The Lingerie Party


My wife, Sue, had suffered a breakdown in the car, and the whole experience had made her rather nervous. It had only been a minor fault, but by her own admission she was a real novice and had no knowledge of how cars work. A friend of mine at work mentioned that the local college ran an evening class in car maintenance aimed specifically at women. Sue was very keen and enrolled the same day. So, every Tuesday she spent 2 hours with a room full of other women learning how to change tires and the like.

She had a ready made new circle of friends, and soon the evening classes led to evenings out. Midway through the second term she said that the "girls" were due a night out and she knew a neighbour that organised lingerie parties. She fancied holding one at home, but wanted to ensure that I was prepared to go out for the evening as the rules were strictly "girls only." That was easy, I agreed to a night when there was a big ball game on and joined some mates at a bar where they had a large TV and cold beer! With the kids packed off to relatives the coast was clear for Sue and her naughty nighties.

I had strict instructions and agreed not to arrive home before 11 o'clock, although Ken didn't drop me off until gone midnight. As I entered the back yard I could hear women's voices and realised that not all the girls had gone. I knocked carefully on the back door, Sue opened it immediately and told me that the party was really over and the girls were just finishing up their drinks. As they were all fully clothes I might as well come in. So I cracked a beer from the fridge and went into the lounge where the girls were all lounging about, obviously well watered judging from the empty wine bottles scattered about.

I made the usual quips about peek-a-boo bras etc and the girls made the usual comments about "bet you wish you'd been here" and we chattered away peacefully, some of the girls were obviously dozing off, it was relaxing.

It was the organiser, Ruth, who broke the ice. She started on about it being a pity I hadn't been around earlier as they had no-one to model the boys underwear. I laughed that it was just as well 'cause they might not have had a pair small enough. One of the girls quipped back "that's not what Sue says," and Sue went bright pink while those who were still awake grinned and giggled. I replied "Well I'm not exactly hung like a horse if that's what you mean." Sue turned to Ruth and said "why don't we get him a pair to test - and we'll let the girls decide."

I laughed, it was obviously just banter, until one of the girls said "well only if we can choose the clothes." I looked at Sue and my look must have said volumes because she mouthed back "it's only for fun." Ruth was rummaging in her suitcase and produced a rather minimal pair of trunks with a g-string back. To a chorus of approval she threw them to me and said "Go on it'll help my sales figures." Sue backed her up "Go and change then give us a twirl." I thought "what the hell" and went into the hall. Quickly I donned the trunks, adjusting them carefully for maximum coverage, a rather difficult task, and then re-entered the room. To my surprise all the girls were wide awake, Sue later told me that she woke them all up, and as I paraded up and down I could hear the appreciative calls "nice body,"

"that's OK" and the like coming from the girls. I went to sit down but one of the girls had another set of briefs in her hand. She threw them at me and said "I'm getting these for my boyfriend, go and try them on."

This new pair were very skimpy. Out in the hall I was trying to stretch the material, as no matter what I did the side of my dick was visible. I was in a dilemma, but Sue was yelling "hurry up" and I reasoned that if I kept moving they wouldn't get a good view. I was wrong. The girl who wanted the set for her man stopped me, commented that they were a good fit and then gently ran her hand around the waistband, giving my swelling dick a good brush as she went past. "I saw that" said Sue, "Well I couldn't resist" said the girl.

Sue then threw some pieces of string at me and said "Last one." In the hall once again I struggled with the thing. It was no good, I was going to be basically naked and the girls were going to get the full effect. By now my dick was at half mast and showing no signs of going away. Once the girls calls had reached fever pitch I nervously edged into the room. "Hurry up" said Sue "The girls want to see why I'm so keen to rush home after college."

I felt very odd, both nervous and excited. The girls were all calling and cheering and my dick was responding as expected. After a while Sue stood up and said "Poor Jim, he's doing all the showing and we're doing all the looking - who wants to repay the favour."

Two girls immediately stood up and grabbing their tops each revealed a pair of voluptuous breasts. Jiggling them in front of me one of them called "touchies for touchies" and without waiting gave my dick a squeeze. Sue chipped in "Put them away Carol, I meant show him the clothes we've ordered." The girls gradually sloped out to the kitchen, and after much tittering and several shouts of "hurry up" from me they proceeded, one at a time, to parade up and down the lounge. I couldn't believe it, every one was wearing a very revealing outfit. Some had bare breasts, some had even got highly visible pubes, and Ruth wore a silver necklace and nothing else. I was in heaven, and my dick was now at full mast and some. Carol turned to Sue and said "Poor love, I hope we haven't broken it." Sue replied "I think we'd better make him check" and turning to me she said "None of the girls mind if you want to play with it - it's dangerous to leave it like that, it might go off"

The girls all laughed and Carol turned to me and said "Go on, look at my lovely tits and have one on me" I didn't know what to do, the alcoholic fog was helping some, but my inhibitions were still trying to keep hold of me. The girls persisted and finally one of them said "Look, we've all seen men wank off now get a grip and give it some welly" and reaching over she grabbed the end of it, gave 2 or 3 gentle rubs and said "Do it yourself or I'll do it for you." That was it I took it in my fist and started to slowly work it. "Stand in the middle of the room" yelled Sue, and the girls made a rough circle for me. "Pull back the foreskin" cried one, "Wank it hard" called another "Watch me" cried Ruth as she sunk 3 fingers into her wet hole. That was it I gave it my best shot, surrounded by horny women I didn't last long and was glad that my thin line of cum reached almost to Carol's feet.

I sat down and the girls clapped and cheered.

The party broke up soon after that, each girls gave me a kiss goodnight, and I must have felt a dozen wet pussies as they were all keen to show the effect that the night had on them. According to Sue, most of those pussies were soon filled with hubbies and boyfriends as the horny women disappeared home in search of a good dicking.

It was a one in a million experience - but I'd love to do it again with the same spontaneity and excitement as that first encounter with the lingerie girls as I started to call them.