I knew better than to look too much. I had to turn away; worried it might get me aroused.

I had good reason to be worried. As usual, I stood naked. I stood in a woman's clothing store, in the middle of two rows of clothing. And I stood bare assed and naked. Not a single stitch of clothing provided me any cover. I stood unprotected and raw.

The girls mostly ignored me. They did a good job at treating me like an object; like a thing to be used and admired. I spent most of my time standing around and waiting. Lori only occasionally asked me to hold on to one of the hangers while she looked through the selection.

Yuka the salesgirl did a good job at ignoring me too, but only when Lori was around. As soon as Lori stepped back into the dressing room, the young lady looked at me. She couldn't have been more than 18 years old, probably some high school kid working part time in the department store after class. It felt humiliating to be exposed to such a young girl, but only a little. I have to admit that I was starting to get used to my subservient position. It no longer bothered me so much.

I just wished Lori hadn't selected this particular salesgirl. I think she picked her out on purpose, for she had to be the youngest, best looking salesgirl in the store. She was cute, with an Asian complexion and jet-black long hair. She was also dressed to die for, wearing a low cut purple blouse and shorts. I especially liked the blouse because it came down low enough to show cleavage. It was not nearly as much cleavage as Lori, but it was enough to catch my interest.

I just wished Lori hadn't fed me so damn much goat's milk! She did not allow me to eat anything for breakfast and only a little for lunch. Most of my nourishment came from the goat's milk, and I could clearly feel it in my balls. I could tell they were starting to swell. I could feel my nuts were full and would soon need to be milked.

I watched one more time as Lori walked out of the changing room with the sexiest outfit yet. This time she wore a formal dress, the kind of dress she might wear to a fancy cocktail party, but not to any kind of cocktail party that I might be invited to. Only rich, spoiled celebrities eager for attention would wear a dress like Lori's. It looked so damned sexy!

What made the dress so sexy was its wide and very low cut neckline. It came down obscenely low, like nearly all the way down to her stomach! I clearly saw she wore no bra underneath. Her big tits no longer kissed one another. They instead plunged low and free. The dress left her boobs in their natural, unsupported position; and the front opening was wide enough to show them in all their glory. I couldn't help but stare, as I was able to look all the way down the center of her chest with nothing to block my view. It was almost like seeing her topless.

"Very nice!" Yuka offered her opinion. "It does a marvelous job at showing off your figure. You will be the star of any party."

I couldn't help but agree. Men were going to look at her wide eyed and stare, just like I was already doing. The best part about the dress was the way it showed off the firmness of her tits. Despite the lack of a bra and therefore the lack of any artificial support, her big tits continued to swell out quite nicely. Their shear size and weight made them eventually plunge, but Lori was still young enough to have a set of firm tits. I couldn't help but imagine myself feeling them, teasing them, holding them in my hands and lifting their weight!

The dress made her look incredibly sexy, and then it got even sexier. Lori turned to give me a side profile. Suddenly, I found myself looking into her dress. It left little need for imagination. I found myself looking at Lori's undercleavage.

"I think I like it too!" Lori agreed. "I could use something like this to wear out when I really need it."

"Oh yes!" Yuka the salesgirl agreed like a good salesgirl should. "It speaks volumes. Every man in the place will know what you are after."

I had to agree, but it spoke only two words to me: "fuck me." A woman wearing such an outfit only wanted one thing.

Lori turned to show the undercleavage of her opposite tit. I tried to look away, knowing what she would soon do to me if I kept looking, but I couldn't help it. Lori was just too damn sexy to look away. A human male can only take so much.

"And it's such a perfect fit," The young salesgirl continued to compliment. "I like it! And I notice your servant likes it too!"

I saw her look at me. Yuka looked down at me, and she looked down mostly at my waist.

"Yes, he certainly does!" Lori agreed, now turning her eyes down to my waist as well.

I immediately realized my predicament. It was already too late. I wanted to run away or at least hide myself down an adjacent rack of clothing, but there was nothing I could do.

"Oh no John!" Lori only made it worse. "You are such a horn dog! Come closer and let us take a look at the effect this dress has on you."

I had no choice but to step towards the two women. They looked, and they looked with obvious interest.

"The dress most definitely has an effect on him," Yuka smiled.

"Oh yes!" Lori agreed. "I would say it has a very hard effect on him."

They giggled, and then they looked some more. Yuka especially looked; or rather, she gawked. She stared down at my waist with no apparent hint of embarrassment about watching a naked man rise to attention before her.

I tried to will myself to go limp. I looked out into space and away from Lori. I dug my fingers into my palm to create pain. I tried everything, but everything I did proved useless. The image of Lori's undercleavage continued to play upon my mind. The knowledge that a young stranger was looking down on my hardening erection made it even worse. I didn't look, but I clearly felt her eyes upon me. And I'm sure the extra helpings of goat's milk only worsened my predicament.

"Yes," Lori agreed. "I would say that John likes it, wouldn't you say?"

The salesgirl nodded. "Oh yes! I would say he likes it very much, and I would also say he looks to have quite a lot available to express his opinion."

Lori looked up to smile at me, and then she looked at the young salesgirl. "Do you mean his size?" She questioned.

The salesgirl nodded.

"Yes, he is, as they say, rather well hung," Lori agreed. "John has quite a long shaft and a rather sizeable set of balls."

The salesgirl laughed in reply. I didn't know why she laughed at first, but then she told me.

"He might have been well hung before," Yuka spoke up. "But he's certainly not hung any more."

"No," Lori laughed along with her. "You are certainly correct! He's not hung at all any more. I would say he must be at his fullest extent."

Through all this, I continued standing, unmoved before them, feeling humiliated but also very excited as the two women looked at my hard-on in the middle of the store. I desperately wanted to hide myself. At the very least, I wanted to bring my hands forward to give cover. Even better, I wanted to run into the dressing room to hide, but I did none of those things. I stayed standing like an obedient servant and allowed them to look. Little did I know it was about to get a lot worse.

"Can you tell he's had a couple of glasses of goat's milk for breakfast?" Lori casually asked.

"Oh! That's why..." The salesgirl answered with glee, as though she noticed all along.

"They should be loaded up pretty good by now," Lori continued to speak very casual, although there was nothing unusual about a woman to talk about a man's balls to a total stranger. "They should be almost overflowing with semen by about now."

"And here I thought he just naturally had big nuts," The salesgirl answered to my dismay. "They look about ready to burst!"

"But not yet," Lori held her back. "Not until later tonight. Not until he begs for it."

"Oh!" Yuka expressed interest. "That should be quite a show. I love to watch a man beg for it."

"So do I," Lori gave me a devilish smile and agreed.

"It's especially enjoyable when he's tied up and can't do it for himself," Yuka added. "If you don't mind me asking, were you planning to first tie John up so he can't touch himself even if he wanted to?"

Lori thought about this, which immediately got me worried. "That's an intriguing idea! Yes! I think I will. I'll tie him up by his wrists and ankles to the wall.

* * * * *

"I think I'll take it," Lori finally stopped staring and informed the young salesgirl on her decision on the dress. "Seeing the affect the dress has on my servant, I just have to take it!"

"But I still have one more selection I think you should try on," Yuka objected to my surprise. "I think you are really going to like this one, and the affect on your servant will be even more pronounced."

"Oh!" Lori sparked with delight. "Let's go see!"

It seemed to jump out at me from nowhere. I never expected it. Not in my most erotic dreams did I ever expect Lori would do such a thing, but she did.

I jumped with a start. Lori grabbed me! She grabbed me by my cock! She took hold of my erect shaft and wrapped her fingers tight around. It felt good, but I couldn't believe she would do such a thing in the middle of a woman's clothing store.

For the first few moments, I did not understand. I think I was too much in shock to understand anything at all, but then she pulled me. Lori gave my cock a yank and pulled me along behind her. She led me by my erect pecker down the isle full of woman's clothing.

Yuka noticed and seemed to take delight in my predicament. I saw her repeatedly look around to see me. I most especially noticed the big smile on her face when she looked down at my encased cock.

"It's around here someplace," She stopped for a moment to think. "Oh yes, right over here."

We walked down one isle of clothing and then back up another. Along the way Lori alternatively squeezed her hand tight around my shaft and then relaxed it again. She treated my pecker like an udder, like she was trying to milk it. I knew full well what she was trying to do. She was trying to embarrass me even more by making me pre-cumm.

"Here's your size!" Yuka pulled an especially small outfit out from a long rack of similar outfits. It looked partially like a summer dress and partially like a sexy swimsuit. I most distinctly noticed the blouse had only two straps to go up and around a woman's chest. It looked as though the back would be bare, which meant Lori would be unable to wear a bra.

"I like it!" Lori finally let go of my throbbing cock to take a closer look. I felt myself bob up and down immediately after her hand left it.

"It's very revealing," Yuka told her. "It should be enough to keep him hard for hours!"

The two girls looked down at my raging hard-on just after they said this.

"Well, I just have to try it on and see what it will do to him," Lori accepted. "Let's go back to the dressing room. I'll take the dress and why don't you bring him along?"

I did not hear what she said at first, or maybe I just didn't want to hear it. It was just too unbelievable to be true, like I was still sleeping and in a dream! It took several seconds for me to accept it.

By the time I woke and finally realized what had happened, it was already too late. I felt myself being led down the isle of woman's clothing. I was again being lead by my cock. I felt a hand tightly grasped around my member. The only difference this time was that Lori walked several feet behind me. I realized the hand around my cock belonged to the cute, young little Yuka.

I momentarily stopped when I finally woke and realized my predicament. Yuka, in response, gave my organ a hard yank. She pulled on it harder than what Lori ever dared. I found myself letting out a yelp, and then I quickly picked up the pace again, fearful she might pull my cock right out of my body.

We reached the dressing rooms where Lori quickly went inside to change.

Yuka, meanwhile, continued to hold me. I thought she would let go when we reached our destination, but she continued to hold on. She held me still at first, her hand frozen on my hard cock. As soon as Lori disappeared into the dressing room, however, everything changed. Yuka started to give me short little strokes.

"Ah! Ah!" I started to moan.

I couldn't believe what was happening! I couldn't believe the audacity of this young girl. "She's masturbating on me!" I wanted to yell out to Lori, but of course I did not. I simply stood in place and took it. I stood bare assed naked between the isles of clothing. My hands kept tightly clasped behind me while Yuka's hand kept tightly grasped in front of me. It felt so embarrassing. It felt so humiliating! But at the same time, I have to admit, it also felt so erotic. I think my cock grew an extra inch in response.

"Very nice!" Yuka whispered into my ear as she stroked. "Nice and hard, and so long too! I'd love to take you home and play doctor."

Her words made me even more aroused. An image formed in my mind of Yuka's naked body on the examination table, but of course I knew it would be the other way around. In Yuka's fantasy, I'm sure that I would be the patient.

"And then maybe I could do some heavy duty cock teasing," She continued to excite me. "I wouldn't let you cumm for hours. I would get your balls hard and swollen, and only then I would take you."

I swallowed hard, waiting for Lori as this she-devil continued to play upon my organ. It seemed to take Lori a long time to change. I couldn't believe how long it took her to do a simple change from one outfit into another. I tried to will myself to get soft as Yuka continued to assault me with her short little strokes, but of course I could not. A male can only take so much.

At the same time, I knew full well what Yuka was trying to do. It was obvious, especially with the way she gave me only short, half strokes. I knew what she wanted, and it did not take long for me to give it to her.

"Oh John!" Yuka whispered her pleasure into my ear as soon as she saw it. "That's good! Oh, that's very good!"

I first felt it on the tip of my cock. A moment later I felt it start to travel down my shaft with the help of her fingers. Yuka was making me pre-cumm.

"Oh, you're good!" She sounded pleased with my performance. "You feel so good!"

Yuka had me thoroughly soaked by the time Lori came back out of the dressing room. She let go as soon as we heard Lori approach. I waited for Lori to notice my wet organ.

First, however, I noticed her. Lori stepped back out of the dressing room wearing the sexiest outfit yet. This one had two gold-colored straps that went around her neck. They crossed just above her chest, and then continued on across her big tits. She wore no bra, of course. Her only top was the two straps that did a bare- minimum job at covering her well-endowed chest. She looked to have tit sticking out all over.

"Now this I really like!" Lori turned around to model it for us. "The guys will have no doubt of my intentions when I walk in wearing this!"

"Oh yes!" Yuka agreed. "It has 'fuck me' written all over it!"

"It certainly does!" Lori smiled. "When I walk into a bar with this, I'll be able to catch me the sexiest man there."

She turned around to model it for us once again - or rather, I think she turned around to model it mostly for me. I couldn't take my eyes away. Lori had tit sticking out all over. I again saw bottom cleavage, except this time it was even more pronounced than before. The straps pressed her boobs tight to her body. They actually squeezed her tits and amplified their already large size.

"Oh John!" Lori screeched in a high-pitched tone when she noticed how wet I was. "I see you like it too!"

She looked right at me. Lori looked down on my dripping wet cock.

"My God John!" She filled me with embarrassment. "Really! I mean you should really try to hold it back a bit. You're pre- cumming like an elephant!"

"He certainly is!" Yuka joined in with the festivities.

"And to pre-cumm in a public place!" Lori amplified my embarrassment further. "And to do it in front of a complete stranger! My God John! You are such a slut! That big cock of yours looks like it is about ready to explode!"

Both girls giggled at this remark.

"He looks like he is in need of some release," Yuka observed. "It must have been quite a while since his last milking."

"Actually, no!" Lori answered calmly. "Actually, I just milked him about three or maybe four hours ago, but John is one of those men who needs it several times per day."

"Really!" Yuka spoke in amazement. "I've heard about those types of men, but I never met one myself."

"Well then say hello to John," Yuka introduced me. "He needs it at least twice per day, and it looks like I'm going to have to hurry to get him home and jack him off again."

I tried to will myself to deflate, but it was of no use. Lori's outfit was driving me crazy, and their words made it even worse. I felt completely humiliated and embarrassed, but at the same time I think I was more turned on than ever before.

"We better go," Lori spoke finally. "Given John's reaction, I think I will buy this sexy little outfit and wear it home with me. That should put him in the mood."

I couldn't believe she was going to walk out of the store wearing the thing. Every man we passed on the sidewalk was going to get hard. I knew I would remain so.

The three of us walked up to the counter. Or rather, the girls walked. I trailed behind as Lori pulled me by my dick. I was so soaking wet with pre-cumm she had to squeeze down tight in order to keep her hand from slipping. The squeeze only made me pre- cumm more, making my cock even slicker.

Luckily, no one else stood in line. It was just the three of us. I attempted to hide behind Lori when we got up to the counter, but she instead pushed me to the front. The counter stood lower than my waist to give Yuka a clear view. To amplify the embarrassment, Lori pressed me into the counter with her hip against my ass. My dick extended over the side. It looked almost as if she was laying it up on the counter to be purchased.




"You've been very helpful," Lori spoke as she rummaged through her purse to find her billfold.

"It was my pleasure too," Yuka answered. "I really enjoyed your male servant." She looked directly at it when she said this. Yuka looked down upon my hard, erect, and very wet organ.

"I think you might even be part of the reason my servant is so aroused," Lori continued to look through her purse. "He seems quite taken by you. I think it more than just this outfit is keeping him hard."

"Really!" Yuka smiled. "I normally don't have that kind of effect on men."

"Well, you certainly are having an affect on John!" Lori noted. "Just look how hard and wet he is!"

"Oh, I am looking at it!"

And she was.

"If I had to make a guess," Lori continued. "I think John might even like you to come home with us."

My heart stopped. I couldn't believe it! Not this little she-devil!

Lori, meanwhile, continued rummaging through her purse still more. I wondered what was taking her so long, and then considered the possibility she might be doing it on purpose to give Yuka a better show and increase my embarrassment.

"I can't find it!" Lori soon gave me the real answer. "I thought it was here, but I must have forgotten my credit card."

"Oh dear!" Yuka expressed her regret. "Are you sure you didn't leave it out in your car? Or perhaps you dropped it in the changing room?"

"But I never took it out of my purse," Lori turned to look around on the floor behind her.

I didn't know what was going on. Was she putting on an act? Did she really loose it? Or was this just some sneaky way to humiliate me further?

"I'm terribly embarrassed," Lori spoke sadly. "But I'm afraid I don't have any way to pay for my purchase."

Hearing Lori speak of being embarrassed almost made me laugh. If she was embarrassed, than what was I? Her embarrassment was nothing compared to my own humiliation."Than perhaps a deposit?" Yuka tried to help.

"I don't even have any cash along for a deposit," Her voice turned sad.

"That's too bad," Yuka seemed to feel sorry for her. "I wish there was something I could do, but I don't know of anything I can do to help."

They both seemed disappointed.

"Well I guess I'll just have to put the outfit back on the shelf and come back another time," She started to turn around to head back to the dressing room.

"Wait a minute!" Yuka spoke up at the last minute. "Maybe there is some other way you could pay for it!"

"Another way?" Lori asked interested.

"Yes!" Yuka answered. "Why don't you just put down a deposit with your slave's cumm?"

My heart stopped. I nearly fell over. The words out the mouth of this sexy young vixen were so shocking I didn't know if I heard correctly.

"His cumm?" Lori still sounded interested. "What do you mean by that, to pay with his cumm?"

"Make him cumm for me," Yuka offered. "Make him do it right here, on the counter. Jerk off his cock for me."

Now I was certain. There was no room left for doubt. Yuka really did want Lori to pay for the outfit with the cumm out of my cock!

"I don't know!" Thankfully, Lori seemed to be in almost as much shock as I was.

"I'll even help!" Yuka let the final hammer fall.

Lori thought about it for a long while. She looked at me, and then she looked at the young Yuka. I shook my head ever-so-slightly so only she would notice, but I think my reaction had the opposite affect on her. Slowly, her face brightened. Her smile widened. I could tell long before she voiced it what her final answer would be.

"Why not?" She answered simply. "Maybe you can even join in."

Lori creped up on me from behind. She held me in a reversed hug, pushing me forward, pushing me back up tight against the counter and closer to Yuka. And then she reached around to hold me.

"That's nice," Yuka appeared to enjoy watching my cock being stroked.

The pre-cumm almost flowed out. Lori spread it all over, lubing up my cock, stroking it all around. I was in heaven. I needed to cumm so bad, but then I also remembered her words to Yuka. I knew what was going to happen long before it happened.

"Now you try," Lori offered me over after only a few strokes.

Yuka wasted no time. Immediately, she took it. She almost lunged for my cock from across the counter to take it tight within her delicate fingers. A second later she was done with her first stroke.

"Such a big one!" She complimented as she continued stroking. Surprisingly, the compliment was not directed at me, but at Lori. She complimented Lori on a slave with such a big sized dick.

Yuka stroked fast. The hand of a stranger pumped my member. I couldn't hold out, I knew, not against her onslaught for very long. It felt wonderful, her hand, and I so desperately needed to cumm. I no longer cared about being in the middle of a store. Neither did I worry about it being a stranger. The only thing I wanted was to cumm, but Yuka wasn't ready to award me with a cumm just yet.

"Let's put him up on the counter," Yuka stopped unexpectedly. "I like them up on the counter."

"Why not?" Lori stepped out from behind me. "Get up on the counter John. Let Yuka take the payment due to her."

I didn't care. All I wanted was the return of her hand and a giant cumm, so I quickly sat up on the counter and leaned back.

"No silly, not that way," Yuka objected with a hard slap to the side of my cock. She made my organ spring to one side and then back to the other before coming to rest in its naturally erect position.

"The other way around," She ordered. "I want you on all fours."

This was new. I couldn't believe it. For a moment, I hesitated, not sure what to do. I almost rejected her order except for the needing cumm it was sure to provide. Against my better judgment, I turned.

"Much better!" Yuka went for my cock again, except this time in a new position. She grabbed my cock while I stood up on the counter on my hands and knees.

"It's like milking a cow," She compared me to an unintelligent animal. "It's just like milking a cow, except I'm milking on his cock.

She pumped quickly but did not hold on very tight. Yuka knew just how to keep my cock aroused but prevent me from getting off. The closer I got, the lighter she held on. Eventually, when I was on the verge of cumming, she switched to only two fingers. I could not see it but clearly felt her thumb and forefinger circle around.

Through all this, Lori said nothing. She just watched. Pulling in a chair, she sat next to the counter and positioned herself at my waist.

On the opposite side, Yuka also sat. I never noticed her sit down, not at first; she must have somehow pulled out a chair without missing a stroke. Two women sat down on opposite sides of me to keep a close eye on my throbbing member.

"Interesting technique!" Lori finally said something.

"It's to balance him on the edge," Yuka explained. "It'll also give a more powerful release."

"Oh!" Lori spoke with interest.

"Would you like to try?" Yuka offered to return my cock.

"I can try it later," My mistress refused. "You look to be doing just fine for now."

Indeed she was! I felt myself drawn closer, almost balanced on the edge. Just one normal stroke with her full hand would have pushed me over, but she didn't. Instead, she made me suffer in delight. My heart raced. My breathing labored. The room seemed to grow hot. I felt myself start to sweat.

Meanwhile, Lori continued to watch.

Meanwhile, Yuka continued to stroke.

Yuka left me there, balanced on the edge, ready to cumm but unable to do so. I realized Yuka was an expert when it came to cock-teasing men. She must have done this often, using cumm as a deposit on many purchases. But of course, it wasn't just my cumm she was after. What she really wanted was my desire. Yuka was the type of girl who enjoyed putting men in heat and then leaving them there as long as possible.

Then I thought about the watchful eyes of Lori and what she was all learning too. No doubt she would try too, later, just like she said. She would experiment on my cock and hold me on the edge in the same way. Both of them were going to make me suffer.

"I was just looking for..." I suddenly heard a third voice. "Oh, excuse me! I didn't know you were busy with another customer.

Looking up, I saw yet another woman. She wore a black bra that hardly covered her protruding chest. From my subservient position on the checkout counter, her chest lay level with my eyes, impossible to miss. I first noticed the large size of her boobs and the line of cleavage between, and then I looked up to see a cute face and red hair. She was a young lady, maybe in her late teens. In her hand, she held a coat hanger. From it dangled a red blouse. It looked like she wanted to ask about where to find a different size, but was interrupted by the sight of me.

"Yes, what is it?" Yuka questioned back.

"Well, um," The new spectator behaved hesitant. "I was just going to ask about this here blouse, but it can wait."

She behaved hesitant, but wasn't shy about looking. I noticed her look right at me, especially looking down at what protruded out below me.

"Go ahead and ask," Yuka offered instead. "I can do two things at once."

"Well, um," The young lady started again. "I just wanted to ask if you might have this in black?"

"We probably do," Yuka answered without missing a stroke. "If it's not on the shelf, we can always order it."

"Good!" She turned a smile.

"Or I might be able to find a similar-looking style in your color," She offered an alternative.

"But I really like this one," The young lady rejected. "It fits so perfect, especially the neckline. I like the way it droops down just far enough to show off all my cleavage without uncovering my bra."

"Ah, you're a teaser!" Yuka offered.

Out the corner of my eye I saw a nod. I didn't need to know what kind of teaser they meant, for they clearly meant a cock-teaser.

"In that case, why don't you stay?" Yuka offered. "I'll be with you in a minute, just as soon as I'm done with this here cock first."

"Thank you," The cute redhead answered with a smile. "You shouldn't be long."

"Don't be so sure," Yuka spoke to my dismay. "It may actually take quite a bit longer than what you may think. His cumm is being used as deposit, and the outfit purchased by his mistress is quite expensive."

I gasped.

The red-head smiled. She also continued to watch.

"Pull up a chair if you want to get a better look," Lori offered up her chair to the newcomer.

To my shock and total humiliation, the customer took it. She took Lori's chair and pulled it up close to my waist.

"Sit right here," Lori pointed.

"Yes, sit up front," Yuka suggested. "Make sure to get a good view at his cock-head."

The redheaded customer took Yuka up on her advice. She pulled in close and looked at my cock from only inches away. The mention of my cock-head almost pushed me over the edge. I knew why she wanted to see my cock-head, for she wanted to see me cumm.

"That looks to be quite a handful you have there," The red-headed lady complimented.

"More than a handful," Yuka answered. "He's got quite a whopper of a cock."

"Quite a whopper indeed!"

Now I had three girls looking at me, all three looking at my cock. And not just my cock, but soon they were going to see me spurt too. I could have got up and ran out the door, but my cock wouldn't let me. It was already balanced on the edge. I wanted it so bad.

"Please!" I started to moan.

"Watch him close!" The expert named Yuka could feel it too.

Her fingers tightened. The pace of her stroking increased. My hips involuntarily jerked up and down.

"Please!" I moaned again.

Yuka had held me on the edge for so long. It had to be ten, maybe fifteen minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. The knowledge of a third set of eyes pushed me over the edge.

Looking up from the counter, out the front door, I saw people casually pass by, doing their weekend shopping. As I looked, I let out a grunt, and a moment later shot out a powerful jet of cumm.

"Yes!" Three ladies cried out almost simultaneously.

And then I let out another.

"Nice cummer!" Yuka complimented.

"Cumms a lot!" The young stranger agreed.

I did it a third time and then a fourth. Yuka's hand never let up. Her two fingers kept going. She continued stroking me the whole time, rapidly sending repeated orgasms through my body.

"And a long lasting cumm too!" Yuka noted.

"I can even see it throb!" The young stranger agreed.

I cummed some more at the sounds of their words, first wet cumms and then dry. Even dry, though, Yuka continued. I felt my hardness pulse in her hand.

"What a mess!" The stranger spoke about the counter. "But what a great show!"

"Quite a performance!" Yuka agreed. "I can't wait for you to bring him back to pay for the rest of the outfit."